view on taking part 2

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May 2, 2016

view on taking part 2 (By Dr.U.Vijayaraani)

Please do not kill Mughal history again. You had done a great sin to the Mughals since their descendant is poor and weak. Every character in the serial was portrayed wrongly. The way you had taken the serial is good, Character selection is good, But please take novels not history.  Ruqaya  is definitely not bad.Infact Akbar gave his favorite grandson to her for upbringing. Jahangir has given a good note of her. Why do you spoil her name. I thing even you have ladies in your family. I cant imagine  how a lady can fight against Abulmali that too AKBAR THE GREAT's wife. Akbar is very particular about his ladies. All the stories regarding Abulmali, Mahamanga, Hakim is fake. I beg you please do not take part two of this rubbish. If you want to take part 2 please Read historical books like Akbarnama, humayunnam, jahangirnama, mukthab ut tawarikh,Akbar and the Jesuits Book written by foreign travelers and then come for  a understanding about the character of Akbar and others and then take part 2 people will appreciate you. Mughal ladies were close to each other.Hamida banu was brought up by Hindals mother. I hope you know who is Hindal. Hamida banu is a strong Muslim.You had spoilt the name of Mughal ladies. I will earnestly pray to god you will not be able to continue this rubbish.

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