Arshi ss:Heart Beats

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May 11, 2016

Arshi ss:Heart Beats (By Nightangle) (Thanked: 107 times)

"Guysss, look at this chassmise. She give me a love letter. Let me read this for you all...

Hi Arnav,

I just want to confess my feelings for you. I love you, from the starting of our college life. Today is farewell, just want to say I love you..... In this three year of college life, I only learn to love you... only love you........ My hearts only beats for you..

your Kushi"


 farewell party filled with laugh of other students.

"How can you think. I, Arnav Singh Raizada will feel any emotion for you. You such a behanji type who ware big soda glass chashma on her eyes and hair is covered with oil. Not even champu of our college like to stay with you...... And boys please make her tie you rakhi otherwise she will give you also a love letter" after insulting Khushi badly, Arnav moved from there along with his friends. Others contiue their laugh, looking at Kushi.

Kushi hided her tears from all... She took her letter, which her love thrown like a waste paper.

 She move out from her college after giving her final exams for forever, in these three year of college life, nobody was her friends because according to them she dont have any class. she just a merit list student for them.

So how was the start gys..Hope you all supoport me to complete this story with beautiful journey...

Love you


May 15, 2016

Arshi ss:Heart Beats Part 1 (By Nightangle) (Thanked: 92 times)

Time never wait for anyone.. True words. After 5 year...

Sun rays touched face of Arnav Singh Raizada. one of the prince designer in India. Helping his elder brother Akash Singh Raizada in family business AR Fashion.

"Aru wake up, your bhai is waiting for you" melodious voice touched his ears waking up him from his deep sleep.

"Good morning di, vaise why bhai is waiting for me. Today is saturday, I have off day then why" asked confused Arnav rubbing his sleepy eyes.

"Dont say Aru, you forget your bhai's wedding. you promised to go with him for meeting with wedding planner" Anjali remind him the matter.

"YA, actually I forgot about that... Payal bhabi will kill me, if we are not able to appoint her dream wedding planner" Arnav informed looking at his di.

"Then, be good boy come down fast, all are waiting for you on breakfast table and one more thing Ma ka ladla is coming from USA" informed Anjali while moving out from his room.

"Where is Aru? Anju"asked her mom looking at Anjali who took place near her mom.

"He was sleeping, when you step in his room! am I right di" commented Akash.

"Right Aku" replied Anjali.

"He never going to change, first promise and then forgot." commented Akash.

"If you are done with your complaints, then good morning mom, Nani and bhai" said Arnav while sitting near to his bhai.

"Now start your breakfast " order Nani.

"Mom, I dont think so Payal wish will fulfill, Aman tried to get appointment with that wedding planner but not yet get. Now I am cursing, why I let her attend her friend marriage functions.she was memorise with that function." complained Akash.

"why dont you make her understand, if you are not getting that wedding planner" suggested his mom.

 "No ma, she agreed for this marriage with this condition. If I am unable book that wedding planner, your bahu will ask me to change our date" replied Akash with dull face.

 "you are the one, who fell in love with her... noe face it" commented Arnav.

"Dont reply to him Aku, he dont know value of true love" replied Anjali.

 "You know that, am I right Anju" commented her mom but her comment touched deep croner of her daughter heart. Anjali move from there hiding her pain from all.

"Why did you said that beitya. Dont hurt her. our Anju gone through so much. She getting strength and support from her fiction stories which she writing." Nani supported Anjali replying to her daughter.

"Ma, dont drag our past. It only hurt and Aru lets move" requested Akash moving from dining table followed by Arnav.

"Bhai are you sure, this is a way to wedding planner office, its far away from city. I doubt if anyone wroking here" Arnav commented looking narrow way towards wedding planner office.

"Aru, this place is half n hour far from city, thats it and the wedding planner is number 1 in India so there are people working." replied Akash looking at his irritated brother.

"Bhai, we are at wrong place. Its look like a flower garden with beautiful mirror house centre of it. Its beautiful bhai" Arnav murmured looking at green view front of his eyes.

"We are at right place, look at the board on left side of gate 'Rays Of Happiness'. Name suit the scenery look at the office. Its shining with sun rays" commented Akash stoping the car at front of gate.

Love you


May 21, 2016

Arshi ss:Heart Beats Part 2 (By Nightangle) (Thanked: 104 times)

One security guard came towards their car looking at guard Akash opened window. Guard looked at them with beautiful smile and said "Welcome to Rays of Happiness, have a nice day sir" saying that move back to gate and open gate for them to move forward.

Car move towards, both side of the way filled with flower and that path end at office main door. Beside that parking lot where two buses parked and 'happiness' written on it. They parked their car and move towards entrance of the office. There two guards standing with bomb identifying machine.

Guards smiled at them and said same dialogue which they heard from gate security and checked them before entry in office.

Akash and Arnav looked at each other, the environment was feel like home more than office and everyone faces having smile for each other.

They directly went towards reception. "Welcome to Rays of Happiness, how can I help you sir" requested receptionist with beautiful smile.

"Hi, I am Arnav Singh Raizada, I want to book your wedding planning for my brother wedding"

"you were the one who called yesterday for same purpose" enquired receptionist.

 "Yes, but you didn't give me an appointment so I am here, want to meet your boss. Want to see how can you all ignore my deal" challenged Arnav.

"Sir please, we never take any deal. we will only create their dream wedding functions. and we said no because our boss is out of delhi and from next week our one month holidays are starting, and unfortunately your brother marriage functions starting from next week" explained receptionist with humble manner.

"Look, you said, you all create dream wedding for them and my would be only agreed for this marriage because she want you all as her wedding planner. Cant you help me in any way" requested Akash.

"Sir, I am happy that, you put your heart out. but... "her word end with another voice.

"What happened Priti, who are they, today there is no meeting with any clients, then." asked girl who look like earliy 20.

"No Neha, they are here without any appointment, and they want to we plan their wedding but problem is that, its on next week and our holidays are starting from next week." explained Priti.

"Ya, I know and happiness will never teriminate this one month pay leave" explained Neha looking at two faces of their clients.

 "cant you help me with any way, we are ready to pay more" requested Akash.

"No Sir, money is not a problem we are getting good salary and more benefits from our second home that is Rays of Happiness. Infact we dont even want this holidays, we would love to come here and work but our Happiness want us to spend time with our families that is why this holidays" Explained Neha with dull face.

"First time hearing, employees dont want holidays, strange" commented Arnav.

"If Employer is like our Happiness, then nobody like to take a single leave, here you can see everyone having smile for each other.. This is our home Mr.Raizada" Explained Priti with same smile.

"There is anyway, which can make your happiness to say yes to this wedding planning" asked Akash.

 "Wait, if anyone can make Happiness agree for this, then it is Rays. Right now she is in cafeteria. Why dont you meet her, if she agreed then your half of the work is done. Come with me" informed Neha giving little relief to Raizadas.

 "Bhai, I am not going to entertain anyone" murmured Arnav unfortunately heard by Neha.

 "You dont need to do that Raizada, She herself is full pack of entertainment" commented Neha making Arnav confuse.


"Beautiful Girls and Handsome boys, you may age of 20 or 30 or 50 but beauty and handsome remaine forever.... So today I, Miss Kiran Kumari Gupta completing her 20th birthday. So today she is going to give two promises. One is next year on the same day on the same table I will stand like this and give same bashan once again and second thing is that we all will enjoy every day with Rays Of Happiness .... Are you ready gyssss"

"Yesssssss Rays, as always.... You are the best" shouted employess.

"Dont say, that girl is Rays" asked Arnav.

 "She is our Rays" said Neha.

"Rayssss, here, come fast na" Neha call out.

"She is such a kid, totally bubbly kid" commented Akash looking at Kiran.

"Hey Neha, where were you and who these handsome guys?" asked Kiran looking Raizadas.

"Rays, They are Raizadas owner of AR fashion house, they need help. Only you can help them." Neha summarize the need to Kiran.

"You meant, they are brother of Miss Anjali Singh Raizada?" asked curious Kiran.

"Yes, we are?" confirmed Akash.

"Ohhh my god, Neha catch me yaar nahi tho I will fall in floor with happiness, arre boss I am big fan of your sister. Her every fictions was awsome. I tried 100 times to meet her but yet not get chance to see her" completed Kiran looking at shocked figures who come here for wedding planning but stuk with a bubbly beautiful girl.

"You are right Neha, she is unique piece" commented Akash looking at Kiran.

"Rays, we need your help to convince your Happiness for Mr.Akash Singh Raizada's wedding planning which is on next week" Neha explained everything to Kiran.

 "But next week is our holiday starting and we are planning for long road way picnic. Its already planned Raizada." Kiran informed them about their plan.

 "Cant you postponed that to two weeks later, I know, its our selfishness but My love want her dream wedding which only your Happiness can fulfill. Please" Akash requested.

"Let me think, I will scarify our planning but you have to compensate for that" said Kiran.

 "Now, come to the point kid, what you want? money, then how much" Arnav said all this with attitude.

"Raizada, keep your money along with ego with you only and please money cant buy everything. If that possible you were not with me and pleading for help, Akash ji I want to meet your sister and one autograph that its, is that possible" Replied Kiran with same attitude making Arnav to shut his mouth.

 Love you


May 23, 2016

Arshi ss:Heart Beats Part 3 (By Nightangle) (Thanked: 113 times)

* "Yes Kiran, 100 percent." assured Akash.

 "Let me call her first, she may landed now on mumbai" saying that kiran called her phone

"Good morning di" kiran said on phone.


"Sorry di, good afternoon, vaise where are you now"


"Great, di I need your help, can you please come to office now, then you can go home.... pleaseee di,


"Di today is my birthday, dont say no......"


"See you di, come fast" kiran cutted the call.

"You such a drama queen Rays," commented Neha and move out from there.

 "Tell me something new, and Raizadas come with me, we will play coffee with Kiran.... I meant word with me along with awsome coffee". "Yes, sure" said Akash and move towards cafteria for a coffee.

 After some time. Kiran's phone ring and informed her di's arrival.

 "Lets go and meet happiness, 50 percent job is left to complete that is convincing my sister. I have to do lots of drama for that.

All three move towards reception area and looked at the slim figure, who is back facing them, wearing knee length pink sleeveless one piece.


 shouted Kiran which made that person to turn and give shock to Arnav.

who is none other than Kushi. Kushi Kumari Gupta, who once gave him a love letter. But that time she was behan ji type but today she look like an angel. Her long beautiful hair playing with winds, which once filled with oil. Her eyes are covered by sun glass which was once covered with soda glass specs. Her fair skin adding another glow in her beauty.

 Kushi looked at one happy face, one unknown face and one shocked face. But Her shocked eyes covered with her sunglass perfectly. Keeping her shock aside, she move towards them.

Arnav looked at her without blinking his eyes.

"Hey di, I missed you" saying that kiran hugged her sister.

 "Me to kid, and wish you many many happy returns of the day baby... Happy Birthday" Kushi wished her sister.

 "Thanks Di, actually Di, today is my birthday day and I never asked you anything" said Kiran with puppy face.

 "Ya right, My poor sister, never asked anything from me, as if sometimes before her ghost asked me to come to office with an emotional blackmail." replied Kushi.

 "Di leave all that, the important thing is that, today on my birthday I am going to get best gift. That is meeting with my favourite author Miss Anjali." informed excited Kiran.

"Kid, why I am smelling something fishy in this" asked Kushi taking off her sunglass that when Arnav saw memorizing hazel eyes of her.

"Actually for that, you have to say yes"

"With my yes, what will change kid" asked curious Kushi.

"First say yes and promise you will not back off from your yes" replied Kiran making Arnav come out of his shock.

 "Today is your bday, that is why I am not arguing with you... Fine I said yes, now come to the point kid" agreed Kushi.

 "Before that, meet Akash ji and Mr.Akadoo Singh Raizada" Kiran introduce two Raizada in funny way making Akash laugh at her talk.

 "Kid, behave... I am sorry, and nice to meet you" said kushi while formal hand shake with Akash.

"I am sorry Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada, may be you showed some attitude that is why she tagged you funny name, I am really sorry for that" said Kushi smartly with smirk and give her hand for formal shack hand.

"hmmm" replied Arnav and took her hand for hand shack. Her hands felt a soft like flower patels.

"So di, from next week we are planning Mr.Akash Singh Raizada wedding, Is that cool" asked Kiran in cool way.

 "What the... Kiran you again tricked me right" asked Kushi looking her smiling sister.

Love you


 I am so much happy with reponses of my story reader. I love you all. Hope thus part make you happy like previous one. Thank you each and every one.

May 29, 2016

Arshi ss:Heart Beats Part 4 (By Nightangle) (Thanked: 98 times)

"Di, take a chill pill and you can shout at me at home, you are tried na you can now go home and take rest" said kiran making other look at her with disbelief.

"How caring sister I got, I am lucky, now if you done with your drama. Let me deal with this" said kushi.

 "I am sorry for the inconvenience caused by us Miss Gupta. I know you are busy with your plan but my payal is hell bent on that she want you as her wedding planner. We heard lots about you and your innovative wedding planning" said Akash.

"I am ready to do this, I dont want my sister face leave her smile. She promised you to help you and I will make sure her every promise will fulfill. So we will plan your dream wedding" replied Kushi.

"Thank you, so much Miss Gupta" said Akash.

 "Hmmm. you have to fill one form, Kid will help you in this, I am leaving for now, meet you soon and kid come home earliy" Kushi took her leave.


"Kaku give me the key, I will drive back. you will be drop by office bus" said kushi to her driver.

"Ji betiya" saying that driver move out.

she was going to open car door, when she heard unforgettable voice

 "Kushi" Arnav call out.

Kushi looked back and lened on her car, crossing her arms, waiting for Arnav to continue.

"Kushi, how are you... I hope you remember me. Silly me, How can you forgot me. How can you forget your first love. Am I right??" enquired Arnav with smirk but it disappear with in no second.

"How can I forget hero of college?, How can I forget my first love? and most important how can I forget Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada.? but..but...Unfortunately I forgot everything, so Mr.Raizada have a nice day" saying that she start to open her car door.

"You changed alot, you are no more that old Kushi, who I know? Arnav express his thought aloud.

"you know me?? I have doubt on that. Its not surprising thing Raizada along with time people change, but surprising thing is that you are still the same and today you got name 'Akadoo Singh Raizada'. kushi replied smartly.

"what the..." his word stoped by her next comment.

"Sorry Mr.Raizada, I dont have time to waste on your what the..." saying that kushi open her door and took driver seat. Before closing her car door she said "You always prove me wrong Mr.Raizada, in college time, I though you were hero but you came out villan and now I thought you could call me behanji but again you prove me wrong. Anyways I dont like a stranger call me by name so please call me miss gupta. o kya hai na, I am possessive about my name" she close her door and zoom out from there leaving surprised Arnav behind.

 Is this same kushi, I am doubt on that. "Now she become tough nut to creak, why dont be, she is a beautiful angel with brain and fame tagged to it. No way, if any men call her behanji then people will say he is a gay. so Arnav Singh Raizada always wished this type of unique nut to creak. wait and watch Miss Gupta, I will make you remind your love." Arnav made conclusion in his mind.



May 31, 2016

Happy note (By Nightangle) (Thanked: 43 times)

I am happy with the response which I am getting for this story. So I decided to update this story twice a week. Wednesday and saturday. I think this is happy news for you. The part may be short plase try to understand I am doing job its not easy to write long updates.

Jun 1, 2016

Arshi ss:Heart Beats Part 5 (By Nightangle) (Thanked: 130 times)

After 2 days.

"Mom, Nani please from next time dont ask me to a company you both for inviting your friends, they are all behind me and want their daughter to tag with me" complained Arnav looking behind from his passanger seat.

 "Vaise Aru, I dont think so its bad idea, you can flrt with them without any tension about their parents" commented Akash looking at his irriated brother.

 "I must say Aru, my friends daugher are much better than your so called gf Lavanya Kashyap" commented his mother.

 "I agree to it, I hate that girl. Dont even how to behave."supported his Nani to his mother.

 "Mom, Nani Lavanya is better option for him. I dont think so any nice girl will fall in love with him after knowing his so called love stories. For Aru love means time pass, we are unaware about his college love stories because went to Mumbai complete it and never allowed us interfere in his college life so his love stories are countless"commented Akash stoping the car at traffic.

"Shut up Aku, my Aru will get beautiful girl with golden heart who teach him what is true love is and I am sure he will change for that one girl" said his mother.

"Dream mom...Dream ..."again commented Akash.

 "look at that girl on bill board, she look like an angel"said Nani looking at big bill board on the building.

"Yes ma, she is beautiful and I must my Aru's girl will be like this but we dont know what tupe of girl is this. Looking like navie but...." her word cut of by Akash.

 "Best sister, best employer and more ethical and loyal towards everyone" completed Akash looking at bill board in which he saw a girl smelling a flower in a big garden. Its a cover photo of some magazine with title 'Banglore Beauty Garden Now under Happiness'.

"How you know that Akash" asked curious nani.

"she is Kushi Gupta, the wedding planner of my marriage and one more thing she such a intelligent and matured girl dont fall for your Aru, so dont dream about her. She is beauty with brain mom" completed Akash and started his car and which bring back Arnav from his lost land. All the while Arnav was lost in her photo, he didnt heard his family comments on him.

 "Anju, you gys reached home. We are on the way will reach in some time" asked Arnav's mom on phone.

 "tire puncture, where are you both now" asked Arthi (Arnav's mom).

"Okay, we are coming wait there" Arthi ended the phone call.

 "Aku, we have to go Hunger stop, Anju and Niki is there" said Arthi.

"Did his filght kicked him out there mom, at hunger stop, he such foody. I sm sure he only did something to car" Arnav commented.

 "Aru stop criticising your younger brother" order Arthi.

 Hunger Stop:

 "Niki" Arthi called out her son, who was busy on his burger.

"Hey Mom, how are you. Hey old beautiful lady did you miss your gradson Mr.Nikil Singh Raizada." asked Niki hugging his Nani.

 "Yes bacha, I missed my niki" replied nani while placing kiss on his forehead.

"Hey bhai and Hi nannav" said Niki looking at his elder brothers.

 "Dont call me that Niki, said irriated Arnav.

"okay okay dont be angry bro come and have a seat and have something.

 "I am not like you, I dont have anything from any local store" said Arnav with ego.

"oh god brother, you dont know where you are standing.Its Hunger stop, Best quality fast foods in best and affordable value and its one of famous growing franchise in India." said Niki with surprised.

"If you done, can we leave" said Arnav.

 "Wait Aru, I want to drink something" order Arthi.

"Even I give order so Aru take a seat." order Anjali. Making faces Arnav took place

"di is this your bag" asked Arnav looking at laptop bag.

"No Aru, its one of the college student" replied his Di.



Jun 4, 2016

Arshi ss:Heart Beats Part 6 (By Nightangle) (Thanked: 89 times)

"Then may I know what she doing in our table" asked confused Arnav.

 "Actually Nannav, you should ask this question in other way, that is what we are doing in her table" said Niki while having his juice.

"what you mean Niki" asked Akash.

 "When we reached here, there was no place expect this table and our Niki want to have something from here itself so we asked her sharing this table with us and she agreed. I think she got some call so went away keeping her bag here" explained Anjali to her family.

"Oye Niki, cant you control your hunger for sometime" asked irritated Arnav.

"Aru stop and Niki how was your journey"asked Akash.

"Awsome bhai" replied Nikil.

 "you should ask this question to his co-passanger who bear him for entire journey." commented Arnav.

 "Nannnnavvv...." but before Nikil complete his word there come another voice.

"Excuse me..." but that person word also stoped mid way looking at the known faces.

 "Miss Gupta, what a pleasent surprise. What are you doing here" asked Askash.

"Actually that is my laptop. I love to spend time here, thats it." replied Kushi clamly.

"She is the one, we saw on that board, hai na Arthi" asked Nani looking at Her daughter.

"yes Ma, but in real she looking much prettier" Arthi murmured.

 "Miss Gupta they are my family, My mom and Nani, She is Anjali di a writer, and he is Nikil our younger brother completed his MBA from London and you know Arnav. She is Kushi Kumari Gupta our wedding planner" Akash Happily introduce his family to Kushi and she give beautiful smile to them expect Arnav she not even looked at his face.

"That means you are not a college student" Asked Nikil looking at Kushi.

 "No, I am not. Let me take my lappy and I will move, Mr.Raizada just be comfortable" saying that kushi took her lappy and try to move.

"You can sit here with us Kushi ji" requested Anjali.

"No no its okay, I will manage" Saying that she again tried to move but stoped by Arnav.

"Kushi sit with us, my mom love to chat with you" Arnav said making his mom to glare at him with amused and kushi glare at him with angry filled eyes which was only saw by Arnav.

"Yes beta be with us, we will feel good" said Nani supporting Arnav. Kushi took seat near Arnav without any other option.

"Payal was not stoping her words about you after meeting you yestrday" Akash informed to Kushi.

"I am just doing my duty thats it Raizada" kushi give simple reply.

 "Thats so nice of you Kushi ji" said Anjali.

"Its because of you di Miss Gupta is sitting with us, she have a bubbly sister. she is crazy fan of you and , who made her agree to decorate my wedding planning with a condition that is, She want to meet you" completed Akash.

 "Is that so then Anju you should meet her" added Arthi.

"Why not mom, why dont you call her Kushi ji" asked Anjali.

"No, Miss Raizada. Dont take trouble to meet my crazy sister. she will meet you in some other day, now she must be in college and it will take another 30 minutes to come here and some people are eager to leave" Kushi said last words lookong at Arnav.

"We dont mind to wait for your sister Kushi, wait let me call her, di will talk, just give her number" said Arnav again shocking his family member.

 without having any other option Kushi dield her sister number and asked her to come to Hunger stop.

Her call end but some other phone start to ring. It was none other than Arnav's. With irritated look he attend the call while moving to isolated place.

After dropping the phone he trun back to move towards his family but stopped by same hazel eyes which distrubing him now days and nights.

"You are waiting for me" asked curious Arnav.

"unfortunately I have to say yes, I was doing that" replied Kushi.

 "why, want to share something" asked Arnav.

 "I dont want to hate my name Raizada" replied Kushi.

"I dont get you" said confused Arnav.

"let me explain, I dont like when you take my name. I feel disgusting so please dont take my name ever. I was mute, because I dont want to create a scene front of your family and dont want them came to know that we were together in college." completed kushi and try to move from there but stoped by Arnav words.

"Now your love for me change into hate, am I right??" asked Arnav.

"Love for you change into none. I dont have any kind of feeling for you." saying that she moved from there.



Jun 8, 2016

Arshi ss:Heart Beats Part 7 (By Nightangle) (Thanked: 90 times)

Arnav come back to his place with dull face, with in another seconds a tuffan entered in Hunger stop, who is none other than Kiran.

"Diiiiiiii, where are you" shouted kiran looking here and there.

"Kid, I am here" kushi waved her hand to attaract her sister.

 "Hey Di, why did you call..." her words end with the scene front of her.

"Di pinch me, I think I am in dream. I can see Miss Anjali here" said Kiran in her dramatic way.

"her drama again started" murmured Kushi to herself.

 "Hey Rays, how are you and its not a dream. I fulfilled my promise, meet your favourite author" said Akash.

"Wow, thank you so much Akash ji." Kiran kindly shown her affection.

 "Hello kiran, I never thought, I am having such a wonderful fan" said Anjali looking at Kiran.

"Hey Handsome, please place a order for me. One choco filled Coffee" Kiran said looking at Nikil who is lost in Kiran.

 "Hey Handsome I am calling you" Kiran again said making others look at each other and Nikil come out of his lost land.

"Kid behave, Mr. Raizada you dont have to go, She want to sit next to your di that is why she calling with those names. kid sit in my place I have some work so I will sit there and complete my work" saying that kushi get up from her place and start to move towards glass window where a small ba****t made for sit and enjoy outside view.

"So problem solve, hey you can sit in my di's place and I will sit next your di" kiran give order to Nikil unfortunately it was heard by Her di.

 "Kid, why you always ready to trouble others. sit where I asked you to and dont irriate them with your stupidity" ordered Kushi and move out from there.

 "Hey kiran you can sit here, saying that Nikil start to get from his place"

"No its okay, I will sit here only. I dont like to disobey her" Kiran said all this looking at her sister who is engrossed in her work.

 "What you are doing Kiran" asked Anjali.

 "I am doing in MBA in event management"replied Kiran.

"So you want to become like your sister" asked Akash.

 "I wished to become but I cant, I cant become like my Di, she is special and born with natural talent" replied kiran.

 "You love your sister so much" confirmed Anjali.

"Yes I love her more than anything in this world, She is my world but I cant love her more than her love for me" replied Kiran.

"you are such sweetheart a bubbly girl, opposit of your sister" Akash commented.

"I know, I am totally different from her, she is always busy with her work and now also she is doing that. She went there only to escape from me, when I was near her, I wont allow to work na" Said Kiran.

"So from where are you from" asked Arthi .

 "Lucknow, our home town is lucknow" replied Kiran.

"Ohh thats good, We are also from there only, your whole family staying here?" asked curiosity filled Arthi to know about two beautiful angels planning something in mind.

Kiran first hesitate to give reply then simply said yes to Arthi's question.

suddenly changing the atmosphere Kiran stand on the table surprising all Raizada.

 "Hellloooo everyone please give me your two minutes maggi timing" said kiran in loud voice which took Kushi's attention towards her sister.

 "Now what is she upto" Kushi murmured to herself looking at her crazy kid.

 "Today my dream come true, because my di. My happiness always care about my happy. Today she give me another happiness that is meeting with my Favourite authour Miss Anjali Singh Raizada. so please claps for Miss Anjali guyss." Kiran shared her happiness with each and every one present in Hunger stop.

All started to claps for speech.

"Okay Okay, now come to the point. I want to share this happiness with you all. so today till 12.ooam each and every customer will get Hunger stop's one plate special jalebi for free. so enjoy your day" giving happy news to all she end up her speech landing on floor.

"What you did Kiran, for simple matter you are celebrating" asked shocked Anjali.

"Its not simple matter for me Miss Anjali ji" replied Kiran sitting on her place.

"Then also spending this much. the special jalebi cost around 200 something and I am sure everyday 500 plus customer enjoy spending time here, You are ready to pay this much amount for meeting my di" enquired Nikil in shock.

 "So, I am happy" said Kiran.

"So what, she is happy, she is ready to waste money which was earned by her sister, am I right Rays" Arnav commented with smirk.

"Mr.Akdoo Singh Raizada, I respect money which was earned by my Di and just using that money I am sharing my happiness with other. I am not doing anything wrong. Wait a minute why I am explaing to you. You spent money on your so called girl friends, Gifting them costly products and that money also earned by your brother only, am I right" which was another shock for family and best reply for Arnav.

"You dont know how to speak with others" Shouted Arnav.

"you do?"

 everyone looked at source of voice, who is none other than Kushi who witnse argue between Her sister and Mr.Arnav.

 "What you mean?" enquired Arnav.

"My sister never spent money unnecessarily, if she spent then she make sure its not waste on anything. Look at each table Raizada. All are happily enjoying their jalebi. All the faces having smile. She spent money for that smile, it worth it. anyways Kid say sorry to Mr.Raizada." Kushi completed her words giving order to her sister.

 "Sorry Raizada, but before advise anyone make sure you are the best example for them" Kiran completed her sentense with same attitude.

"Kiran, your words are having so much meaning" Commented Anjali.

"Because I learn how to live my life from my Di" proudly said Kiran.

"Kid if you are happy with your surprise can we leave, I am getting late" asked Kushi.



Jun 12, 2016

Arshi ss:Heart Beats Part 8 (By Nightangle) (Thanked: 93 times)

"Yes Di, Lets move and Anjali ji I am so much happy today. Thank you so much and dont forget to have jalebi. Its my di's favourite" completed Kiran.

"Mr.Akash, I will send blue print of every function designs, Please check it and confirm" Kushi informed Akash.

 "No need of that, Payal is happy with it" Akash replied.

 "Mr.Akash dont take me wrong, its not only Payal's wedding its your too, your every comment on her choices make her happy. Dont adjust with your life. Adjustments only happened in businesses world not in personal life" Kushi advised.

 "you are right beta, both of them dont know how to live. one live in business and I still doubt how he manage to fall in love with Payal, I think there also he made some rules and clauses. Other one dont know what is true love is and every page 3 have his picture with different girls" Nani said looking at Akash and Arnav.

 "I am no one to speak on that, I am taking your leave, Bye all, take care, Meet you soon" Kushi informed and took her leave along with her sister.

"Both are lovely girls, I agree with you Akash. Arnav I can some changes in your behaviour towards Kushi, Let me warn you, Dont fall in love with her, if you dont want true love in your life. If you do I am sure she will teach you so many meanings of love and life" Completed Arthi looking at her son.

 "Niki ask for a bill," requsted Anjali.

"Yes di, Nikil call one of waitier for a bill"

"Yes Sir, You need anything else"asked waitier.

"Bill please" requested Akash.

 "You dont have to pay sir" replied waitier.

"Why, today there is any offer going on" enquired Arnav.

"Sir, we cant take money from you, She will kill us" replied waitier making raizadas confused.

 "Who and why??" asked Anjali.

"Rays" waiter replied.

"Why"?? asked Arnav.

"Because she is your sister fan" once again replied waitier.

 "We are not getting anything, why kiran will harm you if we pay bill and why all are following her every word. I saw you all happly delivering jalebis to all table without taking any advance also from her. She just give you a simple order and you all are following that"Asked curious Arthi.

"Why wont we follow our employers order" asked confused Waitier to making Raizadas in shock.

 "What this hunger stop belongs to Kushi" ask shocked Arnav.

"Yes, dont you know that, I thought you all are well aware about it" replied waitier.

"But its belonged to some happiness, I heard owner of this hunger stops are Miss Happiness And Rays" asked Curious Niki.

"Happiness means Kushi, Rays means Kiran but how you know that Niki" replied Akash.

"Encyclopedia Bhai, hunger stop is special bhai here no one take tips from customers. if customers want to pay tips to waiters they can drops that money on a piggy bank at entrance. All this money go to orphange for education purposes of orphan annually" replied Niki.

"She such a social person, I am liking Kushi character after knowing all this thing about her" Anjali commented.

"Now lets leave" said Akash moving out from Special Hunger Stop.

She is such golden heart person, Mom is right she is true meaning of Love. I cant fall in love, I just want to make her remember her love towards me but why I am attracting to her, Why I am liking to stay with her. Her atittude making me crazy. Arnav thought to himself.



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