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Feb 16, 2016

MeD Bachao ....... (By Medlovers) (Thanked: 24 times)

Hello  dearies…

          Hope you all are doing good. We (Med bachao volunteers) are here to announce something. As the forum became silent and less active these days, we are feeling really bad. So, few of us came with an idea to activate this forum again. But it won’t be possible without the sweethearts like you all. We need you in this. We need your support in this. When I heard about other forums getting active these days, I really felt bad. Not for them being active, but our beloved ARSHI forum is being less active.

Okay… I’m coming to the point. As most of you known about MeD Week held last year, we are planning the things almost same as that. But this is not for a week dearies… this is for every month. Yes, you read it correctly… We are going to have competitions EVERY MONTH… not once… but TWICE. How amazing it is, isn’t it? So, come on… Let’s make it success. Without you all, nothing is possible.

         Now, the thing is what are we going to do…? Frankly, it’s nothing different from MeD week of last year. But the different thing is, there won’t be any hurry. The participants will have more time to do.

              Now come the topics of our competitions --

1. Given song or situation and ask to write OS .

2. We can see how good of a readers are they ... We will nominate some completed stories & ask questions from there.

3. Anthakshari.

4. I got an idea what about "Moment of the Week" competition...we the group members will select a best moment in the whole week of serial then we will ask writers to write their ideas as OS or TS on that moment or after that creation get the award of moment of week.

5. Every time we have seen Shyam as villain or in some creations Anjali too ...what if Akash is the villain or what if Payal or Mami is the villain? Like that every time we chose one character as villain and writers will write their idea on this point ha ha best villain trophy.

6. Drabble updates of 500 words. 

7. OS competition Edit competition - Give the plot and answer the writer and name of the story.

8. Write a paragraph on a plot and let others continue it. 

9. Share different pics of an actor/actress.Let readers and writers choose one among them. And then they'll write some short drabble on them …

10 . There will be "THE MEMBER OF THE MONTH" competition among the WINNERS OF THE DIFFERENT COMPETITIONS held in each month . Winner will be selected by judges and other members and he/she will be rewarded with a MeD INTERVIEW.


   But each and everyone need to follow some rules to participate in this competition . They are -

1. Only Registered Members in MeD are eligible to participate. 

2. The participants should play fairly .. No CHEATING OR COPYING WILL BE ALLOWED .

3. Everyone should be serious about these competitions .

4. Everyone should complete their entry by the time, there won’t be any extension of the last dates of submissions or declaring the results of the competitions.

5. Competitions will be held twice in a month. 1st week writing competition and 3rd week Games/Editing competition. 2nd and 4th week results will be announced.

6. Judges decision will be final. No one can affect or force judges decisions.

7. Results will be declared as per the schedules only. No one can ask the result in Personal.

8. We should need the names of the participants who are interested in participation before the dead line…

9. The name of any participants will NOT be disclosed in between any step of the competition . The name will be in the final result only. The participants need to send their entry by mail to us in a single mailing address. No personal message to any team member will be entertained. We will be posting their story or edit  in MeD. After the entire competition the names will be disclosed as per the entry.

       Now comes the TIME SCHEDULE

1st day of month - Writing Competition (topic will be announced)

4th day of month - Last date for enrolment 

10th day of month - Last date submission of entries (Entries should be mailed to us on  "")

15th day of the month - Results

16th day of the month - Editing/Games Competition (topic will be announced)

20th day of the month - Last date for enrolment

25th day of the month - Last date submission of entries (Entries should be mailed to us on "")

30 th day of the month - Results

          And Then "THE MEMBER OF THE MONTH" will be selected by the judges and the members among the winners of different competitions .

This is how it happens. For all these we have divided the volunteers in teams…….

(Note that the names in bold are the volunteers MeD ID names, for the participants convenience)

Team 1 (Hosts) - Writing

Kiddo_Star (Shreya) 

Jaishrik (Jaishri)

Sanchita (Sanchita)

Team 2 (Hosts) - Games/Editing competitions

Ana Mehreen (Ana Mehreen)

Gouarshi (ArshiAbhigya Sai)

Crazy_Priya(Priya Pavi)

Team 3 - Help

Nanak (Nandhu)

Sriniha_Arshi (Sriniha)

Sravya_Luckyrshi (Lucky)


JayeeArshi (Jayeeta)



     If you have any queries then please mail us on … or contact us on Medlovers in MeD.

Thank you…

Hoping to get your support.

- MeD Volunteers.

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