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Dec 3, 2015

FF : Plot twist!!!!! (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 89 times)

Hola guys! I think this will be my first straight story and I'd like to dedicate this update to the birthday baby, and one of the soul sisters of mine, Saya didi Happy birthday di!!!!

I hope at least some people will like this track. I think this will be a lil bit different from some of the stories I read on this track. From what I read, they’ll be either emotional or tragic or some other. But mine, well…… I don’t know how it’ll turn out but I hope you’ll find it okay. Let me know if you guys really want me to continue or not.


Well this SS will start at the terrace scene. Point to be noted – I always skip episodes from here coz the pain is too much to take  So, Please bear with the scenes I write on this track.  And here:

~ Anjali is not Pregnant. I can never tolerate the thought shyam touched anjali, YUCK.

~ And Anjali is not that weak like some fragile doll. She is strong and can bear sudden shocking news.

~ I still don’t know what Khushi studied. She got Graduated or not. But here She is graduated from IDK yet  and is 21 n half. Due to Gupta family problems she could not continue her studies.  

~Arnav is 26. Anjali is 28.

Okay, enough for now. I’ll let you know more points if I’ll add any later. Sry about that guys, my crazy mind will always forget everything and I may change the track suddenly :P     



                                                        ## PART-1 ##



He is Arnav Singh Raizada, ASR. His name itself shouts Royalty, Pride and Stubbornness. Not only his name but the man itself IS like that or maybe was. He was Arrogant, Strict and absolutely a No Fun Loving Guy. Emotions have no place in his life. He used to pent-up his feelings, not letting anyone to break his shell. Forget about breaking, he never allows anyone even to reach it except his Sister, Anjali. But she also failed to bring back her old Chote. He fulfills his family’s wishes, looks after their needs and all. And they also love their Chote so much. But everyone has an unfulfilled wish, i;e, to see their naughty and full of life Chote  again.


It is true that he is like a Hitler to everyone. Almost killing people with his deathly glare, having the power to destroy anyone’s life, not caring about others emotions and Love was never existed in his dictionary, UNTIL, he met her, Khushi. She came in like a tornado in his life, destroying his shell completely. He is almost a changed man now, well it’s only for her. He can now smile often, laugh freely, think about others feelings when he have her with him. Her chirpy and happy-go-lucky nature changed him, no matter how hard he tried to control his feelings around her. He is now totally in love with her.


 And now, The ASR is feeling a little nervous. He is feeling as if he were a school going kid who was to go to the principal room. He never felt like this before. Shutting off his stupid mind, he gave full control to his heart. He at last realized his love for Khushi and he decided not to delay any more in confessing his love to her. After Anjali’s accident, he’s shaken badly. He thought not to take chances. Who knows, whether you’ll have a next day or not!


Standing outside the terrace door he was scolding himself, as his hand was reaching the door handle but was not turning the door knob. “I am A S R. Why the hell am I feeling nervous! I can do this easily.” He thought. Wishing good luck to himself, he turned the knob and opened the door with a slight smile. But what he saw made his face red in anger and jealous ….


Few minutes ago :                


Her heart is beating fast, her eyes are twinkling, her lips are quivering, she is trembling lightly with nervousness, but it’s a sweet kind of nervousness. Ever since she read that message on the mirror, she is not being herself. Her usual Dhak dhak and acidity has increased tenfolds. Smile is not leaving her lips. In all that sweet wait, she is only thinking “Will he say what I’ve been waiting to hear? If so, what should I say? Hey Devi Maiyya! I’ve never felt like this before, feeling nervous, excitement and thrill at the same time.”


Her thoughts came to an end when she felt an arm on her shoulder. She could tell that is not her Arnavji. She frowned thinking who could that be and turned around to face that person. And that is none other than the sinister Shyam. Khushi jerked backwards pushing his hands off seeing that vile man before her. Still, he gave her one evil smile and took some steps towards Khushi. Giving him one disgusting and angry look, she stopped him showing her hand. Controlling her growing detestation towards Shyam, she gave him one incensed look.


 Khushi : “What are you doing here? And how dare you touch me?” khushi growled at him.


Shyam : But that shameless creature just gave a wicked smile and said “Kyu Khushiji, Why can’t I be here?”.


Khushi : “I already warned you not to come near me but you still..” she said with a disgusted look.


Shyam : “Your warning never made any difference khushiji. You’ll always find me around you.” He ended with a sly face.


Khushi : “What do you want from me? Why can’t you just leave me alone?”


Shyam :  “Because I love you khushiji.”


Khushi :  “Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself? You are such a cheap person. You claim yourself to love me when you have such a sweet and caring wife. That’s not love shyamji, that’s madness.. ”


Shyam : “Khushiji!! Don’t make fun of my love. You don’t know the depth of my love.” He said angrily.


Khushi : “Bas kijiye! Bahut hogaya. I’ll just go and tell Anjaliji the truth about your true face. I don’t care even if my jiji’s marriage will break. You don’t deserve Anjaliji and it’s not a good idea anymore to hide about your false play.” Khushi had had enough. Shyam is crossing his limits more and more everyday. Come what may happen, she has decided to reveal his true colors. She started her way towards the terrace door, when he started


Shyam : “Tsk tsk tsk! Khushiji, seems like you don’t want Anjali to live anymore.” She halted in her tracks and turned towards shyam. “ I tried killing her with a scorpion, I tried to kill her during havan yesterday, and today, hmmm she was supposed to be dead by now but sadly, she missed her death in today’s accident also. Hmmmm so sad.” He said very leisurely.


 Khushi’s heart stopped beating for a second. She could not believe what she just heard. After listening to what Shyam has just said, she got Anjali’s smiling face in her mind. Her caring nd chirpy nature, her politeness, and finally her devotion to her husband. She couldn’t believe that this man is way more dangerous than she thought that he even tried to kill his own wife. Not once or twice but thrice. She asked him,


Khushi : “Why? Why did you try to kill her? What has she done to you!!” She shouted at him, completely maddened by seeing the way he leisurely revealed the truth.


Shyam : His expression changed from sly to deadly, “ Because she is being a barrier for me from getting you. I know  you too love me Khushiji. You are refusing me just because I’m married to Anjali, right? So, I decided to kill my own wife. Not only my wife, I’ll kill any person who comes in between us. Even if the person is Arnav Singh Raizada.” He said with some evil madness in his face. Her eyes went wide in horror. He continued, “I see that arrogant man is behaving sweetly with you now-a-days. I warn you not to reciprocate the same towards him.” He inched closer and said, “ You are only mine and I…”


He was cut off when he received one powerful slap from her. He raised his shocked eyes to look at her red angry face. She was totally disgusted, frustrated and scared by this creature. Not wanting to speak any more word with him, she just showed her finger towards the door, asking him to leave. Normally, he would still shamelessly try to provoke her but now, she looked completely like Kaalika devi. Seeing her in such a way, he immediately left without any word.


Unknown to both of them, one man saw the whole thing. He was waiting for the moment when his jiju would step out, so that he could confront Khushi.


Khushi was totally broken. The thought of ‘Arnavji’s in danger’ is simply killing her. She sat down on her knees and started crying her heart out thinking about all the worse things and situations, all are just because of one Psychopath type man.


Khushi : “Hey Devi Maiyya! Ab kya kare? There is a big dangerous problem in the form of shyamji . He’ll not leave anyone. I must now itself tell the truth to everyone. But Arnavji and Anjaliji? He’ll definitely try to harm them. What if he succeeds next time if I do something against him?I cannot risk their lives.”  “Aur Arnavji, how can I stay away from him? But I have to do it. I cannot risk his life for my selfish reasons.” Thinking this she started crying more badly.


After sometime, she thought out loud,  “No, not anymore. I will stay away from everyone after the marriage. I will look out for some job in other cities or maybe here. In that way, I can forget Arnavji in all that work.At least I’ll try to. And shyamji, I’ll never give him a chance to find me.”She started crying again when she felt someone’s hand on her shoulder,again. Thinking, ‘HDM, Please no more of this.’ She turned to that man. On seeing his face she was shocked. “Nanheji, what are you doing here?” she asked, completely surprised on seeing him.


Nk was asked to set the fairy lights which were not working properly on the terrace. He agreed and hopped to the terrace. He set the lights correctly which were at the far corner of the terrace, difficult to notice if there is a man over there. He got a call and he attended it there. While he was on the call, Khushi came there and waited for Arnav to come. When she started yelling at shyam, Nk cut the call immediately and saw the whole scene which happened there. He couldn’t believe what all shyam said and he need to know the truth. He waited for Shyam to leave that place so that he could demand answers from Khushi.


Nk : “Khushiji. What’s all this? What just happened between you and jiju?” he asked straightly. “What jiju said was true? Did he try to kill di? And how is di a barrier for him? How are you connected in all this?”


Khushi : “I don’t know what you are talking about nanheji. I have to go now.” Saying this she tried to escape from there but NK stopped her.


Nk : “Stop khushiji! I saw the whole thing with my own eyes. Tell me the truth.”  He was determined to know the truth.


Khushi : “What are you talking about nanheji? I don’t understand.” And she was determined to hide the truth.


NK : “okay, you won’t tell me. I’ll just go and tell everybody what happened here.” Saying that he started leaving the terrace. Khushi rushed to him and stopped him, saying,


Khushi : “Nanheji, please don’t do anything like that. Please..” She pleaded him.


NK : “Then you should tell me the truth. If not, I’ll just go and tell everyone. And Don’t try to make any excuses khushiji. You HAVE to tell me.” He was really damn serious. Well, who won’t be after seeing a nightmare?  


Sighing deeply, she started telling the whole truth. How she met shyam, how he found her in Delhi, how he helped her in getting a job in AR, how he stayed in buaji’s house as a Paying Guest, how he potrayed himself as ‘Mr.Perfect’, how he made buaji compel her to marry him, how she got engaged to him when Shashi was sick, how she started suspecting him, how she found the cunning duel roles he played and finally how he is torturing her despite  her warnings. At the end, she started sobbing loudly,


Khushi : “Please trust me. I’m telling you the truth. I know it will be hard to believe all this but it is the truth. Shyamji is an evil man. He is such a sick person who even tried to kill his own wife..” she got down on her knees, still sobbing.


Nk doesn’t know how to react. He trust Khushi but he still couldn’t believe that their ever so caring and lovely jijaji in real is a double faced Evil man. But he heard what he said and saw his true colours. He was confused sometimes seeing abrupt changes in his mood, his strange behavior when Guptas are around, his anger when only once he admired Arnav and Khushi. But it all made sense now. He wondered why hasn’t the Guptas reveal his ugly face. He stopped his thinking and saw Khushi crying, kneeling on the floor. Gently making her stand up, he asked


NK : “Khushiji please don’t cry. I trust you. It’s just that it’s hard to take all this. Please stop crying. But why didn’t you tell everyone the truth?”


Khushi : She lifted her red nd tear filled eyes and said, “Anjaliji.” Seeing Nk’s confused face she said grimly, “After we came to know his true colours, I was determined to tell everyone the truth. I did not even care about my jiji’s marriage or both families relationship. I thought a woman like Anjaliji should not live in a deceitful marriage. She should not live in an illusion created by her deceiving husband. But after seeing her care, trust and love she have for that man, I couldn’t get myself to break her saying the truth. She will completely shatter. The whole family will shatter. And Arnavji, he cannot take it if his di is hurt. So, I gave him another chance to change and live his life with Anjaliji but he still didn’t…”


Nk : “But khushiji, don’t you think we should tell the truth? That man is dangerous.”


Khushi : “Of course we should but what if he try to harm anyone again? I cannot bear if anything happens to anyone because of me. It’s better if I stay away from his sight after the marriage. I’ll go some other city and will find one job there. After that, everything will get back to normal. ”


Nk  : “Khushiji, running away does not solve any problem. We will just go an….” He tried to say something but she cut him off saying


Khushi : “Bas nanheji. You never heard or saw anything here. You’ll not open your mouth, You swear on me.” She shut him up.


NK : Sighing deeply, “Okay fine khushiji. I’ll not say anything but remember, you are taking a wrong decision.” He said not even a bit convinced. Seeing her all gloomy he sighed, “Now can I see your bright smile once? It’s your sister’s marriage now. If you are like this, who will tease the ever-so-shy couple?” He said teasingly. 

She also broke out into bright smile listening to him. He put his arm around her to comfort her in a friendly manner and said “That’s it khushiji. Smile like this always and just don’t think about anything. You’ll always have your Best friend with you, No matter what.” He assured his best friend who calmed down after listening him.


And at the exact moment, Arnav opened the door. He saw a smiling Khushi with Nk’s arm wrapped around her. Though it is a friendly one, he can’t stand it. His face became red with jealous. “What the eff! This NK is being a total menace for me. Why can’t he bloody stay away from my Khushi? She is mine!!!”  thinking that he roared,


Arnav :  “NK, Khushi, what are you two doing here? Do I have to remind you that there is a wedding taking place??” “Now what are you looking at Nk? Leave!!” He screamed at NK who was lost in some thoughts and smiling naughtily.


 NK : “Whoa! Nannav ko itna ghuusa aaya. Well, why won’t he get angry? I cannot expect a normal behavior from him after seeing me and Khushiji a bit close. He is ASR and he would never bear any man near his girl. Nani, Di, our mission is close to get accomplished.” He thought smiling.


Well after nani and anjali found Arshi’s fishy behavior the previous day, they immediately asked NK to make Arnav jealous by getting more close to Khushi who instantly agreed as he also observed their behavior with each other around. For NK and Khushi it’s not awkward as they both consider each other as BFFs but for Arnav, well we know na how he burned with envy. He spent more time with Khushi deliberately  to make Arnav jealous. 


But after he came to know about Shyam, he realized shyam is not less that a criminal, no he IS a criminal. He want to reveal his true colours  at that instant but Khushi is not letting him and he cannot break his best friend’s promise(which she made him do that forcefully though) Khushi is not realizing that she is in grave danger maybe more than Anjali and Arnav. But that clumsy girl is hell bent on planning to leave Delhi. Everyone knows ‘Ek baar jo Khushi ne commitment karli toh who khud ki bhi nahi sunthi’. “Maybe Arnav may, no, ASR may change her commitment IN HIS WAY” thought NK. He jerked when he heard a loud shout.


Arnav : “Why the hell aren’t you moving NK!!! Shall I push you off the terrace?” asked arnav in his famous anger.


NK : “Nannav, chillax man! I’m leaving.” He left the terrace not before sharing a comforting and knowing smile with Khushi.


All thoughts of ‘Proposing Khushi’ fled away from his mind long before when he saw NK comforting Khushi. He again shut off his heart and gave full control to his mind. But the good thing is, his mind also accepted the fact that he loves khushi, so when he is in mood out, his mind also blocks the thought to hurt her. He at least wanted to talk to her but after seeing their exchanged smiles, he just gave an angry look to Khushi and left after asking her to come down soon. Completely blocking shyam’s thoughts, she also left determined to enjoy her sister’s marriage to the maximum.


Here, Arnav came to the poolside in his room. He is scared now, scared to lose khushi. After his mother’s death, he never let anyone come close to him. But despite his continuous trails to hate Khushi, he fell hard for her. The more he tried to push her away, the more closer she came. After these many years he wanted to give another chance but now, he is scared.


 He wanted to shut himself again but the thought of staying away from Khushi is killing him. No he can’t loose her. He can’t let any damn man steal her from him. She is Arnav’s, only Arnav’s. “What if, she does not want to be with me?” thought arnav with fright. “No, she will be mine. Only mine. And I’ll make her mine with or without her consent.” That’s it. He’s determined now. He knows what he has to do now.


He entered Anjali’s room and found Nani feeding Anjali soup. Anjali is still weak now and was ordered by everyone to take rest in her room. [Remember, she is NOT PREGNANT] He came inside and sat beside Anjali. Anjali and Nani shared a look which shouted “Is he going to tell us that he loves Khushi?”. Gosh! They were too eager to know what he wanted to tell them but they masked their eagerness. Not able to control anymore, Anjali asked


Anjali : “Chote kya hua? Why aren’t you saying anything?”


Nani : “Haan chote, What do you want to tell us?”


Arnav : Taking a deep breath “Nani, Di, I want to marry Khushi, NOW.



Umm well, how is it? Honestly, I’m not satisfied with this. I thought something and it turned out something else. Please let me know what do you think about my take on this track. Positive and negative comments are gladly welcomed  And i'll continue ONLY IF you want me to continue.

This story is like my dream track. I mean, The way the story turned here in the serial, broke my heart into many pieces  So, I thought to write this track in the way I love it. It'll be a simple story 

Once again happy birthday Saya di 





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Dec 6, 2015

Part-2 :D (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 83 times)

PART-2 :



NK is mixing powered lax (Laxative) in orange juice, all the time cursing Shyam, thinking about all his misdeeds. He was completely scandalized knowing Shyam’s true face. The man whom they all considered as an integral part of the family, whom they all respect and trust with their entire being, in real is a crooked criminal.


NK mixed the Lax in the juice and searched for Shyam. He found him standing at one corner of the house, with his grim face, plotting something evil on his mind. Nk reached him, tapping Shyam on the shoulder, he handed over the juice to him. Shyam looked at NK, confused, and raised his eyebrows looking at the glass like asking ‘What’s this glass for?’


Controlling his urge to break Shyam’s nose, he gave a tight smile to him saying, “Jiju, you look so tired. You need energy to enjoy the wedding. So, please have this juice.” 


Shyam was in no mood to think about anything else. He just took the glass and gulped the juice in one go. NK slowly slipped off from there, smirking evilly and thinking “Mission – ‘Keep Shyam out of the wedding’ accomplished”.


On his way he bumped into Khushi, who was still in a gloomy mood. He gestured her to smile by stretching his fingers on the sides of his lips, curving them in a smile. She smiled a little, feeling happy for having a best friend like NK, who is standing up for her in the real need of time.


NK, “Khushiji, you don’t worry about Shyam, at least for two days.” 


Khushi, “What happened nanhe ji? What did you do?” she asked suspecting that he must have done something to Shyam.


Laughing a little, NK, “Woh Khushiji, I actually mixed Lax powder in a juice and made him drink that. You know, Laxatives.” Seeing Khushi’s ‘What’s that’ face, he continued, “Well, Laxatives is a drug which is used for constipation. But high doses may cause Diarrhea. Sadly, I mixed high dosed, no, it’s extremely high dosed lax in the juice, which was intentional of course. And he won’t be able to get off his bed after tonight’s bathroom show, which will start in 10 minutes precisely.” He ended with a naughty grin.


Khushi opened her mouth widely, shocked, listening to NK’s hoax on Shyam. Seeing, Khushi’s face, Nk burst out laughing.


Khushi, “That’s so mean nanheji. I pity him but that creature deserves much more than this.” Saying that, she also joined NK in laughing.


After assuring her, they both left to get changed for the wedding.




Arnav, “I want to marry Khushi, Now!” he declared rather than telling Nani and Anjali.


Here, they both were dumb struck with overwhelming emotions like happiness nd excitement, that he finally decided to get married; confusion, for not getting if he really realized his feelings he has for Khushi or not; Shock nd irritation, that their dear chote wanted to get married, at that time immediately.


Composing herself, Nani asked Arnav, “Chote, what do you mean by you want to marry Khushi bitiya and that too now?”


“Haan, nani. I want to get married to Khushi.” Replied Arnav with a straight face.


“Chote, this is marriage. Not any silly joke that you want to get married anytime you want. It is a matter of two families, many rituals and it must be done by a particular procedure.” Anjali tried to explain Arnav.


“You very well know that I don’t believe in all these things. In fact you both must be happy that I agreed to get married at least.” Arnav replied nonchalantly.


Seeing him cool and calm in such a serious matter, both Nani and Anjali got angered. They thought what’s wrong with him that he’s behaving weirdly. First they need to make him say out what he feels for khushi and then they can put some sense into that ‘I know nothing about traditions’ brain.


Nani, “Chote I hope it’s not any joke that you are playing with us. You did the same with Lavanya bitiya too. Took decisions in haste, then broke her heart. She is not traditional but modern, so she agreed to your stupidity easily. But Khushi bitiya and the Gupta’s are very traditional. They won’t agree to this. Forget about them, I only won’t agree to this decision of your’s.”


Arnav, “Nani, I know. That’s why I’m ready to get married to Khushi.”   


Nani, “Nahi, chote! Decisions which were taken in haste will always make us regret later. Just like it happened with Lavanya. Poor girl, she was so broken when she left.”


Anjali, “Haan chote! When she was here, we were so happy seeing the change in your behavior for some days. At least we thought she was the reason. But it’s not. Do you even…”   


“Now the topic is not about Lavanya but Me and Khushi. Why don’t you guys understand that I want to get married to her?” Arnav said running out of patience.


Nani, “Why?”


“We are not sure that you will not do the same thing you did with Lavanya, breaking her heart. What’s the guarantee that you won’t do the same with Khushiji too?” asked Anjali sharply.


“Do you think I would do the same with Khushi?” he said softly but we can easily feel his little broken state inside.


“I would never hurt Khushi. I did hurt her many times but that was not intentional. I never meant any of those things I did and said to her.” He is opening up his pent up emotions he has for Khushi, out to his Nani and Di.


They both stood still, not making any move, fearing that if they move they would lose one of the rarest moments they’ll have with Arnav i;e, getting to listen his deep buried emotions. What they both said about Lavanya was true but they chose the words carefully that would sting Arnav and would make him reveal the real feelings he has for Khushi.


“I know, what I did with Lavanya was wrong. Bringing her home, wanted to have a live-in, Making her dream about our future together but I shattered her completely. You know what Nani, I never had any feelings for Lavanya. I brought her home just to prove you wrong. Just to show you all that any emotions like love, will never affect me. That no girl will affect me. But everything changed after Khushi came into my life.” He said looking into their eyes.


“I was scared, very scared that what if I started to feel something for Khushi. Then I tried to stay away from her, to hurt her, to push her away from me. But the more I pushed her away, the closer she came. After many years, I started laughing and smiling again. My anger was in control for some days. As you said, there was one reason in the change of my behavior. But that’s not Lavanya, that’s Khushi. Her Chirpy nature, her childish antics, her craziness, everything started to bring me back to my old self.”


 “I unknowingly started caring for her even when I was the only one who hurt her. Again I got scared sensing the changes in me. Hence, I went on and announced my engagement with Lavanya. I thought that would keep us away from each other but no, the next day I found her right before me, again. Lavanya realized that we both weren’t meant for each other and we broke up. Probably that’s the good thing I did with Lavanya, freeing her from our baseless relationship.”


Nani and Anjali were both surprised to this. There is so much more they had to know what their chote had been hiding about him and Lavanya. But now the important thing is about Arnav and Khushi. They were patiently waiting for him to continue.


Taking a deep breath, he continued, “I don’t know what I feel for Khushi. I don’t know whether it is Love or not. But all I know is, I cease to exist without her.” Looking into Anjali’s eyes, “I feel like my heartbeat will stop without her. The thought of her going away from me, stops my breath.” Laughing a little, “I know di, I mocked you when you said all these things to me but what to do? Your Chote didn’t know how emotions work then. But now he does.”


Now looking into their faces, he said, “I don’t want to lose Khushi. I was scared to get attached to her in the past, thinking I would fall weak before her but this traitor heart of mine didn’t listen to me then also, and I unknowingly got attached to her. Even now also I’m scared coz I now know that I can’t live without her. And what if I lose her? I can’t survive then.” With moist eyes, he said to them who were sobbing lightly by then, “That’s why I want to marry Khushi Nani. I don’t want to let go of the second chance I got for my happiness in life.”


Both Nani and Anjali rushed to him and took him in their embrace. [Group hug guys!] Parting from the hug, Nani kissed his forehead saying, “I can understand chote. The bad things happened in the past made you cold-hearted. But in real you were searching for some love, just as pure as your mamma’s. And you found that love nd care in Khushi bitiya.” She ended smiling.


Seeing Arnav’s unsure face, Anjali teased him a bit saying, “Don’t tell me that your Harvard brain didn’t still realize that you love Khushiji.”


“Am I really in love with her?” he asked like a small child.


“Haan bhuddu, haan!” both Nani and Anjali sang together.


“Damn man! I’m in love with that crazy girl.” He said smiling with tears in his eyes.


“But chote, that doesn’t mean you can get married to her now.” Said Nani.


“Why not Nani? Now that your grandson realized his feelings too, doesn’t that calls for a treat, for a  marriage?” he teased her.


“Absolutely not.” Anjali butted in. Seeing his questioning face, she continued, “Chote, did you tell Khushiji what you feel for her? That you love her? Did you even think about what she wants? No na! Then how can you just say that you want to marry her.”


“And that’s not it. Marriage is not a small thing. There are many pre-wedding rituals. It is a great deal for us and the Guptas too.” Said nani.


“Guys, just because your chote has realized his feelings, that doesn’t mean I changed my view on marriages. All I know is that I love Khushi and I don’t wanna lose her for any thing. I wanna make her mine before any damn man steals my girl from me.” He said, his face total red. Jealous can be seen now.


Anjali and Nani then understood the reason behind his sudden decision to marry Khushi. They both understood that NK succeeded in making Arnav jealous, cut it, making him beyond jealous. They want to tell him that Nk and Khushi are just friends and that the three ( NK, Anjali and Nani) teamed up together and made him jealous on purpose. But they simply can’t say that coz, it’s ASR over there guys. He’ll simply kill them for pulling such dangerous stunt on him.


Both exchanged a worried glance, fearing for their dear life and decided to make him see on Khushi’s point of view too.


“Par chote, Khushiji’s opinion also must be taken into consideration na. We don’t even know what she feels for you. We must firs…..” she tried explaining him, but he simply cut her off.


“I very well know that she loves me too di. There’s no doubt in that.” He said arrogantly.


“We have to see that. Chote you should first propose her, tell her what you feel for her and then we can proceed.” Nani said, seeing Arnav trying to say something, she quickly said, “Bas chote! That’s it. After knowing what she wants, we will ask her hand for marriage. At least think about the Guptas. Marrying off their both daughters at the same time will be so difficult for them.”


“Or you can simply agree that you are scared to propose Khushiji thinking she might refuse you.” Anjali tried the last thread i,e; hit on ASR’s ego. This will definitely work.


As expected, Arnav roared immediately, “What the! I’m not afraid. And I very well damn know that she also loves me. You guys get ready to take Shagun to Guptas house, which’ll happen real soon.” Saying that Arnav left, searching for his lady love.


Nani and Anjali both released a deep sigh. In one way or other, Arnav indirectly agreed for the marriage and he is considering Khushi’s feelings too. But what they didn’t know is someone else listened to this entire conversation.


Shyam entered the room feeling miserable in his stomach.






Thank you guys for liking my take on this track I was so scared thinking whether you’ll like this plot or not but now I’m a bit relieved I hope I’ll update this ff on every Sunday


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Dec 15, 2015

Part-3 :D (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 95 times)




Nani and Anjali both released a deep sigh. In one way or other, Arnav indirectly agreed for the marriage and he is considering Khushi’s feelings too. But what they didn’t know is someone also listened to this entire conversation. And that certain ‘Someone’ stealthily entered the room and gently tugged Nani’s saree.


Nani looked downwards to see what was tugging her and found Laxmi there. Smiling brightly, she took Laxmi in her arms, caressing her she said, “Arre Laxmi, did you see what happened here? Very soon Chote and Khushi bitiya’s marriage is going to happen.” Now looking at Anjali, “I am very sure Chote will definitely pacify Khushi bitiya.”


 “Haan nani. I have no doubt. We saw how she behaves when chote is around. I am sure soon their (Arshi’s) wedding bells will ring.” Anjali said all excited with what is about to happen. “And I seriously hope chote will NOT use his ASR mannerism and demand Khushiji to marry him.” Nani also agreed with Anjali.


They both laughed thinking Arnav’s future plight he’ll face to propose Khushi. Shyam then entered the room and directly went to the washroom, without bothering about the two laughing ladies who stopped laughing after seeing Shyam in that way.


Manohar came and told them that it’s time for the marriage to begin. He immediately ran to his room to check on his Make-up freak wife. Nani left to her room, got dressed while Anjali changed her saree in the room itself as Shyam was still stuck in the washroom.


She knocked the washroom door, calling Shyam, “Shyamji?? Are you okay? What are you doing in the bathroom for that long?”


“Rani Sahiba, I’ll.. beThere in sometime… It’s nothing, justMy… stomach hurtsBadly..You get readyFirst.” Shyam said with very much difficulty.


While Anjali was worried thinking about Shyam’s state, Nani came to help Anjali in making her wear the jewelry as she was hurt. She was all ready within a couple of minutes and was having juice, waiting for Shyam to come.


There came our Diarrhea man, err Dashing man, Shyam Manohar Jha, all exhausted and tired with the continuous bathroom shows. Sitting on the bed, he drank some water. Nani and Anjali got worried seeing him in such a weak condition.


“What happened to you Shyamji?” Anjali asked him feeling all worried.


“Kuch nahi RS. Looks like I got diarrhea. I must have had something which I was allergic to without knowing.” He said very weakly.


“Hey Bhagavan! You should have been more careful with what you are having Shyamji. Look what happened to you. It’s time for wedding and here you are all drained.” Said Anjali, taking Loperamide tablet from her mini medical kit.


Making him eat that tablet, she said, “This tablet will help you. If this doesn’t work, then we’ll call a doctor here.” Little did they know, our devil NK used the high, higher and highestttt dose of Lax powder which will not help Shyam in any way soon, but that medicine will give him relief for some time.


“Naniji, sab mehaman aa rahe hai. Aap logon ko mamaji bula rahe hain.” HP said and left from there, notifying about the guests.


Both of them looked at Shyam who immediately but weakly said, “You both go downstairs. I will join you in a few minutes.” He was least interested to attend Payash’s marriage and fake at all the guests. But now as he was completely drained, he thought to skip the marriage and take rest.


Nodding their heads, they left asking him to take rest for a while. Right after they left his stomach started paining again, and he slowly crawled to the washroom for the second round of bathroom show.




Arnav Singh Raizada was beyond frustrated as NK was busy eating his brain since half an hour. Firstly, NK didn’t let him meet Khushi saying that he needs to get ready for the wedding and now, Nk is not letting Arnav move an inch. He was following Arnav where ever he goes just to irritate him. But Arnav was all agitated as he was determined to propose Khushi by hook or crook at the earliest.


“You know nannav the hero landed on the ground with such a force that….” Nk was busy telling Arnav one movie scene.


“I will punch you with such a force that you won’t recognize your own face, if you won’t stop narrating random movie scenes.” Arnav warned Nk, gritting his teeth.


“Oww! You are such a fun killer nannav.” “Okay, let’s go check on Akash and scare him more. Poor boy he has only few minutes of bachelor freedom left with him.” Nk said, dragging Arnav with him to Akash’s room.




Here, Khushi successfully forgot all the Shyam incident and now is hyperventilating, making Payal ready and checking some of the arrangements. Slapping her forehead, Buaji caught hold of Khushi by her shoulders and made her sit on the bed.


“Hai re Nanda Kis****! Arre Sanka devi, take some breath at least. Why are you revolving in the room like a madwoman? Everything is set and all ready except you.” Said buaji.


“Par buaji, what if we forgot anything? It’s time for the marriage and what if….” Started Khushi but buaji cut her off saying,


“Chup! Bilkul chup! You just go and get ready. Do you want to get ready after the marriage?” scolded buaji, shoving lehenga, pushing Khushi to the washroom.


Khushi got changed into her lehenga nd came and stood behind Payal. “Jiji you are looking very beautiful. Akashji..oops, jijaji will surely have hard time keeping his eyes off you.” Khushi teased Payal.


Payal slapped her hand playfully, blushing heavily. Khushi, suddenly turning emotional, “You are really very lucky to get such a loving family as your in-laws. Everyone will love you and care for you so much. I will miss you so much jiji.”


Payal, “I will also miss you all very much Khushi.” Both were crying lightly, hugging each other.


Breaking the hug, Khushi wiped tears from Payal’s eyes. Trying to cheer her up, “I’m not sure whether you’ll miss us or not jiji. All the time you will be busy blushing along with my jiju. Then how will you miss us? You both are the ever-shying couple.” She teased.


Seeing Payal’s glare khushi laughed, saying, “Really jiji, you don’t have to worry about anything here. Everyone will make you feel loved to such an extent that you will hardly remember us. Mamiji looks like she doesn’t care about you from the outside but from inside, she likes you very much. Jijaji will never let anything happen to you, I’m sure of it. Naniji, mamaji will be your constant support. Anjaliji will be your best friend and Arnavji….” She stopped, thinking about Arnav.


Seeing Khushi freeze suddenly, Payal shook her gently, asking “What happened Khushi?”


Brushing Arnav’s thoughts aside, “Nothing jiji. Where was I? Ha, Arnavji! He protects you as a brother just like he protects Anjaliji…” She was cut off as Garima entered saying it’s time for the marriage.


Hugging Payal one time, buaji, Garima and Shashi left for downstairs while Khushi stayed with Payal so that both sisters will leave to the wedding alter together.




Most of the guests arrived and are seated. HP, OP and JP are busy serving them juice. Mami is busy showing all her jewelry to her ultra modern friends. Mama and Guptas are busy welcoming the guests. Akash is busy blushing, sitting in the wedding alter. Arnav is busy re-checking all the arrangements with NK irritating him.


Nani and Anjali saw NK almost chewing Arnav’s ears and dragged him to one corner, much to Arnav’s relief.


“Nk bhai, what happened to chote suddenly, that he decided to marry Khushiji?” Anjali almost pounced on him.


“He did what!!!?” exclaimed NK.


“Haan, he confessed his feelings to us. He loves Khushi bitiya.” Nani cleared him, delighted. Then they both narrated what happened in Anjali’s room.


“Wow! Awesome guys. I think our mission is almost accomplished. Only Khushiji is left.”  “Must do something about Khushiji soon, or else she might leave this city. I’m glad at least nannav realized his feelings. Now, he’ll tell her that he loves her.” He thought.


“Nani, Shyamji still didn’t come down. I hope he is fine.” Anjali said suddenly.


“Di, actually his diarrhea is too bad. He is very weak. He said he couldn’t come here.” Said NK smirking inwardly.


“Par shaadi?”


“Koi baat nahi Anjali bitiya. Nothing is important than health. We’ll get doctor after the wedding.” Nani assured Anjali. The trio left to the wedding alter.




Soon Payal descended downstairs with Khushi beside her. Everyone was awed seeing Payal who looked no less that an Angel. Akash’s heart fluttered with unknown sweet excitement seeing Payal. Reaching alter, Payash exchanged shy glances and blushed while everyone were teasing the shy-couple.


 Khushi looked no less either. The childish maturity on her face is very attracting. Our Arnav babua is clean bowled seeing her. He frowned seeing her searching for something in the hall. She looked a bit disturbed. But she sighed in relief on not finding Shyam anywhere. Thanking NK mentally for his prank on Shyam, she then noticed Arnav.


He looked dashing in his suit. He is always seen in his formal suits but she somewhere hoped to see him in sherwani. But still, he managed to look striking. Seeing his intense on her, she turned light pink. Her dhak dhak and heavy breath is back. He smirked seeing his affect on her.


Amidst of their teasing families, Payash turned almost red with shyness. Hah! That’s why they are called Shy-couple. Everyone is waiting for the auspicious time, so that they could start the wedding ceremony.


Checking around like a thief, Khushi stealthily slipped from the crowd and managed to get hold of Akash’s shoes. She immediately rushed to the terrace and hid them in a small box which she kept there for this ritual. She was so sure that no one noticed her, or so she thought. She joined everyone like a cat without making any sound.




“Hey nannav remember on the count of three, you should help me lift Akash…. Hey nannav, on the count….” Nk kept on repeating this like a tape recorder, IN ARNAV’S EARS, much to his frustration.


It is the time for Jaimala and NK is pestering Arnav that he should help NK to lift Akash up when Payal is about to make Akash wear the garland. Anjali gave Payal a garland and Akash readily hung his head down so that she could make him wear it.


NK waited impatiently for this moment. “Nannav, 1….2…3!” He tried lifting Akash from one side but Arnav didn’t help him. NK couldn’t lift that human light-house (Akash) and hence he fell down, stumbling back. The garland safely reached Akash’s neck and he did the same with Payal.


Nk looked at Arnav accusingly and complained like a small kid, “Nannavvvvvv!!!! Didn’t you listen to the count?” he said getting up from the ground.


“I did. But this serves you right for annoying me all the evening.” He replied NK, smirking while everyone erupted into laughter.


Shashi did Payal’s Kanyadaan with Garima. They both were very happy for getting their daughter married into such a good family. They couldn’t ask for more.


Payash sat on the mandap. Anjali came over and tied Akash’s dupatta with Payal’s chunni and caressed both their cheeks fondly.


Pandit then started the mantras. Soon Akash tied Mangalsutra around Payal’s neck followed by a pinch of sindhoor on her maang.


Payal closed her eyes feeling content, her eyes moist. Akash lifted her chin up and smiled at her, asking not to cry. He then saw his family’s naughty looks and the shy-couple blushed red, yet again. Everyone laughed seeing that.


Pandit asked them to stand up for Phere. Everyone was showering flowers on them while they were doing the Pheres. Once completed, they took blessings from all the elders(Mami did too, but she put up a disinterested face) and hugs from Arnav, Khushi, NK and Anjali.


Guptas were relieved that Payal found her happiness, finally. Mami, well she is definitely happy for her son but still insecure about her position in RM. Mama, Nani, Anjali and Arnav were very happy that Akash and Payal are married to their love happily. 

A huge burden lifted of from Khushi's shoulder as she was feeling guilty thinking that she was the reason behind Payal's broken marriage. Now her happiness knew no bounds as now her sister is married to her Love and definitely into the most loving nd caring family unlike that Abhishek's family.


Akash then found his shoes missing. He immediately looked at Khushi, knowing very well it must be her who hid them. “Khushiji, where are my shoes?” he asked.


“Arre! How could I tell jijaji? Groom side should find them. Or simply pay me. I’ll give your shoes back as I know you cannot find them.” Khushi teased.


“Whoa khushiji. We are no less okay? We will definitely find them.” Nk said.


“Haan, don’t be so much confident. We will win at any cost.” said Anjali.


Then started the shoes hunt. The groom side is searching very hard for the shoes but couldn’t find them. The bride side is laughing seeing them. This is a fun game for everyone except Mami and Buaji. They both considered it as a war. Mami searched for them, not caring about her smudging make up while buaji was mocking her.


Nk, Anjali, Mama and Akash’s friends searched almost everywhere in the house but couldn’t find them. In all that, Khushi was looking where Arnav was. He disappeared suddenly after the hunt started. She thought naughtily “Maybe he is busy guiding Amanji to search for the shoes at his office too. Poor Amanji!”  


Finally giving up, Anjali said, “Okay Khushiji. You win.” The bride side screamed triumphantly. “Now can we have them back?”


Smilingly brightly, Khushi rushed to the terrace. She went to the place where she hid the shoe box but frowned on not finding them. Huffing all the time, she searched for the shoes. She halted when she heard someone clearing their throat from behind her. Turning around, she found Arnav there.


“Looking for this?” he took out the box he hid behind him.


Her eyes gone wide seeing the box in Arnav’s hand while he smirked seeing her wide eyes plus ‘O’ mouth. Lazily he started walking forward and put the box on the Gazebo’s top they had over the swing knowing that she couldn’t reach that height.


“What are you doing with that? Give me that box back to me” she demanded.


Raising his eyebrow, he asked, “Why?” “If you want the box, the come and get it yourself.” He said smirking at her.


“Don’t let this Laad governor win Khushi. You go and get it.” She thought.


She went there and tried to react the box, jumping but it’s difficult as the top is at great height while Arnav leaned on the wall beside them, enjoying the show. She didn’t realized when she came so near to Arnav that their chests almost brushed, she could feel his breath. She stopped jumping and looked into his eyes, which is showing intense desire for her.


Still looking into her eyes intensely, “You want that box?” he asked huskily.


Not being able to bear their close proximity, she just nodded her head quickly with her head lowered.


He raised his hand to get that box down, she sighed in relief but in vanished instantly when he snaked an arm around her bare waist, pulling her closer. She gasped in surprised, looked at him and tried to wriggle. But it only made Arnav to tighten his hold and pulled her closer. Her breath almost stopped.


“What are you doing? Leave me.” She asked trying get out of his hold.


“Don’t you want the box?” he asked.


Khushi, “Of course I want it but you first leave me.”     


“Then what do I get in return?” he asked eyeing at her lips.


“Wha…what do yo..u wan..want?” Khushi stuttered seeing him eyeing at her trembling lips.


Seeing her scared expression, he smirked, “I don’t want what you are thinking khushi”, She sighed in relief lightly but he added, “as of yet.” He pulled her more closer.


Now their fronts are almost plastered to each other and him caressing her bare waist is not helping her much either.


“Then what do yo…you want?” she asked with much difficulty.


He inched his face closer to her. There are only a couple of inches between their lips. She closed her eyes not able to bear his sweet torture.


Just marry me!” he said huskily closing his eyes, inhaling her sweet rose smell while Khushi stilled as if she got hit by a lightening.




Umm, well how’s it??? I badly wanted to see romance after Payash’s marriage. I will try to write such flirty Arnav only if you guys want to.


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Dec 22, 2015

Part-4 :) (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 68 times)

Psst! One secret!! Please ignore the typos. (:P) 


As the time passed, the guests started leaving. Of course! The wedding is over, they blessed and wished the couple good luck and most importantly they all had their yummy dinner. Now what will the guests do at any wedding after they had the dinner? Apart from some of the close friends, everyone left. Hah! Typical Indian wedding logic (-_-)


Raizadas and the Guptas were looking at the stairs, waiting for Khushi to come with Akash’s shoes. It has been 10 minutes since she had gone to get the shoes but still she didn’t return. Everyone was so tired with all the wedding fun while our Shyam babua was still having his continuous bathroom shows.


Sighing, one by one sat down together in groups and started some random topics while Payal was busy blushing, Akash was busy sweating as NK was playing “Statue and Down” game with him. Poor NK bitwa was so bored on not finding Arnav to test his patience that he chose the groom itself to play games with. Akash was petrified when NK scared him saying if he does not play that game, his First night will be a disaster, according to NK’s infamous knowledge. So, Akash had to give in and had to start playing that God-forsaken game.


“Hello Hai Bye Bye! Why this much times to get the shoeswa?? Lagat hai Phati sadi khud forgetiya gayi ki wo shoes ko hidings kaha ki.” (Seems like Phati sadi herself has forgotten, where she hid the shoes) Mami said mocking Buaji.


“Hai re NandaKis****! We, bride side won the game. So, we can take as much time as we want on returning the shoes.” Buaji retorted. “And your makeup looks like it is smudged. Is that the new style?”


Mami was horror struck realizing her makeup getting smudged while finding the shoes. Screaming a loud HHBB, she ran to retouch her makeup.


“Don’t know where this Sanka devi is buried and what she is doing!!!” buaji irritatingly said. Garima patted her shoulder, in an attempt to calm her down.


“Statue!” NK exclaimed, making Akash freeze.


He so desperately prayed someone to take NK away from him for some time, still staying stilled for the past couple of minutes. His prayed were heard soon and Nani, Anjali came to his rescue in the form of Goddesses and literally dragged NK away from Akash. Akash sat beside a still blushing Payal, wondering how much she can blush as she had been blushing since NK said the word “First Night”.


The trio came to a secluded corner.


“Here we are worried about Khushi bitiya and there you are playing games with Akash bitwa?” nani scolded NK.


“Why what’s wrong? Nannav is not here, so I’m playing with Akash.” He said naughtily, laughing but stopped seeing their glares. “Okay, fine! What’s the matter? Why are you guys worried?”


Nani, “It’s been 15 minutes since Khushi bitiya left to get the shoes but she still didn’t come and Chote also isn’t here. So obviously, he must be with her.”


“We afraid, what if he messes up everything? What if he demands Khushiji to love him saying ‘I’m ASR and you KKG must accept this love deal’??” Anjali asked worriedly.


“But isn’t that you guys wanted? You only provoked Nannav to propose Khushiji.” Nk tried defending his Nannav.


“Yess… but that doesn’t mean he will steal Khushiji in the middle of a ritual just to propose her!!!” exclaimed Anjali.


“Hahahah! Typical Nannav.” Said NK laughing, poking Nani n Anjali to laugh with him.


Not getting any response, he turned and saw them giving death glares as if they were ready to kill him.


“Okay! Now what do I have to do?” Nk gave up.


“Go and get them both back here.” Nani sounded dead serious.


“But Nannav will kill me if I disturb him Dadi.” Said NK like a child.


“Look who is saying! Whole evening you were hell bent on testing Chote’s limits and now you are talking about disturbing him??” Anjali said sarcastically.


“OK fine! I’ll find them.” Saying that he left, searching for Arshi.


Actually, he wants Arnav to propose Khushi at the earliest considering his best friend’s (Khushi) stubbornness, as she sounded extremely determined about leaving the city. As he said before, Only ASR can change Khushi’s crazy mind.






“Just marry me!” he said huskily closing his eyes, inhaling her sweet rose smell while Khushi stilled as if she got hit by a lightening.


Khushi was back to the mood she was before the terrace incident. She was shocked, flushed and felt like floating in the air at the same time with happiness. All their Rabba ve moments flashed before her eyes. She died to hear this confession from him but Wait! What?


Marry me? He just simply asked me to marry him. Is this a joke for him or Does he think marriage is a game? This is one of the most important decisions of our lives…Life? Oh no, I totally forgot about Shyamji. He is a threat to everyone. I should stay away from everyone for their own goodness…..” Much to our annoyance, this is what our Sanka devi is thinking.


Arnav saw the change of emotions on her face. From shock to surprise to happy to confusion to anger to hurt to determination. He simply chuckled knowing about his girl’s craziness. He was very sure about her feelings too but for the confirmation, he’s waiting for the ‘Yes’ word from her. Feeling all relaxed; he pulled her closer and lightly pinched her waist, bringing her back from her thoughts.


The next second Arnav was pushed away from her, mercilessly pushing him from his blissful heaven. He was confused and saw her stern face.


“What did you just say?” she asked coldly.


Still confused, “What happened Khushi?”


“Did you just ask me to marry you?” Seeing him step forward, she showed her hand, stopping him. “Why do I have to?”


“What do you mean by why do you have to? Khushi, what’s wrong?” he asked concerned.


“Do you think Marriage is a game? A joke? May be for you marriage doesn’t mean much but for me it holds so much importance in my life.” Taking a deep breath, “Sorry Mr.Raizada, I cannot marry you.” Saying that, she turned around to go.


Anger instantly filled Arnav after hearing a ‘No’ from her. Reaching her in 2 long strides, he yanked her close to him, clutching her by her arms. Her startled eyes met his anger nd confused ones.


Arnav, “Don’t you dare walk away. We are not done yet. Why don’t you want to marry me?” Controlling himself, he asked softly, “Please tell me what’s wrong. I know what you feel for me. I also feel the same for you Khushi.” She could see pure love in his eyes


Lowering her eyes, “What do I feel for you? Nothing, I feel nothing for you.”


“Lie! An absolute lie.” Pulling her chin up gently, “Look into my eyes and tell that you feel nothing.”


She lifted her teary eyes up to his hurt filled ones. Both of their eyes said it all. She loves him. He loves her. He can see the helpless yet determined look in her eyes. She can see the hurt yet anger in his eyes. What he doesn’t understand was, why she was lying and what’s stopping her. Khushi, despite seeing the love in his eyes, she is not willing to risk his life or Anjali’s or any ones and let Shyam hurt them


Taking a deep breath, “Arnavji, We’ll never suit. Our worlds are different. You are from high class and I…I’m from middle class. As you always say, I am a cheap minded, low mentality girl who is willing to do anything for money, even I …..”


Not being able to hear any more, he shut her from saying anything by closing her mouth with his palm. These are all what he called her before; never did he think it’ll be this much painful to hear all this from Khushi but he never meant those things. To some extent, Khushi too knows it. She is thinking to avoid Arnav, hurting him like this is the only way out, for now.


“Khushii….Khushi I never meant any of those things. I cannot tell you how much sorry I am for saying all those things to you. I just….” He sounded desperate. His red moist eyes show her how much he regrets for saying all those things to her.


She turned back, hiding her tears. “But this is the truth Arnavji. We are not compatible.”


“Not compatible?” Turning her around, “Not compatible?? Khushi if our classes’ difference is the reason, then Payal and Akash’s marriage would never have happened.” Looking into her eyes straightly, “Tell me the truth. What is the matter? What is stopping you? Why do I have deep feeling that you are hiding something from me?” he suspected.


“No..I…I..What do you..…..”


“Khushiji!!!!Nannav!!! What are you both doing here?” NK interrupted them, much to Khushi’s relief and Arnav’s extreme frustration.


Seeing Arnav’s killing glare Nk said, “What Nannav? Why are you giving me those killing glares? And what are you doing here by the way?”


I hope I get some strength not to kill him” Arnav said to himself. (ASR never asks God anything Guys)


Khushi, “Voh…Voh Nanheji, I am getting the shoes.”


NK, “It has been too long Khushiji. What took you so long to get them? Everyone is waiting for you.”


Looking everywhere, Khushi suddenly pointed the box in which she hid the shoes, which Arnav kept out of Khushi’s reach and said, “Nanheji, I..I am trying to get that box down. It’s on so much height that I’m unable to reach. So, I got late getting them down.”


 “Then how did you put this box in there first? And why didn’t you take Nannav’s help?” asked NK innocently, taking that box down. Must agree, NK is also a true actor besides Nani nd Anjali.


“Come let’s go.” Both NK and Khushi left from there leaving behind an Angry, Confused and a little hurt Arnav behind.




It’s Bidhaai time. Obviously, it’s a teary farewell to the bride’s family. Payal and the Guptas are shedding tears. Payal is hugging everyone, crying heavily.


Nani put a comforting hand on their shoulder and said, “Don’t worry Madhumatiji, Garimaji. Payal bitiya is a Daughter of our house more that a daughter-in-law.”


“I will try my best to keep Payalji happy. You can trust me with this.” Akash assured them.


“Haan, I got a new sister-in-law. We are best friends already. We all will take care of her.” Said Anjali smiling.


“You are just a call and 30 minutes away from here. You can visit our daughter (Payal) anytime.” Mama said.


In all this mami didn’t say any word. She just stood there, watching the bidhaai. Though she put up a ‘I don’t care’ face, she wanted to assure her ‘already scared’ bahu. But….EGO problem!  


Giving and getting assurance for some more time, Guptas started leaving. Payal came to the door to bid her family good bye, crying along. They got seated in the car Arnav arranged for them.


Khushi suddenly ran to Payal, cried hugging her sister. Payal hugged her back. They both are gonna miss each other so much. Never in their years together, they stayed apart from each other but now, Payal is married. She does not belong to her family anymore. She is the daughter-in-law of another house.


“I am going to miss you so much jiji.” Khushi said crying bitterly.


Slapping her head lightly, “Pagli, you are not leaving to another city or country. We can meet whenever we want.” She hugged Khushi more tightly.


‘Leaving to another city’. This sentence snapped Khushi back to reality. She is going to leave everyone. Her sister is going to live in the same house where that loathsome creature lives. And he is a living danger for everyone. She is a bit relieved that NK knows the truth and trusts her. Payal will have Nk’s support…


“Oyeee!! Sanka devi, ghar jaana nahi chahti ho ka??” (Don’t you want to go home?) Khushi heard buaji shouting for her.


“Jiji listen to me carefully. Shyamji is far more dangerous and vicious man than we thought him to be. You just take care of Anjaliji. I cannot tell you everything now and ha, Nanheji knows the truth too. He’ll support you if you face any problem Shyamji would create. I must go now jiji. Bye and I love you..” Hugging her tight one more time, she ran to the car.


It took some time for Payal to take in what Khushi said. She was all confused and worried. “What does she mean by ‘he is far more dangerous and vicious man than we thought him to be’? Oh god! Did he hurt Khushi again?*Confused* And NKji? He knows the truth, but how?*Annoyed* That pagli didn’t tell me anything clearly. It is such an important matter. I must talk with NKji tomorrow.”


Her thoughts came to an end when Akash put his arm on her shoulder. He smiled and asked. “Andar chale?” (Let’s go inside?)


Nodding her head, she followed Akash inside.




After the never ending post-marriage rituals, games and Anjali demanding for her ‘Nek’ along with NK, Akash was allowed inside his room. He truly felt as if he was the luckiest man on earth then. Payal also felt that she was the luckiest woman on earth to get such a loving and caring family as her in-laws. With much difficulty, both 'inexperienced in romance' souls, put their shy aside. Praying to God, they started their journey towards the happy and blissful life ahead for them.

[Don't ask me, who among the shy couple initiated first. Pyaar.....Bas hota hai! ]




“Why are you coming with us?” Anjali asked NK. Nani, Anjali and Nk are standing outside Arnav’s room.


NK, “What do you mean by why di? I also want to know what happened.”


“NK bhai, if you come with us Chote won’t open his mouth instead; your Nannav will kill you considering the fact, that you have been irritating him all the evening.” Anjali said giving him a mock smile.


Oh man! I missed this point. He’ll kill me for sure.” thought NK. “Maybe you are right. Anyway, I’m feeling very sleepy. Good night.” Saying that, he galloped from there to his room.


“Such a childish type he is.” Nani said smiling. Anjali nodded, agreeing to her.


Opening the door, they found Arnav sitting on his recliner, typing something furiously in his laptop. They both didn’t expect to find him like that right after his brother’s marriage and his happy love realization but thought he would be in his dreamland with Khushi. But Duh! He is ASR (-_-)


“Chote what are you doing?” Anjali asked astonished.


Looking up at their astounded faces, he said nonchalantly, “I preparing the presentation for tomorrow. This is the last one. I must get home tomorrow early in the evening for the reception. As Akash won’t be coming to office for the next two weeks, we better get over with this deal..”


“Chote, are you even normal? Your brother got married just an hour ago and you demanded to get married to Khushiji 2 hours ago, unknown to everyone except us you stole Khushiji for 20 minutes in the middle of a rasam, kept us all waiting and now here you are stuck with this laptop.” Anjali was annoyed, so was Nani.


“So?” he said still typing.


Shutting his laptop down, Anjali asked, “What happened in the terrace chote?” He tried getting up but Anjali forced him to remain seated and asked again, “Tell us what happened!” This time she demanded.


Taking a deep sigh, “She came to get the shoes..”


“hmm” Nani and Anjali both said in union.


“I cornered her, hiding the shoes.”




“She asked me to give them back.”




“I asked her something.”


“HMM” they sounded excited.


“She asked what.”


“HMMMM” this time impatience.


“I asked her to marry me.”




“Hmm” he said.




“She said….No.” he sulked.


“But why chote?” they sounded disappointed.


He asked irritated, “Why means?? How would I know?”


Anjali, “I mean, we know that she also likes you chote. Then why would she have said no?”


“Don’t know. Maybe her brain's screw got loosen.” he said with his eyes closed.


Nani, “Chote, tell us what exactly happened there? Without missing any detail."


Then he said everything happened there except for his romance details. At the end he got angered and a tiny bit emotional.


“I don’t know why but I have a feeling that she’s hiding something, that there is something which is stopping her. I very well damn know that she also feels the same that I feel for her. I saw some helplessness on her face. I would have pressurized her to open up if not for that idiot, NK” Last line was rather furious.


“But… but…” Anjali came for Nk’s rescue.


“But chote you didn’t really tell her what you feel for her, that you love her. You almost demanded her! What we feared had happened. You used your ASR mannerism.” Nani said disappointed.


Anjali, “Girls like to be told what their partners exactly feel for them. You must have been a little bit soft….”  


Arnav, “Di even if I confessed my real feelings, there was no guarantee that Khushi would agree. As I said before, she’s hiding something.”


Anjali, “You are over reacting. Anyone would have felt shocked with the unexpected marriage proposal and that too, it’s Khushiji on the other side.”




“Bas chote! Just give her some time. This is all we want to request you.” Nani requested Knowing about her grandson’s impatience.


Sighing, he agreed to them. Caressing and ruffling his hair, they both left to their rooms saying good night.


Unable to concentrate on his presentation anymore he shut his lappy, putting it aside, he came and laid on the bed.


As Nani said, I will give you some space to think Khushi. I really have no idea what is going on that crazy mind of your’s *Chuckling* But I will make you mine.”


“And I’m truly sorry for saying all those hurtful things to you in the past. Trust me it pained me more than it pained you when I said those things to you….............You have so much courage………......You are an Angel who belongs……..…......*Smirking*That astonished look when I kissed you………......” Arnav kept on thinking inwardly all those things which he must have said to Khushi out loud and didn’t realize when he dozed off with a boyish grin on his face, dreaming about his crazy girl.




My apologies. This update didn’t come out as I expected. 


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Part-5 :D (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 80 times)




Next morning –


Anjali followed the doctor downstairs.


Doctor, “Don’t worry Anjaliji. Your husband will be fine. I wonder how he got food poisoned to that extent. Maybe he had something which he is terribly allergic to.”


Prescribing some medicines, he gave the prescription to Anjali.


“He is completely drained by severe diarrhea. I gave him some drips. He should take a lot of liquid food and total rest for at least 4 days.” Saying some do’s and don’ts, the doctor left.


Anjali came back to their drawing room where Nani, Mami and Mama are seated. Asking OP to get the prescribed medicines; she assured them saying,


“Shyamji is a bit better now and is sleeping.”


They nodded and sighed in relief. They all were unnecessarily worried for their scumbag of a damad, not knowing that he doesn’t deserve even a tiniest bit of their care or concern.


Soon NK joined them and all were having some general talks, waiting for the newly-wedded couple.


Anjali, “Kya Nk bhai? You got down this late as if you were the newly wed.”


Quickly sitting beside Anjali, “Leave it di. *Whispering* Now tell me, what did Nannav tell you yesterday night?”


“Voh…*Looking around* Wait for some time, we’ll tell you later.” Seeing NK frowning, “Nk bhai, we must consider ourselves lucky as Chote is opening up his emotions, not bolting up like ASR. Must thank the person who is  bringing some changes in my Chote.”


NK said smiling, “Who else di? It’s Khushiji.”


“Haa, Khushiji only. And now, I just wish to see my another brother married and live his life to the fullest.” Anjali said smiling back.


“Speaking of marriage, where is the newly wedded couple?” NK asked.     


 Hundred years, just as they thought about them, they saw Payash descending downstairs. Their eyes lowered, one feet gap between the two and faces ALL RED.


Seeing the blushing couple, Anjali and NK instantly got naughty grins on their faces while Nani, Mama smiled softly and Mami gave, all Indian M-I-L’s signature glare to Payal, but blushing Payal had her eyes glued to the floor.


Anjali said teasingly, “NK bhai, don’t you think Akash and Payalji are looking a bit reddish. Why is that???”


NK, “Because di, woh dono bahut ****aa rahe hai.”


 “S****, its S****.” Anjali quickly corrected him. “And I know that they’re feeling all shy, but why? Why, is the question.” Saying that, both Anjali and NK looked at Payash with their eyebrows raised, touching their foreheads.


“Bas kijiye aap dono. Enough with all the teasing.” Nani full stopped their teasing.


“But dadiji, we didn’t even start our actual teasing yet.” Nk said Pouting.


“Wahi toh! Just look at their state. Without even teasing they’re turning redder sec by sec and if you start your actual teasing process, I can’t imagine how they’ll look. They cannot be looking all red in their reception party, right?” Nani also said mischievously.


Unable to stay there anymore, Akash, “I…I have to go and give a presentation file to Bhai.” And in the next 10 seconds, Akash is nowhere to be seen.


Looking at her blushing D-I-L, Mami started, “Hei Khoon bhar.. *Seeing Nani’s glare* Bitiya. I mean Payal bitiya. Go and makes breakfast phor us. Bhe are hungry. (Make breakfast for us. We are hungry.)” said Mami.


Nodding her head, Payal has left to the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone. As that is her pehli rasoi, Payal was feeling a tad nervous. With HP helping her finding ingredients, she finished making delicious items.


Everyone was seated at the dinning table. They were done waiting for Arnav and started having breakfast after HP informed them that Arnav was getting ready. Elders praised Payal for making such delicious Luckhnowi food with exception of Mami of course and the young ones ended their food saying ‘Finger lickin’ good’.





Settling in the sofas, they all gave gifts to Payal for winning all their hearts or to say tummies, in her pehli rasoi rasam. Arnav came and had a hasty breakfast while everyone was busy opening the wedding gifts. He looked visibly dull which Anjali noticed but didn’t ask him anything. Saying a quick ‘Bye everyone, I’m already late’ he rushed to the main door but came back like a spring, jolting towards his room. Everyone looked at him bewildered.


“Ee ka? Arnav bitwa ghar se outdoor jaane ka way forgotiya gaya hai ka?” (What? Did Arnav forget the way out of the house?) Asked mami to which everyone shrugged back.


Rushing back downstairs, Arnav came and stood before Payal with a small box which was gift wrapped. He gave that gift pack to Payal who was surprised. Not only her, everyone was surprised.


“Umm, Thi.... this is for you. *She was more surprised* Welcome to the family Payal.” Arnav said smiling lightly.


“I am very happy that my brother is happily married to the woman he loves. He is very lucky to get such a calm and understanding wife like you. Everyone is happy to have you in our family. Just remember, you have me as a brother. I’ll be there for you whenever you need.”


Payal was spell bounded. She never expected to be listening all that from Arnav. She then felt as if she were the luckiest woman to get such a caring family. Feeling wetness on her cheeks, she realized that she was shedding happy tears. Wiping them, she bent to take blessings from Arnav.


Arnav was a bit surprised when he found Payal bending down to take his blessings. He quickly held her by her shoulders and made her stand, awkwardly. Caressing her cheek, smiling a little, he zoomed off to his car. He immediately left for his office with a small but dull smile leaving behind a happy tear eyed family.




Khushi was sitting on her bed, staring blankly at nothing. Her eyes were all red. Not due to crying but due to the lack of sleep. She didn’t get proper sleep. All the night, million things were running on her mind. About Shyam’s threat, Both families relation, Anjali and her devotion to her vicious husband, Arnav and his sudden out of the blue proposal. She finally determined to leave and go somewhere for everyone’s safety.


Khushi jerked hearing buaji shouting for her as Payal and Akash came there for the Pag Phere rasam. She sighed deeply. Gosh! She missed her sister too. Rushing out of the room, she hugged the life out of Payal.


After a teary reunion, they all pampered their son-in-law, leaving Payal. Having a special lunch, showering Payash with many sweets and gifts, they all enjoyed the day to the maximum. Guptas were all relieved  knowing that everyone at RM were taking good care of Payal and mostly that she was happy.


Khushi got back into her room and kept staring at her clothes and a travel bag. No way she’s gonna tell her ‘leaving delhi and search for a job in another city’ plan to anyone. Garima would not leave her without knowing the reason behind, buaji would simply kill her and she does not want to stress her father. She was pondering whether to ask Payal or not.


“What are you staring at Khushi?” asked suddenly, a confused Payal making Khushi startle.


“Voh…voh Nothing Jiji. It’s just that I want to ask…..” Khushi hesitated.


“Khushi leave all that. What did you tell me yesterday night about Shyam ji? Tell me now. Every detail.” Payal asked seriously.


“Jiji voh…” And then Khushi told everything Shyam confessed her on the terrace. His threat, his madness, Nk knowing the truth, Nk’s support, her fears about everyone’s safety. Payal was terrified knowing all that. Never in their wildest dreams they thought Shyam would be that dangerous.


“Khushi….Khushi why didn’t you tell us anything. Shyamji was after you since so long and we….we never realized it. Sorry Khushi. We shouldn’t have….”


“Jiji, it’s okay.”


“And you? You always keep one blabbering about every silly thing but this. Why didn’t you tell us?” Payal asked Khushi angrily.


“Voh I didn’t want to make any one worried about this…” Seeing Payal’s angry glare, “Leave it jiji. Now just think about what has to happen. You must look after everyone there, especially Anjaliji. He might harm her again for me.”


Payal, “Did you miss anything? Khushi, it’s time we tell everyone about his true face.”


“No jiji, we should not. What if he tries to harm anyone? What if he succeeds in hurting Anjaliji the next time?What if.....”


“Khushi, that’s the point. We should not let that man in the family anymore and let them stay in the illusion that he is a noble man.”


“No jiji, I have…umm…another plan. Voh.. I thi..think I should…” Khushi was pondering whether to tell Payal about her stupid plan or not.


“I’m waiting…..I hope nothing stupid running on your mind.” Payal said looking at Khushi in a dangerously suspecting way, knowing very well about her sister’s crazy mind.


That’s it! All the thoughts of letting Payal know about her plan flew out of Khushi’s mind. She put up a poker face and remained still until Payal shook her.


“I think we should wait to reveal the truth until you get back home from honeymoon.” She shooted what came on to her mind first.


That did it. Payal started blushing heavily, forgetting about the serious discussion they were having. Khushi never felt that much relieved seeing her sister feeling shy forgetting all the serious things.


“Yes, jiji. You get back home from your HONEYMOON and then we’ll reveal his true face.” Seeing Payal trying to say something, she quickly cut in saying, “Aaha! No more discussion. Until you get back Nanheji will take care of Shyamji, like he did yesterday.” She chuckled at the end.


Garima came in saying, “Bitiya, damadji is asking for you. You need to get home soon.”


“Why so soon?” Khushi asked surprised but secretly happy that she will be escaping from their previous conversation.  


“Did you forget? There is a reception party in 3 hours.” Saying that, Garima took Payal to Akash.


Khushi stilled. “Reception! Means I will have to go back to RM and have to face Arnavji!!!”




“Shyamji, you should take rest. Please don’t bother about the party. You are too weak and must be resting as doctor told you.”


“Nahi RS, I..I can c…come.” Shyam said in a too strained and weak voice and got up stepping forward.


The next second, he fell down on the floor and the next minute he was found on the bed again.


“See? You are very weak even to take a few steps. Then how can you come down to the party?” Anjali said sternly.   


“But Rani sa…”


“No, not another word. You are staying here and that’s final.” Stating that, Anjali has gone down.


Shyam was frustrated not because he won’t be able to attend the party but for not being able to see Khushi and stalk at her. Cursing the food he had, he dozed off due to weakness.


Anjali went to Arnav’s room to call him downstairs but she found him staring at the pool, visibly dull. She broke his trance, placing her hand on his shoulder. He looked at her questioning face and smiled a little.


“What happened di? Why are you looking at me like that?” Arnav asked Anjali.


“I should ask you that chote. What happened to you? Since morning you have been so dull. Is anything wrong?” Seeing him starting to protest, she said, “Chote you can’t lie to me. Please tell me what’s bothering you.” She requested him.


Taking a deep breath, “Di it’s just that..I.. I was wondering if Khushi really meant all those things. All those things I said to her in the past, she must have took them seriously. Not only her, any one would.”


Anjali Confused, “What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”


“I have always been rude to Khushi, di. Said all the hurtful words to her, accused her, judged her, doubted her of something she would never have done, pointed at her, called her names…The list was endless. I realized it yesterday night and have been thinking.  She has all the reasons to refuse me, to hate me. I mean, I have never let her feel that I like her.”


Anjali listened to him and understood the unsaid. It’s true; her brother had always been a nightmare in Khushi’s life and she has all the reasons to shoo him off.


“Then show her your love Chote. You never did show her your other side to her. Show her how much you love her, pursue her and win her. I have no doubt about Khushiji’s feelings for you but you might be right. It’ll be your fault if you let her go just like that without even trying. I hope you understand what I mean.” Caressing his cheeks fondly, “Now don’t think too much and come down. You don’t wanna miss your brother’s reception, do you?” Smiling at him, she left.


He stood there taking in what Anjali said. She was right. He never tried. But he will, now. He still feels guilty for saying all those things to her but he will try winning her. Nk’s weird way welcoming the guests in the mike broke his thoughts. Still feeling a bit dull, he left down to the hall.




“Good evening! A warm welcome to everyone tonight as we celebrate the togetherness of the newly-wedded couple, Akash and Payal. We are very glad to have you all here.”


Arnav was glad that Nk is not welcoming the guests with is rotten Hindi as he believed if he speaks hindi, guests will have mini heart attacks every minute.


“And tonight is one of those magical nights. Let’s capture some magical moments, have fun and enjoy this evening to the fullest. Now can we have the newly-wedded couple on stage please?”


‘A shy and eyes fixed to the floor’ couple reached the Dias and was asked to dance, much to their mousiness. Akash held out his hand to Payal and she hesitantly put her hand in his. Soon, completely immersed in their world of passionate dance, they forgot about the guests who were looking at them in awe.


“Come on everyone, join the couple and dance as if you were the only one here.” All the couples started dancing, enjoying the party.


Raizadas were wondering why the Guptas hasn’t arrived yet.


“Khushiji, aap aa gaye!” Exclaimed NK in the mike, completely forgetting about it. “I.. I mean.. The bride’s family has arrived. I welcome them.” NK Quickly corrected but people didn’t listen to him.


Raizadas received them warmly and soon joined the party. But two souls couldn’t shift their eyes from each other. Arnav locked his eyes to Khushi who was dressed in a simple Lehenga but looking ethereal in her innocent beauty whereas Khushi too couldn’t take his eyes off Arnav who was clad in his usual Tuxedo but looking striking as always.


Their trance broke with guests coming inside. Diverting themselves they joined the party. After the dance, Payal was introduced to everyone personally, the Guptas too. They took photographs, took elders blessings, had delicious dinner etc.. etc.. etc… The evening has been magical.


Slowly, guests left one by one and now only Guptas and Raizadas were left in the hall, talking. Guptas were relieved on not finding Shyam anywhere around. Both families grew closer now. In all this, Arnav and Khushi kept stealing glances at each other.


Finding everyone engrossed in their talks, NK asked Khushi to come to the poolside and she followed him, wondering why he was taking her there.


“Khushijii!!! We have to talk about the SECRET.” Nk said loudly making Khushi startle.


“Nanheji, secrets are meant to be discussed in a low voice, not announcing them to the world.” She replied calmly.


NK, “Huh? Haa, yes. Voh… well… actually what have you decided?”  


Khushi, “About what?”


 “Wahi, what have you decided about leaving the city? I hope you changed your decision.” Nk asked hopefully.


Khushi, “Nahi nanheji. I made up my mind and I’ll be leaving the city soon. And please don’t tell anyone. Only you know about this.”


Nk, “But why??? Don’t you think you are taking the wrong decision? What is the point in you leaving the city? Think about Your family, think about your sister and think about everyone….”


“That is the point. If I leave, everyone will be safe. I don’t want anyone get harmed because of me. I cannot bear it.” Khushi said desperately.


“Then what about Nannav?” Nk asked straightly.


She stilled for a moment, “Arn…arnavji ka kya?”


“Okay, you will be able to stay away from your family and everyone but can you stay without Nannav??Away from him? ”


“I have to. For his safety. Even if the distance kills me. His well being is my main priority.”


“But..” Nk was about to say something but they heard someone calling for them.


“Please Nanheji. Don’t stop me and don’t tell anyone anything. Please…for your best friend!” she requested like a little kid which no one could ever deny for anything.


Still not even one percent convinced, he nodded to which Khushi smiled at him.


“Let’s go?” Nk asked.


Khushi, “Hmm.”


Leaving the poolside, Khushi asked Nk, “Par..how do you know tha…that I ….that what I fe.. feel for Arnav..ji?” Her eyes lowered, cheeks turning a little pinkish.


“Umm.... Voh….How can I not know about my best friend’s feelings? It’ll be an insult to me.” Nk bluntly lied.


Smacking his arm lightly, they both joined others in the hall leaving behind a hell shocked Arnav, who obviously listened to their conversation.




Cholly for the late update. 


Thank you note :


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Jan 17, 2016

Part-6 :D (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 95 times)




Arnav fumed in jealous and anger when he saw NK taking Khushi to the poolside.


He thought “Here I was feeling vulnerable for treating Khushi terribly in the past and there, that buffoon NK, is trying to steal my girl.”  


Arnav knows, eavesdropping someone’s conversation is bad manners but when the matter came to his girl, he didn’t care about anything.


Following them, he hid outside and remained there, listening to what they were talking. When NK shouted about secret, Arnav thought NK to be the dumbest fool on earth for shouting their secret talks but little did he know, NK did that to let Arnav hear clearly.


Yes, Nk deliberately took khushi to the poolside knowing very well that Arnav would follow them. He tried his best to make Arnav know the truth by Khushi’s mouth herself but the entire truth didn’t come out.


After they left, Arnav stood there all dazed. The things which were kept ringing in his mind were,


1.      Khushi is planning to leave the city and go somewhere.

2.      She is doing that to protect everyone and mainly, him.


He was hell confused on not knowing the reason behind her decision. He was more agitated than confused. When he finally decided to share his life with the person he loves, she is planning to go away from him. This was what he was scared about all the time. Once, he lost the person who is dearest to him, from then he locked his heart not letting anyone get close to him.


Many girls tried to lure him, get close to him but he always hated such girls. He hated the girls who tried to allure him just for his money. No matter how much hard they might have tried but those girls did not reach near him, forget about reaching the boundaries he built around his heart. Deep down, he wanted to have a caring, loving and traditional girl in his life, just like his mother. But ASR did not know it, the Arnav who was buried deep inside him did. 


That Arnav fought really hard with ASR for a very long time after Khushi came into his life. Giving up, ASR also agreed that without Khushi, he cannot live.  When finally he was getting the missing piece of his life (Khushi), she blasted a bomb, by rejecting him.  And now she was planning to blast a nuclear bomb by going away from him……….. Like, hell he was gonna let that happen.


“One thing is clear; she reciprocates my feelings. Then why is she planning to leave everyone…me? And that’s for everyone’s safety? Wonder what cr@p is going on her mind. I could know the reason behind the ‘crazy stunt she was about to do’ later but now, I have to stop her from leaving the city and get her into my life ASAP before I lose my patience and marry her forcefully. Must work hard to convince her absurd and stubborn mind……” Making plans, Arnav had gone to the people from whom he could demand help from.


He was so immersed in his Khushi’s world that he completely forgot one thing, that there is a person who knows the entire truth and that he could easily find out what the hell was going on. Bach gaya NK!




“This is not fair!!!” whined NK. “Why did you both wake me up thissss early in the morning? And for what, to take you both to the temple? That’s so cruel of you. We should amend one more fundamental right, ‘Right to Sleep’.” He huffed.


Nani and Anjali laughed.


“Hahah, what if, we brought you with us to tell you what happened last night.” Anjali said, giggling.


Stopping the car abruptly, he turned around. “Why didn’t you say so earlier?”  Thank god, it was an empty road. Nk soooo wanted to know what his Nannav did after his ‘Smart deed’ 


“Nanhe bitwa, you please concentrate on driving. Remember, we’re in the middle of the road.” Nani reminded him.


Mumbling a small sorry, he started his way towards the temple.


“I don’t know what happened to Chote suddenly but after Khushiji and everyone left, he came to us ordering to take Shagun and ask Khushiji’s hand for marriage with him the next day.” Anjali narrated throwing her hands in air.


“No matter how much we asked, he was so stubborn and did not tell us what happened suddenly, that he was rushing us for the Shagun.” Nani continued.


Anjali, “And suddenly he cancelled the Shagun plan and ordered us to let the Guptas know about him wanting to marry Khushiji. He said with such a determination that we could not say or ask anything more.”


“Now, here we are on our way to temple to pray for everything to go well.” Nani said closing her eyes, palms joined, praying to Devi Maiyya.


All the while NK was grinning widely. He expected unpredictable moves from his Nannav and that was what happened.


“Nannav would stop Khushiji or he would extract the entire truth from her or maybe both. Nannav has the show now and all I have to do is chillax and torture Shyam.” Nk thought, smirking slightly.


Soon they reached a temple near Laxmi Nagar.




Sitting on a step beside Goddess’s idol, she complained, “HDM! What should I do now? Should I leave the city or not? If I leave, where would I go? And if I stay, what would Shyamji do? I don’t understand what I must do. Please show me a way Devi Maiyya. I cannot stay away from everyone at the same time I don’t want any harm happen to anyone because of me.”


Early morning Khushi came to her best friend to share her fickle plans and worries with her. And there she sat there blaming, asking, scolding, pleading her DM since morning without caring about the weird looks people were giving her. Her ranting came to an end when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning around she found, Nani and Anjali.


“Anjaliji? Naniji? You both, here?” Khushi asked them, surprised.


Smiling slightly, Nani said, “Haan, we are here. Don’t you want us to be here?”


Khushi, “Arre, no. I didn’t mean it that way Naniji. I was just surprised to find you both here.”


“Well, we are actually coming to your house Khushiji. To talk SOMETHING IMPORTANT.” Anjali said stressing the last words.


Khushi, “Our house? Why? I mean, if you have told us we would have come to you..”


“Khushi bitiya, first let us take Darshan. Then we will discuss about it.” Nani said.


Sticking her tongue to cheek she followed them, to have DM’s Darshan again. Having Theertham and Prasad, they all settled on some steps in the temple. Closing their eyes, they felt positive energy filling them in the presence of God.


“Ab batayiye na, What important matter?” Khushi asked like a child, hardly controlling her curiosity, where as Anjali and Nani laughed. “Arre, please stop laughing and tell me. Anything serious?” She asked with a little panic in her voice.


Noticing the panic in her tone, they stopped laughing and Anjali said, “Matter is serious Khushiji but nothing bad. So, please don’t panic.”


Seeing Khushi’s bemused face, they heaved a deep sigh.


“Umm…Khushi bitiya, we…we are coming to your hou..se to ask..to..”


“Actually, we.. you and cho… I mean..”


Nani and Anjali hesitated, not knowing how to tell Khushi. They wished NK was there with them so that he could make things easier or maybe more complicated. Either way, he escaped saying he has some work. Obviously, not wanting Khushi to see him then.


“Please don’t hesitate to tell me. I’m related to you now and family does not hesitate to share anything with each other.” Khushi said easing up the tension air.


“Khushiji, Chote wants to marry you. / Bitiya, Chote is determined to marry you.” Both Nani and Anjali said at the same time but Nani told what Arnav really is planning to do.


“Kyaa???” both heard Khushi shriek.


“Woh, what Nani meant was, Chote likes you very much and that’s why he wants to marry you. Actually, we were to come with a Shagun but……….” All the panicky explanations of theirs are not reaching Khushi’s ears.


She was astonished that Arnav directly told their secret matter of ‘Abrupt proposal and reluctant rejection’. Well, she had no idea if he told their total (Arshi’s) terrace encounter or not but she doesn’t care. What matters is he sent Anjali and Nani with marriage proposal, almost a Shagun!  Here, she was getting crushed between her dilemmatic situation and there, Arnav’s marriage proposal. Not Arnav, but its ASR now.


“Khushiji….Khu… Are you even listening?” Anjali nudged Khushi by her shoulder, bringing back from her shock.


“Huh? Haan, Anjaliji. I am listening.” Seeing their expectant faces, “Umm, I need some time. I need to think about it. Please just..” She did not hear what they said but for formality sake.


“Yes, yes, we understand bitiya. You take your time. We don’t force you. Just remember one thing; Chote does not want to miss you in his life.” Nani said, cupping Khushi’s cheeks.


“Ji.” She simply said. “Ab..umm, I have some work outside. I must be going now…. Hum chalte hai.” Taking Nani’s blessing Khushi left.


Getting into an auto rickshaw, she said, “Bhaiyyaji, please take me to AR designs.”


“How dare he? How dare he to send Anjaliji and Naniji with a marriage proposal? Fortunately, they met me first or else they would have gone to our home, asking Amma, babuji and buaji. DM, pata nahi tab kya hua hota! Now, I’ll go and give him left and right.” Khushi cursed Arnav.


“Nanhe bitwa, what took you so long? Come, take us to Gupta house. It’s getting late.” Nani said getting into their car.


Obeying her like a good boy, NK took them to Gupta house. Why wouldn’t he? He’s just enjoying the show.


After pleasantries, they both asked Khushi’s hand for Arnav, unofficially. Guptas were shocked with the sudden proposal but were convinced when they explained Arnav’s endearment towards Khushi. What more would they want if both of their daughters are married into the same, good and respectable house; that too if they get such a caring husbands?!


But they are hesitating thinking about Shyam and they must know what their daughter wants. Buaji, did not want to do the same mistake she did once, forcing Khushi to marry that vile Shyam. By God’s grace, his true face came out before her life got spoiled. And now they don’t want to pressurize her to take quick decision. Also, they have to think what to do about Shyam.


Buaji, “Hame maaf kijiye Devyaniji par hame kuch wakt chahiye sochne ki. (Sorry but we need some time to think.) We don’t want to push Khushi for marriage without her will. So..” 


“We just met Khushi bitiya before coming here and told her about the proposal. And don’t worry, we understand. Take your time. We also do not want to her to take decision under any compulsion.” Nani said.


Spending some time there, trio left for RM while the Guptas were immersed in their own thoughts.




Khushi barged into AR office. With an ultimate furious face, she stopped before reception asking where Arnav was. Seeing Khushi, that brainless receptionist a.k.a SIM laughed… like a horse.


“OMG, Chamkili! You here?” Sim shrieked making everyone’s attention turn towards them.


“Dekhiye… (Look)” Khushi started but Pam joined.


“Why are you here now? Came here for some funds? Or was the humiliation you faced here months ago was not sufficient?” Sim and Pam gave out a mock laugh.


“Look, I’m serious. I need to know where Arnavji is. Please tell me or just call him and tell that I’m here to meet him.” Khushi said desperately.


 Pam, “Yeah right, you are a VVIP that ASR would gladly welcome you. Stop day dreaming.”  Staffs, who know Khushi, started laughing at that.


“It is useless talking to them.” Ignoring the she made her way to the stairs but they stopped her.


Pam, “Where do you think you are going Chamkili? Did you lose your mind and came here searching for it? Who even let you in? Security!!”


Manju saw Khushi and rushed to her happily. “Khushi *caressing her cheek* How are you? It’s been so long since I saw you.”


Khushi gave a quick but warm hug to Manju and said, “I also missed you Aunty. How are you?”


“She will be finer as you are not here.” Sim said laughing awfully.


Khushi ignored her and asked Manju, “Aunty, Arnavji kaha hai? Please tell me.”


Before Manju could speak, Pam butted in, saying, “Why should she tell you and why do you waste your time here Chamkili? ASR would throw you out the next second he saw you here anyway. Give me one reason why would he not do that?”


“Because the girl you are talking to is Khushi Kumari Gupta….soon-to-be Raizada.” Everyone heard a loud roar from Arnav’s cabin, upstairs.


They saw Arnav descending down, eyes spitting fire in rage, seeing Khushi getting insulted by those chit of his foolish employees and cursed himself again for all those humiliations she faced because of him in the past.


Reaching Khushi, he looked at her with love and snaked his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him. Now, with fury, he glared at everyone.


“I would not bear any tiny measure of contempt towards my fiancée. Disrespecting her means disrespecting me. Get that into your brains.” Turning towards Pam and Sim, “And you two, apologize to her. NOW!!!” roared the lion which made them almost faint.


“So…sorry.” Both said lowly in union.


“What happened to your tone? I can’t hear you, who stood right before you then how would everyone hear? And where is the respect?” Arnav roared again making everyone especially Pam and Sim tremble.


“We’re sorry Maam.” This time they said loudly. They felt utterly humiliated for apologizing to the girl who everyone insulted months ago.


“That’s better. Listen again, from now onwards if I find anyone showing incivility towards my girl ……. You’ll be damned!” Saying that he led an astounded Khushi to his Private room, leaving behind his petrified employees who never in their wildest dreams thought they’ll see ASR possessive of a girl.




“ ‘Soon-to-be Raizada. Fiancée. My girl.’ Now what’s left? Mother of my children!?? What’s going on!! I came here to warn him to forget the idea of marrying me and he, he is announcing everyone that I’m his ‘Soon-to-be Raizada. Fiancée. Girl.’. Wowww, just wow!” thought Khushi sarcastically.


Arnav made Khushi sit on a sofa and he sat next to her chuckling, seeing her face he can easily guess that she must be cursing him in her mind. He slowly made her face him by pulling her chin.


Cupping her face, he asked, “Where are you lost Khushi?”


Still seeing her lost in thoughts, he snapped his fingers and asked again, “Khushi? What are you preoccupied in? Our married life?” He was already holding himself from laughing with super difficulty and now, seeing the glare she gave him, he regretted teasing her saying that.


Pushing his hands off, she stood up still not breaking the deadly glare. “How dare you?”


“How dare me, what?” he also stood up, eyes shining with amu****t.


“You very well know what I am referring to. How dare you tell your employees that I am your fiancée and how dare you send Anjaliji and Naniji with your marriage proposal? I already told you that I won’t marry you but you... Why are you doing this Mr.Raizada?” she yelled.


Ignoring her questions, he asked, “Khushi, you wanna have a cup of tea?”


“What? Oh yes, please get me one cup of tea which I would gladly throw it on your face.”


“Whoa.. You are definitely not in a mood for tea. How about juice? Mango juice?” he asked smiling slightly trying to remind her of her juice prank on him.


“Mr.Raizada, stop talking like that.…”


“Would you rather like to wear a Saree or Lehenga on our Sagai?”


“Why are you….”


“I don’t wanna waste any time. Let’s discuss about our marriage rituals now.”


“Are you craz…”


“And how many never-ending rituals will be there Khushi? You know, I am impatient.”




“Where would you like to go on our honeymoon?”


“LISTEN TO ME!!” She yelled, making him stop his absurd questions. “What do you think of yourself? Here I am desperately trying to talk to you about something serious, about the most important matter of our lives and our families; and you are asking those meaningless questions.”


Pushing him by his chest, “I came here to tell you that sending your family with a proposal is not going to change my mind.” *PUSH* “Your arrogance *PUSH* your money *PUSH* your ghamand *PUSH* your big big angry eyes looking at me, not any of those are going to change my… mind!”


She was withdrawing her hands from his chest but he pulled her to him, turning her around and pinned her to the wall. Stepping closer, he made her sandwich between the wall and him.


Her eyes grew wide, breathing went unsteady, and she shivered seeing his close proximity. He took hold of her two hands in his huge one and gently held them together, with his other free hand he traced her face starting from cheeks, eyes, chin, nose’s tip and finally settled on her quivering lips.


He inched his face closer and said, “What do you think, I am such a fool to let go of my belongings that easily. Tsk, nah. I will make you mine for sure by hook or crook. So you just leave the idea of avoiding me or trying to go away from me. I would dig the deep cores of the planet to find you. So you better go home and say Yes to my proposal Khushi *Yanking her closer* Soon-to-be *nuzzling on her neck* Raizada.”


Just when his lips brushed very lightly on her neck, she jerked and pushed him back. Without wasting a millisecond, she sprinted off his office, got into an auto, reached her home leaving behind a smirking Arnav with his palm over his thudding heart who was equally affected with her propinquity.




“Sabash Khushi, Sabash! *Patting her own shoulder* You went there to give left and right to him and you….you came running home after…he…he. Argh! Of course, why wouldn’t I be affected? His intoxicating scent, husky voice, teasing caresses…” she said dreamily.


“Look, you again lost control over yourself. Stop thinking about that Devil and Concentrate!” She took a big travel suitcase and started dusting it.


“Now what will I do after such a flopped attempt of berating him, I will have to leave as soon as possible. Think about both families well being.”


Taking her clothes from almirah, she started dumping them in the suitcase. “Thank god, Anjaliji and Naniji met me in the temple and talked to me about the proposal first. Otherwise what would have happened if they had come home and talked with my family? Both families relationship will be awkward and I don’t want their budding closeness to get uncomfortable and more importantly, jiji must not face any problem over there because of me.”


Poor Khushi, she thinks Nani and Anjali did not talk about the proposal with the Guptas because they, especially buaji thought to give all the space Khushi needs to think and take a decision as they do not want to repeat the same mistake they once did. So, the genius Guptas did not even open about that topic before Khushi as they know that she was told about the proposal and decided not to open that topic until Khushi herself talks about it.


Zipping the bag, she smiled brightly saying, “Wah! Everything is set. Now all I have to do is waiting, till everyone falls asleep and then I will leave.”  


Turning around she gasped seeing a stern faced Arnav before her. To make sure if he was really there, she poked him on the chest and then jumped high, realizing the he was really there.


“You? What are you doing here at this time? And how did you get in here?” she whispered hoarsely.


In reply he just looked at the window which Khushi left wide open, to welcome thieves, drug dealers, Psycho killers and…………Arnav Singh Raizada. Khushi gulped thinking since how long has he been there.


“Why ar..are you here?” she asked, whispering.


“Forget about that. First tell me, what the hell are you doing?” he gritted out.


She looked at the bag and then at him without moving. She remained absolutely still. “Umm…wo..woh I want to …lea…LOCK the almirah and hide the keys. So I took out all my clothes and packed them in this suitcase.” She blabbered every nonsense.


“It is not even a tiniest bit convincing Khushi. Try other lie.” He snorted out.


“Wha..no..I am not ly..lying. It’s tr..true. Arghh! Fine I am lying. I am leaving this city. What would you do Mr.Raizada.” she whispered angrily.


“Firstly, it’s Arnav for you. Secondly, I don’t remember giving you any permission to go any where, forget about leaving the city. How dare you try to go away from me? I already told you in the morning not to pull such stunt but you still..!” he said angrily.


“You did?” she asked him with a blank face. Well, it’s not her fault if she didn’t register anything he said, completely lost in his sweet torture.


“Yes, and now, unpack the bag and set your things back again.”


“Why should I listen to you and who are you to tell me? You don’t own me to make me do whatever you say.” She said glaring at him. “I am leaving and no one can stop me. Now, if you please leave, I have to go.”


“Okay..” saying that he started moving towards her room’s door.


“Where are you going? Leave in the same way you came in, by the window. Not by the door.”


“Umm… Aunty, Uncle and Buaji should know what you wish to do, right? So, I’m going to inform them. They will bid farewell to you.”


Our Arnav bitwa heard all Khushi’s self talk and he very well knows that Khushi will not appreciate it if he tells her stupid plan to her family. So, now he can blackmail her into not leaving and can also woo her, meantime.


“No! You don’t have to tell them. It’s not necessary.” She tried, convincing him. Seeing the smirk on his face, “Mr.Raizada, You will not tell them.”


“Try me.” He raised his hand to unbolt the door but Khushi stopped him.


“Ok..ok.. Please don’t tell them or anyone. I will not go anywhere. Please just don’t talk about this. I…I will do as you say.” There she gave in to ASR.


Inhaling deeply, “Marry me.”


She felt dizzy thinking about every damn thing. “Hey Devi Maiyya! What is this? Why is this man, this stubborn? Why can’t he just understand that I am doing this for everyone’s, mainly for his well being.”  She thought with a defeated face.


“Fine, I am giving you some time to decide or to be precise, to hear a YES from you coz I’m not giving you a No option.” He compromised making Khushi heave in relief. She nodded.


They both heard Buaji calling Khushi for dinner and she immediately panicked. Pushing Arnav towards the window, she peeked out checking if anyone if there outside. Everything clear.


“Please go. Buaji is calling me.” Seeing uncertain look in his eyes, “I swear, I’m not going anywhere. I have to set my clothes back in the almirah too. Please leave fast.”


Now he is convinced. Snaking his arm around a hyper-panicking Khushi's waist, he pulled her close. Giving a deep kiss on her cheek, he said still his lips brushing her cheeks, “Good night.”


He hopped out of the window and left. Khushi stood there all shocked, caressing the spot where he kissed her.




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Plot Twist- 7 :D (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 81 times)



Looking around, NK found none at the dining table except for a very weak Shyam sitting beside him, having his mild juice as breakfast.


“Perfect time.” Nk thought.


NK took out a box which he sneakily hid, and filled his plate with yummy Chinese Momos. Eating them, he starting making “Mmmmm, delicious” sounds, which made Shyam burn in Jealous. Like a girl seducing a man, NK sed…. No scratch that, NK’s food seduced Shyam. Tempting him to the peak, NK left one momo in the box and very innocently left the table, pretending to answer a call.  


Shyam’s gaze is moving from the momo to his liquid breakfast. His mind is processing in a lightning speed. Finally he decided, “Just one doesn’t harm.” In a blink, he put that Momo in his mouth, chewed it and the next second, he felt like something exploded inside his mouth or stomach or whatever. Spitting it out, he let out the most painful cry.


Shyam had turned totally red, tears running from his eyes, runny nose and almost steam is escaping from his ears. Family gathered immediately, they found out that he had some solid food, believed he was suffering coz he cheated in his diet, doctor came, scolded him, gave some medicines and left. He immediately got 104 fever and diarrhea didn’t help him much. He was going to toilet, throwing up all the time.


The reason behind his miserable condition is NK. The momo which Shyam had, was totally filled with Capsaicin sauce. It is one of the hottest sauces in the world. Normally one drop of that sauce is enough to almost kill a person but NK filled the momo with an ML. Still didn’t feel Shyam’s pain? Lemme explain – The spice of chillies, sauces or peppers are measured in Scoville scale. Normally one green chilly consists of 12 Scoville units where as the Capsaicin sauce is over 16,000,000 SU.  16 million Scoville units. Now do you feel Shyam’s pain?




It is time for Payash to leave for their  honeymoon. Anjali, Nani, Mami were looking after Shyam, so they are not coming to send them off. Nk and Akash loaded luggage in the car. Akash went to call Arnav, who is going to drive them to airport. Seeking opportunity, Payal talked to NK.


“Nk ji, please look after di. Shyamji is really dangerous.” Payal requested NK.


“Oh don’t worry Payal Bhabi. I will take care of Shyam. Will make sure he will never get out of his bed if required. BTW, how was the prank I played on him in the morning?” he asked winking at her.


Gasping, “That means you did something with his food?”


“Yes.” He said proudly.


“That’s so bad. One should not hit on someone's stomach with food, even if that person is very bad.” Payal said sympathizing shyam, still she knew he deserves much more worse.


“The person you are feeling bad for is not a human, bhabi. He is a dangerous criminal. Feel happy that I did not go to jail, killing him. The minute I found out about his ugly character I wanted to kill him but Khushiji is not letting me. She is not realizing that more than Di or anyone here, she is in grave danger. I hope she realizes this soon. I want this vicious man out of everyone’s life, ASAP!” Nk said seriously.


Payal nodded agreeing with him.


“Payalji.” Called Anjali coming towards her. Handing her a small gift box, “This is your honeymoon gift. *Whispering in her ear* Knock out my brother.” Anjali winked at her, making Payal blush.


Soon Arnav and Akash got to the car. Settling themselves (Arnav, Akash and Payal) in the car, Arnav asked, hoping NK won’t come, “NK, aren’t you coming?”


NK, “No Nannav. I have some work. You guys go. Have fun Akash and Payal bhabi.”


Wasting no time, Arnav started the car and zoomed off while Payash waved a bye to Anjali and NK.

Payal frowned seeing the route they are going.


Payal, “Arnavji, You crossed the road which leads to Airport.”


Arnav just smiled at her looking from front mirror.


“Payalji, woh…..woh you have a small sur…surprise on the way.” Stuttered Akash shyly to which Payal blushed.


Arnav just rolled his eyes and shook his head lightly. He hoped at least during their honeymoon, his cousin brother and his new little sister would come out of 'Shy Zone' and steps into 'Comfort Zone'. Arnav Desperately hoped!


Car halted at Gupta house, taking Payal in surprise. Turning around, she looked at a smiling shyly Akash and smiling very lightly Arnav.


“We thought to take you to your family before you leave for honeymoon.” Arnav said on behalf of his coy brother. Seeing Payal getting emotional, “Go Payal. Don’t get emotional like your sister for everything. *Gesturing her towards the door* we’ll come in a minute.”


After Payal left, Arnav said, “Akash can I request you something?” he asked Akash snapping him out of his shy marathon.


“Of course bhai.” replied a super devoted Akash.


“Please stop being all mousy (Shy) like that. It's makes me creep...erm, I mean it's kinda weird seeing you like this. Remember, you're a man.” Arnav said very lowly.


That request made Akash blush more furiously which made Arnav sad. Very sad and disappointed. Sighing weakly, he pushed a shying Akash inside Gupta house.




After all the pleasantries, hugs, blessings, cheek caresses, Gupta’s telling Payal all safety measures, pampering their S-I-L and maybe S-I-L (Arnav), Lots of hustle bustle and all, The trio made their way to the car, taking Guptas leave. Suddenly, Khushi was dragged by Payal.


“Khushi why don’t you come with us to the airport? Arnavji will drop you off while returning, won’t you?”  Payal asked, looking at Arnav hoping he would drop her. Poor she, doesn't know what is going on between Arnav and Khushi.


“Of course. Don’t have to ask.” Said Arnav, and thanked Payal inwardly.

No ‘NO’ was taken. Khushi was pushed inside the car and the quartet started their way to the Airport. Payash sat in the back seat and was totally lost in their shy world where as Khushi became a statue in the front seat, beside a smirking Arnav.


Arnav checked in the mirror. Payash are too immersed in their coyly world. Good. Changing the gear, he brushed his fingers against Khushi’s clothed thigh, very innocently. She jerked feeling that and moved away from his arm. She pressed herself against the car door, almost as if her side was plastered to it. Seeing that, Arnav smirked and with a sudden jerk, he turned car to the left which made Payal fall on Akash and Khushi on Arnav. That caused 2 people blush heavily, 1 girl flush furiously and 1 man grin devilishly throughout their journey to the Airport.




Unloading the luggage, Payash and Arshi stood at the entrance.


“Bhai, Khushiji, you both leave. We have to go through the security, checking, boarding pass and all. We won’t get time to talk inside anyway, so it’s better to not waste your time.” Akash said.


Arnav nodded and hugged Akash. “All the best and please think about what I requested.” Arnav whispered, referring to what he asked Akash at Gupta house.


“Jijiiii!” Khushi took Payal in a bone crushing hug. “Jiji, have loads of masti. Take care of yourself and Jijaji. Aur haa….” Leaning, Khushi whispered something naughty in Payal’s ear and received a light smack from her.   


Waving one last bye, Arshi made their way towards the car. Arnav was feeling like a teenager. Why wouldn't he? He is going to spend some time with Khushi during their ride back home, all alone.  He can tease her, scare her or do whatever he wants to. He is feeling all excited now, experiencing all these beautiful feelings for the first time which people must have had experienced it during their college days but our ASR is experiencing this after he is all settled in life.


But it is not the same for Khushi. From the time Arnav showed up in their house with Payash, she tired her level best to avoid him, especially after remembering the kiss he gave the previous night. The thudding heart,  heavy breathing came back with a full force. Till then she somehow managed to ignore him, or so she thought. But now that she's with him, going in a car, all alone, she's terrified pondering over the flirty behavior of Arnav these days.


They are half way through. Arnav said no word. Khushi is all stilled, waiting for 'Get out' in the middle of a road, for some verbal bashes, heated arguments, or even some teases from Arnav too but all she is getting from him is Silence with a poker face, as bonus. She is petrified thinking about all the alternatives that would happen. Though Arnav put up a emotionless face, he is grinning from inside seeing her.


The anxious journey for Khushi is finally over. They reached Laxmi nagar and the car halted near Gupta house. Releasing her long struck breath, she quickly turned to open the door. But Arnav kept it locked from his side, she turned to face him.


"Arnavji please unlock the door."


"What's the hurry Khushi?"


"What do you mean what's the hurry? I have to go. Amma and buaji must be waiting for me." She said panicking about the thought that they might find out what Arnav was doing.


"Okay.....Just tell me your decision and then you can go."


"Decision about what?"


"Your yes for our marriage."


Her breath caught again. "Arnavji, it has been just 12 hours since you gave me some time to think. Please I need more time." she requested him.


"Mmmm, ok. Close your eyes once."


"Kyuuu??"  Khushi asked all scared.


"Just do what I said." He said rather huskily leaning close to her.


"Par....aap...kyu hum...." she asked shifting her gaze from his eyes to his lips.


Smirking, "I am not going to do what you are thinking but if you don't close your eyes.....I will do it. Now......Just Close Your Eyes!!!" he said in a slight warning tone making her shut her eyes tight.


Smiling widely, he brought something from the back seat. Looking at her lovingly, "Open your eyes now."


The next second, she opened her eyes warily, a beautiful red rose bouquet and a boxful of Jalebis was shoved into her hands. Obviously ASR is so inexperienced in 'How to give a gift' thing.


"Yeh kya hai?!"


"Bouquet and sweets for you.”


“Kyu? (Why?)”


“What why? Because you love flowers and sweets. Until I hear a ‘Yes’ from you for our marriage, I’ll keep on showering you with gifts as I cannot meet you for some days.”


“Khushi, as much as I want to spend time with you, I cannot do that. Since Akash is not there , I have to take care of his load of work too. So, I have to go.”


Getting no response from her, he wondered if she even listened to what he said but little did he know poor Khushi is stunned, seeing his whole new side. Snapping his fingers, he brought her out of trance.


“Got what I said?” he asked to which she nodded.


“Now GO before I devour your luscious lips.” He frightened her and saw her galloping towards Gupta house the next second.


Laughing naughtily, he started his way towards ARd. He was surprised with his own behavior. This is just totally unlike ASR. He is being the old Arnav again. And the reason is none other than his lady love, Khushi.


“I will never let you go Khushi, no matter what..!”  he thought with a smile.




Here, Khushi stood outside her house with the bouquet and sweet box Arnav gave. She was all stupefied. “I can handle Arrogant ASR. Stubborn ASR. Angry ASR. Devil ASR but this… this naughty ASR is what I cannot manage. Hey Devi Maiyya! Please help me.” 


Taking baby steps towards the door, she heard buaji saying, “Hai re NandaKis****!!! Kahaa reh gayi yeh Sanka Devi!!! (HNK! Where is this Sanka Devi?)”


Looking at the bouquet and sweet box in her hand, panic gripped her. “HDM! I cannot let buaji or Amma see these. If they see these gifts, they will ask me 1000 questions. Then what will I answer? They will eventually find out about Arnavji’s proposal. Ohhh!! How do I get in with these? I cannot just throw them. Ek din yeh Laad Governor hame maar hi daalenge! (One day this LG will kill me!)” Khushi thought angrily.


Rushing to the back side of their house, she hid the bouquet and box, and returned back to the front door. Taking some small pebbles, she threw them at the door one at a time. Soon Buaji appeared furiously shouting at everyone near her vicinity asking who threw the pebbles.


Taking this chance, Khushi sneakily entered inside through the back door, taking the gifts with her and hid them in her room. Taking off the ribbon, which was wrapped around the bouquet, she placed the flowers in a vase and kept them beside her Devi Maiyya idol. Before Garima or Buaji get in, she ate all the Jalebis, stuffing them in a record speed which resulted in making her feel nauseous when she thought of Jalebis.




The following days are not normal for Khushi. She thought without seeing Arnav, she can think straight and can have some peace but she was wrong. Even without seeing him, days felt like roller-coaster ride for her.


Early mornings, Khushi would receive a boxful of Jalebi and a bouquet with a love card as a bonus. She would either eat all those Jalebis or distribute them to her neighbors’ kids. She almost hated the word Jalebi, if not for her obsession for them since childhood.


But that’s not the worry. Big trouble was when she had a bouquet with a love card in her hand when buaji is around. She did everything in her power to hide it from her family, mainly buaji. She cannot just let them know about Arnav’s proposal, thinking about Payal, Anjali, Shyam…….everything and everyone, but her.


Yeah, she did call Arnav many times, asking him to stop sending her gifts but every time in reply she got, ‘This is the least I can do for my girl…’ stressing ‘MY GIRL’ every time, he goes on with his flirty talk in the little time he got to talk with her. He enjoyed her cute and angry arguments to the core where as she felt like strangling him.


In all that frustration, two good things happened for her. One, she dropped the idea of leaving Delhi because she FINALLY realized running away never solves any problem; instead it makes others think that they are coward. Two, Khushi again started Buaji’s Chikankari work. From sewing to embroidery, she started making them to their neighbors’. She has a family to support financially, right!




Ten days passed in a blink. Khushi sat on her bed, embroidering a saree, furiously. She just had a half KG Jalebis all by herself as she did not find any kids to share them with. Buaji and Garima entered the room and found her cursing someone, obviously Arnav.


“Titaliya!!” buaji called her, bringing her out of cursing Arnav spree. Buaji frowned finding a small chunk of jalebi near her lips. “Ee kaa hai? (What is this?)” Wiping off the piece with a cloth.


“Voh…voh Jalebi buaji. I felt hungry so I had some……How…how is this? *Showing them the saree she embroidered* This is for Pramela masi. This color and design will suit her, na?” Khushi asked quickly, lest they find out the Daily Jalebi tale.


“Arre, yeh toh bahut badiya hai Nanda Kis****! Maanna hi padegi, tum toh bahut talented ho.(Wow, this is very beautiful. Must agree, you are really talented in this work.) ” Buaji and Garima praised her for her unique designs.


“Haha, thank youuu!!!” Khushi sang. “Today jiji is coming back. I can’t wait to meet her and tease her.” She said naughtily.


Getting no response, she raised her hear. She looked at their faces and found them weird, like they are hesitating to say something. “What happened? Do you have something to say?”


“Voh…bitiyaa…..hum voh….” Garima started.


“Please Amma. Don’t hesitate to ask or tell me anything.” Khushi said, making them both sit on the bed and she sat on a chair opposite to them.


“Voh, titaliya……. It has been 10 days since Devyani ji and Anjali bitiya came her with Arnav babua’s proposal, asking your hand for their marriage. What have you decided?” Asked Buaji.


“KYAAA!!! You knew about the proposal?? Then why didn’t you talk anything about it till now??” Khushi nearly yelled.


Cupping her face, Garima said, “We did not want to push you to take decision bitiya.”


“Last time we did a terrible mistake by forcing you to get engaged with that..that Shyam. Without even knowing completely about him, how can I…i..” Buaji said, with a heavy heart.


Khushi rushed and comforted her, “Buaji, it is not any of your fault. It is written in my fate. But Devi Maiyya did save me, right? So, please don’t blame yourself for what happened.”


Buaji cupped her face, “Tum Sanki ho, par bahut Samajhdaari bhi ho titaliya. (You are crazy but you are very understanding and matured too.)”


“Voh to hai. (That I am)” Khushi said winking at them.


Laughing weakly Garima said, “Only if Anjali bitiya is strong enough to know the truth, to face her husband’s dark side and only if her family did not trust him blindly, we could have told them the truth.”


Sighing weakly, they agreed with her. 


“Voh sab ****o Nanda Kis****! (Leave all that.) What have you decided about Arnav babua? He is not at all like what we thought at first. We will be very happy if you accept this proposal bitiya.” Buaji said.


“And you don’t have to stress, thinking about this. Take your own time and decide but remember, it has been already 10 days. Don’t take too long.” Garima said, caressing her cheek.


“I…I need some more time.”


Nodding their head understandingly, they made their way towards the door.


Before they can leave, Khushi asked, “Amma, Buaji…..Can I go and visit jiji? I miss her.”


“Theek hai Nanda Kis****! (Okay.)” saying that, they left.


“I am coming Mr.Raizada. You will have to pay for all these tension-filled days of mine, my sleepless nights, almost panic-attacks, for threatening me saying that you would tell buaji about my plan, for making me play hide n seek with bouquets and mainly, for almost making me feel grossed out with the mere sight of Jalebi.” Khushi thought furiously.




Yup, I’m late again ^_^ I was out on a teeny-weeny  vacation with my family after a veryyy loooooong time. Got home yesterday night, late night! So, updated this in a real hurry and have no idea what is written here. Please bear me :D


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Feb 2, 2016

Plot twist- 8 :D (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 73 times)




Payash came back from their honeymoon. Things developed between them. They are no more shy around each other. Akash came out of his ‘Payal-ji’ to just ‘Payal’ but she is still stuck at ‘Akash-ji’. They are now more comfortable with each other and both feel they are blessed to have them as their life partners.


Payal feels guilty for hiding about Shyam from Akash. She thinks if not the whole family, at least she must tell her husband. Hiding something is not good in relationships. Getting back, she decided to discuss with Guptas and put an end card to Shyam, not willing to risk anyone’s life.


In these 10 days, NK shown Shyam what hell is, not giving him any chance to get out of his bed, forget about stepping out of the room. Poor Raizadas were so worried for him that they were performing many Poojas for Shyam’s health. Feeling pity on his state, NK stopped his ministrations for some time.




Anjali, Nani, Mami and Mama were seated in the hall talking about nothing in particular, waiting for Payash to return. They found NK coming, attired in formal way. Now, this is unlike their cool NK.


“Hello Hai Bye Bye! NK bitwa, yeh kya dress up kiye ho? (Why are you dressed up like this?)” Mami asked him.


NK, “Well actually masi… My friend is a wedding contractor. There is a wedding and his Photographer is busy. So, he asked me whether I could help him out covering the wedding or not and I said yes and I will have to stay there itself at night. As the venue is in the outskirts of Delhi, I’ll come back tomorrow.…..Umm, can I go?”


“Go bitwa and convey our wishes to the couple.” Nani said with her usual smile.


“Thanks dadiji.” Saying that, he sat beside Anjali.


“Aren’t you going?” Mama asked.


“Well, let Akash and Payal bhabi come. I will go after teasing them.” Nk said winking.


“Badmash ho tum! (You are naughty.)” Mama said laughing lightly.


“NK bhai, I must agree, you look very handsome in this formal attire.” Anjali said.


“Well, thank you di.” He said.


Soon they heard car halting, and found Arnav, Akash and Payal coming. Arnav left for his room while Nani was doing Aarthi to Payash. Good thing is that when NK or Anjali teased them, Payash did not shy away to the extreme. Honeymoon did bring change in them, Hence proved.


“Diii, please take care of yourself!!!” Nk yelled looking at Payal, conveying the unsaid message to her.


Payal nodded back at him. Smiling back, he left. Mami wondered whether his dear nephew has lost his eyesight or got a squint.




Here in Arnav’s room, he is working in his laptop in a rocket speed so that he could finish his work, entrust the next day’s work to Akash and fly to his lady love’s place. He knows that it is immoderate to crush Akash with work right after he came back from his honeymoon, but what to do? It has been 10 days since he saw Khushi. He cannot wait to go to her, tease her, provoke her and flirt with her ;)




HP opened the door to find a barely controlled anger Khushi. She took steps forward furiously and halted seeing everyone chatting freely in the drawing room. Seeing her sister, her anger faded a bit and she rushed to Payal.


“Jijiii!!” Khushi hugged Payal. Everyone smiled seeing these two sisters. “I missed you.”


“I missed you too Khushi.” Payal said breaking the hug.


“How are you?”


“I am fine Khushi.”


“Where is Jijaji?”


“I am here only Khushiji. If only you leave your sister and notice the people around you.” Akash said, coming forward.


Khushi smiled brightly, “How ar…”


“Before you ask I am telling you, I am fine too.” Akash said even before Khushi asked the question.


“Whoa…that’s a change!” everyone thought seeing a different shade in Akash where as Payal smiled at him.


Chatting about a million things, Payash left to their room to freshen up and Mami made Mama take her outside to a new spa, leaving only Khushi, Nani and Anjali in the hall.


Things seem a little bit awkward for them since they took the Proposal to Khushi. Anjali and Nani were always wondering why Khushi is taking this long to accept her feeling where they already knew what Arshi feel for each other. And not to mention, they cursed Arnav lightly for forcing them to ask her hand for marriage suddenly, making things uncomfortable between them and Khushi.


“How are you Khushiji?” Anjali asked, breaking the fiddly silence.


“I am fine Anjaliji. How are you? And Naniji?” Khushi asked back.


“We are good too.”  Then silence for some time.


“Ghar ma sab kaisan hai bitiya? (How is everyone at home?)” Nani asked after some time.


“Sab theek hai Naniji. (Everyone is fine Naniji)” Khushi replied smiling at them. “I started Buaji’s embroidery work again. I make sarees with embroidery designs which suits people.”


“Arre wah! (Oh wow!) That’s really good Khushiji. You can open your own boutique then.  Why didn’t you tell us till now? When are you going to make some traditional Lucknowi dresses for us?” Anjali asked smiling widely, all enthralled, to which Khushi just smiled back.


Trio felt really sad for not being unable to move freely like in the past and they all cursed Arnav for putting them in that situation.


“Umm…Naniji.. I need to talk.. with Arnavji. Can I….” Khushi hesitated to ask.


“Of course bitiya. He is here only, working in his room as today is Sunday.” Nani said understanding what she wanted.


Thanking her, Khushi left for Arnav’s room.  Nani and Anjali just sighed, hoping Arshi would clear everything soon.




Arnav finished his work. Shutting his laptop, he took his car keys and started leaving his room. Rushing outside, he bumped with Khushi who was also rushing to his room, but she was furious where as he was impatient. Before she could fall, Arnav held Khushi by her waist securely, not letting her fall down.


Both kept looking into each other’s eyes. They felt nothing except the rhythmic beating of their hearts which were in sync with each other’s. Arnav then felt as if he found his missing part in his life, having Khushi in his arms. Seeing her after 10 long days, made him feel completely alive. Khushi too is no less. She is equally affected as much as Arnav was.


The ‘meeehhhh’ of Laxmi broke their trance. Khushi felt embarrassed. Before she could blink, Arnav brought Khushi inside his room, closing it shut and pinned her to the near wall.


Caressing her cheeks, “Khushi……” Kissing her forehead, “I missed you so much.”


She was in a blissful trance, until he said, “These ten days are like hell without seeing you.”


That’s it! She came out of her dazed state. Pushing him, she glared furiously making him confuse. “Hell? What hell? Do you know what I went through these 10 days?”


Then he understood the reason behind her rage. He can very well estimate how much pissed off she must be. Controlling himself from LOLing, he asked feigning innocence, “But what did I do Khushi?”


“What did you do?? You did everything! Do you know how much stressed I was, hiding those bouquets from my family, eating Kgs of Jalebi a day? And ha, how can I miss those Lo….love cards! Can you imagine my state if Buaji had found them in my hand??? She would have literally eaten me!!! All this happened because you blackmailed me saying you would tell my stupid plan to my family. Why didn’t you tell me that they also know about your proposal???”


Arnav was extremely amused listening to Khushi. As if he didn’t know all those! “But what is my fault in it if Aunty and Buaji did not talk with you about our marriage? *Seeing her glare* I mean marriage proposal.”


“I don’t know. But it’s all your fault!!!!” she spat out like an angry stubborn kid. Arnav tried to come close to her but she moved back, showing her palm signaling to stop.


“Don’t come any closer. Do you know what I feel whenever you are close to me? I get an instant acidity and dhak dhak.” She revealed, not realizing what she was saying, making Arnav bewilder.


“Kya? (What?)” Arnav asked confused.


“Haan! You don’t believe me? Then see yourself.” Saying that, she took his hand and placed his palm over her heart. She is completely out of her senses Seeing Arnav after many days, the sandwich of emotions burst opened.


Arnav was flabbergasted. He did not see that coming. He can feel her heart thudding under his palm and her heavy heaving chest indicates her deep drawing breath. Moving his gaze up to her eyes, he looked at her with desire filled love.


Realizing what she just did, she gasped loudly, widening her eyes like saucers. Gliding his palm down, she tried to move back but he didn’t let her. Drawing her closer, he slowly took hold of her other palm and placed it over his heart, still his palm over hers. Halting for some moments, he took his hand off and placed her other palm over her heart, so that she could feel their hearts beating in union.


Feeling that, she gasped lightly and closed her eyes. Gently freeing her hands, he cupped her face.


“I understand Khushi,” he started softly which made her look into his eyes, “Because I feel the same.”


Moving her tresses, he tucked them behind her ear. He slowly moved his gaze from her eyes to her quivering lips. Tilting her head, he leaned forward to take her lips into his. He would have kissed her if she had not jerked her head lightly. Realizing what he was about to do, he cursed himself. Taking a deep breath, he composed himself and rested his forehead against hers. Both remained like that, feeling each other.


“Khushi………Please marry me. I want you in my life.” He almost pleaded.


Her heart melted with his plea but she was helpless. Nothing is more important than him. She cannot risk his or Anjali’s life.


“I cannot marry you Arnavji.” Came a broken reply.


Blissful emotions are long gone. Now, fury filled him.


“Why can’t you damn it?” he asked angrily.


“Because I don’t want to. With..out any feelings..how can I marr..y you?”


“You don’t have to tell what you feel for me. Did you forget what transpired between us just a few moments ago? How can you deny that?” he spat out furiously.


Seeing her getting scared, he tried controlling himself. “Khushi, don’t test my patience. Tell me, Why. Can’t. You. Marry. Me?”


“Voh..voh.. our status…” she started but she cut her in.


“Jhoot mat bolo! (Don’t tell lies)” he was now running out of patience.


“Hum Jhoot nahi…. Hum sach… (I am not lyin…..I’m telling…)”


“You are doing this to keep our family safe…especially me, right?” There he asked it.


She was hell shocked. “How did he come to know about this?” She jerked hearing a loud ‘Answer me’.


“What? No. What safety? What are you..” she stammered, diverting her eyes from his.


“Don’t you dare lie again! I waited for you to come and tell me what was bothering you. To share your worries with me. But I did a huge mistake by not forcing you into telling the truth. Not anymore.”


“That’s not true….” She started.


“Shut up! Dare you deny.” Arnav was totally out of control now. “I heard your conversation with NK in Payal and Akash’s reception.”


Realization dawned on him. Closing his eyes shut, “Damn it! NK!! He bloody knows the entire thing. How did I miss this? This crazy woman messed up my mind with her escape plan and I completely forgot about NK.” He mentally punched NK and himself.


Ignoring the sound of a broken vase outside their door, Arnav said dangerously, “Khushi don’t compel me into marrying you forcefully.”


She has no strength to stay there anymore. “I don’t know what you are talking about. Just get this into your mind, I don’t want to marry you!”


Pushing him suddenly, she ran away from there before he could catch hold of her.


Swearing continuously, he thought, “She is not gonna open her mouth. Must confront that buffoon, NK. Let him come!!”. Arnav again forgot that NK is busy in a wedding and that he’ll be coming the next day only.


In all this, Arnav and Khushi failed to notice a thunderstruck Shyam, who stood hiding at his room’s door.




I know this is a short update. Actually, I thought this would be of 1000 words max but it came out 2200+ Usually I don’t consider it as a real update if it is < 2300 words. But some of the upcoming updates will be short too. Sorry about that.

BTW, how’s the update. You know my heart was literally pounding while reading that ‘Heart beat in union’ scene and I did not know how that came in the update. Arrr…Spare me. Please do hit TQ and comment. Positive and negative reviews will be gladly taken.


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Juliesrinivasan : Actually, Arnav totally forgot the thing that NK knows what was going on. He is completely preoccupied in making Khushi stay and wooing her. So, he did not think about knowing the truth or confronting NK. Thank you so much :D


Myarshi : Thank you very much :D


Chamkililaadgovernor : Awww, thank you choooo much di *Blushing furiously*


Jyoti : Is that romance ok??? *Unsure face* I’m not good in romance :/ Thanks a lot :D



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Feb 18, 2016

Plot twist- 9 :D (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 80 times)



Shyam was slowly crawling… err, walking to go down and have some juice. He is a bit better now and can walk. While going, he heard Khushi’s voice from Arnav’s room. She was shouting at Arnav then.


“Ah! It’s been many days since I heard your voice Khushiji. I am coming.”


Then he started his journey to Arnav’s room, like a snail. Reaching his room he stumbled lightly, knocking down a flower vase. Then he saw what was happening there.


Arnav : “Don’t compel me into marrying you forcefully.”


Khushi : “I don’t know what you are talking about. Just get this into your mind; I don’t want to marry you!”


And then he found Khushi zooming off from there without noticing his presence. Yes, that’s all he saw. He actually heard Khushi’s voice at the beginning of their argument but it took him so much time to slowly reach Arnav’s room and witness the scene.


He understood one thing. Arnav is forcing Khushi to marry him but she is not willing to.


“Arnav Singh Raizada, how dare you forcing khushiji to marry you! My Khushiji will never do that and she hates you. I know, people like you will play with innocent girls like Khushiji. You want to marry her just to make her suffer. I will never let that happen.” Shyam thought furiously and plotted something evil.




The next day passed in a jiffy with Shyam working on his malicious plan, the Raizada Men in their office work and Ladies spending time with their friends, who dropped in. NK was supposed to get back by evening and with each passing millisecond, Arnav was getting more agitated. All this frustration was directed towards his staff, mainly Aman.


Some miracle happened which made Arnav realize the pressure he was putting on Aman, and he decided to work from home, to avoid killing a poor soul before the day ends and also to confront NK without wasting any minute. Taking all his things, he left for RM.


Entering Shantivan, he found some guests leaving. Greeting politely, he send them off.


“Chote!” Anjali exclaimed. “You came back home early.”


Sighing, he sat beside Anjali. “I have some work and it will be peaceful working at home. So I came back early.”


“Oww! So you cannot attend the wedding?” Anjali asked.


“What wedding?”


“Just before you came home, Mouni aunty and her family visited us. Madhavi aunty’s daughter is getting married, so they came here to attend the wedding. On their way they dropped in to invite us to the wedding. It is at night.” Anjali explained.


“HHBB! Marriage aaj raat, aur inbhiting phew hours bep****. Yeh mannerswa hai ka? (Wedding is tonight and they invited us just few hours before the marriage! Is this the right manners?)” Mami sulked feeling insulted.


“Manorama, Mouni said Madhavi has forgotten that we are living in Delhi and she also apologized, right?” Nani reasoned.


“Whatebher sasuma! Usko hum lesson teachings karega padi. (Whatever! We have to teach them a lesson)”


“Haa mami, you are right. We have to show them that you are more beautiful than anyone who will be there. That will be right.” Said Anjali.


“Eggjatly! Hum abhi get ready set go hoke aathe hai! (Excatly! I’ll just go and get ready.)” said Mami in  determined tone which made everyone giggle.


“Eyy Khoon Bhari Taang! Aisan jiggling karna bandh kar aur tumhari saas ko assistance karo.( Hey KBT! Stop giggling and help your Mother-In-Law.) Mami ordered Payal, who followed her to the room to help her M-I-L.


“No matter how much she tried to dominate her bahu (D-I-L) we can easily see Manoroma’s care and fondness towards Payal bitiya.” Nani said and laughed with Anjali.


Anjali then noticed her brother typing something furiously on his phone. She looked around and found none except herself, Nani and Arnav.


“Chote, did you announce to everyone in your office that Khushiji is your fiancé?” Anjali asked in a low voice.


“Yes.” came a curt reply. “But how did you get to know about this?”


“Leave that.” Anjali said not wanting her brother to replace his entire staff, who gossiped about him and Khushi.


“But why did you do that chote? Khushi bitiya still did not say yes, they how could you…?” Nani asked.


Arnav, “Nani please!”


“What please? Do you know how much angry we are on you? You pushed us into asking Khushiji’s hand for marriage and now we are not in talking terms. Things are so awkward between us.” Anjali said angrily.


“We miss her.” Nani and Anjali sang together.


“You miss her? Then what about bloody me?! That crazy girl is driving me crazy.” Arnav thought.


“Chote, till now why isn’t she saying anything about the proposal? Is something wron…”


“Nani, Di; please don’t talk about that now.”




“Please!” that sounded like an order rather than a request. He surely doesn’t want to lose patience before NK gets home.


*Sigh* “Okay…. At least, are you going to come with us to the wedding this night?” Anjali asked. In reply, he just shot a very familiar glare. “Alright, I get it.” She said throwing her hands in air.


“When will Akash come?”


“He must be on his way nani. He’s picking up Mama from the airport. Now, I will go to my room and work. You guys just go to the wedding and come back. I will have dinner, don’t worry.” He assured them and got up to leave.


“And di…..when will this Monkey get back? I.. I mean NK.”


“No idea chote but definitely he will get back before mid-night. But why this sudden concern about him?” Anjali teased.


Giving no reply, he just left for his room not noticing the hateful glares Shyam throwing at him. Here, in the hall, Nani and Anjali also left for their rooms to get ready for the wedding.




“But Shyamji, how can you attend a wedding in this state? You are still weak.” protested Anjali.


“Rani Sahiba, I’m so tired staying in this room. Please let me come with you. I will feel good with the change in atmosphere.” Shyam said.


“You sure, you will be okay?” she asked still not convinced.


Shyam, “Very sure.”  


 “Hmm, fine! You get ready and come down slowly. We will wait for you in the car.” Saying that, Anjali left.


After Anjali had gone down, Shyam quickly put on his Kurta and gave an evil smile. He tampered something with the wires on the circuit board which controls the lights and fans in the room; and set it back as it is. He wiped the switchboard to erase any traces of his finger prints, taking care not to get electrocuted.


“I will be fine RS but you won’t be, because you will get a smaaall shock. Seeing you getting hurt, Arnav will get back to his over protective brother and will forget about Khushiji. Then I will somehow convince my Khushiji to love me. I know she loves me but you and your brother are hindrances for me and her.” Shyam thought and left downstairs.


Shyam was about to sit in the car when Nani stopped him. He found Nani, Mami and Mama along with driver Mohan sitting in the small car.


“Damadji, you come in Chote’s car. It will be more comfortable for you to sit.” Nani said. Never for once he felt guilty for betraying the family’s trust, the love and care they showered on him.


Nodding at her, he came and sat beside driver’s seat. Anjali was already seated in the back seat, where as Akash was talking with someone over the phone, outside the car.


“Arre! RS, I forgot the gift in our room.” Shyam said acting innocent.




“I will just go and…” he started but Anjali cut him off.


“No, no. You don’t worry. I will go and get it.” Saying that, Anjali stepped out of the car and went into the house.


Shyam smirked evilly after she left.


“Di, what are you doing here? I was about to come out.” Payal said from the upstairs seeing Anjali.


“Oh Payalji! Can you please get a gift package which was kept in our room?” Anjali requested.


“Sure. You just wait. I’ll get it and then we’ll both go.”


Anjali nodded and watched Payal leaving to her room.


Payal entered Anjali’s room and found it pitch black.


“Strange! Normally di doesn’t leave the room all dark. She will at least leave the bed light on.” Payal thought.


Unable to see anything she stepped on her saree and stumbled lightly on the door. Reaching out her hand, she found the switch board.   




“I finished my food. Now, LEAVE!” Arnav nearly yelled at HP.


He rolled his eyes with irritation. Seriously, his di is just too much. She ordered HP to stay in until Arnav eats his dinner.


“As if I’m a kid who needs a babysitter.” He thought, as he watched HP leaving the house after clearing the left over’s.


He sent OP and JP too out of RM for the night as he believed; some serious clashes would take place that night and he wants absolutely no interruptions this time. He was thinking all along, ‘Confront NK and squeeze out the matter, or go all Hulk mode tomorrow’.


“Darn it!” Arnav was continuously trying to reach NK but every call was left unattended. He swore inwardly as he reached his room. He did not even notice Anjali at the door downstairs, completely immersed in his task (Calling NK).


He was entering his room when he heard door creaking noise coming from Anjali’s room. Wondering, if she was still in the room, he had gone there to check.


Knocking gently, he called, “Di?”


As the words left him, he soon heard a zapping sound. Turning his head to the side, he saw a shower of electric sparks and Payal went flying a couple of feet backwards. Due to the sudden force, her head got hit by the edge of bed, and she passed out.


Arnav remained glued to the spot as if he were the one who got electrocuted. Recovering from the shock, he quickly rushed to her and knelt down, patting her cheeks.


“Payal!!!! Payal, what happened??? Open your eyes!! Payal????”


He ran fingers through his hair in panic on seeing Payal on the floor like that. He checked her forehead, it was warm. Her pulse was throbbing faster, after affects of shock. Taking her palm in his hands, he rubbed them. He then noticed some burnt marks on her fingers. Gently laying her hands down, he rushed outside and called everyone.




Soon family came rushing to the room, all worried about her. Akash lifted her up and laid her on the bed. Anjali was sprinkling water on Payal’s face and Nani was rubbing her palms taking care not to hurt her burnt fingers, trying to get her into consciousness. Meanwhile, Arnav called their family doctor, asking her to reach RM, ASAP. In all this, Shyam was bubbling in rage at his failed plan.  


Akash was almost in tears seeing his wife in such state and then surprisingly, Mami consoled him saying, “You don’t worrys Akash bitwa. Payal ko kuch nahi hovat hai. (You don’t worry Akash. Nothing will happen to her.)     


His lips curved a little bit with the way his mother comforting him. Leaning in, he gently kissed on Payal’s forehead, not minding of his family being around.


Soon, the doctor arrived and asked everyone to step out of the room for some time. Closing the door, she checked Payal.


Outside, everyone was worried hell, especially Nani. “In the past few days, damadji was not well and now, this happened with Payal bitiya!” She closed her eyes in distraught while Anjali put a comforting hand on her shoulder, consoling her.



NK then got back all tired but definitely happy on reaching home. He felt strange finding no one anywhere. Scanning the house, he found everyone outside Anjali’s room. Quickly rushing there, he asked everyone what happened.


“As I opened the door, I saw Payal flew backwards and got knocked down. But before that, I saw some weird sparkles of fire and heard zapping sound.” Arnav explained. Confronting NK? Long forgotten, as he was worried about Payal.


“What? Are you saying that she got electr….?” Nk was asking but halted when the doctor opened the door.


Doc, “She got electrocuted but nothing to worry, it was not major one. She has got some burns in her hand and a big bump on the back of her head. Here is the prescription. Give her those medicines for three days and ask her to take rest for a day or two.” She said, giving the prescription. “Oh, she is awake, by the way.”


Mama sent the doctor off, thanking her for coming late at night and asked Mohan to drop her home.




Akash sat beside Payal, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. Anjali brought a juice to her while Nani was doing aarthi to Akash and Payal, to kick off every evil eye that fell on them as they are newlywed.


 “Payalji you really scared us. Please don’t do like this again.” Anjali said, caressing her cheek.


“Di, I really don’t know what has happened and how.” Payal replied faintly.


Everyone jerked hearing Arnav’s loud bawling.


“Damn it!!!! You bloody have to reach NOW. I don’t care if it’s mid-night. You HAVE to come now!!” He yelled on his phone.


“Who was it Chotte?” Asked Nani.


“The electrician. I am getting the whole house’s wiring, circuits, switch boards etc. checked up.” He declared.


“But it’s almost 12 in the mid-night.”


Arnav,“So what? We just cannot take any risk.”


“Haa, Naniji. What if this happens again? What if next time Rani Sahiba gets hurt?” Shyam said, side hugging Anjali.


Everyone in the room agreed with Shyam, falling into his false pretense of an ideal husband and Damad, except a few of them.


At his Oscar winning fake concern, Payal and NK got doubt on him. They both exchanged alarmed looks and confirmed their doubt to 97%. This little exchange of theirs is not unnoticed by Arnav.


“Great! Something seriously is wrong!” Arnav thought, noticing their weird behavior.




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May 26, 2016

Plot Twist - 10 :) Sorryyyyyy for the late update :'( (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 71 times)


Feeling someone caressing her forehead Payal opened her eyes. Turning her head to the side, she saw Akash and gave him a small smile.


Akash helped her sit up straight and asked, “How are you feeling Payal?”


“Very drained. Feels like my head  would blow up any second.” She replied touching her head and frowned feeling something like a cloth wrapped around her forehead.


“What is this Akashji? Is this….a bandage?” She asked.


“Yes.” He started slowly. “You had a sudden burning fever last night. We called the doctor again and she gave you an injection. Then we realized your head was bleeding, so she treated it. Fortunately, the wound was not that deep. And all the while, you were sleeping. Didn’t you remember anything?”


“No. The last thing I remember was Arnavji shouting at the electricians without any mercy.”


Akash chuckled and said, “Yeah, bhai was super freaked out finding you in that position. So was ma. And everyone.”

“But more than anyone, I was so scared Payal. Terrified. My heart was pounding wildly the whole time. Please do not do that again. I cannot see you in pain. Never leave me.” He said hugging her gently.


“I am sorry.” Came a low whisper from her.


Akash shook his head in a no and kissed her hair. He helped her to the washroom and stood outside.


“You freshen up. Meanwhile, I’ll get something for you to eat.” After Payal closed the door, he headed to the kitchen and brought some food for her.


Payal was feeling very guilty. Determined to tell Akash the truth, she stepped out. He helped her to the bed as she was still feeling very weak and started feeding her.


He noticed something strange with Payal’s demeanor. Like something was bothering her. To all the random questions he asked, she replied in monosyllabic answers. But later he brushed away that thought thinking she must be feeling tired.


After having food and after a long minute of silence, Payal started, “Akashji do you remember our mehandi? I told you something that day. Do you remember it?”




Gaining all the guts, Akash boldly asked elders permission to spend some time with Payal to which they agreed, not before teasing him of course. Taking Payal to the terrace, they both shared some awkward yet blissful time together.


Before leaving, “Akashji, can I tell you something?” Payal asked.


“Sure Payalji. What is that?” he asked.


“I love and care for your family as much as I do mine. I.. No, we (Guptas) all respect your family a lot. We always wish the well being of yours. In the future, if anything happens that might cause any sort of problem between our families or any misunderstandings, please remember that whatever we did was for the happiness of this family. Just remember that.”


“Payalji what is…..why are you saying like that? Is there any problem?” asked a completely bemused Akash.


“No no. Nothing like that. It’s just…..I mean…….Do you..do you trust me?”


“Of course I trust you. But what’s all…”


“That’s all what I need. When the time comes you will know.” Payal said.


Though Akash was left confused with Payal saying all that out of the blue, he didn’t say anything further. He believes her and he needs her to know that.


He slipped his palm in hers and gave it a gentle squeeze.


“I trust you and will always be there for you Payalji.” He said smiling at her. She smiled back, feeling a bit relieved.

#####FB End#####



Remembering that, he nodded. “I do remember.”


“Well I…..I have to…..We need to……There is something…” She hesitated.


He placed his hand on her shoulder. “Payal you don’t have to hesitate to tell me anything.*Giving a gentle squeeze* Just remember, I trust you.”


She gave a weak smile and took a deep breath. “Akashji whatever I am about to tell you is …….”


She was interrupted when they heard a knock on their door. HP informed Akash that someone from office came to meet him.


“Payal I’ll be back in 5 minutes. I took the day off today so I have to explain them some thing work related. You just relax, I’ll come back soon.” Said Akash and exited the room.


Payal closed her eyes, feeling tensed. She doesn’t know how Akash would react to Shyam’s truth. This would hurt him a lot but she has to do it, for the sake of Anjali. Hearing another knock, she opened her eyes and found NK.


“Payal bhabi, can I….”


“NKji, please come in.” she said hastily.


He took no time in getting seated. “How are you feeling?”


“To be honest, not good at all. The shock was extremely powerful. Di could not have taken that.”


“That B@$t@#d!!! I didn’t expect him to plot something this soon. I mean, he is still very weak. He is one hell of a vicious man.” He cursed Shyam. “Don’t know where that jerk is. I haven’t see him since morning.”


“This is my entire fault. I should not have listened to Khushi. Why am I even blaming her, I am really foolish for not letting out the truth.” Payal cursed herself.


“No bhabi. In that case, I’m the main person at fault. I took this serious issue lightly that I played some tom&jerry games with Shyam, even after knowing that the families are in danger. That we are living with a land mine.” Nk said.


“If you both are done blaming yourself for what-so-ever fault, care to explain what the heck is going on?” Came a strong voice from the door.


Payal and NK jerked their heads towards the door and gasped, “Nannav!” “Arnavji!” in union.




Arnav was going to Payash’s room to check on her. Nearing the room, he heard Nk’s voice. Since the last night he was pondering over the queer behavior of NK and Payal and about what might have been the issue that they must be hiding. Feeling curious, he decided to hide outside the room and find out what the matter was. But ASR being ASR, ran out of patience seeing them both blaming themselves for something which he had no idea about. So he broke in.


“Yes, it’s me. Now, time for the answers.” Stepping closer Arnav said, “Look, I know that you both are hiding something very serious. What is going on in this house? What danger? About whom are you talking? And Nk, I heard your conversation with Khushi on Payal and Akash’s reception. I need answers for that as well. Why is Khushi hell bent on going far away from me? Why is she ignoring my feelings for her, punishing herself and me?”.


Payal was shocked at Arnav’s revelation. When she was about to ask about her sister and Arnav; NK simply whispered “Not now Bhabi. I’ll explain to you about that later.” She simply nodded.


“Arnavji what we are about to tell you can be quite er… disturbing to you. But you have to listen till the end without interrupting or getting angry. In the end what you are told is the truth.” Payal requested Arnav to which he nodded apprehensively.


NK,“Nannav there is something that is bothering Khushiji.”


Payal, “Someone harrassing her, to be precise.”


“What!? Who the hell is he? Why didn’t she tell me??” shouted Arnav.


“He is the one who lived in our house as a Paying Guest, who was once engaged to Khushi.”  Payal revealed.


Arnav wasn’t shocked but was furious.


“You don’t know the reason why her engagement broke, do you? That was because that man cheated her and all of us. He portrayed himself as an orphan and started living with us as a PG, getting in the good books of buaji. He was treated as a family member. He seemed so caring but in real, he was a scoundrel who was after Khushi all the time. He manipulated my mother and buaji into thinking that he was the perfect man for Khushi. When my father fell ill, he took advantage of that situation and got engaged to Khushi. One day, Khushi got to know that he was a married man and that he had been lying to us.”   


“What!! He’s a married man? What did you do to him? Where is he now?” asked Arnav.


“We just kicked him out of our house”


“That’s it? He must be handed over to the police or at least let his wife know about his deeds. But you just kicked him out??!”


“I wish that was an easy task.” Said Payal sadly.


“What do you mean?” asked Arnav.


“The woman he is married to is really close to us. More like our elder sister. She believes him blindly. Her whole family does. If the truth is out, entire family will be shattered. We cannot let the family break apart. So we kept quiet. We gave him a chance to change but he didn’t. He still wants to get Khushi. He still harasses her and I got to know about that just few days earlier. My crazy little sister doesn’t want anyone to worry about her. So, she kept quiet. ”


“Is she mad!!!!??? *Taking a deep breath, he controlled his rage* Payal just tell me who that B@$t@%D is.”


“I will. I cannot keep quiet any longer. He must be out of everyone’s especially, his wife’s and Khushi’s life. He should be punished.” Payal said.


She slowly reached her closet and took out an envelope.


“I saved this picture as evidence. To prove khushi innocent and the person guilty.” She handed over the cover to Arnav, “I should thank my neighbor’s kid to have taken this snap. He took it accidently and her sister gave this photo to me.”


Before Arnav opened the cover, Payal requested, “Arnavji whatever I told you is truth. Please don’t distrust me.”


Preparing for the worst, he took the photograph out. It was a little bit blurred but the people can be identified. In that picture, Shyam was making Khushi wear the ring.


His eyes grew wide seeing the photograph. He could not believe what his eyes just saw. His jijaji with Khushi. He immediately saw Anjali’s smiling face. Her devotion towards him. Her love for him. Her happiness in him.


“No no no NO!!! This is not true. He is not jijaji. This cannot be true. He would never cheat di. He loves….he…. He can never betray us…. This photograph is fake. NO!!” His body was trembling with disbelief and mind was reeling with the revelation. He closed his eyes in pain and clenched his fists tight.


“It is Nannav, It is true. Shyam is a cheat.” NK said placing his hand on Arnav’s shoulder.


Shrugging Nk’s hand off, Arnav caught his collar and yanked him close angrily.


“Didn’t you listen to what I said, this cannot be true. He can never betray us. Have you forgotten how much he cares for our family, how much he loves di? He is an honest, ideal and perfect man NK. Don’t speak a word against him. I don’t believe this.” Arnav yelled.


Payal, “Please believe us Arnavji. He is an immoral and wicked person.”


“Nannav I know what you are going through now. It is really hard to take in but you have to believe us. All the care, love he showed was just a pretense. All fake. Shyam is an evil man. I got to know this truth on Akash’s wedding.” Then NK explained what he witnessed on the terrace.


Even after listening to NK’s story Arnav was still unable to accept the harsh reality.


He exited the room without listening to Payal and dashed out of the house. He went on a long drive.


“Bhabi don’t worry. Nannav will be okay and he will believe us once he clears off his mind.” NK assured Payal.

She just closed her eyes and prayed to Devi Maiyya. When she was about to fall due to weakness Nk caught her and made her rest on the bed. He gave her the medicine doctor prescribed.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"I'm fine Nkji." she said eating the tablet.

"I'll go get Akash." Nk said and was about to leave when Payal stopped him.

"Nkji, What is going on between Arnavji and Khushi?" She asked.

He smiled and disclosed, "Nannav loves her and Khushiji too loves him. He is pulling her close and she is pushing him away. My best friend is fighting with her feelings and is driving Nannav crazy. She just..."

"Doesn't want to endanger Arnavji's life. She is worried about what Shyamji would do to the family." Finished Payal. 

"Must do something about both of them too" they said together and smiled.

“Nk bhai, Payal, what happened to Bhai? He looks tensed. What happened here?” asked Akash who just entered the room.


NK just shut the door and locked it. They both disclosed the entire story to Akash. Though he was hurt, angry and disappointed after listening to them, he believed them.


“Payal you should have told me the truth before. Why didn’t you?” He asked her. His eyes filled with tears. Feeling pain thinking about Anjali and betrayed thinking about shyam.


“I didn’t because I feared that I would see you in the state I am seeing you now.” Payal hugged him and cried.


After sometime, the trio consoled each other.


“Now what do we do?” asked Payal.


“Let bhai come. It’s really hard for him to take in all this. We should convince him first then he’ll tell us what to do.” Akash said.


“Ok, I will leave now and search for Shyam. You both take care.” Saying that, NK left.


Soon Payal drifted into sleep due to medicines where as Akash sat there thinking deeply about the big problem they have.




Arnav is on his way to Laxmi Nagar to confront Khushi.





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