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May 28, 2016

Plot Twist-11 :D Pls read Note at the end. (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 89 times)

Part-11: No proof read.



Driving rashly to the outskirts of city, the car came to a screeching halt. The car was stopped at a desolated corner. The area was all deserted. No living soul or moving vehicle can be seen within a mile diameter. He hit the steering wheel with his clenched fists and got out of the car.   


Arnav started to pace around, unable to take in what he was told. Unable to resolve what to believe or what to do. The fast thudding of his heart and trembling limbs  is making him giddy.  He knelt on the ground as his legs gave up. He cannot even hear the loud rumbling of thunders.


Closing his eyes he remembered what relation he, his family and Shyam shared…







“Hello Arnav Singh Raizada. Never in my dreams had I ever thought I’d meet you.” Shyam greeted to which Arnav just nodded.


“I know, this is all strange for you. Me and your sister. The whole world knows what your sister means to you, what your family means to you. It is hard for you to trust a stranger like me with your sister. But keep your faith in me, I will always love her, will take care of her.” He assured Arnav.


Something in him made Arnav’s heart warm. He felt like he could trust him with his sister. Patting shyam’s shoulder, “It’s Saale saab, jijaji.” he said.


Shyam smiled.







“Chote I will miss you. I will miss everyone.” Anjali cried hugging Arnav during her bidhaai.


Arnav hugger her tight. After they parted, Shyam stepped towards them.


“I never had any family of my own. I can understand how you both feel. Don’t worry Rani Sahiba. After my work in Luckhnow is done, we can shift to Delhi in a couple of months.” Promised Shyam.


The siblings felt blessed to get an understanding husband/B-I-L.







“How are you damadji?” Whole family greeted Anjali and Shyam who visited Raizadas 5 weeks after their marriage.


“Though I have my Rani Sahiba with me, I miss her family very much naniji. So I wraped up all my work in Luckhnow and now we are shifted here.”  Shyam revealed surprising everyone.


“Sach Shyamji?” Anjali asked all elated.


“Haan RS. But the house we’ll be living in is at the other end of the city.” he replied.


“At least you are going to live in the same city.” Arnav said smiling softly.







“Do you really have to leave this soon?” asked Nani.


“Yes, naniji or else it would take hours to reach home due to traffic. Don’t worry Naniji. We will visit you in the next weekend.” Said Shyam.


Arnav brought Shyam to the side and asked, “Jijaji if you don’t mind, can I ask you something? Consider it as a request.”




“Why don’t you and di….umm…..shift here. To our home? I.. I mean, you would be straining all the time to come here every week traveling across the city. Besides, you… you will be away most of the time because of your work and di… she’ll be alone. So, ummm…. don’t take me wrong.I just..I…” Arnav stopped getting no response from Shyam.


Shyam just smiled and said, “Okay.”


“What!? Are you okay with this?”


“Yes. How can I deny the  oppurtunity I got to live with my family.” Shyam said hugging Arnav.







“Chote how can you ignore your health like this?”


“Other than work you cannot see any thing.”


“Look at this *Taking the thermometer from his mouth* 102 C. You will do nothing but rest for a week.”


“Now what are you looking at? Didn’t you here us, sleep now.” Ranted Anjali and Nani, not caring about the helpless looks Arnav gave.


“RS, Naniji he could only rest if you both stop showing your concern while shouting at him.” Came Shyam much to Arnav’s relief.


“Damadji? But look at him.102 C.”


“And this is your fault shayamji. If you had not let him go to the meeting, he would not have fallen ill.”


“Di, that wasn’t Jijaji’s fault. Meeting was really important.” Arnav defended shyam.


“You are still awake?”


“Umm…well….only if you let the room be quiet.”


“Fine! We are leaving but you have to rest. No more working on your laptop.” Saying that, Anjali and Nani left the room.


“Saalesaab, Don’t worry. You work. I won’t tell them. But only after you got enough rest.” Shyam left too making Arnav smile.






Remembering all these events brough tears into Arnav’s eyes. Shyam was like an elder brother to him. He always puts Anjali’s happiness before his. He even agreed to live in their house not bothering about what outsiders mocked about him. He cared for the entire family not leaving anyone behind.


“No!! He can never do that. All the care….. it was genuine. He meant all what he said. Payal and NK must have misunderstood him or they must be lying or Payal must have lied to NK and brainwashed him. She…..the Guptas…..they….”







“Sambhal ke Nandakis****!!!(Careful).” Hearing buaji’s shout. Arnav came rushing down from his room.


There sat Anjali on the sofa with her foot injured. Before he could react or do anything, the Guptas aided her wound and took care of her more gently and carefully than Arnav could have.







“Arre, don’t worry Devyani ji. Arnav babua must be on his way.” Buaji said.


“No, Madhumatiji. This is too much. He rarely spends time with us when we are together.” Nani said disappointed with Arnav.


“Haan Naniji. All he care about is work, work and work.” Khushi said, riling up Nani more.


“Sanka devi, tum chup raho.(You keep shut)” growled buaji in Khushi’s ears to which she just pouted.


Meanwhile, Payal called Arnav.




“Hello, Arnavji. I am Payal.”


“Yeah Payal. Anything wrong? What happened.”


“Voh…. Dadiji and di are angry with you for still not coming home. Top to that, khushi is provoking them more. Please try to come soon.”


“Oh! Thank you Payal. I completely forgot about…..umm…..I’ll be there soon.”


He hung up and smiled. “One sister is trying to save me and the other one is trying to get me into trouble.”    







“But dadiji, you have to take this medicine daily, right?” Payal said giving Nani a tablet.


“Bitiya, I do not feel like having that tablet today.” Reasoned nani.


Heaving a sigh, Payal just left the room. 2 minutes Anjali entered the room with a stern face. Taking the tablet from her, Nani quietly ate it. She looked at the door and saw Payal holding her ears, her face down. She mouthed a small sorry and left from there.


“What nani? You know you should take that medicine daily for a month, right? Then why were you saying no to payalji? We are more like sisters than sister-in-laws. Every issue she knows, I’ll know it too.” Said Anjali sternly.


“Now I know how chote feels when we constantly nag him to take tablets.” Nani said.


Arnav who had been observing this, smiled softly.







“These sarees…. Me and Khushi, we designed it for you. Classic Luckhnowi sarees.” Payal said, giving out Nani and Anjali their respective sarees. “The other day you said you were missing our typical Luckhnowi sarees and what we find here are imitations. So, we thought…we…” Payal trailed off.


“Thank you very much Payal ji. These are very pretty.” Anjali said delighted.


“I remembered Luckhnow, bitiya. Thank you.” Nani praised, losing herself in old memories.


Payal smiled brightly and said, “I will go and give maaji.”







Giving Arnav the herbal concoction, Payal said, “Here, have it. This will relieve you from that severe sore throat in about 30 minutes. Then you can talk normally too.”


Having a sip of it, “Th..tha..nks. But..” Arnav couldn’t continue.


“Don’t worry. I won’t tell anything to Di or Dadiji.” She said smiling and exited the room.


Not 10 minutes passed, Buaji came to check on how he was feeling. Another 10 minutes later, Garima came. After he regained his voice, Khushi came to check on him and ended up both arguing about nothing in particular.






He remembered the days when both families were bonded into a relation. The unfeigned love and concern the Guptas showered on them. They cared for his family just like him. The support that buaji gives when none does, the motherly tenderness Garima bestows and Payal, she is like his little sister. A little sister to both Arnav and Anjali.


“No!!! They are sincere and devoted. They always wish our family’s well being. How could I even doubt them!!! Payal would never lie and Nk is not that fool to believe rubbish. If they are right, is jijaji a cheat? Or any misunderstanding??” 


Not being able to get to a proper conclusion, Arnav yelled out loud and slammed his fists on the car’s bonnet. He slowly slid down on to the ground and closed his eyes.


All the moments he spent with Shyam and the Guptas came before his eyes.


And then,


Shyam’s dubious behavior over the past few months.


The days and nights he spent in the places unknown to them.


His disappearances when Khushi was working in RM.


Shashi’s peculiar behavior when Anjali was introduced.


The unpleasant faces of Guptas when they met Shyam on Payash’s engagement.


The cold behavior of the Guptas towards Shyam.


His scowling when Khushi and Arnav were together.


Finally, Khushi’s face flashed before his eyes.







“What’s his name?” asked Anjali.


“Shyam.” Replied Khushi in a low tone.


“Wah! What a coincidence! My husband’s name too  is Shyam.” Said Anjali.







The day when Khushi cried on his shoulders.


“Has your fiance done anything….” Asked Arnav doubtfully.When she lifted her eyes sharply, he confirmed. “What did he do?” he asked Angrily.







“You don’t know how it feels when ones relationship is broken. When ones heart and trust is broken.” Khushi said with teary eyes.


“And you can understand?” asked Arnav mockingly.


“Yes, I can understand! Because my engagement broke. I faced it.” Blurted Khushi.







He replayed all those events on his mind over and over again. Then he came to a conclusion.


Opening his red eyes, he said, “Shyam Manohar Jha! How dare you mess with the women of my life and our families!!!! You are gone!!!”


Getting seated in his car, “Khushi Kumari Gupta, how dare you hide such a big issue from me?! I am coming for you!”


Then he is seen zooming towards Laxmi Nagar.




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Jul 20, 2016

Plot Twist-12 :) (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 68 times)

Part-12 :



“Hai re NandaKis****!! Hey Garima, where are you going now?” Buaji asked Garima, seeing a Pooja Thali in her hands.


“Jiji, I’m just going to the temple.”


“I can see that, but in this weather? It could rain anytime.”


“I know. I want to do a pooja for our family, especially for Khushi. She is being so lost lately.” Garima said looking at Khushi, who drank herself into oblivion.


Buaji nodded saying, “Yes, you are right. These days she is being all silent, totally unlike her. Or she will just immerse herself in work by sewing, designing some outfits. She needs to go out. Do one thing, take her with you to the temple. It will be a change.”


“I asked her to come along but she refused.” Garima replied.


“This is strange. The girl who jumps in first to go to temples, doesn’t wish to go.” Buaji thought out loud.


“May be she is worrying about alliance with Arnav babua. We will talk about this with her after I return.” Said Garima, exiting their house.


“Are you taking an umbrella with you?” shouted buaji.


“Yes, I am.” Came a reply.


Mumbling ‘Hai re NK’, Buaji entered Khushi’s room. She felt sad seeing her Sankadevi, all calm. Reaching her, she placed a hand on her shoulder causing Khushi startle a bit, bringing her out of reverie.


“Oh! Buaji aap. Do you need something? Has babuji taken his medicines?” shot Khushi.


“Yes, he has taken his meds.” Bua replied calmly.


Khushi just nodded with her eyes downcast.


Heaving a sigh, “Bitiya, what are you doing in the room alone? Come to the hall and watch TV. Aren’t you feeling bored? Why are you being all silent? I miss my crazy Sankadevi.” Joked buaji to which Khushi gave a weak smile.


“I wish to be alone for sometime buaji. You know, to clear off my mind.” Khushi said.


“Arre! How will you clear off your mind  if you remain closed in like a cocoon? You should have gone to the temple with Garima. What happened, too occupied on your thoughts that you have no interest in visiting your Devi Maiyya?”


“It’s not that! I…I cannot go to temple today.” Mumbled Khushi.


“Ohh!” exclaimed buaji, understanding her problem. “Still you should go out and roam around the streets.” Buaji gently tugged Khushi to get up.


“But the weather….” Khushi protested.


“Uff don’t fuss around. *Giving her an umbrella* Now go out and enjoy in your favorite weather. You eat Kulfi, Jalebi, Chana, Golgappa anything you want and I won’t say anything even if you dance in the rain. Just don’t come back home with this dull face. *pinching her chin* It’s been many days since I saw your bright twinkling, mischief eyes.” 


Feeling all loved, Khushi hugged buaji and exited their house.


After she left, buaji made some tea for herself and sat in the living room, knitting some clothes.


“It’s really good thing that Khushi once again started tailoring and clothes designing work. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to run this house with my pension.” “Okay, Khushi does good designing works, not up to my standard of course.” She praised herself.


Making herself seated on the sofa in the most comfortable position possible with a cup of tea within her reach, she turned on the TV and resumed knitting as she watched random news channels. But a knock on the door along with a ‘Is anyone there?’ disrupted buaji’s blissful environment. Cursing, she attended the door only to find a sales man.


“Maam, I am sure you need..” he started.


“We don’t need your vacuum cleaner, chopping board, clothes, mobiles, books, toys, storage boxes or anything!!! If any of you sales people show up at my doorstep one more time…” she left the sentence incomplete and he got the meaning.


He soon galloped out of laxmi nagar.


Slamming the door shut, “These people don’t see any other house or what!! He was the 5th sales man that came to my house this day.”


Before she could take a few steps, the door bell rang once again. Now determined to strangle whoever the person is, she yelled opening the door.


“HOW MANY TI…..Oh, Latha ji. You. Sorry, I thought someone else. Come in come in.” She apologized the lady and invited her in.


“How are you Madhumatiji?” Latha asked.


And then the old friends talked for about 30 minutes from India’s burning issues to the daal they burnt when they were young. Buaji walked her to door and gave directions to the address she asked for.


“Why don’t you come with me? It’s been so long since we all friends hung out together. Suji and Roja are at savitri’s place. You and Savitri would meet often as you both live in same area. They would be happy to see you.” Latha did not request but almost ordered.


“I can’t. No one is home and Shashi is alone. I have to look after him.” Buaji declined. She already was impatient for Latha to leave.


“Arre! Don’t say no. Come with us just for five minutes.”


“No lathaji. How can I leave my brother alone at home?”


“If you are not coming with me then I won’t talk to you, ever.” She blackmailed.


“Please do that favor” buaji thought, extremely frustrated but decided to go half way to their friend’s house and quickly return back, getting rid of that stupid clingy friend.


Locking the door, she hid the key behind their secret pot for Khushi in case she takes time to get back. Latha nearly dragged her despite the drizzle that had just started.


Using the chance, Shyam sneaked out of his hiding spot and entered GH. He wobbled to Shashi’s room. Knocking down a flower vase, he smirked slyly as  Shashi woke up with a startle.


“Namaste Mausaji!” Shyam greeted.




After leaving their house, Khushi decided to take a stroll in a deserted area near Laxmi nagar as she still felt like being alone. The chilly breezes, the dancing of leaves and the peaceful ambiance did bring a small smile to her lips. She savored her solitude. This seclusion is much needed to clear her head and worries lest she distress her family.


Looking up at the sky, “Hey Devi Maiyya! What do I do? Am I doing the right thing by concealing Shyamji’s matter? Should I tell Arnavji and everyone? No, Shyamji might harm anyone. He is a vile person. This must be hidden. And the Raizada’s family will fall apart. They can’t take in the grimly truth.  *Releasing a deep breath* But am I over worrying? Indeed Shyamji must be out of their life but….. Am I being a coward?!! Ahh! Devi Maiyya, please tell me what to do. Show me a way!” Khushi prayed.


As if listening to her insoluble dilemma, Devi Maiyya granted her wish. She decided to make Khushi choose what her heart wants to do. So, she sent her sage to put Khushi out of her misery. But the sage here was not a calm and wise person, instead, he was a hot headed devil.


Halting the car right before Khushi, Arnav got down breathing fire. Before she could grasp the situation, she was pushed into the car, was secured by fastening a seat belt, was taken to an isolated area in the outskirts of Delhi, dragged out of the car and was caged between Arnav and his car.


Gaining her voice back, “Arnavji? What are you doing? Why have you brought me here?”


“I need answers Khushi. Some serious answers.”


She gulped with the extremity in his tone.


“I just got to know about Shyam. His betrayal to our families. Payal and Nk disclosed the truth. So, now be a good girl and give me the answers without lying.”


Being confronted in the face directly about the issue she had been worrying for weeks, she was more than astounded. Nevertheless, she decided to face it, now or never.


“Was Shyam the person lived in your house as PG?”




“You got engaged to him without you or your family knowing that he is married?”




“You broke your engagement after knowing his true identity. Despite practically being a member in our family for months, neither you nor your family has an idea of Shyam being Di’s husband.”




“Regardless of you warning him to stay away, he still is harassing you.” Now these are no more questions but plain statements.




“He tried to kill my di.” He stated, clenching his fists and his eyes all red.


She just nodded in yes, feeling the same pain.


“And yet you were determined to keep hushed up. Why?” he raised his voice at the end.


“I..I’m sorry Arnavji. I…”


Banging the car with his fists, “Sorry? Do you even have any idea about the magnitude of the situation!!! You always blabber every nonsense in the world, right? Then what happened now? Why did you keep shut? WHY?” he asked grabbing her shoulders.


“I…I don’t want to tell you because..if the truth comes out….everyone would..would….”


“Everyone would what!!!!” he held her tighter.


Tears formed in her eyes with his steel grip. She struggled to break free but that caused his hold grew strong. Unable to bear anymore, she pushed him with all her force and took a couple of steps away.


“Yes, I hid the truth because I don’t want Anjaliji to break down. I don’t want to see you glum. I don’t want your family grieve with his betrayal. I don’t want the peace in your house to disrupt. I cannot see you all suffer, your happiness all crumbled, which is why I remained shut.” She nearly yelled.


“And you let us all live in an illusion that everything is fine when in real he is a life threat to my di and everyone.” He spat furiously.


She understood his anger. “I thought if I stayed away from him, he will eventually forget me and won’t be a danger to anyone anymore.”


“Oh so that was the reason you were hell bent on leaving Delhi. For your kind information, he is still obsessed with you. You keeping distance from us didn’t help one bit, thank you.” He said sarcastically. “And yesterday he devised another dangerous trap for di. I don’t know if I should be happy that di is safe or feel remorse that payal had been his victim this time.”


“What?” came a dumbfounded whisper from Khushi.


“Yes.” Then he explained her what took place in RM the previous night.


Dropping down to her knees, she broke down into tears. Seeing her weeping like that, his heart bled. Kneeling down, he placed an arm on her shoulder. She leaned against his chest and wept more bitterly.


“I am such an imprudent person, right Arnavji? Really foolish of me to think everything would be okay with the passing time. I have put our families in danger. I am such a bad omen in everyone’s life. You are right, that was a cowardice on my part to having chosen to run away instead of facing it.” She whimpered.


Taking her in an embrace, “No, Khushi. You are not a bad omen neither you are a coward. You are a person who gives importance to people’s emotions where as I am straight forward. You cannot see anyone suffer and I, never care about anything.” He consoled her. His anger melted when Khushi started cursing herself.


“But see what happened. You unconsciously gave him a chance to change but he didn’t. Top to that, he hurt Payal. I got to know about his true face just hours ago and I believe he is a vicious man who will harm anyone. But you have known him for months and yet you decided to remain ignorant.” He chided her.


“I’m sorry…..I can never forgive myself if…. if anything happens to anyone.” she said, still sobbing lightly.


“Tell me one thing Khushi.” He said raising her face towards him. “You told NK everything. But why not me?”


“Because I was afraid to see you in pain. I know, if a matter concerns di, you will be the one who is affected the most.” She said, her eyes all filled with love which brought a small smile to his lips. “Besides….” She trailed off.


“Besides, what?” he asked in confusion.


“I was sure that you would not believe me. You always hate me, never listened to me, right? So, why would you believe me,? A middle class girl I am.” She expressed in a low tone.


Arnav closed his eyes in anguish for hurting her so much in the past. He can never forgive himself for making her go through all that pain. Now, it’s time for her to know how much she means to him. How much he loves her. How much he regrets for saying all those things to her. How much he wants her in his life. How much he is looking forward for their future together. Now’s the time!!


Khushi swayed in his arms a bit which alarmed him. Maybe now’s not the time!!


He gently shook her asking, “Khushi?Khushi what happened? Are you okay?”


“I..feel light headed.”


He lifted her in his arms as it began to drizzle. Only then he noticed how much weak and pale she looked and how weight-less she feels.


“How many days has it been since you ate properly?” he asked irated as he made her seated.


“I don’t know.” Came a feeble reply.


“Damn! She has been suffering for many months all alone. I shouldn’t have shouted at her that much. As usual, I failed to understand her selfless thinking.” He thought.


Even though he knew this dose is nothing compared what he used to be. Old ASR would have skinned her alive. “Now that’s a change.” He drove off to Laxmi nagar, placing Khushi’s head on his shoulder who dozed off due to all the mental exhaustion.



Pulling over the car at the deserted lane, he turned to wake Khushi up. Seeing dark circles and pale face, his heart twisted.


“I now got a clear picture why you kept refusing me. To save me from that creep. *Smiles lightly* I love you Khushi.” he thought as he bent and gave a loving kiss on her forehead.


She shifted in sleep with a small smile feeling the kiss. He patted her cheek which woke her up completely.


“Khushi you go now and eat something first.” She tried to ask something but he cupped her face and said, “Don’t overthink even now. I will think what should be done. You take care.”


“Thanks for trusting me Arnavji.” She mumbled and stepped out of the car. Waving her hand, she left.




At the same time in GH, Shyam took steps menacingly and sat in front of Shashi. Shashi’s eyes were shooting daggers at Shyam but he just shrugged them off. He can literally feel the cursing under Shashi’s loathful gaze.


“How are you feeling? Are you recovering well?” Shyam asked placing an arm roughly on Shashi’s hand.


“I don’t care now because in a few moments you will be going up to God.” He tightened his hold.


Shashi wasn’t able to feel his paralyzed hand but he could feel the pressure building up and the thudding of his heart.


Letting go of the hand he grabbed a pillow and said, “Forgive me for doing this. But this is needed to get Khushiji. After your death, she will be mourning for losing you, I will then get close to her again, then I will kill my dear Rani Sahiba and later Khushiji will marry me.”


He slowly revealed his stupid plan and held pillow over Shashi’s face tightly. Shashi was unable to do anything and after a minute of struggle, he felt giddy due to lack of oxygen. Still not giving up, Shashi stayed strong thinking about his daughter’s life, Anjali’s life and his determination to let out how vicious Shyam is, to everyone.


“One minute more!” That was all he kept on repeating.


“Just die already!!” Shyam muttered hoarsely, applying more pressure on the pillow.


Suddenly he heard someone entering the house. Throwing the pillow aside, he hid himself in the room. Realising it was Khushi, his heart leapt with joy. She searched for Buaji in the house and finally went to her room to find her. Seeking the chance he slipped away from GH.  


Arnav stayed there till he saw Khushi entering her house safely. At the same time the drizzle turned into heavy rain. He can barely see the road. So, decided to wait till the rain lessens. But even in that dense rain he could see a man exiting GH. Upon recognizing who the man was, he was shell shocked.


Shyam galloped while staggering in the opposite direction. So, he couldn't see Arnav.


Sensing something fishy, Arnav stepped out of the car and quickly reached GH. He was about to enter when he heard Khushi’s piercing scream. He rushed to where the cry came from. Bursting into the room he was thunderstruck seeing Khushi crying over Shashi, shaking him.




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Aug 25, 2016

Plot Twist-13 :) (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 76 times)

Part-13 :


Arnav stood frozen at the door.His mind went blank. It took him a moment to snap back into reality. He quickly rushed to Khushi who was crying and shaking Shashi, trying to get him into consciousness.  She then saw Arnav who knelt beside her.


He took a brief glance at Shashi. Blood drained, face all pale and covered in sweat, not breathing but the pulse was very faint.


“What happened Khushi?” he asked, making a call for an Ambulance.


“I…I don’t know. When I got here, he was like this. No one was at home.” Khushi replied weeping. “Babujii!!! Open your eyes!!”


Damn! There was no network and they got no time. With Khushi’s help, Arnav carried Shashi to his car and they sped towards a nearby hospital. Due to heavy down pour, the roads were all deserted. Fortunately, the hospital wasn’t that far.


Both of them hurriedly entering the hospital, Arnav shouting for help, Shashi being taken to the ICU, doctors scurrying in and out of the room……everything just happened in a blink.


Khushi just stood still all the time. The moments she spent with Shashi, his love, his care, his support are flashing before her eyes. She lost her parents once, yet fortunate enough to get another loving family who took her in with warm hearts. She pulled through the first time but if anything happens to him now, would she make it?


Arnav barked orders at every doctor, all worried for Shashi. He suspected if Shyam was behind Shashi’s state. What was he doing at GH? After pacing in the corridors and analyzing the situation, it did not take him a rocket science to figure everything out. Though he is almost sure, he still needs some confirmation.


He secretly prayed for Shashi. Looking at the stony Khushi, his heart bled. He could understand what she was going through. Glancing at the ICU one more time, he went towards Khushi.


Reaching her, “Khushi?” he called.


Gently placed his hand on her shoulder and shook. Still got no response. A lone tear spilled from her eyes but her face held no expression.  


He did what he must have had done the previous time they were in this situation. Taking her in a strong embrace, “Khushi, don’t worry. Everything is going to be okay. Uncle will be fine. Your Babuji will be fine. Stay strong.” He comforted her.


After a couple of moments, he felt her arms sliding up his back. A small sob escaped her as she threw herself more into his embrace and started crying bitterly. He just stayed rubbing her back in an attempt to give her some solace.


“Arnavji!!!! Wha…what is happening? Why is it always me that is tested every time? If I keep on bring strong and gets emotional hurdles in my life every now and then, then I better remain a weak person because I can’t take it anymore. Not anymore!!!” He felt her trembling but yet didn’t stop her. She has to let it all out.


“Everyone says ‘Khushi is a brave woman. She can face any hellish obstacle and overcome them.’ Hell no! They don’t know how vulnerable I feel, how broken and lost I am from within. From my childhood, I lose people who are dear to me and yet I take the risk to love everyone around me, shower them with happiness. And now if I lose my Babuji I…I don’t know if..if I can bear…….I cannot lose him…I…..”


“Shh.Shhh!” Lifting her face towards his, “Nothing is going to happen to him. He will be fine.” Who knows better than him how it feels to lose ones parents! Wiping her tears, he took her to a nearby bench and made her sit.


She leaned her head on his shoulder and kept staring at the ICU. Arnav made her drink some water, forcibly of course as he was worried she’ll get herself sick crying. He tried calling Buaji and Garima but there was no signal.


After what felt like eternity, doctor stepped out. “He is out of danger. No need to worry now.”


Khushi’s face visibly beamed and Arnav relaxed.


“One minute late, we’d have lost him. And a good news is his paralyzed limbs are normal now. I mean he can now move his limbs voluntarily. Lack of oxygen led to the sudden stimulation of brain commanding all the organs to respond. With Physiotherapy he will be completely recovered in a couple of weeks.” Doc broke in the happy news.


“Can…can we meet him?” she asked.


“Not now. After we shift him to a normal room you can. Excuse me!” saying that the doc rushed to another room as a nurse called for him.


Arnav looked at Khushi while smiling who was busy thanking her Goddess. She gave him a teary  heartfelt smile which soothed his heart. Taking her hand in his he led her back to the bench.


“Relieved?” he asked.


“Haan. I know. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. See after this pain, my Devi Maiyya made babuji normal again. Thank you so much DM for looking after him.” Came the typical Khushi’s reply.


“You keep thanking your DM, I’ll just go make a call.” Said an amused Arnav and turned to leave when Khushi grabbed his arm, stopping him.


Right after he turned to her, she took his hand in hers, squeezing it and said, “Thank you….. Thanks Arnavji!” her eyes overflowing with tears and gratitude. “I don’t know what would have happened if you weren’t there…”


“Hey, shh!!” wiping the lone tear that escaped her eyes, “Just now you said that whatever happens, happens for a reason, in the same way, What was bound to happen has happened. Now  stop crying, would you?” he gently chided.


She could only manage a slight bob of her head while forcing herself to stop shedding tears. They both were soon informed that they could meet Shashi and that he came into consciousness. Khushi made a dart into Shashi’s room where as Arnav was still pissed off due to the bad signal and was muttering profanities oftentimes.




Shashi lifted open his eyes feeling someone caressing his cheek. Looking around, he registered he was in a hospital. Relief coursed through him as he realized that he made it out alive out of Shyam’s clutches, for the second time. Now he has a chance to expose that wicked man’s true face, to unfold what actually caused him this state, to protect Khushi and Anjali.


An Oxygen mask was placed over his nose and mouth, his heart rate was being monitored. He was feeling a bit light headed. But the gleeful part was that after many months, he was able feel his arms and legs. He hopefully tried to move his fingers and he actually did. Slowly wriggled his toes too.


“Done examining?” Shashi heard Khushi and then slowly looked at her.


“You gave me the biggest fright! How could you babuji? How could you!! Do you know what I went through seeing you in that state. I was sacred to death with the mere thought of losing you.” She leaned and rested her head on his shoulder, “I cannot lose you too like I lost my parents Babuji. I cannot!! Please don’t do this ever again. I need you!!”


Very slowly he lifted his arm with difficulty, but steadily placed his hand on her head to console his daughter. She stopped crying and looked at him in astonishment. He nodded his head. Laughing through her tears she took his trembling hand in her’s.


“I’m just glad that you are okay babuji. Doctor said you will become a normal person again with physiotherapy treatment.” She told him delighted.


Both father and daughter spent some moments in comfortable silence.


Cursing something, Arnav came into the room. “This freaking hospital has no damn service!!” then got embarrassed for giving such an entrance before Shashi. Future Father-in-law joh hai na! ;)


“Uhh Khushi you go, contact Aunty or buaji and inform them. Reception is at the far end of the corridor.”


“But babuji…”


“I am here. I’ll stay.” He said, getting in.


“What happened to your phone?” she inquired.


“No signal!!” he rasped. As she was leaving, “Don’t explain everything. They’ll be worried.”


“I know! They are my family.” She huffed offended and exited the room but seeing his care towards her family she felt bliss.


With Khushi leaving, there was a moment of awkward silence before Arnav asked, “How are you feeling Uncle?”


In reply, he just nodded to which Arnav gave a formal smile.


“I guess Khushi  must have told you about your condition by now. You are fine now.”  then got and returned same response. 


Again silence prevailed them. Arnav was pondering whether to ask how this all happened or not. How can he? Shashi was still in a frail condition and he cannot pressurize him. He decided, he would ask later.


But Shashi doesn't want that. With trembling hand he grabbed Arnav’s, gaining his attention.


Alerted, he asked, “Yes, uncle? Do you want something?”


He shook in no.


“Do you want to say something?”


Bobbed his head in yes.


Taking his time, Shashi started moving the oxygen mask covering his mouth part but Arnav stopped him.


“Uncle, you don’t take stress now. Everything can wait. Just have some rest…….”


But he trailed off when the broken ‘Sshhy..aam’  from Shashi reached his ears. That caught his attention. He moved more close to Shashi.


“He.. he did this to you?”




“I guessed it. I mean I saw him leaving your house when I dropped Khushi home.”


“He i….is not…a go….good man.”


“I just got to know about it. Payal and Khushi explained me everything.” Arnav said lowly.


“He tri…tried to kil..l me.”


“Why would he….”


“This is th…the second t….time.” Shashi broke in causing Arnav’s breath hitch.


“What!!? That means he..”


“When he was living in our house as a PG, I was always suspicious about him. And at that time, jiji wanted to marry Khushi off to him thinking he was a great man but I… I always felt bad vibes. So, one day I followed him to temple and spotted him with Anjali bitiya. He was filling her maang with Sindhoor. I then realized that he already had a wife and was cheating on her and us all. But he saw me there. Before I could reveal this to anyone, he caught me and tried to kill me. Luckily, before he finished me, the family got home. I was paralyzed and couldn’t speak a word. Using me, he made Khushi agree for marriage and got engaged to her.” Shashi, taking his own time, described everything.


Arnav was thunderstruck with this revelation. Never in his wildest nightmares thought that his Jiju, Shyam Manohar Jha was treacherous and savage. He could read every person in and out and was always right but what happened now? What clouded him? He failed to protect his sister!!! Was he too late?


 His reverie broke when Shashi held his hand.


“I…I was hel…helpless. I wa..was unable…. to protect my Kh…..Khushi or yo….your sister. I am…..I’m sorry…..”


“No, uncle!” Arnav tightened his hold, “Never be sorry. It was not your fault. The person who must be punished is Shyam Manohar Jha and I will make sure he rots in hell.” He spat through gritted teeth.


“He….still wa…wants Khushi. Which is…..why he c…..came to kill me….. today. Ple…please keep her sa….safe…” pleaded Shashi.


“Khushi is mine uncle!!! I will never let anything happen to her. This is my promise to you.” He declared, letting the old man know that Khushi is safeguarded by Arnav for the whole life  and also his determination of marrying her.


Understanding the unsaid, Shashi squeezed his hand and smiled with affection and gratitude which was reciprocated by a non-awkward smile from Arnav.


The door got opened and a mixed-emotioned Khushi got in. “Amma and Buaji are on their way here. Buaji was cursing herself non-stop for leaving you alone at home for a while. She said, someone forcibly took her out despite her denying them. It would take an eternity to console her. And the doctor said we could take you home by evening. Don’t worry babuji, everything will be alright. You will be all well and fit in just a matter of days.”


“Khushi, atleast take some breath.” Admonished an amused Arnav.


“Is this the child-woman my heart stuck up with? Thought Arnav.


As if Shashi  read him, he winked and mumbled, ‘All the best!’ to Arnav before putting on the mask again, who understood why he said that. For the adventurous life ahead with her!!


“All the best for what?? Ahhhhh, Hey Devi Maiyya!!!! Babuji just talked!!!” squealed Khushi in excitement, forgetting that she was in a hospital.




Arnav stayed with Guptas the entire day, comforting and assuring them. Their joy cannot be expressed in words after they came to know about Shashi becoming normal. As Khushi expected, it took everyone an entire mountain of patience to convince Buaji from not berating herself. Nevertheless, the ladies troubled DM all day by thanking her non-stop much to the mirth of the two men.


 In the evening after Shashi got discharged, he dropped them off at GH. As if he were their son, Arnav took the responsibilities from clearing the hospital bill to buying medicines, not heeding about the reluctance of the Guptas, or Khushi who was envious that he was taking her place in the family. He earned about a ton of ‘Thank you, God bless you bitwa’ s from Garima and buaji. And also a gratitude- filled hug from Khushi before leaving.


The next day evening Arnav, Akash, NK, Khushi and Payal assembled in a room in RM. Anjali, Mami and Nani has gone to a Satsang and Mama was off to a friend’s house. Shyam? No idea. That jerk was unseen after he ran away from GH the previous day.


Shashi’s condition was explained to Payal, Akash and NK who got shocked at first but relaxed that he was fine. Arnav didn’t let Payal and the Guptas know who caused Shashi’s paralysis, not wanting to stress them even more but he briefed out to NK and Akash who got stupefied. It made the 3 brother’s determination to kick that rogue out of their lives ASAP stronger.


Khushi cried hugging Payal after seeing her. She would never have forgiven herself if anything had happened to Payal or Anjali. She apologised everyone for ‘God knows howmany’ times for keeping secret and for not letting NK or Payal open up about it either. Being the youngest and the most emotional among the 5, she was forgiven immediately.    


The quintet sat in a circle, like how we sit around a bonfire. But here, the room is filled with tension which can be dug out with a spade.


“Our Father who is in heaven, holy be Your name…..” started NK fed up with the silence, which obtained everyone’s attention.


“What the hell Nk!! What are you doing?” roared Arnav.


“What else am I supposed to do and why are we assembled here anyway? To stare into oblivion!?”  Nk retorted.


“Okay now calm down you both.” Akash intervened. “Bhai what do you think we should do.”


“I say we beat that @****le black and blue, and kick him out!!” Came the typical Arnav’s reply.


“Yeah, that is the perfect solution.” Khushi said sarcastically and Arnav glared at her.


“Khushi…” warned Payal.


“Then what jiji? It is Shyamji we are dealing with.” Exasperated Khushi.


“Oh now you got it!! I wish you realized it earlier before me or di became victim of Shyamji the day before yesterday.” Mocked Payal.


“I said I am sorry…”


“Oh, stop it you both!” Akash intervened again.


“Khushiji, Payal bhabi you both better stop adressing him with a suffix  attached to his name. It ticks me off.” Said nk.


“Coming to the point again, bhai what do we do?” asked Akash.


“Simple. We expose him before everyone and then police will arrest him.” Said Arnav plainly.


“Hah! Easier said that done Nannav. How do you think it’s gonna work?” questioned NK.


“I am thinking  it’d be better if we break this out to our family first.” Suggested Akash.


“No, that cunning man will escape if he got any idea what’s going on. No matter how discreet we are, he will find out.” Pointed out Payal.


“But we better tell everyone or they cannot take the sudden bomb, mainly di.” Nk said and Akash agreed with him.


“Anjaliji will be shattered. We cannot let her know anything.” Told Khushi earning a sharp glare from everyone which made her instantly shut.


“Guys, don’t worry about the family, and the police Will arrest him.” Announced Arnav.


“But without any proof?” asked Payal


“ I hired a private detective to perform a bg check up on Shyam from the beginning till now. That will provide enough evidence for us to throw him into custody.” He said.


“Everyone….. they will be broken, especially Anjaliji.”  Khushi said her head lowered,still glued to that point.


Everyone sighed but gave a weak smile understanding her. She just doesn’t want to see anyone broken. Doesn’t dare to see anyone devastated.


Arnav, who was sitting beside her wrapped an arm around her and lifted her face towards his.


“Hey, everyone would know about this one day, right? Then why not tomorrow or anytime soon? Bad things must be got ridden from our life ASAP. There is no point in delaying it.” he told to Khushi.


“I know but….”


“Shh, agree that your name is ‘Khushi’ and you always spread happiness around everyone but that doesn’t mean you have to keep people from some things just because they would hurt them. Don’t always give priority to heart Khushi. Think practicaly sometimes.”


“Watching di in pain, doesn’t that hurt you?” she asked cupping his cheek.


He stood up and faced everyone. “Yes, it will hurt me but I should be strong. I will be strong, for her. Years ago, I promised my mother that I will always look after my sister and I would never break that promise.”


 He continued without noticing everyone going alert and signalling something.


“So, this is it. Aman will bring me the evidence and then I will not even waste a single minute to kick that bas%&#@ out of my sister’s life. Shyam Manohar Jha will experience what pure hell feels like when still alive.” He gritted out.


“WHAT!!!???” came a voice behind him.


Turning around he exclaimed, “DI!!!!”




This girl is out of her mind. No idea what **** she wrote here. Phergife her pileej!!!!


Please tell me if you could understand who was saying what in updates or do I have to mention their names??? My Hindi is not good so I cannot write in both Hindi and English. But when I come to elders like nani, buaji or Mami, I just cannot feel satisfied with their dialogues in the ff. I’ll always be in a dilemma whether to write their part in Hindi or English :( Please help in getting some clarity :/


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Plot twist-14 :D (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 58 times)

Part-14 : Spare my typos



After Mami and Nani left for Satsang, Anjali had gone to terrace to get in some fresh air. She tried calling Shyam many times by then but his phone was switched off.The previous morning she got a call from Shyam, he said that he had to go regarding some important work and she bought his excuse but was still worried about his health. She spent a couple of hours reading a good book before leaving for down.


On her way, she met Aman who came there to hand Arnav over some important reports. She, assuming Arnav must have gone to a meeting some where else, took the reports from him. Assuring Aman that she will give them to Arnav after he got home, she sent him off. Aman left from there happily not knowing the blunder he did.


She thought to check on Payal but when she reached the room, she was surprised to find everyone there. Arnav was seriously saying something to them. Thinking to join their conversation she arrived at the door unannounced. Seeing her, everyone became alert and started gesturing Arnav something, much to her confusion. And then listening to what Arnav said she was dumbfounded.


“So, this is it. Aman will bring me the evidence and then I will not even waste a single minute to kick that bas%&#@ out of my sister’s life. Shyam Manohar Jha will experience what pure hell feels like when still alive.” He gritted out.


What the hell was her brother saying?!!!!!


“What!!?” came a shriek.


Arnav turned around and got an unexpected blow seeing his sister at that time. What was she doing here?


“Dii!!” he exclaimed. “Didn’t you go to Satsang with Mami and Nani?” he asked still in shock. This was not how his di should know.


“I should not go to temple chote…” she started and stepped into the room, “…so I stayed back. And I am pleasantly surprised seeing you all here but more surprised listening to what you just said.”


Feeling suspicious about the reports she was carrying, she opened the envelop and read the subject.


Private and confidential – Shyam Manohar Jha’s evil corroboration..!


“What nonsense were you speaking chote?” waving the reports at his face, “And what the hell is this? You made a detective go through a back ground verification on my husband?” shouted Anjali angrily.


“Di….I…..Wait, where did you get those reports from?”


“Amanji just came and handed me…”


Damn Aman! He is gone!!!!!


Now, I need answers chote! What is the meaning of doing this?”


He once glanced back at everyone who were anxious but they all nodded at him, letting him know that it’s the time. Breathing in deep, he led his sister to the bed and made her sit. Khushi and Payal came instantly to her either side. Arnav came forward and knelt before her taking her hands in his. Akash and NK came to his support.


“Di…..Whatever I’m going to tell you……is going to be quite a shock for you. You need to be strong. Just remember, I am there for you. We all will be there for you.” Arnav began.


Concerned Anjali queried, “Chote, Is something serious? What happened to you all?”


And then he started unfolding her vicious husband’s tale. With everyone telling the part they knew, she was told everything. At the end there was no one with dry eyes. Everyone was fighting not to breakdown. But Anjali showed no emotion. Neither pain nor anger. She just sat there like a broken doll and that worried them.


“Di? Di, please say something!” Arnav shook her.


She lifted her glassy eyes and asked, “Is this really the truth? That all the time I’ve been living with a fraud and the marriage which I believed was a lie? All lie??”


They closed their eyes in pain unable to answer her. Everyone gathered close around her to provide support. This reaction from Anjali is what they least expected. They just assumed Anjali would give them hard time in convincing her but she, with no doubt believed them. Accepted the truth.


Inhaling deeply, “I…I guess happiness was never meant to be in my life. On my marriage, I couldn’t believe that fortune knocked my door on it’s own and it’s… it turned out to be just a dream…” she choked.


“No, di! Don’t say like that….”


“I wish to be left alone…….for sometime.”she stated.


“Di how can we…”


“Please!” raised her voice. “I am going to my room.” Declaring that, she got up.


With Khushi and Arnav by her side, Anjali was escorted to her room. She neither expressed any emotion nor shed any tear, just plainly dragged her feet till the room. Going in, she slammed the door shut.


Outside, Arnav stood immobile not making any move, fearing Anjali would harm herself. Only when Khushi placed her hand on his shoulder, did he come out of the trance. Arnav looked as if he would collapse any moment, so, for him, Khushi remained strong. Low call from NK caught their attention.


“Dadi and Maasi are back from Satsang. We will think what to do later. Now come, let’s go down.” Nk said.


“Di…… How can we leave her alone like this?” Arnav asked like a lost child which melted them.


“Some solitary is necessary for her Nannav.”




“She needs to let it all out Arnavji. Trust me, she will be okay soon.” Comforted Khushi.


Before going downstairs, they all heard a heart-wrenching cry from the room. With extreme difficulty, they disregarded Anjali’s breakdown or so they thought and soon joined Nani and Mami with Payash.


Visibly elated Nani, greeted Khushi whereas Mami scorned and sat on the sofa.


“Khushi bitiya, I missed you so much.”


Khushi just hugged her tight in reply, controlling her tears. In such times, people will need support from elders.


“I…I came to see jiji.” She said moving away.


“Oh, why would you remember us anyway! You only want your sister.” Nani faked a scowl.


“Not like that naniji…..”


“Arre! I know, I know... I was just teasing you.”


Only then she noticed pale faces of the five.


“What happened to you all? Is something wrong?” she asked frowning.


“No, dadiji nothing. It’s just that we are feeling hungry and h@ram h@ram pakode banane ke liye HP ghar par nahi hai (HP is not here to make prohibited pakode)” Nk chirped in.


“HHBB H@ram nahi NK bitwa, Garam! Aur pakode sun ke toh hamre bhi stomach mei choohe running karna startwa kiya (It’s Garam not H@ram and thinking about pakode, I’m starting to feel hungry too.) Mami said as she pulled her nephew to sit next to her.


“No problem mamiji. I will make pakode and tea for everyone.” Offered Khushi.


“You don’t need to bitiya.” Said Nani.


“What, can’t I do this much for my family?” saying that Khushi fluttered into the kitchen.


This lone time and distraction is necessary to gather herself. With no Khushi in the drawing room, Arnav too dashed to his room.


Nani smiled fondly at Khushi and asked Akash about Anjali and Arnav.


“Bhai has some work and Di is resting in her room.” He replied as he carefully made a still-weak Payal sit.


Nani nodded, assuming it to be a ladies problem and made her way towards Kitchen to spend some time with Khushi, all the while mentally lashing out at Arnav for not using the opportunity in wooing Khushi.




The moment Anjali stepped into her room, she froze all Shyam’s memories flashing before her eyes.







Anjali was waiting in a room to see Shyam and talk with him before deciding about their marriage. It was their first meeting. She was feeling nervous as this was the first time after many years she was approached a marriage alliance since her first broken marriage. She stiffened when he entered the room.


“Namaste Anjaliji!!” Shyam greeted with twinkling eyes which was reciprocated with a smile.


“I know this sudden marriage proposal and all is uneasy for you and I understand the reason too. You take your own time and give your answer.” He had some pleasant aura around him.


“I appreciate your thinking Shyamji. Thanks for that.” Anjali said.


“But I want you to know that I am looking forward to marry this Angel.” Presenting her with a big smile, he left the room.


After a lot of thinking, Anjali finally decided to respect her dadi’s wish and married him.







Anjali stepped into his…no, their house in Lucknow after marriage. Though he is her husband now, still he is nothing but a stranger. She is missing her family so much, especially her chote. Back to the city which took away her everything, is overwhelming for her. That’s why she didn’t let Arnav come with them to Lucknow since she knew how much it pain’s him.


“I know, this shelter is nothing compared to your house but…” he mumbled.


“Arre! Don’t say like that. You have a beautiful house.” She said quickly, not wanting to make him feel low.


As he went off to work, she  arranged the house neatly and did all the duties that a wife does. This is a new phase in her life.







After Shyam announced about them shifting to Delhi, Anjali was out of the moon as she is back to the city where her family resides. She came to thank him.


“Thank you so much Shyamji. You are doing this just for me..” she couldn’t control her emotions.


“Can’t friends do this much for each other? Just remember, you are first a friend to me then wife.”


She smiled gratefully at him.







Shyam was consoling Anjali who was crying bitterly at the loss of her dadi.


“Everything will be alright. Please control yourself.” He patted her shoulder.


Like the ideal damad, he is doing everything he could to support their family in the hard time.







It’s been a week after they shifted into RM. Though Anjali was apprehensive about how Shyam was feeling because practically he is a ‘Ghar Jamai’ (live-in-son-in-law) but he shrugged off saying ‘I am fully content as I finally got a chance to live with my real family’.


“Anjaliji, why don’t you join back in your work?” he surprised her again.


“How can I…..”


“I am not like all other husbands who want you to do only wifely duties. You are free to live your life as you want. Think about it.” He left for work leaving Anjali pondering about what he said.


But being a dutiful wife, she didn’t want to resume working again.






“Rani Sahiba? Why have you started calling me with that name?” asked Anjali.


“Kyunki aap hamare dil ki Rani hai! (Because you are the queen of my heart)” he indirectly confessed his love for her.


Anjali was completely surprised at that answer but she didn’t say anything.  It’s been almost 2 and a half years since their wedding and they both became great friends during this period. She trusts him blindly and has complete faith in him but something lacks in their relation. Something which is still incomplete.


She just gave him a weak smile and left.







And here she feels guilty for still being unable to completely reciprocate Shyam’s love!!! She let out a loud wail as the reality of her marital life became picture clear. These 3 years of her marriage was nothing but a huge deceit and betrayal. She collapsed onto her bed and started weeping her heart out.


“Why?? Why Devi Maiyya? I had full faith in him, devotion in him and believed him with all of me. Then why did he deceive me? What crime did I ever commit? Am I not worthy of a normal life!? Why is it every time my family is tested!!!!!”


After what felt like hours of crying, she got up with a determination. Examined the whole room.


Taking their photo frame, she threw in onto the ground, breaking it.


“He doesn’t deserve my tears!”


Tearing his pictures….


“Doesn’t deserve any place in my or any of my families’s life….”


Destroying the presents he gifted her…


“Doesn’t even deserve to live…..”


She slumped down and ranted with her eyes red, “He has taken enough advantage of my innocence and faith in him. I cannot let him go that easily. I will make sure he spends the rest of his life in jail or suffer even worse punishments!!!!”


Anjali vowed and soon dozed off due to exhaustion.




Khushi entered Arnav’s room and found him staring up at the stars, standing near the pool. She reached there and stood beside him not saying anything.


“My ma….. she must be really upset with me, right? I failed to protect my di.”


“No, Arnavji. She would be proud. The way you are tackling this hard time, the way you looked after your sister till now, that would have honored her.”


“But Shyam…”


“What he did to your sister, was never your fault. He is such a great actor and manipulator. He fooled us all, took advantage of our goodness. Never blame yourself for his evil deeds. Never!”


He turned his face to her and smiled weakly. She pressed his hand returning the smile.


“Where’s everyone?” he asked.


“Back down, in drawing room.” She replied.


“And di?” he queried, hoping she came out or shared her pain with someone.


Khushi just shook her head in no and Arnav closed his eyes in helplessness.


“I…I am sc….scared Khushi. What if she does something or harm herself?” the great ASR admitted his fears.


Placing her hand on his shoulder, “Don’t be. Devi Maiyya will watch over her.”


Shoving her hand off, “Don’t talk about your DM.”


Glaring angrily, “She wasn’t there when our life took a drastic turn.  She wasn’t there when our parents got snatched away from us. She wasn’t there when our uncle threw us out of our own home. She wasn’t there when my sister was ill. She wasn’t there when we were helpless. She wasn’t there when we were struggling to survive in this cruel world. She wasn’t there, she was never there!!!!!” he shouted in rage while taking steps towards her.


Khushi stumbled back and was about to fall into the pool but he caught her, going alert. Glancing at her scared face, he relented and made her stand properly.


Controlling himself, “Look…. just don’t say DM has a reason behind every awful phase in life. I lost my faith in her many years ago.” Now softening a bit, “And I…I’m sorry, I shouted at you. It’s just….I….You don’t know my past and I shouldn’t have yelled at you.”


“It’s okay Arnavji. You can tell you past to me.” He was about to say something but she cut him off by saying, “Sharing ones grief lessens pain. It’s alright if you aren’t comfortable. I just thought….”


“We are from Lucknow and Sheesh Mahal was our ancestral home.” He began saying,cutting her in and led her inside making themselves seated on the bed.


Surprise was evident at his revelation but she didn’t interrupt, letting him continue.


“My Nana and Dada were very influential businessmen among the city and were best friends since their childhood, so were Nani and Dadi. They got my parents married and everything was fine. My childhood was a bliss Khushi. I had everything anyone would ever need. Loving parents, supporting sister, pampering grandparents. Everything was fine until my Dada and Nana died in an accident. Many problems arose in their company after grandfathers death which caused my dad to immerse himself deep in work with mama and chacha by his side. He started drifting away from us, ma and dad used to fight often. It was as if my dad was not my dad but some other person who cloned like him. He began staying back at office totally forgetting about his family. Became serious, neglecting his health, started drinking and my ma did everything in her to contain him but the results always ended in awful note. He could see nothing apart from work, properties and business.  But on my di’s wedding…..” he trailed off, shutting his eyes in pain.


Khushi moved close and held his hands in an attempt to ease him.


“The groom wasn’t Shyam but another Jerk. Even with wedding happening in the house, he was still stuck with some work and it led into another of my parents fights but what happened afterwards, no one had seen it coming. I went to call them as the Bharaat arrived. Before I reach the room they were in, I heard two gun shots and then another two. Panicked, I entered the room and discovered the dead bodies of my….m…..ma and dad. HE KILLED MY MOTHER AND THEN HIMSELF!!!” he shouted, his eyes all red, body trembling with pain and fury.


“The groom called off the wedding. The very next day, our chacha threw us out of our home. Even his own mother!!! With my uncle taking over all our properties along with factories, we didn’t know what to do. Had no source of income. Leaving behind our everything; Me, Di, Nani, Dadi, Mama, Mami and Akash left Lucknow and went to Mumbai, to our Mami’s sister’s house. NK’s house! They came to India to attend Di’s wedding and were to leave for Australia but stayed back to support us. They returned back to Sydney only after helping us in getting stable monthly earnings. No one knows the struggles we’ve all been through to survive.”     


“Not wanting to be attached anything related to Maliks, We adopted our mother’s name. At that time, me and di became each other’s pillar of support. Di used to break down often in a trail to lessen her pain. I had to be strong for her because I knew, no matter how much I mourn, it doesn’t help a bit. Never did I share my grief with anyone, knowing I would crumble. The thought of sharing my feelings scared me. It shows me weak and I cannot let that happen. I turned stone-hearted and cold, not expressing any emotion but anger. It guards me from distress.”


“I had to get back everything we lost, to give my family everything, to look after di’s every need….To show the-man-who took away our everything, his place. For that, I had to become like my father. Involving myself in studies all the time, doing part time when im free. When people of my age were enjoying their life, I was busy building my empire and here I am, Arnav Singh Raizada! India’s top businessman! Who gained back everything he lost, who avenged the guilty, who’s family is proud to see what he has become, who is able to provide his family anything they want, who defeated his ill-fate and Who wrote his own destiny!!!!”


Arnav’s face didn’t show pride for himself but triumph. Triumph for getting back his earlier being and for conquering the life!!! Khushi felt her respect for Arnav grow massively. He wasn’t proud but she is! And was now sure his mother is too!!


“But I have failed, Khushi. I Failed. I couldn’t look after my sister properly. I let an animal in her life!!” his eyes scrunched in anguish.


“I already told you it wasn’t your or anyone’s fault Arnavji. Shyam is a vicious manipulator. He tricked us all. Anjaliji is loving and sensible woman. So, he played his witty charms on her and marr…..”


“Their’s was not a love marriage Khushi. It was arranged.” He slowly said.


“What? But Anjaliji said…”


“That b@$%ard coaxed di to tell everyone that their marriage was a love one.” Seeing Khushi’s perplexed face, “Yeah, that was confusing and weird but neither I nor Di know why he requested that. Must be some reason behind this. Maybe like, triggering di’s feelings or kinda…”


“Then how did he come into her life.” questioned khushi cutting him in.


“We met him through dadi. She was his temple mate. He must have created the ‘Mr.Exemplary’ impression, so she brought his alliance. Di bowed down respecting dadi’s wish and married him. We found nothing fishy about him. As you said, he is such a witty manipulator so, I hadn’t gone through his back ground. That was the mistake I made. I should have verified him.”


“I didn’t know you have a dadi. Where is she?” queried Khushi out of curiosity.


“She….she’s no more. She passed away a couple of years ago due to sudden cardiac arrest.” He whispered.


“I’m sorry Arnavji.” She sounded as if she would start weeping any moment.


“No, it’s okay……She was such a sweet and caring lady. I miss her.” He said, closing his eyes in sadness.


After a moment of silence, “Dadiji is with your parents. She must be happy seeing you. So, are your parents.” Khushi said.


“But I am not. I failed to….”


There he started again!!!


“Uff! That wasn’t your fault!” she screamed and a startle Arnav stared at her.


“If it is anyone’s fault, then it is dadiji’s. It is all happening because of her.”


Angered, “What the hell!! How could it be her fault?” Arnav questioned.


“Of course it is her’s!! Wasn’t she the one who brought Shyam’s alliance and wanted her grand daughter to marry off to him?” Khushi stubbornly said.


“She didn’t know his true face, Damn it!!!!!” he nearly shouted.


“Exactly! How would you know his reality. How would you have seen it coming?” she shot, trying to make him see sense.




“Don’t you see? It was neither of your mistake Arnavji. Somethings meant to happen. Now, you cannot waste your time cursing yourself for something wrong you never did.” She said cupping his face and relaxed seeing him agreeing with her.


“………………………………………………….. Thanks.” He said after a long silence and continued looking into her eyes.


Khushi’s phone rang, breaking their eyelock. She answered it.


“Hello…….Yes, buaji. I am with jiji…….She is fine and so is everyone here…….What?It’s 9:30 PM? I didn’t see the time……Yeah I……..buaji I am……Offo! I’m on my way. BYE!!!!” she hung up.


“Hey DM! It’s so late. I didn’t notice the time passing quickly. Buaji will either mock me or lash out at me to her heart’s content. How will I reach my home in this late time…..” all the time searching for her bag and ranting herself, totally forgetting about Arnav being in the same room. 


He caught hold of the sprinting-all-around-his-room woman and shoved bag in her hands.


“Relax, here’s your bag and I am dropping you home.” He said.


“No, I will manage..”


“Shut up and come with me!” he dragged her with him, grabbing his car keys.


Elders already retired to their rooms and Anjali was still in her room. They decided not to disturb her. Bidding bye to Payash and NK, Arshi left for GH.


As it was late night, the street was all empty. Halting the car in front of her house, they got down and he walked her till door.


“You sure you don’t want to come in?” she asked him.


“No, it’s really late and I don’t want to disturb anyone. You also go to sleep.” He said moving towards his car.


“Arnavji wait!!!!!!........... Are you fine?” she tenderly asked.


He half nodded.


Suddenly he felt a petite figure taking him in a warm embrace. He closed his eyes feeling it. Oh, how soothing it is when Khushi is in his arms!! He wrapped his arms tighter bringing her more close.


After a comforting silence he heard her saying, “Everything is going to be alright Arnavji. Just don’t worry. Anjaliji will trust her brother and will overcome this difficult time very soon.”


Parting lightly he said gazing at her face, “Oh really? Then why did you not want di to know the truth. You were against us in this matter.” He made fun.


“Oh that….I…I didn’t expect her to take this news remaining strong!……Since she got through this, it is not hard to deal with the other phase too.And also….she has her brother as a pillar and her family and…..”


“And you!” staring into her eyes, “Thanks Khushi!” he whispered.


Giving her a long overflowing with love kiss on her fore head, he chuckled seeing her eyes widening, cheeks flushing and galloping into GH. Arnav felt at peace after sharing his past with Khushi.


Our young batch had trouble sleeping that night unsure of what’s gonna happen. For now, let’s just hope for the best!! 




Completed this chapter 10 days ago but couldn't open my diary and now suddenly I realized that I can open this finding on web. Yup, I am a genius! Here’s your update. I know it’s crazy but bear with me for now, gonna explain most of the errors in the coming updates. This is not the complete past and I know I did terrible in narrating it. Have any doubts about ANYTHING, please ask me!! I’ll clear them.


And regarding elders dialogues, Shall I just write them completely in English? I dunno. With Mami and buaji, I just feel weird writing their parts in english.


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Sep 24, 2016

Plot twist-15 :) (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 78 times)

Part-15 : [Warning- Cheesy update]



“How is DI?” Khushi asked NK.


Both were on their way to RM from GH.


“Unreadable. She said nothing to anyone and is being completely mechanical. But the good thing is, she believed us.” NK said.


“And Arnavji?”


“He is….okay!” “Right now, Akash and Payal bhabi are busy sending off the elders to a Temple, again. It’s the easiest excuse we have every time.” He winked and they both smiled.


Entering RM, they were welcomed by Arnav, who was on a call. Sensing Khushi’s presence, he turned towards her and both shared a brief eye-lock, querying about how were they doing, comforting that everything’s gonna be okay and promising each other to be together in this hard time and defeat it.


Quickly hanging up the call, he reached them.


“DI wants to talk to all of us……..about Shyam. She’s in her room with Akash and Payal and we were waiting for you both. Let’s go?” Arnav said.


Trio entered the room. The dead silence ambiance was chilly. Khushi locked the door and reluctantly sat next to Anjali because she had no idea if Anjali held her responsible for Shyam’s betrayal. Whatever the matter was, their top priority was Anjali. Knowing how fragile she was  they cannot push her much.


The red swollen eyes told how much Anjali wept last night but she looks strangely…..relieved! As if some sort of burden has been lifted off from her shoulders. This gave them courage to go on. The previous day none gave a thought to go through Shyam’s BG record but this day Anjali insisted on reading it in her presence.  


“Di are you sure you want to do this? You alright?” concerned Arnav queried Anjali.


“Yes…!” she said firmly.


Taking a deep breath, Arnav opened the envelop and went to reading it out loud.


Private and confidential -


Subject : Shyam Manohar Jha


DoB : 1-8-1985


Birth Place : Bhaisora, Uttar Pradesh


Occupation : Lawyer


Status : Married


Shyam Manohar Jha is a well known advocate in the city. Losing cases seldom happen. People are charmed by his manners, kindness and helpful nature. Always looks forward to help the poor. However, that’s not real but a facade to fall into people’s good books which is why no one has ever reported anything against him. All that he ever wants is money. His greed for money is unquenchable and will go to any extent for it. With the same intentions, he married Anjali Singh Raizada now Anjali Jha.


Controlling the urge of tearing the report to bits, Arnav got up and paced along the room. Everyone went alert and startled when he suddenly shouted.


“How dare he cheat us!!!!!Let me get my hands on him. I’ll just kill that….”


“Control yourself man!” Nk said.


“Where is this goddamn phone. I’m gonna file a case against him.” Arnav muttered, his hand went to his pocket for mobile.


“Bhai, stop!” Akash exclaimed, reaching Arnav. “This is not enough evidence.”


“Yeah, Nannav! Think straight.”


Shoving their hands off, “I don’t care okay!!! I am Arnav Singh Raizada and I will make sure law bows it’s head down before me” Throwing the papers up in air, “because I am not gonna tolerate that fraudster around my sister or my family anymore……”


“Di…Are you..?” It’s a miracle that Payal’s low whisper was heard in the room where ASR was shouting.


That grabbed the 3 brothers attention. Anjali sat there on the bed speaking nothing, staring at the picture that fell in her lap. Shyam’s!!! In a blink, they reached her and were around her like a shield. After a long silence she acknowledged everyone’s concerned queries but first noticed Arnav. Her brother! Her strength!!


Smiling lightly, she took his hand in hers. “Do you remember chote the day when I agreed to marry that man, you shouted at me so much. Angry at me, that I was doing it for dadi and not for myself. But everything was fine later. He created a perfect aura around us and you all were happy letting him in. I was relieved that nothing went wrong but” pauses for a moment, “I guess I should have done what wanted to do.”


Looking at everyone, “I know, you must be quite surprised that I believed what you all said yesterday, right?” They were stunned so didn’t respond. But Anjali continued.


My devotion for him is not greater than the faith I have in you. You all are my siblings.” She took them in her embrace and they more than willingly hugged her back.


Moving apart, “My marriage life has been good. I did the duties of a wife and even gave up the job I love. He was more of  friend than a husband to me but who would have seen the deceit coming!!! I was a fool who fell for his fake pretense of love despite something in the back of my mind always warned me but this heart, it was so desperate to grab the chance in love even though I felt nothing for him.”


“Di you…..”


“No, chote. Let me open up.” After a pause, “3 years of marriage. I blindly believed him. Ignored the alarm of suspicions consoling myself, he was busy with work. But I was wrong. A fool I am!!! For a moment yesterday, I thought maybe this was just a bad dream. You all had a misunderstanding and my husband is a caring person…..but I don’t want to be in delusion any more. I pictured the world I see all beautiful with no cruelty, betrayal or savagery. After our haunted past, this Anjali disregarded acknowledging the violent reality. I always wore a happy cloak, scared to step into the actuality.”


“But not just you, life taught me many hard things too chote. Somewhere deep down I am cautious of everything. And the same way I came to know my namesake-husband’s  true colors. His disappearances when Khushiji is around, his insistence on her not coming to RM, the constant journeys, his jalebi making, odd behavior of that man and Guptas whenever they meet. They all make sense.”


“He must be punished for cheating and I want divorce!!” she stated firmly.


Our young batch broke into huge smiles hearing Anjali, so did she. The phase which they dreaded the most has passed quickly and effectively. They then realized how wrong they all were in judging Anjali, thinking her to be a weak-fragile woman. Never had they ever imagined her to be this strong. At that moment, everyone was just proud of everyone!!!!!!


“I will right away lodge complaint against Shyam.” Arnav announced taking steps towards the door.


“Bhai, wait!” Akash stopped him. “You cannot do that. There is no enough evidence.”


“Yes, Nannav! The report is no where near to the word ‘evidence’. It’s just a stupid description of Shyam.” NK and Akash kinda umm…… barked on Arnav.


“How do you both expect more deep information in such a short span?!! Besides, it is impossible to bring out every single detail about a person even if they are detectives.” Payal said.


“We agree but….”


“Enough guys! I have something else in my mind. That will do!” said Arnav.


“You sure that will work?” NK asked.


“Excuse me? I am ASR and Im pretty sure of what I am doing.” Retorted ASR’s ego.


“Bhai ummm…..recall something!” Akash suggested, quirking his eyebrow.


Irritated Arnav, shot a fiery glare at both but that ended-up in a bro-to-bro eye communication.


He remembered the discussion 3 brothers had the day before. Arnav thinks statements from the residents of Laxmi nagar and Shashi’s, getting almost killed twice by Shyam, would be enough proof. Of course it would be enough to put him behind bars but NK and Akash protested saying that Shyam would be free soon and that they need STRONGER evidence for lifetime imprisonment. Arnav agreed with them too but guess now, in the fits of rage he totally forgotten this discussion.


Groaning, “Right!!! We need something strong.”


“I have a plan!” exclaimed Khushi, startling everyone in the room.


Mumbling a small sorry, Khushi went on briefing out her plan to them. At the end, they were left competent and reluctant.


Payal, “Foolproof! To outsmart a…”


Akash, “…criminal mastermind like Shyam…”


NK, “…this is a perfect plan!”


Anjali, “But this is too…”


Arnav, “Risky!!!” Everyone sang.


“You will be in danger Khushi. We cannot predict what he might do.” Concerned Arnav said.


“I can do anything to eliminate that crook from our life. I am up for this!” stated Khushi.


“I a….We are not!” he objected. “Look, you don’t have to do this. This is not the only way.”


“But this is the only quickest way! To kick him out.” Replied Khushi which shut him and everyone.


It didn’t take long to convince them because Khushi is an ardent Salman Khan follower. Once committed, she doesn’t even listen to herself. Okay jokes apart, she remained firm in her decision and left no choice for them but to give in to her.




Soon, elders were back and young batch joined them to spend some time. Nani was again delighted seeing Khushi and didn’t let her go before having a delicious Jalebi treat from Khushi. Atmosphere was calm and everyone were tad relieved seeing Anjali smiling heartily. Once Shyam comes, he’ll soon be out for forever.


It’s time for Khushi to leave. Arnav was dropping her and much to his annoyance, Nk joined them. Just before she got into the car, Anjali called her. Hesitating Khushi followed her to a side. Out of curiosity, the 2 brothers in the car peeped out of their window to listen their conversation.


“What’s wrong Khushiji? Why aren’t you speaking to me? Did I do something wrong?” Anjali asked.


“No, Anjaliji! It is not that…. ”


“Then what is it?”


“It’s not you. It’s me!!!”


“What?” Anjali asked.


“I am the reason you are having problems in your life Anjaliji. If I was never there, none of this would have happened. I….im sorry.” Khushi mumbled.


Anjali smiled. “Okay. This is your fault. If you were really never there, this wouldn’t be happening.”


Khushi’s eyes misted hearing that.


“With you out of the picture, was he ever loyal to me?” She asked and Khushi lifted her gaze.


“No, right!!! He is a rogue who played with all of us. If not you, then another woman. So, please don’t insult yourself blaming.” Anjali said cupping her cheek.


A tear escaped her eyes. “Then you really don’t think it’s my fault?”




Khushi hugged Anjali and started weeping but in relief. Anjali reciprocated.


“I…I thought you are a.. angry with me. Trust me I tried telling you but couldn’t get myself to break your heart… I never wanted to see any of you unhappy. Didn’t know what to do…. ” Khushi hiccuped.


“Shh! Forget it Khushiji.” Anjali consoled. “I understand.” She said regretting for ever being projected as a delicate person.


Moving apart, “You alright?” Khushi asked.


Shooking, “No. Not completely! But I will be fine very soon, with you all by my side.” She said hugging Khushi once again and her eyes moved to the car.


Till then Arnav and Nk watched the exchange with smile and quickly hid themselves when Anjali glanced at the car, honking the horn accidentally.


“Now go. Chote is waiting for you.”


Anjali watched the trio driving out. She spent the rest of the day alone and was grateful that no one disturbed her.




Shyam entered RM with a wicked smile on his sick face and some documents. Much to his relief, he didn’t run into any of the family and went straight to his….no, Anjali’s room.


“Let me get Arnav’s signature in these documents, I will fly away with my Khushiji to somewhere no one can find us. I am sure by now that old man (Shashi) must be dead. If not, he will remain the same paralyzed man. Either way, I can convince her to come with me.” he thought as he made his way into the room and found Anjali lost in deep thoughts.


“My poor wife must be worried about me. Just a few more days I must pretense my love for her.”


“Rani Sahiba, I am home.” His chirpy tone startled her.


If he was not mistaken ,he noticed her eyes throwing curses at him for a moment.


“Where were you?” she asked coldly.


Okay, she is angry. “Work RS, work!!! You locked me in house as I am unwell and didn’t let me work. So, I had to go somewhere. It was an emergency.”


“What kind of work?” she shot.


“Huh? Umm…..thes….these documents!! I had to prepare them.” He stuttered. She never inquired about his work.




Something is wrong. “I know RS. It is hard for me too to leave you and go to work. But trust me, if it wasn’t important I’d have never gone.” Cajoling this doll is easy.


“It’s okay. You go freshen up and have dinner. I will sleep with Nani tonight.”


“Your wish.” He never cared.


“See you in the morning.” Saying that, Anjali rushed out not want to share same space with that man any longer.


“Nani can I sleep here tonight?” she asked entering Nani’s room.


Surprised, “Do you have to ask? Come!” Nani said, patting place beside her.


But Anjali placed her head in Nani’s lap and hugged her waist.


“What happened bitiya? Worried for damadji?” She asked as she started massaging Anjali’s head.


“No Nani. He is not worth it. He does not deserve any of our care!” came a firm response.


“Okay, you are angry with him. I get it.” Nani teased but stopped seeing her squirm in ire. This rarely happens.


“Then what is it that’s bothering you?” She asked but Anjali remained silent.


“Is it because Khushi bitiya still hasn’t agreed to marry chote? *Pause* Don’t worry, it will happen soon. We can see how much love they have for each other but are just stubborn. I don’t understand what is stopping her…”


I know nani.” Anjali thought as she realized the reason.


“She is being in some tension lately. I guess chote is having his way with her.” Nani chuckled imagining Khushi avoiding Arnav, testing his hardly controllable patience. “I just want to see my grand son married soon!”


“You will see that soon. Very soon. Just wait till the evil shadow leave our house.” Anjali mumbled.


Confused Nani frowned and asked, “What do you mean?”


Alerted, “Nothing nani. Whatever happens just…just be strong and know that I am fine.”


“Are you alright bitiya?” queried Nani, checking her forehead to see any signs of fever.


“I am fine.” Anjali smiled. “Now go to sleep Nani. It is getting late.”


She tucked her on bed properly, shut the lights and got into bed beside her. Anjali sent a text to her siblings.


He is back. Let’s execute our plan soon.


Right before she fell asleep, she got reply from everyone.


By tomorrow evening, he will be out of our lives!




You cannot imagine how guilty I feel for making you read this mushy update. I am not in my right frame of mind and everything’s messed up.

Shyam will be out in the next update or probably the 2nd next and it will happen in a very dramatic way. Disclaimer!!!


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Nov 9, 2016

Plot twist-16 (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 48 times)

Part-16 :



Shyam followed Arnav and Anjali upto Arnav’s room and stood outside peeking to watch what the brother-sister were going to talk about. It’s not often that Arnav steals Anjali from everyone to have some serious talk. Out of dubiousness, Shyam wanted to know the matter if it would be useful or related to him in anyway.


“What happened chote? You look serious. Is anything wrong?” Anjali asked.


“I invited Guptas to our home for this evening di.” Said Arnav with a straight face.


“Okay… but why? Everything alright?”


Outside, Shyam held his breath in alarm. “Did the old man survive and got me in trouble? Why has he called them? I hope nothing goes wrong before I carry out my plan.”


“Everything is fine di. I got to talk something important with them hence the invitation.”


“What do you want to talk about?” Anjali asked.


“About me and Khushi.”


“Huh? Chote speak out the whole thing. I don’t understand what you are saying. What about you and Khushiji? Are you two fighting again?” confused Anjali asked.


“You will come to know in the evening. Now, could you please inform Nani about them arriving?” That was no normal request but a stern plea.


“No, tell me now….”


“Di.” Came a firm word from Arnav.


“Alright! I’m going.” Not wanting to get Arnav angry, Anjali didn’t ask more. While leaving she shouted, “You will give me a panic attack one day.”


Shyam hid himself from Anjali and peeked more into Arnav’s room after she left.


“What does he want to talk about him and Khushiji? Is he going to talk about their marriage?!! No, it won’t happen. She said she isn’t interested in marrying him. Arnav cannot do anything.” Shyam thought furiously.


“Khushi Kumari Gupta, maybe you may reject me if I propose directly but if I ask buaji for your hand, she will make you agree no matter what. I always win Khushi. Always!” Arnav said to himself loud enough for Shyam to hear.


“Oh no!!! He’s right. I used the same strategy. Once buaji is convinced, she will somehow force Khushiji listen to her in anyway. Now what do I do? I must spoil his plan to get her.” Shyam thought plotting something wicked.


Hours later, Shyam was sulking sitting in his room, thinking about his failed attempts in filling their ears. Raizada ladies were just too excited to listen him out, Akash and NK were nowhere to be found and no one’s got guts to mess with ASR, that too when he was in a foul mood. Shyam needed a little bit more time to devise something as he cannot afford giving up on Khushi but things were running out of hand. Buaji, Garima and Khushi had already arrived and all were having evening beverages.


“What do I do now? Nothing is going according to my plan and to top to that, new complications. What happened to my criminal mastermind now? I can’t think straight!! I must talk with Khushiji once. But she won’t want that. How do I get to meet her….” His monologue was interrupted when he heard a ‘Psst’.


Looking at the door, he was astonished seeing Khushi there. She was peeking into the room cautiously. His face glowed the moment he saw her.


“Khushiji? You….” He stepped forward but halted when she gestured him to stop, showing her hand.


The next moment, a big tough-textured paper ball hit his face rather hurting which was probably because Khushi threw it with extreme force. Brushing the cut formed, he looked at her confused, grabbing the paper.


“Sorry Shyamji!!! Read it.” And before he could grasp anything she flew off.


Opening the paper,I need to talk with you. It’s urgent. Hoping you will meet me at the terrace in 5 minutes. Make sure no one notices. I will be waiting for you.’


He couldn’t believe it. Here he was struggling making plans to see her and there, she wants to meet him too. This one letter was enough to forget every other problem. He cannot let this chance go. Determined to convince Khushi, he set off to the terrace after making sure everyone was engrossed in deep talks.


As winter neared it became dark though the time was just 6PM. Even in the dim light, he could see Khushi standing in the middle of the terrace waiting for him. As if sensing his presence, she turned around and gave a small smile.


My Khushiji. My Angel!!! Returning a full grin, he went near her.


“What happened Khushiji? What do you want to talk about?” Shyam asked putting up a concerned face.


“Uhh…umm…..Shyamji I….I have to….. Umm…. Ho..how are you feeling?” Seeing his confused face, “I…I mean how is your health now?” Khushi asked stepping forward.


Joy bubbled in him at just that simple query. “I..I am fine now Khushiji. How did you know?”


“Anjaliji told me that you weren’t feeling well for the past 2 weeks, so, I…I got worried for you.” She told, her face reflecting genuine concern.


“Oh! Wow! I never expected you would worry about me.” He blurted before he could stop.


“Why wouldn't I?” Khushi whispered as she neared him.


“B..because you don’t like me. At least that is what you always say.”


“Yes, I didn’t like you for what you did to my family but.. I guess, I cannot say the same anymore.”


His head began reeling. “What? She likes me now?!!”


“Khushiji, you are okay, right?”


“Of course I am okay. Why did you ask?” She said furrowing.


“Here is your chance Shyam. Take a dare!”


“You never talked sweetly with me after….umm I kind of betrayed you. What happened now? Am I not the same fraud anymore to you? Do you like me now?” Shyam asked, hoping the best for him.


Smiling softly, “You see, human heart and feelings are so complex ed and I am no different.” She said.


Shyam stood still not understanding what to expect from her answer. It was totally unlike Khushi. If him remaining distant for somedays from her started to make her realize feelings towards him, he’d gladly do that more. He vowed.


“When I came to know you were unwell, instead of feeling nothing I strangely felt worried about you and that confused me. It confused me because all this time I kept myself telling how much I hate you. Then where did the concern come from Shyamji? I am puzzled!” Khushi said.


Evil smirk formed in his face understanding her condition. “I finally won you Khushiji. You will be mine soon. I just have to make you realize that you love me.”


“I see you are a changed man now. A much better person. The only thing I feel bad about is that I…I lost you.” Her voice shivered. “But I am happy for you since you are taking good care of Anjaliji. I cannot be selfish, can I?” Khushi gave a tight smile.


“It’s not what you think….” Shyam started as he become aware that Khushi was taking all wrong.


“Anyway, now coming to the point, I need your help Shyamji.” She said seriously.


“Anything Khushiji, anything you want!!!”


“You don’t know why we came here today…”


“Oh I do.” He thought fiercely.


“I have a fair idea of what the reason would be.” Khushi continued now meeting his eyes, “Arnav Singh Raizada wants me.”


“WHAT?!” he fake shocked.


“Yes, Shyamji. He thinks I am some sort of a toy that he could play with whenever he wants. Tortures me every time. And now he said he wants to marry me.”


“But why Khushiji?”


“An argument led him to deal with my life as a challenge, which is my marriage to him.” She spat in rage.


“Well what did you say?”


“Obviously no! Who would want to marry a devil like him? He hates me, I hate him. This is just a game for him.” Relenting a bit, “I..I am sorry. I know he is your brother in law and I cannot be trash talking about him. At least not infront of you….”


“No, Khushiji. It’s alright. I understand you and you are right. He is a spiteful man.” Shyam said as he thought how dare Arnav was to lay eyes on his Khushiji. “What help should I do? What do you want?”


“Buaji and Amma will force me into this marriage I don’t want and I cannot go against them. I don’t understand what to do Shyamji. If there’s any person who could help me, that will be you. We were friends, right? And you know me well too. Please help me out!!!” She pleaded, folding her hands.


Shyam quickly held hands stopping her. “You must command not request me Khushiji. I should thank my Saale Saab. He in his anger, this is the only good thing he did because this brought you closer to me. And now I can easily persuade her.”


“Of course I will Khushiji but tell me one thing, can you imagine anyone else as your husband other than me?” he asked, confidence going out of the earth reaching outer space.


She stilled for a moment and shook her head in denial as her eyes watered. Shyam smiled wiping her tears.


“Do you know why? It is because afterall what I did, you still love me. You always did.” He looked into eyes of  the surprised Khushi. “I admit I had done a grave mistake lying to you but that was because I loved you Khushiji, I love you so much.”


“But Anjaliji…”


“I don’t love her. It is you whom I ever loved in my life. For you, I gave up all these luxuries and comforts to live in your house. And I can do anything for you. Just come with me, we will be together…” he stopped when Khushi walked away turning around.


Panicking, “Khushiji wait. Just think for once, I will treat you like my queen and will never hurt you. You have to realize your love for me….” He continued pleading as Khushi kept pacing around, deeply thinking.


“Okay.” She said.


“What?” he asked confused.


“I will come with you. We can go away somewhere together.” Khushi said reaching near him.


“Really? You will come with me?!!! Are you serious about this?” he asked excited.


“Yes, Shyamji.” She smiled, “Sometimes I should think of my happiness too, right?”


“I am so happy Khushiji. Thank you for finally trusting me.”


“Let’s leave now.” She firmly said.


“What? Now?” Shyam exclaimed shocked.


“Yes, now!” Khushi declared. “I cannot live in here anymore and keep on being taken advantage of by everyone. I have dreams too.”


“I understand Khushiji but I have some work left to do. Once that is finished, we will fly away.” He assured.


“But I don’t want to…”


“It is important. Otherwise I wouldn’t be denying you now.”


“More important than me?” she asked.


“No. Well…. Ummm… It is…”


Khushi hugged Shyam suddenly, not letting him say anything else. “Please Shyamji. I beg you. Take me away from here.” She pleaded and began to cry.


Shyam was in a fix. He couldn’t decide what to do. Khushi or Property? He was unable to see her weeping and neither can he give up on riches. He wants both.


“Shh Khushiji.” She patted her back as she started hiccupping.


“I can think on how to get property later. Right now, I better take Khushiji away with me lest she changes her mind.”


“Fine khushiji. We will run off together.” He said, still in the hug.




Khushi and Shyam both turned around to find Anjali entering terrace through the door staggering, as if someone had pushed her with force.


“What is going on here? What were you both doing?” Anjali asked furiously.


Taking a deep breath, “It is time you know the truth Rani Sa…. Nah, Anjali. I am being with you just because of your money and luxuries. I never loved you. Never. It was Khushiji I loved all along.” Shyam revealed.


“What? Thi…this is not tr…true. You a…are just joking. You cannot do that Shyamji!” Anjali cried.


“I cannot help if you remain the same weak woman.” He smirked.


“I…I will tell everything to chote right away. He..he will….”


“He can do nothing. That angry arrogant brother of yours can only console his crying sick sister after she witnessed her husband run away with his lover…”


He felt stinging pain in his cheeks and realized with fury that he had been actually slapped by his wife. Not once, not twice but many times. Khushi held him from harming Anjali but his ego was already hurt.


“I am reporting to the police and you will be thrown into custody soon.” Anjali said seriously.


Jerking Khushi’s hands off, Shyam stepped dangerously close to Anjali in rage but she did not flinch even a bit. She stayed still glaring at him fiercely.


“Go on. Go on and report to the dumb police. If you are forgetting, this man standing before you, is the famous and genius advocate. This is the criminal lawyer who committed uncountable crimes and still roams around freely with lack of proofs, a dangerous  man I am who even tried to kill his own wife.”


Anjali gasped.


Smirking slyly, “Oh you don’t know, right? Do you seriously think I am a person who would marry a limping puny emotional dumb woman, if not for her money? No. That was all a flawless plan I made.”


“I met your ailing grandmother (Dadi) at a temple and came to know about your background. Once cannot resist your property and hence I made a simple scheme. Dazzle your dadi and marry her grand daughter. Task accomplished. You see, a born fraudster like me has an incredible talent to impress anyone, even your stubborn hot-headded brother.”


Uncontrollable violent anger filled Anjali and Shyam noticed it but he cared less instead, he riled her more.


“Marriage done. Settled in RM. Living a lavish life, continuing my illegal activities carefreely under your brothers protection and looting your money of course. But that’s not enough. I wanted more, like all your properties. I was devising a plan to get them and would have done that soon but everything changed. Like a cool breeze, Khushiji entered my life.”


He laughed seeing Anjali’s disgusted face.


“You know she is a refreshment in my hazardous life. One cannot stay being unable to love her. I was so close in getting her but she came to know about my marital status. She broke off all ties with me just because I am married to you. I was angry since I cannot let her go and was down as I cannot let go of your property either. I was torn in between. So, I decided to kill you but I failed. Thrice.”


“You…” Anjali started.


“Don’t worry dear. You are not the only one. Your dadi died because of a heart stroke. That’s true, but the reason was me because she came to know about my true face. I almost killed Shashi twice, that old man, Khushiji’s father as he got to know my reality. Then you, you know the reason why. And many other people you don’t know. I will kill anyone who dares to come in between my two loves. Anything for money/property and Khushiji.” He finished as he noticed the thunderstruck faces of the two women.


Shyam grinned in triumph seeing Anjali wobble backwards and settled in a bench, face showing horror. “This shock is for the slaps.”


Turning to Khushi, “You don’t worry about  anything. Come, we should go now.”


Snapping out of her dazed state she traced the finger prints on his cheeks.


“It is nothing Khushiji…” he smiled.


“Do you know one thing?” Khushi asked.




“How much brute of a person you are..”


“Huh?” he asked confused.


Before he could comprehend, a strong punch landed on the face that made his nose bleed instantly, followed by some slaps which caused him feel light-headed.


“You deserve much more that this you sc@undrel!” Khushi yelled.


Grabbing by his collar, she spat, “What do you think, all the conversation we had earlier was true? No, you double-faced wit-less swine. That was all a drama to make you realize to a little extent of how betrayal feels like. We all devised an incredible plan and you fell into it. You brought your destruction upon yourself. I figured out this criminal mastermind’s  2 weaknesses. One, money. Two, your obsession for me. So, we used your second weakness to outwit you and we did.”  Khushi revealed in the same manner Shyam insulted Anjali.


Recovering from the turn of events, “Khushiji… You did not do the right thing. You will regret for doing this….” He said menacingly as he proceeded forward.


Khushi took steps backward and her back hit to a person. That person protectively brought Khushi to his back and advanced towards Shyam.


“No words, only action.” Said Arnav as he went ahead beating the hell out of Shyam.


Khushi and Payal rushed to Anjali, who sat still staring into nothing. Nudging her, they brought her back. She noticed Akash and NK joining Arnav in the trashing session before looking at them.


“Are you okay di?” Payal asked.


Anjali just nodded.


“You sure Anjaliji?” Khushi asked.


“Yes, I am fine.” She replied as she got up.


Trio watched the commissioner trying hard to stop the 3 brothers from killing Shyam and soon rushed to help him separate them. By then, Shyam was beyond a recognizable state. Face all swollen covered with blood, drool running out and dress torn badly.


“What have you done to him? Leave something for us police too.” The commissioner joked.


“You got enough proof Mr.Rajput?” Arnav asked sternly.


“Yup. Recorded his confession and got statements from Mr.Gupta and his neighbors. We will now take him to our custody and  beat him black and blue until he reveals about all his illegal activities.” Rajput said.




“We should go and explain ma, dad and dadi everything.” Akash suggested.


“Right! We better do it right now.” NK agreed.


Everyone looked at the collapsed Shyam.


“You guys go. We will get him.” Rajput said as some constables arrived.


“Thanks uncle.” Akash said and followed everyone downstaris.




“And you never bothered to tell us?” Nani asked Guptas harshly, feeling hurt.


“This Guptas keeping secrets did more harm than good.” Mami said.


“Manu, you keep quiet.” Mama sushed her.


“We agree keeping this from you was a mistake and we apologize for that.” Buaji said.


“We cannot afford seeing your family fall apart.” Garima explained softly.


As the scene taking place in the terrace, Buaji and Garima explained everything to them. From the starting to what was going on up there. As expected, they got the shock of their life and felt worried for Anjali.


“Oh please! Same conversation took place many times over the past few days. Forget about it. Everyone is fine.” Nk trying to cheer up said as they all joined the elders.


“It is not a small thing to forget Nanhe bitwa.” Nani admonished NK.


“Sorry dadiji. I was just…” Nk stopped seeing Mama gesturing him to stay quiet.


Anjali went and sat in the midde of Nani and Mami. “I know this is a big blow for you suddenly and you are hurt but trust me, he is not worth it. He is not.”


“You are okay right?” Mami asked.


“I am with my family. I am more that alright now mami.”


Anjali assured and received a loving kisses from Nani and Mami, and affectionate pat from Mama. She met her eyes with Buaji and Garima, and smiled warmly, letting them know that she was alright.


“LET ME GO!! LET ME GO!!!” Shyam’s cry alerted everyone and they got onto their feet throwing disgusted looks at him, watching him being dragged by police.


“We will take your leave.” Rajput said, going to Arnav.


“Thank you Mr.Rajput.”


“Oh, c’mon ASR. I am your family friend. Call me uncle.” He received a tight nod from Arnav.


Everyone jerked hearing scream and to their horror they found Shyam freed from the constables hold and pointing a gun at Lavanya’s head who seemed paralyzed with the happening.


Where did she come from? Thought everyone.


“Shyam what the hell are you doing! Let go of her.” Arnav yelled.


Kicking the travel bag which was probably Lavanya’s, Shyam  took out some papers from his back and threw them near Khushi.


“Make every Raizada sign on those documents and get them to me or I am blowing her head off.” Shyam commanded.


“No, don’t harm her. I’ll do as you say.” Petrified Khushi said as she picked up the papers.


“Do it soon and come to me Khushiji.” He made his intentions clear. Once he got the property, Khushi should go with him too.


Angered, Arnav took the papers and threw them away as he began taking steps towards Shyam dangerously, followed by Akash and NK.


“No, stay there.” Shyam warned.


Unmindful of his threats, they proceeded.


“I told you to stop. STOP RIGHT THERE.” Shyam yelled in panic as he saw the 3 dashing towards him.


Just as they launched at him, a gunshot reverberated in RM.




As some of you wished, I changed the story line a little. So, please don’t curse me for any cr@ppy updates. Despite my mood off, I’m trying my best to avoid writing any hatred and anger content. It’s my brother’s wedding coming soon and it is hectic.


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Dec 24, 2016

Plot twist-17 (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 55 times)

Part-17 :



Dead. She thought she was dead when Shyam pulled the trigger of the gun. But the horrified screams, agitated cries and the yaps of Shyam, proved her state of still being alive. Everything felt hazy when she opened eyes. Vaguely she could see ladies supporting the collapsed Nani, men beating the hell out of Shyam and Khushi trying to stop them from killing him.  


Lavanya heard someone saying, “Are you okay?”.


Looking around, she only then realized that she was laying down on the floor and was being hovered by a masculine body. Moving her gaze up, she got enchanted by the honey-colored eyes looking at her with concern. Forgetting the situation they were in, for a moment she let herself lose in the warmth of the body that enveloped her. A sudden shake brought her back into reality.


“Hello, Miss, are you alright?” he asked.


She self-chided for losing and just nodded. Her gaze fell to his shoulder and discovered that he was shot.


“Oh…Oh my God! You…you’re shot!!!” Lavanya exclaimed and sat up.


“What?” He looked at the wound and chuckled, “Whoa…. I really got shot.”


“What’s funny?” she asked bemused, helping him up.


“I don’t know.” He replied, admiring her features.


She averted her gaze from his reluctantly, and called out, “Chamkili!! Cham…. Khushiii!!!! Come here.”


Khushi gasped in horror seeing NK and dashed to them, shouting, “Please stop. You will kill him. Look, Nanheji is injured!”


That brought them back. With a final punch, Arnav shoved Shyam to Police, who immediately dragged him out and Akash went with them to the station. Arnav took in the condition of the house, collapsed Nani and Nk shot. Immediately, he called in for a doctor.




One hour later :


Settling Nani down on the bed properly, a doctor stepped out to where the whole family was gathered.


“She’s fine but stressed out a bit. Just keep the atmosphere in the house tension-free.”


“Thank you doctor. Any medicines?” Anjali asked.


Doctor just smiled, “Not needed.” And left from there.


Silence filled the room while they were waiting for the other doctor to finish treating NK. Akash entered and broke the quietude.


“Bhai, Shyam will be appearing in the court tomorrow. We need to go and give our statements.”


“Alright, we both will go.” Arnav said.


“Uh… Di is needed as well, bhai.”


“What?! No!!! Di is not going to the court and see that swine again.”


“The more evidence the better. She is one of the main victims. She has to come.” Akash reasoned.




“Chote, I will be fine.” Anjali said.


“Di, you… “


“Let me face him one last time.” She said firmly. “You will be with me, right! I won’t be alone.”


“I will come as well.” Khushi said.


“Why?” Arnav barked with mild irritation.


“Because I too am one of the main victims.” She said, sitting beside Anjali.


Looking at the 2 determined faces, he groaned. “Fine!”


Arnav was worried. Even though Anjali was keeping up her strong facade, he knew his sister well. She loved Shyam or not, Anjali always had high commitment to her marriage. It meant her life to her and could not bear it crumbling before her eyes. Arnav just hoped this time would pass soon.


The other doctor stepped out.


“The bullet just grazed his arm. No bone damage. I’ve given him stitches and they should be removed after the wound fades, in about 2 weeks. Allow him to rest for some days.” Prescribing some medicines, she left.


“I didn’t expect Shyam would really shoot.” Akash exclaimed. “You were lucky Lavanyaji.” He told her who sat in the far corner.


“Close callingwa HHBB!” Mami joked.


“Manu….!” Mama chided her.


“Why did you even come here now without any notice Lavanya?” Arnav asked rather sternly.


“I..I..I just came to meet you guys. I couldn’t attend Akash and Payal’s wedding so I thought to visit…now.” She said slowly.


“Well you chose a perfect time to visit.” Arnav mocked. “Heads up next time Lavanya!”


His loud tone scared her. So, Khushi came to her support.


“Arnavji, don’t shout. It wasn’t her fault.” Khushi talked in the same tone to which Arnav just glared at her.


“Uhh… Anjali di and Nani knows that I was coming.” Lavanya quickly cut in, not wanting him to shout at Khushi too.


“What? Di!!” he asked Anjali.


“I had totally forgotten about it, Chote. You know….” Anjali mumbled lowly.


“Oh! It’s okay di. No problem.” He shut the topic, understanding her.


The next 30 mins passed with everyone consoling one another, giving strength and seeing Nani and NK. Soon, one by one retired to their rooms and the Guptas left with Khushi as Shashi was alone with Happy Singh. 


NK looked at the beautiful lady and said after he took in her fill, “Please come in.”


Lavanya took baby steps and sat on the chair, facing NK. They both shared awkward smiles for 2 minutes and not to mention shy glances at each other.


“H..how are you feeling? How is your arm?” Lavanya spoke after an eternity.


“I’m fine. It doesn’t pain much.” Nk reassured, smiling.




Another eternity of awkward silence followed.


“I came to thank you.” She spoke.


NK frowned not understanding why she was thanking him.


“For saving my life. Thank you so much.”


“Oh that! Please don’t mention it. I’m glad you are okay.” NK said smiling.


“Seriously, I don’t know what would have happened to me if you weren’t there.” Lavanya sighed. “I just…couldn’t wait to see everyone. So, I dropped by….. in the wrong time though!” she chortled.


“Yeah….apt timing!” Nk laughed too.


Looking at her smiling, Nk felt something stir in him. He could spend all his life admiring those beautiful dimples she had. He suddenly wanted to know more about this girl in front of him but before he could ask, her mobile rang. He waited patiently for her to finish, all the time admiring her pretty form.


Hanging up, “That was my friend. She is outside the house. I..I have to go now.” She added guiltily and stood up.


“It was really nice meeting you.” Stepping forward, she held out her hand. “I am Lavanya by the way.”


“Nandakis****. NK here and pleasure to meet you, too.” He said, shaking hands. “Do you really have to go in this time?”


“Yes. I certainly cannot stay in and trouble everyone in this hard time. Don’t really want to invade your personal space now. But I’ll soon visit again.” At the door, she turned again and softly whispered, “Bye.”


Lavanya quickly left from there not wasting a second because she couldn’t take his intense stares anymore without melting into a puddle of blushing beautiful goop.  




The next noon:


Everyone watched in grief as a cold Anjali made her way to her room robotically without hearing any of their concerned queries. They then bombarded Arnav and Akash with questions.


“It went well. Shyam is sentenced 15 years in Prison for attempted murder, cheating and forgery. Bhai had done everything possible to make sure Di would never have to deal with Shyam legally. Her divorce will be finalized soon.” Akash briefed the court proceeding.


“Ooh Yeah!!” sang out NK, fist pumping and immediately moaned in pain. Payal rushed to tend him.


Elders sighed in relief that their daughter is out from the clutches of the savage man and hoped divorce will be over soon. Now, they sat peacefully near NK who was sulking because he was given strict instructions to not even move, and started sipping the juice which HP brought for everyone. Only Nani noticed Arnav marching up to his room.


“Bitwa, Where is Khushi bitiya?” Mama asked Akash.


“We dropped her home papa.”


“HHBB, did she come to any use at the court?” Mami asked in her signature twisted way to which Mama sighed disapprovingly.


“As a matter of fact, we didn’t know Khushiji could be so frightening when angry.” He chuckled.


“Yes, Akash. It is almost impossible to clam down a furious Khushi. Did she do something insane?” Payal asked alarmed.


“No no. Actually, Shyam reversed it on us and badmouthed us all in the court, saying we were taking advantage of him and that he was threatened to live in our house with di for our own benefits and much more rubbish in a very convincing way which almost led us to lose the case but Khushiji bravely defended us. If not for her, I don’t know what would have happened.” explained Akash, his tone held admiration towards Khushi.


All the respect the Raizadas had for Khushi had increased ten folds.


“Wish you were there with us NK bhai.”




“While leaving, Khushiji attempted to snatch Rajput uncle’s gun to shoot Shyam in the fits of rage. Bhai was with di and it had been my duty to calm her down.” The horrified face of Akash explained it all. “She is even worse than bhai when angry.”


Gulping, “Glad I wasn’t there!” Nk said.


Everyone laughed.




Anjali spent all day gloomily. She was holding up just for the sake of others and in reality, she was devastated due to her perished marriage. She did not go to pray unlike she always did when she was down. Her laughs and talks were not genuine. Everyone attempted in their own way to cheer her up but couldn’t bring down her facade. It pained all seeing their ever lively Anjali like that.


Arnav entered Anjali’s now-clear-of-Shyam’s-existence room and found her laying on Nani’s lap, her hand clutching Sindhoor box and Mangalsutra. Nani was telling her some soothing tales. He came, knelt before Anjali and smiled softly at her.


“Di, shall we go to the Temple?” he asked.


“What is the purpose? All my Poojas and Vraths did nothing good. Everything went in vain. Here I am, failed in my marriage.” She mumbled.


“Di please don’t say like that. It’s not your fault.” He choked.


Sitting up, “I know. I should not hold myself responsible for my failed marriage or for his….. crimes. But what saddens me is that all these years, I lived in a lie. A lie that I held my utmost commitment to. My Marriage!”


“Anjali bitiya…” tears filled in Nani’s eyes.


“It’s okay Nani. I will be fine. Don’t worry too much about me.” She assured them both and went to the washroom.


She stroked Arnav’s head and lifted up to face her. One look at her face, he hugged her tight and poured out his heart.


“Why? Why always di? What wrong had she committed, Nani? Why is it happening to her?” he sounded almost close to tears.


“Shh! She will be fine. I have never seen her this strong, Chote. There is nothing time cannot heal. All we need to do is to give her some time and space.” Tipping his head up, “Okay?”


He nodded.


“Now, show me your smile.”


Nani asked just like how his mother used to ask Grumpy chote to which, of course, he never reciprocated. But this time it made him smile, reminding his mother.


“Good.” She kissed his forehead and let him up.


Arnav answers his ringing mobile and barks, “What?........I already told you, NO!!........Do you think I will care, Aman?........Just do as I say!” and hangs up.


“What happened Chote? Any problem? Nani asked concerned.


“It’s nothing Nani. There is some problem at work in London which requires me and I have to go immediately. But I don’t care. How can I leave di now?” he explains.


Her face lights up as if an idea occurred.


“Chote why don’t you and Anjali bitiya go to London?” Nani said.


“Nani, why…..”


“Hear me out completely. She needs a change of environment and distraction. She can spend time out doing some kind of activity that interests her while you go work. Just like the last time you both visited......where? Ostrich?”


“Austria.” Mutters Arnav as he processes the idea Nani gave him and he’s quite impressed too. “Okay.” He agrees.


Just then, Anjali stepped out.


“Bitiya, Chote has some important work in London and he is refusing to go as he cannot leave you like this.”


“Chote, stop worrying about me and go!” Anjali said seriously.


“I think you should go along with him.” Before she could protest, “Think about it once bitiya.” Nani requested.


After a while, Anjali agreed to go. Arnav just stood gawking at Nani for how she used him.




The next day :


Arnav ignored the person who just entered his room and continued packing.


“Aren’t you going to ask me why I came here?” the person asked.  



“Why are you being all silent?”



“Hello….. I am talking to you!”



“Are you going to respond or not?”   



“Alright, I am counting to 3. If you don’t talk to me then I….” Arnav simply shot a ‘Then what?’ glare but the person just gulped and said, “..I don’t know what I might do.”



“Okay, 1…………..2…………2¼……..2½ ……2¾ …….. Argh!” Marching up to him, that person snatched the file he had and angrily asked, “Why are you ignoring me Arnavji?”


“Move, Khushi! Let me pack.” He continued packing.


Khushi opened her mouth wide seeing his bags. There were 2 trolley bags. Small and medium. His clothes were packed in the small one and the medium one was completely packed with, guess what, his files!


“You are a machine!” she just mumbled. “Why do you need so many files anyway?”


He stifled a smile seeing her cute petrified face and replied, “Copies. Most of them are copies. If I lose one, I can have another.”


“What if you lost the whole trolley?”




“Why are you here anyway?” he cleverly dodged her question.


“To say ‘Bye. Have a safe and happy journey.’” He almost smiled at her answer. “But you are determined on ignoring me”


His face hardened and turned around but Khushi grabbed his arm.


“Please tell me. Did I do anything wrong?” she pleaded.


Arnav suddenly spun and pulled to him. “Had to hug him, huh?” he asked through gritted teeth.


Khushi frowned, “What?”


“Did you really have to hug him? That rogue, Shyam!” he yanked her closer. “You found no other option that to do that?”


She smiled weakly and said, “Only I know how disgusted I felt.”


Arnav loosened his grip and she continued.


“The man, whom I cannot bear breathing the same air he breathes, I had to….. to go that close to him because I didn’t know what else to do at that time.” She choked.


“Shh, It’s okay!”


“I..I felt…I literally felt shivers run down my spine. He….His touch…That nasty man….I felt sick….That man…. I let that vile man touch me!!”


“Khushi, shh!!!”


Arnav pulled her into a hug, cursing himself for reminding her of Shyam. Well, he can’t help! He couldn’t bear any man near his Khushi or Khushi being close to any man, even if it was just an act or fun.


“I’m sorry Khusi. Please don’t cry. Sorry!” He soothed, gently rubbing her back.


They stayed in that embrace till she cried out her heart, till her hiccups subsided, till he shared his own fears, till she assured him of Anjali, till they find solace in each other and till their heartbeats synchronized. Moving apart, they smiled.


“So……I won the bet.” Khushi declared.


“What bet? I don’t remember having one.” Quizzed Arnav.


“Well, we don’t have one but I won that anyway!”


He frowned.


“My plans work every time. And you swore that would fail or backfire.”


He then understood she was referring to her genius trap-Shyam idea.


“I didn’t doubt it would flop.” Seeing her grin, “Well, not completely though but I was just worried he might hurt you.”


Her grin fell. “Why were you worried? Does it even make any difference to you?” she whispered.


He took in a deep breath and started taking steps forward, where as she backwards.


“Oh yes! It does make a hell lot of difference to me.” He breathed.


“Why?” By then, she was successfully pinned to the wall by him.


“Because……” he dipped down his head to her and inched closer to her lips.


“Because?” She just closed her eyes, completely allowing him to do anything.


“Because…. I….”


They could feel their breaths mingling and hearts thudding violently and just as their lips brushed, HP shouted out from the door that Akash was ready downstairs to go and mercilessly killed the moment Arshi were having, much to Arnav’s vexation.


One look at Khushi, he wished he had a few more minutes with her as a compensation to the upcoming days he has to spend without her. He composed himself with great difficulty and spoke,


“Wait till I return. I will then explain to you in detail why it makes difference to me.” He whispered.


Kissing her cheek, almost at the corner of her lips, he dashed out before he lost control.




I’m extremely sorry for making you wait so long.


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Plot twist-18 (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 61 times)

Part-18 :



Having gone through the bunch of files which kept him off from having a proper rest for days, he now finally relaxed, reclining back onto the deck chair by the poolside, deeply inhaling the fresh air and sipping his mug of black coffee. Returning back home after 2 long weeks from tiring work, was indeed a pleasant feeling. Though he’d never admit, every time he goes on a business trip, he feels homesick but unlike the other times, he had Anjali with him as a chaperone.


Things went well in the last 2 weeks. The commissioner, Mr.Rajput had dug out all of Shyam’s illegal activities and arrested his ruffians. Taking their newly discovered crimes into account, his imprisonment had been extended to 20 years. The problomatic situations at London had been taken undercontrol and Akash had looked after their main office well in the absence of Arnav. Out of everything, Anjali was all recovered now. She took pet therapy sessions for a week and wondorously improved. That was all Arnav wanted, to get his vibrant and lively sister back. 


Just one more thing was left for him now. Khushi. Only he knew how much patience it had taken him not to fly back to Delhi and shout the life out of her. He was so mad at her for not answering any of his calls, chiefly when he kept aside his ego and phoned her. He still was pissed off at her and the reason was he’s been missing her. Missed seeing her face, missed having meaningless banters with her, missed flirting with her and watch her go all flustered.


In those 2 weeks, he realized to what extent he was in love with Khushi and how much he wanted her in his life, till the end. Now with every major tension been taken care off, he could finally think about settling down. Only if he knew months ago, that he’d be considering of getting married and finally let a girl in! He could wait no more to declare his love to Khushi but being a CEO has it’s disadvantages, namely important work which cannot be ignored. He just hoped to get one opportunity soon to bring her closer and got up to leave, remembering some work.




“This joint venture does have it’s benefits but the Bhatias cannot be trusted. We better go through their attainments before signing up with them. Let me get their file, Bhai.”


As Akash went out the study room, Payal intruded in, talking over the phone completely oblivious about Arnav being there, who by then, was waiting for her to notice him so that he could greet her but that hadn’t yet happened, so he resumed working on his laptop but soon got startled when she shrieked.


“And you are telling me now? After 10 days!! __________ So, you all stopped telling me about your happenings there. __________ What nothing like that? __________ Haven’t you for once thought how much I would be worried about you with everyone’s gone? __________ Today! She might come over to stay in for the night. What about the last __________ Oh, you keep shut alright!”


He remained still without making any sound, fearing she would burst out at him too. He had never seen her talk to anyone this rashly.


Now, in a calm tone, “I worry about you a lot, Khushi. ­__________ That’s 5 more days! __________ ”


That gained his complete attention and got him worried. “Has she been talking to Khushi? What did she do? Is she okay.”


Unconsciously, Arnav stood up as Payal spun around and faced him. On seeing him, her momentary surprise was replaced by comtemplation and brokeout into a wide smile with her eyes shining.


“Huh? Yes, I am here. __________ Now you listen to me. Pack your things for a few days and come here to RM. You are staying here, that’s final! __________ I am sure all would love to have you here. Dadiji, Di, Nkji…..,” Looking straight at Arnav, “ and EVERYONE ELSE too. I am not listening to anything. You just get ready. Someone will pick you up soon. Bye.”


Payal hung up, without giving the other person a chance to talk. Now walking up to a stumped Arnav, she gave him a coy smile.


“Well, I owe you one for bringing me and Akashji together. I suppose, it’s time I do something for you.”


Arnav beamed as the realization dawned on him.


“10 days ago, Amma and Buaji took Babuji to an Ayurveda centre in South India for his treatment and I thought Khushi went along with them as well but she stayed back. Don’t know how she spent the nights all by herself. She is….”


“Afraid. I know.” Arnav said, recalling Khushi’s fear of being alone at nights and darkness.


“So, I err, commanded her to stay in here till they return. I hope you don’t mind.” Payal added hesitantly, considering the fact she asked her sister to come over without seeking for his permission.


“Not at all.” He replied grinning, putting an end to her plight.


“You have a few days to win my sister over. Hoping you will fully utilize the oppurtunity I’ve given you.” She said, chuckling. 


“You bet!”


Now seriously, “Though Khushi is not my blood sister, I regard her as one. She is more like a daughter that my sister. That much naive and guileless she is! I suppose I can trust you to cherish her in the way she deserves. Don’t break my trust.”


“Payal, I do know how much you love and are protective of Khushi. Yes, I did hurt her many times in the past. I admit it. But only I know the agony I felt every time I caused her pain. I was a big jerk then. Now, I can never knowingly hurt Khushi. She completely changed me for better. I love her so much and I promise not to break your trust, ever. You will not regret!”


Payal saw the honesty in his eyes. He meant every word he said. She herself witnessed him transforming from an arrogant beast-like man to a caring gentleman. That cannot be said the same for the outer world but to his famiy, he could do anything for them.


She softly smiled indicating of her wholehearted approval.


“Thank you.” Arnav murmured.


They were interrupted by Akash who just then entered with a file.


“Payal? What are you doing here?” he asked.


She took in her surroundings and realized that she was in the study.


“Voh…. Sorry, Akashji. While talking to Khushi on the phone, I didn’t see where I was going.” “I disturbed your work, Arnavji. I’m sorry.” She apologized genuinely.


“For the first time, I am happy that my work has been disrupted. Besides, I can keep off from work for my family, Bhabi cum little sister.” Arnav declared, much to Payal’s contentment.


A gobsmacked Akash wondered how Arnav was in a delightful mood, as he recalled, his brother was in a rather bad-tempered mood in the morning. And now his endearments, that too towards Payal.


This is strange! Is my brother okay?


Catching his nonplussed expression, Payal assured him with her eyes that she would enlighten him about Arnav’s (for Akash) bizarre state, and left the room.




Day passed by and the evening crept up. There entered Arnav restlessly, followed by Akash who was enjoying his ever-rude brother, so much in love and eager to see his girl. He cannot wait to see the journey of this firework of a couple.


Payal revealed to Akash about Arnav being in love with Khushi and their discussion in the morning. Akash, undoubtedly got astonished at disclosure but was really happy for Arnav as he finally found a woman who would look after him and rubs away the painful traces of his tragic past, filling his life with merriment.


Striding to the hall, Arnav’s eyes eagerly searched for Khushi but to his disappointment, there were only elders relaxing on the sofas and chatting. As they noticed them, Akash went and slumped down beside Manorama.


“HHBB, you are back.” She chirped, fondly caressing his cheek.


“Yes, ma. We are back home.” Inhaling deeply, “Whoa! What is this aroma? I am famished already.” Akash said, since the entire house smelt like a bakery.


“Your sister, wife and sister-in-law have been cooking and jabbering in the kitchen since the last 2 hours. They said they wanted to have some fun time by making food.” Pointing to the plates on the table in front of them, “Till now we’ve had tea, pakode, jalebi and what not. A lot of food!”


“That is why your mother is curled up in the sofa. With the amount of snacks she had had, I suppose she wouldn’t be able to move for a while.” Mama joked to which Mami scowled and Akash laughed.


As the trio started pulling each others legs, Nani gestured Arnav to come near her, who was busy searching around the house to have a glimpse of Khushi, clearly not having heard what Manorama said.


“Don’t take trouble. The one you are searching for, is in the kitchen.” Nani said, grinning.


“What? No… I am not looking for Khushi.” Arnav replied quickly.


“Huh? When did I take her name? I was talking about Anjali bitiya.” She said putting up innocent face.


Arnav narrowed his eyes at her, understanding that Nani was teasing him and dashed away towards the kitchen, not before hearing her laugh which brought a small smile to his face. As he neared the kitchen, his nose filled with the aroma of the delicious food that was being cooked and could hear the ladies giggling loudly. Not wasting any second, he marched into the kitchen, startling them in the process.


There she stood in the corner rolling rotis. The smile which she had before he entered had vanished and her eyes widened the second she saw him. For a moment, he noticed her face glow mirroring his but soon faded and it got replaced by a frown. She whipped her face away from him and kept the rolling pin down.


“My phone…. I think my phone is ringing. I will go and ch..check it.” Saying that, Khushi ran to her room without giving a second glance at Arnav.


What the! How dare she!!! It must be me avoiding her and here she…. What does she think of herself? I am coming Khushi Kumari Gupta.


Just as he was about to leave, Anjali spoke.


“Chote, you? In the kitchen?? That too straight from work??? This is unbelievable!” she exclaimed. “What brought you here?” she asked, quirking her eyebrows.


It was quite evident to Arnav that Anjali and Payal knew why he was there. Looking at their faces, it was obvious that they were trying very hard to keep up a straight face. The next second, a giggle escaped from Payal.


“You guys, lose your grin. I’m going to my room.” He said while leaving.


“Sure, Chote. Go freshen up!” Anjali yelled.


“Take your own time, don’t worry.” Payal squealed, too.


Never tell about your love interest to sisters. They will poke fun at every chance they get. Arnav groaned as he heard their girlish shrieks.




“Funny, I thought you’d at least smile seeing me but you didn’t, and to top to that you are avoiding me.” He told, entering her room. “Which in real, it must be me doing that.”


Khushi shot him a glare and resumed setting her clothes in the wardrobe.


Her nonchalance irked him. Turning her around he pinned her to the wall, caging her between his arms. The more she struggled, the closed he moved. So, she gave up.


“You still did not forget me?” Khushi asked fiercely. “Do you now remember that a person named Khushi Kumari Gupta exists after seeing her?


“What the!”


“Don’t what the, Mr.Raizada. Tell me, do you for once thought about calling me in those 2 weeks?” she pushed him on the chest and started moving forward where as he backward.


“I gave you a thousands of calls, left you hundreds of messages but got no response! Daily I spent hours looking at the phone, waiting to hear some thing from you but got nothing.”


Clutching his lapels, “Do you have any idea how much I missed you? How much I yearned to hear your voice, how much I died to see you, how much I…” her voice wavered.


“Wait. Hold on!” Releasing her grasp, “When have you called? I never got any message either.” Arnav questioned.


“What, you never got any? Now, do I have to teach you how to use a phone?” Khushi countered.


“Shut up! I swear, I didn’t get even one.” Taking out his phone, “See!”


She scanned his call log and messages but found none from her.


“How is this possible? Check my phone.” She said, giving her mobile to Arnav.


He was shocked as there was really the calls and messages she sent him.


“Khushi this……… One second!” he said, noticing something. “787 calls? Whose number is this?” Arnav demanded.


Shrugging, “I don’t know. I’ve read in news about this scam calls from other countries. It seemed like a non-native number. So, I did not answer even one call from them.” She finished proudly.


“It sure is a foreign number and it’s mine.” Arnav said, gritting his teeth.


“What, isn’t this your number?” She asked, flashing her phone which showed his local number.


“This, I use here, in India! And that, *pointing to the other one* I use that in London.” He rasped out. “And thank you so much for accusing me with no fault of mine.”


“Well….I… My bad! I wondered why I was getting so many calls in one day from the same number. Didn’t know it would be you. Sorry.” She mumbled feeling guilty.


“You are unbelievable, Khushi Kumari Gupta! You hadn’t answered my calls and here you are, blaming me.”


“I am really sorry, Arnavji. How would I know that you will use another number?”


“Exactly. What else can I expect from this witless woman!”


“Haww! You….”


“You know what, just don’t talk with me.”


“Fine. I won’t talk to you, EVER AGAIN!”


“Great, bye!”


He said and went out the room not before hearing Khushi say, “Goodbye, Laad Governor!”


“If he doesn’t want me to talk to him, then be it. From this moment, Khushi Kumari Gupta will stay mute to Arnav Singh Raizada.” She said out loud firmly determined and set all her clothes in the closet before going down to help out with the dinner.



On the other side, Arnav zoomed straight into his bathroom and came out after taking a shower. It had no effect in calming down our ASR. Breathing out fire, he sat by the poolside with his laptop and started working but was continuously getting sidetracked by Khushi’s thoughts. He sure did miss her so much but now he’s just irked at her imbecile feat.


Minutes later, a tiny blinking light caught his attention when he went to fetch a document and it turned out to be his phone which was buried deep under his heap of files. He did not remember how it went there. Suddenly he ran to save his dying mobile as it had only 1% of battery left and was somewhat surprised that it had survived all these days without being charged.


Plugging in, Arnav switched it on having lost all the patience, eager to check what all calls or messages he had gotten from office and….Khushi. He self berated for forgetting his phone at home before going to London. Wonder filled him as he saw the notifications . There were barely 10 work-related but 112 messages & 790 calls from Khushi.


His heart filled with unknown excitement. When had he ever received that amount of notifications! Grinning, he opened the messages.


Message 1Arnavji, have you reached safely? How is Anjaliji doing? Calls are not getting connected that’s why I’m texting you. Call me once you get free.


Message 2  - It’s been 2 days since you landed there. Is something wrong? Are you both okay? Why aren’t you answering my calls?


Message 37One week! It’s been one week!! Respond to me, Mr. Raizada.


Message 63Please………..Call me. Not that I miss you or something, I want to talk to Anjaliji and at least let me know if she is doing well.


Message 76  - Alright then! This is my last message. I don’t care anymore if you respond or not. I won’t even call you.


Message 94PICK UP MY CALLS OR REPLY TO MY TEXTS!!!! Or just call me, please.


Message 101I…I miss you. Hoping you are fine. Are you angry with me, and that’s why you aren’t answering? Did I do something wrong? Take care…!


Message 112I left you 100+ messages and about a thousand calls in these 2 weeks. You know what, I am a fool. Good bye, Mr.Raizada.


There was a wide smile on his face after he read all the messages. She really did miss him, too. Even more than him. The innocent she, didn’t know that he uses a international number on abroad and that was his fault for not telling her. Even worse, he yelled at Khushi to not talk to him again and Arnav was bloody sure she’d keep up her word.


Uh oh! I’ve got a task ahead and need a mountain amount of patience to accomplish it.





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Plot twist- 19 (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 50 times)

Part-19 :



“Uh…Kh..Khushi, listen I didn’t really mean….” he trailed off seeing her not paying any attention.


As Arnav predicted, Khushi stood by her word and stopped even glancing at him. His patience was being tested by his stubborn girl. He knew why she was doing that, to push him to his limits to see if he’d snap at her like the old times or not. He really wished he was the old ASR who had everything under control, but he wasn’t. He was changed now. He could not hurt Khushi knowingly(or anger her and face the repercussions).


Turning the stove off, Khushi picked up the curry vessel and started her way to the dining hall but Arnav blocked her.


“I told you, I didn’t mean it! Then what is your problem?”


Khushi just scowled at him and gestured to let her through.


“You are not going anywhere until you talk to me. Now, TALK TO ME!”


He, as usual, gripped her by the shoulders and yelled, but failed to elicit any response from her. Irritated to the core, he shook her a bit which caused her hand burn as she was carrying the hot vessel.


“Oh sh*t! Sorry, Khushi! I didn’t do that intentionally.” his panicked reply simply got a sharp glare in response.


“Khushi bitiya, what is taking you so long? Is everything alright?” came Nani’s voice from the dining hall.


Shrugging off his hold, “Yes, Naniji. I am coming.” She left from the kitchen, leaving behind a self-rebuking Arnav, who slowly went to the dining hall and sat with everyone.


“Oh wow! You made Chole Bhature? Thank you so much, Chamkili.” Lavanya shrieked.


“I know you love this, Lavanyaji. That is why I made it for you.” Khushi replied with a smile.


“You are the best!”


“HHBB, no special dish for me, Phati sadi?” asked Mami.


“Here, Maaji! I have made Aloo Paratha for you.” Payal said, serving Manorama.


“That’s it?


“How much will you eat, Manu? You have been non-stop eating since evening, and still you are asking for more dishes.” Manohar chided, to which she sulked.


“Papa, why are you reproving Ma? The entire fault is theirs.” Akash said, pointing at Khushi, Payal and Anjali.


“What?!” they all shouted together.


“Yes, yours. Was there any cooking competition that you all had to cook different amazing dishes without any reason?”


Others smiled, while Anjali replied, “Of course, there was a reason. We are all together after a long time, and that called for a feast.”


“A feast that could fatten your dear Akash bhai, Di.”


“If it is troubling you too much, just don’t eat them, Jijaji.” Khushi teased.


Akash instantly fell silent and started eating food faster.


“All of you just stop! Why are you arguing about delicious food? Just have your food quietly.” Nani admonished everyone.


“You are right, Sasuma. And Akash bitwa, don’t worry about getting fat. We have Miss Tip-Top here to give us some amazing beauty tips.” Mami assured Akash, and everyone laughed.


“You will give first give me tips, won’t you, Miss Tip-Top?” Mami asked again, but Lavanya didn’t reply.


She was busy looking everywhere, as if searching for ‘something’, until Payal, who was sitting next to her, tapped her on the shoulder bringing her back from reverie.


“Are you okay?”


“Huh? Yes, yes, I’m fine! I was just…nothing. And Of course, Mamiji. I will absolutely help you stay beautiful as you always have been.”


The dinner went on with similar playful bickering, and everyone was very happy that the family was back together and the evil shadow was gone. The whole family participated in the conversations but Arnav. He was just sitting next to Khushi trying to get her attention, only to fail every time.


His initial displeasure about Lavanya coming to RM was totally replaced by Khushi’s thoughts. Getting Khushi to talk was becoming tougher and tougher, and his fear was increasing that Lavanya’s arrival might cause hurdles between him and Khushi. But to his relief and surprise, unlike him, no one was finding it awkward to have her in RM, especially Khushi. She and Lavanya were behaving like long-lost best friends, which they really were.


He just wished the dinner would finish soon.


“Chote, did you consider my request again?” Anjali asked extra cutely.


He couldn’t wait for the dinner to finish.




“And all set!” Khushi said, exhaling deeply.


“Was this necessary, Chamkili? I will be staying here only for a few days. You didn’t really have to set all my clothes in the closet.” Lavanya said, rolling her eyes.


“It’s already done, right? Leave it, Lavanyaji.”


“Argh! How many time do I have remind you to call me just ‘Lavanya’?”


“But how can I? I respect you.”


“So, you think I don’t respect you, Khushiji? You think I still treat ill-treat you like I once did long ago, Khushiji? Is our friendship not real, Khushiji? Tell me, Khushiji! Why are you silent, Khushiji? Speak, Khushiji…..”


“Hey Devi Maiyya! Enough, Lavanya. LAVANYA. Are you happy now? LAVANYA. Please, don’t ever call me ‘Khushi-ji’. I cannot take it.” Khushi pleaded joining her palms together.


Lavanya just laughed and said, “I know, Khushi. You do respect me a lot. That does not mean you have to address me by adding a suffix every time. Actually, true best friends call each other in a very insulting manner. So, chill and don’t stress much.”


Smiling, “Okay…but I have been that trying for a long time. Just give me more time.”


“Sure, Chamkili.” 


They both grinned.


“And one more thing….”




“How much have things developed between you and ASR?” Lavanya asked casually.


A completely stumped Khushi, “Wh…what?”  


“You heard me. How much did you both progress?” she asked again, her eyes warm and relaxed.


“I know, Chamkili. Since I stepped in this house again, you have been worried whether I’m okay or not, whether I’ve forgotten everything or not……… And I have. I’ve forgotten everything and am completely fine now. Yes, post-break-up days were difficult. I stayed locked in for a couple of days at my parents place without stepping out of my room. I couldn’t forget. I just couldn’t, no matter how hard I tried.”


“A week later, I started mingling with my parents, cousins and friends again, and then I hardly remembered anything that happened here. I was so happy with them. It was then I realized how much everyone loved me, and it was me that never acknowledged how much I meant to them, because I was so……… arrogant. I was so mean to everyone before I met you, before you brought out the hidden me from me.”


“Having spent most of my life away from home, I grew up without knowing how to actually  live. I was immature and found fun in insulting people inferior to me, spending luxuriously on extravagant things and showing them off, and of course, dating hot guys. It was one year before meeting you I joined in ARd.”


“For many months I was nothing but a mere staff member, who of course, like everybody else had a big crush on ASR, and craved for just his one simple glance, but he had always been the super terrifying boss. Suddenly, one day, he asked me to be his girlfriend because Naniji was pressurizing him to get married. So, he proposed me that, and I wasn’t a fool to let the golden chance go.”


“We were a couple just for the namesake. He showered me with presents to be as he wanted, and I stayed with him to show off before my friends. It was entirely a chaste relationship and I didn’t want anything more. When I stayed in RM, I thought I had fallen in love with him but it was nothing but a strong infatuation. It was an affectionate genuine family that I’d always wanted and I found it in here, thanks to you for making me realize it. That was what I missed and it was then I realized I was never in love with ASR, but I loved his family. Or to be precise, the family atmosphere. It was why I wanted to marry him.”


“Conclusion- Don’t worry about me, Khushi. Now I am more than just fine and my family has never been happier.” Lavanya said happily.


A teary-eyed Khushi simply hugged Lavanya hard and she reciprocated happily. They stayed like that for a while.


“You didn’t say you missed me.” Khushi complained jokingly.


“Aren’t I here for you now?” she asked back as the answer.


“Yes, you are, Lavanyaji.” *Swat* “Ow! Lavanya.”


“Haha, that’s better.” Breaking the hug, “Do you know the reason why we broke up?”




“It’s because I had realized that ASR was deeply in love with you.”


Khushi stayed frozen for a while before replying, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”


“Oh, not you too! Come on, Chamkili. Don’t be an ASR. I didn’t think you would deny it.” Lavanya exasperated. “Be a Khushi and admit you feelings openly to me.”


“No, I don’t love him. What made you think like that?” Khushi challenged, turning away from Lavanya.


She plainly smiled, “Your voice wavered, lips quivered and eyes turned moist when you said, ‘I don’t love him’. I reckon those points are enough.”


A minute later, wiping her eyes, “Yes, I do love him. I love him so much.” Khushi admitted.


Lavanya grinned widely, “I know. Then what is the problem? What’s stopping you guys?”


“He…..he….that Laad Governor! His mood shifts in a wink. He gives mixed signals. One minute he cares lovingly and another minute he tries to murder me. I mean, I am almost certain he hates me, but just he has grown a soft corner for me since our siblings are married.” Khushi trashed him.


“Obviously. He is like that, and I’m sure you know him better than anyone does. Then why don’t you talk to him?”


She scoffed, “I will never talk to him again.”


“Why not?”


Then Khushi explained the little fight they had had and why she was determined not to talk to him.


Stunned cum amused Lavanya said, “This was ……..strange. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought ASR would be having this crazy little silly tiff with someone.”


“I know, right? This Laad Governor always does this. Then how will I know his true feelings for me?” Khushi sighed.


“No, Khushi. It was strange because ASR never behaves this way with anyone, not even with Di. Just with you. He acts strange just with you, he acts immature just with you, he changes just for you, he hurts you but heals you for you. This is what I could make out from what you told me. Isn’t it pretty obvious that he is in love with you?”


Khushi looked up at her.


“You have already known that, Khushi. But there is something stopping you from admitting it wholeheartedly. Just think calmly about it.” Lavanya advised.


Khushi gave a weak smile, “Thank you, Lavanya-ji…… Uh, Lavanya.”


They both smiled.


“That’s it.”


“I have one question. Have you been reading any psychology books? You have studied everyone so well. You could be a psychologist, you know!” Khushi teased.


“Ha..Ha..Very funny, Chamkili. But yes. I have been reading those books. And Gosh! You’ve reminded me, I’ve got some psychology books for Anjali Di. She asked me to get them for her.”


Taking out the books, “Let me just go and give these to her. I’ll be back in 10 minutes.” Saying that, Lavanya left.


Finding herself in the solitude, Khushi allowed herself to think what was stopping her from unreservedly embracing the fact that he was loving her. What was scaring her? She knew him well enough to figure out how he was but not well enough to estimate every time how he would behave the next moment. Her heart clenched remembering the Diwali night.


That was it! She was afraid that he would come close to her, like incredibly close to her, and then push her away as if she didn’t matter, hurt her and wound her heart again. That night was so horrible that she just prayed to every God to help her to forget the whole incident completely. It almost broke her self-respect and dignity, and she was not yet ready to take chance regarding them. But for how long?


She then realized running away from him or always fighting with him, weren’t ever gonna work. She should face it altogether, be it his love or his anger, even if it costed her self-respect and dignity because she loved him so much. She was loving him so much that she now perceived it impossible to stay away from him any longer.


With a newly found determination, she smiled widely and lifted her head up. Her smile got replaced by a blank expression when she noticed Arnav staring at her from the poolside of his room. He again made mute-feats for good 5 minutes and gestured how much sorry he was but never actually said sorry.


Amused Khushi took pity on him and her lips widened into a bright smile, indicating that she had forgiven him. Relief washed over him and he beamed. She noticed him doing something on his phone and soon got a call from him, and answered it.


Just to satisfy you, I rang you from ‘MY’ number.” He said, smirking.


Just having not chosen to torture you, I answered.” She said, smirking back.


So, we are okay now? Like Okay Okay!?”






She woke up with a groan for the nth time that night. Deciding the best idea to get good sleep was to get in some fresh air, she exited the room. Finding the terrace’s door open, she went up there only to see the man who’s thoughts had been disturbing her for a few weeks now. Her heart fluttered instantly.


“You? What a pleasant surprise!” Lavanya shrieked.


Startled NK was at a loss of words for a while after seeing her, his heart also started thumping with full force. He came back to senses when she snapped her fingers.


“Do you remember me? I am Lavanya, we met a couple of weeks ago. You took a bullet for me, remember?”


“Oh, yes, of course, I do remember! It’s impossible to forget you.” He said dreamily.


“What?” she asked surprised.


“I..I mean. I saved you, how can a hero forget the people he saved?” NK laughed. “No, I was just joking. Come on, please take a seat.”


Lavanya sat on the swing and NK settled himself down on a couch opposite to her.


“How are you?” she asked, indicating his arm.


“I’m fine now. Stitches completely faded, the pain is gone, I’m good. What about you?”


“I’m fine, too, thank you.” Lavanya replied. “I didn’t see you at dinner, did you go somewhere? I’ve looked for you.”


“Oh, I’ve been sleeping the whole day, woke up just an hour ago. That’s why I’m here to get some fresh breeze.” Nk explained, “It is 2AM. Why aren’t you sleeping?”


Sighing, “Chamkili’s been sleep talking so much. I couldn’t sleep.”


“Chamkili?” Nk asked confused.


“Oh, I call Khushi ‘Chamkili’. She is my best friend.” Lavanya clarified.


“Really? She is my best friend too. Actually we became BFFs in a really short time. Who wouldn’t like such a sweet woman? She has a magical ability of turning any atmosphere into lively environment. I’m proud to be her best friend, she can change people easily.” NK talked non-stop about his best friend who he adored so much.


“Yes, she changed me as well.” Lavanya whispered remembering how their relationship was in the beginning and how it was now.


“I..I mean, we also became close friends pretty quickly. She changed me into a better person in just the few time I spent here.”


“You spent here? Where are you from, exactly?” NK asked confused.


“My family is from Mumbai, I lived there till I was 10, and then we all moved to London. Both my parents are doctors, they stayed in London where as I completed my education studying in various universities at different places.”


“Cool! So, what are you doing now?” 


“I’m currently exploring myself, what I’m good at, what I actually want!” Lavanya frankly replied.


“Even cooler!” NK exclaimed.


“Hahaha! Tell me about yourself.”


“Me? Well, as you already know, I’m Akash’s cousin, Nanda Kis****. I am an only son, living with his parents in Sydney. My dad owns a construction company in which I’m the MD. I flew to here taking break from work for a couple of months to attend Akash’s wedding, but seems like I’m not gonna leave until Nannav gets married.”




“Oh, I call Arnav ‘Nannav’.” Nk replied, grinning.


“And ASR doesn’t get irritated?” Lavanya asked, surprised.


“Heck, he gets super irritated! But this is my hobby. I love testing his limits.” He laughed.


“You are something..!”


“That I am! How do you know this family?” he asked.


Flustered, “Oh…well…I worked as ASR’s Personal Secretary for a few months. That’s how I met this family and Khushi.”


“You are not working for him now?”




Noticing she was not comfortable talking about it, NK changed the topic.


“So, what are your hobbies?”



And then, the 2 talked and talked and talked not noticing how the time passed. Both had been unknowingly disturbed by each other’s thoughts, and couldn’t ignore the mystical pull since the day their eyes met. Was this supposed to happen? Who knew? 


“So, you are the one teamed up with Anjali Di and Naniji to make ASR jealous!”


“Yes! How do you know that?”


“Since I couldn’t make it to Akash and Payal’s wedding, I was in contact with Di and Naniji all these months. They told me about the weird behavior of Chamkili and ASR. I knew they both are so adamant, and needed a strong push to realize their love. So, I told them about ASR and Chamkili, and their battling feelings.”


“Oh! But actually, their ‘battle’ was quite evident. So, when they asked me to move closely with Khushiji, I got the whole story. Man, it was so fun making Nannav envy!” NK said laughing.


“I know, right! Khushi just wouldn’t stop complaining about him whenever we talked on the phone.” Lavanya added and yawned.


“Wow, it’s almost 3:30 AM. We’ve been up for so long. You better go get some sleep.” Nk said.


“Yeah…… It was great talking to you, NK. I had a really amazingly time. Good night, bye!”


“Wait!” NK called out and raised his arm up.


Confused Lavanya gave him a High-Five, and asked, “What was that for?”


“Progress! We have now officially become good friends from strangers.” unsure NK replied.


Laughing, “Yes, we are now good friends.” Lavanya confirmed.


“Awesome! Okay, good night, now. Bye.”


“Bye, NK.”


Just as she turned away from him, she couldn’t help her heated cheeks and pounding heart. So wasn't he. NK couldn’t understand why he behaved like an absolute dumbo before her. But in the end, they both couldn’t stop smiling.




It had been a week. Everyone had forgotten the catastrophe that took place. Shantivan was back to being jolly again with all of the family teasing, having silly fights, games, occasional Poojas etc. They were now more close to one another than ever. It was now proved that if you have family together and their support in difficult times, you could overcome any obstacle.


Nani couldn’t express how happy she was seeing the family happy together. Mama was again immersed in work, and almost everyday wooing his extra-dramatic wife who didn’t change at all. Akash and Payal were the so-in-love couple as they always were. Lavanya and NK were now more than just close friends.


Arnav and Khushi……Well, they were unconsciously and unofficially courting each other. Khushi would spend time with the whole family when Arnav was at work, but once he’s home, nothing would keep them apart. After dinner, they would just go to the terrace and spend time together till after mid-night. She became his more than essential to survive.


He many times, by many times, I meant almost a hundred times tried to profess his love for her but he just couldn’t do that due to unfamiliar fear. And it always broke his heart seeing Khushi’s enthusiastic eyes go disappointed. Still he never gave her the option to go away from him regardless of the incalculable times they fought in just the past week. She was his and always will be, despite our hero didn’t man up the courage in declaring his love.


“I cannot do it anymore! I just cannot! Every time he looks in my eyes with so much love, my heart couldn’t help but hope he would profess his feelings, only to get disappointed.” Khushi poured out her heart before her 2 BFFs.


“Don’t feel sad, Chamkili. You know him, right! Give ASR some more time.” Lavanya advised, but she also lost patience by then.


“How much more time, Lavanya? My family is returning tomorrow, and I have to go back.” Khushi rasped.


“Man, It sucks being a man, trust me! His lady waits to hear his proposal but he hesitates to do so, fearing rejection.” Nk said.


“Yeah, right! How many ladies have you proposed till now, chocolate boy?” Lavanya mocked.


“No count.” He teased, but seeing her stern face, “Come on, Lav, just kidding. I was talking about men in general.”


“Nice!” She said rolling her eyes.


“Where are you going, Khushiji?” Nk asked, noticing Khushi going out of the room in a rather angry mood.


“It is 9:30PM. My Laad Governor must be waiting for me on the terrace. Why should I wait for him? I will myself profess my love first. I’m done waiting!” saying that, she sped off.


“Oh God! I hope everything goes well.” Lavanya prayed.


“Come on, let’s go and tell Di and Dadi.” NK suggested.


“Just one second, let me put these clothes in my trolley bag.” She said packing.


“Wait, are you leaving?” he asked gloom gripping him.


“Yes, obviously I came to stay here mainly because to be with Khushi. Once she leaves, it would be highly inappropriate for me to stay here.” She revealed.


NK fell silent right away. This was the topic she always refused to talk about. No matter how hard he tried, she didn’t tell him directly if anything had happened here or not.


Coldly, “You pack up soon. I will go and tell others.” He.


“NK, wait!”


She called for him but he took off. The tears which she had been holding up had leaked down, and she had no idea why sorrow filled her seeing NK coldly. Maybe she did know why she was sad but was refusing to acknowledge it.




Bursting open the door, Khushi yelled without even taking in the surroundings, “Enough is enough, Laad Govenor! I am done being patient and now I don’t care anymore. It is going to be me who breaks the ice……..”


There stood a wide-eyed Arnav who stopped whatever he was doing listening to the furious Khushi.


“All this….” Khushi whispered looking around.


The entire terrace was decorated with fairy lights and balloons. In the middle, there was a huge love placard with ‘Marry me!” written on it. Reading that Khushi couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. She slowly reached the frozen-in-the-same-spot-for-a-while Arnav, and looked at him in anticipation.


2 minutes passed, he didn’t move nor blinked.


“Are we going to stay like this forever?” she murmured.


“Uh? Well….no! Why….why are you here?” he stuttered.


“What?” she shrieked horrified. “Who is this all for?”


“It….it…it’s for you. It is for you! But you are early. I am not prepared for this yet.” Arnav said waving the paper in his hand.


Not bothering his protest, Khushi took it from him and read it. A bright smile formed in her face and eyes.


“Arnavji……you don’t need to do all this. All I was dying to hear from you are the three words. These decorations and love proposal speech in the paper, is not what I am craving for. You know what I want.” Khushi whispered, her voice wavering.


Taking a deep breath, “I know, Khushi. I know what you want, and I cannot apologize enough for making you wait so long. I was…..scared. I was so afraid that I would lose you forever if you rejected me.” Arnav said softly.


“Why did you think so?” she asked cupping his face.


Holding her hands, “Ever since I met you, I have always been a nightmare in your life. I have hurt in-numerous times, humiliated you in front of everyone, demeaned your dignity, and lastly, hit on your self-respect by pushing you away that night.”


She knew which night he was referring to. He wiped her tears and made her look into his eyes which were full of remorse.


“It’s nothing, Arnavji. I am fine, really.”


“Shh! Don’t say that. I know how much you were hurt that night, and all the other times, because I know. I know how much they effected you, as every time I hurt you, it hurt me 10 times more. I swear, Khushi, every time I caused you pain, I didn’t mean any of it. It was to shield me from surrendering to you.” He admitted.


“I was terrified. You brought all the alien feelings out from me, and I was scared to let anyone come close to me. What if my loved ones left me like my mother did? I wouldn’t survive this time. But life challenged me. The more I pushed you away, the closer you came, and I gave up.”


Khushi was now crying tears of joy. The fear she had about him, was completely eliminated by himself.


“And now coming to what you’ve been wanting to hear, I…I… Well, this is my first time. So, bear with me.” Arnav mumbled.


“Here it comes….. I…. Correct me if I make any mistake.”


“Just say it!” impatient Khushi groaned.


“Okay, Whew! I…. wait, let me get that paper……” he said, but a chuckled escaped him.


“You, LAAD GOVERNOR!!! You’ve been doing this on purpose! Look what I am going to do to you…..”


She was about to charge at him, but laughing, he caught hold of her hands and twisted them behind her and pulled her close to him until their chests were plastered.


I love you, Khushi Kumari Gupta!” Arnav breathed.


They both could feel their heart pounding against each other.


“I love you, too.” She managed to whisper back, and collapsed on his chest crying.


Arnav hugged her tightly and let her cry as these tears weren’t bothering him, after all, these are happy tears.


“Okay, now, stop it. You are supposed to be jumping with joy, but I can understand you. Basically, you declared that you love this Rakshas.” He teased.


“Yes, he is a Rakshas. But there is a Raj Kumar in him, too. He will save me from the Rakshas.” She replied laughing.


“You wouldn’t see that Rakshas ever again, Khushi, I promise. Unless, of course, you test him limits.”


“Well……. I can’t promise that.”


He kissed her forehead and hugged her, saying, “Please, never change. I love the chirpy you.”


“You also don’t change. I love the hot-headed you.”


Still remained in the blissful hug, Khushi laughed noticing the huge love-placard.


“Seriously, Laad Governor? ‘Marry me’? What happened to ‘Will you’?”


“I wouldn’t have given you a ‘No’ option, anyway.”


Arnav and Khushi got startled hearing the cheering of family who had entered the terrace. Embarrassed on getting caught, they parted blushing. Soon they both were engulfed in a hug by everyone happily.


“Finally! It took them so long! Congratulations!!!” Anjali exclaimed.


“I am proud of myself.” Said Nk, wiping his fake tears.


“Okay, cut it down, NK. That’s too much.” Lavanya chided to which Anjali and Nani agreed.


“HHBB, how did all this happen?” Mami whispered to Mama.


“It somehow happened. Now you please don’t ruin everyone’s mood.” Mama requested.


“What do you think, I am a devil that is after spoiling happy occasions?” offended Mami returned to her room, followed by Mama.


“Ever since you told me about Bhai and Khushiji, I’ve been waiting to see this moment that how he’d propose. My life is complete now!” Akash told Payal.


“You are doing too much, Akashji.” Going to Khushi, “I am very angry with you right now, Khushi. You never bothered telling me.” Payal pouted.


“Sorry, Jiji. Please, forgive me.” Khushi said, holding her ears.


Payal tried keeping a straight face but couldn’t, seeing her cute sister.


“Just this once.” She replied and hugged Khushi.


All this time, Arnav stood in the centre trying hard to maintain a stern face listening to his family’s teasing comments. He just wished they would stop making fun of him.


“Okay, you guys! The first ritual is Shagun, right?” he asked in an attempt to stop their teasing.


Instantly, “Ohhhhhhh! So eager to make her yours?!!” came the response from everyone.


Khushi turned into the deepest crimson, where as Arnav wished he remained shut.





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Jul 9, 2017

Plot twist - 20 (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 44 times)


Part-20 :



It had been a week since everyone's got to know about Arnav and Khushi. Guptas returned the next day, and were ecstatic on learning the sweet news. Everyone were eagerly looking forward for their wedding.


Khushi went back to GH, and Lavanya, to London, promising to visit them again soon. Shashi’s health had improved a lot. He could now talk but slowly, and stand with the help of someone. Both Arnav and Akash, after the Guptas came back, made sure Shashi was getting the best treatment by appointing a private duty nurse.


The past week had been rather amusing for all the Raizadas, except Arnav, as they all got to see the restless Arnav who continuously kept asking when would be the first ritual. Taking pity on him, Nani decided to perform Shagun soon.


It was the day of Shagun. The whole Raizada clan was going crazy looking after the arrangements, taking care to make everything perfect for their Prince Arnav, and to pacify him as he had been denied to come to GH for the ceremony. All was set and ready to go.


“Manorama, please make it fast. Everyone is ready but you. All are waiting for you.” Mama requested his wife.


“Hello Hai Bye Bye! Just wait! It is my dear nephew’s first wedding ritual. I have to look extra beautiful, don’t I?” Mami said, applying her blush. “And I am done! How do I look?”


As much as he wanted to say that she looked like a clown, Manohar kept shut.


“Lovely.” He managed to mutter. “Shall we leave now?”


“Yes, yes!”


Manorama began digging her wardrobe.


“What now?” Manohar exasperated. “Manu, you’ve already taken so long and delayed everyone. How much more time do you want to get ready? This is the limit….”


“Quiet. I’ve found it!” she exclaimed, bringing out a gift-wrapped box. “Now, we can go.”


“What is this?” Manohar asked, scanning it.


“This? A present from me to that Phati Sadi.”


“What! Why sudden affection?” he asked, surprised. “I observed that you’ve started calling Payal bitiya ‘Bahu’ instead of ‘Khoon Bhari Tang’, and now a special gift for Khushi bitiya. Has this Manorama become tender towards the Daughter-in-laws of this house?”


“Of course, not! I am the first Daughter-in-law of this family, and will always be the one with control over them both. You should know that I will never soften down towards them! This gift…..it… it’s because Arnav bitwa loves that Phati Sadi. I thought he will feel happy.”


“When has he ever cared about presents?”


“I…Well….You stop your investigation!”


Manorama sped down leaving behind her husband chuckling as she failed to conceal her fondness towards Payal and Khushi.


At the porch, Nani noticed Mama and Mami reaching them.


“What is this, Manorama? See, everyone is waiting for you. Go, get seated in the car.” Nani instructed Mami.


“And Manohar beta, have you seen Chote anywhere?”


“No, Ma.”


“Nani, Chote furiously left for the office even before we woke up. He is so angry because we denied him to come along with us for Shagun.” Anjali answered while laughing. “You get in the car now.”


Raizadas started to Guptas House.




“Khushi, are you ready? They are here.” Garima asked, gently.


“Yes, Amma.” Khushi replied, smiling brightly.


“Good. Now, stay here until we call you.” Kissing her forehead, “You look lovely.”


Garima went out of the room.


Khushi’s smile slowly faded and got replaced with anger when she looked at her phone.


“That Laad Governor! He’s neither answering phone nor responding to my messages. What wrong did I do? I said that he could not come for Shagun. And that’s it, I became non-existent for him.”


“It’s not like we are not going to see each other for a long time or so, in fact, we daily drive to city outskirts and spend some time at the Hill view. Can’t he keep away for just one hour? Also he will be having office during the ritual!”


She rang him once more but that also went unanswered.


“Fine! Don’t talk with me, I will also give you the silent treatment!”


Just as Buaji entered the room, Khushi angrily slammed her phone down on the bed.


“Hai re Nandakis****! Oi, Sanka Devi! Why are you looking annoyed? It is time you come out now, and no one would be pleased seeing a cranky bride-to-be.” Buaji tried to keep her voice low.


Khushi pouted.


“Let smile blossom on your beautiful face, Titaliya.” Waving around her hands in front of Khushi’s face, “Let any evil eye ward off you.”


Laughing, Khushi hugged her.


“Now, come, and stop laughing. You should be blushing with a shy smile.”


Khushi laughed even more.




“We have talked with the Pandit and he said we could perform the engagement ceremony this Saturday, that is an auspicious day. Shall we fix that day?” Nani queried the Guptas.


“Whatever you think is good, Nandakis****.” Buaji said.


“Let us ask Khushi bitiya once.” Shashi suggested.


“Yes, we should get her opinion.” Garima agreed.


They all looked at Khushi, who was being showered with presents by rest of the Raizadas, away from elders.


“Okay, I will ask her myself.” Nani said, smiling and proceeded towards Khushi.


“Do you know, Khushiji? Chote is so angry with all of us at home.” Anjali said.


“What is new in that, Anjaliji? Being always in a rage mode is a birth-right for him. He is not talking with me, too.” Khushi said, annoyance clearly visible.


Anjali giggled.


“You know, Khushiji, Nannav almost killed me and Akash last night.” NK laughed.


“No need to ask ‘Why’ because everyone knows you are ever-ready to test Arnavji’s patience.” Payal shook her head.


“Well, it ain’t me this time, Akash started it.” NK pointed finger at him.


“What? Me? No! Why would I want to attempt a suicide stunt?” Akash yelped.


“It was your idea, my dear brother!”


“Hell, it wasn’t!”


“Hell, it was!”


“Arre, shup up you both, and tell us what happened!” Mami shouted, unable to contain her curiosity.


“NK tagged me forcibly along with him to Bhai’s room and babbled about the fun we would be having at GH the next day during Shagun. He was already super mad at us, and NK riled him up furthermore.”


Khushi unknowingly succeeded in making every Raizada’s initial reaction on seeing a pissed-off Arnav was to shake with amu****t, unlike before when they used to get terrified. That happened now as well. They were laughing imagining vexed Arnav.


“Okay now, stop making fun of my Chote and move aside. I need to speak with Khushi bitiya.” Nani commanded.


Everyone stepped away and soon were joined by the Guptas.


“Khushi bitiya, we are planning to do the engagement this Saturday. Is it okay?” Nani asked, gently.


Khushi couldn’t believe it was really going to happen. She would be soon engaged to Arnav, and then, wife! A shy smile bloomed and she bobbed her head in ‘Yes’. Roars of joy erupted in Gupta House. Raizadas spent some more time there before leaving.


“Namaste!” Guptas seen them off.


“Khushi, me and Jiji are going to a temple.” Garima said, taking her clutch.


“What? You are going to temple without me! I am also coming.” Khushi firmly stated.


“No, you stay here. The nurse didn’t come today. You look after Babuji, he is currently sleeping. We will be back in 2 hours.”


“But Amma, what is the hurry? We all can go later together, right?” Khushi pouted.


Garima scowled.


“Fine, go.” She muttered.


Smiling, “You can go in the evening, Bitiya. Now, Lalitha aunty is joining us there. She is not good, and I don’t want you to meet her. That’s why.”


“Okay, Amma.”


She gave a quick hug.


“Hai re Nandakis****!!! Are you coming or not?!” Buaji yelled from the auto.


“Coming, Jiji!” Garima said, rushing towards Buaji.


Chuckling, Khushi closed the doors and went to check on Shashi. He was fast asleep, she adjusted his duvet. Her happiness knew no bounds seeing the gradual health improvement of Shashi.


Gently touching his feet, “I am at peace now, Babuji.” Khushi wiped the happy tears that escaped her eyes.   


Without making any noise, she got out the room and ran straight into a table, and got a whole jug of water spilled on her.




Huffing and puffing, Khushi banged her door shut after entering and marched straight to her closet while discarding the long and heavy dupatta of her Lehenga.


“That Laad Governor is getting on my nerves, and now, this ice cold water drenched me.”


She threw the dupatta away and took out her plain-old simple salwar suit. Settling down on the bed, she struggled to unhook her heavy necklace.


“Shall I help you?” came a voice from behind.


Startled, Khushi turned back and discovered Arnav standing by the window, smirking.


“You?! What are you doing here? How did you get in?” she shot questions, wide-eyed.


“The window.” Arnav simply answered.




“Yes, window. You always leave it open. How many times have I told you not to do it?”


Vexed, he came and sat before her on the bed.


“Why don’t you get this simple matter into your dumb head that it’s dangerous to keep your window always open!” his yelling made Khushi flinch.


“I..I need fresh air to come in…. And hello! How dare you shout at me? It is ME who should be shouting at you!” Khushi yelled, now completely facing him.


“No calls or messages from you, and neither you responded to mine! What do you think of yourself? One moment you will be so caring and teasing me, and the other moment you behave as if I am invisible to you! Not just you, even I can stay without talking to you.”


While Khushi was ranting, smirking Arnav settled himself comfortably on the bed, enjoying the view.


“Stop smirking! And how long have you been in here? When did you come?”


“I came in as soon as you left the room.”


“What?! You were here all during Shagun!”


“Yes.” He replied, calmly.


“How could you? Grooms are not allowed in that ceremony. We all told you not to come, right? Then…”


“Shhh!” He closed her mouth, “You talk too much.”


“I didn’t break any rule. I stayed in your room while you all carried on with the ritual outside. That’s it, simple.”


“You….you cheated!” she squeaked.


“Shh, I told you to keep quiet. Be a good girl and listen to me.” Now hovering over Khushi, “You are being disobedient these days, throwing temper tantrums like a child.”


“Haww! You were the one who stopped talking just because you weren’t allowed in Shagun. Wasn’t that childish, Laad Governor?” Khushi shot, glaring.


“No, that wasn’t childish. I’d term that possessiveness. No one keeps Arnav Singh Raizada from seeing his Khushi. And when she herself denied, he got angry and swore not to respond to you.”


The passion in his words and love in his eyes swamped all her rage in ice-cold water. Arnav’s temper-mental nature rubbed off on Khushi where as he caught her naughtiness, but this applied only with one another.


“Then why are you here?” she asked, quirking eyebrows.


“I told you, no one can keep Arnav Singh Raizada away from his Khushi, not even himself.” He kissed her forehead, “Sorry, Khushi. I overreacted.”


Leaning onto his chest, she hugged him, “This is nothing new, my Laad Governor.”


Smiling, he hugged her back tightly, breathing in her heavenly scent.


“I want to stay like this forever in your arms.” She mumbled.


“Yeah, we can stay but don’t you want your gift?” he asked, running hand on her back.


“What gift?”


Moving apart, he brought out a big gift-wrapped package from under the bed and gave it to Khushi.


“Everyone presented you many things today but me. So, this is for you from me.”


“What is this?”


Khushi asked excitedly before snatching the package and tore it open in a very unladylike manner, which amused Arnav to a great extent.




In the box, there was a multi-colored gold sequin-bordered heavy designer Lehenga Choli which would suit Khushi exceptionally. Arnav was apprehensive fearing whether Khushi would like it or not, but seeing her delighted face, he assumed she didn’t dislike it.


“Uh..Khushi? This…I actually designed it myself keeping your tastes in mind for the engagement. Do you like it?”


“Like it? I love it, Arnavji! This is so beautiful and would suit me very well. See the design, looks classy but modest at the same time. I’m sure I would be very comfortable wearing this. Thank you so much!!!” she hugged him.


Her thrilled response eliminated all his anxiety, and the pride returned.


“I knew it. Arnav Singh Raizada knows what suits best for you.” He said, his head held high.


She punched him.


“Ow! Okay, okay. I’m glad you liked it,” His pride tamed down. “You don’t even have to try this on. It fits you perfectly.”


“How are you sure?” she asked, surprised.


“I know your exact measurements.” He replied, naughtily.


Khushi turned crimson instantly, “H…how?”


“Figuring out your figure was a child’s play for me.” He said, boldly.


But he knew the truth that he sucked at guessing her figure by naked eyes. Besides, it would be indecent. Arnav got the information he required from Payal, who willingly helped him.


“Hey Devi Maiyya! Does it mean you check out every woman like that?!!” she screamed.


“What the hell! No, Khushi! I am not such rascal-type man,” he shouted in horror that Khushi was mistaking him in a whole new wrong way, “Payal helped me.” 


“Jiji helped you? Thank God, for one second my heart stopped beating.” She relaxed.


“Mine even worse!” He exhaled heavily, “I know the media had always showed me as a Casanova but all of those rumors were utter ****, I just never bothered about them, that’s it! Please, never misunderstand me! You have been the only girl in my life..”


“Arnavji, stop! You don’t have to say anything. I know you love me and that is what all that matters.” She said, cupping his face.


He tilted to side and kissed her palm, “So…the dress, will you wear it for our engagement?”


Chuckling, “No, it’s so ugly. I won’t wear it.” She replied.


“Acha, so Khushi Kumari Gupta to-be Raizada is having fun, huh?” he murmured, “Then let me also have fun…”


He leaned forward until khushi completely laid on the bed with Arnav hovering over her. Her dhak-dhak was back with full force and lips started quivering. Khushi was alarmed seeing the pure glint of raw desire in his eyes, and hence tried pushing him off her by his chest but he just threw aside the gift package which had been a barrier between them both. Now their fronts were completely plastered and could feel the pounding of hearts in union.


Looking into her eyes, he first kissed her forehead, signifying his love for her. Then he showered feather-like kisses on her eyes, cheeks, cute little nose, chin and trailed further down to her neck, all the while his one hand fondling her bare waist and the other caressing her neck, making her give more access to Arnav.


Both were lost in a web of passion they were both newly discovering and weren’t willing to stop. As he was giving her heated smooches, Khushi tugged on his hair, wanting more and more of him, but Arnav didn’t budge. He buried his face in her bosoms while nipping, his one hand rimming around her naval, exciting her even more.


Moving up to collar bone he gently bit into her flesh, making her gasp due to sudden sting, but he soothed the pain with wet kisses. Noticing the now-formed hickey, his pride elevated that he for the first time physically marked Khushi as his, and went on giving her many more love bites. Khushi could not take anymore of his sensual  torture, but this wasn’t enough. She once more tugged on his hair wanting him to come up.


Just as she was about to pull him up by force, his phone rang snapping her out of the euphoria. As much as she wanted to go further, she knew they had to stop.


“Ar…Arnavji, stop. Ah…your p..phone is ringing.”


Khushi shook him.




“Shh, leave it.” He rasped, as he moved up and started to nibble her earlobes.




She tried to bring Arnav out but he wasn’t willing to stop. His face was now rapidly moving close and Khushi realized that he was going to kiss her lips next. She had to stop him now, or else it would be too late. Hungrily, he reached her lips to kiss but before he could do that, Khushi bit his nose hard.


“OWW! What the hell, Khushi!!” he shouted, glaring at her and rubbing his nose.


Khushi didn’t know what to respond. What took place moments ago was something she would have never shared with, or allowed anyone to do so before marriage. This was against her morals. She was conscience-stricken but at the same time, everything felt right, to be honest, more than right. Arnav made her feel that way.


Yes, Khushi wouldn’t want any kind of intimacy to happen before marriage, but also yes, in that moment she felt like taking it to the next step. The problem now was how to get through this embarrassing situation, as she kind of encouraged Arnav to do more. Then she convinced herself that the solution to escape was to blast at him.


“Keep your ‘What the’ to yourself, what were you doing? I have told you many times by now that no such things before marriage, you shameless..”


“Excuse me? Shameless?” Settling down properly, “Someone was urging me to go further. I wonder who that was.” He retorted, smirking.


“No, I wasn’t!”


“Yes, you were, my darling! Tugging on my hair, pulling me up to you, and look at my poor shirt’s state,” he said, pointing at his all crumpled-up and 3 buttons came undone shirt.


She gasped covering her mouth, wide-eyed.


“And it wasn’t my fault. You look so tempting.”


He slowly trailed his eyes down, grinning.


Confused, “What are you....? HEY DEVI MAIYYA!!!!!”


To her horror, she realized that she was wearing just her Lehenga and Choli, baring half of her torso to him.


Quickly covering herself with both arms, “This….How….When…” she stammered, not meeting his eyes.


“From the very beginning.” he said, casually.


“Th..then why didn’t you tell me?”


Grinning, “Why should I? Had I warned you, I would have missed so much enjoyment.”


He proceeded forward with an intent to tease her more, but stopped as he sensed her discomfort. He would give anything to see her cheeks beautifully flushed, eyes lowered in shyness and uneven breaths puffing out with her lips quivering, but not this unpleasantly flushed  look on her face.


He then assumed that he had moved a bit too fast for Khushi. Glancing at her, he picked up the duppatta she discarded and wrapped it around covering her form entirely, making sure not to look anywhere indecent.


Surprised, Khushi opened her eyes and met his.


“You don’t look that bad in this color as well.” he whispered.


Thinking he was mocking her, she once took a glance at her cream and purple Lehenga-choli, and moved her gaze again back up to him. There was pure love in his eyes, and now she was sure that he really liked her in that attire.


Kissing her forehead, Arnav moved to the door and said, “See you later. And make sure you lock your door and window.”


Arnav left.


Not wanting him to leave, she quickly put on her salwar suit and went out, only to find him already gone.


“Khushi, you are an idiot! What calamity had happened that you unnecessarily blasted at him so much? Now see, he’s gone! I must have hurt him so much that he left suddenly.” she self-rebuked.


She began clearing up her bed, all distressed but that was until Khushi reminisced their heated encounter, and that made her lips curve into a sweet smile with color filling her cheeks.


“How do I know that he is not upset with me anymore? How do I tell him that I actually felt wonderful but my nervousness made me snap at him….”


Then her mobile pinged indicating a message had been received. Hoping it was Arnav, she checked her phone.


“Devi Maiyya! It is from Arnavji!” she screamed, excited.


I know, all that was a bit too much for you but I really hope you are not ruing, because I am not. It was one of the most special moments I’ve spent with you, Khushi. Take care. See you on our engagement.

PS- After our wedding, nothing can stop me. If you know what I mean ;)


“Laad Governor. Always ready to tease me.” she said, biting her lip.



PS- I didn’t quite understand what you mean, Arnavji :(


She hit send, lips curved into a naughty smile. Finally clearing up her room, she went and checked on Shashi who was still sleeping soundly.


Exhaling deeply, she collapsed on the bed and checked her phone.


“Uff! What is taking him so long?”


Not even a moment passed, she received a message from Arnav.


Ow, that’s so sad you didn’t get what I meant :( Don’t worry, love, I will enlighten you on Saturday, after we are engaged………. With a demo :)


Khushi could literally see him smirking evilly behind that innocent smiley emoji, and that made her heart pound.


She quickly came up with a witty and naughty response and almost sent it but stopped.


“Hey Devi Maiyya! What has happened to me? I’ve also become shameless like that Laad Governor! Did I almost send him this…this type of message?”


Sitting down in front of her Goddess. 


“But please forgive me for anything I would do with Arnavji before marriage, because, feeling all that some moments ago, made me feel the most…alive!” Smiling, “I am still your Khushi but not too much innocent.” Khushi winked at her Devi Maiyya idol.


Deciding not to provoke Arnav further, she cleverly diverted the topic.




“Khushi, this is all for your engagement! Are you going to come and help me or not?” Garima yelled from Khushi’s bedroom.


“Give her a minute, Garima. She is arranging your almirah.” Buaji responded. “Only Nandakis**** knows what has gotten into that Sanka Devi! All day she’s been cleaning up the whole house, which was always tidy and well organised.”


“Yes, Jiji. She is crazy.” Garima agreed, rolling her eyes.


Pointing at the bed, “Look at all these presents we bought for her in-laws. No, Khushi herself bought them, and still is adamant that she will be the one to gift-wrap everything. But where is she?”


“I know how to make these gifts more special for them. You won’t understand my plan, Amma.” Khushi said, as she entered the room.


“It is our fault for ever thinking to help you……” Buaji trailed off seeing Khushi.


Astonished, “Khushi, this…..” Garima mumbled.


There stood Khushi wearing a Green and Blue colored traditional but elegant saree. With her hair left open, the saree enhanced her appearance even more.


“Yes, I found this in your almirah while arranging it. This saree is very beautiful. You know, right, I love old-style clothes. I really wanted to try this on and I did. How do I look?” Khushi spoke enthusiastically without a break, twirling around in delight.


“Tell me, Buaji, Amma…….. Amma? Are you crying?” she asked, worried.


The next moment Khushi was by Garima’s side.


“Amma, what happened?” wiping her tears, “Buaji, ask her!” she requested Buaji, who was just smiling looking at her.


“What? Why are you smiling?”


Garima quickly composed herself and cupped Khushi’s face, took in her fill for a moment.


“I am fine, Khushi.” She said, sniffling.


“No, tell me!”


“This saree……was your mother’s. She wore it on her engagement.”


“What? Really!” Khushi asked, eyes shining.


“Yes, and you look just like her, at least to me.” Garima mumbled, seeming to be lost in old memories.


“I know, I know, we both look alike!!! I remember her face!” Khushi screamed.


“Khushi, lower your tone. And not entirely alike though.” Garima remarked.


“Fine! At least, I resemble her a lot.”


“Hmm… but your traits don’t.”


“What do you mean? Was she all silent type, unlike me?” Khushi gasped, “Do I take after my father?”


“No. Your father was the ‘silent and serious’ type. And my sister……your mother was the most vivacious and adamant woman ever, even more crazy than you.” She revealed, teasing Khushi.




Wiping her happy tears, Buaji left the room, smiling. It was not everyday that Garima opened up about Khushi’s parents. She remembered when Khushi had started living with them, she always used to query about her parents, and that always resulted in Garima breaking down. So, Khushi stopped mentioning anything about them.


Maybe, now was the time Garima poured out her heart and Khushi got to know more about her parents.


“If they were polar opposites, how did they get along?” Khushi asked.


Playfully hitting Khushi’s head, Garima said, “Pagal! As if you and Arnav bitwa belong to the same category.”


Khushi simply gave a sheepish smile.


“Was their’s arranged marriage?”




“Really?!!” Khushi’s face shone like a kid who got his favorite toy, “Please tell me their love story. Please, please,please……”


“Okay, okay! You don’t have to put that puppy dog face. I will tell you.”




“Priya Gupta, my Jiji was 3 years elder than me. Our mother died giving birth to me, and I was raised by her. She was more like a mother to me than a sister. Our father was a school teacher, a strict but loving man.” She sniffled.


“Jiji used to get into troubles quite often. She was loud, bold, stood up for the right things and sensible, kind of rebellious. Where as, I, like Payal, a soft lady. Her dream job was to become a journalist. Being a witty woman, she easily secured a job as a journalist at a reputed channel in Mumbai. It took a lot of persuasion and many days to convince our father as he wanted to get her married, but he agreed at last.”


“Before she left to Mumbai, I got married to Shashiji. Jiji became a successful journalist in no time. She met your father, DCP Pradeep Pratap, and they both fell in love. When she told father about this, he didn’t agree to it. One reason was he was against love, and the other reason was that your father was a South Indian, an Andhrite.”


“They both waited for a long time for his approval but when he never relented, your parents got married, and settled in Mumbai. Me, Shashiji and Madhumati Jiji were very happy for her and tried our best to make Babuji accept their marriage, but he didn’t realize the value of her or time until he reached his last days. His last days were spent with us everyone with him, and he left this world as a content man.”


“Soon, Jiji and Jijaji moved to Lucknow as he got transferred to our hometown. We all were so happy and used to meet regularly. Our lives became more perfect when you were born, Payal got a little sister. Years passed with us all leading a happy life. One day, they dropped you at our home promising to return by night, but they broke their promise!”


Garima and Khushi were crying now.


“You didn’t know, they went missing for a month. One day we received a call from police that both your parents were found in a hospital in a village far away from Lucknow. They had been comatose and by the time we reached there, they were gone. People said Jiji and Jijaji were both found in a jungle-like area in their car which was all mangled.”


Hugging Khushi, they both cried.


“Never did I ever imagine that I would lose my sister in an accident. You were a constant reminder of my sister, my solace. I didn’t want you to be raised without a mother, and Shashiji and Payal welcomed you more than willingly. My darling, Khushi.” Garima kissed her forehead.


Sniffling, Khushi said, “It took you these many years to open up to me about them?”


“I know, I’m so sorry, Khushi. Giving you at least minimal details about your parents was the least I could provide you of them. I am sorry for being a bad mother….”


Khushi stopped Garima from saying any further and wiped her tears.


“No, Amma, no! Please don’t ever say that again. For me, you are my mother, my only mother. Yes, I miss my real parents but that doesn’t mean I don’t consider you my family. You all took me in, and I will always be your daughter.”


Both mother and daughter comforted one another. In the end, Garima felt very relieved that she finally unburdened her heart, and Khushi, content that she now knew more details about her parents.


“You look really beautiful in this saree. Just like her, but she put her hair in a bun in her engagement.” Garima said.


“How did you attend their engagement? Nanaji did not consent to their marriage, right?” Khushi asked, as she got up and started making her hair.


“We attended all their wedding functions without Babuji’s knowledge.” Garima answered, cheekily.


Khushi laughed.


“And done! How about this bun?” she asked, indicating her hair.


“Nearly perfect.” Garima said.


“Nearly? You are not being positive today, Amma.” Khushi said, admiring herself in the mirror.


Garima laughed.


“Amma, can I wear this on my engagement?” she asked, uncertainly.




“I could wear it during Pooja.”


“Of course, you can!” Garima said, happily. “Does this fit fine or any adjustments are needed?”


“Yes, the blouse is a bit tight…”


“You first change into your casual clothes and give me the saree. After cleaning this all up, come to me, we will give that for adjustment and then to dry cleaning….”


“Amma…amma, calm down! If you remember, I am pretty amazing at stitching and am completely capable of doing simple adjustments myself. Why are you taking tension so much…”


“‘Why?’ We have no time. Engagement is a couple of days away and we’ve got loads to do….” Garima kept ranting while being pushed out the room.


“I will look after everything. You go sleep, Good night!” she squeaked and closed the door.


Her eyes searched for mobile, and located it under the heap of clothes. She took in her surroundings which was all messy and sighed.


“I shall clean it later. Arnavji must be waiting for my call.” She promised.


“10 messages and 3 missed calls? He is missing his love so much.” Khushi grinned.


Her phone rang the next second and she took it.


“Where the hell were you? I heard nothing from you since evening, I was going crazy, and you…”


“Arnavji, calm down! Me and Amma were talking…”


“Khushi, have you been crying?”


That surprised her. How did he find out?


“No, it’s just…”


“Dare you lie! Tell me the truth!”


Taking a deep breath, “Amma gave me some details about my parents.”


That sentence alone was enough. Arnav knew Khushi didn’t know much about her parents.


“I am coming.”


“What?! It’s almost 11PM? Are you crazy? We cannot possibly be meeting at this late night with our engag….”


“Shut up! I will be there in 15 minutes. We shall talk. I know you need me now.”


“Oh hello! I don’t need you okay…”


Not listening to her, he hung up.


Sighing, “Yes, I need him. How does he know me through?” turning to her Goddess’s Idol, “Devi Maiyya, this is why I apologized to you in advance in the morning.”





There is no point in apologizing everytime, but sorry again. This girl has no idea what she wrote. Please bear with her.



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