ARSHI FF: Gustakh Dil... (Stubborn Heart...)

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Apr 30, 2016

ARSHI FF: Gustakh Dil... (Stubborn Heart...) (By Kavyanjali08) (Thanked: 61 times)

Gustakh Dil (Stubborn Heart)

- Collaboration by Kavyanjali & Anaya Mahi xo

Banner credit : Anaya Mahi



Khushi: “You...You called me here?”

Shyam: “Khushi Ji, I love you and only you. I can’t live without you Khushiji” He pulled her into a forceful hug.

Khushi: “You love me?"

Shyam: “Of course Khushiji. You know that very well”

Khushi: “Love? Me? What about your Rani Sahiba? If you love me so much, why don’t you divorce her dammit!” She screamed out as she pushed him away in anger. 

Shyam: “I will Khushiji. I will leave her; I will leave her for you...”

He watched all this from a distance. His heart slowly breaking away at every word each of them spoke. He felt as if his world was being pulled apart, and he too was tearing away with it. He couldn’t bear to stand it any longer. He just couldn’t... He walked away with a heavy heart...



Payal and Akash’s wedding was now complete. The Grihapravesh was done and all the Raizada members, including the Gupta’s were there for the post-wedding games.

Nani: “Right so these are the rules. As soon as I drop this ring into this milk vase, you both shall start looking for it. The one, who finds the ring first, wins!”

Anjali: “The person who wins is said to rule their partners married life, sooo...”

NK: “So, who will win Akash or Bhabhi?”

Anjali: “I’m supporting my little brother!” She squealed like an excited kid

NK: “So Khushiji will support Bhabhi, na?”

Hearing Khushi’s name, Shyam scanned the room to see where she was. She seemed awfully quiet. When he didn’t see her, he frantically searched every corner of the room in detail. He then noticed that his Sale Saab also wasn’t present. His heart burned in rage think about the idea of them both being together!

Buaji: “But where is our titaliya?”

Garima: “Haa, actually I haven’t seen her in a while, now” 

Buaji: “This is girl is crazy! She is probably in some corner eating Jalebi’s. Chalo everyone let’s look for her” She sighed. 

NK: “Nannav is also not here!” He shouted out, surprised at his own revelation.

Anjali: “Weird. They both are not present? But where could they be?”

NK: “Actually, I did see Nannav leaving earlier on. He went out before I could ask him where.."

Nani: “Out? On Akash’s wedding? But where?”

Arnav: “I am here” He said with a loud stern voice.

Everyone turned to see the source of the voice and their heart missed a beat seeing the sight in front of them...

Arnav was entering the house wearing a black and maroon pathani coat with a varmaal (garland) in his hand.

NK: “Nannav? Did you get that for Akash’s wedding? Sorry mate, you are a little bit late you see. It’s over so you should put this varmala on yourself” He joked and laughed at his own sick joke.

Anjali: “Chotte where were you? And what is this? Speak na, Chotte. I’m feeling scared” She said in a scared shout. 

Arnav: “Di, I need to tell you something...” Before he could finish his sentence the whole family gasped and their eyes stood rooted to the sight behind Arnav. Arnav followed the direction of their eyes and he knew why they were shocked.

There Khushi was stood in an actual bride lengha. It was the most outstanding green and red colour with her mangalsutra shining. It stood out like a star. They also noticed the sindoor on her head and it seemed as if they all had lost their voices. No one dared to speak in such a tension-ed atmosphere...

Arnav sighed knowing that this was not going to go well. So with the courage he gathered, he said in a strong but subtle voice “We got married..."

3 words. The 3 words that took their breath away. They all stood there rooted to their places with a bewildered expression. 

#PS : Anaya is always gonna be part of this story & whenever she returns, she is most welcome to write this story with me. She had given her consent to complete the stories alone if she leaves in mid & I wanna complete this since its 1 of my 1st story & very close to my heart..a story I wanna finish.

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May 4, 2016

ARSHI FF: Gustakh Dil... (Stubborn Heart...) (By Kavyanjali08) (Thanked: 55 times)


Arnav sighed knowing that this was not going to go well. So with the courage he gathered, he said in a strong but subtle voice: “We got married...

3 words, the 3 words that took their breath away. They all stood there rooted to their places with a bewildered expression...

After finally recovering from the shock Arnav had just thrown at them, Shyam started of the never-ending trail of questions...

Shyam (Angrily): “What? How could you get married?”

Nani: “What have you done Chotte? How could you do this? Why Chotte? Why?!”

Anjali: “Chotte...Tell me this is some joke...Tell me Chotte!” She screamed after hearing his silence.“How can you marry Khushi when you are yet tied to Lavanya? How could you?!” She bellowed.

Nani: “And Khushi Bitya? You? Why are you not saying anything? How could you support him in this decision”

Anjali: “Tell us Khushiji...We know Chotte always makes hasty decisions but at least you could have stopped him, na?...Why not Khushiji?...Why?”

Garima: “No...No...No...Khushi...Tell them this is not true...Tell them!” She shrieked. But seeing Khushi’s tear-stricken her face and her loss of words, she continued “How could you do this? How?! How can you elope with Arnav whilst knowing he was Payal’s Jetha? How Khushi How? Even after knowing he is engaged you still took this step? KHUSHI! REPLY TO ME!”

Buaji: “Leave her...She won’t reply...Look at her...There’s not a single sign of guilt on her face...These tears...These tears are fake!”

Khushi: “Buaji...”

Buaji: “Bas Khushi Bas! No more! Not one word!”

Khushi: “Buaji Please...”

Buaji: “Is this how we raised you? Is it?...You’ve brought such a disgrace on our family! I know why you did this...I know why...You’re jealous aren’t you! Jealous of our Payal!”

Khushi: “Buaji?” She asked in utter most disbelief.

Buaji: “You trapped Arnav in your charms out of jealousy! You’re jealous of our Payal, na? That she’s marrying a rich guy...So you made a plan to marry his brother? Chi! Today...Today I realise our mistake of adopting you...You have always been a curse on our family! You have had your eye on our happiness all along!” She roared out as Khushi’s heart slowly but silently shattered into pieces...

Garima (To Shashi)“I told you not to bring her into our family...I told you right from the start! It was only a matter of days until she showed her true colors...Thank God you are not from my blood!” She spat out.

She moved closer to Khushi and continued: “Is this how you are paying us back? Is that how you repay us for everything we have done for you? We fed you, looked after you, we provided you with all the happiness in the world and this is how you repay us...?”

Khushi: “Amma...” She sobbed.

Garima: “Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare call me mother! You are certainly not from my womb and thank God for that! Chi! I can’t even look at you! I can now proudly say that you are not my blood!” She screamed out as she raised her hand to slap her.

Not wasting a single moment, she brought her hand down hard to slap her as the force of her hand was stopped quickly by Arnav...

Garima looked to the side as Arnav came to stand in front of Khushi, blocking Garima’s view. He looked set out to kill...

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May 11, 2016

ARSHI FF: Gustakh Dil... (Stubborn Heart...) (By Kavyanjali08) (Thanked: 62 times)

CHAPTER 02: Us v/s The World

Garima looked to the side as Arnav came to stand in front of Khushi, blocking Garima’s view. He looked set out to kill...

Arnav: “Maine Kisi Ko Isse Choone Ka Haq Nahi Diya, Thaprd Marna Toh Dur Ki Baat Hai...”(I didn’t give anyone permission to touch her, Slapping her is a different topic...) He said shocking all as he removed Garima’s hand from mid-air.

Anjali: “Chotte Bas...! How can you marry Khushi when you are still engaged to Lavanya?” She said as Arnav moved his gaze to his sister.

Arnav: “Di...Me and Lavanya broke up a long time ago...That’s why when you asked us to get married along with Akash, we refused...We were waiting for the right time to announce it...”He said slowly as everyone took in shock after shock.

Lavanya: “ASR how can you do this to me? It hasn’t even been that long since we broke up and you took such a big step? And that too without informing anyone? And Chamkeli?..How could you marry ASR when you know that I love him...Is that what you call true friendship?...” She sobbed. “I could have changed his mind somehow...I would have thought of something...” She said as she watched Khushi’s blank face.

Buaji: “She’s finally showed her true colors...After all where would the blood traits go? She was an outsider and today she proved that...!” She said angrily.

Khushi: “Insult me but not my parents...!” Khushi said out loudly. “Please don’t stoop so low that you mention my parents...!” She said feeling the anger build up inside her. “True...It’s true...That I was never a Khushi Kumari Gupta...Its Khushi Aditya Raichaudhary...! Bas...! Itna Kaafi Hai” She lashed out in anger.

Buaji: “It’s funny how you never minded being a Gupta before, you ungrateful girl...!”

Khushi: “I was never a Gupta! First a Raichaudhary...And now Mrs. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada...!” She spat out.

“The accusations about being jealous of Jiji? Chi! You all very well know that I treated Jiji as a real sister! I have nothing to be jealous about...” She said breaking down.

“Buaji...To be perfectly honest...You never accepted me as part of your family...! You never accepted my parents...So how could you accept me?!” She screamed out as everyone was glued to the floor at Khushi’s outburst. They actually didn’t have much clue about Khushi’s past and now everything seemed to be unraveling...

Nani: “Khushi Bitya...They took you in when you had no one...This is no way to speak to them”

Anjali: “Khushiji...”

Shyam: “Khushi Ji, how can you marry Sale Saab? And Sale Saab? Aap? You both have hated each other from as long as I can remember so...?” He fumed.

Arnav: “ENOUGH! Enough with the complaints and the blames...ENOUGH...! You want to know why I got married hastily? It’s because I LOVE HER DAMMIT...! I’m not going to repeat it again...I love Khushi...That’s why I married her...”

“Why is everyone making such a big deal out of it? Huh? You were all pressuring me to get married anyway...So I did...!” He shouted out. “You should all just accept it and move on. Because I won’t tolerate anyone misbehaving or accusing my wife...!” He said angrily as he picked Khushi up in his arms in one swift movement.

Khushi: “Arnav...” She said hesitantly as Arnav ignored everyone’s stares and left for his room...Leaving a flabbergasted family behind...

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May 15, 2016

ARSHI FF: Gustakh Dil... (Stubborn Heart...) (By Kavyanjali08) (Thanked: 64 times)

CHAPTER 03: Meri Mishti...

Arnav entered the room, with Khushi still securely in his arms as he closed the door after he had put her down. As soon as the doors were shut, Khushi didn’t leave a second to crash into his arms and cry her heart out. He knew this part was going to be the hardest part for her, especially with Buaji’s taunts.

Arnav: “Khushi...Khushi...Look at me” He said cupping her face as he wiped each tear away. “It’s not your fault...So don’t you dare think it is” He said sternly but softened when he saw that she was still crying.

“Because you’re my ‘Mishti’, right? Too sweet to hurt anybody...!” He said as made her sit on the bed and calmed her down.

“But one thing I haven’t yet understood Khushi...” He said as she looked at him. 

“You said your name is Khushi Aditya Raichaudhary? And Buaji...She said your parents...” He tried to utter the sentences without reminding her of the moments that happened downstairs.

Khushi: “That’s my real name...” She interrupted seeing his dilemma. “My parents...Aditya Raichaudhary and Kashish Raichaudhary. My mumma married dad against her family because...Because she had an inter-faith marriage...My dad...My dad was a Bengali” She said which amazed Arnav. He smiled at the fact that Khushi was originally Bengali.

“Although the marriage was conducted, no one truly accepted it. The only reason the marriage took place was because my dad’s family had no objection...They were very broad-minded and only wished for their son’s happiness. Buaji never accepted my parents heartedly and so basically I am an outsider to them. That’s why...I had so much trouble adjusting into the ‘Gupta’ family” She said in an almost mocking voice.

“Buaji was against Babuji (Shashi) bringing me into the family...But for his sake, she kept quiet and tolerated me...I was only 10...When I had no choice but to stay with the Gupta’s...I had a tough time adjusting...At that time, it seemed almost impossible...I had to stay in an unknown place with unknown people...Without the support from my family...I couldn’t even communicate with anyone...I only knew Bengali and so no one understood me...It took me around 3-4 years to accept that my family would never come back...And that this is my home now”

“At first I wouldn’t give up my habits or traditions...But later...After accepting the truth, I tried adjusting into their lifestyle...Because they all wanted me to forget my origin...Forget my mother-tongue and to forget my family traditions...! So I pretended to give them up for their sake...”

She continued with her past, talking and talking, letting everything out whilst Arnav just listened broken heartedly...He had no idea how painful talking about her past would be...

“I wasn’t allowed to keep contact with anyone from my father’s side...But I secretly had contact with my dad’s friend...Uncle Rishi. It spoke to him through letters and I had also planned to move back to Kolkata when I turned 18...It was all planned” She said with a slight smile on her face. “I planned to leave straight after Jiji’s marriage...But nothing went as planned” She said as her smile had now vanished. “Jiji’s marriage never happened...And somewhere I knew I was responsible for it...So I decided to stay until Jiji had settled down."

Arnav: “So it was my fault?” He questioned.

Khushi: “Absolutely not...It was destiny...Fate...That amidst all of what was happening...I had met you...Fell in love with you...” She said as he pulled her into a hug.

After letting her go from the hug, he encouraged her to let everything in her heart out today itself...

“When they left this world...When they left me... I didn’t accept it at first” She said almost breaking down as Arnav gestured her to carry on. “It took me about 3 years to finally move on...But I always reminded myself of my roots...Without letting anyone know...Not even the Gupta’s...It didn’t even take them a moment to move on” She said as if she was a complete and utter stranger to the Gupta’s...

“My parents memories...Their traditions...Everything...I followed everything...But it was all unknown to them...I never wanted those traditions to get forgotten...It was my responsibility to follow them wholeheartedly...Since I am the only one left to do so...” She said, lost in her own world.

Arnav: “See...I gave you the perfect name...Mishti...!” He said trying to lighten the atmosphere.“Just too sweet” He said flirtatiously as he closed in on her. “I would love to taste...” He said huskily as she slightly blushed. “My own personal brand of sweets” 

He said as she gasped feeling his lips on hers. It was his promise...To protect her from everything...And that they would face every problem together...

* Hey guys...I know this is a very different concept and you guys probably wasn’t expecting such a different past tongue emoticon Do let us know your views and your advice is always welcome kiss emoticon And just to add...Mishti is also a Bengali originated name....*

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May 23, 2016

ARSHI FF: Gustakh Dil... (Stubborn Heart...) (By Kavyanjali08) (Thanked: 56 times)

CHAPTER 04: Hui main Parineeta...


Arnav: “Khushi...I promise you...I will always stand by you...And we will face all these problems together” He said holding her hands tightly as he brought close to his heart.

Khushi: “I know...Because...I trust you...And your love” She said looking lovingly in his eyes.

She preferred not to say much on this night...But those few words were enough to make his heart melt instantly. Her trust on him was immense and he just wanted to show her how much he loved her...

Khushi breath hitched as she saw him coming closer...Since know they had only argued or teased...But seeing their close proximity she knew what was coming next. She couldn’t help but giggle thinking about all their previous encounters that had lead up to this...

Arnav: “You’re laughing?” He scrunched his eyebrows thinking that he was doing something wrong.

Khushi: “Who would think that we out of all people would end up married?”

Arnav: “What makes you say that?”

Khushi: “The Laad Governor that didn’t believe in marriage in now married” She laughed again.

Arnav: “Excuse me?” He mocked.

Khushi: “All of our arguments...Fights...Challenges...Teases...”

Arnav: “Do you really have to remember all this now? I prefer silence...” He said huskily making her shut up immediately.

She could feel the breeze on her face as the few strands of hair were dancing in her face. Arnav lightly chuckled as he brushed them to a side. The feeling of his rough fingers on her skin caused unexplainable havoc inside of her. She watched him closely as he brought his face to closer to hers...


NOTE: Please kiddos below 18 and others who are uncomfortable with mature stuff, stay out of it...]

Arnav: “I Love You Baby...” He said as she wrapped her arms around him and laid her head on his chest.

Their day was one hectic one...Lots of shouts, taunts and pain...But what a better way to end the day off? Laid in each other’s arms...Ready to protect each other from the rest of the world.

They were in love...And that was all that mattered...

#P.S. : Sorry for the error

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May 24, 2016

ARSHI FF: Gustakh Dil... (Stubborn Heart...) (By Kavyanjali08) (Thanked: 50 times)

CHAPTER 05: Endless Night

Everyone was still stuck on the same question...Why the sudden marriage? They would have never opposed to it...So why?

Still in this shock, no one had much word left to say...

NK: "I still can't believe what happened...I mean... Nannav married...And that too with Khushiji? Woah..." He said breaking the silence.

Garima: "I apologise on Khushi's behalf. What she did was absolutely wrong and I feel ashamed to face you now" She said bowing her head down.

Nani: "Don't say that. Chotte is as equally as responsible...!"

Anjali: "I just can't believe it...! How can they suddenly get married? Without anyone's knowledge?" She looked disturbed.

Shyam: "I'm sure this was Khushiji’s plotting. She must have trapped Sale Saab. Or else you know him...He never believed in such things. I'm surprised he fell into her trap" He said starting his game, turning everyone against Khushi. Although everyone knew Khushi so well, they couldn't help but find solace in his words. Why did they make more sense than their silence?

Nani: "I think we should all rest. There is no point sitting around. Whatever happens next will happen in the morning. We'll find out the truth then but for now I am convinced that this is not the answer. Khushi Bitya is not that type" She intervened everyone's thoughts as she got ready to retort back to her room.

Shyam had somehow managed things downstairs; fully convincing Mami, Anjali, Lavanya and the Gupta's that this was all Khushi's fault, whereas the rest were left in confusion. Who do they believe?

Nani: "Stay here for the night...It’s very late" She said to the Gupta's taking them upstairs to their respective rooms.

The rest were left in thoughts...Majority were negative as it seemed...

Shyam (Thoughts): "I will make mine Khushi...By hook or crook...!" He thought with a smirk on his face.

Anjali (In Mind)"I need to protect my Chotte from all of this...Before it's too late...!"

Lavanya (Thoughts)"You betrayed me Chamkeli...Now watch how I take my love back!" She thought as she stormed of into her room.


On the other side, Khushi and Arnav were wrapped up in each other's arms, blissfully unaware of the conspiracy that was piling up against them.

Khushi was still wrapped up in Arnav's arms, when Arnav got up slightly on his elbows and admired Khushi's face. She looked like a complete women now.

Khushi: "Stop looking at me like that...!" She said childishly pushing his face away.

Arnav: "You can't stop me from looking at something that's mine" He said protectively as she giggled.

Khushi: "Hmm... Laad Governor" She said putting Arnav in a serious mode again.

Arnav: "I've hurt you a lot haven't I?" He said caressing the side of her cheek.

Khushi: "Nothing compared to love and protection you have given me" She said entangling her hands with his.

Arnav: "I'm sorry"

Khushi: "Don't be" She said as he leaned in to kiss her.

The kiss was full of contentment. Happiness. Love.

Arnav once again switched into the naughty husband as he started to tickle Khushi with his light stubble.

Khushi: "A...Arnavvvv..." She said slightly giggling, slightly moaning.

He used his tongue to make his way across her face, down to her ****s to get his fair share of love.

She gripped into him, clawing into his as he started his ghastly attacks on her. Oh how this man new her body so well.

Since they first met, she felt a connection. A true connection. This is what it has all been leading to. We sometimes forget that seeing them now...But how can we forget the most blooming parts of their love...

With that, Khushi and Arnav continued their gentle foreplay as they once again became two hearts, one soul...

Never to be parted...

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May 30, 2016

ARSHI FF: Gustakh Dil... (Stubborn Heart...) - (By Kavyanjali08) (Thanked: 25 times)

CHAPTER 06(A): Morning Mischief 

MORNING – 06:00 AM

Khushi stirred slightly in her sleep when a slight ray of sunshine was hitting her directly in the eyes, awakening her from her deep slumber. She looked to the right to find her baby-faced husband cuddling her tightly, still in deep sleep. 

She slightly got up on her elbows and couldn’t help but admire the innocent look that lingered on his face...When she was sure he was sound asleep, she just couldn’t risk the temptation and gently placed tiny kisses on his face, a way of thanking him for all that he had done for her. 

Arnav: “If you’ve finished your drooling session, can I have my share?” He said with closed eyes as Khushi moved her head in shock.

Khushi: “Arnav...! You’re awake?” She said slapping his chest lightly, with a sort of angry blush on her face. She pouted when he opened his eyes, and gave his full-swing naughty smirk. He looked up to see his Mishti’s cute blush spreading across her nose as he tapped it lightly with his forefinger. She shyly started to move away, only to be pulled back again by her now fully-awake husband. 

Khushi: “Arnav...Leave me”

Arnav: “Okay” He said as she looked up at him, slightly shocked. Seeing her face, he started laughing. “I’m joking” He said as Khushi pushed his arms away angrily and settled herself back on the bed, with her back to him. “Khushi...I was joking” He said trying to tickle her. 

He laughed seeing his stubborn wife, and bent down to her level, using his nose to tickle the crook of her neck. She slightly fidgeted, trying hard not to give into her irresistible husband. 

Arnav: “Still angry?” He said turning the tickles into kisses, trailing up towards her neck, reaching her lips. He forcefully made her face him as she stared deep into his eyes, pretending to be annoyed. He watched her breathless reaction as he moved closer and closer towards her lips. 

He stilled his eyes as he placed his lips on hers, watching her close her eyes in anticipation. He gently deepened the kiss and grabbed her waist, as he attempted to push his tongue into her mouth. Feeling the restrain of her lips tightly held together, he opened his eyes to see his wife’s amused face. 

He ****ed his eyebrows as he roughly bit her lips, causing her to gasp. He didn’t waste a second and took the opportunity to enter her mouth as he swallowed her gasp. 

She retaliated by pinching him on the upper arm and giggled when he poked her waist. Eventually, she gave up to her husband’s demands which ended in another love-making session...


Khushi: “Hmmm...Mm...Arnav...” She said pushing Arnav’s face away from her neck, still half asleep.“Stop it...!” She said as he continued to torture her in her sleep. She frowned and opened her eyes to see her husband looking at her cutely. “What?” She asked with a frown, seeing him continuously staring at her. 

Arnav: “Excuse me...! I have the right to look at my wife” He said protectively whilst Khushi laughed and jumped up seeing the clock strike 07.30 PM. 

Khushi: “Wake up...We’ll both be late” She said as Arnav got up on her first command. 

Arnav: “I’ll go freshen up... Khushi get my tracksuit out, I need to go jogging” He said as he stepped into the washroom. 

Coming out of the shower, freshly dressed in his running attire, he went over to his wife. 

Khushi: “Arnav...Come soon...At least within an hour...There will be a Puja held for the new bride”

Arnav: “Khushi common...You know I don’t believe in all of this”

Khushi: “I know...I know...That’s why I’m asking you to come within an hour...I won’t force you to stay for the whole Puja but at least come for the end. We would need to take blessings together...And after that you have to put sindoor on my maang” She said excitedly. 

Arnav: “How do you know about all of this?” He said curiously.

Khushi: “Chote Papa and Choti Maa told me and I even saw some relatives do the same Puja during their wedding...You know I observed carefully waiting for the day my turn would come” She said happily, imagining back to the days. 

Arnav: “Okay...I’ll come on time” He said kissing her cheek. 

Khushi: “Promise?”

Arnav: “Promise...!” He laughed whilst Khushi went for a shower. 

Arnav picked up his Bluetooth to make a few calls...He never wanted to miss a chance to surprise his wife.

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May 30, 2016

ARSHI FF: Gustakh Dil... (Stubborn Heart...) (By Kavyanjali08) (Thanked: 49 times)

CHAPTER 06(B): Kulvadhu

[DISCLAIMER: *Guys the traditional Puja in this chapter is purely fictional – so if it is similar to anyone’s family traditions it’s purely a coincidence. It is by no means intentional to anyone*]

Khushi had finally come out of the bathroom, after having a relaxing shower, wearing a simple white sari with a red border which she truly admired...Not to mention that she wore it in a typical Bengali style with a traditional key Jhalla on the pallu which was traced across her shoulder neatly. Her long wet hair was out and she picked up her mangalsutra to put on. She delicately put her sindoor on her Maang then put the pallu over her head and smiled at her reflection, a true bride. 


She quickly walked down stairs, slightly humming, and the thoughts of last night fresh in her mind.

Khushi: “HP! Can you bring me the Puja props, please” She said as she went over to the Puja and started arranging everything with the help of HP, who was very much surprised to see Khushi in such an avatar. He still hadn’t overcome the shock that he had not recognized at first glance...

Khushi carefully started the Puja, placing the Lakshmi kalash and started preparing for the Aarti, chanting the mantra’s which she has fully memorized by now. 

Much to Anjali and Nani’s shock, they walked in to see someone chanting the mantra’s and was very much surprised to see it was Khushi. They walked closer to question her, when Khushi turned around and was surprised to see Nani and Anjali looking at her intently. She carefully lifted her Sari slightly and got up so that she could do the Aarti across the house. She precisely chanted away, whilst Nani automatically recognized what she was saying and was quite amazed to see that Khushi had a slightly different accent which she seemed unable to recognize. Anjali on the other hand, was more confused that amazed...What was going on??

Khushi walked around the rooms, corridors and hall way doing the Aarti as she slowly made her way upstairs to do the same. She was near Akash’s room when the guest room opened and out came Garima and Buaji who seemed very much dumbstruck seeing Khushi in front of them.

Garima’s breath flew away, as she could clearly see the spitting image of her sister in Khushi.

Khushi gave a very cold, emotionless glance at Buaji and Garima as she passed them the Prasad, who mechanically took in and watched as she saw her leaving down the stairs again, without saying a single word to them. 

Soon following, Payal and Akash walked out of their room and silently watched Khushi fully concentrated on the Aarti. They watched her as she walked towards Nani and Anjali’s room...

She continued to chant in each room but suddenly froze seeing Shyam looking at her weirdly. Like the others, he too was shocked seeing Khushi behaving so normally. Before he could do anything, Khushi quickly left the room, much to Shyam’s disapproval, who followed her out of the room...

She quickly walked towards the other guest rooms, and did the same in NK’s and Lavanya’s room, which were beside each other, along with Mami who came out hearing the tingle of Khushi’s anklets. Hearing the entire ruckus outside, Lavanya and NK came out of their rooms to see what all the commotion was about, sleep still lingering over them. 

Seeing Khushi performing Aarti, they all stood silently watching her, confusion running through their minds as Khushi walked back down the stairs, only to be followed by all three of them.

Khushi was almost at the bottom, when she spotted her husband entering the house who was by now awestruck seeing his Mishti’s attire. She rushed up to him and gave him the Prasad which he happily took. 

She then pointed at the sindoor in her hand and then at her forehead, to which Arnav immediately understood as he gently filled her Maang with it. She bent down to touch his feet when he quickly stopped her. 

Arnav: “Ridiculous” He laughed as he gave her a negative nod, and gave her a quick kiss on her forehead as she pulled away with a blush. 

She held his hand tightly and brought him to the mandir, reminding him about what she wanted him to do. Giving in to his wife, Arnav wrapped his arms around Khushi, completing the Aarti with him as they both tied the Dhaga on DM’s hand and put a hand print of their right hand on the wall beside DM’s idol with the sindoor liquid as instructed by Khushi. 

This entire scene was watched by the family and Nani was simply amazed at how well Khushi knew what to do...She performed each part of the ritual perfectly...Things that she hadn’t even taught Anjali how to do. 

Seeing the family behind them, Khushi walked towards Nani for her blessings. 

Khushi: “I hope you didn’t mind that I did the Puja...I...Did it for the welfare of Arnav” She said apologizing for not asking her before doing so. “I didn’t mean any...” And before anyone could reply Arnav butted in. 

Arnav: “No need to apologize Khushi...It’s your right...You’re my wife” He said possessively whilst dragging her away, before anyone in the family could upset her with their words. 

Anjali: “What did Khushiji just do?” She said finally recovering from the utter shock she had just received.

Nani: “The same Puja that the new bride is supposed to do for the welfare of their husband...It’s a tradition in our family too” She said. “I never expected Khushi Bitya to know since girls these days don’t tend to pay attention to these traditional rituals” She said in a daze.

“Payal Bitya also has to complete it...Chale?” She said taking Payal along with her to the Mandir as, who seemed very much perplexed about the entire thing...

Anjali just didn’t understand why everyone was acting so normally...Like nothing ever happened?

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Jun 9, 2016

ARSHI FF: Gustakh Dil... (Stubborn Heart...) (By Kavyanjali08) (Thanked: 55 times)

CHAPTER 07: Amaye Ador Kor... (Love me...)

Arnav: “Khushi...!” She started walking across the hall to the stairs when she stopped hearing Arnav’s voice. 

Khushi: “Hmm?”

Arnav: “Chalo, Aren’t you going to make breakfast”

Khushi: “I will after they finish the Puja. I need to go upstairs and get your things ready”

Arnav: “Later, I’m hungry. It’s going to take quite a while for them to finish their Puja” He pouted. “I need my meds too”

Khushi: “Acha Baba, Chalo” She said walking towards the kitchen to carry out the Chula Rasam for the first day of cooking at her in-laws, whilst he breathed a sigh of relief. 

Seeing her walk back to the kitchen, he quickly rushed up to his room and picked up the bags he had left in there earlier. He smiled thinking about what she would say when she would see his surprise.



He had just come out of the shower to see the workers finishing off the remaining parts of the surprise while he made himself presentable. He double-checked everything, making sure everything was perfect and when satisfied with what he saw, he sneaked the workers out of the back door, making sure nobody noticed them. And with Khushi engrossed in her cooking, and the rest of the family stuck in the Mandir, this wasn’t so difficult. 

He walked over to the living room calmly to see the rest of the family exiting the Mandir, all looking extremely exhausted. Arnav quickly diverted his attention to his wife who seemed to be still engrossed in the kitchen by the sounds of it so he walked up stairs to check everything one last time. 

Arnav: “Mishti...!” He screamed out repeatedly, whilst everyone was wondering who the hell he was calling. They all looked around to see if any one of them would respond but was shocked when they saw Khushi coming out of the kitchen.

Khushi: “Coming...!” She screamed out and it didn’t take long for the rest of them to realize who Mishti was. 

Hearing this Lavanya was on fire...He never called her anything other than Lavanya; he didn’t even give her a loving nickname after dating for years. Here, it hadn’t been barely a year since Khushi has entered his life, and look at them...

Anjali: “Chotte has changed much towards Khushiji...” She said slowly not knowing whether she was saying this in a happy or displeased way. “It seems like nothing even matters to him anymore” She said in her mind. 

Shyam (In Mind): “Sale Saab...How dare you! You will soon take that back” He said with his fists tightened, ready to burst. 

And above all, Garima and Buaji were questioning her behavior? She seemed so happy with him; like nothing even happened...She didn’t even both to pacify their anger towards her. This was the heights...!


Khushi entered the room in a hurry but stopped in her tracks to take in her surroundings when doing so. Her mouth was left hung open seeing the whole room filled with her and Arnav’s photos. Above the bed was a life-size picture of their wedding photo in the mandir, one she didn’t know they took. She looked intently at each and every one of them and was surprised to know that he actually had these with him. He had kept all the pictures of their past events securely with him...Including Lucknow fashion show when she fell in his arms, her first AR Photo shoot, pictures from Payal’s wedding functions and even a picture of her on Diwali. And right in the center of the room was her husband, who was staring at her lovingly, waiting for her response. 

Arnav: “Surprise...!” He said making her jump up and pull him into a disintegrated hug, not allowing him to say much more. He held on tightly, stroking her hair contentedly. 

Khushi: “Amaye Ador Kor...” She said in a barely audible whisper. 

Arnav: “Huh?” He said pulling out of the hug and Khushi pouted at the loss of warmth. “What did you just say?” He asked. 

Khushi: “Love me...” She repeated in a daze. “Sorry, I start speaking Bengali when I get all emotional and you know how easy it is to get me going and...” She continued blabbering, being her old crazy self. 

Arnav: “Ssshh...” He hushed her up by putting his finger on her lips making her silence immediately; knowing the havoc his touch was doing to her. “I think it’s very cute” He said tapping her nose lightly.“Ama Ad...” He tried copying her making Khushi burst into fits of laughter. 

Khushi: “Arna...v...Oh...Please...Stop it...My stomach is hurting” She said holding her stomach from the laughter. She looked up still giggling to see his annoyed face. Seeing his irked face, she tried controlling as much as she could, much to her failure as she was unable to control it. 

He chuckled mindlessly seeing her trying to control her laughter, and grabbed her by the waist, instantly hushing her up. 

Khushi: “Sorry...!” She said holding her ears and pecked him on the lips making him chuckle. 

Arnav: “You look adorable in this Bengali attire...Just like a bride...My bride” He said making her blush. “Come” He said holding her hand and bringing her in front of the mirror. He pulled out his phone and held it in front of the mirror.

Khushi: “What are you doing?” She asked confusedly to which he simply told her to smile. 

Arnav: “I’m going to frame this today and put it up, constantly reminding us of our times” He said after taking the picture, making Khushi look at him emotionally. 

Khushi: “Thank you” She said brimming with tears.

Arnav: “Anything for you...!” He said kissing her hand and nodding a ‘No’ to her tears. 

Khushi: “I’ll just change and come”

Arnav: “No, stay in this” 

Khushi: “I can’t eat in my Puja sari” She explained. “I’ll just change and come” She said walking into the bathroom with her red net sari. 

Arnav: “Khushi...! How long are you going to take” He said screaming out for her again, the fourth time. 

Khushi: “I told you to go and I’ll meet your downstairs” She said walking out of the bathroom. 

Arnav: “I can’t go without you”

Khushi: “Chalo...Teek Hai. How am I looking?” She said giving him a twirl. She was wearing heavy silver earrings and simple bangles, adorned with her mangalsutra. She wore red lipstick, making an extra effort to look like a newly wedded bride and brushed her hair back into a loose bun. 


Arnav: “Good. Now come on, I’m hungry” He said acting like a typical husband. 

Khushi: “Fine” She said walking out their room with him moodily. 

When they got to the stairs, he grabbed her by the waist and whispered in her ears “You look beautiful, today, every day. I don’t need to keep telling you that” He said making up, whilst Khushi playfully smacked his chest and held his hand walking down the stairs with a huge grin on her face, satisfied with her life.

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Jun 12, 2016

ARSHI FF: Gustakh Dil... (Stubborn Heart...) (By Kavyanjali08) (Thanked: 56 times)

CHAPTER 08: The Green Jealous Monsters

Nani: “Payal Bitya. It’s too late to have breakfast now, start preparing for lunch. We spent too much time in doing the Puja. Khushi Bitya did it alone, so effortlessly and correctly” She said making Payal look down in embarrassment. 

“Chalo” She said as they all walked towards the dining room, but stopped seeing Aman, Arnav’s PA, walking into the house. 

Khushi: “Amanji? Come, Join us for breakfast” She said excitedly as she reached the bottom of the stairs with Arnav. 

Aman: “No Bhabhi, another time”

Khushi: “No, today!” She said stubbornly. 

Aman: “Seriously Bhabhi. I’m not hungry”

Khushi: “I won’t hear any excuses. You are coming. Bas!” She said dragging him towards the table whilst Arnav watched in amu****t. 

Arnav: “Aman this is not the first time you’re joining us for breakfast, stop being so humble. Don’t forget as well as my PA, you’re also my best buddy” He said making Aman finally agree as they all sat down to eat. 

Khushi: “Chalo” She said happily to both Aman and Arnav, whilst the others looked on...


Mami: “I’m full wa! HP, today’s breakfast was too good... Any special reason?” She asked, whilst everyone was still digging into the food. 

HP: “Khushi Bhabhi prepared breakfast today, not me” He said whilst everyone stopped eating, gawking at each other. 

Aman: “Wow Bhabhi! I must come to breakfast more often if you’re cooking it” He said whilst she looked on proudly at Arnav. “Thank you for breakfast. This is a little something for you” He said pulling out a box and handing it to her. 


Khushi: “Kya? What was the need for this? Nahi, I can’t accept this”

Aman: “It's a Rasam, right? After all you are my Bhabhi” He said, making Khushi smile and accept his gift. 

“Thank you Devarji” She said emotionally opening the box to see a gorgeous silver bracelet. “It's beautiful” She said telling Arnav to put it on her hand. 


Arnav: “And this is for you” He said pulling out a red box and handing it to her. 

Khushi: “You’re spoiling me!” She pouted making Arnav flick her cute nose. 

Arnav: “They are Mumma’s bangles” He said whilst Khushi looked at them in awe. “Here” He said placing the bangles on her right hand. “Perfect” He said to which she smiled. 

Khushi: “And this?” She said picking up the piece of paper.

Arnav: “Letter. Which Mumma left for her bahu” He said to which Khushi opened it and read it happily. 


My dear Bahu, 

I know that if you’re reading this letter, then I won’t be present with you, but never think that I am not a part of you both. I love you a lot, tum meri bahu nahi, beti ho. I know that you are the best choice for my Chotte, because it takes a lot to rule his heart. You must be very special if he’s decided to share his Mumma with you, he’s very selfish you see. Today, I’m handing all my responsibilities over to you and I know that you will take care of his every need. 

I just want to tell you that I know my Chotte is a tough nut from the outside, but he is very delicate from the inside. Please Beta, if he ever gets angry at you, please doesn’t take it to heart. He is a little shy in expressing his feelings and always hides himself behind the tough image you probably first met. But please see through this anger, and always be his greatest support. I want you to be his strength, as well as his weakness. Understand his silence and always be with him like a friend, lover, wife, guide, and companion and sometimes like a mother who will take care of him and scold him if you feel that he is in the wrong. 

My darling Bahu, I want to let you know that I love you very much; after all you are the gem that has won over my Chotte’s heart. I know that it wouldn’t have been an easy task, he must have given you a hard time, hai na? Well for that you can pull his ears ;) * Take care of yourself and him. And always remember that my blessings are always with you...

Your Lovingly,

Mumma ? 


She hugged him tight, wrapping her arms tightly round his neck, whilst he hugged her back, making her calm down. He was in no state to pull away...The letter from his Mumma had made them very much emotional. 

Khushi pulled out of the hug and looked at him with squinted eyes. 

Arnav: “Whaat?” 

Khushi: “This” She said pulling his ears.

Arnav: “Khushiiiii”

Khushi: “Hey! I have permission from Mumma!” She said, making them both burst out in laughter. 

Everyone looked at the couple, but Anjali, La or Shyam didn’t want to accept the fact that Khushi was changing the ruthless ASR to a caring husband. Neither did Mami, Buaji or Garima. They were very unhappy with Khushi’s start in the house, with her ‘good bahu’ impressions on Nani with the Puja and breakfast, leaving Payal lacking behind...


After breakfast, the Gupta’s had taken their leave whilst Khushi had been busy cleaning, and now glued in making coffee for Arnav, Akash and Aman who were now busy in the study room. Payal was very much occupied with running after Maamiji, and Nani was feeding Lakshmi, whilst Anjali went for another Puja seen as in her husband was out.

Lavanya was preparing the files before going to the study, which Arnav had asked for, reaching the door at the same time as Khushi, resulting in the coffee spilling all over Lavanya.

Lavanya: “What the hell Chamkeli! Have you seen what you have done to my expensive dress? No, actually you wouldn’t understand would you? After all you’re just a middle class girl!” She lashed out on her, and hearing the commotion, the three came out of the study to see Lavanya full of coffee. Seeing Arnav, Lavanya took it as her opportunity to degrade his wife in front of him. 

Lavanya: “Didn’t your parents teach you any manners? This dress...”

Khushi: “I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to. The dress...I...” She stuttered.

Lavanya: “This dress? You’ll never be able to afford this type of dress in all of your lifetime”She screamed.

Arnav: “ENOUGH!” He screamed make both of them quiet whilst the whole family by now had gathered around there. “How dare you speak to my wife like that?” making Lavanya look on in shock. “You’re talking about the price of the dress? I will pay for the damage...Much more than you are worth! But don’t you dare insult my wife or her status!” He roared, shutting the whole family up.

Arnav: “And it isn’t just her!” He said looking towards the rest of them. “I’ve been noticing how everybody is behaving with Khushi since morning” He said hinting at their indirect taunts. “And just because I don’t say anything, doesn’t mean I haven’t noticed. If I was quiet it was only for Khushi...” He said pointing at her. “Who thinks so much about respecting you..? And you all?”He said in disbelief. 

Mami: “This Phatti Sari has been turning you against us...!”

Arnav: “Not even another word. You may call anybody else with any name, but I won’t tolerate it!” 

He said hinting at Akash who lets her call Payal as 'Khoon Bari Tang'“Her name is Khushi. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada. And this is the name you shall call her by!” He said with one final tone.“And if anyone misbehaves with my wife, then they’ll have me to answer to!” He said grabbing Khushi’s hand and taking her away, leaving everyone else dumbstruck...


#PS: Someone asked me what 'Mishti' means, well its means sweet in Bengali.

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