Arshi os she is perfect for Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada

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Jan 23, 2016

Arshi os she is perfect for Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada (By Nightangle) (Thanked: 130 times)

"oh God arnav, save some time for your friends also, you always busy with your business and now you become such a boring" complaint his friend come cosine NK. "yes arnav, today no excuse is valid, we are going pub tonight. Aaj Mera Bday Hai and first of all you made me busy with meeting, and now when I want to enjoy with my friend come boss. you don't have time for me" next complaint come from his PA or Friend Aman. "Aman, don't behave like you are my girl friend. And really have a meeting with Gupta Fashion House. And you know it is very important deal for us. " replied Arnav Singh Raizada to his friend and cousin. "Don't worry ASR, your meeting postpone for tomorrow and tonight you are coming with us, is that clear," said lavanya, head designer as well as his friend from college. "party party party Hai tonight" sung NK while hugging his gf, lavanya. "you guys are too much, some time." said irritated Arnav. "we are not, you only too much, let me inform Sheetal about the plan, she is angry on you Arnav, Because of you she was not able see her boyfriend face at morning on his birthday, leave it you are allergy towards love, you won't understand" said Aman while calling his gf Sheetal. (Arnav Singh Raizada, handsome 28 year old bachelor and New Business Prince, His friends admire for his hard work and his best friends first come his brother Akash who is his business partner second his cousin NK top Model of AR, than Aman his PA and Lavanya all were college friends in which Akash is younger one. His family only Anjali di and her husband sham jha a lawyer now Di's gulam... Sorry sorry Di's love, a perfect husband pack and Nani. This two important girls of his life want another important girl in his life. Yes they want The great arnav Singh raizada leave his bachelor life.... Now back to story). (Crazy pub) "Wow, kya pub Hai, just like you guys, crazy " said irritated Arnav "shut up arnav, already you did enough damage for the day with your boring mood, now enjoy the party and dance floor is open. Look there arnav she is looking at you so why don't you ask her for a dance" said Sheetal. "you have charm in your face but you never look at any girl" said NK.. "Please Sheetal, I don't have time to waste on stupid girls and if there is any girl who can make me fall for her, that means she should be perfect in all way. And I don't think so any girl make me fall..... (Arnav sentence cut of by melodies voice) "are you ready guys, to shake your legs with me" asked girl in early 20 wearing shorts with tank top, holding guitar on her hand. "yessss, kushiiiiiii... Kushiiiiiii, kushii" shouted people present there. With that she started her song (aaj mood ishqholic Hai) her voice reach every where making aware of her beautiful presence with wonderful song. All start to enjoy her song with shaking their legs on dance floor. Her face look like angelic in disco light. She look like a students of any college. In all that, one person lost in her.. That is our Arnav Singh Raizada. Song end and she disappeared in crowed and arnav come out of his lost land. Arnav POV : She Is Crazy Rock-and-roll Girl. Next Day (at Gupta fashion house) "hello Mr. Raizada, we are sorry that you cant meet sir, he is out of town, reach by afternoon only, sorry for the inconvenience caused for you, if you don't mind, I can make you meet our CEO." said PA of Mr. Gupta. "ya fine by us" said Aman while arnav nod positively. "wait for some time" said PA. "Mr. Raizada you can now meet our CEO Miss. Sharma." informed PA. "thank you" said arnav (knock.. Knock) "yes come in" said Miss Sharma. Arnav and Aman entred only to get shock. The same crazy rock and roll girl sitting and reading some file. she looking totally opposite of yesterday avatar. Like twin sister. She looking perfect professional in her formal knee length skirt and tight baby pink shirt giving cute look and specs on her eyes and ponytail. "Nice to meet you Mr. Raizada and Mr.Mathur, please be comfortable " said Miss Sharma with beautiful smile. "thank you, Miss Sharma" said Aman and arnav was in yesterday State means lost land. " first of all, I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused by absence of sir, and don't worry about the deal because I am the one who dealing with this deal from our side and I am happy that I can work with such a best business man" completed Miss Sharma. "so that means, this fashion show is joint venture of Raizadas and Guptas, am I right Miss Sharma." asked Aranv. "who want leave the chance to work with you Raizada, You are the talk of town. it will be good venture for Gupta Fashion house, I already made contract of which our department forwarded to you, If you are okay with the terms we can move towards the signing part, from next day our team will be in your office" what say. "perfect, I am okay with terms and ready to sign the contract." replied Arnav. "okay, this hard copy of contract, you can read and sign it" said Miss Sharma while giving file. "okay" After reading the file he sign and hand shake with miss Sharma. Which give electric shock to both. " Please don't mind miss Sharma, yesterday you were the one who sing at Crazy pub." asked Aman. "yes, Mr. Mathur, I was the one " she give short answer. "I can't believe it, you looking totally different from yestrday" said Aman. "do you expect me to go pub in formals, really Mathur, anyway from this busy life we should take some time for ourself, to enjoy, to do mastiff, which will give you so many reasons to live your life" she replied. "thank you miss Sharma, I am looking for your presence in my office" said Arnav. "okay, Mr. Raizada, thank you meet you soon" said Miss Sharma. Arnav (pov) :She is Smart BusinessWoman. At evening (Shantivan) "akash why you want me to accompany you, oh God it's you who are going see a girl or let me clear that, your girl friend Payal and di and Nani is coming with you than why me." complained Arnav. "because bhai, you are my bhai, so shut up and come with us, is that clear Mr. Raizada." said akash. (Payal home) "welcome Betiya, and app be ayiye, please be seated, I will call Payal's dad" said Garima Gupta (Payal's Mom). "Mr. Gupta, you here" asked confused Arnav. "Namesthe, Deviyani ji, yes Mr. Raizada, Payal Gupta is my daughter, and I am happy she choose your brother as her life partner "said Shahi Gupta. "Namesthe Shahi Ji, we are also happy for this proposal and children happiness is more important." said deviyani. "I already had word with pandit Ji regarding the perfect time for their marriage, he come up with next month date, if you are okay with it, than we can fix that time" said Garima. "we are okay with it aunty, but before that we want to meet Dr. Payal Gupta who made my brother love patient." teased Anjali. "Garima, call Payal bitya" said Shahi. "ji" replied Garima. With in few minutes Payal made her entry along with beautiful girl wearing red anarkali churidar who made arnav, hold his breath. "oh God, I am in real or in dream land that I am seeing rock and roll girl come business woman standing front of me with breath taking traditional look." thought arnav. "You said Payal is one and only daughter than who is this pretty girl " asked anjali thinking something in mind. "she is my life, our angel, our Kushi, my sister's daughter. Kushi was 8 when she lost her parents in car accident. after that I took her under my custody and my wife took good care of her along with Payal. Payal is elder to Kushi." said Shahi with little pain in heart for his sister. "sorry Kushi," said anjali. "Don't feel sorry anjali Ji, you didn't knew about it and i never miss them because of uncle and aunty" said Kushi with simple smile. "she strong girl, betiya and she is the one who taking care of my business." said Shahi. "Payal come here, sit with me beta" Said Nani. "Ji, Nani, how are you?" asked Payal. "I am okay beta, and happy to meet my bahu."replied Nani. (all this time arnav eyes was on Kushi or miss Sharma who is busy in serving tea to all and he come out with shock hearing,) "uncle, don't take me wrong, I like Kushi, if you don't have any problem, I would like ask her hand for my chote, means arnav." confessed anjali. Giving shock to Kushi and family. "I will be happy, if my both angels will go in one house, than also it should be my angel wish" said Shahi. "Kushi Betiya, you have to think about it, I am waiting for your positive answer." said Nani. "Nani, I want to talk with Mr. raizada, if that OK with Raizada..." her word cut off by phone ring on Shahi's phone. "Kushi beta, there is urgent meeting, are you able to attend before your music class." asked Shahi. "Ji uncle, I am leaving now, I am sorry Nani Ji anjali Ji, saying that Kushi took her car key and mobile. "beta, she miss her parents now also but never show it, She is my strong girl. and I know she say yes only, for this proposal, if you okay with this proposal than only say yes, because I don't want any one force you for this marriage. Later that give pain to her, I don't want that" said Shahi looking at arnav. "Ji uncle, I like her since I meet her in pub, first her song attracted me than her look and than her smartness and now her respect towards elders, she is perfect, I would like to know more about her uncle, but we both need time before saying yes to this proposal " said Arnav. "yes beta, take your time" said Shashi. Arnav (POV) She Is Strong Girl. ( Same day at night) "Hello is this Mr. Raizada's number" asked soft voice. "yes Kushi, it's me only" said Arnav. "how you know that, it was me. Mr. Raizada" asked curious Kushi. "first of all my name is arnav, second I know your voice Kushi, soft melodies voice and third I got your number and save it" said Arnav making Kushi blush. "are.... are....." Kushi stammered "Kushi feel free to ask me anything" said Arnav comforting Kushi. '"Ji arnav, o, are you free tomorrow evening," asked Kushi waited for his reply. "we are meeting tomorrow evening, fix the place, I will be there on time" said arnav which made Kushi surprised. "how you came to know that I going to ask you to meet me" asked Kushi. "I know you" simple answer made Kushi happy and confirm about her decision. "Blue Heaven at 7 pm" said Kushi. "okay meet you there" replied Arnav. " bye arnav, good night" said Kushi. "bye Kushi, take care" said Arnav. Next day at Blue Heaven. Arnav waiting for Kushi outside the restaurant. After few minutes, a car entred in parking lot making arnav aware of Kushi presence. Again she took his breath with her modern hot look in long shoulder less night gown in black. Little make up. "Hi, arnav, I hope I am not that much late" said Kushi. "not at all, anyway you looking beautiful" said Arnav making Kushi blush. "can we" asked Kushi. "let's move" said Arnav taking Kushi hand in his hand. (they took corner seat) "arnav, I never thought my dream come true but my parents blessing always with me that's why I got my dream" said Kushi confusing arnav. "what are you talking about" asked arnav. "my dream, my first crush, I never thought the time will come when I sit with my crush and discussing about our marriage proposal,..... and... And saying yes to it" said Kushi making arnav surprised. "from when" asked arnav. "when you became new face of business, for first timr at Business award, that time I was with my dad attended that function, I was 18 then,"said Kushi. "But you never give me hint about that" asked arnav. "I thought, you don't like girl like me" said Kushi. "you know what, you are more than perfect for me, just like I want in my better half" said Arnav. "that means...." said Kushi. "Be Ready to Become Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada, Kushi" completed arnav taking her hand and placed ring on her ring finger and than kissed on it, making Kushi blush. Arnav (POV) :she is perfect for Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada. The end. Thank you. Nightangle

Feb 5, 2016

Love you All (By Nightangle) (Thanked: 24 times)

Thank you for accepting all my stories. And thank you for your encouraging comments. And my next story is on the way... I hope you guys accept that also like my previous one.... Thank you.. Nightangl

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