Pieces Of "US"

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Jun 18, 2016

Pieces Of "US"... Part 40 ((Last Part)) (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 42 times)

“Who’s it Maria?” A voice came from inside.

Khushi turned back and peeped inside just to see Arnav walk out of a room, she felt so relaxed seeing him here.

He stopped midway when he saw Khushi standing at the door, for once he couldn’t believe that she was here, it all seemed like a dream.

“Maria, get me two cups of coffee please” Arnav said as he welcomed Khushi inside.

She walked in and settled herself on the sofa, they both stared at each other awkwardly until Maria came with coffee and walked away.

“So… how come you are here?” Arnav asked

“Do I need to tell you why? You couldn’t even give me some time to calm myself down and think? You just left!” Khushi said

“I tried calling you, I thought I’d talk to you and tell you I’ll give you the longest time you want to think but you weren’t just receiving my calls”

“I needed some space Arnav”

“And I gave you that Khushi, that’s why I came here”

“Leaving me alone once again? This is the third time Arnav, come on… I was hurt, I deserved time to heal dint I?”

“Okay I am sorry, maybe I made my decision in a hurry, I’m really sorry”

“You should be, you had hurt me so badly…”

“I am really sorry Khushi, please forgive me”

“I’ll forgive you only on one condition” Khushi said as she stood up.

“What condition?” Arnav asked

“Promise me that you’ll never leave me no matter what, even if it’s my career or some stupid fights or misunderstandings… you won’t just leave me”

“I Promise I’ll not leave, I don’t have anyone else rather than you” Arnav said as he pulled her closer and hugged her so tight.

Khushi hugged him back to and they just stayed in each other’s arms for a long time feeling better.

“I hope you remember that you have a family Arnav, and like me, you have been hurting them all this while, you have to come back and tell them the truth.. Anjali still hates me, NK no more talks to me… everyone thinks they lost you because of me”

“I know I have hurt them Khushi, I am ready to come back and ask for forgiveness from everyone” Arnav said

“Great then, let’s leave today itself” Khushi said

“Okay, let me pay Maria for today, she just joined for work today and I’m leaving its funny” Arnav giggled

“She’ll surely find some other job, I’ll get the tickets booked anyway” Khushi said as she smiled

Next day

Arnav and Khushi stood outside the door as they stared at each nervously.

“All will be well, I’m sure they’ll all be hurt but in the end they’ll forgive you like I did” Khushi encouraged him.

They rang the doorbell and within no time a servant came and opened the door.

Both Arnav and Khushi headed inside, Devyani and Anjali were sited in the hall.

Both Anjali and Devyani were left in shock when they saw Arnav standing in front of them, it was like a dream.

“Somebody pinch me please, I hope I’m not dreaming” Anjali said as tears rolled down her eyes.

“No sis, you aren’t dreaming… I am right here, in front of you.. its me Arnav” Arnav said

Anjali hugged him tight as she broke down into tears.

“Where had you gone? We all cried for you and missed you so badly” Anjali said

“Arnav, are you okay? Where had you been all this time? We just thought you were dead” Devyani said sadly.

“I’m sorry Grandma, I promise I’ll explain everything to you, but for now let me meet everyone else, I missed you all so much” Arnav said

“I’ll just call them” Anjali said as she walked away yet ignoring Khushi.

NK, Lavanya, Payal and Aakash headed to the hall in a hurry as soon as Anjali informed them all about Arnav being alive, neither of them could wait to see him… they all had missed him so much.

They all greeted Arnav and hugged him emotionally telling him how much they all missed him and how their lives changed without him.

Khushi just stood in one corner looking at how happy they all were to see Arnav back, their lost happiness was back finally.

She thought of leaving them alone so that they could get some family time together so she headed towards the door but before she could open it she heard Arnav say her name.

“Khushi… Where are you going?” He asked as he turned to look at her.

“I was… just.. I mean…” she murmured nervously.

Arnav walked towards her and held her hand as he pulled her back with himself and stood in front of everyone.

“I don’t understand why you all hate her for something which I did on my own, I thought you were mature enough to understand that I did it willingly, she dint ask for it, she dint even know…” Arnav said

“She is the reason behind why you did it anyway” Anjali said

“Come on sis, I love her and what I did was my stupidity why would you blame her and anyway I dint even die.. I’ll explain to you what I did and why I did but pleases top hating Khushi for something she never did” Arnav said

“Arnav is right… I also don’t understand why you all hate her when she wasn’t at fault” Devyani said

“I think they are right, we should be happy now that Arnav is back in our lives and forget everything that happened in the past… it’s time for a new beginning, let’s forgive and forget” NK said

Anjali nodded in approval and everyone else too agreed with this.

“So friends?” NK asked as he brought his hand forward

“Friends” Khushi said as she shook her hand with him.

“Hey wait, we are left out in the happy ending!” Dil and Luv said as they rushed in

They both hugged Arnav and Khushi and finally the whole family was happy… everything was back to normal once again.

The End!!!!

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