Bigg Boss 9: Prince Narula And Nora Fatehi Caught Kissing!

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Dec 19, 2015

Bigg Boss 9: Prince Narula And Nora Fatehi Caught Kissing! (By Medsuper)

Prince seemed desperate for a girlfriend ever since he entered the house. He tried to make a move on Yuvika earlier but she had refused his proposal. (All Pictures- COLORS)

Prince Narula Nora Fatehi5

We all know that Prince was trying to impress Nora Fatehi also since she entered the house

Prince Narula Nora Fatehi1

So, yes! she gave him a green signal for the next move. Prince and Norah were seen kissing in a pool

Prince Narula Nora Fatehi2

As per reports, Prince had asked Bigg Boss to arrange a date and being a captain he was allowed to pick any girl for date

Prince Narula Nora Fatehi

Prince Narula banged on this chance and dated Nora

Prince Narula Nora Fatehi3

However, it is not confirmed that both are in real love or are just giving steamy material for the sake of the show

Prince Narula Nora Fatehi4

ABP News, 18 December 2015

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