Bigg Boss Season 9 18th December 2015 Written Update

Dec 19, 2015

Bigg Boss Season 9 18th December 2015 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Day 68


Song Chal Chhaiya chhaiya plays, inmates wake up and dance together.


Mandana says to Gizele that what you said last night, it hurt me, you said that i am wild card and i can talk to everyone, Gizele says its show so i have to talk to everyone, Mandana says if you are with me then you dont need to talk to others, i cant take it, if you wanna be with me then you dont need to be nice with them, Gizele says you talk to them, i dont tell you to not talk to them, this house is very small, i cant ignore everyone, Mandana says ok you talk to them, i will not talk to you, she leaves, Gizele says this is your ego now.

Rochelle says Madnana is now fighting with Gizele, she might be thinking that since Gizele will be evicted this week so lets create a scene with her too to get footage, she is too much, Priya says when Gizele came in house, Mandana said that Gizele is her enemy from before and as we know Mandana likes to be closer to her enemy more, she thinks that its good to fake friendship with enemies so they cant take advantage of he, she is cowards policy, Keith says and being with friends is what policy? Priya that lions do that.

Mandana comes to Rishab and tells him that i istened Priya saying to Rochelle that i like to keep my enemies closer to me and that Gizele is my enemy thats why i am faking friendship with her, Rishab ask her to let them say what they want.

Priya comes in Kitchen and says to Rishab that you have talked about me to everyone but i didnt say anything about you to anyone, i dont want to be in any group, Rishab says we are not a group, Priya says it can be seen easily that you three are a group, i can easily leave you people as you are minority, Rishab says who are you to tell that we are group? i can also see that you wanna be part of cool group.

Prince says to nora that Rishab wants Footage thats why he is shouting at Priya.

Rishab says to Priya that you took my jacket and protein which is my favorite when i was so cooperative with you, i coul have biggest problem for you in your captaincy, Priya says i was captain and i had to be fair with everyone, Gizele ask Priya to not shout, Priya says who are you to tell me to not shout? he is shouting too, Rishab says to Priya that why did you take my protein? Priya says people live with so many less thing and you are worried about protein shake, you are materialistic, Rishab leaves, Gizele says if you had to give away protein then i would have seen you, Priya says my make up, my clothes, my whole bag is gone too but i am not complaining about it.

bigg boss shows inmates their stuff which different captains have given to bigg boss as punishment to inmates, now inmates have chance to get it back. Bigg boss ask captain Prince who deserve to get his/her most? Prince says Priya doesnt have her bag as i gave it away earlier so she is taking clothes from others so i wanna give her name, Bigg boss ask him to give two more names, Prince gives Rishab and Kishwar’s name. bigg boss ask Priya, Rishab and Kishwar to go to double trouble room.

they come in double trouble room and stand in different booths, Bigg boss says you will be given 4 options and you will have to press or not press button as per that. options are:

if one of them presses the button then he or she will get stuff back while other two will not get it.

if two of them presses the button then the one who didnt press button will get things.

if three of them presses the button then they will not get their things back and also each of them will have to give one more thing.

if none of them presses button then they will not get anything and one more inmate will have to give his/her whole stuff to bigg boss too.

Rishab, Priya and Kishwar thinks what to do, inmates sees them on Tv and says Priya and Rishab will press it.

Rishab, Priya and Kishwar comes back in lounge, bigg boss says in double trouble room Priya and Kishwar pressed buttons so they will not get their things and Rishab didnt press button so Rishab will get his stuff from store room. Rishab comes in store room and takes his protein shake. Kishwar says to Priya that i thought you would not press button and Rishab would do it so you will get your bag, Priya says i am not concerned about my bag much.


Gizele says to Rishab that have you noticed one thing? Nora doesnt talk to us much but she tries at you alot, Rishab says i am not dying for her attention, Gizele says she gives you attention, Rishab says she can give but thats not my style.

Priya reads instruction that Prince will take one girl on date, the girl’s name will be decided by Priya, she laughs and says i am joking, she reads that Prince will decide who will go on date with him, before he announces name of girl, girls have to do activity and have to impress Prince so he can choose them to go on date with him, Prince thanks bigg boss.


Suyyash says to Prince that now we will see if you choose Nora over Rochelle who is with you for 70days, he teases Prince. Gizele ask Mandana what she will do in task? Mandana says we know his answer but still we have to do it as its a task, Priya says do it for task. Nora says Prince should choose me or Rochelle else he will be gone.


All are in garden. Prince is in lounge, Gizele comes in first, she starts talking, Bigg boss ask her to wear mike, all laugh outside. Gizele wears mike and says to Prince that i likw you from day one and you are manly, your aggressive nature is good, if you were not here with family then we would have enjoyed together, she leaves.

Mandana is next, all tease Mandana, Mandana says i dont care about this task, she comes in, Prince laughs seeing her. Mandana says to Prince that if we were in Punjab then i would have made food for you and we would have enjoyed under tree, Prince says what about your boyfriend? she says i am single for 5minutes. Keith looks at Mandana and says for first time, i am seeing her shy for first time.

Kishwar comes to Prince, Prince hugs her and says you are my sister, i cant cheat Suyyash, he is my brother, i cant take you on date, Kishwar says no, Suyyash shouts from outside that Prince your one(Nora) is with me, Prince sends Kishwar out.

Rochelle comes to Prince, Prince says first Suyyash was seeing me from outside and now Keith is eyeing me, i cant cheat Keith, Rochelle says i just wanna say that i have learned alot from you, like shouting fighting, loving and making relations, Prince laughs.

Priya comes to Prince and says we have hot and cold relation so its good if we spend time to understand each other.

Rishab says to Nora that i know Prince will choose you, he likes you. Everyone ask Nora to go in, Kishwar says go Nora and live your life. Nora comes in lounge, Prince says hey baby, Nora sits with him. outside Gizele jokes with Suyyash and acts like Nora and says that i love you, will you be able to ask my hand from my father? do you think that i am nicer that Yuvika?

Nora says to Prince that you have 5minutes, he jokes if you have come to ask out for date or to blackmail me?Nora says we are friends, we do everything together, i can dance for you, she sings Yeh Mera dil, she hugs him and says take me on date, all come in, Kishwar says we make food for you and you will do this with me?


Prince says to Priya that what you said to me to convince for date, i liked only 20% of it and i cant take my sister Kishwar on date, he says Nora helps me, she spends time with me, she is nice with me, all say aww, Prince says so i will go on date with her.

Priya comes in kitchen, Mandana ask her to leave, she says dont help me, boys are there to help us. Priya leaves, Gizele says to Mandana that it was rude what you did with Priya, Mandana says i seriously dont need her.

Priya comes to Rochelle and says i went to help Mandana but she told me to leave, Keith i will not go again, Rochelle says lets go and talk to Mandana, Kishwar says she will not talk to us.

Rishab jokes to Mandana that food will be spicy today, Priya comes there and says i just came to help you Mandana, Rishab says if you both dont get alongwell then let Mandana cook alone, Priya says you are saying just cause Mandana doesnt like so i cant come in kitchen? Keith asked me to help Mandana so i came, Rishab says who is Keith to order anyone? Priya says who is Mandana to stop me from cooking, Mandana says fine you all cook, she leaves kitchen, Rochelle says she cant order anyone. Rishab says to Priya that dont shout at him again, Priya says i will shout whenever i want, Rishab shouts to talk nicely with him, Rochelle ask Rishab to not talk rudely to Priya.

Gizele comes to Mandana, Mandana says this is why i wanted Priya to not come in kitchen, she creates fights, Gizele says Rishab is taking stand for you and fighting for you, Mandana says if i am cooking then i know my team, Gizele says date was going to come, everyone was enjoying and you started fight, Mandana says you wanna hangout with her than go, Priya just want to fight, why are you taking her side? Mandana shouts at her, gizele gets angry and says you are as mad as Priya. she comes in lounge and says Priya and Mandana keep shouting all the time, why they are fighting over food, i am getting frustrated, Kishwar says Priya was not shouting, you are mad, she gets angry on Gizele, Prince shouts that dont fight, whoever wants to cook can and others can sit at home, there is no need to fight, Rochelle says to Gizele that no comment was done on you, Kishwar says let her think what she wants to, Kishwar shouts at Gizele and says its Mandana who was shouting, Gizele ask her to not shout, you are goon, you are same as Mandana. Prince says i dont want Mandana not in kitchen, he ask Kishwar to cook rice. Kishwar says to Gizele yes i will shout what you will do, Gizele says dont shout at me, i can shout too, Kishwar says no you understand? Gizele ask her to not provoke her and i am not Mandana that i will start crying when you shout, i cant shout back too, Prince ask them to not fight and shouts more.

Rishab says to Priya that when you shout, your voice irritates me, i get stuck in your and Mandana’s fights, Priya says i wasnt shouting at you, now you are not letting me speak too, you accepted that Mandana was wrong sending me from kitchen, i was taking out my frustration by cutting potato and ranting about Mandana and you thought i was shouting at you, rishab says you took out your frustration at me, Priya laughs.

Rishab and Priya are fighting with pillows, Gizele says to Priya that you and Rishab fight so weirdly, i got stuck in all that, you both fight like kids, Priya says when you entered fight, it got ugly, Gizele says i got into fight because of you Priya and then Kishwar and Mandana started shouting at me for no reason, if you both were fighting in fun way then why did you involve in all that? you both were shouting at each other like crazies and now you are both laughing as if you were fighting in fun, it makes no sense.


Nora and Prince comes in garden on date, they like the setup, Prince thanks Nora to be his friend, he says alot has changed in his journey.

Prince jumps in pool, Nora ask him if he has gone mad? Prince brings gifts from pool for her, he gifts her bracelet, he fills wine for her, he ask what kind of guy you like for you? she says he should be understanding, i dont like judgmental people at all, Prince says people dont take reality show couple seriously, they think that its fake, love cant happen so suddenly and when you are in show you cant fall in love, Nora says connection can happen in house, Prince says we can extend that connection after show and then love can happen, Nora says we get along well, Prince says why you said before entering show that you wanna give love to Prince or Rishab? Nora says Salman asked me whats your agenda? so i said that Prince or Rishab needs love so i might be able to give them love then he asked me who i like more Rishab or Prince? so i said Rishab because you liked Yuvika, she says joking i said i like Prince. Prince says if i will feel for you then i will let you know, i will tell you clearly and you will have to understand, Nora jokes that if i dont understand then? Prince says i will try to explain again, dheere dheere songs starts playing, Prince takes Nora’s hand, they both dance close to each other, Nora runs, Prince runs behind her, Prince lifts Nora in his arms, he kisses Nora’s forehead and hugs her.

PRECAP- Tomorrow history will be created as the Jodi is coming for whom whole India is waiting i.e Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan will share stage together.

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