TS: You are my Girl

Mar 25, 2016

TS: You are my Girl (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 189 times)

Hi  guys, this  is  my  another  story. Actually  I  read  a  telugu  novel   long  back. Suddenly  I  remembered  these  days,  that  hero  character is  very  near  to  our  ASR.  So  just  thought  to  pendown  it  in  out  Arshi  version.. This  may  be of  two  or  three  shots..


It  is  a  small village  near  Lucknow  named  Ratanpur. It  is  a  small  village  with  less  population.  Sheesh  Mahal  is  one  of  the  biggest  palace  of  the  village  which  is  owned  by  Raizadas  known  for  their  fame  and  glory. They  are  the  head  of  the  village. They  have  chain  of  businesses in  various  parts  of  India.

Arvind  Singh Raizada,  the  elder  son  of  Devyani  Singh  raizada  looks after  the  fields and  estates  in  ratanpur   while  his  younger  brother  Manohar  Singh Raizada  runs  business  in  Delhi.


A  10  years  old  girl  is  playing  in  the  garden  of  Sheesh Mahal. It  has a  wide  garden  in  front   and  back  of  the  Mahal. The  girl  while  playing  hit  the  honey  pot  unintentionally  which  is  on  the  tree  making the  honey  bees  to  get  scattered.  She  was  afraid  and  was  running  when  she  got  collided  with  someone. She  looked  at  the  person  who  is  standing  before  her.

“What  the…”Said  the  person whom  she  collided  with. He  is  a  teenager  of  16 years.

But  the  girl  is  not  in  a  state  to  acknowledge  anything  and  took  hold  of  his  hand  and  rush  behind  a  bush.

“Hey girl.. What  are…….”the  boy  is  going  to  say  something  but  the  girl  closed  his  mouth  with  her  hand.

“Shhh. Don’t  talk” Whispered  the  girl  to  him. She  closed  her  eyes  and  is  chanting  Devimayya’s  name  while  the  boy  is  looking  at her  frustrated.

After  sometime,  when  the  honeybees  are  nowhere  to  be  seen,  the  girl  removed  her  hand  from  the  boy’s mouth  but  other  hand  is still  holding  his  hand. She  dragged  the  boy  out  of  the  bush.

“Now. The  bees  went  away” said  the  girl  happily . The  boy  who  all  this  time  is  amused  looking  her  stared  angrily  at  her.

He  jerked  off  her  hands  and  said“Who  the  hell  are  you ??  How  dare  you  to  touch  me ??”

The  girl  looked  at  him  frightened  seeing  his  temper. She  had never  seen  anybody  with  this  anger  and  she  din’t  get  scolding  from  anyone  until  now. All  will  pamper her but  he  is  the  first  person  who  is  shouting  on  her.

“Bhai” came  a  voice  from  behind. The  boy  turned  and  looked  at  his  sister  Saachi, who  is  also  ten  years old.

Saachi  came  near  the  girl  who  hide  behind  her.

“Saachi.. Who  is  she ??”asked  the  boy.

“Khushi!!  MY  friend”said  Saachi.

“Your  friend. Then  why  is  she  roaming  here ?? “asked  the  boy  angrily.

“She  lives  here, ( showing  the  outhouse  of  their  servants)”said  Saachi.

“You  mean  to  say  she  is  the  daughter of  our  new  servants” asked  Arnav.

“Yes. Shashi  uncle  and  Garima  Aunty’s  daughter. Khushi”said  Saachi.

The boy  glared  at  Khushi  and  went  away  from  there. Then  Saachi  turned  to  Khushi.

“Who  is  that  laadgovernor ??”asked  Khushi fuming.

Saachi  giggled  and  said” My brother. Arnav Singh raizada. Come  we  will  go  inside. maa  is  calling  us”

Khushi  and  Saachi  entered  into  the  kitchen  where  Garima  is  helping   in  work.

“Maa. Bhai  shouted  on  Khushi ”complained   Saachi  to  her  mother  Ratna  Singh  Raizada.

“She  must  have  done  something. What  did  you  do Khushi ??”asked  Garima glaring at Khushi.

“Uffo  Garima. You  don’t  know  about  my  son. It  is  not  necessary  there  should  be  a  reason  for  his  anger.” Said  Ratna  and  then  turning  to  Khushi “ You  don’t  feel  bad  Khushi. He  is  like  that  only. If  he  again  shouts  on  you, say  me, I  will  twist  his  ears”

Khushi  nodded  her  head. Ratna  kissed  her  forehead. She  is  very  fond  of  Khushi. Even Arvind  and  Saachi  are  fond  of  Khushi  due  to  her  bubbly  nature.

Shashi’s  family  came  to  Lucknow  three  months  back. Shashi  and  Garima  had  a love  marriage  against  their  families. So  their  family  abandoned  them. They  were  in  other  village  where  they  were  looking  after  Raizada’s  estate. Arvind  is  impressed  by  his  work  and  asked  him  to  assist  in  his  business  in Lucknow. So  they  shifted  to  Lucknow. They  were  given  servants  quarters. Shashi  helps  Arvind  in  business  and  Garima  helps  Ratna  in  household  while  Khushi  and  Saachi  found  a  good  companion  for  them. They  both  are  same  age  and  same  class, so  it  din’t  took  much  time  for  them  to  get  close with  each  other.  Arnav, on  the  other  hand  stays  in  Delhi  for  his  studies. He  comes  only  in  holidays  to Lucknow.


“Amma. I  want  to  go  to  School  which  Saachi  goes” said  Khushi. Garima  looked  at  her  daughter  wide  eyed.

“NO  Khushi. you  can’t” said  Garima.

“Why  Amma ??  You   know  Saachi’s  school  is  soo  big. She  has  many  friends. I  want  to  go” said  Khushi  stubbornly.

“Shut  up  Khushi. We  can’t  afford  that  much  money. We  are  servants. We  can’t  compete  with  them” said  Garima  angrily  and  went  from  there  while  Khushi  sat  sadly.


Next  day, Shashi  and  Garima  reached  along  with  Khushi  to  Sheesh  Mahal  as  they  were  called  by  Arvind. He  called  Khushi  near  to  him.

“Khushi.  You  are going  to  join in  Saachi’s  School. You want o study  there  naa” said  Arvind.

“Really ??”Asked  Khushi  making her  eyes  wide  but   she  looked  at  her  parents.

“ Sir. What  are  you  saying ??’asked   Shashi.

“Don’t  worry  Shashi. I  am  going  to pay  all her  expenses. Saachi  heard  when  Khushi  was  talking  with  Garima  yesterday.” said  Arvind.

“ But  Saab. Why  are  you  burdening  yourself ??”asked  Garima.

“There  is  nothing  like  that  Garima. Khushi  too  is  just  like  Saachi  to  us” said  Ratna.

Shashi  and  Garima  looked  at  each  other. They  can’t  say  no  to  them,  so  agreed  to  it.

“yeee.  From  tomorrow  Khushi  too  will  accompany  with  me  to  School” said  Saachi  happily  and  both  of  them hugged  each  other.

Everyone  smiled  looking  at  them  while  Arnav, who  is  looking  at  this  rolled  off  his  eyes. From  the  next  day, Khushi  started  going  to  Saachi’s  School  while  Arnav  too  went  to  Delhi.



It was  one  of  the  vacation  when  Khushi,  Saachi  along  with  NK  and  Akash  were  playing. They  both  are  Arvind’s  brother, Manohar’s  sons. They  lives  in  Delhi  but  for  vacation  they  came  to  Lucknow.  Akash  is  14 years  while  Nk  is  12  years.

“ Saachi. Where  is  that  laadgovernor ??”asked  Khushi.

“ Laadgovernor!!  Who ??”asked  Nk  confused.

“ Wahii. Aapki  bade  bhai ( Your  elder  brother). Don’t  you  know. He  is  a big laadgovernor. Always  shouting  keeping  angry  on his  nose”said  Khushi.

The  trio  chuckled  hearing  it.

“ Haan  Khushi. You  know  Bhai  always  scolds  me  in  Delhi  too” said  NK  pouting.

“ That  is  because  you  always  gets  less  marks” Akash  defended  her  brother.

“ Dad  asked  Arnav  Bhai  to  take  tuitions  for  me  as  I  got  less  marks  this  half yearly. You  know  he  will  twist  my  ears  when  I  say  a  wrong  answer” said  NK.

“ That  is  because  he  is  a  big  laadgovernor. “said  Khushi

“What  did  you  say  ??”Came  a  voice  and  all  turned  to  find  an  angry  Arnav  staring  at  Khushi.

Arnav came  near  to  them. “ What  are  you  saying  to  my  brothers ?? I  am  a  laadgovernor. How  dare  you  say  that  about  me ??”

Khushi  ran  away  from  there  in  fear.After  going to some distance,  she  turned  to  them  and  shouted” Laad Governor”.. She  ran  away  from  there

“What  the…” said  Arnav.

The  trio  giggled  hearing  it..  Arnav  turned  to  his  siblings  who  also  ran  away  from  there.

Fuming  in  anger,  he  too left  from  there.



Arnav  and Khushi both  are  coming  from  opposite  sides  when  they  bumped  with  each  other. Khushi  is  going  to  fall  but  Arnav  held  her  by  shoulder and  stopped  her.

“ Thank  you” said  Khushi.

“ Oh  you  are  thanking  me. I  thought  that  you  don’t  have  manners  but  you  surprised  me”said  Arnav.

Khushi  looked  at  him  fuming  in  anger.” What  do  you  mean ??  I  am  not  laadgovernor  like  you  to  forget  my  manners”

Arnav  looked  at  her  angrily  and  forwarded” How  dare  you  to  talk  with  me in  that tone ??”

Khushi  feared  and  stepped  backward   and  In  this  process, the  flower  vase  which  is  beside fell  down breaking into pieces.

Both  Ratna  and  Devyani  came  there  hearing  the  sound  of  vase. Both  looked  at the  vase.

“ What  have  you  done  chote ??”shouted  Devyani.

“Why  did  you  broke  the  vase  ??  Can’t  you  be  careful ??”asked  Ratna  angrily.

“Mamma.  Woo…” Arnav  is  going  to  say  something  but  Ratna  said” Shut  up  Chote. I don’t  want  to hear anything.”

“ Ratna  maa. He  din’t  do  anything. It  is because of me  the  vase fell down” said  Khushi  with big  tears  rolling  from  her  eyes.

Ratna  and  Devyani  looked  at  crying  Khushi  then  looked  at  Arnav  who  nodded  in  affirmation.

Ratna  came  near  Khushi, wiped  off  her  tears “ It’s  ok Khushi. Don’t  cry. Let it be. Also  that  vase  is  old  and  I  was  thinking  to  replace  it.”

“ Sachchi ??”asked  Khushi  innocently.

“ Muchchi  meri  titaliya. Don’t  cry. Now  give  me  your  beautiful  smile” said  Devyani  and  tickled  Khushi  to  which  she  laughed  out.

“ Now  go  to  kitchen. I  have  made  your  favourite  jelebis” said  Ratna.

“Thank  you  Ratna  maa. You  are  the  best” said  Khushi, kissed  Ratna’s  cheeks  and  ran  away  from  there.

Ratna  and  Devyani  smiled  contently  seeing  at  the  direction  Khushi  went  and  they  both  turned  only  to  look  at  Arnav  who  is  throwing  daggers  at  them.

“ Waah  maa.  You  shouted  at  me  thinking  I  broke  the  vase  but  din’t  say  a  word  to  that  girl” said  Arnav.

“ Chote. she  is  a  child. Why  do  you  always  behave  rudely  with  that  bechari ??  she  is  very  nice  girl” said  Ratna

“ Bechari !!  Who ??  She  is  not  any  bechari” said  Arnav  and  going  to  say  something  but  both  Ratna  and  Devyani  left  from  there  neglecting  him.

“ What  the….” Escaped  from  Arnav’s  mouth.

May 4, 2016

Shot 2 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 179 times)

After  two  years, Arnav  came  to  his  village  for  his  holidays. He  went  out  at the  back  side  of  the  garden. He  looked  at the  hut  which  is  at  the  corner.

It  was  not there  earlier  thought  Arnav. He  then  called  one  of  the  maid  working  there.

“What  is  the  hut  there ?? It  was  not  there  earlier” said  Arnav.

“ woo  chote  malik. It  was  built  by  Shashiji  for  your  sister  and  Khushi. They  both  study  there  and  play  in  that  hut” said  the  maid  and  left  from  there.

“ A  Hut!!” exclaimed  Arnav  but  got   curious  to  know  about  it.  So  he  went  into  the  hut.. It  was  nor  big  nor  small  one. It  had  a  small bed  on  the  middle,  a  small  sofa  and  table  for  keeping  books,  some  dolls  were  there. He  looked  amused  the  hut.

“Bhai” came  a  voice  from  behind  and  he  turned  to  Saachi  along  with  Khushi.

“What  are  you  doing  here ?? “asked  Saachi.

“ Nothing. Looking  this  hut. Why  did  you  want  this  hut ??”asked Arnav.

“ Yes. We want  privacy. We  will  read  and play  here. In  house,  it  is  soo  disturbing. So  I  asked  papa  and  Shashi  uncle  made  this  for  us” Said  Saachi.

These  crazy  girls  wants  a separate hut  for  themselves. They  want  privacy. What   that  mean  for  ?? thought  Arnav.

Arnav is  going  from  there  when  he  looked  at  Khushi  who  stood  there  looking  down  not  facing  him.



After  two  days, Khushi  went  to  temple  near  their  house. She  saw  Arnav  there  going  at  the  back  side of the  temple and  followed  him. There  she  saw  Arnav  with some  bad  guys  of  the  village  trying  to  smoke  cigarette.

“ Chote  Malik” shouted  Khushi. Arnav and others  looked  at her  startled. Arnav dropped  down  his  cigarette  and  came  near  to  her.

‘ What  are  you  doing  here ??  Go  to  home” said  Arnav.

“ No. You  stop  smoking  cigarette  or  else  I  will  say  to  Ratna  maa  about  it” said  Khushi.

“What  ??  NO. Don’t  say  to  mom  about  it” said  Arnav.

“ Chote  malik. Don’t  you  know  that  smoking  is    a bad  habit” said  Khushi.

“ Hey  girl. Just  move  go  from  here” said  one  of  the  guy.

“ You  just  shut  up. Chote  Malik. Promise  me that  You  will  never  smoke  in  your life  again. You  have  Ratna  maa’s  swear” said  Khushi.

“What  the ??”said  Arnav.

“ Not  what  the… You  will  never  smoke  or  drink  in  your  life. My  maa  said  that  who  will  drink  or  smoke  are  bad  people” said  Khushi.

“ You  little  brat. Can’t  you  understand  in  simple  language ??’said  the  previous  guy and  pushed  Khushi. She  fell  down  and  her  knee elbow  got  scratches  with  blood  oozing out  of  them. She  had  tears  in  her  eyes.

Arnav  looked  at  the  guy  angrily  and  slapped  him” How  dare  you  to  even  hurt  her ??”

Khushi  looked  at  him  frightened. She  had   never  seen  soo  much  anger  in  him  not  even  talking  with  her  rudely.

Soon  other  boys  too  joined  and  they  had  a  big  fight. Some  of  the  elders  came  to  them  and  freed  them,  took  them  to  the  Arnav’s  father  who  is  the head  of  the  village. Arvind  was  totally  shocked  when  he  heard  about t he  fact  of  his  son  fighting.

When  went into  the  deep  enquiry,  everything  came  out. Arvind  slapped  Arnav  for  smoking  and  others  boys  too  were  handled  by  their  own  fathers.


Ratna  took  a  promise  from  Arnav. Arvind  ordered  that  Arnav  should  be  punished. So  for  the  next  three  years,  he  shouldn’t  enter  the village  shocking  Ratna  and  others  of  the  family. Arnav  hung  down his  head.  Khushi  too  felt  sad. Ratna  treated  her  wounds.

“Ratna  maa. I  am  Sorry. It  happened  because  of  me” said  Khushi.

“ No  Khushi. It  is  not  because  of  you. It  is  better  that  you  have  seen  him  otherwise  don’t  what  all  habits  he  must  have  acquainted.” Said  Ratna.

“ But  papa. Why  did  you  punish  Chote  Malik ??”said  Khushi.

Arvind  said” He  has  to  learn  Khushi. I  will ask even  Manohar  to  have  alook  on  him “

“ Khushi. Why  do  you  call  him  Chote  malik ?? You  call  me  and  Arvindji  as  maa  and  papa  naa” asked  Ratna.

“ He  asked  me  to  call  that. You  know  he  don’t  like  me” said  Khushi  and  went  from  there.

She  remembered  the  day  when  she  called  him  as  Bhaiyya


“ Bhai. We  want   that  mango. Give  us” said  Saachi

Arnav  sighed  and helped  them  to  get  mangoes.

“ Thank  you  Bhaiyya” said  Khushi.

“ What ??  What  did  you  say ??” asked  Arnav  horrified.

“ Bhai….” Khushi  is  going  to  say  that  but  Arnav” Stop  it. Don’t  call  me  that. I  am  not  your  Bhaiyya”

“ Why ?? when  my  others  friends  call  you,  you  don’t  have  any  problem,  then  why  do  you  have  problem  when  Khushi  calls  you ??”asked  Saachi.

“ I  don’t  like  it..” said  Arnav  and  turned  to  Khushi” Don’t  you  dare  to  call  me  Bhai. I  don’t  know  what  I  do  if  you  call  me  next  time”

“ Then  What  should  I  call  you ??” asked  Khushi  frightened.

Arnav  thinking  for  a while  “ Chote  Malik!! Call  me  Chote  Malik”

Khushi  nodded  her  head


The  next  day,  Arnav  is  sent  to  Delhi  for  his  college  studies. He  looked  at  Khushi  who  hide  behind  Ratna. Anger  surged  in  him.




After  three  years:

Arnav  Singh  Raizada  entered  Ratanpur  after  three  years. He  completed  his  graduation in  Delhi  University. In  the  next  few  days,  he  is  going  to  the  Harvard  for  his  MBA. Before  that  he  wanted  to  spend  his  time  in  village.

He  asked  the  driver  to  stop  the  car infront  of  the  temple. He  looked  at  temple  and  remembered  what  happened. He  took  the  stairs  for  the  temple  but  suddenly  got  bumped  with  someone  and  he  held  the  person  by  waist. He  looked  at  the  beautiful  girl  in  his  arms  closing  her  eyes. His  eyes  travelled  from  her  eyes,  nose  with  a red  nose  pin, her  pink  lips  and  her  swan  like  neck. Her  long  hair   with  jasmine  fragrance  is  hitting  his  face. The  girl  opened  her   hazel brown  eyes  and looked  at  him.

Realizing  the  position, she  pushed  him  bringing  him  out  of  the  trance.

“ Thank  you  and  Sorry” she  mumbled  it  quickly  and  ran  away  from  there.

Arnav  was  still  in  a  daze. He  entered  into  the  temple, took  the  blessings  of  Devimayya  and  returned  to  the  house  but  his  heart  never  leaving  the  girl..

He  was  grandly  welcomed  into  the house  by  his  mother  and  grand  mother  ofcourse  with  tears.

After  freshening up, he  arrived  at  dining  table. He  saw  no  one but  a heard   a  payal  sound  from  behind  and  turned. His  eyes  grew  wide seeing  the  temple  girl  who  took  his  heart. She  is   holding  some  dishes  in  her  hand. She  too  looked  at  him  surprised.

“ Khushi!!” came  a  voice  from  behind  and  the  girl  turned  to  look  at  Ratna  who  is  coming  to them.

Seeing  Arnav, “ are  Chote. you   came. Sit. I  have  made  all  your  favourite  dishes” then  she  turned  to  the  girl” Khushi. What  are  you  seeing ??  Keep  them  on  the  table”

“ She  is  Khushi!!” thought  Arnav” When  did  she  became  beautiful”

But  he  felt  something  different. She  is  not  that  chirpy  anymore  and  her  eyes  which  would  be  shining  is  very  calm.

Khushi  silently  placed  the  dishes  on  the  table. By  then, Nani  and  Saachi  too  came  there.

Saachi  hugged  Arnav.” Missed  you  Bhaiyya”

“ I  miss  you  too” said  Arnav” When  are  your  board  results ??”

“ Tomorrow only. I  am  soo  tensed” said  Saachi. 

“ Don’t  worry. Everything  will  be  fine” said  Arnav. He  noticed  Khushi  silent  all  through.

While  Ratna  is  serving  them,  Khushi  asked” Ratna  maa. I  will  go  now”

Ratna  nodded  her  head  and  Khushi  left  from  there.

“ Maa. I  can’t  see  Khushi  like  this” said  Saachi.

“ What  happened  to  her ??”asked  Arnav  not  showing  his  curiosity.

“ Shashi  died  eight  months  back  Chote. Garima   and  Khushi  were  very  shocked  by  this.  They  both  went  into  a  trauma. Garima  too  fell  ill. From  then  Khushi  lost  her  smile  and  chirpiness. She  had  become  silent “ said  Ratna.

Shashi  uncle  died!!  He  din’t  even know  about  this. he  felt  sad  for  Khushi  and  Garima.


Next Day:

Arnav, Ratna and  Arvind  are in the hall when  Saachi came  there  running  happily.

“ Hey.. School  topper.. School  topper” shouted  Saachi  happily.

The trio  looked  at  her  confused  and  understood  it’s  about  her  results.

“ Wow  Saachi. Congrats. See  take  my  gift” said  Arnav  and  removed  his  gold chain  from his neck  and  he  tied  it  in  Saachi’s neck.

“ But  Bhaiyya. Why  are  you  gifting  me ??’asked  Saachi.

“Aree  when  my  sister  got  top  marks  and  became  School topper,  then  don’t  I have the right to  gift her” said  Arnav.

“ Who  said  that  I  am  the  topper ??”asked  Saachi .

“ Then  why  did  you  shout  School  topper” asked  Arnav  frowning.

“ Bhai. It’s  not  me  it’s  Khushi  who  is  School  topper” said  Saachi happily. Arnav is  amazed  but  got  angry  in  the  next  minute. Before he  could  shout  Arvind  asked  her  about her  grade. She is the third topper.

“ Don’t  you  have  any  shame  for  being  third  topper” said  Arnav. Arvind  glared  at  him  angrily.

Saachi  din’t  mind  her  words  and  went  into  her  room.


At the  outhouse, Khushi  informed  Garima  about  her  result. She  became  happy  and  blessed her  daughter. 

“ Khushi. I have stitched a new lehenga for you. Wear  it  and  take  Bade malik and malkin’s blessings” said  Garima. Khushi nodded  her  head.

Saachi  entered  the  house  humming.

“ Congrats my  dear  darling. Here  is  my  gift” said  Saachi  and  tied  the  chain  which  Arnav  gave  to  her  in  Khushi’s  neck.

“ saachi. This  is….” Asked  Khushi.

“ This  is  bhai’s  chain. He  gifted  me  when  I  said  school topper. Truly you are the topper  naa, so you deserve it” said  Saachi.

“ What ?? No!!  I  can’t  take  it” said  Khushi  and  was  going  to  remove it  but  Saachi  stopped her.

“ Dare  you  to  remove  it” threatened  and  left  from  there. Khushi  looked  at  Garima  who nodded  to  wear  it.



Khushi, after wearing new lehenga came into Raizada Mansion to take blessings  of  Ratna and Arvind. She  was  going  towards  their  room  but  stopped  at the outside of  the room hearing her name.

“ Khushi!!  Khushi!!  Khushi!!  Why  do  you  always  bring  that  girl  in our  talks ?? “ shouted  Arnav  angrily “ This  is  the  last  time  I am asking you Saachi. Will you join in Delhi  for college  or  not ??”

“ I  am  ready  Bhai  but  only if  Khushi too joins  with  me” said Saachi stubbornly  then she turned to Ratna “ Maa. I am not asking much naa. She studied with me in same school and I want her to study with me in college”

“ I too want Khushi to join you beta. But Garima already took a promise from me that I won’t pressurize her to join Khushi in any college outside of the town. She thinks already  we are doing a lot of  favours by making khushi join your school. Also Garima will be alone if Khushi too joins you” said Ratna.

“ Saachi. You are going to join in Delhi College. It is my final decision” said Arnav and  stormed out of the room only to meet Khushi  who  is standing at the door. He looked at her once, held her wrist and took her into the adjacent room without anyone’s notice.

Khushi looked  at him blankly. Then  he  said” I know you heard everything. Now I  want  you  to  convince Saachi to join Delhi College. She will listen only  to  you. So, make  her  agree. I don't know what you do but convince her to join if you are a true friend”

He  then looked  at  his  chain  in  her  neck  which  he  gifted  to  Saachi. Anger  rose  in  him  and  he  pulled  the  chain  roughly making a  mark on Khushi’s neck. Khushi  screamed in pain when he pulled  it.

In the  next  two days, with a lot of efforts  Khushi convinced  Saachi  to join Delhi College. Arnav is  the happiest one  when  she  said  about  it. Soon  she  was  sent  to  Delhi  College. After  one  week, After  left  for  Harvard for his  MBA. Khushi  joined  in  the  local  College.





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May 24, 2016

Shot 3A (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 195 times)


Three  years  Later,

Arnav  is  in  his  room  getting  ready  for  office  when  the  door  knocked. He  asked  the  person  to  come  in  without looking. Khushi  entered  the  room  with  a  coffee  cup, placed  it  on  the  table  and  ran  away  from  there.

“ What  the…  This  girl” muttered  Arnav  under  his  breath. It  was  an year   he  returned  back  from  Harvard  and   he  joined  office. As  lucknow  is  only  10 kms from Ratanpur. He will  daily  go  by  his  car  and  comes  in  the  evening.

Everyday  his mother or other maids will bring the coffee but today Khushi brought  it. may be others would be busy. She will never  come infront  of him and to his  room  is  out  of  question. She  is  afraid  of  him. She  too  completed her  studies but  din’t  join  graduation. Garima’s  health  is  not  good. So, she  would  help   Ratna  in  household  and  to lookafter  Garima..



Saachi  returned  from  Delhi  due  to her  holidays.  She  joined in  graduation  there  and  is  in  second  year now.. Akash  and  Nk  too  came  to  Ratanpur..

It  was  one  of  the  evenings  when  Arnav  returned  saw  Khushi  smiling  to  something  said  by  NK. Even  others  too  were  smiling  but  his  gaze  fixed  on  her. These  days, he  have  never  seen her smiling  heartily. Ratna  saw  him  and  bring  him  out  the  trance.

“ Chote. when  did  you  came ??’asked  Ratna” Go  and  freshup”

Seeing  him, Khushi  immediately  stopped  laughing  and  went  inside  the  kitchen.

“ It  is  good  to  see  Khushi  laughing  after  years  mumma” said  Saachi.

“ yaa. Only  NK  can  make  her  laugh. Thank  you  NK” said  Ratna patting  his  head  lovingly.

Arnav  heard  it  and  fisted  his  hands  in  anger.

“ maa.  My  coffee” shouted  in  anger.

“ haa  baba. I  will  bring  it. have  patience” said  Ratna  and  escaped  into  kitchen.



Khushi  is  collecting  clothes  on  the  terrace  when  she  felt  someone  behind  him. She turned  and  saw  Arnav  standing  right  behind  her. Her eyes  grew  wider  and  she  was going  towards  the  door when  he  caught  held  of  her  wrist, dragged  her  to  a  corner  and  pinned  her  to  the  wall  with  his  both  hands. Khushi  was  horrified  by  Arnav’s  actions.

She  was  going  to  shout  when  he  said” Don’t  you  dare  to  shout”

Arnav  looked  at  intensely  “ Stay  away  from  NK”

“ Huh” Khushi  looked  at  him  surprised.

“ Stay  away  from NK  infact  stay  away  from  all  the  guys. You  are  my  girl. Only  mine” saying  this  Arnav  and  went  away  from  there.

Khushi  slumped  down  on to the floor  trying  to  digest  the  meaning  of  his  words.

From  that  day  she  is  even  more  scared  to  come infront  of  Arnav  and  he  noticed  it  very  well.


It  was  after  few  days. Arvind  and  Arnav are  at the dining table. Ratna  is  serving  them. Khushi  is  in  the  kitchen  watching  them  as  Arnav is  there.

“ Arvindji. Garima requested  me  something  today” said  Ratna.

Both  father  and  son looked  at  her  curiously.

“ She  wanted  to  marry  off  Khushi. So, she  asked  me  to  talk  about  it  and  look  for  an  alliance  for  Khushi” said  Ratna.

Arnav choked  on  his  food  but  Ratna  made  him  drink  water..

“ But what’s the hurry ??  Khushi  is  still  19” said  Arvind.

“ You  know  Garima’s  health  is  not  good.. so, she  wants  to  marry off  Khushi” said  Ratna.

“ Ok  then. Ask  Khushi  about  it. may be  she  likes  anyone” said  Arvind.

Ratna  called  out  for  Khushi  who came  there. She  heard  the whole  conversation  and  now  answering  before  Arnav  is  uncomfortable  for  her.

“ Khushi. I  think  you  heard  what  we  talked  now ??”asked  Ratna. Khushi  nodded  her  head.

“ Then  what  do  you  say  beta ??”asked  Arvind.

“ Papa. I  trust  you  both  and  know  whatever  decision you  take  it  will be  good  for  me” said  Khushi.

“ Do  you  like  anyone ??” asked  Arvind.

“ What  are  you  asking  ??  Khushi  is  never  like  that. She  will  marry  whom  we  choose” said  Ratna

“ Ji  papa. I  will  marry  whom  you  choose” said  Khushi  and  left  from  there.

Ratna  is  on the  cloud  nine  hearing  it  but  she failed  to  notice  her  son’s  reaction  who  is  literally  fuming  in  anger fisting  his  hand.


Next  day:

From  morning,  Arnav  is  in  very  bad mood  and  showing  his  frustration  over  all  the  workers. Even Ratna  feared  seeing  his  anger. He  went  to  office  without even  having  breakfast.

Even  in  office,  he  is  in  foul  mood  and  scared  all  the  employees  bursting  out  on  them. He  even  lost  a  deal  which  add  fuel  to  his  anger. So, he started to home early.

On the way to home, he witnessed  a  scene  which  made him  mad. Khushi  is  learning  car  driving  and  their  driver  sitting  beside  her. He  is  holding  her  hand  and  showing  her  how  to  drive.. She  is  happily  laughing  with  him.

Arnav stopped  his  car infront  of  their  car. Khushi  looked  at  him  wide  eyed. His  red  eyes  are  making  her  shiver. Arnav  got  out  of  his  car  and  came  to  their  car. he  signaled  the  driver  to  come  out which  he  did. He  gave  his  car  keys  to  driver  and  asked  him  to  go. Khushi  too  got  down  and  was  going  but  Arnav  caught  her  hand  and  made  her  forcibly  sit  in  the  car.

“ Chote  Malik. What  are  you  doing ??”asked  Khushi   panicked.

Arnav  paid  deaf ear to her and started  the  car. He  ran  the  car  to the outsides  of  the  village. He  is  driving  it  with  a  mad  anger  making  her  close  her  eyes  in  fear.

Suddenly  the  car  came  to  the  halt  and  Khushi  opened  her  eyes. They  were  at  the  pond  at the outside  of  village.

Arnav got down from the car  and  stood  at  a  distance  facing  his  back  to  her. Khushi  slowly  got  down  from  the  car. she  stood  for  few  minutes  expecting  him  to  say  but  he  stood  still. Gaining  courage, she finally  said” Ch…Chote Malik”

Arnav turned  to  her  and in the  next second, he pulled harshly making her crash over his chest and placed  his  lips  on  her   making  her  go  numb.

She  struggled but  he  din’t let  her  go  infact  he  deepened  the  kiss  but  son  he  felt  her  almost  falling  on  him  and  broke  the  kiss.  He  looked  at  her  who  lost  her  conscious. He  lifted  her  and   placed  her  on  the  car.


When  Khushi  woke  up, she  found  herself  on  bed. Garima  and  Ratna  looking  at  worriedly. Both  helped  her  to  sit. She  then  noticed  Arnav  who  is  standing  leaning  onto  the  wall  looking  at  her  intensely.

“ Khushi. What   happened ??  Chote  said  you  fainted  in  the kitchen “said  Ratna. He  lied  thought  Khushi  and  looked  at  him  who  smirked.

“ Huh.. I  felt  dizzy  “ said  Khushi.

“ That  is  why  I  say  you  not  to  do more  work” said  Ratna.  Garima  took  Khushi  to  their  home  for  rest.

Khushi  stayed  away  from  Arnav  from  that  day  more. To her luck, Arnav went to Australia  for his project. He  won’t return  for  the  next  three  months.


Arnav returned  back  from  his  trip  a week back. Even  Saachi  to  came  as she has her holidays. Khushi observed  Saachi  is  silent  and worried  for  something from the day  she  came. Now  she  saw  Saachi  in  their  hut  sitting  thinking  over something deeply.

“ Saachi” called  Khushi bringing  her  out  of  the  trance.

“ Khushi.. Come” said  Saachi  faking  a smile.

“ What  is  the  problem ??’asked  Khushi.

“ Problem!!  What  problem ??”asked  Saachi.

“ Don’t  lie  to  me  Saachi. I  know  you  from  childhood. I  can  easily  read  your  face. say  me  what  is  the  problem ??”asked  Khushi.

Saachi  couldn’t control  and  hugged  Khushi  tightly  crying.

“ Khushi. There  is  a guy named  Rahul in  our  college. He  proposed  me  and  I  rejected  him. but  he  always  pesters  me  and  fed up with him I  slapped  him  infront  of  whole  college. He  said  he  will  take  revenge  from  me  and  make  me  realize  what  mistake  I  committed. “ said  Saachi.

Khushi  too  got  worried  hearing  it” We  have  to  do  something. We  can’t  say to  papa   as he  recently  got  heart  stroke. If  we  say  to ratna  maa, she  will  get  tensed. What  if  we  say  to  Chote  Malik ??”

“ What !!  Bhai. Khushi. You  know  about  Bhai’s  anger. He  will  kill  that  boy. I  don’t  want  to  cause  any  trouble  for  him” said  Saachi.

Khushi  thinking  for  a while  said” Then  why  don’t  we  say  to  Akashji  and  Nk. They  will  help”

“ yaa. I  even  thought  the  same. We  will  talk  with  him” said  Saachi.

“ Don’t  worry. I  have  hope  they  both  will definitely  handle  him” said Khushi  and  they  both  hugged  each  other.


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Shot 3B (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 265 times)


The  next  day.

There  was  a car festival  in  the  village. So, everyone  are  busy  with  it. Ratna  along  with  Khushi  went  to  temple  taking  other  servants. Arvind  and  Arnav  both  went  to  an  early  morning  meeting  and  would  be  returning. Only  Saachi  is  present  in  the  house.

Garima  is  in  the  garden  plucking  flowers  for  evening  puja  when  she  heard  aloud  scream  from  the  house.  she  instantly  recognized  it  was  Saachi’s  scream  and  rushed  inside.

When  she  reached  Saachi’s  room, she  found  a  guy  forcing  himself  on  her.

“ Rahul  Leave  me” Saachi  is  shouting . Garima  went  and  tried  to  push  off  the  guy  but  he  shrugged  off her  making  her  stumble.  Garima  tried  make  the  guy  leave  Saachi  but  in  futile. So, finally  she  took  a  iron  vase  on  the  table  and  hit  on  his  head. The  guy  held  his  head  and  turned  to  Garima.  He  held  Garima’s  neck  squeezing  it. Saachi  came  to  him  and  tried  to  make  Garima  free.  She  too  hit  the  guy  with  the  vase..The  guy  hit  Garima’s  head  to  a  wall.

“ Saachi  run” said  Garima  loudly. Blood  is  pouring  out  from  her  head.

“ Just  go” said  Garima   when  she  found  Saachi  standing  still. The   guy  left  Garima  and  was  going  towarda  Saachi  but  Garima  held  his  Leg  tightly.

She  took  a  knife  near  to  her  and  stabbed  on  his  leg. The  guy  too  took  the  vase  and  hit  on  Garima’s  head.

Saachi  ran  away  from  the  house. when  she  entered  the  hall,  she  collided  with  her  father  and  Arnav  who  came  there. Both  were  confused  seeing  her  state. She  took  them  to  her  room.  Looking  the  scene  infront,  they  both  stood  horrified. Saachi  fell down  unconscious.


After  few  hours,  Saachi  woke up  and  found  herself  in  the  hospital. Her  mother, father  and  brother  are  beside  her. she  remembered  the  incident  and  hugged  her  mother  crying.

“ Where  is  Garima aunty  ??”asked  Saachi. The  trio  looked  at  each  other  and  Arnav  said” Garima  aunty  is  no  more  even  that  guy  too.”

Saachi  bursted  out  into  a  cry  hearing  it. the police  entered  there. She  looked  at them  frightened.

“ Beta. Don’t worry. Say  them  what  happened exactly “said  Arvind.

Saachi explained  what  happened  to  them. Taking  the  statement, police left  from  there.

“ Saving  my  daughter, Garima  lost  her  life” Ratna  cried.

“ Where  is Khushi ??”asked  Sachi.

“ She is outside” said  Arvind. Saachi  came out of the room  and  saw  Khushi  sitting  on  the  bench  staring  blankly. She went  and  placed  her  hand  on  her  shoulder.

Khushi  came out of her trance and looked  at her.

“ How  are  you  Saachi ??”asked  Khushi smiling  sadly. Saachi  hugged  her  tightly.

“ I  am  Sorry  Khushi because  of  me,  you  lost  Garima  aunty” said  Saachi.

Khushi  came out  of  the  hug” This  ought  to  happen  one  day. I  thought  after  my  marriage  she  will  be  left  alone  but  she  left  me  alone  in  this  world”

Ratna  came  and  hugged  both  the  girls. Arvind  and  Arnav  looked  at  them  sadly.




It  is  three  months  to  that  incident. Saachi  recovered  from  her  shock. Khushi  too fell in daily activities like before  but  still  gloomy. 

Ratna  called  Arnav  to  her  room  one  day. Arvind  too  is  present  there.

“  Ratna  do  you  think  Chote will  agree  to  this  ??”asked  Arvind.

“ I  hope  soo. I  have  called  him  to  talk” said  Ratna  and  Arnav  arrived  there.

“ maa. You called  me” asked  Arnav.

“ yes Chote. I want to talk with you about your  marriage. I have selected a girl for you” said Ratna.

“ Who is  the  girl ??”asked Arnav.

Ratna fearfully said “ woo….woo… Khushi”

“ I agree” said  Arnav. Both  Ratna  and Arvind looked  at  him  shocked.

“ The  pandit said that  there  is  a  muhurath  in  one  month. So, can  we  fix marriage  on  that  date” asked  Ratna.

“ Your wish” said  Arnav  and  left  from  there.


Khushi  too  entered  the  room  as  soon  as  Arnav  left.

“ Khushi. I  want  to talk something” said  Ratna.

“Ji  maa. Say” said  Khushi.

“ I  want  to  talk  about  your  marriage.  I  have  choosen  a  groom  for  you“ said  Ratna.

“ Ji  maa. I  will marry  whom  you choose” said  Khushi. Ratna felt happy  hearing  it.

“ But  Khushi  Beta. Don’t  you  want  to  know  about  your  groom” asked  Arvind.

“ I  trust  you  both. I  know  whatever you  both  choose  will be  good  for  me” said  Khushi.

“ But still we  want  you  to  know. The  groom  is  Arnav” said  Arvind.

Khushi  nodded  her  head  and  left  from  there.

“ Are  you  happy  now ??’asked  Arvind.

“ ofcourse  soo  much. Khushi  will  be  finally  my  Bahu. I  am  waiting  for  this  from  soo  many  days. she  is  perfect  for  my  chote” said  Ratna.



The Raizada Mansion is  beaming with lights. There is a festive mood all over the village  too  as  Raizadas are the head of the village. Marriage went well  and  the  reception is going on well in their house.

Arnav and Khushi are on the stage thanking the guests who came to wish them. Ratna is looking at them fondly. Khushi looked at her and smiled. She is feeling uncomfortable to stand beside Arnav who din’t for once acknowledge her. forget acknowledging, he din’t even looked at her until now.

Soon the couple came down and Arnav went to meet his business clients. Ratna, Arvind are busy with the guests and Saachi with Nk, Akash with her photo session. Khushi stood herself alone and slowly slipped out from there to the back side garden.

Her life took a major turn within few days. She don’t know how the life would be from now on. She doesn’t have more expectations from her husband. She knew this marriage is just a favour on her as Arnav can’t deny his mother. Also  he  must be pitied on her. whatever it is.. She  can’t deny that now she is Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada. She would be a good daughter in law but would she be a good wife. She don’t know. Arnav always treats her ill. But however he treats, she will never step back from her wifely duties.

“ What are you doing here ??’came  a voice  from behind. It din’t even took a second for her to recognize the voice. She turned and looked at Arnav who is standing looking at her with  a stern face.

“ Hmmm… No..Not.hing. I j..ust c.a.me  f..or  f…resh air” said Khushi stammering without looking at him.

“ Come with me” said Arnav and turned to go. Khushi followed  him  like  a  scared  goat.

Khushi thought they would be going into the home but to her surprise Arnav started towards the hut which she and Saachi would spend. She stopped on her tracks.

Arnav turned and looked  at  her stopping.

“ What ?? Why have you stopped ??”asked Arnav. Khushi nodded as nothing.

“ Then  come” said  Arnav  and  she  followed.

Both of them entered the  hut. Khushi gasped seeing the scene and her eyes went  wide. The whole hut is decorated with fairy lights. In the centre is king sized bed with rose petals over it. It din’t took her a second to understand what it  is . Before she could think completely, Arnav closed the door behind and lifted her. She gasped with his sudden action.  He placed her on the bed and sat beside her. He observed her whose fingers are trembling and forehead sweating. He smiled looking at her state. He got up and went towards a corner table. He brought a packet and placed infront of her.

“ maa said I  need to give gift  to  you on our wedding night” said Arnav.

Khushi nodded her head but din’t see him.

“Open and see it” almost ordered Arnav. Khushi looked at him once and took the packet.

She opened it  and  looked at the items confused. Soon as she recognized them, her eyes went wide. She looked up at Arnav with surprise.

“ This  all  are……..” said  Khushi with an unbelievable look.

“ Your things” said Arnav smiling. Khushi looked  at  him puzzled.

She  looked  at  her  Anklet  which  she  loose, her one jhumka,  her  dupatta  which  she  had put on to dry and many things.

“ Why are you keeping  them  with  you ??’asked Khushi.

“ Don’t  you  understand  why  a guy   keeps a girl  things  like  this” asked  Arnav. She din’t say  anything. Seeing her  dilemma, Arnav took  her  hands  into  his.

“ Because  I  Love  you  Khushi. You are my girl” said  Arnav. Khushi looked  at  him  with  wide  saucer eyes.

“ I  Love  you  a lot. I fell  for  you  a long ago. The day you fell in my arms in  the  temple. yes  I  know  I  was  soo  harsh  with  you  initially  but  your  behaviour  is  a  reason  too. You will talk  with  everyone  soo  freely  but  when  it  comes  to  me  you  will  always  run away from  me which  angers  me. I wanted you by myself. I want you only to talk with me, be with me forever. The way you  talk freely  with  Akash  and  NK  makes me jealousy. I just want to strangle them even though I know they are my brothers. On your results day, I  thought   you and Saachi would be  at one place, so that I can see you in the pretence of coming to see Saachi. But  when  maa  said  Garima  aunty  is  not  ready tolet you study in Delhi, I got  angry  and  lost  my  senses. So I  just pulled  off  the  chain  in  anger. You know  I  even  dropped  my  Harvard  plan  and  join  Delhi university  but  when  you  are  not  in  Delhi  what  would  I  do ??  So  I  went  to  Harvard. That day when  you  said  to  maa  you  will  marry  whom she  chooses  really  made  mad  and  to  the  top  of  that  the  next  day  that  driver  is  sitting  beside  you. How  dare  he  even  to  sit  beside  you ??  Only  I  have  rights  on  you.  I soo  wanted  to  console  you taking  in  my  arms  when  Garima  died  but  I  don’t  want  to  make  you  afraid  at  that  moment. Again  maa  is  searching  for  a  groom  for  you,  I  don’t  want  to  loose  you. So, I  agreed  instantly  as  soon  as  maa  asked. Sorry  Khushi  for  hurting  you” said  Arnav.

Khushi looked  at  him  with  tears “ Chote  Malik”

She  hugged  him  tightly  surprising  him  more” I….”

Khushi  is  going  to  say  something  but  Arnav  said” shhh. I  know  what  you are  trying  to  say. I  know  you  love  me  too”

Khushi  coming  out  of  the  hug” How  do  you  know ??”

“ If any other girl would have been  in  your place, she would have slapped  me  on the day I kissed  you  but  you  din’t  because  you  liked  it” said  Arnav.

Khushi blushed heavily hearing  it” Yes. It  was  true  I  am  afraid  of  your  temper. That  day  when  you  held  me  in  the  temple, I  felt  butterflies  in  my  stomach. But  when I  came  to  know  whom  you  are  I  tried  to  suppress  my  feelings  but  couldn’t. I  always  run away  from  you  because  I  am  afraid  I  will  loose  my  control. I  can’t  control  myself  if  I  see  you infront  of  me. it  causes  different  feelings  in  me.  I loose  control  over my  body. So, I  avoid  you  always.  Also  I  know  Ratna  maa  always  wants  me  to  be  her  DIL, so  she  would get  me  married  to  you  by  hook  and  crook. So, I  was  little  tension free  and  said  to  her I  will  marry  whom  she  will  choose.”

“ Now  finally  you are  mine. Only  mine” said  Arnav  hugging  her  to  which  she  reciprocated.

“ I  Love  you  Khushi” said Arnav.

“ Mee  too  Chote  Malik” said  Khushi.

“ Don’t  call me  that. Call  me  Arnav” said  Arnav. Khushi  gasped  hearing  it.

“ No. I  can’t” said  khushi. They  both  argued  over  it  for  sometime.

“ Leave  it  for  today. I  don’t  want  to  waste  my  time  when  I  have  better  things  to  do  this  night” said  Arnav  and  leaned  over  her.. Soon  both  the loved  birds  lost  in  their  world.

This  is  how  the  new  journey  of  Arnav  and  Khushi  started  with  their  love for  their  happily ever after



                                           -THE  END







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