TS : I Love You...Mr.Criminal

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Mar 26, 2016

TS : I ?You...Mr.Criminal (By Nightangle) (Thanked: 69 times)

Part 1

story start from Arnav return back to RM with Kushi after that Kidnapped scene....with little differences............Like Kushi wearing western dress jean & top......so lets start..........................................its a suspense thriller story......................


 Kushi: Arnav ji, I want to tell you something. Its important.

Arnav:What happened Kushi, why you are looking so worried. By the way, why you are wearing this. I never saw you in any western dress. he said looking at kushi up to down.

Kushi: Leave all that Arnav ji. The important things that..Sham was the one who behind your kidnap.

Arnav: what are you saying Kushi, Do you have any proof.

 Kushi: Why you always need proof to believe me Arnavji. Cant you believe me for once.

Arnav: Do you think, I am fool to entertain Shyam in our home Kushi. Kushi, Di blindly believe on that snake. We need Proof to convince my di.

Kushi: Arnav ji, I understanding your situation, but we cant take more risk. He alredy tried to kill you. Are you sure di is safe, when he can attack you from behind.

Arnav took deep breath, thinking something in mind. "Come Kushi, first lets go in."

Khushi walks in. Everyone is surprised to see her in this state. Her white top is covered with dust and blood, seems nervous as well. Payal immediately rushes to her and everyone asks her how she got so hurt.

Anjali and Manorma both seems suspicious. Shyam also asks her the same and a lot of awkward glances are shared between several members.

Before their quries goes on, Arnav enter for her rescue made other shock with his states. Anjali walk toward her brother and ask him about his current state and start to cry. A lot of knowing glances are shared between Shyam, Arnav and Khushi while everyone else is getting frantic with worry about whatever's happened.

Manorma: Arnav was not went to abroad. He was Kidnapped by some goons.

All looked at Arnav with shock. Anjali was the first one to get out from the shock.

Anjali: Chote, is that true. But you called us and inform na that you were reached Scotland. Whats going on. Who kidnapped you chote.

Arnav: Leave it di...its big story.

Kushi: its not a matter which you can leave like that Arnav ji. Di he was kidnapped on the same day of his departure from airport. The kidnaper forced him to call us and inform us about his landing on Scotland safely.

Akash: How you knew about it Kushi ji, When whole family is unaware about it. And we never got any call regarding his kidnap and Not even anyone demand money too.

Kushi:We not got any call for money because money was not motto, his life was their aim. They wanted to kill him. And one more thing Not whole family jiju, four member from our family knew it including me. First Mami than Nk and last one who planned this kidnap.

Manorama: What you want to say Phati sadi, that family member involved in this?

 Shyam: Who Kushi ji, I hope you both are fine.

Arnav looked at shyam who acting like nothing happened.

Kushi: yes Mami, Family member, who is none other than Damaji of this house, saying that Kushi turn to Shyam and says correct Shyami ji?

Shyam: whatttttt....Kushi ji what are you saying. Anjali is shocked and staring at Khushi.

Manorama:Khushi what are you saying? Shyam comes front Of Kushi.

Shyam: How can you blame me Kushi ji. I never thought single negative things for Arnav and you. How can you put this blame in my head.

Kushi: I am well know to this drama Shyam, use something else.You are the one who planned everything to kill Arnav ji because you are behind his property.

Nani: I can’t believe this and Shyam cant do this.

 Manorama: I was helping her to find Arnav bitwa, but never saw Shyam in between.

Shyam: Because I was not in between, all this is rubbish. Khushi ji has lost her mind and Shyam turn to Anjali and says "look what all she saying without thinking anything."

Anjali: Khushi ji please stop it, my shyam ji cant hurt anyone.

 Khushi: You have to believe me. Arnav ji why you are standing like that inform them, Why you married me. what this shyam told to you.

Arnav: Why you are taking that matter now Kushi.

 Kushi: Arnav ji just disclose it...Disclose our reason of Marriage. Disclose everything now. Kushi shouted looking at Arnav. Her shout made Arnav taken back.

Anjali: what are you hiding Chote.

Arnav: o..di...o... I married Kushi , because I thought shyam having affair with Kushi and he confirmed that they are in relationship and you are the one who stoping them become together. I believe on his words and asked kushi to marry me for 6 months.

 Payal: whattt....this snake is such a lier. He was the one who stayed with us as a paying gust saying that he was orphan. Betryed our family. and always asked buaji to let him marry Kushi. But Kushi never give into it after buaji force also.

Shyam: Wow, now new story but I am not getting why you are lying Arnav. I never said those words. I know both sisters are lier and gold digger. Rani Sahiba dont believe on his words. Kushi want to take your Chote from you, that is why she blined him with her lies and asked him to lie front of his di.

Khushi: Anjali ji dont trust him. Shyam: Do you have any proof Khushi to prove that I am culprit. I know you dont have because there is no proof only for your lies. ohhh so you are also with her.Now please NK, dont say, that Kushi ji is right. Look Rani sahiba what type of girl is she. Two men revolve around her pinky finger. Shyam smartly stoped NK mouth before it open.

Shyam (pov): Kushi ji, you thought you can throw out me from this home. Dont forget I am lawyer. And hiding real proof and presenting victims as a culprits is my well played game.

Khushi:I saw blood drop on your shoes and it was Arnav ji. which confirmed my doubt and your computer Passwords is my name.And I have that paper which stating that Arnav ji' s all properties belongs to you, on that I made him sign. wait I will bring that.

 Arnav : What are you talking about Kushi, My will paper. How can that possible when my whole Property belongs to di. I am just a care taker of all this. And you alredy knew it kushi. It was great shock for Shyam and others.

Anjali: What.........

 The shock was very high for Shyam. for that Properties he did all this and kidnapped Arnav ..all those time the right owner of that properties was with him. His own wife. He could have get that properties with simple sign without any force. wait a minute, Kushi knew it, then why she agree to take sign on that papers.

Shyam: You knew it Kushi.....why the hell than you made me fool. we made deal Kushi, I agreed to disclose truth before Arnav in return you will help me to take sign on those papers. But I saw his will paper in his locker which state whole properties belongs to Arnav. I had to kidnapped Arnav for getting you back but you cheated me Khushi.

Shyam disclose everything in shock of realisation and give shock to others and especially for Anjali. He come out from shock with slap from none other than his Rani Sahiba. Before he react on first slap, he got another one from Arnav.

Arnav: you played with two important people of my life. Now no one can save you shyam saying that Arnav start to beat him blue and black but Akash stopped him.

Akash: Bhai stop it, police will handle him.

shyam stand on his legs after lots of struggle with pain.

Shyam: Dont forget I am lawyer maximum 3 year in jail. or may be I can come out with in a month because of insufficient proof, that its. after that your count down start Raizdas. I willl.....his words cut of by the voice.

"But  your count down end today itself Mr.Shyam Manohar Jha" the voice made every turn back and looked at person with shock.

"You are right, Shyam...we dont have enough proof against Mr. Shyam Manohar Jha. But we have more than enough Proof against Karan Malhotra,We have enough Proof against Vijay Gupta...we have proof against Mr.Prem Mittal....or I can say we have Enough proof against Mr.X......A serial killer.

shyam looked at that person with shock. other family members are in confusion about turned table.

Shyam: W....wh...who.....are you.....shyam stammered with his words. He looked at that person, who know his past which hided smartly from this world.

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Mar 30, 2016

I Love You...Mr. Criminal Part 2 (By Nightangle) (Thanked: 78 times)

"I cant believe this, you forget your challenge Mr.x, which you gave on phone. wait Let me remind you that..."9Th one down....I killed 9 womens that also under your nose....you are not able to save 9th one also after giving enough hints...next one is 10th...catch me if you can..save her if you can..Mr.X waiting for you." am I right, you challenged entire department Mr.x.

"The 10th one, Anjali Singh Raizada. Your first wife. I think she is safe....and front of your own eyes Mr.x"

Shyam: Who are yoooouuuuuu????? how you know all this????

"you killed them mercilessly, those 9 womens who loved you dear to their hearts. But you killed them after satisfying your lusty and greedy needs. You targeted those, who didnt thought any bad to you. After giving hope of love, you end them with venom of scorpions."

"what you thought, you can hide from this unforgivable crimes."

Shyam: Yesssss, I am Mr.x who killed those womens. seeing them die with taking so much pain is my crazy hobby. But no law can punish a mad person and its not hard for me to prove that I am mentally unstable person.

"You are right, you are safe under any law, which declare you as a Mentally unstable Person. But you are not going under any law, you are going somewhere else Mr.x, where you sent those 9 womens.

Your count down started, when you killed 5th person.. when you killed Lavanya Arora. Same Lavanya Arora who left her family only for you. You killed her, when she was pregnant with your baby. You killed your own blood.

"Today I am ending that count down, Police report will states that, "for my self defense I killed you Mr.x. Your story will end here. saying that she took her safty gun from her shoes which she hided from all. She pointed Gun at shyam. All family looked at Scene with horror filled eyes.

Shyam: Noooo......you cant do this...You cant take law in your hands. You dont have any right, with every word he took backward steps along with that person forward steps.

"you can break a law for crimes but I cant take a law for justice. This is justice to those womens and that unborn baby. only I have the right. you deserve a death from my hands only. Because I am... I am Kushi Arora. Lavanya Arora was my one and only sister. You killed my Diiiiii, Kushi shouted and her eyes filled with tears.

Not taking another second she fired bullet at shyam, which directly aim at his forehead. He fall with blood covered face to meet death. His eye balls capture the picture of gun holding Kushi before closing eyes for forever.

Anjali fall unconscious with shock and other member cried out loud with horror scene which gone through front of their eyes.

After confiring that snake is no more, she turn back to face family who is looking at her with shock. She looked at each and every face and end at Arnav who is supporting his sister to stand. Before she could say anything...

"We got call from Mr.Raizada" Akash: Yes Inspector, I was the one who called you. But you are late officer, he is no more. Akash who come out of the shock replied to Inspector looking at Shyam's dead body.

Seeing dead body Inspector and constables took their cap off.

Inspector:Who killed him. Mr.Raizada how can you take law on your hand.

Kushi turn back to face Inspector " I am the one, Who killed Mr.x officer."

Inspector: Ma'am.. saying that he put back his cap and salute Khushi.

Kushi: yes, Report that, Mr.x is no more. I have to kill him for self defence. And clear this body from here now.

 Inspector: Yes Ma'am. Constable call ambulance.

constable: Yes sir.

Inspector: Ma'am, I hope you are fine, I will arrange your car.

Kushi:I am okay. you can arrange car..befor leaving I have one important duty to finish. please leave us alone for sometime, still ambulance come.

Inspector: yes ma'am. saying that inspector move out.

Kushi looked at Family once again who was expecting lots of explanation from her. Kushi: I know, all your mind filled with so many questions.....her words cut of with Arnav voice.

Arnav: Who are you????

Kushi: Kushi Arora. IPS officer from crime branch.

Manorama: Means you are not Kushi Gupta. You are police officer.

Kushi: Yes I am police officer from Mumbai.

Akash: You used us for your revenge Kushi ji.

Kushi: That is why your sister still alive Mr.Akash.

"I was behind Mr.x. After every crime he hided himself in darkness, not leaving any proof not even his photo. He made sure no one click his picture.Before leaving crime spot he wiped off every clue. with in three year he killed 9 womens. They just lived hardly for 26 to 27 year. They saw the dreams of happy life with their love just like your sister. He used High poision scorpions venom. That spieces rarely found in South Africa and which one are highly coastable. Money for buying those scorpions transferred from Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada's account.

Arnav: Whattttttttt......

Kushi: So first doubt was on you. For confirming our doubt. I entered in that fashion show at Lucknow. It was planned Raizada.

Arnav: That means, that was not by mistake entery of yours.

Kushi: Nope. That day your behaviour with me confirmed that you were killer. But proof, there was no proof...so I made more occasion to come close to you but end up with real fighting and never saw lust in your eyes, which made me confused. One thing was sure, If not you someone related to you.

Arnav: You thought...I was a killer......

 Kushi: I made fake identity of Kushi Gupta, Shashi uncle is a police officer. with his help I become his adopted daughter. Only uncle knew about my real identity. Uncle asked his family to dont disclose his real profession to you all.

on the other hand Shyam entred in our life with fakness due to your video release. When you left Lucknow, I also come here to know about you and your family.

Arnav: Then your entry in my office and then home. am I right.

Kushi: Yes, I doubted each and every one end at your jijaji. Till that day I only heard about your jijaji from Anjali ji's mouth. On other hand shyam entered in our house as a paying guest using innocent buaji.

In Anjali' Ji's Room I saw the great shyam picture, Which clear my every doubts. Killer of my sister is none other than your di's Husband shyam manohar jha. He married your sister only for money, after that fulfilled his lust on other womens and killed them. He entered in our life for me. His lusty eyes were on me. His 10th targets me or Anjali ji, I was sure about that. my confusion cleared when he attempted to kill Anjali ji... Putting electric wire in pool."

Anjali: Why dont you informed us.

Kushi: would you believed me...dont say, I know the answer. when you were not able to believe your own brother than how can you believe me Miss Anjali. This made Anjali's head low with guilty.

Kushi: We needed a solid proof. that was the reason of my silence. Anjali Ji was under our protection. he used same scorpion to kill her but I was the one who changed that with poison less scorpion on Akash's sangeet function day.

I could have killed that snake, when I came to know his true face. But before Killing him I had to break Anjali ji's blind believe on her husband. Agar main aisa nahi karthi..you would be wasting your life worshipping your dead husband.

 "every time your sister escaped because our shadow police was behind her for her safty. when I came to know your sister is pregnant, yes doctor informed me first, about your sister pregnancy. my responsibility increase for that baby too... you are just like my Laaa di. . who was also 6 months pergnant when she died.. I saw her life less body first. we got her body after three days of her death. still I remember that day when I lost my di..... saying that she cried for her di...making others also in pain.

Arnav looked at kushi and then at his sister. he cant even imagine his life without his di.

Arnav: Kushi...

Kushi: That day, the terrace scene which lead you to misunderstood me. I was making your sister free from that man's hands and targeting my self as his victim number 10th instead of your sister. But your 6 months contract marriage ended my plan.

I was unaware about why you married me. I thought may it was fate and I can look after your sister closly and collect more proof.

Arnav: I am sorry kushi, to Coming between your Mission and thank you for saving my sister.

Kushi: You always came between my mission Raizada. You surrender to that goons for my safty and I could have lost you...I mean you could have died, If I was not on time came to know about his plan and that place where he kept you. I was the one who exchange your real will paper with duplicate one. If I didn't hide orginal one, he could have transfer every property on his name before only.

After that suicide drama, I came know real reason behind our marriage. When you not trusted my word, which hurt me. I joined hands with shyam to disclose the truth to you for that he asked me to make you sign some legal papers.

Plan was full proof, he disclose everything to Arnav ji. With that I can earn back Arnav ji's trust. Shyam real face come out front of whole family when he claim over properties with invalied will paper.

 But all went wrong when you didnt believe on my words and went for Scotland and then he kidnapped you. I had to run behind your kidnap leaving my mission, Mami was with me that is why, I was not able to use my power.

Why you always need a proof to believe me. Kushi asked looking at Arnav.

Arnav: Di was right, my anger always end with giving trouble to others. Thank you for saving my di from that snake bite.

Kushi: Leave all that now. and please dont thank me Raizada. It was my duty and responsibilities. Now I have to leave, I have to report his death to head office and have to go back to my family. you may know my dad. He is also a businessmen. owner of Arora group of industries.

Akash : Yes I know. He is one of the famous industrlist in India.

Kushi: Ya, He is quite famous. Now I am taking your leave. Bye Every one. Anjali ji take care of yourself and forget him.

Arnav:NOOOO... You cant leave like that..you are my wife dammit.

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Apr 2, 2016

Note for you (By Nightangle) (Thanked: 25 times)

Thank you each and every one for your kindful response and encouraging me to give you all new stories.... and next part that will be last part update on sunday....

Apr 5, 2016

I Love You...Mr. Criminal Part 3 (By Nightangle) (Thanked: 80 times)

Kushi: Mr.Raizada, it was 6 months contract. Hardly 10 day left to complete that, so let me leave.

Arnav: How can you let it end.. How can you let our marriage end Kushi.

Kushi: It was a contract deal...I had to complete every clause of that deal which I did. Now its time for the end of that contract.

Arnav: Kushi I know I did mistake. Muje barosa karna tha tum pe. I am sorry for that. but you cant leave me, I love you Kushi. Atlast Arnav confessed his feelings for his wife.

Kushi: No Arnav ji. You never loved me. if you did then you could have trusted me once. From starting, our relationships start with misunderstanding. I thought you were the killer. you thought I was having affair with that snake and all. now I dont want give another chance for misunderstanding Arnav ji. For me my duty come first and I cant risk your life for completing my responsibility like today. so please forget me and move on.

Payal: Kushi never forget this jiji. I got a little sister in you kushi.

Kushi: Never jiji. and jiji shashi uncle is perfectly fine. Its was part of our mission. His life was in danger after knowing everything about Shyam so that is why I asked him to stay paralys for some time. Take care jiji.

Inspector: Ma'am your car arrived as well as ambulance.

Kushi: Thank you.. Bye all. Take care.

 Arnav silently witnse her leaving. Kushi leaves from shantivan leaving whole family in pain....

Days start to roll........Arnav and Kushi Marriage completed 6 months.

Kushi:(POV) Arnav ji, how are you. I am not picking up your calls because it make me weak. sorry for that. I am also Missing you but I cant come in your life. I was in hell when that shyam kidnapped you. I can live knowing that you are safe and sound far away from me but cant risk your life staying near to you. she touched her mangalsutra with eyes filled with tears.

Arnav:(POV) Tomorrow is our 6 months anniversary and tomorrow you will become Mrs.Raizada once again for a life time...you can avoid my calls but I will make sure Tomorrow you will face me, Mrs Kushi IPS.

Mumbai....Crime branch Office

Receptionist (on call): Ma'am Mr.Raizada want to meet you. may I send him to you.

Kushi:yes..send him.

Kushi(POV) why he is here. My days and Nights are filled with his face. I am not able to come out from those memories and increasing my struggle he is here. Her thoughts of chain distrubed with her Arnav ji's entery. Kushi get up from her chair and welcome him with smile.

Kushi: Hello Mr.Raizada. How are you??? Please take a seat.

Arnav:Ma'am.... Kushi: You can call me my name. You have right to call me by name.

Arnav: I am here to file a case Ma'am. which made kushi little worry.

Kushi: Arnav ji is everything fine.Is Anjali ji fine.

Arnav(hurt): you only care about my family...not about me.

Kushi: You are taking me wrong.

 Arnav: leave all that. I want to file a case for finding my Missing wife, Mrs.Kushi Arnav Singh Raizada.I cant live without her anymore...this 10 days were hell for me.

Kushi: Arnav jii....try to under..

Arnav: I am sure, you are able to find her, give her this and tell her that, Her Arnav ji cant live without her. Because I love her more than my life.If she ready to forgive me ask her to wear this sari for me.. Arnav move out leaving Kushi in confusion.

Arnav(POV) : You have to come back to me Mrs.Raizada. You have to.I will make you come to me...today itself...

Kushi not able to concentrate on her work with Arnav heart touching Confession. she took leave from her duty and come back home with her husband given Gift. Kushi's mom open door with smile.

Mrs. Arora: you are on right time baby. someone is here to meet you.

Kushi: Mom please...first let me in.

Mrs.Arora: Sorry baby..come in.

Kushi enter main hall, only to meet with known face of her life. All the Raizadas sitting along with Guptas and discussing something with her dad.

Kushi: Well planned Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada. First my office then home. Is history repeating reverse.

Arnav: only you can play or what?? .. dont forget I am Arnav Singh Raizada.

"Lad Governor" Kushi murmured to herself.

Arnav:If you are done with your murmuring so can we talk about a deal.

Kushi: Oh god Raizada, why you always stuk with deal.

Arnav: I am businessman Kushi and I am here for a deal. One of the important deal of my life.

Kushi: I am deal for you.?

 Arnav: You are smart Kushi.. You get it, why I am here..

 Kushi: YOUuuuuuuu..

Anjali: Both of you stop it right now....

Anjali walk towards kushi and hug her with happiness. Kushi hug her back.

Kushi: How are you Anjali ji. how is baby doing.

Anjali: Not fine kushi ji..baby missing her mami.

Payal: How are you kushi?? You not even call us for once in this 10 days.

Kushi: Busy with office jiji.

Nk: you are looking cool in this offical dress.

Kushi: Thank you naneji.

Mr.Arora: You never informed us that you know Arnav beta. Not even informed us about your marriage too. We became no one for you.

Kushi: Dad dont start your emotional drama..I am not laa di for fall into it. her words about her di made her dad little emotional, Kushi too become emotional for her di and looked at her and her di wall picture hugging each other one.

 Kushi move towards her dad and hug him and said dont cry.

Kushi: Dad let me first change and then we have word along with tea.

Mr. Arora: Kushi forgive him. Only he can make my daughter happy like before. I lost my one daughter for forever along with that I lost my kush's happiness too...I want that back. I know you love him, you are just upset with the fact that he didnt trust you...please give him a chance, baby.

 Kushi: Dad....

Mr.Arora: I zipped my mouth.

Kushi: Good...let me change and come. saying that kushi move to her room leaving all in confusion.

Mr.Arora: All the best Arnav, Kushi is dominated one, but she will risk her life for her love ones. And she loves you more than her life.

Arnav: I can see that. May I know, If you are this much free to your daughters then why Lavanya eloped with Shyam.

 Mr.Arora: Kushi always express her feelings openlu, She confess everything without thinking its result but Lavanya. She was shy type always use her little sister for express her every feelings or wish. My angels were friends more than sisters. Lavanya always run away from fight but Kushi end up in fights. she fights against every injustice and that was the reason she took IPS. Lavanya took MBA.

Lavanya was protective for Kushi. And Kushi possessive for her di. After having a individual rooms, she always end up in her di's warm for sleep.

suddenly everything changed when Kushi went Scotland for her further training because she became best officer and best shooter in her profession. she was busy with her training, hardly got time to contact us. It was 1 year training program. on other hand Kiran means shyam entered in Lavanya's life. which she hided from all. we started to search groom for her which made her elope with him. She could have expressed her feeling once. Her stunt upset us and we cutted all contact with her. Lavanya informed everything to kushi.

Both were in contact. Lavanya informed her pregnancy to kushi first. All those happened when Kushi was away from her. After her training end, without informing any one she directly went to her sister place along with so many gifts for her sister and baby. But....but....Kushi meet with her di's three day old dead body. Lavanya stayed in a isolated house that is why nobody came to know her death before.

 All looked at the picture of Kushi and her di with pain. Both are looking like angels. Smiling Angels.

Anjali: But why shyam didnt recognised Kushi.

Mrs.Arora: Because we kept our daughters far away from media and not even our mobiles having our family pictures for protective reasons. so he didnt get more information about my other daughter. Kushi was the one asked her di to don't disclose her picture, because she wanted to give surprise to her jiju.

Their conversation end with sweet sound of anklets. All looked at the stair, Where they saw an angel in red saree. She cross every step of stair looking at every one face.

Arnav get up from his place and move towards end of the stair. Give his hand to his angel. She kept her hand in his with beautiful smile.

Arnav: Thank you for giving another chance, for forgiving me Kushi. I know for you, your duty come first and then family. Kushi I want to a piller for you, when you become weak so I can support you. I want become protective arms for you. I love you...lets marry once again wifey with every rituals.......

Kushi: I am ready and I love you too..........Mr.Criminal....

Arnav(confused) : Criminal????

Kushi: Yes Criminal. our story start with my misunderstanding, that you were a killer. And I heard that, there is a indepth relationship between criminal and Police. If there is no criminal then there is no police too. Moreover you did crime...you stole my heart. I love you.....Mr.Criminal Raizada.

Arnav: I Love you Mrs. IPS Raizada.................

The end...

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 I hope you gyss are happy with end.... so Now you all know why.... I Love you... Mr.Criminal.

Apr 11, 2016

Notes for you (By Nightangle) (Thanked: 10 times)

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