PYAR KE RANG.......!

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Apr 17

PYAR KE RANG....! (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 36 times)


ASR smiled looking at kushi. He wanted this,his Kushi's smile. its been days that he had seen her smiling. Kushi looked at him frowning and signaled him asking " What?" and he nodded as NO.

" who is coming ?" asked kushi.

"Who else other than Aman. he is on the way. if I take the luggage out it will be easy so only,I was going " said ASR.

" Call him inside na. we will have breakfast together" Said kushi chirping.

" Breakfast se yaad aaya...I never knew u were also allergic to mushroom....." He smirked looking at her while she looked down blushing.

ASR was about to speak but right then his phone rang. Seeing the caller ID kushi snatched the phone and said " Hlo...Aman bhai, how r u ?..........OK come inside na " she ended the call and gave that to him.

" U sit and have breakfast with ur friends. I will bring Aman and join with u" said ASR.

"But..." started kushi. " Sit and Eat " said ASR.

Sulking she sat down and said " Guys...sit and have breakfast. He makes yummy food. Don't miss it"

The gang sat down." Kushi u never said that u r in relationship " said preethi.

" I am really sorry for that guys. just keep it in ur mind that I didn't get a chance to say about all this" said Kushi.

" Ur family also don't have any problem with u being in relationship with him ? Ur maa, Dadi , and brothers and sister everyone agreed " Asked Mahira.

Kushi's face fell hearing that " Actually guys. My father Arjun Khurrana is dead before some months And The persons whom I call as my maa and papa is actually his Mom and Dad. Anjali dhi is his younger sister. Akash,Nk is his brother. Its them who accepted me" said Kushi shocking the gang.

" y u didn't said anything to us kushi ?

" I told na..i didn't get a chance to speak about all these things.pls don't mistake me for that. Now u all pls eat " Said Kushi and took a piece of sandwich.

" Kushi...U r allergic to mushroom" said Arnav seeing her about to eat. Dev held his hand under the table stopping him.

" Relax Arnav. Actually its Arnav ji (ASR) who is allergic to mushroom that's why I also left eating as whenever I see mushroom I remember his illness when he eat that. And you guys had to say that before him only.....Now he is gonna tease me to death. "she said covering her face.

Arnav felt as if his being is crushed hearing her lovely dovely words. He didn't know what to do. While he was thinking all this ASR came in along with Aman with a new luggage laughing within themselves. Seeing him kushi jumped in joy." Aman bhai "

" Hai mere r u ? " Asked Aman."Iam fine bhai. how r u ? and what r u doing in Mumbai ? " asked kushi.

" What will he say now ? I came here to meet my wife (Kushi) and he came here to meet his girlfriend " said ASR and kushi blushed hearing it.

"oooooo....wife Haan " teased Aman. "Yep. She is my wife. hein na pari ? " He asked looking kushi while she nodded cutely.

After that they started eating. the gang gulped the food with a lump in their throat. After finishing the gang stood up." OK kushi.I think we should go. u guys enjoy "

Kushi nodded her sending them off and Aman also left the home after sometime. Only ASR and kushi is left. He took the luggage checking once and reached his room once there he opened the luggage carefully and saw there was some gifts his maa , Anjali , dadi and Payal send for Kushi. He kept that carefully.

It was night ASR is arranging his things. Kushi took milk for him and went to his room and saw he was facing the other side.She smirked and silently sneaked near him. She was about to hug him but he turned around shocking her. He raised his single brow smirking while kushi pouted. She was about to move but he pulled her and hugged her.

"What happened?" asked ASR.

Nodding her head as NO she said "I love you Arnav ji " he smiled hearing her and said " I love u too kushi. And Iam so happy now "

" Why ? "

" Because u r happy. I got my natkat pari back. My kushi is laughing, doing pranks on me and what not....I thought I did a mistake by leaving u alone here. Iam sorry that we couldn't stay with each other in our tuff times " he said holding her tightly to himself while Kushi's eyes welled up.

"Pls don't blame urself. If it was not Akash bhai's marriage then u wouldn't have left me. And don't say me that u were not with me....if u were not with me then I can't even imagine what would've happened to me" she said crying and Arnav cursed himself for even bringing those days back.

"Shhhh.....kushi. pls calm down Jaan" he said cooing her.

" Arnav ji...can I sleep in ur lap ? I missed u so much " She said and Arnav nodded sitting in the bed and layed her in his lap and stroked her hair lovingly, that she slept in his lap itself. Arnav kissed her forehead and let her sleep peacefully. His Angel had underwent so much alone. he now promised to stay with her all his life, no matter what....

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