REview of Jodha akbar serial.

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Apr 28, 2016

REview of Jodha akbar serial. (By Dr u. vijayaraani)

Akbar is a great king. The jodha Akbar serial has insulted the Mughal dynasty.Ruqaya is a Mughal princess and a true royal blood. She has been insulted. Will any body insult Hindu epics like this. Jodha is portrayed like nurjahan.That is not the case. No where is mentioned in history that Jodha was Akbar's love. If you read Akbarnam,jahangirnama and Akbar's history by fathers you will know Akbar gave a lot of importance to his muslin wives. Jodha was just a political alliance. Infact Jahangir appreciated Ruqaya and salima not Jodha. Jahangirnama  claims Jodha is not  the mother of Jahangir. Akbar gave his favorite grandson to Ruqaya.She was well kept even by her stepson Jahangir, Nurjahan and her grandson Shahjahan.This shows the respect Akbar had for her.Just to satisfy his Hindu subjects and for their support he had Jodha in the scene but none of his son and grandsons were Hindus.All of them were strong Muslims including the princess. This shows who he favored and who were involved in upbringing of the kids. History has been killed since Mughals are no more. Rectify it in some way by taking RuaqayaAkbar without insulting Jodha or anybody else. Thing about god.

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