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Mar 25, 2016

OS#Back To December (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 62 times)

OS_Back To December

Khushi watched the man walking away ignoring her. Maybe he had not seen me, she thought. A lump formed in her throat as she close the door. This is what she wanted: freedom from him. Now she was free, why her chest felt empty?

She knew, she cared for him but she never ever thought she would love him so deeply.

It's been an year, she hasn't heard his voice. Or touch his hand.


Khushi was the only daughter of Shashi Gupta, who was an army officer. He arranged khushi's marriage with Arnava young soldier, reckoning him to be a very good and mature guy. Khushi was just 18; she couldn't swallow the fact that she was married to a 25 year old guy. She liked him, he was nice and soft spoken with a good heart but this wasn't just enough. She needed satisfaction and her father wasn't there to clear her doubts. Sadly after her marriage he was murdered.

After her father's death, she was devastated. Arnav tried his best to make her feel home but she was too sad to be happy. Too numb to think or move at the lose of her only blood relation. He was so dear to her heart that she married Arnav to please him This was another reason why she lost interest in everything including Arnav.

Arnav's family included his Parents and his elder, divorced sister. Anita never wanted khushi to be with Arnav. There were 2 things she had always envy about khushi: her beauty and her luck to get a lover like Arnav. She aroused insecurities and misunderstandings in Khushi's mind. Being young and naive khushi would fret over little things. Arnav would always try to pacify her, swallowing his pride. Her father had probably told him about Khushi's sensitive nature. She was like this since her mother's death.

"I love you," this, at the end of the day, was his confession but it was never answered by troubled khushi, who had always thought of replying but stopped, every time, fearing self-contradiction?

Everything was fine despite this rocky marriage and small misunderstandings.

One day she had come to know Anita was brainwashing her and had got into fight with her. As a result of her anger Anita had cried and left home leaving everyone worried and confused. They all were looking at khushi when Arnav inquired about the incident. He had asked her why she fought with his sister and she tried to explain but the reasons, to her, seemed childish. Anita on the contrary, cried and lied about khushi and their little messy affair.

Arnav's parents had obviously supported their daughter.

Arnav had become mad in anger and had shouted at Khushi telling her 'to treat his family nicely, if she can't treat him nicely' this had angered her. In her view, she was giving best of herself to this relation and his accusation blinded her with rage. Were all my efforts wasted? Was he trusting his liar **** of a sister? She had humphed at the thoughts.

She then asked him for separation. Her pride was bruised so was her heart but at the moment she couldn't fathom completely what she would feel once she would step out of his threshold. She couldn't prioritize her love and her ego. She was too angry to realize what she was doing.

She had been angry with Arnav so many times in the past, he always said sorry even when fault was not his.

Was not she supposed to say sorry this time? he might have thought to himself. wasn't he something to her? Didn't this marriage and the vows they took hold any importance for her as much as they did for him?

And now, its been an year. An year to their separation. Did he miss her as much as she did? She stared at him through the window and decided to break the ice.

"What is "love"?" she had once asked him and he had smiled at her politely "I dunno. I guess, we can't define it. Only feel it." he was right to some extent but Khushi figured a definition for her love: surrender. 

If she loved him, she must surrender her ego. 

"Arnav" she called him in a shaky voice, he turned around to see her angelic face and a look despair passed his face but he masked it biting lip, he looked at her expecting her to say something.

"What are you-" she cleared her throat, "doing here?"

"I...I?" He stuttered, "Came here for some...some work..." she smile. suck a bad liar, she thought to herself.

"No." she said with a little smile.

"What do you mean?" he frowned.

"I...I think you come here to see if I'm doing fine." she spoke softly something she seldom did.

"I'll always look after you!" khushi gulped and said "You don't have to."

"I know. But I can't find a way to stop, Khushi. I wish I could." Khushi saw him walking away from her. Now that she took the courage to talk, she couldn't let him go. Not this time. Pictures of her getting married to him, her father and their every moment together flashed in front of her eyes. She ran after him and hugged his back. He stopped dead on his tracts.

"I am sorry..." She murmured loud enough for him to hear. he held her shoulders and cupped her face.

"Khushi..." he spoke but she cut him off, "-I am sorry!...I should've stayed...I wasn't thinking straight and then I just couldn't muster the courage to apology..."

"I am sorry too..." he kissed her forehead "For shouting at you. I was a fool to let you go! I should've bind you with me."

"But I wanted to leave, its not your fault." she said looking at him guiltily..

"You said that so many time before too Khushi. I shouldn't have let anger blind me...I was just hurt..." Arnav explained guiltily.

"You're so good!"

"Because, you're better." he hugged her tight.

"Really?" she broke the hug and looked in his glowing face.

"Yep. you initiated this conversation Khushi. I couldn't do it this for like twelve months. My courageous Queen!" he kissed her cheeks. Her mouth curved into a big smile and she hugged him again.

After some seconds feeling his cold hands, she took him inside her home...it was December and cold.

"I Love you Khushi,"

This time khushi wasn't confused "I love you too and more!" she said moving her face closer to his until her lips touched his and they kissed pulling each other closer and closer.

...(rest you know ;) 


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