secrets of the winter

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Dec 17, 2015

and the romance continues (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 27 times)

                                                                        CONTINUATION OF THE STORY


(After breaking the kiss)

Arnav : whoa , easy tiger ! do you want to kill me ? I mean why are you crushing me so possessively ?

Khusi : (smiles) have I gained my power back? I feel strong

Arnav : (chuckles) what did I say , you just crushed me baby ! khusi we will start our training from tomorrow , is that okay? Today is Friday ! Saturday will be perfect I guess

Khusi : no arnav , I have just gained my strength ! and I also need time . I mean I want to spend my time with you . I have just found you back arnav (tears forming in her eyes)

Arnav : shh baby , I will always be there for you J

Khusi : will  it be okay ? I mean delaying the training for a week?

Arnav  : sure baby , lavanya has given a time for 7 months and within 5 month your training will be over . we have a lot of time

Khusi : can you love me tonight?

Arnav : (shocked by her confession) khusi what are you saying baby , believe me I’m eager as you are but baby we should hold on what our parents wanted right? We will be one after we get married (winks)

Khusi : (opens her tee) does that mean we cannot get intimate? (winks at arnav)

Arnav : (opens his mouth at a total O form) khusi aren’t you uncomfortable?

Khusi : shut up and kiss me you idiot

(saying that she pulls arnav with great force , holds arnav’s hand and puts it on either side of her waist )

Arnav : (breathing heavily ) don’t do that to me

Khusi : (closes her eyes and whispers) KISS ME

Wasting no more time arnav slams his lips on her and starts kissing her passionately meanwhile khusi opens the button of his shirt ! in no time arnav’s shirt in lying in the floor .

Arnav leaves khusi’s mouth and starts trailing kisses all over her neck.

Khusi : (moans) A…ARNAAAVVVVV

Arnav starts kissing her above her **** .. khusi herself unclasps her bra and stares at arnav ! arnav stares back at her

Arnav : khusi things should not go this fast baby

Khusi : (tears in her eyes) from the time I saw you I wanted you arnie , didn’t knew what strange kind of connection I had , but after I did .. I just can’t . I want to lose myself in your love , drown there . I was ready but for the sake of our parents I will not . but please make me feel loved

In no time arnav devours his mouth in her softs . khusi’s hand roam all around his body . after a good 30 minutes .

They get dressed

Arnav : (hugs khusi ) you are already not in sense right now , idk what will be the result in our first night

Khusi : (Blushes) let us go down everyone must be waiting

Then both of them goes down . in the hall everyone was present

Arnav : (coming down from stairs) she has gained her power back

Everyone in the hall smiles and bows down .

Nani : your highness

Khusi : (smiles) rise everyone , you all are my family and no one in this family bow down to us , is that clear?

Shyam : very clear choti , all of us won’t bow down except one

Lavanya : who jiju?

Shyam : (chuckles) who else , our arnav , no matter what everyone bows down to their girl

Arnav : (smiles) you got that right

Khusi blushes furiously

n.k : but say us one thing , when will payal get her powers? Wo kab apni sakat wapas payegi?

Buaji : hai re nandikis**** , sakat nahi takat . very soon … when she will turn 23 complete , she is going to gain her power like all of us did

Aakash : so only 1 and hald month left

Abhay : kya hey aakash , you know everything about her ?

Nani : chote ki pasand to humne dekhli , lagat hai tumhara pasand bhi dekhliye

Mami : hello hi bye bye we get two brides for our brooms

Aakash and payal blushes

Aakash : mom it’s groom and dadi , we just met . till now nothing is there

Shashi : anyways when are we going to start the training?

Khusi looks at arnav

Arnav : actually she wants to start the training after a week , she is not ready now , and we still have 7 months . and in 5 months it’s going to complete anyways

Anjali : that is fine but why wait for 1 week chote?

Arnav : (without realizing) actually we want to spend some time alone and together .

Piya : oooooh , so these love birds wants time

Arnav bits his tongue realizing what he said and looks at a blushing khusi lovingly

Garima : that is fine beta J

Arnav : aunty can I take khusi out for a week?

Everyone hoots : oooooooooh

Garima : (smiles) why not beta , you guys have imprinted , you are the prince . you have more right over her than anyone else

Khusi : (smiles) and I have the right over him .. (thinking)

Arnav : (smiles) I’m taking her to rajasthan for a week ..

Piya : that place is beautiful

Arnav : khusi let’s go to college , we have to take permission for the leave

Both arnav and khusi leaves for the college

IN THE COLLEGE (arnav and khusi comes out of the car )

They meet the principal of the college and takes the leave. While returning

Sheetal : arnav , heeeey (and touches his chest seductively0

Arnav : (annoyed) hi sheetal

Sheetal : (Looks at khusi ) hey what are you doing with my arnav , back off bi (buts stops in middle remembering arnav’s wrath ) he is mine ,


Khusi : we have work , let’s go arnie

Sheetal : arnie? Hey you I told you he is mine **** (and kisses arnav cheeks)

That’s it khusi looses it . when arnav was about to say something’

Khusi : (fire in her eyes)  what did you just say you downclass sort of a ****? What did you call? MY ARNAV AS YOURS?

Sheetal was about to say something when khusi

Khusi : (in the top of her voice) EEEENNNNNNOUGH . enough of your talks , don’t you dare call him as yours ! or you will face the worse of me . (arnav’s eyes goes wide seeing his khusi this angry)

Khusi takes sheetal hand from arnav chest and jerks it away ..and takes her hand and twist it in her back

Khusi : now listen miss sheetal , takes out her finger and points at her .. this is the final time I’m warning you . stay away from him

Sheetal’s hand are paining and she is trying to take it away but poor her she doesn’t know how powerful khusi is

Sheetal : (stammering) aa…aand.. who…who are you .. to … to say that?

Khusi : I’m his girlfriend , you hear that? And he is mine !

(sheetal gets shockes) whispers girlfriend

Saying this khusi takes arnav hand and drags him along with her with a smiling arnav behind..

(in the parking lot)

Khusi : (angry) how dare she , how dare she kiss you !!

Arnav : (now really scared seeing her angry ) pulls her and kisses her fully on her lips

After a long passionate kiss .

Arnav : no matter who tries I’m only and only yours baby , calm down

Khusi : (smiles) you’re only mine , I was so angry arnav

Arnav : (smiles) I could see that J I’m happy I found you c’mmon let’s go and pack our things

PRECAP : romance on rajasthan , and they get married


Jan 25, 2016

vacations (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 26 times)



Aakash : bhai , we cannot start the training now ! we have to start it after a month .

Arnav : why aakash ?

Lavanya : just now the Richard brothers informed us that khusi will take time to heal and within that time , it is going to be harmful if we start her elements training..

Khusi : then what are we supposed to do till a month ?

Nani : beta , why don’t you all go out for a vacation , you and chote are going for a week anyways .. after you guys come there I say just leave for abroad .. and I think we all should leave outside for 8 months .. and start her training there .. it is going to be more easy for us ..

Anjali : yes , that an amazing idea .. decide guys where should we go ? (excited)

N.K : Di , mein sehta hu .. why don’t we go to New Zealand ? it has greenery all over and nannav it’s going to be easy to train her !

Abhay : stupid NK it’s ‘kehta’ not ‘sehta’ .. and that’s going to be an perfect idea .. we will stay here to keep updated..

Chand (abhay;s dad) : no way beta , you guys are going there with them .. me and hasina are going to stay here and keep updated ..

Khusi : no way uncle , abhay and piya are coming but along with you and aunty and about keeping updated . don’t you worry I’ve got my powers back I can exactly see what the valentines are doing right now along with arnav so you guys are coming and that’s clear

Hasina : but khusi beta

Khusi : (interrupts , in stern voice) and that’s princess arwen order , I HOPE I HAVE MADE IT CLEAR ..

Arnav : (smiles) yes now it’s decided . jijaji can you books the ticket ?

Shyam : I have already arnav ..

Payal : I’m so excited . all of us together

Lavanya : excited because aakash and you together right payal ?

Payal : (staring at aakash ) haan..

Everyone laughs , aakash and payal blushes

Piya : god , they are blushing

Shashi : naniji I think that we should get them married fast , you know what I’m saying

Mami : hello hi bye bye , susuma jaldi karne na padi .. it’s very important

Garima : payal we know it is hard . but khusi and arnav are ready I know . but beta do you like aakash ?

Payal : maa? What do you mean?

Buaji : hai rey NK , payalia , we cannot play with your safety bitiya , so naniji has asked your hand for aakash , and aakash has also said yes , now it’s your turn

Payal : (blushingly looks at aakash) sach?

Aakash : (nods his head in response)

Payal : ma , we need a week anyways nothing is going to happen within a week right?

Shashi : yes bitiya .. you can take your time .

Mamaji : arnav beta , now your flight is in 9:00 .. pack your bags and khusi you don’t need to pack . arnav has ordered your dresses from AR

Khusi : ji

Arnav : (whispers) I’ll be just back ;)




Feb 13, 2016

and they get married (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 30 times)


Just then arnav arrives with the bags

Nani : wait chotte , you cannot go now !

Arnav : why nani ?

Shyam : arnav I agree that you guys imprinted but I should suggest you guys sjould get married today !

Khusi : (shocked) what today ?

Payal : I know khusi you have so many dreams of being married , haldi , sangeet but this is necessary !

Abhay : what can we do now !

Shashi : I have an idea , let’s now get them married in a simple way and after a week when they return we will get them re-married with payal and aakash in full rituals

Mr.raichand : that is an fantastic idea sashi ji

NK : to fir hum wahi marte hai

Lavanya : (irritated) NK it’s karte hai

Everyone laughs

Arnav : I’m ready (winks at khusi )

Khusi : (blushes) I’m ready too

Anjali : okay let’s get’s the preparations started . nani did you call the panditji ?

Nani : yes bitiya

Mami : hello hi bye bye , marriage wa mein bohot make up karne na padi ..(hello hi bye bye , I gotta do a lot of makeup )

Mama : you always do that , makeup ki dukan (you always do that , makeup shop)

Everyone laughs

Payal : come khusi let’s go ..

Shyam : saley sahib , come you gotta get ready as well

Everyone starts to do the preparations of marriage

After 3 hours , khusi is standing doing her makeup , she has still not wear her wedding dress. Just then arnav enters , khusi looks at arnav through the mirror

Arnav : hi

Khusi : someone was not suppose to be here , you cannot see me before the marriage mister

Arnav : I just came here to inform you that you are losing it , so stop the wedding

Khusi : (now scared) losing what arnav

Arnav : losing the name of being my girlfriend , in a few hours you’ll lose that

Khusi : (calms down and turns back furiously , hold arnav’s collar and kisses him harshly)

Arnav : (shocked , and responses )

After a while

Khusi : don’t dare again , you scared me

Arnav : (smiles and hugs her) never , okay gotta go before some one comes . bye (whispers in ears) my would me wife.

Khusi : ( smiles ) bye

Arnav goes just then payal , lavanya and anjali enters with wedding dress .. they get shocked seeing khusi ..

Her hair is totally messed along with her lipstick is ruined, her sleeves are slided down and she is smiling like an idiot

Anjali : oh my god khusi what have you done to yourself

Payal : (laughs loudly) dee someone else did it .. realization dawns upon anjali and both bursts laughing while khusi blushes feeling embarrassed

Lavanya : chalo chalo khusi get ready

On the boys side

NK : nannav mere bhai , tumko lips mein madhumati ne kat liya hai ..

Everyone bursts laughing loudly including arnav

Aakash : NK bhai madhumati is buaji’s name , it’s madhu makhhi as in honey bee

Abhay : waise arnav jaldi le lipstick poch lo

Arnav get’s embarrassed ..

Mama : arnav get ready fast ..

After a hour

Panditji : bring the bride ..

 Just then khusi enters both arnav and khusi looks at eachother mesmerized by eachothers appearance .. khusi has a golden heavy work lehnga choli  like this




while arnav has light golden color sherwani like this



then arnav puts the mangalsutra around her neck and sindoor ..

now the marriage got over


piya : congratulations both of you enjoy

all : enjoy you highness ..

they start their journey for rajasthan

precap : arshi becomes one in full sense






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May 29, 2016

and the romance continues (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 38 times)


just then arnav and khusi takes the blessing of nani and goes towards arnav's private jet ..

everyone is in the airport .

piya : enjoy guys , have fun and arnav let khusi sleep too 

khusi blushes

arnav : (teasingly) why piya ? abhay didn't let you to sleep at your honeymoon ? everyone laughs and piya gets embaressed 

everyone hugs khusi and arnav . 

mami : hello hi bye bye , have a safe flightwa .

N.K : nannav mere bhai , khusi have fun and nanaav ab dusre ladki ko dekhna bandh karna hoga , you're a married man huh 

everyone shouts : LADKI NK 

khusi : (giggles) okay bye 

and they get inside the jet 

arnav keeps his hand between khusi's tightly and whispers huskily

arnav : happy honeymoon mrs raizada , i can't wait to get there

khusi : (smiles) and kisses him full on lips , mee too 

after 2 hours  . they reach to their destination THE TAJ LAKE PALACE , UDAIPUR..

khusi : arnav isn't this beautiful 

arnav : (looking at khusi) indeed very beautiful

khusi looks at arnav ,  khusi smiles and goes near him

khusi : (whispers) i can't wait to go to our room . 

arnav : (chuckles) wait here , i'll be back in 15 minutes 

khusi : (frowns) youre not going anywhere

arnav : (smiles) okay 5 minutes

khusi : okay..

after 5 min arnav came back , khusi c'mmon let's move arnav said . khusi they headed towards their destination ... arnav held her hand at the front of their room .. 

arnav : khusi i loveyou

khusi : (smiling) i loveyou too 

arnav : khusi you don't know how long i've been waiting for you . (he said with moist eyes) khusi i can't say about the future .. we even don't know what it has stored for us , but i promise i'll protect you . even if I die..

khusi : (eyes full of tears) shhhh , not a word .. i'm not letting anything to happen . i won't let my arnav go away from me . atleast not until we have 3 babie (winks)

arnav : (chuckles) c'mmon let's go inside

as they enter khusi gasps seeing the beauty .. moonlight had illuminated the room . there were cented candles all over the room was decorated with rose and orchids .. there was a huge balcony and to go to the balcony they should pass though the water path build there . the water path was full with candles and rose petals .

khusi : beautiful 

arnav : (looking at khusi ) i know 

khusi looks at arnav and smiles . she then takes arnav's hand and goes near the water . they sit keeping their legs in water . khusi then keeps her head in arnav's shoulder

khusi : life is strange isn't it ?

arnav : (smiles) why?

khusi : 3 weeks before i was in delhi probably sleeping and in this 3 weeks so many things happend , we coming to dheradun , meeting you , revelation of the truth , getting married to you everything seems like a dream arnav 

arnav : it isn't we are here . together .. (shows her their entwined fingers and whispers ) holding hand

khusi looks deep into his eyes 

khusi : (whispers) kiss me .. and closes her eyes 

precap : 

khusi : (moans) iloveyou 

arnav : iloveyou too and swiftly enters inside her .. 

sorry guys i know i'm late and i apologize .. my boards lasted till 1 and a half month .. anyways thankyou for your lovely comments . really meant a lot to me .. i hope you enjoy and do give me feedbacks 

thankyou again ! <3

Sep 20, 2016

hello everyone (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 24 times)

I think i will discontinue this story guys , i see every less response to my story . Not that i'm complaining that everyone did not response but this makes me think that maybe my story isn't that good to be continued .  and thankyou for the ones who commented and appreciated my work , means a lot .. so i'll be discontinuing guys .. bye :)

Mar 3, 2017

hey guys! (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 18 times)

i will try to update for the few 4 who liked the story , awww and specially iamaanjilliani didn't like you say please . I will try to update it soon . <3

Apr 28

about the update (By Shreya1874) (Thanked: 8 times)

hello di!!! i am shreya and a new member here!!! please please i loved your all stories every one....................please please update kardo!! i am dying out of curiosity !!!!!!!!!!!!1 please!


guys please vote and ask her to continue the story .. i loved it .. help me plz

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