the day we met , frozen i held my breathe

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Feb 15, 2016

the day we met , frozen i held my breathe (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 23 times)





I take a deep as I walk through the gate , it’s the morning of the very first day for the beginning of my university life . I don’t know where this day will lead me to . hi I’m khusi , khusi gupta . daughter of mr. sashi and mrs. Garima gupta in short the most best parents in the whole world . I have a big brother and a big sister whom I love very much they are my world . my brother is shyam gupta , he owns SPK motor showroom . He has his own business of importing and exporting cars . My sister is payal gupta who is currently in this university doing her UG she is in her 2nd year . again I missed it I LOVEEEEEE JALEBIES . anyways I’m here to do my UG in Kent state university at Ohio .. huge university right ? but I heard a lot of Indian students are here .. well that’s what my jiji says . and can I tell you the best thing ? my jiji and I will stay in our apartment alone , awesome right ? anyways bhaiya is going to visit us in every 2 months . hey devi maiya I totally forgot , I got to go for my class , it all because of you , haan because of talking with you guys I forgot that . I will talk to you guys later bye !


PAYAL : khusi , pagal ladki kaha kho gayi ab ? (khusi , mad girl where are you lost?

Khusi : nothing jiji let’s go ..

Payal : khusi I have to attend my class as well do one thing go straight and move to the right . you have your class there .. okay bye

Khusi : but jiji

Khusi was about to say something when payal goes , just then the bell rings ..

Khusi : khusi beta chal bhag , or else you will get late on your first lecture ..

And she starts running , without realizing this she bumps into someone

As it was valentines day , the music was going on in the college , and it was christina perri song thousand year part 2

Arnav : what the ,

Yes it is non other than our arnav .


Khusi : I’m so sorry , I told jiji to leave me to my class..

Arnav turns just to stay amazed by seeing the most beautiful girl ever…

Arnav : no it’s okay .. and sees her card.. khusi your class in just opposite to your right

Khusi : thanks mr..?

Arnav : arnav . I’m arnav

Khusi : thankyou arnav .. bye and sorry again

And smiling both of them enter in their classes

Arnav’s POV

My breathe stopped when I saw the girl in knee length blue dress . felt like some ocean princess just entered in my life . but to amaze myself more . when did I start being interested in girls? I’m not being proudy by saying this .. but I’m attracted towards her  the guy who used to give a damn to every girls including models is now getting attracted towards the new girl . why ?

Khusi’s dress : but her hair was in pony

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Feb 16, 2016

charecter sketch (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 24 times)



Arnav singh raizada (ASR) : 21 years the cool dude of the university . doing his UG in kent state university . and owns AR company as well . achieved AR at the age of 19 .. every girls drool over him ( as expected but her really doesn’t give them any importance . son on arav singh raizada and ratna singh raizada


Khusi kumara gupta : same as the story . 19 years old , but very rich . own daughter of sashi & garima gupta .

Shasi owns chain of hotels all over the world , arav owns the raizada designs .. shyam has his own business of car exports an imports .. and anjali and shyam are in love

Manohar raizada is brother of arav and manorama is his wife .. devyani (nani in ipkknd) is dadi of both arnav and aakash ..

NK is also son of manohar & manorama


Devyani (dadi) : 66

Aarav : 48

Ratna : 45

Manohar : 46

Manorama : 45

Anjali : 24

Arnav : 21

Aakash : 21

(aakash is only younger to arnav to 5 months)

NK : 19



Shasi gupta : 47

Garima gupta : 45

Shyam gupta : 28

Payal gupta : 21

Khusi gupta : 19

that's it for today sorry , will update long tomorrow and thankyou everyone for you lovely comments :)




Mar 22, 2016

and it goes on (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 32 times)

continuation of the story here both of them i.e khusi and arnav are lost in eachothers thoughts .. aakash : bhai what's the matter this is the first time i'm seeing you not concentrating , everything is okay right? arnav : yes aakash , but will you believe i'm attracted towards someone aakash : oh okay , WAAAAIIIIT what ? attracted ? to a girl ? arnav : (gets annoyed) nope to a boy payal : arnav are you serious ? who? arnav : i don;t know her name but she is the most innocent thing i have ever seen . khusi her name is khusi payal : (chokes the water she was drinking) aakash : payal why can't you be careful . (patting her back) payal : (smiles) arnav she is my sister khusi gupta i guess whom you are talking about arnav & aakash : WHAT payal chuckles in khusi's class she has already made her friends lavanya and NK (lav and nk are couples) lav : khusi what is up with you ? concentrate . youre smiling like an idiot for past 15 minutes khusi : i'm attracted towards him (smiling) lav and NK sees eachother . nk : who? khusi : (dreamingly) arnav NK : whaaaaaaat khusi : yeah , what's the matter? NK : he is my brother khusi khusi : so there can be other arnavs too NK : no way there is only one arnav here .. ASR and he is not interested in girls , don't try khusi : (dissapointed) oh okay just then the bell rings . khusi's group and arnav comes out of class at the same time anrav dresmingly sees khusi and smiles , khusi too sees arnav but sees forward and goes..seeing this arnav's smile turns into a frown .. arnav in loud voice : She ignored me? NK : who she ? arnav : khusi LAV : khusi you know her? payal : ofc he is highly attracted towards my sister. lav sees NK and NK bits his tongue arnav : what ? nk nods his head in negative ARNAV : TELL ME NK, NOWWWWW nk : (sheepishly smiles ) actually bhai a littttttttle nono very littttle mistake is being done by me arnav : now lav : actuallly bhai , khusi was talking about you in class that she is attracted towards you arnav : (smiles) so what's the problem ? NK : the mistake i did was bhai i told her you are not interested in girls , so she is ignoring you . arnav : what ? stupid nk .. i'll deal with you afterwards .. and run towards khusi

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