samud dansum sumari happily ever after

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Dec 11, 2015

samud dansum sumari happily ever after (By Vandana_Srivatsav) (Thanked: 1 times)

hello everyone this is my first story kindly ignore my mistakes

here the story goes on

samud and dansum married

ghumans truth is out and saraswati back in desai mansion

in vyas mansion samud and dansum

kumud:-saras danny kusum breakfast is ready

danny and kusum :- yes we r here n winks

saras:- hey good morning

danny:- bhai actually for the laurentz meeting is scheduled  in canada within 2 weeks so

saras:- its very good as u r the project head attend the meeting and finalise the deal

           take kusum with u also its a good holi day too

danny :- but bhai

saras:-  u r happy naa

kusum:-saras bhai

kumud;-great u should go together even u did not go to ur honeymoon tooo

just then kumari enters hii everyone my exams over

dansum and samud :-how did u write ur exms ???????

danny :-bhai sunny is comming tommarrow

saras;-thats great there is a work come naa

danny;- ok cming winked



ABOUT TO HUG kumari but stops

danny saras and sunny go out regarding work

kusum;- diii whynot we select sarees for upcomming festival

kumud;- thats a good idea wel take kumari wid us and calls kumari

Dec 11, 2015

dansum and sumari from here (By Vandana_Srivatsav) (Thanked: 1 times)

sisters in shopping complex

kumaris ist cheating police also in the same area

kumari saw him n turn her face

kumud and kusum busy in saree selection

sunny calls kumud

sunny;- hello bhabi there is a problem

kumud;- sunny what happened????

sunny;- i m out at temple road danny saras at office my car got breakdown could u send me car pls

kumud;- but sunny even we  r out at xxx shopping complex near by the temple come here

sunny ;- jee bhabi ohhhh shopping i m comming

kumud;- ok then come up 3rd floor

and keeps off the phone

here sunny comes up and find them help them select some

just then kumari comes wearing a gagra and sunny mesmerized

sunny kumari eyelock

shopping completed and kumari seeing that police bf who cheated on her get sad and without seeoing steps on stairs and get hurt (ankle sprained)

all the trio watch it and run towards her

sunny catches kumari who is crying

all pacify her and in car

sunny in drivers place kumari in passengers

kusum and kumud back

sunny gets sad seeing kumari crying and pacifies her

they get home

lunch time

sunny gets water for kumari and kumud kusum pacifies her


Dec 12, 2015

after story (By Vandana_Srivatsav) (Thanked: 1 times)

everyone at dinner chatting n eating

after dinner everyone went to respective rooms to sleep

sunny of his change in timings could not sleep

he  heard kumari crying

so went to see her in her room applied balm on her ankle and pacified to sleep

after she slept he was about to go suddenly he noticed something ..............................DIARY

that has all the story from kumaris father fiasco and dugbas pain raising kumari as a single mother

and kumari growing up ,her dreams

her police bf fiasco and him cheating on her, suicide everything

sunny gets tears in his eyes reading about kumari n decides to befriend her


everyone got up respective romance in everyones rooms and kumari and sunny are left behind

sunny asks kumari about her leg and she replies its good and thanks him

everyone at breakfast table eating suddenly danny replied its weekend and decides to go out  to

kanthikeya resorts ahmedhabad gujrat

everyone happy and decides to pack

kumud kusum also invite kumari and sunny with them

on road that police bf teases kumari and sunny fights with that fellow

n pacifies kumari

sumaric ome home holding hands

kumud and kusum see this n decides to tease kumari

Dec 15, 2015

up next (By Vandana_Srivatsav) (Thanked: 1 times)

they enjoy their weekend at the resorts and coming back to ratnanagar

in the car

kumud and kusum decide to tease kumari

kumud;-  saras do u know about saral

saras;-   haa kumud he is a very good one but why

kusum ;-  saras bhai we r having a festival whynot invvite him also naa

danny ;-   kusum we wll surely invite him naa but what about him u r talking so suddenly

kusum ;-   danny he is a good ladka and we are thinking saral to get married to ..........

danny aras and sunny ;-   tooo

kumud and kusum ;-   kumari! 

kumari ;-   dii what are u telling diii

kusum ;-    dont we have responsibility towards your marriage as a sister

kumari ;-  dii i m just 20

kusum and kumud ;- we r not 40 when we r married we also married at 21 only

kusum;- we are not telling u to marry him just see him and talk to him once

what do u say sunny

sunny ;-  yes just talk( he preassured the word just)

kumari understood him and smiled

kusum and kumud saw each others faces and smile

danny and saras doesnt understand

kusum and kumud  reach home and tell  dugba maa and maa about this

they are amused to know about kumari and sunny

kumud and kusum watch on kumari and sunny

meanwhile danny and saras observe change of behaviour in sunny

kumari and sunny has all the nok jhok moments and all watch them without  sumari knowing it

sunny calls kumari to the terrace at night

kumari happily complies

kusum feels nauseatic theese days and has just come to know that she is preg

kumud comes to know about this

usum comes to danny and says she wants to  say something

danny asks what

kusum asks why is she eating more this days

danny says because of kumari she is eating more

she regrets asking danny this

she asks why is she is happy eating samosa chat theese days

he tells he dont know she scolds saying mai tere bache ka maa banne wala hoon

he is shocked and happy and hugs her

kumud shares this news with saras

they feel happy

in the night kumari stealthily gets to the terrace and sunny tells her that he loves a girl

kumari is shocked

sunny continues that she loved her sisters and everyone in her family

he shows her pic

kumari doesnot see

but sunny makes kumari see her pic

its a mirror

kumari  fels happy

sunny proposes kumari" I LOVE U KUMARI"

all the lighings come

kumari says yes

i too love you

they both hug

all the family come behind them and clap

they feel shy

all family  decide to do their engagement

engagement preparations are done

saras and kumud host a party in the engagement

police bf comes to destroy the party

sunny tactfully manages him and get him out

and their engagement is done

muhurth is made after 2 months

kusum starts showing  baby bump

finally sunny kumari married

sisters hungama

with dhoom dhaam dances of dansum and samud

finally kusum in labour delivered a baby boy danny and kusum too happy

they named as utkarsh

samud has a baby girl after 2 years named sanskrutri

sumari are married for an year now

utkarsh and sanskruthi vyas

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