Rani Tu Main Raja *completed*

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Jul 8, 2017

Update-49 (Maha update) (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 63 times)

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"why khushi is not attending the phone call...."muttered arnav pacing across his room.

"Arnav, relax...she must have put her mobile in her room and would have in living room..."he told himself. He was trying to contact her from much time. But the thing he didn't know was khushi kept her mobile in silent mode and left to sheetal's house in hurry without taking her mobile. After he got to know through his mom that khushi agreed for the marriage, he badly wanted to talk to her. But at first her number came as BUSY (she was talking to Nisha at that time) and later as her mobile is in silent mode, she didn't listen the ringtone. 

"It's ok arnav....relax. u can talk to her after sometime too..."he told himself to control his panic. He was worried about her. He felt like something is happening with khushi and even he felt like she was crying too. To relax his worrying heart,  he took out her hand kerchief from his wardrobe and holding it with his hand, putting it on his heart and rested himself on recliner closing his eyes. He didn't know when did he get into a deep slumber with the positive dreams of his future...! 


Khushi reached her home with a wide smile on her face. She got to know that sheetal is a nice girl. Now khushi is so confident that she's not at all like Natasha. And also she was so confident and clear about her feelings towards arnav. Her mother, who was in living room watching TV saw her and called her.

"Khushi...." She called her daughter. Khushi smiled at her and went and sat besides her.

"Did u meet ur friend?" She asked khushi. 

"Ha Amma...."she replied with a smile. Ya, she told her mom that she's going to her friend's house to meet her. Nodding her head garima started watching TV again.

Even though khushi's eyes kept on looking at TV, her brain and heart are around arnav. All their moments kept on rewinding in her brain. His sudden proposal, she misunderstanding him as a college student who's like a Romeo, she telling him a lie that her marriage was already fixed, then her job in AR, arnav's Revelation as ASR, his true side-by-the caring and goodness of him, their Agra trip, arnav Saving her from those drunken MLA's son, her hug to him (she blushed little), their return, then her decision to talk to him normally, their arrangements for Aman and reshma's engagement, his genuine happiness when she talked to him normally, aman and reshma's sangeet and marriage which brought them close, then their parents surprise which revealed that arnav is her dad's friend's son who would be her husband if she agrees... She smiled. Now after removing Natasha's effect from her, as she rewind all these incidents she is seeing all positivities in it. 

His first proposal.... He proposed her for marriage directly. And she remembered their conversation in car while going to guest house in Agra where he told her "I proposed like that bcoz of ur words...." 

"My words?!" She thought and started remembering what Happened on that day. 


khushi didi…”someone called her gaining her attention…!!

“payal? Kya hua? U look so tensed?”asked khushi looking at payal who have just sit on a chair besides her….payal is khushi’s junior….she also learning computer course…!!

“didi….i want a suggestion from u”said payal…khushi looked at her and asked “kya hua?” 

“didi u know na….me and akash are friends from childhood……I love him so much didi…..but im so scared to tell this to him”payal told….!! Arnav got alerted to listen khushi’s answer….khushi already expected this from payal….she knows both payal and akash from school days itself…..they both are very nice persons….!!

“payal….did ur parents know about this?”asked khushi directly….!!

“ha didi….i told my mom yesterday that I wanna marry akash after my studies and as they too know akash very well, they too agreed but they told me to ask about akash opinion first…..im scared didi…..i don’t know whether akash loves me or not……but he cares for me and I saw effection on his face……but when im thinking to go and propose him, im scared and shy too”payal said with sweating hands…!! Khushi smiled and said…

“see payal….ur love is true right?”she asked and after getting an immediate nod from payal, she continued “true love doesn’t scare ever…..trust ur love and go and propose akash…..he will agree for sure becoz true love never fail….and remember those people whose love is true, propose directly”she finished with a smile and payal’s fear subsided and with a bright smile said “thank u so much didi….i will go and propose him now only”saying this she left not before pecking khushi on her cheek…!! 

**************Flashback ends*************

Khushi gasped mentally remembering the incident. She remembered his words which he said in car "I saw u before I proposed u that day...." Joining the dots, she thought "is that means that arnav ji was already there when I was talking to Payal that day?!" Her eyes twinkled with happiness. "that means that he took my words seriously and as his love is true he proposed me?!!" Her heart literally thudded with excitement as it's all looking like a fairy love story now to her. She blushed. Her mother is still looking at TV with so much concentration. 

"But what made him fall in love with me??" she wondered but that question seemed like so small now to her. All her questions and queries seems like so small now. All she knew was he proposed her bcoz of her words, and that was indicating that his love is true... She also remembered his words where he said that he fell for her helping nature more than her beauty. And that's enough for her. Infact that's what she always wanted. She wanted her to be husband to love her nature more than her beauty. "beauty doesn't long last. So love should be for my nature not for my beauty..." it's her principle and it's so clear that arnav is the one who has that nature. It's more than enough for her. She's all ready to spend rest of her life with him. 

Her brain is still processing his memories of all these days. She remembered her conversation with Aman on reshma's mehandi day. 


You and arnav ji are so close to each other na?"she asked looking at arnav.

"Yep, she's like my brother..."said Aman. 

"Then he must have told about me to u too na?"she asked after some seconds. 

"Yes, he told everything from the day he saw u..."he said. 

"From the day he saw me?"she was little confused.

"Yep. U must have thought that he's like a Romeo from the way he proposed u na?"he asked. She nodded her head.

"Any girl at ur place would think like that only"he chuckled. "But Khushi, he's not like that..." He added.

"Ya I observed that. But, why did he do like that?"she asked the long nagging question again.

"Ur words mad him do like that..."he answered. 

"Ur friend too said the same....."she rolled her eyes. 

"Hahaha, u do one thing Khushi, ask him again. He will tell u. I won't tell u bcoz there wouldn't be involvement of third person in this love matters..."he giggled. 

"Love?! May b ur friend love me but I don't have any feelings like that about him...."she said with a frown. He smiled a knowing smile which she couldn't understand. 

"Somethings are meant to be considered by heart Khushi, not from mind. Our mind wouldn't join our heart when it comes into the matter of LOVE...."said Aman and looked at Khushi who's looking at him with a puzzled expression. 

"U are confusing me. Wats link of these words with my previous words?!!"she asked with confusion all over her face.  

"Hahaha I said it bcoz u r using ur mind instead of heart..."he said and winked at her.

"I'm not understanding..."she muttered. He smiled as he expected that answer and diverted the topic intensionally bcoz he didn't want to force her to think about arnav. 

"It's ok leave it Khushi, no problem...."he said and she nodded her head with innocence. "But one thing I want to say Khushi, whomever my best friend will marry, that girl would be the luckiest. He has every qualities a girl wish to find in her husband..."said Aman and smiled at her with brotherly affection. 

************Flashback ends*************

Now on thinking about it, khushi got Aman's words exactly. Aman's knowing smile when she told that she doesn't love arnav. "May be he might have understood that I already started loving arnav ji......" She thought. 

"Yes, some things are meant to be considered by heart! Aman was right. All these days I was thinking about arnav using my brain but LOVE is not the thing to consider by MIND...it should be considered by heart....yes! Arnav ji...I love you...."she thought putting her legs on the sofa and hugging her knees with a smile on her face. 

"He has every qualities that a girl wish to find in her husband..." She remembered Aman's words. The same words were said by sheetal too. She frowned. "Wait khushi....for you only one quality is required and it's that he should love ur nature more than ur beauty and it was fulfilled already...but wat more qualities normally girls with to find in their husbands?!!"she just thought casually.  

She looked at her mother who's still watching TV and called her. As she looked towards her daughter, khushi asked "Amma, wat qualities a girl wishes to find in her husband?!"

Garima was surely surprised with her daughter's question. 

"It's depends on the particular girl Khushi...." Said garima after few min. 

"But still, there could be normal qualities na?" Asked khushi. She didn't know how to ask her question correctly. "Acha Amma, in general, what type of person a girl should be married so that she could lead a happy married life?"asked khushi after few seconds. 

"Ummmm generally a girl wish to get a handsome husband..."garima started saying after few seconds.

"My arnav is handsome hunk...."khushi thought hugging her knees. 

"He should have concern towards his wife..."told garima. 

His concerned face when she didn't have her lunch one day bcoz of work, his panic filled expression on seeing her hands wound at Agra, his enquiry about her health the next day started playing on her mind which are so connected to her mom's words. 

"He should understand her wishes just by her expressions without the need of her words..." Said her mother. 

The flashes of arnav taking her to tajmahal, giving her his coat to her so that she could cover her drenched form, calling Kamala to help her started playing on her mind. She didn't ask him all these but he understood her without the need of her words!

"He should fulfill her wishes and should encourage her to achieve her dreams..."garima said. 

From the time period khushi knew him, she could clearly tell that he would obviously encourage her and fulfill her wishes. 

"He should be her protector and savior if things went wrong ever...."said garima.

The images of him protecting her and swetha from Rahul near taj Mahal and fight of him with that drunken MLA'S son on the same night to save her flashed in her mind. She remembered how he held rahul's hand when he was trying to misbehave with khushi. She knew that he was supporting her. She remembered his words to swetha where he said "don’t worry until im with her, no one CAN harm her….I WILL PROTECT HER….." she smiled widely and looked at her mom who's thinking. "May be she's thinking about the qualities to tell me..."she chuckled mentally. 

"He should value HER more than her BODY. I mean he should have LOVE towards her not JUST LUST....love can contains lust too but lust wouldn't contains love....so he should have love towards her not just lust....he should respect her and he shouldn't take advantage of her... The man with true love wouldn't take advantage of any  of her situations...." said garima. 

Khushi knew that arnav LOVES her, it was not just lust but love! Her brain went into the memories of Agra trip. She remembered his words "shut up khushi……neither I love u only for ur beauty nor I lust u ok? Ur blouse’s dori got untie and as u pulled ur hair on ur shoulder, ur back was visible that’s y I asked u to leave ur hair freely on ur back ok? Stop misunderstanding me all the times……I didn’t want u to embarrass in front of me so unexpectedly told ‘it will b nice if u leave them’ but u took it in wrong way……stop thinking negative about me all the time ok? I never lust on u….”he said in one go with clenching jaw….the word “lust” hit his anger…… “and kindly note one thing….all boys are not same….there are many boys who loves a girl truly with whole heart like ME…!!”he added. As soon as he said this, khushi put back her hair on her back and lowered her head with guilt for accusing him like that..!!" She smiled at the memory. How could she forgot that day's conversation?! No way bcoz those lines were the one which put a positive impression on her mind about him. She got a huge respect on him when he didn't take advantage of her. She knew that if he lust her then he would have just left her like that and would have kept on drooling over her back but he didn't do like that. He infact asked shila to help her in tieing her Dori. If he really wanted to take advantage then he himself would have tied it but he respected her and so didn't want to make her uncomfortable and so asked shila to help her. She also remembered the way she gave his coat to her when she drenched in rain near Taj Mahal. She was totally drenched and her white dress was sticking to her like a second skin and when she was trying to cover herself with dupatta, he offered his coat. Before accepting his coat she looked at him who had his head in opposite direction facing the window. She didn't tell it to anyone still but that small incident was impressive! She clearly observed that he didn't turn his head towards her until she asked him to start the car. If watever the feeling he had towards her was just lust and if he wanted to take advantage of her then he would have done ANYTHING at that moment on seeing khushi like that and he could even capable of doing like that as she was ALONE in that car but he didn't. And those two incidents were the ones which played in her mind after listening to her mother's words. 

"He should not have any bad habits like drinking smoking etc tc..."said garima.

"Is it any question to ask?! My arnav ji didn't have any such habits..." She thought with proudness.

"And the girl would be so lucky if she could find the care and comfortable with him similar to her dad..."said garima.

She again remembered the same drunken people incident where her  ankle got twisted.


“shhh….relax…it will b cured….relax..”he said and started to blow over the small scratch that had present on her foot. Right at the moment, khushi remembered her dad who blew air on her knee when she fell down wen she was 10 years old…! Tears automatically formed in her eyes and she lost in thoughts. Observing her to lose in thoughts, he twisted her ankle in opposite direction so that her twist got removed. She screamed with pain which came out of her thoughts.

(Flashback ends)

Yes, she remembered her father at that time seeing arnav and that's y she hugged him that day. And his reciprocate of that hug had relaxed her panic heart. She couldn't deny that she felt so comfortable in his presence and hug

"And there is an extra quality...."said garima with a chuckle.

"Extra quality?"asked khushi.

"Yes, and that is, people will recognize them as husband and wife as soon as they stand adjescent to each other...."garima said.

At first khushi was surprised bcoz the same thing happened to her and arnav too. "Thank God ur husband came at the correct time..."swathi said at taj Mahal and shila told "she's bhabhi right?!" to arnav. She mentally chuckled. "Well, we both look made for each other too ....." She accepted finally. Actually she felt like that before too but accepted it now only. 

"You know what khushi, a girl will be lucky if she get a soulmate as her life partner..."said garima.

"Soulmate? Means?"asked khushi. She doesn't think about the word.

"Soulmate means who can feel ur soul. If u are happy then his soul can feel it and he would be happy too...if u r sad his soul can feel it....if u r in danger, his soul can feel it....if u talk about him in ur heart, he can feel it....soulmates exists so rarely...."said garima. 

Again khushi's brain went into the memories of Agra trip. She remembered how she uttered his name looking at those drunken people. "do u know how my heart panicked when I felt like u were calling me..?!" They are his words that day. "means he could feel my heart's words..."she muttered herself with a awestruck smile on her face.

"And the girl will be luckiest if her man ready to do anything for her happiness...if that 'anything' includes in distancing himself from her too, he would ready to do that..... That's true love! Nobody can break that love....and that girl would be luckiest...."said garima with a smile looking at her daughter. Khushi smiled too. 

"By the way khushi...why did u ask like that?"she asked.

"Nothing Amma...just like that...."said khushi shrugging her shoulder. After gaze of few seconds, garima nodded her head and left from there. 


(At the airport, Delhi) 

She looked outside from the window and muttered herself "I will miss u ASR..." She sighed. "But thank u ASR for giving me a hope that there exists men like you. I thought that all men are same until I met you but you changed my thought. I hope that I get a life partner like you...I will miss you so much...." She thought and wiped the lone tear that escaped from her eyes. Even though she said to arnav and khushi that she was leaving to USA in few days, she was leaving tonyt only that too without informing anyone. She thought that it would be better if she go like this. 

"Miss are you ok?"she heard one male voice and turned her head towards her right only to see a man with blue eyes looking at her with concern.

"Yes, I'm ok...it's just that I'll miss Delhi..."she said looking out of the window.

"Oh...u can again come here right?"he asked with a smile.

"No....I wouldn't come here again..."she said with a force smile.

He felt that she was sad and so diverted the topic.

"Oh...r u a student? Going to higher studies?"he asked casually.

"No....I'm a model... going to work in William's designers...."she started participate in the conversation to divert her mind.

"Oh wow! I'm going to work as a photographer in the same company..."he told with excitement jumping lightly in his seat. 

"Oh that's nice..."she said with a smile. 

"By the way I'm Roshan...."he said extending his hand.

"I'm sheetal..."she told shaking her hand with his. Can this Roshan able to bring the light in her life?! Destiny should know it. 


Khushi looked at her mobile to see many missed calls from arnav.

"So many missed calls?" She frowned. "May be he wanted to talk to me after listening my answer to the proposal..."she muttered with a smile. She called him back but cut it before it get connected.

"It's 11.30. He must have slept...I'll talk to him tomorrow..."she muttered and lied down on her bed to have a sleep full of their dreams. 


"Khushi..... khushi wake up..."someone shook her. She lazily opened her eyes only to find nisha's face. 

"Nisha you? Here?"she jerked up with shock. "How could u be here? You should be in Bangalore right?"asked khushi with shock.

"Uffooo pagli....I came yesterday to Delhi. Before u ask me "why?" Let me tell u, are u expecting me to be away from my bestie when she's here being confused about her marriage alliance? Now don't question again, Aunty and uncle went to Temple and as u didn't wake up yet, I came here to wake you up....now go and get fresh up soon.... I'll prepare breakfast....goooo....."Nisha said in one go and  literally pushed khushi towards washroom. 


"So, now tell me khushi..... What have u decided about the proposal?"asked Nisha after they finished their breakfast.

"I love him Nisha...."said khushi with a shy smile and also told her how she find out about sheetal and all. Nisha was keenly listening khushi. They both sat on sofa. Khushi's back was facing the entrance of their house where as Nisha is facing the entrance. 

"U know what when I came to my room after seeing arnav ji as groom, I was so confused and yes,I told yes for the marriage only for my parents at that time but...."her words got stopped with nisha's shout.

"Who are u man? Don't u have manners of knocking door before entering into the house?"said Nisha. Khushi turned around only to see arnav there.

"Arnav ji?!"said khushi.

"Arnav? Is he arnav?" Asked Nisha for which khushi nodded. But all her concentration is on arnav who looked so broken and there were tears in his eyes. 

"Arnav ji, are you ok?" She asked with concern and was about to move towards him but he stopped her indicating with his hand.

"Answer me khushi... Did u agree for this proposal only for ur parents?" He asked with pain and anger in his voice. She was shocked seeing his angry plus painful form and so didn't utter any word.

He misunderstood her silence and took two steps back.

"I don't want this marriage to happen now...."Nisha and khushi gasped hearing him. 


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Jul 16, 2017

Update-50 (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 65 times)

(few min back)

Arnav is pacing to and fro in his room. 

"Why khushi is not picking up her mobile? She didn't reply to my msgs or missed calls last nyt too!" He muttered. Least he knew that khushi's mobile was still in silent mode! He again dailed her number but it's not responding. To relax his panic heart, he took a deep breath closing his eyes. 

"What if....what if she doesn't like this alliance but agreed it for her parents?!!"he thought while opening his eyes. His brain couldn't deny the fact that there might be chances of that becoming true. He knew that even though khushi was not ready, she would agree for her parents bcoz she respects them most. But he didn't want to came to conclusion by himself. He wanted to talk to khushi directly and so took out his car keys and left from there even without taking his coat. 

All the way his heart was beating fast. Reaching her house he directly started walking towards the door. He could hear thin voice of khushi and in his exciting state he opened the door without knocking it. But, what he heard the next minute had removed blood from his face and his small doubt had came true. 

There he heard "U know what when I came to my room after seeing arnav ji as groom, I was so confused and yes,I told yes for the marriage only for my parents at that time..." By khushi's mouth. That's it, his only doubt of that morning became true. He even didn't see Nisha besides khushi and he even didn't hear khushi's call too. All what his mind was passing him were the words told by her few seconds back. "She agreed the alliance ONLY for her parents?! How could she put her happiness at sake?!!" That's what he thought right at the moment. He didn't think about his happiness, he only thought about her. He got angry on her for taking such important decision without her heart! His heart's pain started reflecting through his eyes and tears of anger and that pain started dropping down from his eyes. At that moment, he saw khushi started moving towards him. "Does she ever think about her happiness?!"he thought before stopping her indicating with his hand. No other words had been heard by him!

"Answer me khushi... Did u agree for this proposal only for ur parents?" He asked with pain and anger in his voice. She was shocked seeing his angry plus painful form and so didn't utter any word.

He misunderstood her silence and took two steps back with broken form.

"I don't want this marriage to happen now...."Nisha and khushi gasped hearing him. 

"Arnav.... listen to her once..." Said Nisha trying to clear the misunderstanding but his one angry glare stopped her from Talking where as khushi kept stuck to her spot seeing a completely different argry arnav Infront of her. 

Turning towards his lady love, he said "how could you do this khushi? How could you? I already told u na to take decision from ur heart? I already told u to refuse this proposal if u are not ready for it... Then how could you agree for it for ur parents khushi?! How could you be happy after ur marriage if u marry me without ur heartful wish ah?"he screamed on her while more tears started flowing down from his eyes. "No khushi....this marriage can't be happened..." He moved towards her and cupped her face into his palms and said "I can't risk ur happiness at stake! If I have to move away from u for YOUR happiness, I'll do it...." He whispered. 

He took two steps back with stone heart and said "this marriage wouldn't happen...I wouldn't let this marriage happened.... Khushi should be Happy always....I'm going to tell my parents that I don't want this marriage..." Saying this in one go, he quickly turned around and started walking towards the door. After reaching the door, he turned around only to saw a no response from khushi and he ran towards her and hugged her one last time letting her neck wet with his tears and quickly moved out of the house. He only knew that with how much difficulty he uttered those words. He beared the pain his heart went through for her bcoz he thought that she wouldn't be Happy if this marriage happens! 

On the other hand, khushi was completely out of world! All she's remembering were her mother's words. 

"And the girl will be luckiest if her man ready to do anything for her happiness...if that 'anything' includes in distancing himself from her too, he would ready to do that..... That's true love! Nobody can break that love....and that girl would be luckiest...."she remembered her mother's words and a slow smile appeared on her blank face. 

"Gosh! U both are alike! Wouldn't listen to other's completely!"muttered Nisha and looked at khushi only to find her smiling.

"Khushi....why are u smiling?!"asked a bewildered Nisha shacking her. 

"Nisha...he did like that for me..."whispered khushi.

"What?!"Nisha was clearly confused about khushi's happy face! Why wouldn't she?! She thought that khushi would cry but there she was smiling! 

"Nisha.... He said like that bcoz he was thinking that I wouldn't be happy after marriage if I do this marriage without my heart's content! He's thinking about MY happiness first more than HIS....did u see how broken he was with the thought of being away from me but still he was ready to go away from me just FOR me... He loves me so much and I love him to the core of my heart...."she said with happiness looking at the door. 

"Khushi u know what..."she heard nisha's voice and looked at her "u are totally mad!" She exclaimed.

"Whatttt? But why?"asked khushi.

"Orelse what should I call u as? U are telling me that u love him but does he ever know about it? U mad girl.... He said that he will tell his parents that he doesn't want this marriage...if that happen, then this marriage wouldn't happened. Before he talk to his parents, u just go and tell him about ur feelings and clear the misunderstanding..." Said Nisha in one go smacking khushi's head lightly. 

"Omg, I really forgot that..... I'll go to him now itself..."said khushi climbing the stairs. 

"Where he would have gone to?"shouted nisha.

"I think he must have gone to office only ....."answered khushi before going to her room to take her scooty's keys. 


Reaching his cabin, he threw his coat on the floor and slumped down on the floor with so much sadness. There is still much time for the staff to arrive. 

"Why khushi.... Why did u do this.... Do u have any idea how it's paining my heart to move away from u? It's killing my insides....I love u so much khushi that's y I have to move away from you for ur happiness.... I thought that u started loving me but seems like I was wrong! I think u were thinking me as your boss only...."he muttered and started crying so much. All the images of their meets started playing in his brain. From the day he saw her scooty when she saved sameera from teasing to the incident that happened few min back all conversations started playing on his brain displaying her memories to him. He was so lost in those memories that he didn't know how much time he kept on crying like that kneeling on the same spot. 

"Arnav ji...."he heard her voice and turned around only to find khushi who was panting due to her run from the parking lot to his cabin. 

"Tum?"he asked with surprise. Soon his surprise went into anger and he wiped his eyes with the back of his palm and stood to face her. 

"Why did u come here ah? Do u want anything to tell now? Just go away khushi...why are u making it so difficult for me to move away from you?"he screamed. 

She flenched with his anger which she never experienced till the date but still gulping her fear she said "arnav Ji....listen to me once..."

"No khushi.... I don't want to listen anything now anymore..... I came to know that u don't like me. U just treated me as a boss but u never responded to my LOVE! When u said that u r agreeing for this marriage, I thought that u too love me but I was a fool to think like that! Do u know how much it is paining me? Even the mere thought of going away from you tearing my heart into million pieces! Then how can I move on further?! But I know that u will marry some other guy and will be his forever...."he finished clenching his teeth with jealous. 

That's all! Now, his last words raised khushi's short temper and so she grabbed his collar and pulled him towards her saying "don't u dare to say that! Nobody would tie mangalsutra around my neck except you...." She said in one go. He was shocked as slowly her words started sinking into his mind. None of them responded for next few seconds... They kept on looking at each other's eyes. His words started replaying in her brain again and again. She realized how much sadness she caused him in these few min and her eyes started watering immediately. 

"Khushi??"he asked seeing tears in her eyes. Now this time she remembered all of their times specially his angry and pained form few min back and felt so guilty for making him that much sad and started crying so much. She slumped down on the floor hiding her face in her Palms all the while crying. 

All his initial anger and hurt got replaced with concern seeing her crying that much. "Khushi? What Happened? Why are u crying?! Khushi....look at me...."he said with concerned filled voice kneeling down in front of her. She looked at him and hugged him.

"I'm sorry arnav ji....I'm so sorry! Sorry for hurting u that much in these few minutes...I apologise sincerely. I'll do watever u ask me to do but don't cancel the marriage arnav ji... don't tell ur parents that u don't want to marry me... Please arnav ji...I can't imagine any other person as my life partner other than you! I love you arnav ji .....I love you so much!" She said in one go hugging him tightly. Where as a wide smile appeared on his face as her words sank into his brain, she got to know about her love towards him COMPLETELY on the moment he told that she would marry some other person! The mere thought of imagining another person as her life partner was so painful for her and that explained her how much she loves him. 

"Khushi....what are you saying?!"he asked doubting his own ears. 

She came out of hug and told "yes arnav ji.... I love u. At first I said yes for the marriage for my parents but later I realized my love towards you..." With that she told what happened from the time she saw sheetal in his cabin. She told him about her point of view and also told him about Natasha's influence on her. "But I cleared all the misunderstanding by myself and that's what I was telling to Nisha today few min back.... I was telling her that even though I said yes for marriage for my parents, later I realized my love but you...you didn't listen us completely and said that u will cancel the alliance..."she said still crying. 

"Don't cancel it arnav ji....plz...I'm sorry ..I'm sorry for everything through which I had hurted u but plz don't say no to the alliance.... I love you arnav ji....I love you so much...plz don't cancel it...."she started saying it again and again without giving him the chance to talk. 

"Khushi listen me...."he said but she didn't listen him and kept on saying sorry to him again and again in anxiety! 

He waited for few seconds so that she could calm down but it didn't happen so he cupped her cheeks and placed his lips on hers in order to control her anxiety. He wasn't kissing her, he just placed his lips without moving them. He just wanted to make her relax first before he talk to her about his feelings right at the moment. She felt a shiver down her spine with the contact of his lips on hers and her mind went numb for few seconds until he suck her lower lip. She gasped....all her anxiety went out of the window. He held her cheeks and kept his lips on her for few more seconds. He could clearly felt the shiver her body felt and smiled slightly. After few seconds he felt her relaxing form and reluctantly took back his lips. 

On looking at her face which got slight shy smile, a wide smile appeared on his face. 

"It's not a dream right?"he asked breaking the silence. She made an eye contact with him and said "it's true arnav Ji...." 

"Shhhh...." He cut her sentence. "Call me arnav...just arnav...." He added. 

"Arnav....."she called and hugged him closing her eyes with satisfaction. 

He hugged her back and rested his head on hers. He was angry, sad few min back but after listening to her completely specially about Natasha, he understood her. She loves him and that's what he want to cherish right at the moment! 

"U made my day khushi.... All my previous tears and sadness got wiped off with ur confession. Thank u so much khushi. Thank u for accepting my love....I'm so lucky to get u in my life..."he said. 

"No no....I'm lucky to get u in my life..."she said and both smiled. Their silence got disturbed by his Mobile's ringtone. Still in hug, he took out his mobile.

"Khushi...where is ur mobile? It's call from ur mobile only..."he said with a frown. 

"Oh ya....I forgot my mobile at home...it must be Nisha..."she said and took his mobile to answer the call. 

"Hello..."said khushi.

"Khushi...it's me, Nisha...where are u? Is everything ok?"she asked.

"Ha Nisha.... everything is ok now..."she answered still in his hug. He took his mobile from her and said "thank u Nisha....for making ur friend's brain to lit up by giving her class..."he said with a chuckle. 

Nisha smiled and said "that's my duty as her best friend arnav....congrats to u for getting her....enjoy ur time with her now...."she said with a giggle and end up the call after bidding bye to arnav. Nisha has full faith that khushi is safe with arnav. After putting his mobile back into his pocket he resumed his hug. They both r at peace in that hug. 

"Did u put ur mobile in silent mode yesterday?"he asked after few seconds for which she nodded. 

"Btw arnav, tell me one thing....when did u see me first?"she asked coming out of the hug. 

"When u saved sameera from Eve teasing, then....I saw ur scooty and later I saw u saving another two people saving from Eve teasing and fell in love with ur nature...later that I started stalking u silently and on the day I proposed u, u we're talking to a girl Payal. U we're Telling her that whose love was true, they would propose directly. And those words of your's made me propose like that...."he ended with a wink. 

"So my guess was correct..."she thought.

"U r so different from other men and Aman was correct, u have all qualities which a girl wish to see in her husband...."she said losing into his eyes. "Marry me Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada...."she added.

"Are u ordering me Ms. Kushi Kumari gupta?"he asked with a smile.

"Obviously.... Marry me Mr.Raizada..."she said again. He answered her order with a kiss on her forehead.

"I will follow ur order with my pleasure young lady...."he said and hugged her again. A content smile played on both of their lips welcoming the new beginning of their love story. It was only one sided love story till now but it's going to be mutual love from that moment so it's so so sooooooo special to them specially to arnav! 


 Is it too dramatic????? *Thinking deeply*

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Jul 21, 2017

Update-51 (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 47 times)

"famous business tycoon Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada is going to get married in 10 days. Finally, their family had revealed the news and we got their engagement picture too. The bride's name is Khushi Kumari Gupta. But sadly, they didn't reveal any details more about the bride..."she read the news looking at her mobile and smiled-a genuine smile. She heard a knock on the door of her room and said "come in". The person who knocked the door came in and smiled at her. 

"Roshan...see their pic...they are looking so cute with each other na..."she said going towards him with excitement as soon as he came into her room. 

"Ha sheetal...they are looking cute together..."he said with a small smile but his whole concentration is on sheetal. Her wide smiled slowly decreased and a small smile stood on her lips. She went towards the dressing table and sat on the chair Infront of it and looked at her reflection. Sheetal Kappor- the growing up model in USA. She left a sigh of disappointment. All her expressions were being observed by Roshan who had camera in his one hand while other hand was put inside his pocket. He took his steps towards her and sat on the table opposite to her placing his back towards dressing table and thus facing her. 

"Sheetal..."he hold her hand with concern. 

"I'm fine Roshan...."she answered his unasked question. She knew him very well by then. Even she herself was so surprised bcoz they understood each other's thoughts without words. 

"Don't say lie with me sheetal.... I knew you. I can see the sadness behind ur eyes when u uttered 'im fine' ur eyes tell me that u r not fine...."he said with soft voice. 

She sighed and told "it's just that I'm feeling bad that I can't go to their marriage....I really wish to see their marriage Roshan..."she told him honestly. It's been 5 months since she moved to USA and she's growing up as a successful model gathering the best and appropriate opportunities she get. From the very first day that she met Roshan in flight, he became her only light in her darkness. From her previous all hardles she knew very well about guys and after talking to Roshan she got to know that he's a genuine guy and so accepted his friendship when he offered it within five days of their meet. And he had obviously proved that he's most genuine guy and eventually she got closed to him with in the span of three months and thus one day in between talks she told about her past to him including her first love too. And Roshan was the one who supported her so much when she was crying remembering all her past. He was there to make her laugh when she gets sad, he was there as a friend in fact more than a friend when she was feeling alone. 

"So let's go to their marriage then..."said Roshan.

"No Roshan....I don't wanna step into Delhi now. I'm not ready to face them now....as much as I want to see their marriage, I don't want to face them right now specially when I haven't moved on from my heart break..." She said with a sigh. Roshan just smiled but he only knew that how much he's cursing that ASR. Well, why wouldn't he! After all ASR was the first love of his first love! 

"Acha, ok...leave all this now.....all set ready for the photoshoot. I came to inform u that....come soon...."said Roshan showing his charming smile to sheetal and went out of her room. Sheetal looked at his retreating figure and smiled. She knew that Roshan loves her. His way of flirting with ONLY her, his protective nature, the way he make her smile and laugh with his dramatic jokes and specially his care told her that he is in love with her. His jealous when she talk about ASR confirmed her, even though he never tell her that he's jealous of ASR, she could see his anger from his eyes whenever she talk about ASR! She could agree that she likes Roshan but ONLY as a friend! And more over that she was not at all ready to fell in love again bcoz she didn't remove her feelings towards arnav yet. But time only will know whether she would fell in love again or not! 


(In Delhi)

"Wow! What a climate...!"exclaimed khushi with awestruck expression looking at the black clouds those were being spread in the sky like a black blanket. 

"Wow! What a bike ride....!"exclaimed arnav who was driving the bike while looking at khushi's hand that she kept on his shoulder. 

"I heard that...."she giggled.

"So what....u and me on this bike, clouds are covering the sky and a long drive....how romantic....Hai na?"he asked with a wink. "And if it's started raining soon then it would be super romantic..."he added. 

"Arnav...tum bhi na...."she said and hugged him from behind. "U know what, eating Pani Puri in this lovely weather would be awesome...."she said with a dreamy voice. He smiled listening her. 

With in five minutes, he parked his bike near a Pani Puri stall nearby. 

"Wow! Pani puriiiiii....."she screamed with excitement and went towards the stall holding his hand. He kept on looking at his white dress cladded khushi with a smile and walked along with her. 




"Happy?"asked arnav looking at khushi who's eating Pani puri. They both sat near one table and having Pani Puris. 

"So much.... Thank you!"see told with a wide smile. 

"Anything for my love...."said arnav and quickly grabbed one panipuri from her hand which she was about to eat and put it into his mouth and started munching it. 

"Hawww arnav....u stole my Pani Puri..."she complained like a kid. 

"Soooo tastyyyy...."he said looking at her. Even though he didn't tell directly, she knew whom he's referring to! 

"I'll bring two more plates of Pani Puri...."she said and went. The weather is still cloudy and strangely rain didn't get started yet. Arnav kept on looking at khushi with a smile on his face. In these 5 months, he got to know about khushi so much. She had become so convenient to tell him about her tastes and issues. Both felt comfortable with each other. He got to know the childishness of khushi who has simple simple wishes in these five months. One plate Pani Puri, some roses, one chocolate and 5 min of heartful talks on phone, one long drive per a week, one movie per a month are enough to make her feel happy and special. She doesn't need any expensive gifts or gold and diamond jewelry. Her wishes are so so so simple. He got to know that khushi would be so crazy with the people she loves. She's obviously matured and tough but to crack for outsiders but for the people she loves, she would be a crazy, stubborn, concerned khushi who can talk endlessly. Not only he, but also she felt blessed to have him in her life! She too got to know better about him-my tastes, likes and dislikes and all. Now her day starts with his msg and ends with her good nyt to him on phone call. 

"I love u khushi..."he thought while looking at her who's walking towards the table holding Pani Puri plates. 



"Khushi...."he called her looked up from her plate. 

"So in four days our marriage rituals are going to start...."he started.

"Ha....I'm so excited..."she said. 

"But I didn't propose u for marriage officially..."he said with a smile.

"Arnav...wats need of proposing me?! U already know that I'm ready to marry u right?!"she said casually. 

"Ya but.....I want to make ur dream come true...."he said. He knew that she used to have a dream of her fiance proposing her for marriage but after meeting arnav, she didn't want to see him on KNEES infront of her....she doesn't want her love on his knees ever even though it's for a proposal. 

Before she could say anything further, she got up from his chair while taking Pani Puri plate in which she served Pani Puri for him and bent down on his knees. She got up from her chair with surprise! 

Extending the pani Puri plate as if it is roses, he said "khushi, don't think that my knees are hurting or don't feel bad as I stood on my knee but just let me do this and fulfill ur wish which u had during ur teenage. I don't know those filmy dialogues to propose khushi but I can say few things which I am telling from the bottom of my heart. U r the much special girl in my life after my mother. I'll take care of u and be with u all my life and fulfill all ur wishes. I will give u Pani Puri whenever u wish to eat them (he winked for which she chuckled) if u become like Pani, I'll be Puri to hold u and our life will be like Pani puri-delicious (she giggled loudly listening his weird proposal) so khushi.... Are u ready to share that delicious life with me? Will u marry me?"he asked with a wide smile looking at khushi who's smiling widely. 

She giggled and ate one Pani Puri from that plate before taking that plate from his hand. She kept that plate aside and kneeled down so that she can face him directly and said "yes" and hugged him. 

"Awwww...." The crowd around them said in unison seeing the unique proposal and some of them who recognized ASR had uploaded that video on social networking sites too. 

"I am ready to taste delicious pani Puri like life with you arnav...."she said hugging him and giggled. Rain drops started showering on their heads as if it's blessing them for their new life which is going to start very soon. 


(After ten days)

"Khushi kick the rice pot..."said aradhya to her daughter-in-law and the new bride-khushi did as per aradhya's instructions. 

"Now u both hold ur hands and step inside the house...."said manav. Both arnav and khushi looked at each other with a smile and stepped inside her sasural. 

"Arnav, u shouldn't leave her hand ever and khushi u too(not verbally).... U both should stand with each other and support each other for the rest of ur lives...."said aradhya with a smile after they reach inside the house. 

"Ha.... Being an elder I would like to suggest u one thing for the happy married life. Between husband and wife nobody should be dominated one ALL the time. Nok joks would be there in any couple's life but never let ur egos come into ur relation. If u once let ur ego to win, then there will be problems about ur relation. A wife and husband's relationship should be like- if one person compromise for one issue then other person should compromise for another issue. I know u both understand each other and so have a happy married life.... My wishes and blessings are always with you.... Have a memorable life ahead...."said manav and nodding their heads, noting his every suggestion into their brains, arshi bent down and took blessings of aradhya and manav. Aradhya smiled and took them to the Pooja mandir inside the house and remaining people including khushi's parents, Aman and reshma, Nisha followed them.








Arnav reached THEIR room escaping Aman who was all ready to keep him busy intentionally. Poor arnav, Aman kept on teasing him very badly in these five months and more over that right now when arnav wanted to spend some quality time with khushi, Aman didn't leave him easily. Well, Aman was just taking revenge. When arnav asked "Aman spare me plz......I want to meet khushi..." Then the only answer Aman said was "u didn't spare me when I wanted to meet reshma on my first night. U kept on teasing me and kept me busy with office work intentionally...so to for tat..." and strangely all elders supported Aman!  But finally arnav escaped from him and reached his room where his apple of eye was being sat on their bed. Her face is covered with the pallu. 

Locking the door, he went towards her being lost in her beauty and sat besides her. After removing pallu from her face, he saw her shy eyes and lips which she's biting with nervous. 

"Khushi?"he called her but she didn't lift her head. "Nervous?!"he added and she nodded this time. He cupped her face and kissed her forehead with effection and hugged her saying "don't be nervous...we can take the relationship to next level slowly..."he said patting her head lovingly. 

"Arnav...."she whispered after few min. 

"Hmmmm?"he said with closed eyes feeling her warmful hug.

"I'm ready to take our relationship to next level...."she whispered again. A wide smile appeared on his face and he asked "are u sure khushi?" He felt her nodding against his neck and she hid her face shyly in his neck. With a giggle for her shyness, he bent towards her neck to kiss her and they both submitted themselves to each other. That day their life as husband and wife got started with blessings of the god. 


 So....how's it? It's the last chapter of this story..! I'll update epilogue as soon as I can.

 @sasi, tarun17, Arshi95Twilight, Londoner, Jenny, nupur, Khushisingh96, noordina, prachi21, Lily30....thanks a ton for ur valuable comments dearies. They mean alotttttt to me.

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Sep 30, 2017

Epilogue (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 45 times)

Thanks to everyone who had been encouraging me through this entire journey of RTMR. Sorry for late epilogue! We shifted to new city and it took lot of time for me to settle here. Here is the epilogue. No proof read. Plz spear the mistakes.


(after 5 years)

"That's how she got the sunshine in the darkness of her life. At last, she started believing the destiny and accepted him putting aside all of her unnecessary insecurities..." Reading these last sentences of the book, khushi kept the book aside looking at it's cover pic so keenly. 

"Arnav..."she called her husband who was sitting on the recliner doing some work in his laptop. He diverted his looks from laptop to her. "I think this book is written by sheetal..."said khushi pointing the book "her sunshine" in her hand. 

"Y do you think so?"asked arnav casually.

"The female lead's story in this is very similar to sheetal's...even one character in the book-arjun is very similar to you..." Said khushi. Arnav got up from his place and came towards her who sat on the bed.

Taking the book from her hand, he asked "u read this book in one day?!!" She nodded with sheepish smile. He chuckled knowing very well about his wife. If she find any book interesting, she will read it in single day anyhow. 

"But khushi, the author's name is ROSHAL...not sheetal..."he pointed out after reading author's name on the cover of the book. 

"Ya, observe the second half of the book. It contained "hal" as per my estimation "ros" must be the initial name of her lover.... She must be in love..." Said khushi with a bright smile. 

He smiled too and said "I wish she gets all happiness in her life...but khushi, we can't decide whether it was written by her or not..." After their marriage, once khushi told about sheetal's past to arnav, Aman and reshma. They all felt so sad listening it. Even though arnav tried to contact sheetal as per khushi's wish, sheetal didn't leave any single stone so that none of them were able to contact her. 


Far across the oceans....

She looked at her reflection in the mirror with a genuine smile. A pair of hands hugged her from behind and she smiled looking at Roshan through mirror. Putting her hands on his, sheetal leaned onto his chest still looking at their reflection. 

"You are looking so beautiful in this sari..."he said placing a sweet kiss on her neck. She smiled shyly. "Thank you"she replied. 

"Congrats again, for the success of ur book Roshal..."said Roshan with a smirk. 

"Thanks again..."she said with a giggle. "But it wouldn't have been possible without ur support.... thanks for being there with me..."she said turning around. 

"If I wouldn't support MY girl, then whom should I support?! You are my first love sheetal...my present life.... I'll be always with you all along my life...."he said cupping her face. He bring her left hand to his mouth and kissing her ring finger he said "I promise on our engagement ring.... Sheetal and Roshan would be always together... without sheetal, there wouldn't be Roshan..." Sheetal smiled emotionally and saying "me too..." Locked her promise with a kiss.

After one year of reaching USA, sheetal started coming out of her first heartbreak, all the while Roshan was always there with her everyday. As the time moves on, sheetal told Roshan about her main ambition of becoming a writer. He encouraged her. When she refused his idea saying "what can I write about?!" He said "write ur story....just follow ur dreams..." With his encouragement and support she started pendown her own life. There were many times she broke down in front of Roshan by remembering all the things that had happened in her life. But his physical and mental support made her finish the book. In between of writing the book, she realized her feelings towards Roshan and breaking the regular ritual, she herself proposed him and he agreed instantly jumping up and down like a kid with happiness. Even though she completed the book, she didn't have enough courage to publish it. Finally after two years, she published her story with the encouragement of Roshan. And it became hit with the time. In between the time, Roshan introduced sheetal to his parents(who lives in Delhi) and they instantly liked her. After getting attached to them slowly through Skype, she told all of them about her past including arnav and they supported her too. One year back, when Roshan's parents came to USA to visit him, they did engagement of Roshan and sheetal. They are going to get married in two months and for that they are going to India now.


(At Delhi)

"Bhabhi came......"rashi-roshan's younger sister said with excitement after listening car's sound and came out of the house with excitement. Watching sheetal stepping down from car, she went running to her and hugged her tightly. "I miss u bhabhiii....." Said Rashi. 

"Oy hello.....ur brother is also here...but u are only missing ur bhabhi?"said Roshan. 

"Hehehe I miss u too...."she hugged him "but I miss bhabhi more...." Winking at him, a chuckling Rashi took a giggling sheetal inside. Sheetal got an younger sis in the form of her sister-in-law and a father and mother in the form of her father-in-law and mother-in-law. 


"Roshan....I want to invite khushi and arnav too..."said sheetal holding wedding cards. 

"Are you sure? I mean....arnav was ur... would you be ok if u meet him?" Roshan hesitated. 

Sheetal understood his concern and said "Roshan...arnav was my past. Now I love YOU...I love you more than my life.... Now if I meet arnav too, it wouldn't effect me much..."she said cupping his face. Roshan kissed her palm and started his car towards arnav's house. 


Their car stopped in front of arshi's house. Sheetal got down from the car and looked at the closed doors. She was waiting for Roshan to get down from the car when door got opened and a three years old cute girl came running with her tiny feet and his behind sheetal, covering herself with her sari. She looked at the little kid amused with the way she covered her head with her pallu. By then Roshan too reached her side and he removed that pallu away from that kid's head. But she again put sheetal's pallu over her head with panic expression. Both sheetal and Roshan chuckled and sheetal asked. 

"Hey cutie, why are you hiding urself like this?" Sheetal asked removing her pallu over her head.

"Aunty... don't remove this pallu from my head. Orelse mamma will find out me and give me milk to drink...that milk yuck yuck...."she complained with her cute language. 

"She must be arnav and khushi's kid..."said Roshan. 

"I think so..."replied sheetal with a smile. Picking up the kid, Roshan moved towards the door. Whereas sheetal followed him, that kid was asking him to cover her so that her mom can't see her! 

Khushi opened the door after hearing the calling bell and she was surprised to see sheetal in front of her. 

"Sheetal..."she smiled widely and hugged her with one hand while holding the milk glass in another hand. Sheetal hugged her back. 

"How are u sheetal? U just went like that and u we're no more in contact with anyone..."asked khushi in one go.

"I'm fine khushi... I just wanted to be away from here so that I can get recover from my heart break..."said sheetal. Khushi observed that there wasn't pain in sheetal's voice,which indirectly said that sheetal moved on in her life. She smiled and then only she observed her kid in some man's hands. 

"Arthi...u are here? I have been searching you in house...how did you come here?"asked khushi "by the way who's he?"she asked sheetal pointing Roshan. 

"He's my soon to be husband, Roshan..."said sheetal side hugging him. "And this kid came out and hide behind me covering my pallu over her head so that she can escape from ur milk..."she added with a giggle. Khushi shacked her head with helplessness. "By the way, is she ur kid?" Asked sheetal with a smile.

"Yes, her name is Arthi. She really makes me run the whole house to make her drink milk... She hates milk..."said khushi with a sigh. "Come inside na....come..."said khushi and lead them into the house. 




As soon as they came into the living room, khushi took Arthi from Roshan's hands and made her drink her milk blackmailing her with her chocolates. 

"So her sunshine book was written by you right?!"asked khushi between her talks. Roshan and sheetal shared an eye lock and Roshan asked "you read that book?" 

"Yeah she read and she was so sure that it was written by sheetal only..."came an voice and both sheetal and Roshan look at the direction. Roshan found a man descending the stairs with a kid in his hands. 

"He's ASR..."said sheetal answering Roshan's unspoken question. 

"Arnav Singh Raizada..." Muttered Roshan looking at sheetal eyes. He sighed with relief as there wasn't any pain in her eyes now. Who knows her heartbreak and pain better than Roshan! He very well knew how her eyes reflected pain when she first met him in flight. He very well observed that agony in her voice during her starting days in USA. Even though she told that his love cured her aching heart, he was feared about her reaction when she told that she wanted to meet arnav and khushi. But now, he was sure that his soon to be wife is completely out of her first heart break. His thoughts got disturbed by khushi's voice.

"See, I told u na that it's sheetal only. ROSHan+sheetAL= ROSHAL..."khushi said with a bright smile while arnav is coming towards them with the same smile. 

"How are u sheetal?"he asked eyeing sheetal. 

"I'm fine..."she said with a bright smile. "And I don't ask how are you because I know that u must be so good..."she added with a twinkle looking at both arnav and khushi. 

"Is he ur son?"asked sheetal pointing the baby boy in his hands.

"Yes, his name is Arjun. And she's my daughter Arthi..."said arnav. 

"Arthi and Arjun are twins..."added khushi. 

"Wow...that's so cute..."said sheetal making arshi smile. 

"So...Roshan right?"said arnav remembering his name and extended his hand for a shake. 

"Yes ASR..."Roshan shook his hands. At first he used to feel jealous of ASR when sheetal used to cry. But as the time moves on, when sheetal proposes him, his jealousy subsided gradually as he knows that now sheetal love only him not any other guy. 

"We are going to get married in one month..."said sheetal wrapping her hands around Roshan's arm. 

"Yeah and u both should come along with ur kids..."invited Roshan giving them the wedding card. 

"ASR, where are ur parents? I would like to invite them too..."asked sheetal.

"They went to Temple along with Aman and reshma..."answered khushi. 

"Ohh...how's reshma and Aman?"sheetal asked.

"They are fine. They have one daughter and now reshma is expecting again. So they and my in-laws went to Temple to do some Pooja..."answered khushi.  While they are talking about random issues, Arthi and Arjun went to play.  






"U know what arnav, Roshan used to feel jealous of you during our initial days..."said sheetal with a giggle.

"Or else what...do u expect me to not feel jealous when I love you so deeply..."replied Roshan rolling his eyes. 

"But arnav, now I'm not jealous of you... bcoz I know very well that MY lady loves me so much..."said Roshan kissing sheetal knuckle while looking into her eyes with pure love.  

"May be u were her first love but I'm her last and perminent love in her life time...."said Roshan with a smirk making arnav giggle. 

"Getting our first love as our life partner is such an awesome feeling na..."said Roshan with a smile. 

"Yes, I know that feeling..."answered arnav genuinely eyeing at khushi. "I got khushi in my life..."he added taking her hand into his. "Meri Dil ki mehal mey, tu Hai Rani aur Mai raja (in the palace of my heart, u r queen and I'm the king)"he said to khushi kissing her knuckle. 

"Paapa...mumma..."came Arthi and Arjun running towards them and both arnav and khushi took them into their laps.  

"And these both are ur prince and princess..."said Roshan with a smile. Both arnav and khushi smiled at him and looked at their children who were telling them about their play. They kissed their cheeks while listening to their baby talks. 

"So adorable..."said sheetal with slow voice which was audible to only Roshan looking at the small family in front of her eyes.  

"Yes, they are so adorable...we will be like that after 5 years...."said Roshan kissing sheetal's knuckle as a promise. Sheetal gave a shy smile to him and looked at the perfect family in front of her-arshi smiling at their children while arthi is playing with her dad's shirt pocket and Arjun telling them something animatedly. From "Romeo" to "husband" he became her life and world now and from "first love to wife" she became his everything now. Their love for each other will be always there in every phase of their life and God will definitely make sure of that. 

Oct 1, 2017

Thank you note.... (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 12 times)

Hi guys... Thanks to everyone who had been encouraging me. 

@Lily30, noordina, Merlin, miabindu.... thank you so much for ur valuable comments dears :) 

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