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Sep 22, 2016

One More Night next part is up ?? (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 49 times)

Chapter#8 (read it carefully ;)

.                                                               "Salted Wound"

Tell her on how you feel, Give her every say she needs to hear...

Give your heart, and say come take it, And she will see you're a good man... SIA


Anjali and ARNAV stood their shocked, looking at the screen as if their eyes have been glued to it.

“You lied...I can't believe this” Arnav heard khushi’s broken voice that broke his heart into million pieces.   

“Khushi I-” he tried to reach her but she moved backward, shaking her head vigorously “Never in my life, i Will trust You….”  

“I can't…” she moved backward, her legs no more supporting her, the heart wrecking and painful death of her parents, her brother and her soon to sister or brother. She lost everything, everyone and herself that night and right now son of her family’s murderer is standing in front of her. Her heart broke into pieces. She doesn't hate him, she doesn't loath him, it's just that she is overwhelmed. She is tired.

He is saying something and all she hear was her family’s painful voices.

“I want to be left alone” her voice low but stern.

“I am sorry...I Khushi I know I am not good enough, nobody would love me. I don't deserve nothing but please don't leave me” his painful voice boomed in her ears.  

“I just want to be left alone”


“I need time, bloody time. Did you hear me, have you seen your whole damn family being murdered by someone? No you haven't, my mother was pregnant…” she screamed at him, Arnav gestured his sister to leave who was silent all the time.  

“I need to leave”

“Khushi, please no” he begged.

“I need to be left alone please, I have to swallow all the information” she sat down not looking up at him, she know she will melt away and she can't afford that. She needed space, she needed to pick up her pieces and recollect herself. Her eyes blistered with tears, “I need to know myself better, to recollect myself, to get up again, to smile again. I am exhausted” she spoke and room went silent after that.

It's been whole day, khushi had left RM and now she is in wood house, so peaceful. She sat down and looked at the dairy, Arnav gave her this. It belongs to her mother. How did he get it? He didn't tell that. Maybe he wanted me to read it.

She sighed tiredly, she needed sleep. She slept hoping to get some burden off her shoulders.

“Arnav…” he heard his sister and sighed.

“She doesn't hate me?” it was more of a question and an assurance.

“You will be fine” she placed her hand on his shoulder.

“Its so hard, shall I call her?” Anjali chuckled this time.

“Oh my little brother, she asked for space and you can't even give her that?”

“No I will just ask about her well being, I mean what if she is ill?” Anjali sighed.

“She needs time to grasp whatever happened, what would you do, if you were her?” he nodded his head not even imagining what he would have done to her.

“DON'T call her, she will call you this time” Anjali patted his shoulder, got up ready to walk away.

“What if she didn't?” she turned around and smiled “She will, have some faith in yourself”

he sighed and laid on his bed, closed his eyes to get some sleep.


Sleep was far away from Shyam’s eyes, he closed his eyes as he felt Anjali’s arm around his neck. She has a hobbit to hug him in her sleep and to be honest, he doesn't mind it. It's better than her chatter. Her silence is fascinating and beautiful unlike her chatter, it's scary. It remind him of his stepmother, he sighed and locked away the flashes from past. They haunt him. He was miserable. He needed to see her. Without disturbing her sleep, he slipped away and slowly, walked downstairs toward main exit.

He left the mansion to check on khushi.

Lavanya sat down on the bed, khushi left Arnav, this is what she wanted but why is she not happy? Why was her heart drowning? Why is she crying? Why her past is haunting? No no she isn't like her mother. No she isn't a ****. She is a girl, no you are a ****. Her subconscious mocked her and she shut her eyes. She brought her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs, hid her face in between them and sobbed.

She cried until her head felt heavy and she laid down. She will leave this place forever.


Khushi's POV

I see a woman, looking like a queen I am saying it because she is prettiest. Her eyes hazel Brown, her jawline sharp, her lips just like mine and her her hair light brown. Her hands are big. She seems worried. I have come here to steal chocolate since the woman in front of me is my mother and she doesn't allow me to eat a lot of chocolate. Now I am hiding behind the curtains. Praying!

She is stressed because its lunch time and she feels sick. We don't have any maid here, unlike my Nani who had many. My daddy cooks for us and my mama helps. Sweepers clean our home everyday. They aren't servant. They change everyday.       

My mother is pregnant I am saying because she have got a tummy. I see my father staring at my mother lovingly and wrapped his arms around her shoulder, supporting her. “Love, don't stress let me handle and plus we have two more hours” his husky voice made my eyes go widen. Now you think why I am shocked? It's because I love my father so much, he is so beautiful and so kind to me. I am kinda shy when it comes to him but he is always cuddling and kissing my chubby cheeks. I don't know why?

“Where is khushi?” he furrow his brows, moving away from mother “Little devil, come here, I know you are behind the curtains” I know he is smiling even though i hid myself but I also know he is walking in my direction. I heard my mother giggling as my father scoop me in his arms and laughed. I can feel my cheeks getting red with embarrassment.

“Aw my shy princess” my father pinches my cheek and it further causes my cheeks to become more red.

“Stop teasing my innocent girl” my mother glare at my father playfully and i pout.

“Are you hungry?” I nod sideways “You won't get food in whole journey” he raises his eyebrow and my mouth falls open “I am hungry” I say urgently and he chuckles that makes my heart swell in happiness.

My father walks into kitchen with me sitting on his shoulders, my legs wrapped around his neck. I am 6  but my father loves carrying me around on his big shoulders.

He makes me comfortably sit on the big kitchen shelf effortlessly and kisses my nose, “What daddy should make for princess?”

“I want funnel cakes” I say as a matter of fact, I love em.

“Let me tell your mama, you have enough sugar in your system for whole damn weekend love.”

“But…” I try to put on the saddest expression and i know he melts away.

“Love…” he takes a deep breath “You don't want to get sick like Arnav?” I feel my eyes widening and my mouth fall open and i nod vigorously in sideway.

“Let me cook you spaghetti” I groan and say “No, I don't like that ridiculous thing” I scrunch my nose in disgust and my father laughed again, “Butter chicken?” “No” I say plainly “Nani said we shouldn't eat non vegan food. It's forbidden” I emphasis my point with my hands and i see my father sighing “Sending you to your Nani wasn't good choice, I see that” my father mutters in low voice but he didn't know, I hear that. What does that mean? I shrug.

“Samosas?” he asks and i clap my hands “Yes, samomas” he laughs “Not samomas, samosas” he corrected me like every time and i nod like an obedient child.

“Imran, Jaan, Arush! Come on! Aren't you hungry, daddy made samosas” my father calls my three brothers who ran toward kitchen in hurry.

“Go and bring your mama, big boys” my daddy ruffle their dark black hairs, just like daddy and they grin, run upstair.

After a few minutes, my mama joins us, my brothers stare at me a lot. I feel nervous.

“Will khushi stay with us, daddy?” Imran asks blowing hot samosa.

“Yes, she will stay with us” my father says and clears his throat.

“You guys better talk to her and play with her” my mother says gulping down the potatoes.

“But she seems afraid of us” Arush complains “And we don't want to force or hurt her like you said to respect girls” Jaan pokes in. I stay silent eating and not understanding what exactly they are talking about.

 “No, she is your sister, she loves you” my father says gently “Right khushi?”

“Huh?” I pout confuse.

“These three guys here are your brothers and sisters love their brother and play with them” he says smiling affectionately.

“But Nani said not to play with boys” I trail off digging in my plate.

“Not with boys but with your brothers” my father grits his teeth angrily and glares at my mother.

“Zayn, it was mutual decision” I hear her.

“It was the dumbest decision” I see my father leaving the dining table.

“Hey, we won't hurt you. Brothers don't hurt their sister” Imran smiled, he has blue eyes, pink lips and nose just like mine. He is 3 years elder to me.

“We love you” Arush, my eldest brother [11 years old] smiles at me with his chocolate brown eyes glistening with love. He has jawline just like me and his lips are like daddy, mine are like mama. Speaking of mama she left the room to see daddy.

“And if anyone in school try to mess with you, just call me, I will beat his ass” I laugh at Jason he is so sweet. He is twin, 5 minutes younger than Imran.  

“I thought everybody hates me that's why they left me alone with nani” I say sadly.

“Oh no! You were ill and needed treatment so we sent you to new York” Arush corrects me.

“Nani was trustworthy so we send you there since daddy had work here” Imran says while Jason is too busy in eating to reply.

We giggle at him and ate…. 


Khushi got up and looked around the room, it was just a dream, she sighed and laid back, its ok dont overthink, she told hersekf and fall asleep again.

Khushi stir in her sleep hearing someone calling her name. Wait it's SHYAM! Her eyes widen....


 I try to make it interesting.

Long update as promised. 

Zayn as Khushi's father 

Serenay Sarikaya as khushi's mother 

Nov 4, 2016

One more night next part is up :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 80 times)


                                                        "Salted wounds II"

'Cause sometimes you just feel tired,

Feel weak, and when you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up.

But you gotta search within you, you gotta find that inner strength

And just pull that **** out of you and get that motivation to not give up

And not be a quitter, no matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face and collapse."

~Eminem <3


Khushi got up and looked around the room, it was just a dream, she sighed and laid back, its ok don't overthink, she told herself and fall asleep again.

Khushi stir in her sleep hearing someone calling her name. Wait it's SHYAM! Her eyes widen...


“What are you doing here?” Khushi asked fiercely, anger arouse inside her. Can’t she breath in peace? just for a night!

She is not afraid of him, why would she?

“I came to see if you are alright” khushi let out a sarcastic laugh.

“Shut up” her eyes narrowing in anger “Stop pretending, you have got a family to take care of” she gritted her teeth. He is such a stubborn ass.

“I love you”

“No you don’t”

“I want you”

“But you don’t need me”

“I…” he felt burning sensation on his cheek, she slapped him.

“What do you think you are doing? huh? Are you crazy? Your WIFE IS PREGNANT” she shouted at him pushing him backward “You are going to have a daughter?” she let out a loud sigh “Do you know the meaning of having a daughter?” he stood immobile “Imagine your daughter being treated like a trash or someone harassing her, can you imagine her hurt face?” she shot her a look “Can’t hear me, truth hurts”

“If you don’t feel guilty after betraying me and your wife, if you don't feel guilty after harassing a married woman then get ready to wipe your daughter’s tear as well. Because someone else will hurt her just the way you hurt me and you wife. That’s called tit for tat” she breathed out angrily, her eyes blazing.   

He was silent for few minutes, khushi’s heavy breathing filled the space, no other noise was heard.

“I...I am sorry” is all Shyam said before turning around and leaving the spot.

Khushi closed her eyes tired and sat down on the bed once she heard door being closed.

Shyam walked out of her house, guilt overwhelmed him. He has never in his wildest dream thought about what khushi just aid. What if someone hurt his daughter just like he did? His heart shuttered at this no matter how bad he is, he can never let his Princess get hurt. NEVER… He looked at his feet, dragging them toward his car… NO matter what happens, he will protect his daughter and for that he will do anything...he will leave khushi ji alone.   

Arnav was tossing and turning on his bed, very restless. his mind was occupied by khushi’s thoughts. He sighed getting up from his very comfy bed, he has to see he will just go and see if she is safe. but what if she caught him? no she won’t, she must be sleeping, it's already late. he bite his lower lip nervously. ok but he has to make sure, she i safe or not. shaking his head, he exited his room and soon was standing near his car still debating; should he go or not? he gave up to the desire to see her. she must be asleep? he rolled his eyes at himself, she will surely think he is a desperate, love sick puppy.

As he reached at the house [khushi is staying in] he opened the door of his car, got out and immediately noticed a figure walking rather dejectedly! his jaws clenched, it's him…

he took long strides and in few seconds he was holding his collar.

“****, What the ***k are you doing here” he threw a punch on his jaw, furious.

“I came here to meet YOUR wife” Arnav glared at him angry but got confused at the choice of words he used “Look, I am sorry” Arnav narrowed his eyes “I know it's not enough but yeah khushi is right....I would never want my daughter to be treated the way I...I treated khushi” he shook his head, trying to dismiss the horrible images forming in his mind.

“You should ask forgiveness from your WIFE-my sister” shyam nodded not looking up at him [Arnav].

There was silence for a few seconds, just the sound of their breathing.

“I don’t want you around khushi” Arnav warned in dangerously low voice.  

The night was restless for three souls, one [shyam] spent night thinking about all the possible ways to ask forgiveness from his wife, second [Arnav] stood/sat near his car hoping to get a glimpse of his wife. Khushi on the other hand was thinking about the dream when suddenly she remembered the diary-Arnav gave her.

She sat up and grabbed the dairy from side table, where it was placed.

She opened it and Started reading.

“I am engaged! yay!...” In a very neat hand writing, the description of her mother’s engagement with some Amar Malik was written.

“We enjoyed holidays in Goa…” there goes the details of her tours with the same guy named Amar.   

“He is going away….” sorrowness was in her tone.

“We broke up!...” there the woman-her mother- broke up with Amar, the guy who she was in love, cheated on her.

“He has a daughter…” Nothing more she narrowed her eyes.

“Mum wants me to get married, I am not ready…”

“Can I just say how handsome the groom is? OK let’s  be honest He is freaking hot. I know I shouldn’t be sounding so desperate but he is dreamy and I am suppose to marry him…” here she read about how her mother met her father Zayn.   

“I am overwhelmed”

“Its our engagement. ..”

“Its wedding day...”

“He is cute as hell and he was so gentle” it was all about their suhaagraat most of the part khushi skipped.

“It was never was that blond girl Perrie. He loved her and not me...I am not sad...he said it was his first love and he had a really great relationship with Perrie. I am jealous and that's it”

“I shouldn't be jealous, even I was in a relationship before him and at least he is being honest…”

“Things are complicated, Zayn is complicated but I have never been this complex myself?...”

“He told he would divorce hurts. It really does. He looked miserable, I don't know what is bothering him…”

“He think I love Amar and not him?...”

“I am tired of all this…”

“...I love him...”

“Mama is moving to  New York and I am already missing Garima…” here for the first time khushi read about her mother, her eyes softened. She wasn't her blood sister. and the woman who took care of her (khushi) in New York.

“Life is beautiful. Zayn is beautiful. Never have i ever thought, I would fall this hard for a guy. He takes my breath away just by his mere smile….it's unfair. It's making me weak…I can't love someone so much...I am afraid...”

“...He loves me too…”

“Arush is beautiful just like Zayn…”

“Arnav is so adorable…”

‘I don't write diary a lot but i am so busy… I just want my kids to read it after I am dead” her eyes glossy as she read more.

“Khushi is beautiful and Zayn is so happy. He doesn't pick khushi because he is afraid he might hurt her fragile skin...” tears filled her pretty eyes as she read about her father and how he loved her.

“Can you believe I lost my parents?” she gulps down the tears she remembers how she had cried so much. She loved her Nani so much. It was after that Garima shifted in Lucknow where she met and got married to babu ji.

“Its Arnav’s 13th birthday, I am suppose to be there...Zayn has a deal with MALIK entrepreneurs. It's his dead father’s house that zayn needs to own and unfortunately house belongs to Mr. Malik.”

“Things are complicated here…”

“...Amar still loves me…”

“This can't be”

“Ratna deserves better, Amar is A-hole mind my language but he is. He is still not over a relationship that was broken 15 year ago? Its stupid. it's ridiculous. He looked happy with his kids but There was something off about their relation. I confronted Ratna and broke down…I feel really bad....she wants me to stay just for Arnav but funny feeling in my stomach aren't giving positive signal...”

This was the last entry of her mother in her diary.  

Flashback starts

“Mira…” I heard Arnav’s mom crying.

“Whats wrong?” My mother asked concerned, just like when I fell down and get hurt.

“I can't…”

“You are scaring me now”

“I love him but he still loves you” there was silence in the room. I heard them intently.

“ must…”

“No, it's Crystal clear, it always was but i thought I could made him fall in love with me but it was always lust…” she looks angry “You took away everything, I hate you for that” she wipes her tears “You are perfect, everyone will love you”


“Mira, he always wished to see you in me but j can't be you” my mother cupped her face and said “You don't have to be me, you are beautiful” Ratna aunt chuckles and hold my mom’s hands. My mother kisses her cheek and she smile, half heartedly.

“Know that I love you, I will never want to lose a friend named Mira” she said “Forgive me”

“I will never get angry on you, you can” they talked for hours, I don't know what, I got bored anyway.

Flashback ends

She is exhausted, it's almost 2 am, she has been going through so much in couple of days. It's overwhelming. She felt tired!  She kept the diary on the table and get out of bed, walked near window, her eyes softened seeing him.

At that exact moment she made a decision even though a part of her disagree but she ignored it...for Good...  


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Nov 11, 2016

One more night. Last part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 54 times)


                                          "Such a tease"

Arnav was sleeping his car, in front of khushi’s house.

She walked out to see him and smiled. His mouth slightly parted, a frown rested on his forehead.

She touched forehead and he stirred in his sleep. His eyes widen in shock.

“Let's go home” he felt his eyes tearing up.

“Am I dreaming?” he asked softly, innocently.

“No silly” she let out a soft chuckle.

“I want to sleep in our room” he nodded, it took him a few minutes to realize and understand everything.

Soon they were in RM. Both silent but happy inside. Both unsure but love was ruling their hearts.

2 years later

New York City

She opened her Her tired eyes, hearing someone or to say her husband yelling at someone on the phone. She shook her heads smiling. Arnav will never change, will he? She doubt that. Last night was wild, they both had good ****, what they call love making.

It's been a week, Arnav, khushi are here in NYC ENJOYING their so called holidays. Khushi rolled her eyes, grabbing her underwear, she wore it and pulled out night robe from the corner of bed, where it was peeking. She got out of bed, walked toward tv, closed it. She stood in front of mirror and set her messed up hairs a little bit.

Walking out of the room, she stood in the entrance of living room with her hands in her hips. Arnav’s back was facing her. Walking toward him, she hugged him from behind “Morning” she whispered softly in her still so sleepy voice. He visibly relax.

“I am trying to work here” he said turning to face her. His breath hitched as always, seeing her beautiful face with new glow on her cheeks. She looked perfect.

“I thought we were on holidays” she didn't complain but she just wanted him to focus on her more in these holidays of 2 weeks.

“I know...You know there is new problem…” he kept on talking about his problems with business and khushi sighed.

“I need to find myself a boyfriend” khushi said all of a sudden just to tease him.

“What the f**k” he said shocked but khushi hid her smirk.

“You don't have time for me so…” khushi said acting all innocent.

“I have all time for you love. It's just-” Khushi cut him off “I understand you are busy and I don't want to bother you at all. I understand you can't ignore your business but you can ignore your wife” she glanced at him once before looking away.

“So you are angry?” he sat next to her and hugged her tiny body.

“Why would I be?” khushi shrugged not giving in his sweet gestures.


“Remember you promised there will be no work and all time we will spent with each other but no, my husband can't seem to keep his promises”

“And I am sorry” Arnav said guilty.  

“You say that all the time” khushi said irritated.

“I love you and you know-”

“Arnav I love you too but love isn't enough, what we need in our relationship is communication” she said turning to face him, moving out of his embrace softly “And we don't seem to do that a lot” her words made him think.

She is right, after their patch up, 2 years ago, they took their relation very slow. They didn't get time to solve their problems when everyone in his family had their own problems. Shyam had told Anjali about everything and it took more than 3 months for them to get back together, normal. 

Lavanya was another problem, created by him and his family. It took him great effort to woo khushi’s family. In all this, they would never forget to keep in touch with each other. Khushi had started her university,  continue her degree of graduation in Hindi. He admire her love for her mother tongue. The truth is that they kept in touch with each other all this time but from past few or to say 3 months Arnav is always busy because of their new retail stores opening in Chicago.

He is guilty here and he shook his head.

“You are right” he said wetting his lips “I am sorry”

“I don't buy your “sorry”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Prove that you are guilty” she said and walked away. Last night was beautiful, he remembers and right now he didn't even get a Morning kiss? How fast the night changes right?


Whole day, Arnav kept on trying to woo her or talk to her but khushi didn't buy his apology, not so easily. He has to try harder.

At 6:30 pm

“Dear khushi,

I know i am an A-Hole but dear, you are beautiful like flower, softer than rose petals, beautiful than Morning sun light, my sunshine please forgive me and give me a chance to prove that I am really sorry.

Love Arnav”

She chuckled reading the note and his picked up lines. He is cute as marshmallow. She pulled the dress out of package, a sari, black with silver thin embroidery on its border, she liked it. She saw a pair of 4 inches heel. She learned wearing heels from NK. Yes he taught her English and a few modern thing and in return she taught him Hindi to woo Lavanya, beautiful days. They must be happy in Sweden.  

She changed into outfit gifted by Arnav and applied red lipstick. His weakness…

“May I come in…” she read message from him.

“Sure” she replied smiling.

Her breath hitched seeing him in his Armani suit, she loved I whenever he wears red tie, it made him look beautiful.

They stared at each other unit Arnav broke the trance “You look beautiful” he breathed out walking toward her.

“Not bad yourself” he sighed in relief at least she is talking.

“Let's move” he said a little uncomfortable because of the pull of physical attraction he felt toward her. well he feels it all the time.

“Sure” she smirked.

“Such a tease” Arnav mutters under his breath.

“I heard that” khushi said sitting in the back seat of Lamborghini,  door opened by driver.

“Good now that you know” he roll his eyes.

“Where are we going” khushi asked looking out of window, not paying attention to him.

“To the bedroom where I will f**k you harder than ever did” her eyes widen. He hold her closer to himself, their face almost touching each others. Her lips quivered,  she fluttered her eyelashes, started biting her lower lip.

“Talk to me” he hold her neck in his rough grip, staring at her red painted lips “I am sorry, this won't happen again but you can't ignore me like that. I feel like piece of ****. Can you see i am sorry” her eyes soften, she moved closer and placed her lips on his. Their lips moved with rhythm, like always. Her soft on his rough ones-just perfect. He gripped small of her back and deepen the kiss.

“I love you” he whispered resting his forehead on hers, both breathing heavily.

“I love you too” she kissed him again…

“Can I borrow you for tonight, dear Khushi, you are so f**king beautiful” he kissed her Palm and she snatched her hand away “No”

“Why?” he groaned.

“Because I am hungry” she giggled

“What the!”   



So here is the end of the fiction. it was suppose to be sad ending but i couldn't break your hearts... last time i updated dominated love 2 here mistakenly. SRory about thatm it wasn't my fAult :(

Hope you ennoyed if dif, then show me hor mugh ;)  

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