Pieces Of "US"

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Apr 1, 2016

Pieces Of "US" (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 42 times)



Tip tip

it started raining. As the midnight approached, there was a pin drop silence in the room.

The old bed creaked as she stood up from it. A bright ray of light slowly fell on her face while she put her hands on her eyes trying to hide herself from the lights.

Even a bit of light gave intense pain to her eyes. She shut them down as the tears slowly rolled down her eyes. She breathed heavily and then sighed.

She walked through the corridors while looking at those photographs that were hanging there. She touched them with her hands and closed her eyes trying to feel the presence of the person in the photograph.


‘‘Ouch'' she cried as her finger started bleeding.

Her blood fell on the floor just like the rain droplets.

Tip tip.

She shut her eyes in pain and sighed again

"your photograph gives me the same pain you did, all I wish is that you were alive today to hurt me, I promise I would have let you hurt me until it totally broke me. Come back please!" she cried.

She fell down on her knees while the ray of light fell on her. This time she did not hide herself, she faced it with all the force and all what happened next was something everyone knew would happen someday, she shut her eyes slowly and drifted into deep sleep.

The doctor had told her to stay away from light but today she tried facing it and it ended up hurting her eyes. She lost her life while trying to fight for her eyes, she left the world and headed towards the paradise where she wished to meet him.

Apr 8, 2016

Pieces Of "US"... Part 1 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 49 times)

"Cut it!" Shouted Mr. Aman Mathur, the director.


“Well done Khushi, this is going to be another blockbuster movie of yours, and most of all thanks for shooting at this time with us" he continued with a smile on his face.

Khushi stood up with a broad smile and with that she walked towards Aman.

"Thank you sir, all this is only because of you and about timings it doesn’t matter when you have to work not because you want to but because someone you love wants you to and you know this was the scene closest to my heart and that’s why I shot for it at this time” she said

"It’s because of your hard work and punctuality that you are at this stage and I guess I know why you really love this scene right?" Aman said.

“Right, anyway I hope it's all done now."

"Just some final touches and it will be ready for release but I guess if we can shoot tomorrow for one part that was left out then it will be good."

"Sorry Aman, I can’t make it possible tomorrow" she said as her smile slowly faded away.

“Oops sorry I forgot about it completely but anyway it's fine I will handle the other shooting with Dil at the mean time."

"That’s the best idea, because I guess if she stays at home tomorrow then we surely are going to fight." she said

“No one can say you both are sisters, honestly since the first day I met you, I have never seen you both behaving like sisters."

"Exactly and now she is totally against my plans for tomorrow, I don’t understand why?"

"Because she is your sister and she loves you dear" Aman said hoping that Khushi would understand that not only Dil but he was also against her plans.

"Anyway I need to leave, thanks for being the best director… I remember the first time I shot with you for my first movie with…" she got lost in thoughts before she could finish her statement.

"And thanks for being the best actress"

She smiled at him and then headed towards her car and drove home.

Next morning

Raizada Mansion.

Devyani Raizada, a woman who was in her late 60's slowly walked downstairs hoping to see all the members of her family in the hall. It was a big day today she just wanted to make sure everything was well.

"Anjali, where are you?" she said with a shaky voice.

A beautiful girl dressed in white walked towards her.

"I am here Grandma" she replied with a dull face

Devyani's facial expressions changed to sad ones too

"Is everything ready?" she asked as tears rolled down her eyes.

Anjali wiped them away and nodded a yes.

She turned around trying to hide her tears but this wasn’t unnoticed by Devyani.

"Anjali, look at me" she said.

Anjali turned towards her with eyes full of tears.

"It’s a tough day today I know, cry as much as you can, I won’t stop you." she continued.

Anjali hugged her tightly and cried out.

"I hate her Grandma, I really do hate her." she shouted in pain.

“No dear, it was never her fault why hate her for this?" Devyani tried to explain it to her but it was obvious that Anjali wasn’t going to understand this.

She tried to change the topic so that she could also change her moods.

"I hope Luv is awake at least today."

Anjali broke the hug and looked at her just then a tall enough dashing guy jumped in between them.

"Come on Grand mom, how could you expect me to sleep till late today?" exclaimed Luv

"You know what Luv, you are just unpredictable" Anjali said.


"I know that and you know what Anjali, I have to be unpredictable because I am your brother right?"

Anjali finally smiled at what Luv said.

"Anyway call the others, lets end this quickly." said Devyani.

Anjali looked upstairs while she started shouting their names.

"Aakash, Payal, Nahne, Lavanya, Arnav and Ishq please come down."

Luv and Devyani gave her a weird look.

She bit her lips when she realized what she had just done.

She hugged her Grand mom again and cried again.

Apr 9, 2016

Pieces Of "US"... Part 2 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 59 times)

As the bright sun rays fell on her face, she covered herself fully with the blanket. She was having that kind of a morning sleep that makes it hard to wake up. Something got into her mind and she pulled of the blanket, her eyes were on the wall, continuously staring at the calendar.

14th February 2014 it read.

She kept on staring at the date, wasn’t it just the date that had ruined her life? She had never been able to decide whether she got a gift or a lifetime punishment that day. Then why did she yet love that day?

She did not want to spoil the beautiful morning with the bad moods so she woke up and headed towards her bathroom. She took her warm water shower and walked outside her room. The cupboard had all sorts of dresses, she picked her favorite red one and put it on, it was Valentine’s Day after all.

Her beautiful hair fell down to her waist while she combed it. Finally she was ready for the day. She looked at herself in the mirror and just when she was about to get lost in those beautiful memories she shared with the most important person of her life, she heard someone call out her name.

“So finally the actress is ready, but in these boring red dress that she has been putting on every time.” Said Dil

Khushi looked at her with a beautiful smile on her face.

“Why are you up to insulting me early morning?” she asked with a broad smile.

Khushi had changed in the past years, anything bad or good she was told by anyone would just end up brightening her smile, she had to do it, after all it was a promise to her loved one.

“Sis I guess you are forgetting who you are, you are the face that people die for the number one actress in Bollywood and look at you, you behave as if you got no clothes to put on, you have been putting on this same red dress on the same day for the past two years and you know what’s going to be embarrassing again? That media, they will again start their headlines with Khushi Kumari Gupta in the same dress again, can’t you just put anything else on?”

“I have never cared and I will never care for that, you and I both know that I never wanted to be in this profession after the things that happened in the past so let them say what they want to I just don’t care. Talking about the dress, it’s a beautiful one what’s wrong with it?”

“Khushi are you the one saying this? Someone who doesn’t even touch a dress again after she has put it on once.”

“Come on Dil, this dress in important to me and I don’t need to tell you why”

“Here is your morning tea, have fun I’ll have my breakfast then go to work.” She said as she walked away angrily

Khushi knew why she behaved like this, she was her sister after all and she had all the right to behave like this with her.

Khushi left the cup like that, she did not even want to look at it, she walked downstairs. Dil was busy having her breakfast. As Khushi walked towards the door she stopped her.

“Miss Gupta, I guess you forgot to have your breakfast.” She said

“Dil, when will you stop irritating me? I have never taken breakfast for the past years and I guess you know that too?” Khushi replied

“Yeah right, you know what Khushi, feel bad but the fact remains that I hate that coward and I always will till my last breath.”

“You know what Dil? The fact also remains that I will love him till my last breath and I don’t care whether he is a coward or a macho man and I also don’t care whether you hate him or love him”

“Miss Gupta you need a psychiatrist.”

“I know that, get one for me today”

She smiled at her and left. Dil was completely irritated by this behavior of her sister, she couldn’t even listen to a word against that guy, that guy who ruined her completely.

She left her breakfast and headed to the studio for her shoot.

Raizada Mansion

The Raizada’s were busy in performing the rituals. The door bell rang while their servant Hari Prakash who was also known as H.P ran to open the door.

“Who might it be early this morning?” Devyani asked

“Who else do you expect it to be?” Anjali said

“The Miss Red right?” Lavanya asked

“For the past two years she had been coming here on this day dressed in that red clothes, doesn’t she know we are performing rituals of a dead person over here at least she should respect him.” Payal added on it

“These actresses don’t know about this let it be what can we do after all its all between her and Arnav” Anjali said

Khushi walked inside and greeted everyone.

“Hey Khushi, how have you been?” Luv greeted her

“I am fine and you?” She replied

“I am cool as always, so you are here to meet bro right?”

Khushi nodded a yes.

“Hi Anjali, hello auntie” She greeted them

Anjali ignored her while Devyani greeted her back.

“Luv please escort her to Arnav’s room, I don’t even want to see her face.” Anjali said angrily

“Khushi come with me I will take you to bro’s room.”

“Its fine Luv you carry on with the rituals, I will go by myself.”

“Okay then.”

She walked towards Arnav’s bedroom without even looking at the photograph of the person for whom the rituals were being performed. She knocked at the door and smiled trying to hide her pain away, she had always been treated like this by the whole family apart from Luv and Devyani, Nahne who was once her best friend also hated her for some reasons she dint know or maybe some reasons she couldn’t understand, everyone in the Raizada family hated her like nothing but she had promised her loved one that she would always smile no matter what the situation is so here she was smiling again

“So Mr. Raizada, here is your Khushi, Happy Valentine’s Day to you” she said with a smile.

“Welcome in Sweetheart” a voice came from inside.

She opened the door and looked around the room, everything was in front of her eyes once again. So many tears rolled down her eyes as she tried to be strong.

Apr 12, 2016

Pieces Of "US"... Part 3 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 49 times)

“Not Again sweetheart, I am rich enough I don’t need those diamonds, come on wipe those tears away”

Khushi wiped the tears away and tried smiling.

“So Mr. Raizada, I mean you really are unpredictable huh, you know everything about me, like how I will react on what.”

“I love you Darling and that’s why I know you well”

“Okay so what’s for me this valentine?”

“I gave you the biggest valentine gift two years back and you yet need another one?”

Khushi broke down into tears again.

“Okay I am sorry I know it wasn’t really a gift now please not the tears again.”

Khushi smiled at him, he was just the sweetest person on earth wasn’t he?

“Well your gift is ready like always, you will get it soon for now talk to me”

“So tell me how have you been?”

“Good and you? I missed you more than anything, in fact this valentine I need a gift from you.”

“Really what gift?”

“A tight hug please.”

“Only that sure”

Before she could do anything there was a knock at the door.

“Come in” Khushi said.

Luv slowly entered in.

“Sorry to disturb, sorry bro, sorry Khushi, anyway your gift is ready wouldn’t you want to see it?”

“Of course I want to see it, let’s go”

“Sorry darling I will be back I promise, wait for a big hug today” she said as she left with Luv.

“Excited for the gift?” Luv asked

“Obviously” she replied with a smile on her face.

She went with Luv to his room, he took out a box and gave it to her.

“It has some envelopes inside, each one with a date, and bro strictly said, it should be opened on that date and not any other day.” Luv told Khushi.

She took the box from him and walked back to Arnav’s room.

She removed all the envelopes, they were so many, she looked if there was any with today’s date and she finally found it.

She smiled and slowly opened the envelope. It contained a letter. Her smile faded away as she started reading the letter.

Dear Khushi,

Shocked right? I know I never called you with that name, it was always my life but I guess I lost the right to call you that, maybe not the right but it would just sound weird to call you that isn’t it?

Got something from me after long isn’t it? I know I am late as always sorry for that. You know what Khushi? As I am writing this letter today, it just feels great, maybe because it’s the first time I am ever writing a letter that too, for you.

It is a special day today, remember it’s the day when we first met? The day we confessed our love, the day I ended up giving you the worst gift of your life.

Let me not be sentimental okay, I just planned all this long back maybe for this day, don’t be so shocked I knew that this day would come and I really am sorry I couldn’t be able to fulfill all my promises before but now I will fulfill them with each and every letter I have written for you.

I just want you to feel my presence near you as always and all I could do is this, so many letters, I don’t even remember when I finished writing them, but I hope Luv told you to open them on the specific dates right? happy valentines darling, I love you!



She finished reading the letter with tears in her eyes.

“Darling I told you I am rich enough, I don’t really need this diamonds please” it was Arnav’s voice.

Khushi turned around with her teary eyes, she slowly wiped her tears away. She picked things that were around her and started throwing them everywhere.

“I hate you Arnav! I hate you!” she shouted as she rushed out of the room.

Apr 14, 2016

Pieces Of "US"... Part 4 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 47 times)

She sat in the garden breaking down into tears when love walked towards her and sat next to her.

“Please don’t cry” He said as he handed a tissue to her.

“Why did he do this Luv? Why had he to leave me?” Khushi cried

“It’s something that was destined to happen and we can’t change it Khushi…”

“You knew about this, dint you? He left the letter, the recording of his voice with you and you dint find it important to inform me? You dint find it important to stop your own brother from committing suicide?”

“Just know this Khushi… I was helpless, there was nothing I could do about it… what he did with you was bad and he couldn’t just get over it… he had hurt you more than anything else”

“But I still loved him… I still do..”

“He also did, and that’s why he left, so that you could achieve your dream, that dream that he had snatched away from you”

“And now this dream means nothing without him… I wish there was a way to bring him back, I would do anything I could”

“We all wish the same, anyway you relax okay and please don’t cry, I need to go and finish the rituals, I’ll talk to you after that” Luv said as he headed back inside the mansion.

Khushi sat the on the bench remembering how her life had changed within a moment.


It had been two years since she was struggling… she did all she could but no one in the Bollywood industry wanted to cast her even for a small role in any film.

Wherever she went to ask for a role, she would have been asked to either drop down her clothes so that she could climb the stairs of success or to talk to Arnav Singh Raizada…

Arnav Singh Raizada, the biggest superstar of B-town… he had introduced many actresses to the industry and till now, all were successful…

Just one chance, one movie with Arnav Singh Raizada and her career would be made…

Dropping down her clothes for her career wasn’t something she was going to do, she dint surely want to be a victim of the casting couch and then the next morning she would have been in the headline for sleeping with a director… No, that wasn’t the reputation she wanted to make.

She had been left with one option only… to meet Arnav Singh Raizada, the one man she admired since he was introduced in this industry, because no other actor was ever able to do what he did in a few years…

He was at the top and there was no actor or actress who could defeat him, he is always on the first position, be it what…

She had gone to his mansion several times but never had a chance to meet him but she dint stop struggling, with the belief than one day she would surely meet him.


She had been waiting for more than two hours outside his house but there was no sign that could tell her she would meet him.

This was maybe the 100th time she was waiting outside his huge mansion hoping that today he would see her, today he would finally decide to talk to her but was that really going to happen.

She was lost in some thoughts wen two men came to her from nowhere and started teasing her.

“Oh miniskirts huh… you don’t look bad in them, but you would look much better in bikini” one of them said

Khushi turned away from them trying her best to ignore them but the other one almost pulled her top off when she stood up and slapped him angrily.

“So you think just because I am wearing a mini skirt I would allow you to tease me and touch me the way you feel like? Khushi Kumari Gupta doesn’t take any **** got that? Next time before you touch any other girl like this, do remember of this slap”

“Look at her, she is here all alone and so much of attitude? That’s quite impressive… Girl you just messed up with the wrong people, now wait and watch what we do to you”

They both got hold of her almost forcing her when a black Audi stopped right outside the mansion.

A lady walked out of it as the both men tried to escape.

“Get hold of them and get them arrested” She said with a stern voice.

Khushi stood up nervously and adjusted her dress as she wiped her tears.

“Thank you” She said as she started walking away.

“Wait…” The lady said

Khushi stopped as she turned towards her.

“Come inside with me, your hand is injured and you aren’t in a good state, I’ll do some first aid, you can rest then leave”


“I mean inside the mansion… Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, I am Devyani Raizada” She said proudly.

“Mother to Arnav Raizada?” Khushi almost jumped out excitedly.

“No, his grandmother”

“Oh my God, you don’t look like his grandmother at all.” Khushi said excitedly as she walked in to the mansion with Devyani.

“So what do you do?”

“I am a struggling Actress waiting to get a role in some movie… actually I have been here, I mean outside the mansion many time thinking I would get to meet Arnav sir and he might just help me, but I guess I had no luck” Khushi said

“Then change your thoughts sweetheart, because luck has just knocked at your door” A man said as he walked downstairs dressed in a black Gucci suit.

He stood right in front of her and she almost lost her breath… The one and only Arnav Singh Raizada was standing in front of her.

“I guess your work is done” Devyani said with a smile as she walked away leaving both Khushi and Arnav alone.

“So what’s your name?” he asked

“Khushi… Khushi Kumari Gupta”

“Khushi… you are beautiful sweetheart” he said with a sigh as he stared at her from top to bottom… although that felt very uncomfortable, she tried to manage to stand still.

“Thank you sir” she replied

“But beauty isn’t enough… to get a chance in a film with me, you’ll have to show me your acting skills”

“Sure sir, I promise I would do my best, I just need one chance and I’ll prove my talent”

“Good, I like that now… so follow me” he said as he started walking away and Khushi just followed him excitedly…

So finally she could say, good days were here… or maybe she would change it to say bad days were here… She had just seen half of the industry, the other half would be shown to me by him...

Apr 16, 2016

Pieces Of "US"... Part 5 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 41 times)

They both walked to Arnav’s king sized bedroom and Khushi was left in awe… The room was bigger than the house she lived in but she was sure, one day when she would become an actress then she would have such a huge mansion with such huge bedrooms.

Arnav settled himself on the couch and stared at Khushi who was standing right in front of him… His gaze was continuously making her feel uneasy and she dint know why she had a feeling that told her something was wrong..

She was sure about one thing, if Arnav was going to bring up the casting couch topic, she would slap him right away and leave, yes being an actress was her dream but not at the cost of her body.

“You belong to a middle class family right?” Arnav asked

“Yeah, how do you know that?”

“Just the way you are makes me know it, anyway time for audition, you’ll have to do two scenes for me to believe that you can act, romance can be done by anyone because it’s so simple, I want you to act angry and broken… if that impresses me, you are my next heroine”

Khushi took a deep sigh of relief, maybe she was thinking wrong about Arnav, maybe he wasn’t that type of a man… She was glad he omitted out the romantic scene and told her to do something that really defines acting.

She walked to the platform, took a deep sigh, prayed to God and set to work.

She gave two brilliant performance which left Arnav doubting his own acting skills, and at the end of Khushi’s audition, he was left completely speechless.

“Wow! That was awesome Khushi” he said

“Thank you sir” She replied already blushing.

He stared at her for a while as if thinking of something and then spoke out.

“My next movie is titled Darkness, I can tell you the story or give you the script to read and if you are interested then you are in for it… we will make the contract papers ready and you sign them, then we start the shoot”

“Sure sir, I would love to work with you”

“Great, so now that you are going to be my next heroine, stop calling me sir and call me Arnav, and yeah you can come here, sit next to me and I’ll tell you the story”

Khushi stared at him feeling a bit hesitant.

“Don’t worry I won’t touch you, you can trust me, I am not that bad”

She giggled as she walked towards him and sat next to him, Arnav turned towards her and looked into her eyes as he started telling her the story.

“Sorry Sir, I mean Arnav… wouldn’t it be better if I read the script and got to know all the details than just getting to know about the summary of the story from you?”

“That’s not a bad idea” Arnav said as he stood up and walked towards a table.

He opened his laptop and searched through some documents then printed out the script and handed it to Khushi.

“You can read it here, meanwhile I make some important calls”

He picked his phone and headed to the balcony as Khushi sat there reading the script…

When Arnav was done with his calls, he started doing some work on the computer just to keep himself busy until Khushi finished reading the script.

Sometime later, when he turned towards her, he found her in tears and worriedly rushed to her.

“Are you okay Khushi? Why are you crying?”

“They story is so dark, so intense… how can someone go through all that yet love the person who gave them all that pain?” she asked

“Relax, it’s just a movie… nothing of such sort happens in real life”

“I like the script”

“So you are in for the movie… I’ll get the contract papers ready, leave your phone number with me, I’ll text you the address of the director’s office then you can meet me there tomorrow, you meet the producer and the director, get everything ready then we would see when we start the shoots”

“Sure” Khushi said as she wrote her phone number on a piece of paper and left it with Arnav.

She headed downstairs living Arnav behind smirking at his thoughts.

“Hey gorgeous” She heard someone

She turned around and found a cute enough young man standing right in front of her.

“Hello” She said with a smile.

“I must say, I have seen many new heroines that Arnav has signed for his film, but there is something different about you…” The man said

“Thank you” Khushi blushed

“So I am Nandkis****, you can call me NK as everyone does”

“Khushi here”


“Sure, but I am in a hurry now, so we’ll complete the introduction next time”

“That’s not a problem… it was nice meeting you, bye”

“Bye” Khushi smiled as she walked out of the mansion.

She wasn’t able to believe that Arnav had actually signed her for his next film, he never thought all this would be so easy as it turned out to be and to make it better, his family members were so friendly to her that she dint feel like a stranger at all.

She arrived home happily and gave Dil the big news who dint even believe her for a while… Arnav Singh Raizada was surely a man hard to impress and Khushi actually did it.

Dil and Khushi both were struggling actresses, they both had the same dream, and after their parents passed away, Khushi did a lot, keeping a dream aside just to earn a living for her and for Dil…

Today when she was finally going to do a big movie, she was happy but she would be happier when Dil also got a chance to act in some movie.

Both the sisters celebrated happily and went off to bed as Khushi waited for the morning, when she would finally meet the director and the producer and they would begin their shoots within no time.

They say when everything in life comes so easily, you should doubt… although the beginning wasn’t easy for Khushi, the end was surely easy and maybe she just made a mistake of not doubting.

Apr 21, 2016

Pieces Of "US"... Part 6 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 41 times)

“Thank you Arnav… thank you so much for making my dream come true…” Khushi said excitedly as she hugged Arnav.

“You are welcome Khushi” he said as they both walked out of the office after Khushi signed the contract of her first movie that too, opposite the one and only, Arnav Singh Raizada.

They both headed towards Arnav’s car and stood there for a while.

“So I guess I’ll leave, I just have two week for my first shoot… God! How will I even sleep?”

“Like you sleep always… Khushi this is just the beginning, I am sure our first movie would be a super hit and after that you’ll have many movies lined up… I can see you reaching to heights in no time”

“All credits go to you… If you weren’t there then maybe I wouldn’t…”

“No… the credits go to your talent… to your acting skills…”

“That’s true also”

“So we are friends right?”

“Of course we are”

“In that case if I ask you for a coffee date with me, would you come?”

“Who would say no to a coffee date with Arnav Singh Raizada?” he smiled

“Let’s get going then” He said as he held the door of his car open for her.

Khushi walked and within no time, they drove to a cafeteria for a coffee.

Flashback Ends…

“What’s up, just a while ago you were angry and now you are smiling” Luv asked as he settled himself near her.

“I was just remembering how I met Arnav, he was such a sweetheart”

“How was your shoot last night? I heard you were there till late? Khushi you are a superstar you don’t need to work this late”

“I know Luv, it’s just that I want to do this, because Arnav wanted me to do this right? I am doing all this for him, he’s the one who wanted to see me at the position I am in today and I don’t want to lose that position as for now”

“I wish someone could love me the much you do”

“What the hell, you mean to say my sister doesn’t love you enough”

“Well she does, but she’s a tantrum queen” he giggled

Khushi just smiled in return when her gaze went upstairs, NK was standing at the balcony starring at her with no expressions on his face…

There used to be a time, when he would never stop talking to her whenever she visited the mansion and now he just stares at her from the balcony and says nothing…

Till today Khushi has never been able to figure out why NK’s behavior changed all over a sudden after Arnav left… What was her fault? Why did everyone apart from Devyani and Luv hate her?

“Oh that reminds me, I have to call Dil, its valentines today and if I don’t, she’d surely kill me” Luv said

“You better do”

“I’ll just be back”


Two weeks had passed by, Arnav and Khushi had spent most of the times together getting to know each other as Arnav had advised her that in order to get a good chemistry onscreen, they should get to know each other well in real life and spend some time together.

Arnav had been a total sweetheart to her, even though he was the number one actor in Bollywood, he dint make her feel like he was so proud of it, everyone should be proud of their work but not over proud.

He always treated Khushi as a friend, did anything she told him to do and maybe, just in two weeks she had developed a soft corner for him in her heart.

She liked him because he was a good and down to earth human being, she liked him because he not only helped her but many of other actresses.

It was her first day at shoot and she was like very excited, everything seemed to be going perfectly well.

She got ready and just when she was about to leave for the shoot, she heard her phone ring, she stopped to receive the call.

“Yes Arnav”

“Don’t leave, I’ll pick you then we go for the shoot together okay?”

“Okay” She replied as she disconnected the call with a smile.

“What’s up, someone is smiling early morning?” Dil asked as she walked towards Khushi

“Arnav is too sweet, can you believe he’s coming to pick me up?”

“Like Arnav Singh Raizada? Is coming to pick you? Wow!! That’s a miracle sis… you know what I think he has a crush on you” She giggled

“Crush on me? You must be kidding… there are many girls he knows, I’m sure he has a girlfriend too”

“No I don’t” Arnav said as he walked in.

Khushi stood up in surprise, he had just called her a minute ago and he was already here

“How comes you are here in just a minute?”

“I was standing outside when I called you” he smiled

I glared at Dil not knowing what to say, he had just heard all our conversation? **** man!

“So can we leave Khushi?” he asked extending his hands towards me as Dil winked at me and walked back to her room.

“Sure” I said giving him my hand to hold and we both headed to the car.


Within no time, we arrived at the sets and all I could do is just look around and wonder what’s going on.

Everyone was busy rushing from here to there getting the set ready.

“Khushi, get ready in your vanity van, I’ll send someone with your costumes, you just have half an hour okay?” The director said

I just stared at Arnav having nothing to say, it’s not that I dint know that every actor or actress have their own vanity vans it’s just that I had no idea what would happen on the first day.

“Relax, you can use my vanity don’t panic, I’ll get one arranged for you later, I also arranged a stylist for you, everything would be good okay?” Arnav said holding her hand into his.

“Thank you Arnav, I don’t know what I would do without you”

“You are always welcome, now let’s go I’ll show you everything” Arnav said as he held her hand and pulled her with him.

He entered inside his vanity with her and just when Khushi stepped in, she heard some girls giggling and gossiping about her.

“The headlines are yet to come, Arnav Singh Raizada screwed his co- actress” the giggled

Khushi was just left all speechless, what the hell did they mean by that?

Apr 22, 2016

Pieces Of "US"... Part 7 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 33 times)

She walked inside the van and tried to get ready for the shot but what she heard outside was continuously disturbing her..

Were the girls right? Or maybe they saw her with Arnav so they were just jealous and making their own stories?

“Khushi be ready, I am with the director outside okay? If you need anything let me know” he smiled at her and walked away.

Why would a man like him be bad? He treats her so well, He takes good care of her and he has never done anything to make her feel like there’s something wrong somewhere.

The shoot began as soon as Khushi was ready, she looked really beautiful in her costume and in the way she had styled herself up.

“Okay Khushi, now this is your scene, I want you to be completely broken okay? Forget that you are Khushi and get into the character of the girl who had been cheated on, whose heart had been shattered into pieces, whose respect has no value anymore and she still loves this man who is the reason behind everything okay?

I want you to cry until it breaks everyone down, the audiences should feel the pain… if you need glycerin, it’s place on the table and if your are fine without it then we’ll shoot like that.. so are you ready?”

She nodded positively and turned to look at Arnav nervously, he just raised his thumb up telling her she can do it… she took a deep sigh and set to work.

They shot her scene and she performed perfectly… the shot for a few more scenes with her and Arnav and finally that was all for the day.

After the pack up, both Arnav and Khushi headed to the parking lot but all the while Khushi seemed to be lost in some deep thoughts.

“Are you okay Khushi?” Arnav asked

“Yeah I am perfectly fine”

“You don’t seem to be”

“It’s just that I’m a little tired, it was the first day so everything together… but I’ll get used to it”

“Okay so would you like to join me for dinner at my place? My family would be happy to meet you”

“Sure” She smiled as they both walked inside the car.

All this while she had been thinking deeply about what she had the girls saying but she seemed to be not believing it… if he wanted to screw he up, why would he introduce her to his family… why would he really sign her for such a big movie?

The car stopped at Raizada mansion as Arnav and Khushi walked inside, Khushi was welcomed happily by everyone and she felt happy to see such a big happy family.

For her she lost her parents when she was young and since then it has only been her and Dil, which was her family.

“Hey Khushi… back again? I am glad to meet the next superstar” NK said as he brought his hand forward for a handshake

“Yes I am back again but sorry I forgot your name, would you please remind me?”

“You can call me NK” He smiled.

“Khushi this is my small family, that’s my grandmother, you obviously know her, that’s my sis Anjali, my brothers Luv and Aakash, you’ve already met NK, that’s Payal, Aakash’s wife and she’s Lavanya NK’s wife… Luv is single like me yet and finally here walks our little princess Ishq” Arnav said as he carried the two year old in his arms.

“Hello everyone… Hi Ishq baby” she said holding her cheeks

Ishq turned away from her pouting and everyone smiled at her cute antics.

“Khushi, come I’ll show you our huge mansion while the rest finish eating up” NK said after dinner

“Sure, I’d love to see how beautiful the Raizada mansion is”

They both left as NK kept on talking nonstop while he showed her each and every corner of the Raizada Mansion which was designed so beautifully.

“You know you talk a lot, just like me… and I am glad to find a partner finally who can talk nonstop with me, we are going to be good friends” Khushi said with a smile

“Good friends like forever” he smiled

“NK if you don’t mind, can I take the lady away from you for a moment?” Arnav asked as he walked towards them.

“Sure, I’ll head to my room before my wife starts getting jealous” he smiled and walked away leaving Arnav and Khushi behind.

“So may I have the pleasure of taking this beautiful lady to my room?” he asked bringing his hand forward

“Of course” Khushi replied as she held his hand and they both walked to Arnav’s room.

“So how did you find the shoot today, are you okay with everything there?”

“Yes Arnav I am okay with everything, thank you for helping me so much”

“Anyone would be glad to help a beautiful and talented girl as Khushi, so it’s my pleasure” he smiled

“Can I ask something personal that’s if you don’t mind?”


“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“That was very fast huh” he smiled. “No, I don’t have any girlfriend, I had one in the past but we dint work out since then I decided it’s good to be single”

“Oh okay… it’s very hard to believe that Arnav Singh Raizada doesn’t have a girlfriend when he has a million girl fans”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Me and having a boyfriend? Arnav you should look at me before you ask that, I mean which guy would look at me?”

“I am, I do… you are beautiful and you shouldn’t doubt that”

Khushi blinked her eyes severally as she blushed and her cheeks almost turned pink.

Arnav’s eyes were like glued on her, her mesmerizing beauty was driving him crazy like nothing, those pink cheeks, the glossy lips, those beautiful eyes… he maybe had never met her girl who looked this beautiful.

“Would you slap me if I kiss you?” he asked leaving Khushi in a complete shock

She stood there still and stared at him, she dint know what she wanted at this moment, she obviously couldn’t deny the fact that just like those millions of girls she also had a crush on this man and at this moment when he was asking if he could kiss her or not she dint know what she exactly wanted, she was fine with any so she just stood still without saying anything.

Arnav walked towards her as he opened the buttons of his coat and threw it away, he ran his hands on her waist and pulled her closer…

Khushi’s breaths became heavy… she was going to be kissed, for the first time ever in her life and she dint even know how to react…

The next moment, his lips were on hers… he kissed her hard and sucked her lips wildly until some thoughts invaded Khushi’s mind.

She pushed Arnav away as tears rolled down her eyes… the girls were right… maybe all he wanted was to screw her up or why would he want to kiss her for no reason.. He was sure he wasn’t attracted to her the way she was attracted to him…

So was it right? Was he really going to do all this to her?

Tears kept on rolling down her eyes as Arnav looked at her worriedly.

Apr 25, 2016

Pieces Of "US"... Part 8 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 44 times)

“What’s wrong Khushi? What happened?” Arnav asked worriedly

“How could you just kiss me like that Arnav? Without my permission?”

“Khushi you dint say a no either so I thought you were okay with that, I am sorry I did this to you”

“The girls were right… I dint know you could be like this?”

“Which girls?”

“They said you just wanted to screw me up and that’s what you are trying to do right?”

“What? Are you out of your mind Khushi? Why would I do that to you? You know I can’t how can you just believe any rumors? You know what you have really disappointed me… Yes I agree I kissed you but that was only because I am attracted towards you, you are a sweet and simple girl, you have a talent that makes me wonder if my acting talent is anything compared to you… I admire you and that’s it…

If you want to take a wrong meaning out of it I don’t care… just leave me alone” he said angrily.

Khushi walked away as she wiped her tears away… she was happy that Arnav was attracted towards her but the words those girls said were still disturbing her and she couldn’t just decide what was right and wrong.

Flashback Ends.

Khushi wiped her tears and stood up from the bench as Luv wasn’t back yet.

She walked all over the garden looking for him and finally spotted him near a tree a few inches far away.

He was busy talking over the phone as she headed towards him.

“Yeah don’t worry, I did as you said and she got sad but… I don’t like doing this you know, I can’t see her hurt like this…

Yeah I understand your point too she doesn’t deserve that but she doesn’t deserve this too right? She is what you wanted her to be so why can’t we just end all this?” Luv asked

Khushi stood a bit behind him wondering who he was talking to.

“Okay bro, I’ll see you later, I need to go for now before things go wrong I’ll see you later okay?”

He disconnected the call and turned around just to find Khushi staring at him in shock.

“Bro? Did you just say bro on the phone Luv?” She asked as she looked at him with hopeful eyes.

Luv just stared at her not knowing what to answer.

“Who were you talking to? And which things would go wrong?”

“Relax Khushi, I don’t have only one brother, and before you think I was talking to Arnav and how all over a sudden he is alive then relax, I was just talking to a friend, you know how it is with us guys, we call address our friends as bro too”

“How did you know I would think that you were talking to Arnav?”

“Don’t you think you have started doubting so much on me? Relax, its valentines today… let me take you for a date, what say?” he winked at her.

“Shut up, you want my sister to kill me for going on a date with her boyfriend? You are supposed to take her to a date not me”

“You know I don’t like seeing you sad, especially on this day so please cheer up or I’m not taking Dil to any date”

“Don’t, she would be the one to get angry not me” Khushi giggled.

“Luv, Nani is calling you inside, she has something important to discuss with us” NK said without looking at Khushi.

“Okay, Khushi sorry, I’ll be back… don’t leave I have to tell you something before you leave okay?”

Khushi nodded as Luv walked away and NK started to follow him when Khushi held his hand and stopped him.

He dint turn to look at her neither did he say anything… he just stood there silently.

“Can I know what I am being punished of?” Khushi asked in a low voice

She stared at him for a couple of minutes but he dint reply.

“NK please… your silence is hurting me… it’s been two damn years you haven’t talked to me… don’t I have the right to know what my fault is?”

“You want to know what your fault is Khushi?” he said as he turned towards her angrily

Khushi just nodded positively trying her best to control her tears.

“You snatched my brother from me, if it wasn’t you, today my brother would be alive, he would be here with me…”

“NK I dint tell him to die? What was my fault? That I loved him even after all that he did to me? And if you are blaming me for killing him then I am sorry I am not ready to take the blame, I dint kill him, his guilt killed him

Two damn years he has not been here, you were my best friend but you dint understand me, I needed someone to hold me and give me support, someone to tell me that with time all would be well but you weren’t there… I had to tell myself all this..”

“Even I needed the same Khushi… if you lost the man you loved, I lost my brother too… if you lost your best friend, I lost mine too so please stop acting as if you are the only one who lost.. because each and every person inside the Raizada mansion lost someone”

He walked away angrily as Khushi fell down on her knees and broke down into tears…

She wiped her tears and looked at the sky with painful eyes…

“Are you happy Arnav? You snatched my everything when you were alive but that wasn’t enough…

You snatched my best friend after you left? How the hell on earth do I consider this to be a gift?”

“Because he loves you” Luv said as he headed towards her.

Khushi stood up giving him a surprised look

“I mean because he loved you… he knew what he did was wrong but he had only this option left to correct his mistake… I agree Khushi it’s not you who killed him, it’s the guilt and please don’t take NK’s words too seriously okay?”

“You were called inside right? Why did you come back?”

“I told Nani I’ll talk to her later, right now I need to take you back home, you aren’t well”

“I have never been well since he left Luv” Khushi cried and hugged him


Luv arrived at Gupta mansion as he carried Khushi in his arms and headed inside

Dil noticed him and quickly rushed towards him as Luv placed Khushi on the sofa…

“What happened to her?” Dil asked worriedly…

“I don’t know, we were just talking and she fainted all over a sudden, did she eat anything?”

“Does she ever listen to me? God!! I wish I could get my old sister back, I hate your brother for leaving her like this and I’ll always hate him” Dil said angrily

“Get me a glass of water”

“I’ll be back” Dil said as she walked away leaving Luv and Khushi behind

Luv just stared at her for a while as he became emotional… it was hard, almost impossible for him to see her like this when he knew he could see her happy.

“I am sorry Khushi… I wish I could tell you the truth… I wish I could tell you that your Arnav isn’t gone anywhere… he’s yet here keeping an eye on you and making sure you are fine”

“Who’s here keeping an eye on who?” Dil asked as she walked towards him

“Nothing, you won’t understand leave it” Luv replied as he sprinkled some water on Khushi’s face to wake her up.

Apr 27, 2016

Pieces Of "US"... Part 9 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 36 times)

A while later Khushi woke up in her room and looked around wondering how she ended up here.

There was a plate of food and a note with it.

“Eat this or I’ll kill you – Dil”

She smiled as she read the note and picked the plate and started eating when she got lost into thoughts again.


Khushi arrived back home and locked herself in the room leaving Dil in confusion, she had no idea on what had happened.

She knocked at the door for quite a while and tried to talk to her but she dint want to talk about anything.

Half an hour later there was another knock at the door of her bedroom and still she dint want to open it until she heard Arnav’s voice

She quickly opened the door and walked out as she found him standing there

“What are you doing here?” She asked

“Khushi I need to talk to you, if you are ready to listen to me calmly” Arnav said

“Okay fine, come in”

Arnav walked inside her room as he settled himself there while Khushi stood in front of him with her hands folded.

“Tell me now”

“How longs have you known me Khushi?”

“A month or more”

“So as far as you have known me, do you think I can do anything bad to you? Khushi I know maybe I was wrong, I shouldn’t have kissed you but that shouldn’t make you believe that I’ll do something bad to you.

If you want to know why I kissed you, I told you earlier it was because I am attracted to you and I can’t deny that, I have given chances to many actresses but was never attracted to any, I like you because you are fashionable yet simple, you know how to do things you know how to be happy in everything you get…

You taught me a new meaning of life… whenever I brought my co actresses at home, one of the family member would be disappointed with them but with you, everyone was happy, it felt like a family.

Secondly you shouldn’t forget that I am a star… there are a lot of news about me but if you go on believing all those fake news which are created for the sake of TRP’s then I don’t think you’d be able to handle this when you yourself become a star.

Whatever those girls said about me wasn’t true and I just came here to clear the misunderstanding… now it is upon you to decide whom you want to trust okay?

If you can’t trust me, I promise we won’t have any relation outside of work, not even friendship”

He sat quietly for a while staring at her and hoping for a reply but she dint say anything.

He took a deep sigh and walked towards the door to leave when Khushi ran behind him and hugged him directly as she broke down into tears in his arms.

“I am sorry Arnav, I don’t know what happened to me… I dint want to think that about you but I was forced to…

Since the day I started struggling I have faced many people who were in the casting couch thing and all and for a while I thought you’d be the same to me…

I really dint mean to hurt you… I have known you and I know you are a good person… please forgive me for whatever I said earlier”

“Hey Khushi… relax okay… its fine I understand you” he said as he broke the hug.

He cupped her face and looked into her eyes as he wiped her tears away with his thumb.

“The mistake was mine too… I gave you the wrong hint so don’t blame yourself for it… just trust me and know that I’d never do anything bad to you”

“I trust you Arnav I do”

“Anyway I got to leave, I am sure you’ll be okay now… see you tomorrow at the shoot”

“You’ll not come to pick me up?”

“I will” He smiled and walked away.


Flashback Ends.

“Khushi!” Dil shook her.

“What?” She asked coming out of the dream world she was in.

“Where are you? I have been shouting at you for the past five minutes”

“I was just… anyway how comes you are back so early on valentines? I thought you must have had plans with Luv”

“Yeah we did but I preferred coming back, I was worried about your health”

“And where is Luv?”

“In the Kitchen as always, God knows what’s with him and cooking”

“So we are going to get a yummy dinner tonight” Khushi smiled

“I guess”


The three sat together for the dinner as they had the food Luv had cooked.

“Khushi I hope you are feeling okay now”

“Yeah I am much better thanks… I don’t even remember how this happened, Dil told me you brought me home”

“You are welcome”

Luv’s phone started ringing all over a sudden, he pulled it out of his pocket and stared at it as his expressions changed.

“It’s an important call, I’ll have to take it… please excuse me” he said as he walked away.


“I told you not to call me, I was at Khushi’s place you idiot” he said over the phone.

“Yes I know you are worried about her but it wouldn’t be safe for us right?”

“Relax I’ll take care of her”

“Yes Arnav she is fine now please can you stop over worrying… just relax and bye”

He disconnected the call and turned around as he found Khushi standing there.

“Arnav?” She asked

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