Selfless Love.

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Nov 13, 2017

Chapter 108 A- Love is pain. (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 25 times)

Chapter 108 A.

Outer side of the Heaven.

Something unexpected happen, or should he say that good? Or bad?

This girl, Khushi has wake up and freaking out even hitting all of his assistants in fear.

"Sheesh, what a mess.." Yellow lord muttered seeing her all fine.

"Where am I? Yuvraj ji? What place is this? Those creatures a weird..'' She asked him.

"My appearance may similar to him but I'm his brother. And about this my place, this is outer of heaven. Since you're not dead yet you can't enter there. Those are assistants not some creatures. Human girl just wait for punishment and you can go back to human worlds." Yellow lord said as his assistant sighed hard that their lord is finally took care of her.

"Not Yuvraj ji? His brother? Heaven? What are you even talking about? I don't understand." She sounds confused, he is kidding her? She try to touch him but he shoved her hand away with some kind of stick in his hand.

"Tsk, don't touch me. I may look like him but I hate you and your grandmother." He burst in anger.

"I saved you because of my brother's request so be grateful human! Stay here, don't go anywhere, touch anything. Simply do nothing than breathing until your punishment. You're human, lowly beings in entire universe so act so. Don't go around hitting my assistants as you like!" He showed her real place.

"My grandmother? What is happening? Who are you?" She asked in fear.

"Me? I am the lord of the gods. Amit, I mean Yuvraj's brother." He said.

"A god? Dada's brother?" 

"Don't call him that! Sheesh.. You're annoying. I may look like a good person but I have bad temper and a bad guy.." He look at his assistants who hiding their smile. He did never get angry on anyone and even now he is just acting angry.

Khushi smiled and said.

"If you're Yuvraj, you can't be a bad guy. Wait you're a god? Then where my devi maiyaa?"

"I'm not answering to any of your questions! Why did decide to throw your life away? Is it so to live? Human's life is short anymore then why did you commit suicide for?" He asked.

"What do you care about it?"

"What? You asked? I'm the lord and main job is to creating every life, basically I'm the one who gave you life. You dare to throw it away? Seriously? That too for love? Most stupid reason. Human can fall in love again and again in their life anyway."

Khushi look down in sadness remembering Arnav.

"Have you ever love anyone?" She asked him slowly after a pause.

"Why would I do such stupid like that? But.. I love my brothers, my only family." He replied.

"What would you do if they just throw you away? Hate you? Don't even care for you? Will you be lonely? Sad? Cry? That's love for you, strength when together, pain when fall apart. Right now, I'm in pain.." She told him.

Yellow lord look at her speechlessly a for a sec and smiled.

His assistant were surprised.

"We're in pain too, without Yuvraj. I understand now why he cares so much for you.." 

"Why" She asked him, wanting to know.

"Because your head works slowly than anyone. You're a stupid girl. Slow, No good for your own good." His words stabs her.

"What?" Was the only she could say in shock, she thought he is warming up toward her.

"You said what? My brother hates me? Throw me away, wouldn't care for me?" 

"I said if, didn't you heard that?" She whined.

"I did. But that won't happen because our relationship if not weak as yours was. He is not stupid like your Arnav. When he love someone he won't let go them go that easily."

"You're still stupid. With all information I gave you, you still haven't figured a single thing. If I am a god then it's make my dear brother a.."

"God?!" She jumped in shock.

"You know all of his so called human brothers at earth still you didn't question my identity when I told I'm his brother."

"That! What could I say when you look totally like him." She argued.

"Oh this? This is just magic that make myself like human, this is not my true form. I don't own a body anyway to show you. I just soul with form. When if had a body that human like it would like my brother's."

"If he is a god then what was doing in earth and me? I'm his grand daughter, does make me a god or least a angel? Do I wings that I'm in heaven." She asked in excited tone which pricked Yellow lord most. 

"You're totally crazy, no one had asked me such question before.." He sighed.

"That's because you never met me before." She winked at him.

"Do research her soul after this there must be something weird happening, for some who commit suicide, she is too much normal." He ordered his assistant and look back clueless Khushi.

"Look you're just a normal human, there no way you can grow out a wings. And we god have no wings nor do angel. We're no birds. And don't dare call yourself as his grand daughter again! You're not his child at all!"


He sighed again and explain the truth to her.

"Do you understand now? You can be his heiress because it. He also know it very well yet he care for you. If you was his blood it would be a different story.. Hey are you crying? Stop that.." Now he seem like the bad guy.

"Yuvraj ji loves Dadi a lot.. I wish, they could be together forever..." She said it tears.

"Stop wishing for impossible." He scold her.

"But he will be sad without her. Do you want that to happen? They both suffer without each other. She is the only one who can make happy. He only loves her.." She sobbed.

 "Sheesh, what a trouble...I should erase everything I've told you from your memory before sending you back to earth." Yellow lord mumbled in annoyance.

"Now that my brother is stuck in your place and struggling to control himself since he can't Ayesha's doing not that well." Yellow lord thought.


Night at Raizada Mansion.

Arnav sitting on his bed, his room lights are off.

Pitch black just like his heart right now.

She changed, he knows that.. 

She don't remember just know about what happen.

But can't her heart at least feel for him? She loves someone else now? How can she do that? She.. She didn't care about what happen between him and Sheetal. Why isn't she doing or reacting to anything regarding him?

His heart is breaking to the point where he can't think anything but her.. She was different in past. Moving on? Who gives her rights to do that? When he, himself can't do that. 

"Khushi, I love you more than anything else in the world. Please come back to me. I miss your loving smile which was only for me.." 

But does he deserve her anymore? He is the reason why their child died. The innocent child didn't know anything.. That day Yuvraj warn him about regreting.. But.. Wait, what happen with Yuvraj? Maybe he can help him with something. Akash said that Yuvraj currently out of country, leaving everything to his second brother Jeeva's hand. Yuvraj's PA..

Wait, what he did to Yuvraj was wrong.. Maybe if he explain everything to him..

"Hello?" He made a call to Anand's name.



Arnav rushed here in hurry, did something happen why Yuvraj's asked him come to the hospital when he asked about Yuvraj?

Anand was there, Arnav ran to him and stopped to catch a breath.

"Why.. Ha.. Why did you call me here.. For?" 

To be Continue. . .

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Nov 15, 2017

Chapter 108 is Up! (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 35 times)

Chapter 108 B.

Anand was there, Arnav ran to him and stopped to catch a breath.

"Why.. Ha.. Why did you call me here.. For?" 

Anand gave a hard slap on Arnav's cheek.

"What the! Do you want die?!" Arnav shouted at him, how dare he to slap him?

"I wish I could just die than seeing him suffer like this." Anand muttered hopelessly looking at see through window.

Arnav saw Yuvraj in hospital bed, lifeless. 

"What happen to him?" Arnav asked slowly, he thought it was weird when Yuvraj didn't even come to visit Khushi in hospital.

"How long he's been like this when he will wake up?" 

"He was sick, really sick. Even doctors can't find what caused it. He won't wake up, his brain is dead.. Since the day Khushi went missing." Anand told him.

"He was searching for Khushi until last moment. You treated him like trash. You disrespect him! He never did any harm to you yet.. Unlike you, no matter how hard his life is he always smiled.. Never complain. You think your life is hard? Not his? He was worry for you and Khushi, saying you must have done it for a reason. He believed you need time to realise it and decided to send Khushi away from your family's torture, just for a while. He thought of that far for you... You shameless bas***d! You don't deserve of his kindness! Now you're searching for his help when you need him! You never know when he was always there to help.. If only I did stop him from meeting you.. You're a misfortune for him!" Anand said with tears falling down to his cheeks.

Arnav look at speechlessly.

"That wench! Your sister, what she talked about my Sir? She bad mouthed him so many times behind everyone he even knows it all. Did a single time he mentioned about how saved her life before after it? He should have left her die when she had accident! He just too kind.. But wench is not even grateful to him.. She should die, instead of him.. Why him?" Anand cried..

All Arnav seeing a child is mourn for his loved one.

He can't even get angry of Anand when speaks ill of Anjali.

Instead even his cold feel quilt toward Yuvraj, that man.. Why? 

"Please let me die.. Yellow lord." Anand cried in his heart.

"Arnav bitwa?" Sandya comes there asked him.

"Haan Aunty, I was just visiting him." Arnav said.

"Good that you come in time, tomorrow is the operation starting." Sandya told him.

"Operation?" Arnav and Anand exclaimed at same time.

"Two days ago, doctor came to asked if we could donate Yuvraj's heart. Just today we agreed for it." Sandya told them.

Arnav was shocked and looked Anand who was in horror hearing her words.

"How could you? You can't do this him!" Anand objected it.

"Anand? Do you think I want kill him? I.. This is what he will wish for. He could save a life. He also somehow live this way. Please do understand." Sandya told him.

"No! Did others know it? Jeeva? Sharav? Sohil? You can't do this without Ananya maam's permission. She is his wife." He said sternly.

"Sudiv ji know it, other doesn't know it yet and don't talk her anymore. She just left my son like nothing, the prove is her mangal sutra that was his hand. What kind of wife is she? I won't ever forgive her what she did." Sandya said.

"She did what?!" Even Arnav was shocked to hear that. That woman, she was really strange and scary but she was really in love with Yuvraj, in fact crazily even he did saw it many times.

She can't be just left him like that, if she was a gold digger. It would much more profitable if she just stayed as Yuvraj's wife. His property would go to her..

Then why?

"Maam, please don't do this to Sir." Anand plead her.


Next day..

Mahin saw her walking toward with smile, it worth so much that he waited this long for her.

"Sorry, I reached late because of trafic." She apologised with cute smile.

"So unlike you saying excuses? What happen? Nervous what Payal and others going to say after seeing me?" He asked her.

"I'm not nervous but worried that what she will do when she find about that." She replied.


"Yes. She is gonna kill you after knowing it. But we have no choice since she won't agree unless we force her to." She sighed.

"So it's ok for her to kill me? You're so cruel to let your handsome lover die.." He said dramatically.

"Shut up.. I will let anyone harm you in anyway." She said humbly.

"Thank you, my dear shining armored knight." He kissed her cheek.

She just chuckled.

"Anyway you good in this outfit." He complimented her.

"Thank you, princess." She teased him.

"Let go!" He said while holding her hand, tight.

"Let's go!"She said cheerfully.

(Her outfit)


Raizada Mansion.

Everyone were at hall looking main door for Khushi to bring her lover.

Payal was waiting for time where she can make his dear sister that all men are same.

Other were here to taunt and mock Khushi's selections.

Other hand Arnav is here to see what kind of man she is bringing back home.

And finally she is here with so called Mahin Srivastavan.

Sheetal and Anjali were surprised find a handsome man beside Khushi, smiling at her.

"This is Mahin." She introduced him to them with proud and signal him to give them respect.

"Namaste."He greet them with utmost respect.

Nani smiled at Mahin and welcome him in.

"Have seat bitwa, Khushi bitiya sit beside. Wah, both your pair are perfect!" Nani praised them and glanced at burning Arnav.

Nani, she wish for Khushi to have what she derserve. Much better than Arnav.. She support her wish more than anyone. And Arnav is grandson yet this is what he will get for breaking such wonderful girl's heart.

Mahin and Khushi smiled at each other hearing Nani's praise.

Payal clears her throat.

"I'm her sister, Payal."

"Oh, she told me a lot of things about you." He said looking at Payal who was like his own sister in past days.. When Yuvraj was there.

"What kind of work are you doing for living." Payal asked him.

"I used to help out at temple but I quit it recently for personal reason." Mahin told her.

"How rich are you?" Nk asked him, he simply on Arnav's.

"Rich? Hmm.. Do I need to rich to marry her?"

"Not really but I want to know if you can secure my sister, financially, of course."

"Hmm.. I can feed your sister properly. Give her shelter and love her until my last breath. Isn't it enough?"

"She need a comfortable life. .." Her words cuts off by him.

"Don't you know your sister's dream? A tiny house where I and her can spent times together, do little farming near our house. No luxury just me that she need.. Her money she will give out to charity and live a normal and peaceful life with me."

"I have brought a land out of city, even have started build our future house." He added.

"I know her better than you, she won't leave me after marrying you. In fact you're not marrying her."

"Let's see who she choose."

"Shut up! Both of you just shut up!" She stopped before this turn into a fight.

Arnav actually was enjoying the moment since Payal didn't like Mahin and their marriage is not going to happen.

"You shut up!" Payal and Mahin said at same time to Khushi for everyone's surprise.

"What the.." Escaped from Arnav's mouth.

"What, why should I?" She asked.

"Because you're the reason behind it all! Going out at night to meet a man? Did you really forget that you're woman also because of that accident?" Payal asked furious.

"That's right! Do you how worried I am very time come at midnight to my place? What if something happens to you? And climbing up that huge gate? That's dangerous, stupid girl.." He scold her.

"And out of nowhere saying you're going to marry a man just met a week ago.. Not even bother to tell me where he is works nor about his family." Payal continued.

"Saving me from bad guys at night that day, what if they did something to that night?" He said.

She gulped, just how did they teaming up against her and starting to lecturing her? 

She just stood there listen to like a child.

Arnav just blinking at this weird situation.

Payal and Mahin sighed in relieve after finish scolding her to their heart content.

"Seriously.." Both of them said.

And look at each other.

Whole family watching them in confusion.

"Uff.. She also making you worry?" Payal asked Mahin.

"Just asked me when she didn't.. This girl, what shall I do with her.." Mahin sighed heavily.

Both of laughed.

"You're not bad.."Payal said.

"You too." He said.

"So Mahin, tell me about your family." Payal said with smile, that make Khushi smile too.

"My parent not in this world anymore. They are no more." Mahin said, Payal feel bad for him.

"Even Khushi's parent are no alive. Now I understand why both of you understand each other. You look like had grown up in nice family. I will reconsider your relationship for now since you seem like nice guy unlike someone I know." Payal glanced at Arnav.

"Payal.." Khushi speak up.

"What?" Payal look at suspciously.

"Actually we are not asking for your permission for our marriage."

Arnav look up in surprise when she says that, then did she do this all to make him jealous just as di said.


But his hopes were crushed in no moment.

"Because we both already had registered our marriage." She replied calmly waiting for Payal's reaction.

Here Mahin waiting for Payal to kill him.

"What did you said?!" Payal stood in anger?

To be Continue. . .

"How can I be calm when just spoil my shirt? Don't you have eyes to walk, are disable?" Aarav asked her angrily.

"What kind way of talking is this? Aarav do you know how rude are you? Is this what you learned from your mother?" Khushi respond furiously.

"Don't talk about my mom. She much better than you, you can't any where near her standard even if you try." He replied.

"That's because I don't want to. She is a terrible mother for letting you talk this like to other."

"Then you're much more terrible for killing your own child." Aarav said to her horror.

"What the hell!" Both of she and Aarav saw Arnav standing there.

He heard everything.

See you in next chapter...

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Nov 17, 2017

Chapter 109- I want to with her but I can't. (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 34 times)

Chapter 109.

"Khushi? Why? Am I not that you should let know about your life? Am I not important to you anymore? I'm your sister." Payal holding her tears from coming out, hearing her sister got her marriage registered already without her knowledge.

"Payal.. I know you will be upset about this, listen."Payal cut in.

"Stop! I don't want to listen anymore.. After that accident you're not even calling me Jiji anymore like you used to. You have changed, I thought it was for good but.. What would you do if, Mahin leave you someday? If that happens then?" Payal asked in tears.

She look at Mahin with faint smile, slowly hold his hand.

"I would die. Without him there is no reason for me to live anyways." Payal and Mahin could see honesty in her confident eyes.

DIE, Mahin begin feel restless with that word alone from her.

For a sec instead of face of Khushi, Mahin saw Yuvraj there.

He could feel her, pressing his hand in assurance, her warmth calmed him.

"No matter happen he would not leave me. I trust him. If he does, I respect his decision. After all human have such a short life to live why would he have to force himself to live his life with me who he do not love anymore." Her words made him shiver, she will die without him but she will let him go if he wants to? 

So like Yuvraj, Mahin's eyes blurring with tears.

Payal stayed there without a word uttered, could possible for her sister fall more for this person, Mahin?

"Payal, this woman. Your sister of now, I will not ever abandon her, so please we need your blessings upon our relationship." Mahin swore before everyone and look back at Khushi who looking at him in proud.

Anjali and Shyam stared at Mahin and Khushi in jeaolusy, just how many men this girl can trap?

Payal glanced at her sister's face once and end up smiling and nod like hundred times.

Mahin and Khushi share a hug in happiness, smiling in each others embraces.

Nani blushed at couples.

Payal sighed hard and smiled while Dadi, Anjali, Shyam and Mami fumed in anger.

Sheetal sulking as Khushi is in center of attention of everyone whether it's love or hate.

Arnav backed away from there seeing his love of his life being snatched away by better man than himself.

She deserve better after all, he regretting every single of his desicion on remarriage day.

He is too late now, she is happy.. Isn't it enough for him? She is alive, healthy, happy. What could he ask more? 

From the beginning he never deserve anyone's love and she was right. He only exist for being used by everyone.

"Then why didn't you use me? You don't need me? I'm so useless for you.. You're better off without me, aren't you?" Arnav thought sadly as walked away from there, trying escape from his harsh reality..


At night.

Almost nine'o clock, Arnav came back home fully drunk.

He saw Khushi there stand looking at him disappointed.

He smiled sadly, holding whiskey bottle in his hand tight.

"Are you drunk?" She asked him.

"Isn't that obvious? Look this is all because of you! Who is that guy? Just in week you love him? Then what about me who always keeping you in my heart? It's burning here.. In my heart which beats for you.. (Hic) Don't you love me anymore?" He asked her desparately.

"It's burning because you're drunk too much. Go to sleep." She said flatly.

"Khushi.."He said in rejection.

"I'm going." She turned the TV off and back to her own room leaving Arnav.

She avoided him like he is nothing.


Next Day.

Arnav woke up late with bad headache, shouting for coffee.

But no servant did come so he come out of his room..

Saw his mansion servants running working on decorations, Mami and Anjali were ordering around the servant.

"What the hell is going on here?" He asked them furiously.

"Arnav bitwa, it's your and Khushi's engagement is going to happen in two days that's way we are rushing things. Opps! I mean Khushi with Mahin and yours with Sheetal." Mami said for his information.

"What? She is already married, isn't she?" He asked.

"Yes and No. Legally yes but tradisitionally not yet so Payal and your Dadi decide that two engagement should happen in one days." Mami explained.

"Chote look how happy Sheetal ji is that you're going to be her husband." Anjali said with smile.

"Whatever.."He rolls his eyes and saw Khushi running around carrying a big plate, full of jelebis.

He walked toward her to help her but thar guy was there to help her.

She was saying something to him with smile and he is blushing in return.

She hold his hand from him going away, and said something to him again.

Arnav fumed seeing them flirting in his mansion just before him. 

His eyes widen at the sight of Khushi boldly pecked Mahin's cheek.

He couldn't stand it and turn away.

"Just what did she saw in him?" Arnav thought angrily.


Outside of Heaven.

Yellow lord sighed hard seeing Arnav's last question.

"That's what we asked him more than thousand time, all he did is smiling about it." Yellow lord shook his head as Khushi came toward him.

He close the illusion that showing him what is happening in human world as she entered and glared at her.

"Who gave the permission to enter my chamber?" 

"No one did, I just I came in by myself." She answered cheerfully as she looked around his chamber, so this the boss's chamber.. Pretty fancier than Arnav's whole mansion.

"Don't compare this place to humans.."

"You can hear what I am even thinking?!" She asked him.

"What do you expect from a god?" 

"What is this?" He rolls his eyes when her attention turn other side.

She excited to see a beautiful pond outside tbe chamber.

"Can I go over there? Please?" She requested.

He nod no to her strictly saying.

"This place might belongs to heaven but this is not inside heaven, that's mean this place still dangerous so going outside is pretty much suicide. Even my assistants won't go over there. Go by yourself if you want." Yellow almost shooed her out of his chamber.

She pouted and thought.

"Rules are meant to break anyways."

She ran out the pond and played with water.

The water is pure than any water she had seen before, a smile appeared on her face.

"This place remind me of Yuvraj ji."

Soothing, peaceful, warm.

Her thought broke by a pack of demons who walks across there.

"Human?" First demon said.

Demons look terrifying than she ever dreamed of.. She gulped, almost numb in fear.

"It's been a while since we taste a human meat right?" First demon talked to his friends.

"Khushi, you're dead meat now.." She thought as the demon nearing his claws to her neck.

At single blink that first demon disappear into air as Yellow lord walked in with annoyed face.

"If someone adsive you, at least listen. You're only human that ever did this to me. To point where I have come out of my chamber to save you... What a mess.."

Yellow lord looked at Demons face and said.

"I won't you all if you just leave silently without hitch. If you do then don't blame me for killing you.. As a Lord I don't pick on weakling like you guys nor do I kill for fun. So will you go away?" Yellow lord asked them with kind yet cruel smile on face that enough make them scare of them.

They bowed to him and walk away faster without looking back.

Khushi looked Yellow Lord with curious eyes.

"Did you use you god power?" She asked as she wants to see more.

"Using my power to kill one of them? What do you take me for? My one blink is enough to kill them. That's not god power but my nature. I can give and take life but I won't do it without a reason."


"Of course, Powers can destructive. Good reason to use my power is to own satisfaction, with more power, more your responsiblity is. Me and my won't kill weak demon, we like to fight fair." Yellow said.

"What if they play dirty then?"

Yellow lord answered her with a laugh..

"You're funny, let's go in.." Messing with Lord is stupid idea you know because we don't get angry easily but when we do, it's will be miserable for whoever that going to face it.

"I should tell those assistant to tie her up next time to cause a trouble." He thought to himself.

He can't let expose to danger when his dear brother let her in his care.

He won't broke his brother's trust.



Khushi was on her way to Payal's room with a full of Orange juice.

"She must be tired working even more she is pregnant." 

Her thought broke when Aarav bumped into her and the juice spilled on him, accidentally.

"What the hell!" Aarav shouted at her.

"Hey, calm down. Shouting like that is not going turn everything back to right.." She said.

"How can I be calm when just spoil my shirt? Don't you have eyes to walk, are disable?" Aarav asked her angrily.

"What kind way of talking is this? Aarav do you know how rude are you? Is this what you learned from your mother?" Khushi respond furiously.

"Don't talk about my mom. She much better than you, you can't any where near her standard even if you try." He replied.

"That's because I don't want to. She is a terrible mother for letting you talk this like to other."

"Then you're much more terrible for killing your own child." Aarav said to her horror.

"What the hell!" Both of she and Aarav saw Arnav standing there.

He heard everything.

Khushi just stand there numbly as she remember something...

"A child? That child won't be yours. It would be to just let it die before it born."


"You're married to her for more than a year yet there is no sign of a heir. We all think you should have a mistress or just marry another for sake this kingdom." Someone advised.

"This is why I told you before that I don't marry anyone! Now see.. Because.. I.. This is not right. I like her, I like being with her but.." 

"Is she sick or what?" 

"Actually I.. Can't.."

"Khushi?!" Arnav shook her off, as he saw her pale face.

"Are you alright?" Arnav asked her in concern.

She hummed in response and wondering what was that.

"Aarav! What just you talked about? Where did you heard it?" Arnav demanded for the answer.

"Badi Dadi was talking to bua.. I just heard it. It's not like I said something wrong." Aarav said.

Arnav grith his teeth and about to slap Aarav but Khushi's hand stopped his strong hand.

She look really mad, more than himself yet she is calm.

"This is not right way to explain to kids." She said and kneel to Aarav's height.

She smiled like Aarav never did talked bad about her, which made Aarav feel strange.

"If you hear someone talking about something that won't mean that thing is right, it's just rumor. If go around talking like that, your act like Arnav will fall apart because Arnav may have bad temper and act rude but he never talked nonsense about others just based on rumor alone. Do your act right." She talked in low tone that made Aarav shiver.

Aarav just stand there, as she walked away. His act craked before her. This woman see through him.

To be Continue. . .


"Who are you?" Dadi asked her.

"Don't you remember? Yuvraj? Deepika? Or shall I say Daksh?"

Dadi gasped.

"You're disgusting, you was lusting over me and I rejected you knowing your intention. Then your son killed my Aashish.. Now you're trying to make my Khushi suffer? Do you think I will let that to happen?"

See you in next Chapter...

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Nov 21, 2017

Chapter 110 is up! (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 23 times)

Chapter 110.

Raizada Mansion.

Mahin is in her room with her, alone.

She is mad about something that's what he can say for sure.

She is resting her head on his lap, calming herself.

He smiled, runs his fingers through her curly hair.

"Did you curled your hair?" He asked her diverting her from being mad.

"No. It become like this naturally." She told him.

Silence after that.. 

"Mahin.. Let's get marry soon and get out of here. I hate this place." She muttered slowly as she look his face.

He smiled at and said.

"As you wish."

She look relieved and finally smiled back at him.

"I love you." She said.

"I know."

Her every move becoming more and more like Yuvraj's as day pass by.

Yuvraj, is someone who no one can replace. His nature and honesty never change.

Because he never act fake nor lie, humble person that deserve love and respect more than anyone in this world.

He look her, sometime Yuvraj also act like a little child with Ananya.

Like he yearn for love.. Just who cannot love him? He sweet, warm, kind, dangerous when he needed to be.


Arnav's room at night.

Nk was calming Arnav who is in rage.

"Nannav there is no use in being angry. Just think what to do next. I'm here to help you." Nk said putting his hand on Arnav's shoulder and gave him assuring smile.

"All of this Anjali di and Dadi plan to bring Sheetal, I heard them talking last night and I think that Mahin also might be their set up to trap Khushi ji." Nk told him.

"What next? I have to marry that sheetal and Khushi is going to marry that man. What else can I do? Khushi won't believe me nor Payal if I say this to them" He said angrily and throw everything he caught on his eyes.

Tv turns on when the remote hits the floor.

"Mr. Yuvraj Singh, got kidnapped by his own PA?" Nk shock to see the news on the TV.

Arnav look down, Anand must did it to protect Yuvraj's life. The person that he respect most.

Arnav shut the tv and asked him.

"What can I do in order get my Khushi back, and stop my marriage with Sheetal?" Arnav also to protect himself and and Khushi.

Nk smirked and said.

"Just become ASR. Not ASR that hurt Khushi ji but who protects her and show them their place. They are not your family but yours and Khushi ji's enemy."

ASR looked at Nk and finally nod confidently. He is going to protect her. He will never let her get hurt again.

"I won't forgive them. Starting with Mahin and Sheetal, I will show who ASR is." ASR said determinely.

"Use someone to chase that Mahin away, don't do anything by yourself. We can't risk Khushi ji hating you. That Mahin have Khushi ji in his grip strongly. Hurt him means hurting Khushi ji so just use some goons to chase him away for now." Nk advised him.

"Where did you learned this trick all?" 

Nk scretched his head and said that watched lot of bollywood movie for it.

"To win, you must become a anti hero for a while Nannav." Nk smile slyly.

"Let's go with Di's plan but the ending will be mine to decide. The marriage will definitely happen but the groom and bride will change a bit." Arnav smirked devilishly as he said it.


At same time.

Dadi's room.

She entered in and lock the door. Dadi who was doing pooja weren't aware of it.

"Doing dirty thing and trying to wash your sins i  this away? Are you afraid of god that much?" She asked in mocking tone, made Dadi stood up.

"What do you mean?" Dadi asked back, wasn't she forgot everything?

"First trying to separate Daksh and Shailaja. Then brought up Arvind as cruel as you can. You tried to kill Ratna in accident but she and her child was saved by Deepika. You turned Anjali against Arnav. Now separated Arnav from my Khushi." She said as her hair turn red.

"Who are you?" Dadi asked her as Dadi trembled under her burning gaze.

"Don't you remember? Yuvraj? Deepika? Or shall I say Daksh?" She snorted at end.

Dadi gasped.

"You're disgusting, you was lusting over me and I rejected you knowing your intention. Then your son killed my Aashish.. Now you're trying to make my Khushi suffer? Do you think I will let that to happen?"

"Talk trash about me, I won't care but my Khushi.. She would have been hurt if she heard those words from Aarav." She told her.

Dadi could somehow Daksh's image before her instead of Khushi's.

"My family were hurted because of you and your son. It's your fault! Not Arnav's that why even after knowing that Arnav is that man's son, I stayed silent and support their relationship. Everything was fine until you open that matter up to Arnav." He said and glared at her in rage.

"Children shouldn't be blame for Parents sins. Arnav should have listen to it and stop blaming himself for and see the truth before him that you're the on to blame." His skin start to spitting lava.

"I'm so angry.. You made me angry.." He mumbled as his eyes turning red, his red hair shined as blinding her vision.

"What the hell are you?" Dadi asked as her knee gave away, she slumped on the floor.

"You have no right to asked questions. Nor even to talk anymore. I shall punish with a will of the heaven on my side. You won't die for now but when you die it will be cruel and after you die the hell's gate will open up greeting you in. It's fire will accompany you for the eternity. From now on until you die, you don't have my permission to even move your finger." There is no mercy in his eyes only fire of justice that burning.

"You will always have to be others mercy to anything! That's your punishment." He calm down when her punishment was sentenced.

She went back to her room without looking back.

"I should have killed you long ago but using my power on you seem bit too much, now you have angered me." Amit thought, he is heaven and gods protecter.. Heaven.. That time is coming soon.

Where heaven's power will weaken and that will be a good opportunity for Yamaraj to attack the heaven.

Yamaraj became the King of hell after killing the former King.

Not that he mad about it, since the strongest should be the king of hell and that's the rule.

But former hell king was so, how should he put it? Familiar to him, he used give him candies whenever Amit visits hell time to time.

"Haha, you're like my son. So take it." Former kind of hell's words as he forced candies upon his hands.

Amit's relations are his brothers yet he felt warm at his words.

King of hell should be a enemy for heaven's lord but this person seem like a... Good friend.

Even though Amit don't really eats demon candies, he just kept in chamber, with care.

In former king's reign, there was no war happened between heaven and hell, only some arguements.

But Yamaraj is a different case, he is clearly looking for a fight. He is a violent person and most powerful demon.

Amit sighed, not that he hate earth but heaven is his real home and miss it.

His brothers are capable of take care of Heaven when its weaken. He trust them more than anything.

He thought broke when he is getting lost of Ayesha's body.

"Oh.. What am I doing here?"


Khushi saw at Yellow who seem to doing some kind of meditating? She thinks so..

"My brother, White lord is coming here." He mumbled.

"Another brother, what kind of person is he?" She wondered loudly.

"He has bad temper, comparing to all of us. Strong and proud, thay's how he is." He said.

"I'm bad with hot headed people. So should I just hide?" Khushi asked as remember Arnav's temper. God, she still can't stop thinking about him.

"He find you anyways, you don't have to worry. He won't do anything if you just keep your mouth shut. It is the reason why you always falls into trouble." Yellow lord commented.

She made a sulking face as he said.

He rolls his eyes, and said.

"He is here."

"Where?" She look, saw nothing.

"This human girl? Did Amit saved her again? That's explains why you are not present at heaven's meeting last night." She only hear his deep voice.

Yellow lord grinned at White lord and told her.

"He came as a soul, you're a human that's why can't see him." 

"Why? Do you want see me?" His cold voice, frighten her.

"No.. Since if use a human form as Yellow lord, you both with end up looking same anyway.." Khushi said nervous and excuse herself out.

Yellow lord sighed as she went out and he look back at his brother.

"I know why you came here for. I can't leave her here nor bring her into heaven. I know my presence is important when heaven power is weaking. But this place is dangerous without me. I promised to protect her." Yellow lord hesitated.

"What should I do?" Yellow lord asked his brother for advise.

"What would Amit do if he was in this situation instead of you? Is Khushi or Heaven?" White lord asked him.

"The heaven, of course! He will choose heaven and tighten the protect around this whole area with powerful barrier and let gods to protect this place instead of himself." Yellow said.

"Then do it. Heaven is important, more than anything, even ourself." White lord said in stern tone as turns away.



Yamaraj smirked.

Gods thought they have fooled us demons saying that their powerful red lord have entered eternal sleep.

"What bunch of a idiots! Now I know he is alive! Stupids, how can other lords be alive if Red lord is dead? Aren't they so called brother that who will kill themselves if one of them dies? Haha.. He is somewhere.. I want to know how strong he can be? Nothing comes near me since I'm the most powerful." Yamaraj so proud of himself.

Hell's lava boil hard when Yamaraj said that..

"Amit.. I'm waiting for you, once you come to me. I will never let you leave. Come back, to where you truly belongs to. Last time I saw you was just a newborn, I miss you." That voice said but no one hear it.

To be Continue. . .


Nk was joging at park, how resfresing he thought just before he was kidnapped.

Where is this place? What kind creature are they?

He almost cried when a long and huge white snake neard him.

The beautiful snake hissed and he shook his head.

This must be a dream, haha. Once he close and open his eyes, all of this will be gone.

So he did but instead of snake, a boy was beside him now, his eyes are green and slitted like snake's..

"Welcome to my underworld, I am Mahin's co-worker." The boy as he smirked.

"I brought here. From now on I am going to be pretend as you and you will be here until I finish my work as my master ordered." 

See you in next Chapter.

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Nov 23

Chapter 111- Challenge me, you lose. (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 20 times)

Chapter 111.


Anjali horrorfied to find Dadi in terrible condition, on floor.

"Dadi what happen to you?" Anjali cry out seeing her dadi unable even move her own.

"Chote! Akash! Anyone please help! Dadi..." Anjali shouted in hurry trying to help Dadi to wake up.

Only tears coming out from Dadi's eyes, seeking help, wanting to tell Anjali that Khushi is not who they thought she is. It's daksh and he's something that can't fight against. Just by his words her whole body stopped, he could kill anyone in sec and get away with it.

Akash run in to Anjali, carry Dadi to his car. 

Driving out to the hospital as fast as he could.



Akash, Anjali, Arnav and Mami have gone to Hospital to see Dadi.

Mamaji gone to office early today.

Shyam peek at Khushi who is making breakfast with sweet smile on her lips, dishes smells so tasty.

Did anyone notice how beautiful Khushi ji is becoming each everyday, he stood there stare at her.

She took a taste of daal before readying it for serving, satisfied.

Sandwishes for Sheetal. 

And special herbs to make a tea, special for Payal who is currently pregnant. She works hard, but hers and unborn's health is most important right now.

That's right, Payal said there is something she need to announce soon.

She wonder what Payal is up to? 

Her thought broke when Shyam entered the Kitchen, she felt as if someone was staring at her, so it was him.

She glanced at him who is nearing her with his sly smile.

"Khushi ji.." She disgusted by his fake sugar coated voice.

She raised her eyesbrow, what he wants?

"Did anyone mention how beautiful you're these days?" He asked her, she stood these giving him blank stare.

"Did anyone mention how fake and disgusting you're?" She commented with cold tone.

He didn't back away with that insult instead try get hold of her hand.

"You're hand is beautiful and soft.." His words cut off when cold pan hit his face so hard, did she just hit him with pan?!

"Get your hands off me, next time you should think before approaching me." She said, he look at in silent as his nose bleed.

"Now get out!" She shouted with another pan but a hot one in her hand and he runs away without turning back in fear.

She roll her eyes in annoyance and continue her cooking as Payal joined her.

"Hmm~" Payal respond to smell, Khushi just chuckled at her in return.

"Taste wonderful but different from how you used to cook before. Whatever, this more delicious than anything.." Payal praised her with smile.

Khushi handed her handmade herbal tea.

"Finish this first then you can have breakfast." She said firmly, Payal sighed and obeyed.

"You're really good at taking care of me, oil that you gave me last night really did a magic too! My swollen feet is much better now." Payal said to Khushi who just smile at hearing that Payal is feeling much better.

"I didn't know just how good you are at taking care pregnant woman.." Payal words stopped when remember Khushi was pregnant too, she must done lot research in order to be good mother.. 

Payal convinced at her own thought and gave Khushi a warm smile.

Khushi froze as she remember something again.

"My majesty, I'm fine. So please stop at once, you can't do this." She try to escape from him with flushed face.

"No, your feets are hurting. There is no need for you to lie. I shall help you to relieve your pain. Stop trying to escape and accept my favor, my dear queen." He carried her to the bed and lay her down. He try to touch her feet but she fussing about it again.

"You can't touch my feet, you are my husband and this nation's king. You're my everything." She said as face redden. 

He chuckled at her red face and said.

"Everything huh? Husband, king, this child's father. I also responsible of your health anyways so don't be shy." He get hold of her feet and start to massage with oil.

She offered him a small smile after getting nervous and said.

"I never have even dreamt of having such wonderful husband like you but I'm grateful to god for choosing someone like me to be your wife." 

"Khushi? Why are you spacing out? I ordered HP to serve, so let's go have breakfast." Payal pulled her out.


Breakfast time.

Aarav throwing fit saying don't like the food that made by Khushi.

"Aarav, you didn't have a bite of it yet you're saying that you don't like it? Appreciate what you get." Payal warned him seeing his bad behaviour toward her dear sister.

"I don't want to." He stood up angrily and went from there without eating anything.

"Aarav..." Payal saw Khushi followed him with concern look her face.

Sheetal stay still and having her breakfast calmly.

Payal glared at and asked.

"How can you still eating when your child is starving? What kind of a mother are you?" 

"Why? Do why I starve because of your sister's fault? She know Aarav don't like then why did she cooked for him?"Sheetal asked rudely.

Payal gave blank stare to her and said.

"I'm not eating on same dining table as you." She shot up and went back to her room, someday she will teach that Sheetal and her son a lesson.


On otherside.

Khushi try to make Aarav to at least bit.

Aarav just sitting before the chess board, pondering. Not giving heed to any of her words.

"You hate me, don't you?" She asked him.


"But why? I didn't anything that meant to hurt you. About your shirt, I will buy you new one, so stop being angry on me." She said.

He look at her and said.

"It's not about shirt, but you.. I hate you cause you're being reason why my father don't love my mother. He always looks at you, just you not my mom. I don't know why he likes someone like you at all, you're stupid, plain and useless." Aarav said harshly.

"Stupid? Useless? Plain?" She seemed confused.

"Haan, compare to my mom. You're stupid for following me around when even mom didn't do it. You're not beautiful at all..." Then look at her flawless skin, bright eyes. She is actually pretty yet he lied.

"Aarav, I am not stupid nor useless. About being beautiful is all about our heart. I'm worried for you when your mother chose to ignore her son when he is starving." She told him with soft tone.

"Not stupid? Then I challenge you to play chees with me. If you win I will do anything you say for one day and if I win you'll have to obey whatever I order you to." He totally challenged her.

"Chess?" Payal heard everything, but Khushi never played it before.

"I accept your challenge, I won't back down when I am being challenged." She totally fired up.

"Stupid." Aarav mumbled seeing her shining eyes.


Here Mahin is being cornered by some goons, seriously? Do this human insects have to mess with some like him? They are play with fire.

He sighed deeply, he can't kill any human for now as heaven's gods are had warn him already but they didn't said anything about harming them.

The goon are trying scare him off, telling him to run away. To leave his Yuvraj, will he?

He waited for 27 years to Neha to be born again and lost Yuvraj not long ago.

Mahin look around, but no one there to see him. Good..

He smirked and open the door to the demon world.

"I won't kill you all but, I will send you to the place where no one can save you guys. Have fun in there." Mahin pushed them into opened door with evil smile on his face.

"She is mine.. I won't allow any one to stand in my way." Mahin thought furiously.


Here at Raizada mansion.

Aarav froze looking at chess board as Khushi scretch her arms and said 'checkmate' for fifth time.

After losing for first time, he asked her with play again and again, yet never had his victory.

He lose in rows to an uneducated woman, shame.

She can't be cheating, he look down in sad and disappointed.

"What do you me to do?" He asked in low tone.

She just smile and told him to eat, he look at her surprise, she is still on that? Doesn't want him to say sorry for talking rudely to her? Or just not to mess with her again.. Just to eat?

"Just eat, you must be hungry right?" She said softly pat his head.

He just nod, she is kind.. 

Payal handed him plate of food, and wink at Khushi.

Aarav ate the food and asked her if she will continue to play chess with until he win one day?

"I can't. Since that day won't come unless I play soft for you." She replied.

Aarav glanced at Arnav who arrived home after going to hospital.

"Overconfident huh? My father is much more smarter than you. See if you can beat him." Arav challenged her again.

She look surprised Arnav who just sighed after heard Aarav's words.

"She beat me? Does she even know how to play chess?" Arnav asked tiredly.

"She do, she beats five times after all." Aarav said in excited tone for first time.

Arnav look at Khushi and blinked few times in surprise and finally agreed to play.

Aarav teamed up Aarav against Khushi.

"What two against one? That is unfair." Mahin who just come to visit his love, said after hearing that.

She smiled lovingly at him, and welcomed him.

"I'm with you in this game." Mahim said, knowing that Yuvraj and Arnav are both genius but he don't know if they both end up challenging each other, just who will win?

Arnav grith his teeth as she held Mahin's hand.

Arnav took a seat facing her, fuming seeing Mahin beside and she kept his hand on her hold.

She look at Mahin and said with small smirk on her face.

"I can conquer the world with one hand as long as you are holding other. This is just a chess so believe in me. I will win no matter who I fight against."

Mahin's eyes widen, as she knew that he is unsure about her victory?

Her grip tighten as the game begin, she look focused as Yuvraj do as usually.

Her every traits, same as Yuvraj's. Yet why Arnav didn't find out this person is not Khushi?

He can sense Arnav's jealousy but it's pointless.


At heaven.

Love god whine as he use his power, that because he is the one been confusing Arnav whole time to see Ayesha as Khushi.

Every inch of Ayesha will look same to as Khushi's to human but high class demons and god can point out the different in single minute.

The is some possiblity for Yamaraj to find about Red lord whereabout and about Ayesha to if she is in undercover as Khushi it will lower the possiblity.

Yamaraj will be a easy kill Lord Amit but he will do any dirty tricks to win. That kind of person he is. Moreover the woman, Red lord loves is there. He will even die for her sake.. His weakness. 

Love god sighed as continue draw his power out as same time as other gods to cover Red lord's aura.

Since last night, when lord got awaken by anger. His aura is spilling out, it may become clue to Yamaraj. Covering Red lord's aura is difficult task. 


Nk was joging at park, how resfresing he thought just before he was kidnapped.

Where is this place? What kind creature are they?

He almost cried when a long and huge white snake neard him.

The beautiful snake hissed and he shook his head.

This must be a dream, haha. Once he close and open his eyes, all of this will be gone.

So he did but instead of snake, a boy was beside him now, his eyes are green and slitted like snake's..

"Welcome to my underworld, I am Mahin's co-worker." The boy as he smirked.

"I brought here. From now on I am going to be pretend as you and you will be here until I finish my work as my master ordered." He said as strock white that came out of no where.

"Ahh!" Nk jumped in fear.

"Don't worry as long as you don't try to escape. It won't eat you." That snake boy assured him.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Nk asked him.

"Why you ask? You are a hindrance for Mahin, that's why. Don't act like you don't know anything at all. I won't fall for you lies, I know that you gave Arnav that cheap tricks to separate Khushi from Mahin, didnt you?" Boy glared at him.

Nk gulped in fear.

"Infact I know that you going to do that even a week before but I couldn't interfere without my master's order. So now on I'm Nandakis**** and soon my master is going to make a grand entrance at Raizada mansion. So I'm going to disguise as you." Boy told him.

"As me? But how, you don't even look like me! Are you going to wear mask like they do in mission impossible?" Nk asked curiously and stepped a step back as the white snake hissed.

"Hmm~ It's a secret." The boy chuckled.

To be Continue. . .


Payal welcome Mahin into mansion with cold tone.

He wonder what he did now? Then his eyes widen seeing his master there holding kerchief.

"Oh, my son.. I'm sorry. Forgive this foolish father of yours." Master run hugged and starting to weep on his shoulder.

"Why are you here?" Mahin asked with annoyed tone in his voice, trying get away from master's hug.

"Your father miss you, of course." Master replied loudly as he resist to broke the hug.

"Father? Who?" Finally Master backed away and starts to weep, Mahin grith his teeth.

"He is your father." Payal spoke up.

"What?!" He look at Master when no one else do and gets a wink from him.

Seriously, this man... Don't he have other work than disturbing his progress on getting his love back.

"I don't have father, he died long ago." Mahin said firmly made Arnav confuse..

See you in next chapter...

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Jan 15

Chapter 122- Tragedy of Sheesh Mahal (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 28 times)

Chapter 112 a.

'Checkmate' She smiled, as Sheetal and Aarav are dumbfounded. Couldn't believe that ASR just lost against Khushi.. Just How?

"Ok fine, I lost." Arnav admitted his defeat while Mahin beamed at her victory against Arnav.

Khushi is just smiled, she can't afford to lose when Mahin is expecting her victory.

"So what do you want from me?" Arnav asked her and Mahin, he did lose the bet after all.

"What I want? I just made bet with Aarav not you.."

Arnav nod no saying.

"No one have defeat me like, so let so ask whatever you want." He sounds serious when he said that, he kept looking at just how distant and different she has become.. 

"Alright, as you insisted. Hmm.. What should I ask? Sheesh Mahal!" 

"What?! You want Sheesh Mahal?!" Sheetal gasped.

"Let me finish. I want to have marriage ceremonies at Sheesh Mahal. Mehendi, Haldi, Sangeet, Shaadi there." She seemed excited.

"Fine, that place going to be a hotel anyways." Arnav agreed and said they all going to Lucknow in two days.

"I will let the the employee there to arrange everything." Arnav decided to make a call.

Sheetal try to interfere into his decision but he didn't budge a bit to her whims.

Arnav sighed when the called ended as he have ordered everything neatly, Khushi's wish. She know how much he hate that place, doesn't she? But she asked for it after all. But the head servant of Sheesh Mahal, Ramu Kaka's words on call, is bothering him a bit. What does he mean Tragedy of Sheesh Mahal?

"What a stupid thing to believe.."


Lucknow, Sheesh Mahal.

Beautiful Palace, filled with endless tragedies. 

Ramu Kaka, is fearing of what may become of Raizada family that going to have marriage arrange here? 

Every Marriage happen here have ended with big disaster, Arnav isn't going to believe of any of those matter with the dead but he still worried for them.

"At let these young ones live happy life, they did nothing wrong from planning to get marry at this terrible place out of all of places in the this world." He said in fear.

"I hope they will change their mind after coming here and see the truth."


At Kitchen.

Khushi is preparing ingredient for the dinner with Mahin by side, not helping but distracting her and stealing at her attentions away.

"Mahin.. Can't you see what I am doing here? You help me if you want or you can wait out." She said having her one hand on her hip and other holding knife to his face.

"Wow.. Point knife at your own love? How cruel can you be?" He exclaimed dramatically when Payal entered into the Kitchen.

Payal just shook her head at dramatic tone and took knife from Khushi's hand.

"Both of go out, seriously.. When dinner is going to be ready if you both keep up like this.." Payal sighed heavily at the end.

"But Payal, you're pregnant. You should rest instead of doing these works." Khushi tried stop her but Payal keep cutting the veggies.

"I know that I'm pregnant, there is no need for you remind me. It's me who should remind you that you should spend some time with Mahin instead of trap yourself in this kitchen doing all of this works by yourself. You go with him, I will get HP's help if its needed. I feel bad for Mahin in this matter." Said Payal looking at Mahin's bored face.

Mahin seems agreed with Payal and drag Khushi out of kitchen.

"So what so want Mahin?"She asked tiredly.

"I know you're tired, you should at least rest once for a while at least to take a breath. With all of these marriage arrangement, aren't you tired?" Mahin caress her face softly.

"I am, when its comes to shopping. God only knows just how long those woman takes secelt a single saree for the occasion. If I just select one and want to get over it, Payal will kill me. She seem to be competiting against Sheetal to see get the most beautiful saree." She sighed.

Mahin just giggle at poor situation.

"Yes, laugh as much as you want to. But you have something else to ask right?" 

"Hah.. I want to ask is, why Sheesh Mahal?"

"Because saw it in my dream, a woman looked so sad in it. A widow waiting dear one, she said her name was.. What was that again? Dee.. AH! Deepika. Nowadays after meeting you I kept getting weird dream. Do you know that some people says that Sheesh Mahal actually is haunted. And the its originally not belong Malik family but some royal family. Sheesh Mahal is actually is waiting for its real owner." She said.


She nods.

Both of them burst into laughter..




Two Days later...

They all arrived at Sheesh Mahal, A wind blown strongly when they stepped out of their cars.

Giving them chills, Mahin could feel something is wrong here.

Servants welcomed them in, grandly.

Sheetal is amazed by the grand palace's structure, she is feeling like a queen here. Soon she will be the owner of this palace after marrying ASR.

Nani seems didn't like the idea of coming here at all, the place where her daughter took her own life, betrayed by her husband at Anjali's marriage day. But she came for Khushi's happiness.

But having marriage at such place with dark past is actually a bad idea.

Nani took a deep breath and spoke up.

"So we should begin the preparation for mehendi ceremony soon. Marriage Day is coming closer after all." Nani said.

All the lights goes out, leaves the dark.

"What a good sign."Mahin thought and see Khushi who totally not bother by it.

But the he sense the servant tense.

To be Continue. . . 

Apr 18

Update. (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 33 times)

Chapter 122 B.


Yellow lord suddenly received a very bad news from a familliar of Birth god. God of birth has gotten abducted by the demons of the hell

"They have nerve to do something like this!! Since ever Yamaraj became the king of hell, everything have gotten out of our hand." Yellow said furiously. 

Khushi could felt aura of this place changing because of its owner's emotion. She can't do anything to help, he saved her. But what can she do? She can't even save her child then what could she do to help a god like him? He is Yuvraj's brother. In tough times what will Yuvraj would say to his brother?

"You should calm down and think of next thing you should do to solve the problem." She said to calm him down.

Yellow lord chuckled and said.

"I'm a god, I can hear what you been thinking. That wouldn't be thing that brother would have done first but thank you for at least trying. Now I know what to do next. If war what they want, so be it. They're eager die in our hands. I can't sit still do nothing when they might harm god of birth who serve us more than anyone else." His brother's action speaks first, rather than just words. 

They been silent for whatever they have done to anger them but that doesn't mean they're weak or afraid of war, they just want to live in peace.

"Let's go, this place will not be safe for you if I gone out. I promised my brother to protect you. My never had this much concern for Yaksh nor Aashish. He never helped your father when your father is dying, but he did helped you. In fact this the second time he is saving you. What a reckless girl you're.." Yellow Lord shook his head in disappointment.

Khushi look down and wondered, why did he bother to save? Am I that important than his own son?

"Who knows? Maybe because you're a girl." He answered to thought.

"I'm bit offended here, I'm a girl but that doesn't I'm weak or anything!" Khushi said.

"Huh? When did I said that a girl is weak? Listen we in heaven respect women more than anyone. Perhaps because of how uncommon a female god is. We just have hundreds of them. Female god are ten folds powerful than a male god is, They can even bear a future gods. They're indeed amazing." Yellow lord nods to himself as he walked out of his palace.

Khushi followed him as he ordered her so and asked him. 

"So where are going now?"

"I can't bring you into heaven since you're a living mortal. I can't leave you there either, my presence at heaven is important, The war going to break out at moment."

"Are you going to let me go back to earth?"

"No, I can't without punishing you for breaking contract of Red lord. So you're coming with me to the harvest port of heaven. It's still a part of heaven even if it's at outside." Lord said.

"But there still chance of me getting into danger there." The demons are even kidnapping a god.

"Haha.. But the harvest port is different. The goddess of harvest is there, she will kill any of the intruders even with single thought so you will be fine if stay quiet when you're with her. She hate noises. She is powerful as ten male god is." 

"Is she strong than you?"

"Hoi! I'm the lord so I'm the strongest!" He stated proudly.

"But female is more powerful then are you..." 

"I'm a male!(sighed) Gods and lords are different kind, in gods there are female but in our case. Lords are just male, even Amit heir can be born as a male, a female is impossible. Lords are the kind that protects heaven the gods." 

"Alright I will stay with her. But does she know who am I? I mean.. I am his grand.." 

"Does say that before her or else you will be killed. Here Amit is worshipped by everyone, you being human will get their nerves. So don't provoke them." He advised her.

Khushi gulped her words, Dada will I be alright?

"Hm.. Can't just die? What will I do even if I go back to be alive again?" She got depressed over her life.

"Are you stupid? My brother did everthing to save and here you're thinking to die. He wants you to be happy and lead a wonderful life. Just forget that useless guy(He's talking about Arnav). All my brother's effort to bring him up have waste." He told her with annoyed tone.


"Oh I forgot. He was Deepika who raised Arnav."

Khushi stood dumbfounded by hear the fact.

"But she is a woman!" She find it unbelieveble.

"He could live as anything if wants to. Even now he is replacing you there in human world. As yourself he is doing pretty good jod at it. He is getting to Mahin who actually Ananya. Infact they're bit too intimate infront of that useless guy (Arnav)"

Khushi almost choked herself. Dada what are doing? Romancing with you wife is fine but infront of him? 


At Sheesh Mahal.

Sheetal ogling Mahin's body, his white shirt sticking to his body like skin makes him so ****y.

"Perfect." Sheetal gulped looking at his sight.

He work out in gym.

Sheetal twist her lips in envy, just from where Khushi gets all the handsome guys from? 

First Arnav, now him. 

"I'm much more better than her at everything. But why she is getting all of guys attention?" She thought angrily.

Here Mahin could feel her pricking stares but didn't say anything but smirk evily.

"This woman never satisfied with what she have." 

"Mahin~" His beloved voice made his heart skip a beat.

He saw her entering the gym with excited smile on her lovely face.

"I wonder what made you so excited to this extent? I want to know?" He said to her with hint of jealousy in his tone. 

"They have horses here! Arnav praticing archery right now. I want try too, let's go!" He could almost see stars in her shining eyes.

She starting to pull him out.

Sheetal annoyed seeing her disturbing nice scene of him.

"Have you ever had touched a bow before? Can even shoot?" Sheetal tries to insult her.

"You'll never know without trying. Sheetal does everything know everything. Nobody is perfect at everything." She get back at her.

Mahin look at her widen eyes says you, when you was Yuvraj, you were so good at everything that made me almost cry out. Please this time be cute and let me teach you.

Mahin can imagine Arnav and Sheetal's faces when he teach her, they will vomit blood in anger for sure.

Mahin smirked and hugs her waist and said seducetively.

"I can teach you." 

She just nod happily.

Sheetal bits her lip, looks furiously at their romantic posture.

To be continue...

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