in the car

Dec 12, 2015

in the car (By Vandana_Srivatsav)


everyone in car sunny drives car with danny in passengers place

danny  steling glances at kusum and sunny at kumari whois back

kumud saras in another car

everyone get to resorts at ahmedhabad

kumud comes to all  n asks them to play

kumari decide to roam in city and sunny acompanies her

hey in car visit temple and miss the route

kumari and sunny in jungle


 kumari  sunny in jungle

car stops of empty fuel tank

both roam in jungle

both feel akward and start talkingabout random things

they sleep

at morning sunny wakes up n see kumari sleeping resting her head on sunnys stomach

on disturbance kumari also wakes up and decide to get to the route

they get to the highway

one family offers them petrol and looks at kumari

sunny fells sad and jealous

sunny  takes kumari by hand and makes her sit in car and get back to resort

kumud scolds kumari ad sunny for missing in night

they get to playing in resort

precap:-  sunnys feelings for kumari all get to knowm this n hapy n tease them

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