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Dec 22, 2015

New Shot "Cindrella" 21/12/15 :) (By Sviji) (Thanked: 259 times)

After long time I'm posting a story. I do hope you will like it guys.



The atmosphere bright and joyous with bright fairy lights strung all around the house and the branches of the trees in garden making everything look like a place in fairy tale, the house in itself looked like a palace from the tale her mother had always told her in childhood, the charming prince and the wonderful tale of him sweeping off the beautiful princess off her feet, and the very same stories she had built a dream of her own where unknown faceless prince coming and sweeping her off her feet. The stories and dreams still fresh in her eyes she walked inside the house in awe. Raizada Mansion is elegant and charming inside as much as it was outside.

‘Amma, this is so beautiful, haina, like some chota sa RajMahal’

Garima chuckled at the wonder struck expression in her daughter’s face ‘It is and I heard the people living here is also a Royal family’


‘Yes, and we are lucky we got this order to make sweet for the occasion. Now don’t go mooning over the place, we have work to do. We don’t want Bansari Lal ji to be disappointed in us? It is goodness of him he gave us the order. If get orders like this I would be able to marry you off quite easily.’

‘Huh? It is our tasty delicious sweets we make had made him give this contract else he would have not looked our way. Don’t underestimate our culinary skills amma, we are the best in making Lucknowi sweets, no one can beat us. And yes I’m only nineteen and I’m not in hurry to leave you soon. So don’t worry about sending me off so you can get rid of me that will not happen soon’

Shaking her head at her ‘now move Khushi Bansari Lal ji will be waiting for the sweets, it already late from the said time.’ Grumbling under her breath Khushi followed her mother holding the bag containing boxes of sweets tightly in her hand. They were helped by one of the helper in the house for the direction to the kitchen where Bansari Lal ji is instructing his cookers. Bansari Lal runs catering business and one of the famous in Delhi. Running successfully for ten years and it was sheer luck and the appreciated words he heard of their delicious and quality sweets from one of his business acquaintance which brought him to choose them after sampling the sweets made by Garima and Khushi, and hiring them to make sweets for all the orders his catering service gets. He had given full freedom to choose their own kitchen to make sweets with the deal of delicious and quality sweets to be made and delivered on time. It was easy that way for Garima and Khushi to work in peace and their way.

‘It is time you both got here’ Bansari Lal casted them with stern look. With a sorry smile at the man she rushed to apology and relieved a sigh when he relented to it.

Bansari Lal eyeing the bags ‘Kis**** take the bags and set the plates for the sweets. It is nearly time for the guest to start coming any minute.’ Young man not more than Khushi’s age strolled forward throwing a charming smile at Khushi as he took the bag from both her and her mother. Feeling disappointed for not being his smile returned from the girl he had been crushing on for the past few months he felt deterred.  Khushi is beautiful and he has a yen for her like he had never before, only if she reciprocates it. The girl never bats an eye on his side or to his advances. Well he will work on his charm and ways to lure her, can’t let a fine beautiful woman to let through his finger, now. Garima set to help the others when Bansari Lal asked her to give hand and nudged Khushi to do the same. Time passed quickly with guests started strolling inside Raizada Mansion one by one filling the whole down floor mingling with everyone they knew and making new acquaintance. Khushi slipped out of the kitchen wishing for fresh air from the stuffy atmosphere inside. She liked what she saw, the high class people gracing the party but at the same time she would choose to have some air in the garden then to stare at the marvelous people donned their best like the house is at the moment, so instead of heading in the mid sea of people she turned around and took the sliding door to the one which leads to garden.

The garden was like heart of the house, pot containing beautiful flowers from rose, geranium, petunia, jasmine and many different others she could identify and don’t identify added the charm and scented the whole area, it was refreshing and lovely there.

She would have stood enjoying the fragrance floating from the flower; the diyas and lantern lit around the place, and the decorated trees with the sparkling light if not for the voices came floating to her ears. She caught sight of a man in suit and woman dressed in long gown standing side by side, the woman looking at the man and the man brooding straight ahead. She could not look at the face since their back was facing hers.

 ‘ASR, you never did tell me how am I looking in this dress?’

The voice was clipped ‘fine’

‘Fine?’ baffled at the non committed reply she clutched his arm ‘only fine? ASR this is not fair. I dressed for you’

His voiced sounded annoyed as Khushi made move to walk away ‘Lavanya, leave me alone, will you?’ Khushi glanced back in time to see the girl leaving the place in huff, amused at the display she strode to the other side of the garden, it was little dark there, and with only the coffee can luminaries around the pool.

Sitting by the edge of the pool she peered inside the blue clear pool water adoring the reflection of the half moon falling in it and her hand feeling it gently.

That was how Arnav found her as he walked deep into the garden stopping by the pool. Irritated at the thought of someone here when all he wanted was to be alone from the suffocating crowd inside he groaned inwardly. Only now he had managed to free himself from Lavanya and her ways of pulling his attention towards her. Why the woman doesn’t see he has no interest in her is a puzzle to him? Either she is blind in not seeing it or living in a bubble of false dream that he would be wrapped in her finger like those other men she had dealt with all her life till now.

Bringing his attention to the unwanted company he has, he demanded in annoyance ‘Who are you? And what are you doing here?’

Hearing his clipped voice Khushi jerked her eyes to meet his, startled to see him here. She did not realize she had company until she heard him. His face carved like Greek God in stone, eyes hard like granite, he is handsome and very like male with no softness shone there. Hard like Steel is what she thought looking at him now.

Arnav on the other hand felt someone had knocked his breathe, there a beautiful mermaid fairy looking at him with deer caught in headlight and is every bit of fairy princess he had heard his mother told him when he was young. She is beautiful is to tell underestimation of the expressive face looking at him. She is exactly the type of woman for whom men will eagerly lay their life or take a life. She is exquisitely sinfully ravishing beauty with the touch of innocence in her eyes. Fascinating!!! If it is dream he would say it is rather a lovely dream.

Struggling inside keeping his face expressionless he asked her again ‘Who are you?’ wincing inwardly for the voice came out cold rather than polite as he intended to, Khushi ‘Hum Khushi hain’

Khushi!!! so her name is Khushi!!!

‘What are you doing here? No guest is allowed here’

‘I’m sorry I did not know. voh….voh I was feeling suffocated inside the kitchen so came out to take fresh air’

‘Kitchen? What are you doing there when the party is going out?’

Shaking her head ‘We did not come to attend the party but to deliver the sweet’


‘Ji, I and mother make sweet and delivers them to Bansari Lal ji. He gave us contract to make sweets. We were working in the kitchen helping others. So you see I was feeling suffocated inside and came out.’

 So she is pauper princess. Nevertheless she looks like a princess.

Strolling forward he sat at the edge of the pool and ordered her patting his hand on the floor ‘Sit!!!’

Not seeing her moving he raised his eyebrows in question. Feeling intimated by him she sat down living little distance between them.

‘You live here? You said no guest is allowed here so you must be living here’ giving him a glance, He titled his head ‘Yes, I’m Arnav Singh Raizada and I own this house’ definitely looking like Prince.

Nodding her head she looked at the clear water ‘You too did not like inside?’

‘Hmmm I don’t like crowd much. But for Dadi and Di I tolerate sometimes’


She looked at him from the corner of her eyes, he is sitting stretching his leg and crossing them, his hand flat on the floor behind him, head tipped up looking at the sky.

‘Did you like our sweet?’ there was a hope in her voice.

‘I did not have any and I don’t eat sweets’


Catching her small voice he explained further ‘Can’t have them. I’m diabetic’

‘Tsk it is bad……*shaking her head ruefully* I like sweet and enjoy preparing them and love feeding them. *as he looked at her face it brightened suddenly* You could have sweets made in sugar free, right. We make them too. *frowning* but there was no instruction given to us for this party’

‘It is okay. I don’t miss it. Will give your sweet a try, one sweet will not do me harm.’

‘Sachhi, dekhna you will like it. We make best Lucknowi sweets’

Corner of his lips tipped up hearing her proclamation ‘I believe it is true’

‘Of course it is true. I never lie’  

He just smiled softly looking ahead, if anyone knows him well see him now will get shock to see the smile on his stern face which always stays cold stating menace. They sat in silence as the minutes stretched, he wondering what the hell he is doing here with her. He had left the party in search of solitude and peace but here he is sharing the space with her and not even minding about it. Wondering what is it in her he had changed his mind in second when he was all ready to lash at the person for entering the place where no guest is allowed. She is something else…..something fresh from the world he lives. He even likes it here with her.


But every little thing comes to end and his little time with her too as Khushi stood up breaking his trance ‘What happen?’

‘Voh I should go. Amma will be looking for me. *smiling at him* It was nice talking to you. Bye Arnav ji’ without waiting for his reply she walked away like a fresh breeze after stroking passed him.






Few days later,

‘Do you really think that is the answer for my question Arnav? I need the exact reason why you are refusing to marry’

‘Dadi I’m not refusing to marry but refusing to marry Lavanya? I just don’t wish to marry her.’

Devyani Raizada narrowed her eyes at him, seeing her stubbornly not relenting to his decision he put forth his reasons ‘We both will be a mistake Dadi. I will not be happy with her neither will she be. All I’m saying is I’ll marry at the right time with right person’

Dadi ‘and when will the right time and the right person will come? Don’t forget Arnav you will be twenty five in year and you had to get a wife before that.’

‘I know’

‘No you don’t see that, all I hear from you is you don’t wish to marry anyone I select as your suitable bride. There was Natasha, Sheethal, Naina, many more, and now Lavanya, these girls are perfect match for you but you just don’t see that all. I don’t know what you want in your wife which these girl don’t have’

Seeing him quiet and stubborn, a trait passed from her, her mouth set in grave she huffed inwardly ‘Very well, I’ll give you two month time to find a wife for yourself if not you will be marrying the girl I choose and you know who is the girl. I’ll not over look the warning pandit said of you to be married before twenty five.’

Nodding at her, relieved for getting few days time of peace ‘Thank You Daadi’ dropping a kiss on her cheek he noted her face softening and a small smile working its way on her lips ‘All I want is for you to be happy and have someone who will be with you for always, taking care of you, loving you. I want it all for you Arnav. I want to see you happily married and have children. Remember you have sixty days to choose your wish of wife.’

Hugging her he murmured ‘I will’






It had not been difficult to get Khushi’s address. One phone call to the catering service owner and he got it. And he knows Khushi is not inside the house as he has seen her walk out and he followed her dutifully.


Khushi removing her eyes from the fresh tomatoes, turned to the voice along with the little pat came on her shoulder ‘Arnav ji?’

‘Yes, it is good to know you remember’

‘I do but what are you doing here?’

‘I came to meet you’ looking at her confused face ‘That is right, I came to meet you but saw you coming out of the house and followed you’

‘Oh but why?’ looking at the bag she is carrying ‘Have you bought whatever you came for? Here let me have this bag’

The vegetable vendor at the same time replied in prompt ‘Behen ji 30 rs.’ Handing her bag of fresh tomatoes she had picked.

Arnav took the bag from him but asked Khushi ‘anything else?’

Khushi ‘Ji, but you did not tell me why you came to meet me’

‘I’ll tell you but first let us buy everything then we will talk at your home?’

‘Ghar par? You will come to my house?’

‘Kyun nahiin aa sakta’

‘Nahiin bilkul aa sakthe hain.’ Shrugging her shoulder she swallowed rest of the words of how she did not think a status such as the man he is will step inside the little cottage like hers. They purchased few more vegetables all the while Arnav wondering why the hell she is bargaining with the vendors over the price, but nevertheless he enjoyed it lot, her surprised and feisty expression were worth to watch.

Hour later they reached Khushi’s house after buying the vegetables, Khushi ‘come inside Arnav ji. Here give me this. Take a seat *pointing towards the couch, after he sat she gave him a glass of water* I’ll call Amma.’

Second later she emerged from the room from the left with elder woman. Arnav stood up replying to the greeting of Garima’s Namasthe. Khushi ‘Amma he is Arnav Singh Raizada. Voh Diwali order Amma. We made sweet for his party’

 Apprehensive shook Garima as she managed to utter ‘Sit down bitwa’ she too took as seat requested by Arnav, Garima ‘What happened bitwa? Bansari Lal ji said everyone liked the sweet we made. Koi baat hai’

Shaking his head ‘There is nothing to worry *reading her worry filled face* Sweets were really tasty. In fact I came here to place an order for the function coming in a month in my office. The theme will be Desi Type. And I know your sweets will be hit with everyone. They are really nice’

Khushi ‘you really tasted it?’

‘Of course Khushi, I said I’ll surely have a taste of them then I did. It was really delicious’

Garima looked at Arnav and Khushi in wonder, with the easy going conversation they are having. As for as she heard from the Bansari Lal ji and others they had told how big the people were Raizada’s and particularly Arnav Singh Raizada’s name was repeated again and again in warning for the said man was known to be arrogant and cold who will not tolerate a mistake.

Here all she is seeing is sweet temperamental man who is talking with her daughter as long lost friend. What is the hell the big man as he coming down to place order? What are his men working for him doing?

She came out of her wonder with Khushi shaking her calling ‘Amma….Arnav ji is asking you something’


‘Aunty there will be no problem with you taking my order, right? It will not be problem with the tie up you made with Bansari Catering?’

When did I agree to the order? She thought looking at the young man before her. But looking at the hopeful face she nodded in no to his question.

Arnav relaxed smiling at her softly, Khushi ‘Hum kitne buddhu hain, Kya lenge aap, coffee or tea?’

‘Tea is fine Khushi’ she rushed inside to kitchen while Garima and Arnav discussed the bulk of order of sweets he had placed, the quality, the quantity, and the price. 

Khushi came with tray containing cups of tea and plate of snacks. Garima ‘Betiya bring some sweets too’

Handing a cup to Arnav she shaked her softly ‘Nahiin Amma, he is diabetic, cannot eat sweets. Agar pehle his pata hota he is coming I would have made sugar free sweets.’

‘Thank you Khushi. It is alright but you know I don’t favor sweet much’ After initial talk on the order Garima kept silent listening to her daughter and the young man talking like best buddies.

After Arnav left Garima asked ‘How you know him Khushi? And you talked with him easily like kisi dost se baat kar rahi’

Khushi ‘I met him at the party Amma. I came out to the garden to take fresh air and he too was there for the same reason. Then we talked and became friends’ what she did not tell her mother is for not a second till her mother pointed out she felt Arnav had been a stranger even after the little conversation they had in the garden but today it was not the strangeness that greeted her but his warm friendly behavior had pulled her in easy her off from any suspicion her mind would have made if it was someone else in his place.






If Dadi was surprised to hear party given to AR staffs and business associated for the coming Christmas and New Year then she did not show it. She calmly stood watching as her grandson who always dumps everything on Aman to do the preparation is giving strict orders and ideas he wanted the party to be.

Arnav ‘Dadi if there is anyone you would like to invite for the party? Then go ahead and invite them. I’ll let Aman send passes to them if you give the list.’

‘I’ll do’

Arnav ‘Then it is okay then. I’ve some work outside. Will take your leave’ and that was it he rushed out of the house as if all hell are behind his heel.

Dadi ‘What happened to him? Never before she saw him excited for party and not thought of one day will he be taking part in its preparation enthusiastically. It is not the ASR way.’

 HP carrying glass of juice in the tray forwarded it to her ‘Dadi ji now days Arnav bhaiya does not shout at me even if I break something (being a clumsy one who in nervous does one thing or the other which irritates Arnav). It is strange. I even saw him smiling one or two times’

Dadi raising her eyebrows at the wonder in his voice shook her head ‘Go and do you work HP. Your Arnav bhaiya is strange person and it is not surprise to see his behavior to becoming strange’ but she too thought her grandson’s strange behavior as she had caught him dazed off one or two times in the past weeks.







Garima looked at Khushi quizzically ‘What are you doing?’ looking at the pile of clothes scattered on the bed.

Biting her lips Khushi looked at her mother with sorry expression for creating such ruckus ‘Voh Amma Arnav ji invited us for the party tomorrow na. So I’m planning for it’

Sighing at her innocent daughter she reached her side, putting a hand on her arm gently ‘But Khushi we cannot go there.’

Surprised at her mother’s answer ‘But why Amma? He came to invite us himself’

‘Try to understand beta, they are big people and people attending the party will be one among them. In between them we will be nobody. You understand, right? We got order for his company and we will complete the order and deliver the sweets, and that is where we should stop without going further. It is nice of him to invite us but everyone will not be nice like him to accept us among them.’

‘Par Amma Arnav ji will feel bad’

‘I don’t want you to get hurt Khushi. Voh log Bade Ghar ke log hain’ she had seen the growing friendship between Khushi and Arnav, whenever he dropped to their home with one reason or the other. And she doubts they are in contact in phone too. It is right though what she did not know is Arnav meeting Khushi outside the house too, he would drop at the same time when Khushi goes to temple or market. Source is the phone with back to back message they send to each other in WAP and their frequent talk. Khushi being Khushi would not even know when she said what to him. And if he if free he would drop by to see whenever he could. Reason simple he wants to spend time with Khushi alone without Garima hovering near them and to make sure Khushi is comfortable with him… make her like him.

Cupping her cheek Garima ‘Understand me beta, whatever I’m saying is for your good. Now come and help me in making pista roll’

Leaving a disappointed Khushi behind Garima left the room.

Khushi felt bad and upset for not able to attend the function. Arnav ji has said he had arranged the party in desi style and there will be lot of entertainment and variety of desi foods and their lucknowi sweets. Now she will not able to enjoy it.







Next evening 5 pm,

White Suv came to halt before Khushi’s house, Arnav Singh Raizada donned in his Blue and Black extreme slim fit Tuxedo. Garima Gupta opened the door to him ‘Come inside Bitwa’

He looked around for Khushi when came the reply ‘she is getting ready. Why don’t you sit down? I’ll bring something for you to drink till she comes out’

Taking a seat on the couch ‘No it is okay, Aunty, I don’t need anything’

‘Bitwa you will bring Khushi back home safe. And before ten or at least till eleven she should be here’

‘Don’t worry Aunty I’ll bring her safe and before the time. Thanks for letting her come’

Satisfied with the earnest reply which reflected even in his eyes she nodded back. Arnav ‘It would have been nice if you too would have joined us’

‘I can’t, my jiji….that is Khushi’s bua ji has requested me to go with her to this satsang and I can’t refuse her’ Khushi had come till then smiling at them both, her face vivid with excitement.

‘I’m ready.’

Awestruck at the beautiful pea****, no his own beautiful pea**** standing before him he stood speechless.

‘Kaisi lag rahiin hoon Amma’ Garima herself looked in awe at her daughter like so many times she did when Khushi dressed in saree. It just enhances her beauty. Taking a little kajal from her eyes she put it behind her ears ‘Bahut hi koobsurat ho’ getting a reply of wide smile and tight hug from her daughter.

‘Take care of my child Bitwa’

Khushi assuring her mother kissed her cheek saying ‘Arnav ji will take good care of me Amma. Don’t worry. I’ll be safe and will enjoy lot. Haina Arnav ji’ amazed at her trust in him he nodded ‘Yes’

As Khushi walked forward Garima smiling little, guessing his thought walked beside Arnav ‘Khushi hai hi aisi, if she sees someone as her loved ones then she will trust them completely. There is nothing incomplete in her emotions. If she will hate then she will hate it completely, if she loves someone then she will give her complete love and will trust them automatically. Bahut hi bholi hai yeh ladki. Duniya ki samajdhari nahiin hai isse’

‘And you worry about her?’

‘Yes, she is my daughter and only child. She is my life after my husband and can’t see her hurt. If I’m living today, if I’m fighting with the world then it is for my Khushi.’

‘I understand. And don’t worry Aunty I’ll keep an eye on her. She is safe with me’

‘I’m trusting her with you beta’

‘And you will not be disappointed’ unlocking the passenger door he opened it helping Khushi get inside safely and nodding at Garima, he walked around his car and got behind the wheel. Khushi waved back enthusiastically ‘Chintha mat karo Amma, I’ll be safe’

Nodding at her Garima waved back watching as the car moved forward with picking up the speed. Only God knows a mother’s worry when their girl goes out of the house.







Every pair of eyes attending the party watched as Arnav walked around the party hall with Khushi in his arms greeting his acquaintances. The girl looked beautiful making them wonder who she is. They had never seen her with ASR before nor saw her anywhere in the party before.

Dadi had been watching Arnav from the time she entered the party hall with Manorama and Manohar Raizada (her brother in law’s son and his wife). Manohar ‘Chachi ji who is that girl Arnav is with?’

Manorama ‘Aur nahiin toh ka, he is roaming around the whole place with the girl sticking to his side. Who is she?’

Dadi ‘Don’t know Manorama, but she is beautiful’

Manorama ‘That is true.’ Manohar nodding his head watched as his nephew came to them. Arnav ‘Dadi, Chacha-Chachi ji this is Khushi’

Khushi greeted them folding her hands in Namasthe. Manohar ‘I’ll just go and say hello to Mr. Singhania’ he left them moving towards someone he knew in business circle.

Arnav ‘Should I bring you something to drink Dadi…Chachi ji?’ a bar has been arranged in one side of the hall for the soft and hot drinks. And food will be served in buffet type in the next room acting as buffet room for now. Both the women nodded a no and smiled at him assuring as he left with Khushi to greet other acquaintances.  

Music came alive on the hall as people started moving towards the space cleared for dance. What surprised those most was of ASR dancing with the unknown girl.

 Manorma ‘I never know Arnav bitwa can dance and that too this good’ the old woman with her too was stuck like her. It was not only they two but Lavanya who had come along with her Dad and Mom, as her dad got invitation formally from AR. She was hurt for not getting personal invitation from Arnav or at least Dadi who never fails to invite but this time there was no personal invitation arrived from both of them. Being curious and to know the reason of such insulting behavior from Raizada when there was clearly talk of marriage between the two families the Kashyaps came to the party on Lavanya’s insistence. From the time she came all she could look was Arnav and Khushi together. He greeted her parents and her formally and then did not even look at her side.

It was she who should be with him as his Date. But hearing everyone say ASR came along with Khushi gave her shock and now seeing him dance with her she felt jealousy seep over her. He never did dance with her always giving the one excuse I don’t know to dance and here he is dancing like a Pro.


With millions of stars in his eyes, heart feeling the excitement of lightheaded he looked down at the girl in his arms, never ever he imagined himself dancing but now he is enjoying it. Time to time reassuring Khushi with his eyes saying she is doing fine. Khushi’s type of dance is Desi Type like tumkas which she does well not this firangi type. But she assured by him started enjoying the dance twirling in his arms as he led her.



Dadi was cornered by Lavanya and her mom. Milli ‘Who is that girl with Arnav bitwa Maaji’

Dadi ‘This is the first time I’m meeting her Milli bitiya. She is Arnav’s friend’

Lavanya ‘I never knew he had a friend’

Manorma ‘it is not like he will make friend after consulting you will he Miss Tip Top, she is his new friend’ or more than friend, is all she thought in her mind not voicing it out.

Not seeing any more information from neither of the ladies Milli broached another topic ‘Don’t you think it is time we should tie them in knot Maa ji. Arnav bitwa has taken too much time in decision.’

Clearly irritated with the edging ‘Arnav knows very well what he wants. And it is his life to decide with whom he is going to spend the rest of the life together. If he decided it is Lavanya then I’ll be happily inform you. For now I don’t want to push that boy after asking time from me.’

Disappointed coated on their face Milli ‘Okay Maa ji, we will look forward to hear from you. *touching Lavanya’s arm* Mrs. Sharma too have come here let us go and say hello to them’ taking the two elder ladies leave Mrs. And Ms. Kashyap left.

Manorama ‘are you really sure Chachi ji Arnav bitwa will think about Lavanya?’ looking at doubtfully at the pair of him and Khushi dancing enjoying each other’s company.

Dadi ‘No, he had clearly said he is not interested in Lavanya’

Manorama ‘I do wonder if he is interested in the girl in his arm’

Dadi ‘Looks like it. Chotte has been behaving strangely lately, this may the reason. He looks happy’ both the woman sighed looking at Arnav.





Inhaling the fresh air, taking long deep breaths, she sighed blissfully ‘The view is so beautiful from here Arnav ji’

‘Yes it is’ as he looked at her moon like face. Taking her hand in his, he looked at her confused eyes at his gesture, knowing well she read something in his eyes but could not understand. Turning her to face him, he cupped her face gently, his thumb pad brushing her cheek in soft caress. Khushi ‘Ar…Arnav ji’

‘Marry Me Khushi’ it was not an order or demand but a request, her shocked gasp broke the silent night. Looking in her wide eyes ‘I’m falling in love with you, Khushi for every second of my life and I want to spend the rest of my life with you Khushi. Will you do me the honor to marry me, sweety? Save this man Khushi. Only you can save him from lonely life’

He dropped a feather light kiss on her forehead making her breathe hitch, even before she could control her breathing he dropped another two soft kisses on each one of her cheek and then enfolding her shocked still form in his arms. Feeling weak on her legs at the sensation his kiss created on her body and the shock she received from his proposal she let him hold her in his arms.

Cupping her face again he looked in her eyes ‘Will you?’

Shaking her dazed head, she stuttered ‘but Arnav ji…..shaadi……and me….but you don’t know me, well……Amma?’ her words like her mind came out confused.

Sighing he kept his forehead on her forehead ‘there is nothing more for me to know Khushi. I love you and I want to marry. I’m positive at this. If you wish to know me more then take your time to decide on my proposal. And I’ll be waiting for you. You can do that, don’t you sweet heart?’

Putting a finger on her lips, stopping her from speaking further ‘And about your Amma? I’ll take to her. I trust her to take good decision for us. And I’ll not accept a No till she yes. I’ll try hard again…..again…..and again till she says Yes. And I’m hoping she will not take time to say Yes’

‘Why me? You are Prince but I’m simple nobody’

‘Do you really think so I’m Prince? Then this prince has chosen you as his princess. Don’t underestimate yourself Khushi.’ Hugging her again ‘think about us and come to good decision, rest of it leave on me’








That night, Raizada Mansion, Arnav entered Dadi’s room ‘I’ve something to tell you Dadi.’

‘I’m waiting to hear you Arnav. It is Khushi, right?’

Nodding his head ‘I love her Dadi and wish to marry her.’

‘She knows?’

‘I proposed her today but she is confused and there is her mother’

‘What do you wish me to do?’

Taking a seat beside her on her bed, laying his head on her lap ‘Will you Khushi’s hand for me from her mother’

‘As you wish Arnav’

Looking in her eyes, trying to read them ‘You like her?’

‘Yes because she brought the glow of happiness on your face. So like her name’ smiling at her ‘So true Dadi, she is sweet and simple, chirpy and bubbly. Will you not ask me how I met and who is she?’

‘Tell me’ So Arnav told her from his first meeting with Khushi to his offering them an order for the party to till now. Dadi ‘So you gave order for the party to get in their life’

‘Yes that is so. I really wanted to enter in her life and this is the way I could come up with. Khushi likes to make sweet and loves to feed them, and I took it as the weapon to enter in her life…forwarding the friendship so she could know me more’

‘Such a twisted plan but not so difficult too’

‘Yeah Khushi had no problem with my friendship but Aunty is not so welcoming. Not that she does not like me. She is just concerned’

‘Anyone in their place will be and when it if their daughter’s life then they will too protective and concerned with the person entering their life. You said they are alone. And it is Garima’s sole responsibility to protect her daughter’

‘I understand that is why I want to take the responsibility to protect, cherish, and love Khushi’ Dadi laughed at his statement, patting his arm, her heart sending a prayer to God for bringing someone as Khushi in his life. Not even she could select someone like Khushi as a bride for her grandson. But as fate intertwined she is more than willing to fulfill it.









Few months later,

Khushi stood in the embrace of her husband looking at the full moon gracing the sky in all its glory. They are standing at the same place where they met for the first time, in the garden behind the house near the outdoor pool. Garima was overwhelmed and apprehensive of the proposal when Dadi put it forward to her. But Dadi and Arnav had asked her to give chance to him and then decide anything.

For the next few months she had had to change her regarding Arnav pushing away her fear and giving consent for the marriage. Raizada took full responsibility for the wedding, all they wanted for Khushi to become their bahu and nothing else. They took care of everything from small to big detail. That does not mean Garima did not do anything and she did as much as she could to make the wedding of her only daughter’s memorable and beautiful one.

Khushi on the other hand had lot of time to fall in love with Arnav. One could hardly escape Arnav Singh Raizada’s charm when he gets into full gear mode to make you fall in love with him. She really did got her Prince Charming in real.

Now blissfully married to each other they are happy and secure in their chotti si duniya.

‘I love you, sweetheart. Thanks for the cake. It was delicious’ it is his birthday and Khushi surprised him twelve o clock at night with her hand made cake, and they cut the cake in the beautifully decorated poolside, again it was Khushi’s doing.

‘I love you too’ kissing his cheek she looked at him, both their eyes speaking the emotion so deep of love, Khushi ‘Hum Aur App’

Dropping a long kiss on her forehead, enfolding her in his arm ‘Hamesha’



                            *The Story Ends Here But Their Life Is Yet To End,

                                         For They Have Long Years Coming Ahead In Togetherness*









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