Arshi OS : LOVE

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Mar 13, 2016

Arshi OS : LOVE (By Nightangle) (Thanked: 63 times)

 Fragrance of happiness spreading everywhere..Laughter echoing in air. All the faces having smile which adding beauty in their looks. Why won't they, college friends are meeting again after long 5 year at same place. That day the occasion was farewell and today it change into Reunion. Then they had tears in their eyes, now they having smile on their lips. E

verywhere, you can see love, happiness, craziness and fun. All are happy to meet their friends and their dear mentor. some behaving like they don't know each other, I am sure they were the one who once said"I can't live without you baby" and now asking "may I know you?" But now, along with time everything change.

All face having the maturity of time. Their boyish and girlish look change into handsome men and pretty women. Some married and said bye bye to this city, some working in MNC. Some started their own business. In all this I forget to introduce myself. I am Kushi Gupta completed my Graduation five year back

. On this colourful day of togetherness, I am present physically with fake smile on my lips but mentally I am far away from all this happiness. Just like actual depth of Sea is unknown, same way my friends are unknown to my pain which ruling my heart.

Don't think I am sad because of someone., no, not at all, I am sad because of my stupidity. Yes I did biggest mistake of my life. Which killing me each and every second of my life.

Being a orphan, till 18 years I was lived in orphanage, unaware of the out side world. When I started my college life, it was first step towards the outside world. As same story repeated, it was not easy for me accept the outside world and vice versa . When eyes looked at me with pity. I felt to hide from everyone and run away from this world.

 Every problem have a solution and solution for my problem was Arnav, Arnav Singh Raizada. My classmate, my friend who was always stand behind me in every difficult stage of my college life. And he was my strength.I ended with fell in love with him. The love of my life.

Time run like horse and our friendship become more strong and my feelings for him become inseparable from my heart. But every thing have a end, like that my college life also ended without expressing my feeling for him, because I was scared to loose his friendship.

 To avoid all that feeling, I run away from all that but I forget one thing that, I can only run away from his presence not from the feelings. Never contacted him or anyone after that farewell function. I was playing hide and seek with my feelings.

Today, after long five year, I come here with little hope and courage to express my feeling but only to meet with my love proposing his love, front of my eyes.

Time never wait for anyone and today I experienced it. Today I learned new lesson in my life. "Express your true feelings without thinking about the result, it may be positive or may negative. But you feel relief that you expressed your feelings. And you wouldn't sit like me with fake smile and regret in mind".

Now it's time to move on. Move on from the past, I know it difficult for me but better now than never. I don't want fake smiles in my life....

 "hey congratulations for your new life with your love. I am happy for you" I Wished my friend. Really I am happy for him. His happiness matter more than mine. Because he is my true love... My Unsaid Love..

"Kushiiii" a voice come from behind, is he calling me or this also my imagination. Anyways I am leaving, its doesnt make any difference if look back for last time.

"Kushi again, you are leaving I that bad who dont deserve his love.

"what you are saying Arnav, your love is with you only..few minutes ago you proposed her for marriage if I am not wrong"

 "you always wrong, why the hell you always run away from your feelings...from me"

"what you are saying Arnav"

"you stupid, I love you....that proposal was just drama to make you confess but again you choose to run away"

"Are you serious or I am in any dream..I am totally confused"

"May be this will help you to come out from your dream land"

His lips meet with mine, I forget the world...Now its time to move on with my love...I am lucky to get my true love....

The End.....

 please ignore typing and Grammar Mistakes...

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