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Apr 6, 2016

TS:LOVE LETTER (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 106 times)

Arnav Singh Raizada was rushing inside the hospital like a storm.Everyone looked at him in wonder. Some wonder what made the great business tycoon to run into the hospital with such a tension.He opened the Room No.120 in rush. His Di,Her husband Shyam,Mami,Mama,brother Akash,Akash's wife Payal all were there beside his Nani. His Nani had a minor attack.

Arnav moved towards his Nani.She smiled at him.

Arnav: (to his Di)What doctor said?

Anjali:Nothing to worry.

She assured him.

Arnav:Nani,Atleast listen to us once.Can't you take care of yourself properly.I have told you a hundred times,not to go alone to the Mandir. What would have happen,if...

Nani: Chote,I am perfectly alriight.

Arnav:We all can see well.

Anjali:Don't scold him.Indeed he is right.Can't you wait for me a 10 minutes.I told you that i will come with you after dropping Diya in school.

Nani:What is this?You all are eating my head?Doctor himself said that i am fine,.

Mami:Hello hi bye bye,Sasuma,He said you will be fine,If you will take proper rest with correct nutricorn.

Akash:Mom,Its NUTRITION.

Arnav:By the way,Who brought you here?

Shyam:Not more Arnav.Since we have reached ,Nani had been talking about her only.


Nani:Arey...Chote, Khushi bitiya bring me here.She was there ,when i felt dizzy in the Mandir..She is a also a doctor.She will be here only.Actually i knew her already.When 3 weeks ago in the Mandir i saw her with some children...

Arnav:What the!!Stop Nani..Take a breath.

Shyam:This is what i told!!


All looked at the door side in shock.

Arnav: What the!!!

Nk running to his Nani.

Nk: Nani.How are you?What doctor said?When you reached here?Who brought you here?When all else reached??And how Attack..

Arnav: Don’t shout Nk...Its a hospital.

Nk: But this is my Nani.I should be aware of the threads.

Arnav: Forget it.Di,I will meet the doctor.You all wait here.And i will also ask about the discharge and etc.

Anjali nodded. Arnav walked to doctor’s cabin. They had a short talk.The doctor assured him that there is nothing to worry.But she need a proper care and rest,as she is very weak.So he insited to stay in the hospital for next day too,for which Arnav too agreed.Because,in home his Nani will rush here and there saying pooja & etc stuffs.So its better to be in hospital. He entered back to his Nani’s ward. He noticed a girl talking to all.They were just chatting.He could see her back.She was wearing a doctor’s coat,indicating that she is infact a doctor.He tried to lean and see her face ,escaping  everyone’s gaze.But couldn’t.Then his di..

Anjali:See..Chote had came....

The girl herself turned to Arnav.The girl was shocked.Arnav was happy and surprised.They were just looking at each other.She was in shock.He was having a smirk in his face.

Anjali:Khushi,This is my brother.Chote,This is Khushi.The one who brought Nani here.

Arnav: (In Mind)So its you.

Acting to be normal.

Arnav: So its you.Thank you Miss...


Arnav:Yeah..Thank you Miss.Khushi.

Khushi: ( In Mind)I think.He doesn’t remember me.Thank you so much Devimayya..

She smiled at him.

Khushi:So,I should go now.It’s getting time for my OP.See you all later.Bye.

Khushi left outside.

Anjali:Chote what the doctor said.

Arnav:One minute Di.I have an important job.

Saying this Arnav also rushed out.He run to Khushi.Called out her from behind.

Arnav:Hey..LOVE  LETTER!!!!

Khushi was shocked annd stopped in her tracks.She quickly turned backwards.

Seeing him,she don’t know what to do?She looked at her surroundings.All were watching them. Khushi looked at him in anger.Arnav was hardly controlling his smile.He just wanted to laugh out like a mad seeing her expressions

TO BE CONTINUED...........

Apr 8, 2016

TS:LOVE LETTER (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 113 times)

Khushi came forward to him.She just wanted to shout at him.She calmed herself.

Khushi: What??

Arnav: Arey..What is this?Can’t you just ask to your love how is he?I mean how am i?

Khushi: It had been 7 years & You remember me??

Arnav: How can i forget the one who give me a LOVE LETTER!!

Khushi: I just can’t undertsand.Are you deaf or something?(Cooling herself)See Arnavji.

Arnav:Indeed i am seeing you.

Khushi: Why are you calling me that?

Arnav: What?

Khushi: Voh..Love Letter.

Arnav: Because you give me it..

Khushi:I have told you a 1000 times.Its not me.It was by Kavya.I was just a messanger between you and her.She liked you.She wanted to give you a Letter expressing about her feelings.She was nervous to stand infront of you.So i came to you to give the letter on her behalf.It had been 7 years.Indeed she got married to Anant. And you are still saying that i was the one who liked you.

Arnav: Khushi,Tell me one thing,Who wrote the letter?

Khushi: Me!!

Arnav: Who give me the letter?

Khushi: Me!!

Arnav: Yup..That’s it.You liked me and you wrote the letter.You give it to me.Then why are you bringing that poor Kavya into this all the time??

Khushi: Hey Devimayya...I admit.I wrote the letter.But the words and feelings was all Kavya’s. She was having wound in her hand.So i wrote for her.She was nervous. So i give it to you for her.Okay???

Arnav: No way Love letter..That’s not okay.

Khushi: My name is Khushi..

Arnav: So what you are my sweet love letter!!

He smirked at her. Khushi felt helpless.She pouted looking at a corner.He was enjoying it.

He very well know Kavya liked him and the words of the letter was by Kavya. But he himself don’t know why? He liked Khushi very much.He liked her innocence. 

It was when Khushi and Kavya was in 10th standard. He was doing his second year MBA in a nearby college to their school. Kavya and Khushi were friends. Kavya liked him.So Kavya fetched a letter to him with Khushi. Indeed most of the girls were after him.He was never interested in anyone till now.

But one day he saw Khushi feeding a begger, he saw her helping a child from accident,but herself getting wounded.He liked her.But how can he say it to her directly.His ego..But this was interesting.He kept going behind her saying Khushi was the one who liked him. But none know about his like to Khushi other than he himself. Khushi too don’t know.She is such a fool. Couldn’t figure out till date that he is behind her,because he himself  liked her??He wonders.

He was behind her teasing her all way ,saying about that love letter in the entire year .The truth is that he had never read that letter.Because it was Kavya’s feelings.He don’t care about it.Everything that matters to him was Khushi’s feelings for him.

But after her 10th standard she suddenly disappeared from Delhi.He hasn’t seen her for past 6 years.He had tried to find her.But couldn’t. But he could never forget her smile. Couldn’t forget her.She was always in him.But none knows it.

He was staring at Khushi. He had badly missed her in all these 6 years.He badly wanted to hug her tightly and say to her not to go away from him anymore.

Khushi asked breaking his thoughts.

Khushi: There are more than a lakhs of girls who are behind you.There are so many proposing you day by day.You remember each and every girl.Unbelievable. Arnav Singh Raizada has such a strong memory. Indeed you would be having a girlfriend by now... So please stop calling me that.I am telling you.. Indeed I promise.It’s not me .Its Kavya who liked you.If you are okay,Then lets be friends??

Arnav: What the!!! Girlfriend??Me??

Khushi: Haan. You would have,Right?So if you don’t have any problem lets be friends!

Arnav: Waiit!!!So you again want to be close with me as my friend.Nice idea Love Letter.. (He winked at her)

Khushi: Offo..Look..Its nothing like that.First of all.Stop me calling that. If you are not okay.Then Bye.I am really busy.

Arnav: By the way,Where were you?

Khushi: Means what?

Arnav: All these years...Out of town or something.But why?You didn’t said.

Khushi: You are saying like i always used to inform you before going somewhere.

Khushi smiled at him.She was surprised at his question.

Arnav: No i mean...

His phone ringed.It was from his office,His P.A. Aman.

Arnav: One minute Love Letter its an important call.

He had set aside one of his important meeting to come to the hospital. Arnav informed he is coming.He ended the call and turned to Khushi. She was not there.She had ran away from there.She was waiting for a chance to escape from his teasing.So she run from there the moment he turned to attend the call.

Arnav: What the!!!No way..This time you are not going anywhere Khushi. (Smiling)I was waiting for you only.Whatever happens?This time Arnav Singh Raizada will take you to his home as Mrs.Arnav Singh Raizada.

Arnav looked all the sides of the entrance hall closely.

Arnav: But,Where does this Love Letter went? 

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TS:LOVE LETTER (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 87 times)

Arnav went to his Nani’s room and explained them what doctor told.He went to his office. Khushi visited his Nani,after some time.Her eyes searched for Arnav there.

Khushi:I just came to ask about your health Naniji.

Nani:Bitiya,I am perfectly fine.Just everyone has locked me in this bed to take rest.

Anjali:Nani..Because you never took good care of yourself.If chote hears it,that’s enough for you both to start a war.

Khushi:Chote?Who is it?Your brother..I mean Arnavji.

Anjali:Yes.He only.

The day went like that.It was getting 7:00PM.Raizada’s liked Khushi very much. After her rounds Khushi went to Nani’s room again.There was a little girl of 6 years there. She was Diya.Anjali’s and Shyam’s daughter.Nani was kissing little Diya.They were playing. Khushi was watching all with a smile.Anjali and Shyam was beside there.

Diya:Papa, Will Nani come home today?

Shyam:No Diya.Nani will come tomorrow evening.

Diya pouted and went and sat on Anjali’s lap.Anjali hugged her.

Diya:Mamma,Then I am also going to stay here with Nani. We will play here.

Anjali:No Diya.You will get tired.Tonight Akash Mama and Payal Mami will stay with Nani.And Nani need to take rest also.So i will play with you.

Diya was not statisfied.But just said yes to them.For which Anjali kissed her. Khushi was watching them smiling.She wondered why Arnav is???She went from there.Her eyes keep wandering around Nani’s room.But there was no clue of Arnav.It was late night.Khushi too went home.

Next day.

In the morning itself  Khushi went to Arnav’s Nani room,hoping to see Arnav.But he was not there.Actually Khushi also had a wish to see Arnav,even though she escaped from him yesterday.

10:00 AM

11:00 AM



5:30 PM.

Still no sign of Arnav.Khushi sighed.The whole day she was near Arnav’s Nani room. Some wondered what she was doing there near the door all the time. It was time for Nani’s discharge.They completed the formalities.Raizada’s didn’t forget to invite Khushi to their home.Khushi denied.But all were stern,so finally Khushi tell them she will come some day.Raizada’s went from the hospital.Khushi sighed.

Khushi: (to herself)You are mad Khushi.You know that Laad Governer will torture you to a core.Still you are hoping and wishing to see him.(Suddenly)Why?Why should i wait for him?I was not..I was just bidding Nani bye.Thats it..Okay.I have lot of work other than that.

Next day noon.

Khushi was going out of the hospital to have food.Suddenly someone covered her eyes with palm.

Khushi: (Touching the palm)Who is it?( Getting no reply)Ohh..its you.Actually its good that you are here.I was thinking to have food from outside.You too come with me.In alone i would get bore.Arey..Why are you still  covering my eyes?

She forcefully took away the hand and turned too see.She was shocked to see Arnav in her cabin.

Arnav smriked at her and winked.Khushi was shocked,surprised and wondered to see him there.She felt happy too.


Arnav:Yes me.Now stop wasting time asking How?What?When..etc.Come lets go for lunch.


Arnav:Yes..You were going out for lunch right?Come lets have lunch together. Alone you will be bored,right?

Khushi:One minute..Why are you here?

Arnav: (Placing his hand in his chest)My heart is paining so much so thought to show to......

Khushi:(Cutting him)Go straight and take left from there.Its on the second block.

Arnav:What the !!!WHAT??

Khushi:Cardiology Block.Its there...

Khushi replied with a smile.

Arnav:What the!!!I am here to see you.And you??What the!!!Do you know how much Arnav Singh Raizada is busy a day?My whole company stands on me.I am the Boss.AR Designs run on my support.Leaving all those thousands of job,I am here to meet you. 


Arnav: And you are showing me Cardiology block.

Khushi:So Boss was busy for last two days?

Arnav:Even if it....(Suddenly it hit him)One minute...means Love Letter was missing me....So sweet of you..

Khushi:Boss has a lot of confusions and misunderstandings.

Arnav:What the!!Why are you calling me Boss?Stop it..its Arnavji for you.

Khushi:Super Boss.Indeed you are calling me Love Letter even after my correction for a thousand of times..

Arnav:Oh...So you are taking revenge...

Khushi:Boss...AR designs the whole company stands on you.And it runs on your support.So you need to go back fastly.So can we move to the restaurant to have the lunch.Its getting late.

Arnav looked at her with a little surpise.

Khushi:Now why are you silent Boss?If you are not coming then,okay.

Arnav:By the way Love Letter you are calling me so lovely.If Boss didn’t come, you will be sad.So come lets move.

Khushi smiled at him.They togetherly moved to the restaurant.They sat opposite to each other.

Khushi:So what will you have Boss?......You said its me who called you.So i will order for both of us?

Arnav:This idea is not so bad.You can order Love letter.

Khushi:Okay..So veg- fried rice.

Arnav nodded.Khushi ordered it for both of them.

Arnav:By the way.One free advice doctor.It not good for your health to have such an oily food ,daily from outside.

Khushi:That is what i told.Boss has a lot of misunderstandings.I usually use to carry tiffin with me from home.Today i foget.So..

Arnav:Yeah..By the way where is your house?

Khushi:Kya baat hai Boss.What will you do with address?

Arnav:Anything..Like.....Hmm...Yeah, i can marry you....

Khushi:Oh really...The whole girls in the city will suicide on the matter Boss.Poor!

Arnav:ASR never cares about any damn girl.

Khushi:Yeah i know.ASR never ever looks back at any girl.Never date any girl. Hate to have something with girls.Indeed i can see,how much of it is true??

Khushi said teasing him.

Arnav: You are exception my dear love letter.By the way,It surprising Love letter. Are you spying on me?Knows every bit of me.Love or something???And still lying “The love letter was by Kavya”Right??


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TS:LOVE LETTER (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 97 times)

Khushi:No.Its not like that.Its from my best friend.

Arnav:What?How come your best friend?Did she likes me??

Khushi: (Smiling)No.No..Actually,She loves someone and that someone is really close to you.

Arnav:Clear it..I am not getting into.

Khushi:Okay i will explain.Its a long story.Before that i will tell about me.Indeed you asked last day,that where i went all of a sudden.


Khushi:So..Yeah..I was living in an orphanage from childhood.I don’t have anyone. I don’t even remember my parents face.I only knew that they died in my childhood.

Arnav looked at her in shock.Because,All the time behind her too,he never know this.

Khushi:Arnavji..There is no need of sympathy and etc..

She said smilingly.He could see her eyes getting teary.He felt bad for asking her about herself  and hurting her.

Khushi:I was studying here in scholarship.After my 10th standard,I got another scholarship to study in a school in lucknow.It happen so suddenly,that i couldn’t gotta tell anyone.And i left.Then there i got admission in a medical college and i became a doctor.It was in lucknow that i met Lavanya,my best friend.I met her in a shopping mall.Our bags got exchanged and slowly we become friends.She was studying fashion desining in Lucknow.She lived there.Her family was there from years..Slowly we become best friends.Even though i left Delhi.I loved to live in Delhi.So i applied in XYZ Hospital over here.I got appointed.But Lavanya and I couldn’t be away.So she also shifted to Delhi with me.She applied in New Look Designs as a designer and there she is as a designer.We two are living in Laxmi Nagar.We have rented a house there.And that’s how i reached back to Delhi.When you closed my eyes before,i thought it to be Lavanya.


Khushi:Opps..Sorry..Sorry..Did i bored you?

Arnav nodded no.

Khushi:Then lets get into it deeply.Before that,I have seen you more than a thousand times after coming back to Delhi,in this one year.

Arnav:What?How?I never.I saw you before three days only.How come yoou only see me? Then why didn’t you come upto me and talk to me?

Khushi:I was afraid.Because,there is no guaranty for you.What if you loudly called me as Love Letter infront of someeone.

Arnav:You think i will do like that??


Arnav:Its Cheating Love Letter.Tell me how you see me.And where??

Khushi:I have seen you in your office.I have came to your office so many times.


Khushi:For Lavanya.With her.

Arnav:What did she have in my office?

Khushi:Arnavji,I already told you:”She loves someone and that someone is really close to you.”Its none other than your P.A.She is in love with Amanji.

Arnav:Really???I mean seriously???

Khushi:Why should i lie?He had told about you?About your famous anger,rude behaviour,Firing on employess,arrogance,timings,..

Arnav:One minute.He have told you only all these bad things about me.Not even a good word.AMAN YOU ARE FINISHED!!

Khushi:Please,Leave that poor Amanji.Indeed he have sometimes told good too.He have said when you have given him leaves and half days offs to come with Lavanya.Thhen he use to say you are not that much bad.

Arnav:Not fair.

Khushi:That’s true only.Indeed i have seen you shouting at your poor employees. Poor!!!

Arnav:So now i am Out.

Khushi:Its nothing like that.I was just saying.

Arnav:I never thought he will do something like this.Wait Aman ,I am coming.

Khushi: (Laughing)Please..He is so good.

Arnav:Yes,For you all are good,Except Me!!

Khushi:You are too much.

Just like that,they finished their lunch.They just talked about all these years. They was walking through the street.Many were shocked to see ASR walking with a girl,that too in streets.It was around 2:15 PM.

Khushi:So i think we should get back now.Isn’t the mighty ASR getting late!

Arnav:Hmm..But its ok.If you have to go back,then i will drop you back to hospital.

Khushi:No..Its ok.I will catch an auto.

Arnav:What is this Love Letter?Your love is here,he will drop you back.

Khushi:ARNAVJI..Now stop this.Now we are friends.You can call me Khushi.Now stop doubting me about that Love Letter.If you have any doubt i will make you talk to Kavya itself.

Arnav looked at her in amu****t.He opened the car door for her.She looked at him.He avoided looking at her.He looked away.She entered inside the car.Arnav also sat in the driving seat.Khushi looked at him in wonder.He started the car.He kept looking straight to the road.He didn’t spoke a word or looked at her.

Khushi:Arnavji.Are you okay?Are you angry on me?

He stopped the car.She looked at him for an answer.

Arnav:Hospital.You should go now.

Khushi looked out.They have reached back to the hospital.She again looked at him.He was looking forward.She pouted and was about to get down,he held her hand.She looked at him.

Arnav:Khushi,Tell me from you heart.Do you still think i am after you because i think the love letter was given by you?Do you think i am after you just because i wanna tease you?Why you think its just for a fun that i am......I know that the love letter was by Kav......

Khushi looked at him with confusion and wonder.

Arnav:Forget it..Bye.

Khushi stepped out of the car.Arnav started the car and went away.But Khushi stood there,not able to find what Arnav meant.....



May 13, 2016

Last Chapter (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 104 times)

Khushi went to her cabin in the hospital.She was in deep thoughts::

She was also feeling something different.She was not able to find any answers for her questions. She liked Arnav.Indeed she loved Ar....But?....No idea!!All her doubts stops in this “BUT”. Its not from yesterday or today.She liked him from her school days. But she don’t know.She feels herself so low. He is so rich.He has a family who loves him a lot.They liked her.But they won’t like her for him.She has none.She is an orphan. They has a high status.She always had felt that  Arnav loves her!But she always brushed all those thoughts.Because he will get a girl who is 1000 times better than her.With all these thoughts she cleared her mind.

Suddenly her phone ringed.It was an unknown number.


Lady:Hello Khushi,Did you recognized me?My voice?

Khushi:Sorry,I didn’t get who you are?

Lady:What is this?You forget all of us suddenly.Its only three days back we met.

Khushi:Is it Anjaliji??

Anjali:Super Khushi.You got it right.

Khushi:How are you?How is Nani?And everyone?

Anjali:All are fine.I am calling you to remind one of your promises to me.


Anjali:Yes,when we last met,you promised that one day you will come to our house.So i am inviting you to our house tomorrow evening.’


Anjali:No But..Tomorrow is my daughter Diya’s Birthday.There is party in the evening.Won’t you come?Please.

After a lot of pressures,Khushi agreed.

Next Day:Evening:At Raizada House:

All were busy in the preparations and meeting with the guests.Khushi entered the house wearing a red salwar.She was looking sad in her face.But as soon as she saw Anjali she smiled to her.They chatted for long.Khushi met everyone except Arnav.She wished Diya and give her a gift.Khushi’s eyes searched for Arnav.The cake was about to cut,when Arnav eneterd.He saw Khushi.They looked at each other.But  then he avoided looking at her.The cake was cut.

Khushi tried to talk to him.But he kept himself busy talking with others. After a long time,Khushi saw Arnav moving to poolside.So she followed him.

Khushi:Arnavji,I need to talk to you.

Arnav stopped walking and turned to her.Khushi just tried to talk.But he raised his eyebrow and asked.

Arnav:Look Miss.Khushi.I am really busy.Can’t you see.I can’t waste my time talking to you.

Khushi was about to open her mouth.But he left from there,not giving a chance for her. She felt anger and hurt.He had never called her Miss.Khushi.He always calls her Khushi or Love Letter.She loved that.But she didn’t liked this Miss a bit.It makes large gap between them.Khushi just wanted to clear things,now here he is making it worse.

It was 8:00PM.All the guests were leaving.Raizada had abest time with Khushi. Specially Diya liked Khushi very much and declared Khushi as her best friend. But all the while Khushi was looking for a chance to talk to Arnav,which was ignoring by him. Most of the time he was busy in talking with girls,.Anjali wondered why her chotte,who always avoid talking with girls,is today talking with them.This was Khushi jealous.She badly wanted to talk to him and he was just busy with other girls.She got angry.Finally it was time for Khushi to go.

Anjali:Khushi,Its getting late.If you are oaky,then someone from here will drop you.I think Chotte is free.Chotte,please drop Khushi home.

Arnav was about to answer in yes. But was cut by Khushi.

Khushi:No Anjaliji.I came in scooty.Bye.

Saying this she gave an angry glare to Arnav and left.Arnav felt like dancing.He was just thinking whether his jealous track was successful or not.If yes,how will he find.He was intentionally avoiding her.Otherwise till now she would have given a speech on friendship between them and no for his love,indireclty hinting about his and her differences.Because,He know her more than her.

Khushi was driving,suddenly a car started following her.In a few minutes,the car blocked  Khushi’s way.She was a bit afraid.But all her fear went away when Arnav stepped out of the car.She got angry.

Khushi:Is this a way to stop someone?You made me feared.

Arnav:Di,told you i will drop you.But you denied.

She get down from the scooty and walkked to him and asked angrily.

Khushi:Why?Why?It will disturb you,Right?You were so busy with your girlfriend and others.Now why are you here.Go na....Go and talk to them.

Khushi said this in a flow and folded her hands in anger.Arnav was amused.He wanted to jump in happiness.His Khushi felt jealous.Wow.

Arnav:Excuse me!!How does it matter to you if some girls talk with me?

Khushi: Ofcourse it matter.....

Khushi stopped.That’s when she realized what was she about to say.Arnav raised his eyebrow with a smirk.

Arnav:What.?What was you saying?I didn’t heard it properly.Say again!!

Khushi tried to change the topic.

Khushi:I mean please move your car from the road a bit.

Khushi tried to move back to her scooty.But Arnav was fast.He came forward and held her by her shoulders.

Arnav:Hey Khushi.Look at me.I need to tell something to you before hearing whatever from you.

Khushi looked at him.He cupped her face.Khushi looked at him as if what is he upto?

Arnav:Khushi,I don’t know how to propose and etc.But one thing is clear.My heart beats for you.It only beats for you.I LOVE YOU.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.I want to live every second of my life with you.I want to become your family.I will always try my best to keep you happy.And trust me,we will be happy together.Will you marry me?

Khushi’s eyes was filled with tears.She felt like hugging him tight in happiness.She was about to smile,But something hit her.She jerked away his hands and moved  a little away from him.He looked at her in confusion.

Khushi:Arnaviji, This is wrong.What is this?This is what i wanted talk to you.You will get a good girl who is 100 times better than me.From a high status.Then why are you....

Arnav dragged her to him with her hand.

Arnav:Stop it damnit.I was sure,you was about to talk to me something like this. I don’t need someone who is 100 times better than you.All i need is you.

Khushi looked at him with tears.

Khushi:There are thousand differences between us Arnavji.I am an orphan.And you are....The society matters..Your family won’t agree with this.

Arnav:I don’t care about anyone else.Especially not about the damn society. And about my family,they will become crazy in happiness, if they get to know i am ready for marriage.All they wanted is my happines.If i and you are happy with each other,then they will be okay.


Arnav:Stop it yaar...I don’t care..All i care about is your yes or no??

His heart was thudding fast.He was damn nervous.He just wanted to hear an yes form her.Even though he feel she too loves him.He was nervous.

Khushi was thinking deeply.She looked at him.It was clear from his face,how nervous he was.He was looking like a student who was waiting for his board exam results.Khushi smiled at him widely.Arnav too smiled back.He was jumping in happiness inside.

Arnav:Can i take this smile as an “Yes”??

Khushi:By the way what do you want to tkae it as???

Khushi asked folding her arms.

Arnav:By the way  I wanted to take it as a very big Yes.

Arnav too replied folding his arms.

Khushi:Then who can stop the great Arnav Singh Raizada.


Khushi:Means I too love you Arnavji..

Saying this she hugged him.He too hugged her back tightly.

Arnav:So finally Love Letter said it.

He looked at her remaing in the hug.Khushi looked at him back.She pushed him.

Arnav:What the!!

Khushi:Arnavji...Stop callling me that...I am Khushi...

Arnav:No..You are Love Letter.My cute Love Letter.


She pouted.

Arnav:Love Letter...Love Letter...Love Letter..........

Saying this Arnav started to run away........Khushi started to chase him......

And like that fate united them in a cute bond.

...........................................................THE END........................................................................

Thank you to all those who visited the story,read it, thanked it and commented for the story..

Thank you all..

Love you...



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Jun 14, 2016

Thank You (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 29 times)

Thank You all for all the support that you all gave me in completing this story TS:LOVE LETTER. I was thinking of ten shots.But i thought everyone would be bored by stretching and explaining every small small points.There are 6991 views but 418 Thanks only.But its okay..


Apr 13

Votes Please (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 16 times)

Please suggest...Do you guys need an epiloge for this..Or Anotherr new story from me???

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Epiloge of this story
Another new story
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