Mr&Ms I'm - not - interested (Completed)

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Mar 12, 2016

Mr&Ms I'm - not - interested (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 81 times)

"Hey please....listen to me Khushi, I love you" he pleaded with puppy face. 

"Like I care" She uttered looking straight at his eyes...

" I just want your heart, accept me" he said with little hope. 

"Oh...but I have only one heart, do you want my sandal because I have two and I can offer you if you want" she said in sarcastic tone.. 

"Khushi...I will do whatever you want, consider my proposal" he pleaded her again. 

"Then do as I say, just get lost from here" saying she itself left from there... 

This is not new or first time for Khushi, almost everyday its happening in her college. Khushi came from high class family, if she desired something next moment she will get it from her family. She is the apple of her family, only daughter for Mr. Gupta, who doing a business with international clients dealing with fabrics stuffs. Rite now Khushi is staying in her college hostel, due to long distance from home. Her parents are not happy with her about this decision as they wanna separated from their princess but who can stop her stubbornness. Finally they agreed by making one condition that every weekend she wanna come to their home and spend her whole time with family. Khushi readily agreed for this condition, because she also cant stay away from her parents for longtime, so meeting in weekends will be refreshing. And now she is staying in her hostel from past one year. 

Khushi was hot chick for her college, almost every boy ogle at her whenever she passing on their way, and if someone got chance to speak with her they will head over heals seeing her chirpiness and bubbliness. She was so carefree type, no ego no attitude no arrogance just she was easy go gal. But now she changed little bit or you can say those guys changed her. Only thing which irking her is, those boys who running behind her and uttering some cheesy lines in the name of confession which won't have meaning itself. Starting time she used to say, "I'm not interested..." but as days passing, almost daily some guy coming and proposing, she got fed up with that which made her to give sarcastic reply to them whoever proposing nowadays. Now also happened same, with Rohan... 


"Hey Arnav where you are going...please wait I m also coming" She shouted and came running behind him panting heavily more than usual showing her chest little bit. 

" I m going to Men's toilet, would you like to join" he asked turned back with curt tone. 

" I thought you are going to canteen" she said sheepishly.

"Did I written on my back ' Follow me to canteen' " He asked in irritation. 

" No... I just thought...okay leave it...You...She started to say something 

"Yes.. Leave me" saying he left from the place without hearing her further words. 

Day by day Arnav feels gals as irritating stuffs in the college as they are ready to throw themselves on him without any shame. He is very practical in his life, he know what he have to do at what age that's what he doing from childhood, and now at this age its time to build up his career, not to waste the time for gals. He used to spend time with his few friends and cousin brothers who also studying in same college. During weekends he will go to AR office to learn business, to over take his dad job and to give him retirement from work tension, which also make his dad to give ample amount of time for his wife who taking care of his whole family without expecting anything in return. 

 Arnav is hot handsome hunk, his one smirk enough for gals to die for. He came from billionaire family, his father running a fashion industries which is world wide famous. He always get whatever he need before he voicing out itself. He is the only heir for Raizada industries. His parents residing in Mumbai, he staying in Delhi now staying in his pent house which they bought for business related as they having branch office here too. He likes everything around him and happy with whatever he have but only irking thing is females of this college. When few gals proposed him last year during his first year, he politely said "I'm not interested" but now he din hesitate to show his arrogance if somebody came behind him. That's what happened now too, with Sheetal. 

I know I know it might be some c*r*a*p. Suddenly this plot came to my mind I can't resist myself so I written it quickly. Not to worry, it going to be three or four shots only so I will finish it soon. I know nowadays I m not regular updater, so before starting anything new I m thinking it for many times to start or not. Its few shot so I will try to finish it quickly... Soon I will try to give Her marriage story too.... Don't get angry gals * puppy face*

Mar 14, 2016

Shot - 2 (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 92 times)

Khushi mood went off after hearing that Rohan so called confession, she started to murmur herself, " don't they have any other work, always coming behind me like small kid holding his mom's saree pallu for getting his candy... he want my foot... " . Seeing Khushi expression anyone can say she is not in good mood. Khushi went to her friends who are sitting in the cafeteria, she put her bag on the table and took her place. Payal and Lavanya looked at each other, they can guess the reason because its usual for them to see her like this and also its usual for same reason. 

"Who?" Lavanya asked controlling her smile.. 

"What ? " Khushi asked in irritation 

" She asking this time who came behind you" Payal said behalf of La. 

" That idiot Rohan, he want my heart aan...M I selling my heart here" Khushi fumed saying this. 

La and payal burst into laughter which made Khushi to burn in anger. 

"Shut up, this is not funny" Khushi said with gritted teeth...

"Do you know Khushi, that guy practicing to confess you from the past one week, poor him...finally today only he got courage to propose you" La said with laugh...

"Whatever, I don't care" Khushi said twitching her face. 

"Khushi how long you going to be single, why you are rejecting everyone proposal, you can try to give chance na... Dating with someone is not bad babe its just to know about each other well" La said with grin. 

" I m not interested in boyfriend galfriend thing, dating, love, commitment, relationship, one night stand...whatever it is. I m happy to be single, I don't wanna be mingle. I already heard about many useless love story, mostly there will be breakup or someone will commit suicide for not getting their love...I don't like to fall in these things" Khushi replied with serious. 

Suddenly they heard bell sound, they took their bag and rushed from there to attend their class. 

Another side, Arnav came to his regular table where his friends are waiting for him. He ordered some juice and sat quietly. His friends looked at him, his silence itself making them to get sense. 

" Spit it out" Sameer said.

" Nothing is there" Arnav uttered

"Oh come on bro...your silence itself speaking just tell us this time who" Akash asked eagerly.

"Wait I guess Reshma... no no prakrithi...hmm vinaya......" Nk started to give one list itself...

"Sheetal" Arnav finally said to stop his cousin list. 

"What...yesterday only I heard about her breakup with Ritesh, today she came to propose you ah....Dude gals are superfast" Sameer said in bewilderment. 

" Thats'y I hate this stuffs, they just need some goodlooking and rich guy" Arnav said in anger. 

"Not all gals you know" Nk said with pouting.

" I m not interested Nk so don't try to change my mind" Arnav said strictly. 

" Someday you have to fall for one gal bro" Akash said the matter of fact. 

"Then that gal will be a unique one, she will be something special" uttering this Arnav got up to leave after finishing his juice.... 

" Oh..ho...I m waiting for that day Nannav" Nk said with excitement. 

Arnav nodded his head like unbelievable and left from there. 

Khushi, Payal and La are going to their class, suddenly khushi got some call. She gestured payal and La to go to their class. They nodded and left from there. Khushi talked for few minutes and started to go to her class in hurry. Suddenly she bumped to someone without seeing the person. Her books fell down and also his, before her he started to collect the books. Without giving glance she snatched the book from him, thinking it as her book. But she din realise another book cover also having same. She turned and looked at him once, rushed from there shouting sorry. That person looked at her who almost running to catch some running train, uttering what the....

Thank u so much guys, its always special to feel ur presence. Its long time I din write anything crazy so just thought to write some. 

I4arshi: I m good dear. Hope u too good and well... Thank u for ur every comments:)

"Lily,lily30,Tparvaiz, Nitya, Hema, Ramya, Noordina, lazydoll, sreya, serajum" Thanks to all of u...:)

Mar 16, 2016

Shot - 3 (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 104 times)

Khushi went inside her class and sat next to Payal who is sitting beside Lavanya. Soon professor came and started to take class, when he asked to take notes, Khushi took her note and opened it, seeing someones handwriting Khushi got confused also it was not her subject. She flipped some pages and turned to first page, her eyes went wide seeing the name where "Arnav Singh Raizada"  mentioned in bold letters. Khushi thought who is he and how I got his note, after few seconds she remembered the incident and now she realized how their note got exchanged. She slapped her mind and without any choice she took notes in his book itself. Suddenly she felt something peeping outside, she took the chit and opened it to read. 

Dear Arnav, 


        I m writing this letter because I dont know how to tell you. From the time when I saw you I forgot my sleep at nights, I m not feeling hungry, to be frank I cant be myself. All the time I m thinking about you, many time I gave you hint still you din recognize my feel for you. How long you will make me wait. I know you are not interested in love but still my heart not accepting it only wants you. I m ready to be submissive gal for you for my whole life time please accept my love.... I m waiting for your reply. Love you..... 

Yours Natasha..

Khushi rolled her eyes reading it and she can't stop herself without writing some thing for this. She started to scribble something, after finished she kept inside the note. 

After class finished, Khushi rushed out immediately where Payal and Lavanya exchanging their glances thinking now what happen to khushi. Khushi went to Arnav department and looked here and there to get glimpse of him. She noticed some one who facing his back and  talking with professor. His figure looked like similar to the guy with whom she bumped. She waited for few minutes, after he talking with professor he turned to go to his class. Khushi confirmed him after seeing his face, before he went inside, Khushi called him, Arnav... 

Arnav stood in his spot and looked in the direction where some female voice is coming. Arnav got puzzled seeing her why this Rajdani express came here. Khushi came and gave his note saying, "Sorry I took your note thinking as it was mine, in class only I came to know instead of mine I took yours, so just came to return it you". Arnav looked at his note then said," Oh thats okay I still din see the note which I m having so I dont have any idea". Khushi said, " Hmm... Also sorry as I tore some pages from your note because I dont have any other note to take my notes so...." Arnav looked at her amused who saying sorry like child, like that child stole something from some one. Arnav said, "no problem...wait I will get yours". Arnav went inside and come out, he gave her note. Khushi asked," Do you want to tear some pages from mine". Arnav got confused, " what". Khushi replied, "I tore some from yours na". Arnav looked at her from head to toe, really she doing her graduation or  primary education. Khushi asked, "if you want you can tore six pages not more than that because I used six pages only". Arnav looked at her thinking as weird female. He uttered, " need". Khushi smiled widely saying, " Thank you". Arnav just nodded. Suddenly one guy screamed, Hey Khushi darling.... Khushi and Arnav looked at him who approaching them. Before he come close Khushi shouted, " Kick you...Get lost" saying she left from there. Arnav looked at her amazed hearing her words and high pitch, he looked at the guy who frowned for her words. Arnav chuckled himself thinking, these college guys are unbelievable. 

Arnav again went inside the class, he opened his note suddenly something fell down from it. He looked at the paper and took it. He read the letter and got irritated. While crushing it he notice something more on the back of this letter. He opened it again and started to read. 

Oh dear useless gal, 

          You dont know how to tell him...of course by mouth only... Or else you dont say it itself. If you forgot to sleep then start to take sleeping pills it will help you, else consult some doctor or may be you sleeping at class that's y you are not getting sleep at night. If you can't be yourself, then its your problem why bothering this guy. To give hints its not about forming  summary here, and to recognize your feel he is not psychiatric. Who asked you to wait, did he..Reallyyyyy...he is also not interested in pinch to him me too not interested in this useless lovey dovey stuffs. You are ready to be his submissive, so you want him to be your dominant....yucks you want Bdsm life, that too for whole life...shameless. You no need to wait for his reply. Hate you... 

"I'm not interested" 


Reading this Arnav cant control himself, he burst into laugh where others looked at him in surprise, seeing them he tried to control himself. Really can't believe someone can write like this also, definitely this gal wanna be crazy and unique....

Mar 21, 2016

Shot - 4 (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 96 times)

Seeing Arnav, Akash came first in surprise and asked him, what's the matter bro..What so funny... Nk who came behind him noticed the chit which he holding in his hand, Nk snatched and started to read, Samrat too joined with him. Finally all three of them started to read. Arnav was smiling still but not loud like before. After reading the letter, other three laughed out loud making others to think, did they came from asylum. Samrat said with laugh, she will be a prefect match for you dude. Akash uttered, I agree... Nk said controlling his smile, Nannav I will be surprised if someone wrote like this but it is written by Khushi, I m not surprised or shock even though its hilarious, She is always like this 'no men no love' policy but she is crazy. Arnav recalled her offer how she asked him to tear paper from her note. He silently smiled and started to do his work. 

After a week, Arnav came to garden which is also inside college premises. As exam date is nearing he got book from library and came to read peacefully in garden. He din realize how much time he spending in reading. Suddenly one gal came, shouting, Oh Arnav are here. Arnav frowned and raised his eyes to look at the person. Seeing sheetal he uttered in sarcastic tone, I don't have diabetics and yes I m here...whats your problem. Sheetal understood why he said he dont have diabetics, its because she said sweetheart. She said with grin, oh Arnav you are so naughty.. Arnav said with mock smile, but you are so scary... Sheetal said with pout, oh come on Arnav why you are ignoring me. Arnav asked back, oh go on sheetal why you are coming behind me... Sheetal said, because I love you. Arnav said, but I dont love you. Sheetal said with sad face, don't break my heart... Arnav said in irritation, dont make me to break your face now.. Sheetal asked, why cant you love me..  Arnav asked back, why cant you leave me... Sheetal said with pout, I hate you now. Arnav smiled and said, I like you for hating leave me and go from here. Sheetal went from there twisting her face. Arnav sighed in relief. Suddenly he heard laughter sound, he turned and looked where khushi was sitting in other corner of his back side bench, as two benches placed like back to back. Khushi looked at Arnav with laugh, he raised his eyebrow like asking what....

" I thought boys only duffers, never knew some gals also" 

"Yeah, gals are irritators and demanders"

"You are talking with a gal now"

"You are talking with a boy now"

"Copy cat"

"Cashew nut"

" cashewnut, how"

"Before I say you told it so you are cashew nut"

"Shut up"

"Make me shut"

" means"

"With your palms or else with your li...."





" what will I say"


"Bread okay?"

Suddenly some one screamed, Oh my gosh...I know I this is the reason..." she ran from there without waiting for next second. Arnav and khushi looked at each other. Khushi asked, what she know...Arnav asked back, how I know..  Khushi muttered, in our college all are crazy.. Arnav heard it and muttered, See who saying this...if all are crazy then you are crazy queen. Khushi asked, did you say something.. Arnav nodded as no. Khushi started to go saying, we will play this game some other time. Arnav asked, which game. Khushi replied, arey now we played na bun butter jam... hearing these names I m getting hungry, do you like to join me..dont worry you itself can pay for it... Arnav looked at her amused thinking, what a gal.. Arnav replied, you carry on I m not hungry... Khushi said with smile, then okay with you soon...she ran from there clutching her stomach in hungry. Arnav rolled his eyes thinking, Unbelievable crazy creature.... He can't believe himself he talking like kid with her, he enjoyed it too she is something different compare to other gals. He grinning like idiot alone thinking their useless conversation. 

Suddenly there was gossip going around, all are running towards certain place. Arnav got puzzled seeing others who looking at him in shock. He joined the crowd where khushi also standing there and looking at the poster with open mouth "Mr. I m not interested Arnav and Ms. I m not interested Khushi are interested in each other"

Mar 24, 2016

Shot - 5 (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 87 times)

After seeing Khushi, Arnav noticed the poster and the line which written on it. He uttered, what the... Akash, Nk and Samrat too joined him and asked in shock, What is this? Arnav was blank as he don't have any idea. Khushi wiped her eyes and again saw it thinking she seeing it wrongly. She asked La and Payal, do you gals seeing what I m seeing... La and payal nodded as yes in shock. Khushi realized who did this, its none other than their college gossip queen who witnessed her and Arnav conversations. She became furious, she blew some air which made her hair fringe to fly. She noticed that gal who stood at other side like I-m-Innocent...seeing her khushi was pissed off she tried to jump on her to attack her, before that Arnav noticed khushi expression and her stare which pointing the gal, he too understood now who did this, Arnav pulled her by waist before she attacks that gal. 

Seeing the scene, all are shocked and another gossip started seeing how Arnav pulling khushi by her waist and dragging her out. Some of them were burning in jealous thinking really they are interested in each other. La and payal looked them with wide eyes, they dont know whats really happening at this moment, same with Akash, Nk and samrat they are in shock and surprise, Arnav who use to run away from gals, today he taking one gal in his arms, what a miracle. 

Arnav dragged her somewhere where there is no one. Khushi protested to leave her, she was in damn anger due to that gal who played her cheap trick. Arnav kept his finger on her lips by giving sound, shhhh... Khushi looked at him in shock feeling his warm finger on her lips where no one touched. Arnav took his finger immediately sensing what he doing, he din distract himself after feeling her soft lips. He said after composing himself, Khushi you dont have any feelings on me rite... Khushi recovered and said, ofcourse not... Arnav said, like wise I too dont have feelings for you..  Khushi uttered, thats better.. Arnav added, Now we both know we dont have interest on each other as they wrote... Khushi said in anger, not they...its her...I know that cheap gal only posted like this. Arnav calmed her down, okay it can be... Leave that, as I said earlier we both know we dont feel for each other, but let them think whatever written on it, its true. 

Khushi was shocked and looked at him in open mouth, whattt... Do you gone crazy like that duffers, Are you out of your mind, you are mad or what... Arnav uttered in irritated tone, what the... Cant you listen to me fully, here I m trying to give solution for our problem but you.... what I m saying is if they think we are interested in each other then no one will approach us saying their so called I love you comment and we will lead our ways peacefully. Hearing his idea khushi face lited up she said with glee, Arey waah... What an idea sirji... Really Mr you are so smart. Arnav said with attitude, say something new. Khushi twisted her lips saying, You have over confidence... Arnav ignored it and said, Whatever... Now tell me do you accept for this deal... Khushi said with grin, Deal done Mr. Raizada... saying she hugged him in happiness leaving Arnav in shock. 

Khushi broke the hug and said, See you later my so called boy friend... she left from there by bitting her lip thinking, Did I hugged him..really... Thank god he din ask about it, else what I will reply for it. Arnav looked at disappearing figure thinking, Did she landed in my arms... Of course she did but why... He brushed off thinking, ofcourse she is crazy thatsy...he too went from there with grin. 

Seeing Khushi, Payal and La rushed towards her who waiting for her eagerly. La almost screamed, Khushi what was you guys really interested in each other... Payal added, khushi tell us everything...dont hide.. We want all details. Seeing khushi smiling face, La asked, Khushi you are grinning like your guy confessed you. Khushi beat her saying, shut up La its nothing as you think. We just made a deal... Payal asked curiously, what deal... Khushi joked, haan snapdeal.. La asked seriously, stop playing khushi tell us clearly. Khushi said with glee, here after me and Arnav going to act like Boyfriend and galfriend. La and payal got confused. Payal asked, what do you mean... Khushi said about the deal which Arnav said, La and payal looked at her with open mouth. La asked in shocked, really you agreed for this...I cant believe you are ready to act like someone's galfriend. Khushi said, its mutual feeling we dont have feeling for each other so what a big deal in it, by this I can escape from those duffers who coming behind me. La and payal looked at each other, they dont know what to say. 

Arnav went to his friends after dealing with khushi. Nk asked, Nannav where you gone taking her away... like prince taking his princess... Arnav gave angry glare. Akash asked, bro whats going between you and her. Arnav said, nothing Akash just one deal. Samrat asked, deal..that too with a gal... Are you kidding...what type of deal. Arnav explained him what he said to khushi. Nk burst into laugh saying, Ha ha ha nannav going to act like Khushi's boyfriend I cant believe it..  Damn crazy it will be. Arnav asked in irritation, why can't I.. She is nice gal, not like others who coming and showing off... She is crazy but still she is innocent.. but I like when she try to turn like feisty... I will catch you guys later saying he left from there. Samrat uttered, Why I feel whatever written on that poster, going to become true... Akash asked, you too feel... Even I too... Nk said, Arey cant you see already one got interest in that another want to get interest on this one. Akash asked, what you trying to tell us. Nk replied, ufff fo..can't you see already Arnav got interest on khushi.. Akash and Samrat grinned widely nodding as big yes. 

Mar 31, 2016

Shot - 6 (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 98 times)

Next day Khushi came to her class, on the way gossip started again about her and Arnav, Khushi heard some comment which passed about her so called relationship with Arnav. After hearing also she din react as feisty gal, instead she chuckling herself and thanked Arnav in her heart who suggested this awesome idea which is very fruitful. Moreover amazing thing is boys whoever came behind her, now seeing her they twisting their face like Khushi cheated on them. And of course gals looked at her in jealously like she stolen away their Arnav who is handsome hunk and charming. Their looks and comments din bother her, in fact she was relived. She happily spent her time with her friends. 

On the other side, Arnav was amazed to see gals reaction seeing him. Few gals came and asked him, Arnav whatever written on the post, Is that true...please don't say yes you cant do this....Arnav thought, ahhhh...these gals are such a drama queen.. He ignored them and went to his class where some boys are looking like he was their first enemy. Arnav patted himself for getting that fabulous idea. Suddenly he thought about khushi thinking what reactions and all she getting from others, and chuckled himself thinking how she will react to it, and imagined her like pulling boys hair. Seeing Arnav expression, NK nudged Akash and samrat and gestured through his eyes to look at Arnav who was smiling alone. They three suppressed their smile when Arnav approached them and reacted as nothing. 

Khushi finished her second hour class, she thought to go library to get some books. While going, some one shouted her name with loudness. Khushi turned and looked back, a gal came running to her and introduced herself, Hi khushi.. I m Jessica and I m science student. Khushi said, so... Are you planning to change your group.. Jessica said cheekily, you have good sense of humour. Khushi stressed, thanks. Jessica asked, hmm khushi can you please give me Arnav number. I need to talk to him. Khushi frowned and said, you need to talk means go and meet him, I dont have his number. Jessica eyes went wide asking, dont have his number...He is your boy friend and you dont have his number..Are you kidding. Khushi asked, Is that any rule that every gal wanna have her boy friend number. Jessica said, okay okay I know why  you are saying like this, you are so possessive about him rite..who will be wont.. I can understand it...its okay..  saying that gal went from there. Khushi looked at her with open mouth uttering, What the hell... M I look like I m possessive about someone that too on fake boyfriend..noway.. 

Arnav was chatting with his friends in cafeteria during his lunch time, suddenly Khushi came and stood near to him. All four looked at her, three persons controlled their smile and one gave surprised looked. Khushi said sternly, I wanna talk to you. Arnav raised his eyebrow, Any problem. Khushi replied, sort of.. Arnav excused himself and went with her to some other place. Arnav asked, what happen now..tell me... Khushi asked, I want your number.. Arnav was shocked thinking, what running in her brain why asking his number on first day itself. Arnav said, excuse me... Khushi said back, no you are not excused... I need your number, I can't hear some useless gals words. Arnav was confused, what do you mean. Khushi asked, m I possessive about you. Arnav asked, what... Now where this possessiveness came. Khushi said with gritted teeth, that Jessica...that useless gal.. How the hell she can say like this. Arnav asked, why she said. Khushi replied, because I din give your damn number. Arnav asked, but you don't have my number na. Khushi uttered, exactly... Thatsy asking your number. Arnav frowned and asked, for what. Khushi replied, if I have your number then I can give them na so that they won't think me as possessive about you. Arnav was amused thinking, what's there to prove in this...Is she gone mad. Arnav asked, so hereafter if any one ask my number, you will give to them. Khushi uttered, of course..  Because I m not possessive about you. Arnav rolled his eyes and said, I can't give then. Khushi demanded, have to give you are my boyfriend. Arnav looked at her with mischief and said, but you are ready to share your boyfriend with others so I can't give.. Khushi said, you are not my boyfriend so I can give to them. Arnav trapped her well and said, exactly...I m not your boyfriend, so I can't give. Khushi was confused about their conversation itself. She said in irritation, ahh..I just hate you. Arnav asked in glint, did you loved me to hate me. Khushi was frustrated and said with gritted teeth, you have such a big mouth. Arnav asked, you wanna feel it... Khushi shouted, cheeeez.... Arnav uttered, butter... Khushi said with pouted, not again... I m not in mood...saying she started to move.

 Arnav called, Khushi.... Khushi turned and looked, Arnav said some number. Khushi asked, what.. Arnav said, my phone number... She grinned and noted it after asking him to say again. After saving his number, she said, I will give miss call... Arnav asked, why..don't you have enough balance to call me.. Khushi looked at him with furious eyes for mocking her. Arnav realized and said, Okay okay chill...give me a miss call I will save it.   Khushi replied, why I wanna give, I won't...saying she started to go again. Arnav shouted, because you are my gal friend damn it... Khushi shouted back, I m not Mr. Raizada.. And you can't make me too... Arnav shouted again, Don't challenge me Miss. Gupta... Khushi grinned and said, Try me my so called boyfriend. Arnav muttered seeing khushi disappearing figure, another interesting deal.. Let's see. 

Apr 7, 2016

Shot - 7 (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 96 times)

Next day in college, Arnav was moving somewhere with Sam, Akash and Nk, suddenly he spotted Khushi who was sitting alone in the garden, seeing her his face lighted up and told others that he will be back soon. All three got puzzled before they ask him something, Arnav rushed from there. Then they noticed where Arnav going fastly, seeing the figure they looked each other and chuckled... 

Arnav approached her, who was sitting like innocent and obedient gal and studying seriously. Arnav cleared his throat to get her attention, Khushi raised her head to see who is that. Seeing Arnav, Khushi immediately grabbed his hand pulled him beside her and made him to sit. Arnav was shocked on her gesture, before thinking further she showed her book saying, explain this concept, you also having this subject na...I m going mad to understand this. Arnav was amused and thought, here I m going mad to understand you... Khushi called his name which made him to come to sense. Arnav looked at the page which she showed, its not big deal concept for him so he explained her with seriousness and she too understood its quickly.. After getting the concept, Khushi smiled ear to ear saying, cool you explained it without difficulty...but that duffer... Arnav uttered, duffer.. Khushi said to make him clear, my professor only...who else...he don't know  to teach itself. Arnav rolled his eyes thinking nice nick name.

 When Khushi tried to get her books as she decided to go, Arnav asked, yesterday nite I messaged you why you din reply to me. Khushi looked at him with puzzled expression and said, but I din get any message from you. Arnav said with serious tone, what...don't lie I send three  message to you. Khushi immediately took her mobile and checked her inbox. She said, see I m saying na I din get any messages of yours. Arnav snatched her mobile saying, let me check it... After checking mobile he gave to her. Then something he did in his own mobile and khushi mobile beep sound came which indicates she received someones's message. Khushi opened it and see.. 


Another beep for second message 

"Now I got your number"

Another beep for third message

"Now do you got my three messages"...

Khushi looked at him with open mouth who grinning at her for getting her number successfully. Khushi screamed, You...cheater****...delete my number rite now. Arnav nodded as no. She tried to snatch his mobile saying, I said delete it. Arnav raised his hand above his head, khushi held his hand and tried to take his mobile but he was not ready to give up. Without balance they fell down on the grassland, he on the ground and khushi on his top, their body pressed to each other except their legs and face, still they din stop their fight. Suddenly someone screamed, Goshhhh...Arnav and khushi turned to that direction where La and payal looking at them with stunnedness. Arnav was embarrassed seeing them, Khushi too got up adjusting her dress saying him again, cheater****... Arnav stood saying whatever.. He left from there after glancing all the three gals... 

La and Payal rushed to her and asked her, what was that..whats happening here. Khushi said with sulked face, cheating he took my number so tried to snatch his mobile. La asked, like that.. Khushi asked, like whattt... La cleared, you were completely lying on him...just like couple who getting intimate...gross... I cant believe what I saw... Khushi blushed hearing her words as she realized now only how were they... Payal asked, And khushi whats the reason for your blush now... Your face is red now. Khushi bit her lip saying, not blush.I m red due to anger on him.. Hmmm I m hungry shall we go to canteen. Payal asked, don't know how you getting hungry all time.. La teased, now because she wasted her energy fully with her so called fight with her so called boy friend. Khushi pouted making them roll their eyes. 

Gals came to canteen and started to eat talking about generals stuffs. Suddenly they heard some comments where some gals are talking in their own gang back to their table.

"I can't believe Arnav and Khushi are in relationship"

"Yeah, they always used to say I m not interested to all then how this"

"I think they kept their relationship secretly that's y rejected others, for privacy" 

"What a handsome guy he is, khushi is so lucky" 

"Khushi also not bad in look, but why din she accept some other guy proposal... Why only my Arnav"

"Damn I hate that gal now for snatching Arnav from us"

"Me too...I can't imagine also about their kiss and cuddling which every couple shares.. " 

"Don't talk about it yaar, What a rosy lips he have...wish one day I feel it.. But she could have rite"

"Who knows, they might be shared 'IT'...and that thought breaking my heart"

"Don't say it yaar... His smell itself ll turn me ON to get him"

Khushi choked her juice and become complete red hearing their comments. Payal and La noticed her and glanced at each other. Suddenly khushi asked, hey what they mean by 'they might be shared 'IT'... La and payal don't know what to say thinking how still she is immature sometimes. La said, they meant what husband and wife will share... Khushi asked, you mean fight... Payal asked in disbelief, what... Fight... Khushi asked, yeah that only every husband and wife sharing nowadays na. La rolled her eyes saying, they said about bed... Khushi spilled her juice shouting, whatttttt....hearing her sound, got  others attention on them. She realized and looked at others by biting her lips, suddenly her gaze fixed at Arnav who came there at that moment and looking at her. She became like Kashmir reddish apple recalling their comments seeing him. Arnav was amazed to see her color change and thought what happen to her suddenly... Did she blushing now...but why..  He raised his eyebrow seeing her, khushi turned her gaze seeing his look. 

Apr 16, 2016

Shot - 8 (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 111 times)

I don't know what I had written here, its long days so I just filling the gap. Days going hectic, no time to think abt stories, with little time  I scribbled something here... Sorry for making you guys to wait.   

On that night, Khushi was lying on her bed and reading some books, suddenly her phone beep sound echoed. She took her mobile and opened her message which one of her classmate sent, reading the forward message she giggled and thought to send it to others. She clicked the forward icon, then selected the 'send all' option, she sent to all whoever on her contact list. Again started to read her book. 

Arnav was working on his assignment seriously, suddenly he heard his mobile msg ringtone. He looked at the screen which showing Khushi name, he was surprised to get her message. Eagerly he opened the message and started to read, 

"Twinkle Twinkle little star,

You should know what you are,

And once you know what you are,

Mental hospital is not so far".

After reading it, he uttered what the...His mood got changed he thought to have some interesting chat with her. He immediately typed 

"Which means u r in mental hospital"

Khushi was puzzled seeing Arnav message and read it. She was confused and furious reading it as she din get any meaning thinking suddenly why he sending like this as she doesn't aware about forward message which sent to Arnav also. She typed, 


Got reply 

"I m asking about your message... "

Khushi understood now she looked at the message with open mouth and she typed  sarcastic reply

" very funny"

Immediately got reply


She got irritated and threw her mobile somewhere on her bed. 

Another message came.. She took her mobile furiously and opened the message 

"Good night" 

Khushi sighed and sent 

"Mental dreams"

She laid on her bed and covered herself with bed sheet. Got another message which she read 

"Oh..u going to come in my dreams...I m waiting"

She sounded, arrrgh... She ignored the message and went to sleep. 

Next day in college Khushi entered the college while humming some songs, without realizing she bumped with someone, caressing her head she looked at the figure who standing in front of her. She almost screamed, Youuuu... Arnav smirked and replied, Hi...yeah its me. She twisted her lips saying, I don't like to talk to u... Arnav asked, why so... Khushi replied, I said so... saying she started to move. Suddenly her phone beep sound came, she saw Arnav name, she turned and looked at him. He winked at her and left. She looked at him with open mouth. After few seconds she opened her message which he sent and read,

"Next time when u think of beautiful things, don't forget to count yourself in "

Even though it is forward message, still she blushed until she got another message 

"Lie is a lie, whether it is came through sms or through mail" 

She stamped her foot on the ground, and left from there fuming with anger.

Apr 26, 2016

Shot - 9 (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 115 times)

An year end going to come, which means semister nearing and after that it going to be their vacation time so their college decided to repaint their buildings and the work is going on, also construction for new building work too started for next year.

Khushi, Lavanya and payal are moving to the library after finishing their class, they were gossiping about random things and walking freely. Suddenly someone poured paint on khushi from above and paint box flew somewhere by rolling. Lavanya and Payal moved aside still some paint splashed on them too. All  three are shocked, khushi state is worth watching. She looked at her own state in astonishment. Others students who passing there, looked at khushi who painted in pink, they laughed their heart out which irked khushi more. Some gals teased her " Pink pink, you are stink" Payal and Lavanya too not in the state to talk anything.

 Khushi raised her head and looked at the first floor corridor where few boys there and noticed Arnav who was busy in laughing out loud but she was not aware of those boys laughing for something else. Without thinking she rushed to first floor, Lavanya and payal were confused seeing her, still they followed her saying, Khushi stop...few gals also follwed her as they know some entertainment they will get for them because its Khushi. Boys who were busy in laughing, gaped at seeing the pink figure, Arnav was shocked recognizing her who was panting heavily due to run. 

Before he ask her what happened, she looked at paint bucket which was near to them , she took that bucket of paint which yellow in color and splashed completely on Arnav. All looked at them with open mouth, they looked two figures in disbelief. Arnav was burning in rage looking at her, she too looked at him furiously. Some gals teased, "Yellow yellow, dirty fellow" Arnav stared them in frustration which made their mouth shut.

 Suddenly one man came hurriedly, he was shocked to see them. He called khushi, Mam... Khushi angrily looked at him and shouted, whatttt... He gulped and said, hmmm.. Its my mistake while painting my hand got slipped and it fell on you.... Khushi eyes went wide and screamed, did it... How could you and why you din you say me before. He replied with fear thinking she may create it as a big issue and his job will go, Mam sorry I was painting here by hanging on wall, when I realized what happened I came down to ask apology but you were not there, again when I came up seeing the crowd I came here. Khushi closed her eyes in irritation, she turned and looked at Arnav guiltily, she uttered, Arnav I m... Arnav shouted, Go to hell... saying he left from there to take bath in samrat room as he was staying in college hostel. Khushi eyes got teared up, she was ashamed of her childish act. Lavanya and payal came to her. Lavanya said, Khushi first you go and take bath... Payal added, yeah you go to your room..ask sorry to him later. Khushi went silently. Others started to gossip about them thinking did they break up, or they had fight...

On that day they din see each other after that incident, one was boiling in anger and other one was feeling guilty for her act. At evening time, Khushi was going restless on passing second, without asking sorry to him she can't be in peace. She thought to call his number, when she tried he not attending her call. She expected this but still had some hope he will attend, but her hope got shattered. She typed the message, 

"I'm sorry"

"Please reply me"

"Seeing your laugh, I thought it was you" 

"But its not my mistake fully, you started to tease me nowadays that's y I thought you played this prank" 

"Look I know what I did was wrong, I feel guilty for it please this one time forgive me" 

" If you want you can really pour some paint on me like I did it on you, I itself will buy some paint and come"

"See Arnav, Khushi Gupta never asked sorry to anyone like this but now I m asking to you, don't do over"

Khushi was seeing her mobile continuously at least to get single reply from him after sending this much messages but no, nothing came her face fell down seeing the empty screen. 

May 13, 2016

Shot - 10 (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 130 times)

Arnav came to his home after meeting his friend, due to low battery he din take his mobile with him, he put it in charge. As he finished his dinner with his friends he went straight to his bed, he took his mobile to check, Is there any important call or message... When he opened it he was surprised to see many missed calls and messages, also little angry when he saw the person name. He opened her each message, going through one by one he cant help himself to control his chuckle. He thought, She gone mad for sure.... only she can reply like that to some love letter, only she can behave like this stupidly to pour paint and now she only can message like this...she never failed to amaze me, like kid she asked me to tore some paper from her note...why...because she used few from mine, and now she poured paint on me and sending me message as, " If you want you can really pour some paint on me like I did it on you, I itself will buy some paint and come"...seriously who will say like this, nowadays kids itself so smart and sharp... But here she behaving like she escaped from some asylum... Or like her brain stopped growing from her tender age....He decide to reply but stopped  typing thinking lets see what she will do tomorrow morning while she seeing me.... He grinned himself and kept his mobile without replying, he slept with smile. 

Next day, Arnav came to college and started to go towards his class, he noticed many looking at him with some curious. He avoided it first later seeing everyone who glancing at him continuously he thought, What the hell is wrong.... Suddenly he noticed the crowd at one particular place, he slowly started to move there. He looked at the direction where others are seeing, he was shocked to see the poster 

"Mr&Ms I'm interested

Did they break up?" 

Arnav uttered, what the..  Suddenly some gal asked, Oh Arnav...are you available now? Arnav gave angry glare, she shut her mouth. He left from there thinking, this place is  not  a college, want to be asylum...almost everyone fits in.... 

While going he heard familiar voice who calling his name, He turned and looked at her with serious face. Due to her run, she panting heavily, with abnormal breathe she asked, Arnav did we broke up... Arnav was shocked he din expect this question from khushi, he uttered what the... Khushi uttered, break up.. Arnav rolled his eyes and said, Khushi eyes went wide, whatttt... You cant do this to me, look I know what I did yesterday was completely wrong and I m sorry about that... Even I called you and sent you messages but you din reply to any damn message... Don't be arrogant... Arnav raised his eyebrow like what... He uttered, whatever and started to go from there... 

Khushi shouted, You cant ignore me Arnav... Arnav turned and shouted back, I can... again he started to go suddenly he heard her choked voice, I m really sorry... He immediately turned and looked at her who shedding tears. He rushed to her saying, hey...shhh its okay.... She asked with innocent voice, did you forgive me? Arnav uttered, yeah yeah I did... Khushi hugged him saying thank you...She grinned and stuck out her tongue...her heart doing happy dance for getting what she wanted.. She will get whatever she wants even doing some emotional drama, rite now she faked her tears to get his forgiveness... Arnav broke the hug, she again kept the sad and innocent face.. Arnav looked at her and said, You can become good actress you know..  Khushi asked like kid, really...but why you suddenly saying it.. Arnav said, because now only I saw your acting..  Khushi stammered, acting...umm what do you mean... What I acted... Arnav replied, your emotional drama... Khushi said, No its not drama I really cried and I m really sorry..  Arnav said as he know already he saw her expression on the mirror door which placed on their side, oh..stop lying khushi.. Whatever... I m having class now we will see later... Khushi uttered okay with pouting..

  Arnav cant control himself he already maintained his fake serious face for  long time, he kissed her cheek and left from there in shock realizing what he did. Khushi looked at him with open mouth and screamed, damn..Arnav Singh Raizada you can't kiss me..  Arnav chuckled and shouted back, Of course I can..your are my gal friend.... Before khushi tried to say he gone away. Suddenly she heard many voices, whattt... You guys din break up.... Khushi hit her head with her own hand and went to her class... 

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