secrets of the winter

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Nov 16, 2015


I do not see the world as I used to, first I used to see simple people walking towards the road going for their work now I don’t see the normal street lamps , now I see shadows there ! I no more see little children play in the water for fun I rather see them catching fish to fulfill their thrust …

The rings I see in people’s hand reminds me of the witchcrafts and stuffs .. I no longer see people being thirsty for water but I see those who are thirsty for blood .. I would’ve gone to the darkness IF he was not there for me . MY arnav !

Arnav : (in husky voice) hey , thinking about me

Khusi : says the mind reader

Arnav : (chuckles) and kisses her for a minute . don’t worry I promised not to read your mind until you want it

Khusi : (smiles) I know and kisses him back .







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Nov 16, 2015

First meeting (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 32 times)

It was a cold winter morning in dehradun , as usual the college was having a break after the exams as 4 months of the new semester finished . Khusi looks outside the car window , there in the outskirts of dehradun she looks at people walking in the snow , little children playing with snowball and making a snowman . She smiles at them but she notices one boy who looks at her and his eye changed color . Weird she thought . Payal excitedly :

Payal : Khusi look at those hills , beautiful isn’t it ?

Khusi : indeed , jiji I wonder how am I going to survive in this cold

Payal : hat pagli , you are still worried about it .

Khusi : han jiji , you know very well right I can’t bear any cold or wet thing .

Shasi : see garima how your daughter is complains about winter , don’t worry beta our mansion is a cozy one , and going to the college , you guys will have your own car , so nothing to worry about

Garima : han khusi , but I like this place and surroundings , suniye can we settle here permanently?

Buaji : hai re nandkishor , I was thinking the same , shasi babua look how beautiful this place is .

Meanwhile when elders are chatting themselves , khusi and payal sees outside the window . just then they notice two boys running like a dust of wind . But khusi and payal notices the face .

Khusi : (shocked) jiji did you see that ?

Payal : (equally shocked) yes khusi , how can someone run so fast that too in snow ?

Khusi : Did you see their face? Cause I noticed it

Payal : yes I did , their faces are whiter than snow :/

Khusi was about to answer just then buaji says

Buaji : titaliya and payaliya we are here in our new home , do you have plans to stay in the car itself?

Khusi : (smiles) coming buaji

Both of them goes inside , and they are stunned to see their new home . this mansion is more beautiful than the one in their delhi . both khusi and payal become excited .


The exterior of their house is equally beautiful . and the interior was something like this



Both the sisters go inside the house, the color combination, the texture everything was perfect !

Khusi : bauji , where is our room ?

Shasi : beta for that you both should go through the side balcony , they both look at the balcony and get mesmerized by the look


Payal : it’s beautiful bauji , but khusi and I have the same room right?  You know she is scared .

Buaji : yes payalia , it is same . now go

Garima : and yes , take your clothes and adjust it okay ? you guys are joining college from day after tomorrow

Khusi : okay amma , let’sgo jiji

Both enters the room

Khusi : wow jiji perfect room right ..

Payal : yes khusi , babuji specially designed it for us

Khusi : jiji I’m bored , let’s just go to check out our college

Payal : I’m bored as well , that’s a good idea . let’s go

Both khusi and payal at the first year due to payal’s delay in studies .

Khusi : bauji we are going to see our college . we will return till the evening

Shasi : okay beta but come  fast

Both the sisters go to the to St. Teresa college ( I finally knew a name)

Khusi : jiji the surroundings are good here , I like it

Just then a dust of wind flows and khusi starts to feel her heartbeat increasing its speed , just then she turns back and there her breath stopped at the view . A boy she saw running , yes that was no one else than aakash and arnav . Him smiling with his group of friends , wearing blue jeans , white shirt along with black jacket . pefect hair

Khusi : jiji he is the one we saw running right?

Payal : yes khusi I remember , so that means they are also in the same college.

Just then arnav turns are stares at khusi as if he heard what they were talking about . he keeps on staring at her , khusi too starts getting lost in those chocolate brown eye , as if it was only made for her to stare.

Arnav P.O.V

Is she he one who saw me ? (just then he hears her thought and smiles) yes she is the one , she looks like some greek goddess . damn it , when did I start being interested in someone? Just then he looks at her lips shivering due to cold . I wonder how does it feels like to kiss them , wait what? God she is driving me mad only by her looks.

Khusi P.OV

Damn , is it a dream? How can someone be so handsome ? I was never interested in boys but why do I want to kiss him? (arnav chuckles hearing her thought) why is he laughing as if he can hear what I’m saying ( just then he raises one eyebrow) does he mean that he knows what I’m talking about?

Payal : khusi I’m going to the library

Khusi : lost in arnav replies hmm ( payal goes from there)

Again in khusi’s thought

Khusi : I wish I could kiss him , wait .. control khusi control . maybe he can be a rapist ..

Arnav : (smirks)

Khusi : why is he acting like he knows what I’m saying ? damn his smirks … god I want to kiss him

Arnav : (chuckles) and come towards khusi slowly

Khusi: is he coming here ? hey devi maiya rakhsha karna … she looks at him with wide eyes

Just then arnav comes pulls her through her waist closer

Khusi : (stammering) w..ww..wha..what are do..doing?

Arnav : (near her ear) fulfilling your wish . and gives a kiss in her right cheeks

Khusi : (shocked , how did he know)

Arnav : gives kiss in another cheeks , I know everything winks at her and goes .

Just then he sees back and says next time if you want it will be on here pointing towards his lips with his fingers , and smiles

Khusi turns beetroot red and goes from there smiling and breathing heavily 

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Nov 17, 2015

she's getting me crazy (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 30 times)

Khusi just then runs from there and goes to the library to find payal , and she sees payal talking to the another guy who was running with him , just then realization dawned upon her .

Khusi : shoot , I forgot to ask him his name, don’t worry khusi he didn’t ask your name as well . ( just then she remembers how he kissed her and touches her cheeks with her hand smiling ) just then payal comes

Payal : khusi when did you come ? meet aakash , I just met him 2 minutes ago

Khusi : in her thoughts , he was before me 2 minutes ago . no wonder he runs fast . she keeps her thoughts aside and says . HI

Aakash : Hey khusi , I met you sometimes ago you were with bhai right.

Payal : who bhai ?

Khusi : was about to say when aakash interrupted

Aakash : Arnav , his name is arnav singh raizada . My cousin . I saw him talking to khusi some moments ago , and winks at khusi

Khusi : (turns red understanding what he means) yeah jiji just met him some times ago

Arnav : talking about me people?

Khusi turns and sees Arnav staring at her . she lowers her heard and looks at the ground feeling shy . Arnav smirks seeing at her .

Aakash : bhai this is payal , payal this is arnav my brother and yeah we both are first years of M.B.A here.

Khusi : (smiling) we are first year’s MBA as well .

Arnav : (whispering to khusi ) welcome to the college khusi

Khusi : (feels shiver) thankyou

Payal : great , guys we should be going now . khusi bauji told us to come bu 7:00

Khusi : yes , but it’s only 5:00 jiji (not wanting to let go arnav)

Arnav : (smiles) okay let’s do a thing as you guys are new to the neighborhood let’s go to our house . what say aakash?

Aakash : already in love with payal . absolutely bhai

Payal : no some other time , we must be going right khusi

Khusi : don’t know what to say , looks her with wide eyes

Arnav : (chuckles at her state) c’mmon payal . we are your first friend here . and we will introduce to rest of our gangs as well.

Payal : okay fine . let’s go

Both the boys and girls go to their respective cars and follow the boys .

Khusi notices a big marble plate with ancient carving , written as raizada mansion , shantivan

Khusi . arnav , payal and aaksash goes and rings the bells of the door . it was opened by HP .

They were just about to enter when khusi notices a small boy around 4 . she just looks at him and remember that he was the same young boy she saw changing eye color . the last time she saw his eyes were red and now golden brown. She stays rooted at the spot . just then aakash notices and says

Aakash : come on in khusi , we won’t bite (smiling)

Khusi : (chuckles) and goes inside . there all the family members welcome them smiling

Aakash : everyone this is our new friends from college , they just moved today from delhi . and nani for your happiness they are from lucknow .  she is payal and she is

Arnav : (interrupts aakash ) and she is khusi .

Everyone becomes shocked as arnav for the first time in history is introducing a girl . they all smiled as say hi khusi .

Arnav : khusi this is di, nani , mami , mama , nk , lavanya , jijaji , and our little champ anyam ( as in anjali and shyam , they combined their name to keep their sons name)

Khusi and payal both does Namaste to everyone ani touches nani’s feet to take her blessing .

Nani : jeeti raho bitiya ani smiles

Anjali : oh my my . chote as in arnav is introducing a girl

N.K : nannav mere bhai tum sich to ho na?

Lavanya : NK it’s thik to ho na . stupid hey guys so you are the ones joining our college? Lavanya says with a smile

Payal : ji

Mami : hello hi bye bye , chalo arnav and aakash bitwa in logo ko ghar dikhane ka padi

Arnav : (smiles) ji mami , come khusi . takes her hand and walks

Everyone behind with their mouth open . khusi aakash payal are shocked as well

Arnav shows khusi the whole house and at last his bedroom . he shows khusi and closes the door . khusi’s hearbeat starts to increase .

Khusi : ww..what are you doing arnav?

Arnav : (slowly coming towards khusi ) first I thought I could resist you , but it is being hard for me day by day . when you’re near me and I can’t touch you , it makes me restless , I don’t know why you are like a magnet to me

Khusi : (shocked and blushes) arnav comes and puts his hand on each side of the wall . khusi looks at him .

Arnav : I don’t think I have the power to stay away from you khusi and please don’t take me as a flirt . I mean it

Khusi : ( she can see the truth in his eyes) why do you think that

Arnav : because from the time I saw you looking outside your car window , constantly for 5 hours you did not leave my mind .

Khusi : ( did not think twice) and sealed her lips with his

Arnav was shocked at first but when she started sucking his lips he also closed his eyes and starts kissing her passionately . both giving open mouth kisses to eachother . they leave eachother due to lack of air . but arnav does not finish it .

He turns khusi backwards , and sees her backless kurtha with 3 strings . he slowly opens her strings and start giving open mouth kisses at her back . she moans .. arnaaaaav . that’s it arnav looses his control and turns khusi towards him . he slides her kurtha at half of her b**bs and starts kissing her hungrily as if he has been waiting her for years . she moans in pleasure and puts her hand in his silky hair bringing her more close . afte some time arnav leaves khusi

Arnav : sorry khusi , I don’t know why I lose my control with you . we have just met and I ended up . lowering his head . I’m sorry it’s just like I’ve been waiting you for years to end up my loneliness . I’m sorry but idk why I want to make love to you . see I ended up blabbering this as well . I’m sorry khusi . you can slap me if you want

Khusi : (chuckles) hearing this  and says arnav I know we have just met but I don’t know I feel safe around you . I feel warm and protected . I think you forgot that I kissed you first . (she lowers her head feeling shy ) and I don’t regret it .

Arnav sees khusi smiling .

Khusi : and the thing about making love now we are friends soon we are going to be couples , then we are going to get married and then I’ll think about it (winks at arnav)

Arnav : (chuckles hearing her) and huskily whispers in her ear

I love you khusi , you don’t know how long I have been waiting for you . but I want to say you the truth of what I actually am before taking this relationship. He was about to say just then anjali knocks the door . chote bring khusiji down for dinner and goes from there

Khusi : arnav let’s go

Arnav : you surely don’t want to go down in this state khusi do you?

Khusi just realizes her state and blushes. arnav slowly make her clothes adjusted and ties her dories . khusi not being able to take the torture turns and hugs arnav tightly .

Arnav : (smiles) let’s go down and kissed her cheeks

Khusi nods and they go down . and the dinner went truly good with khusi and her blabbering and arnav admiring her . everyone instantly started liking khusi .a ray of hope comes to their heart seeing arnav smiling looking at her.

Shyam : rani saheba I think khusi is the one

Anjali : haa shyamji , I hope she is the one .

After the dinner the guptas bid everyon e goodbye and goes to their mansion   


Nov 17, 2015

stunned raizada (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 32 times)

   Khusi hears a faint voice in her sleep and feels water droplets on her face

Payal : khusi , khusi are you hearing me? Khusi wake up . khusi are you listening to me? Khusi

Khusi : jiji where am I ? 

Payal : you are in the raizada mansion khusi , didn’t you have your lunch? As soon as arnav introduced you to anyam you fainted . it’s almost 15 minutes we tried to wake you up . the doctor too must me on his way.

Khusi : no jiji I am fine . (in her thoughts : why did everything seemed like a reality then? Why did I feel that I actually kissed him? ) just then she sees anyam smiling at her .

Aakash : anyways let’s keep that aside let us introduce everyone .

Arnav : exactly let me start again in the same way khusi this is di, nani , mami , mama , nk , lavanya , jijaji , and our little champ anyam

Khusi is shocked looking everything being the same way, arnav finds something fishy but does reads her thought thinking she must be confused. But then khusi cover herself and

Both and payal both does Namaste to everyone ani touches nani’s feet to take her blessing .

Nani : jeeti raho bitiya ani smiles

Anjali : oh my my . chote as in arnav is introducing a girl

N.K : nannav mere bhai tum sich to ho na?

Lavanya : NK it’s thik to ho na . stupid hey guys so you are the ones joining our college? Lavanya says with a smile

Payal : ji

Mami : hello hi bye bye , chalo arnav and aakash bitwa in logo ko ghar dikhane ka padi

Arnav : (smiles) ji mami , come khusi . takes her hand

Just then khusi’s eyes become wide and she starts to sweat constanly .  she sees everone expression and starts to panic more

Everyone behind with their mouth open . khusi aakash payal are shocked as well

Arnav shows khusi the whole house and at last his bedroom just like in his dream .


Just when arnav closes the door , khusi starts to get confused

Khusi : now you will come near me and I will go backwards , and you will keep both your hands behind me and tell you can’t resist me and I’m like a magnet to you . and then you will ask me not take you as a flirt and then you say I’m not out of your mind since 5 hour . She looks at arnav who is surprised with wide eyes .

Khusi : then we get intimate and you say iloveyou to me just then dee calls you at exact 6:45 for dinner and when you will go down you will constantly stare at me blabbering just then di and jiju will hope that I AM THE ONE .

Arnav was about to speak something just then di knocks the door and says

Anjali : chote bring khusiji down for dinner

Arnav checks his watch and stays rooted at the spot as it says 6:45 PM

Just then khusi looks at his eyes with lots of questions .

Arnav : come let’s go down

Khusi : (keeps on blabbering just like the way she did so that she could hear anjali and jiju) just then both arnav and khusi hears what they wanted to

Shyam : rani saheba I think khusi is the one

Anjali : haa shyamji , I hope she is the one

Arnav : (with wide eyes and whispers ) ARANEL ( as in princess in elvish ) Arwen ?

He looks at khusi . then he reads her mind which is blocked . He sees the power which she is capable of .  anjali sees arnav and stay rooted at the spot .





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Nov 18, 2015

I NEED SUGGESTIONS (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 24 times)

sorry guys i won't be able to update until saturday :) tests are going on . after it finishes i promise i will update long . and thank you guys for your lovely comments and i will try my best to write it more clear next time..............

also i need some suggestions , i am wishing the entry of abhay and piya in this story should it be okay? and there is going to be the raichand family as well .. should i add?...............

but there is not going to be any signs of warewolves and stuffs but there is going to be writchcrafts , wizards , demon hunters and spells.. should i take it that way?

i will really appreciate your suggestions :) 

Nov 25, 2015

raichand's entry (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 35 times)


Khusi just then notices their behavior

Khusi : arnav can I talk to you for a while ?

Arnav : (knowing the answer she wants) sure

(in arnav’s room )

Khusi : how am I getting to know the future . everything was perfect when I was in delhi , but then I come here and see you and aakash running like a gust of wind . Then the day I come I notice anyam apart from those bunch of kids , and I see him changing different eye color . WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME? (khusi starts to sweat)

Arnav : (touches khusi shoulders and hugs her tightly) shh .. calm down khusi , shh calm down baby . I’m here with you don’t worry

Khusi : (breaks down) I don’t know arnav . the day I saw you I could see your golden brown eyes turn in black arnav , it looks like it imprinted on me . ON US . it felt like I knew you from ages.

Arnav : ( in his thoughts) so she knew I imprinted on her .

Khusi : arnav please tell me what’s going on , I’m scared . please don’t leave me .

Arnav : khusi relax baby , it’s just a mere coincidence . you know I’m always by your side J and you know that right . just look at us . (arnav says teasingly)

Khusi then realizes their position , khusi blushes

Arnav : I promise khusi I’ll protect you by all it takes , even my life . I promise to be by your side baby , always

Khusi : (looks at arnav’s eyes , raises her by her toes and gives a peck in his cheeks and runs away from there)

Just then khusi comes inside and sees new people there

Nani : come here khusi bitiya , these are the raichands , our very old family friend . this is mr. and mrs raichand . abhay their son and piya their D-I-L

Abhay : hello princess and bows down

Khusi finds it weird and says hi

Payal : khusi we must leave now

Khusi : ok jiji . they bid them goodbye and goes to GM

Arnav coming from stairs

Arnav : she doesn’t know she is the princess

Piya : but how is it possible?

Nani : they have used someone very skilled wizard to block her from her past

Anjali : nani she has the right to know .

Arnav : yes nani , shashi uncle being dad’s old friend called me just now . he saw a vision of khusi knowing the truth soon . today she also figured it out that we are imprinted . (garima , sashi and buaji are very strog wizards , payal too has a capability but she will find it afterwards)

Mr.raichand: I knew from sia (his secret messenger) that the valentines are searching for her . I know they won’t be able to do anything because she has the power to destroy us all . but she needs the complete training.

Mrs raichand : chand is right , we have to train her with all 5 elements ASAP

Mami : but how is that possible if we don’t tell her the truth?

Shyam : mamiji is right , we should tell her the truth first

Arnav : I have lost my parents already because of them , I cannot afford to lose her at any cost , I will train her . make sure that the valentines doesn’t know about her till 7 months . all of them nods him at assurance .

sorry guys I was late , anyways I’ll update a long one tomorrow J take care and thankyou ..

Nov 26, 2015

i'm yours khusi , i always had been yours (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 45 times)

Meanwhile in GM

Shasi : I have seen it garima , I have seen a vision of our princess coming back. But I wonder who was the wizard that our king has used to keep princess from blocking with her own memories . they were a very skilled one must say

Garima : I tried many spells on her but failed . but jo kuch bhi ho , khusi ko meine apni beti jese he pyar kiya hai , aue main kabhi bhi payal aur khusi me fark nahi karsakti

Shasi : thik kaha tumne (you said it right garima) we have always loved her as our own . not as our own , she is our daughter ! she is shasi and garima’s daughter

Buaji : hai rey nandkishor , you are right shasi babuwa . but keep your mouth shut for now they have arrived.

Just then khusi and payal enters the house

Khusi : bauji , maa today we had gone to the raizada’s and we met the raichands as well , they are our neighbors and thankgod they are very friendly unlike our delhi’s neighbors . I still remember how that pammi aunty used to irritate me

Payal : (laughing) yes amma they are really nice people . waise khusi , I wonder all are nice or just one specific person ? (and winks)

Khusi turns red  , shasi , garima and buaji smiles knowing arnav is back .

Buaji : are sankadevi payaliya , now you guys go to sleep , you have to go college remember

Khusi : arey haan , I totally forgot let’s go jiji

Both of them goes to their room dreaming of arnav and aakash


Arnav impatiently waiting at the college gate .

N.K : nannav mere bhai , don’t worry she will come .

Lavanya : ASR but when are we gonna train her . I have got the feeling that the valentines are going to come .

Arnav : (shocked) what time lavanya ?

n.k : what? Valentines?

Lavanya : hey don’t freak out . I’ve seen it they are coming after 9 months

Arnav : (calms down) then we have lot of time.

Abhay : but how are we going to explain her about her parents to princess?

Piya : don’t call her princess abhay  until she knows the truth and arnav I can only protect her from my shield for sometimes , she is way too powerful to resist , just like you

Arnav : (smiles) she is my princess afterall (winks)

Just then payal and khusi comes

Arnav : hey payal (ignoring khusi) khusi gives an angry glare

Payal : hi arnav , hi everyone . so guys we are already late so we must be going to our class .

Aakash : don’t worry we all are in the same class (and winks)

Payal blushes

N.K : c’mon guys lets go , dhalthe hai jaldi

Lavanya : I can’t believe it N.K that you are my boyfriend ! it’s chalthe hai

Everyone smiles and goes . An angry khusi was about to move but just then arnav pulls her hand and pins her to the wall

Arnav : won’t you look at me?

Khusi : why should I when you are interested in someone else?

Arnav : (chuckles ) so my baby is getting jealous? You know I’m yours , don’t you?

Khusi : (blushes) you are ? well I doubt . you see a lot of people are seeing us . and just look the way lovingly the girls are looking at you . just like you are their property

Just then arnav turns around and see the boys eyeing on khusi and girls looking at arnav like he is their’s prey to eat]

Arnav : what the , you want me to show others that I am yours?

Khusi : (angrily ) not needed , let me

She cannot complete the sentence as arnav slams his lips over hers and starts kissing her .

Khusi gets shocked but soon responds . after the kiss is over arnav rests his forehead on khusi

Arnav : I AM AND ALWAYS HAD BEEN YOURS . (with closed eyes)

Khusi : (smiles) I was just kidding arnav.

Arnav : but I serious , damn serious okay let’s go now

Both khusi and arnav walks together in class hands in hands leaving all the students with their mouth open .

Dec 4, 2015

the bitter truth yet to come (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 27 times)


(both arnav and khusi enters in class , aakash and payal are in a bench , next side is lavanya and NK , and besides them is arnav and khusi takes their place)

****al : who the hell is this girl with arnav ? he is just mine

Pam : but she is beautiful ****al.. look at her eyes

****al : shutup (goes to khusi)

****al : who the hell are you and why are you staying with my arnav (shouting)

Khusi : your arnav?

****al : he is mine . get that **** ?

(now arnav loses his control)

Arnav : how dare you call her like that? (shouting)

****al get’s startled by his voice

(NK and la , aakash starts to panic thinking about his anger consequences)

****al : but arnav these BITC

But she does not gets to complete her sentence

Arnav : SHUT THE **** UP !!!!! and hits the bench that it break down into pieces

Everyone gets shocked seeing that especially khusi  

Arnav : no one ! I mean no one talks about my khusi ! did you get that clear?

****al : (stammering) aaa..arn..arnaav


****al : (in low voice) yes

Arnav : OUT!

(****al looks at arnav)

Arnav : I SAID OUT !

****al goes out of the class . arnav looks at khusi and holds her hand tightly !

Arnav : shh , I’m always by your side princess

Khusi : arnav

She was just about to say something’

La : what is the problem with ****al , why can’t she leave you alone bhai?

Aakash : exactly bhai she has gone completely mad

Khusi : c’mmon guys , it’s okay

Payal : no it is surely not okay ! what does she think ? she can talk to you like that ? she is acting as if she is his girlfriend . and you are the one to snatch him from you . I mean can’t friends stay like this ? you guys are even not in a relationship nor you guys can ever be

NK : payal , what are you saying?

Payal realizes what she told and looks at khusi whose eyes is full of tears. Khusi goes from there

Arnav : you shouldn’t have said that (and goes behind khusi)

Aakash : (angrily) what is up with you payal?

Payal: aakash I didn’t mean that , it just came out when I was angry . (sad)

In the garden

Khusi keeps on crying .

Arnav : khusi , look at me

Khusi still sobbing

Arnav : baby just look at me once

Khusi looks at arnav .

Arnav : why are you crying like this khusi , you know she doesn’t mean those . but why do you feel so hurt just hearing this?

Khusi : I don’t know arnav . I don’t know anything . the thought of not being with you shakes me . I don’t it is barely 2 days I met with you but It feels like years arnav . it feels like I was just born to make me yours , I can’t stand it when I think that we will go away or not talk to eachother . I can’t stand it . the way ****al tried to claim her yours it hurted me , I don’t know why .

Arnav : (keeps on staring at her ) hey we will not get separated , not now , not ever . you get that? Arnav and khusi are for ever . I might say those words but it’s too fast . and I think it needs to be special khusi , but believe me I feel the same just like you do baby . I really do

Khusi’s yes widen hearing this and starts blushing

Arnav : but that doesn’t mean I can’t kiss you . I know I unexpectedly kissed you before . but now I ask for your permission . can I kiss my girl?

Khusi blushingly looks down , arnav smirks and their lips touches . after a long passionate kiss they break .

Arnav : (whispers) I am all yours and no one else .

Khusi : you are mine !

Arnav smiles at her possessiveness ,

Khusi : arnav not tell me how did you break that desk ?

Arnav : I promise you I will tell you everything on Saturday khusi . but before we have to go to the richard brothers to bring your childhood memories back . you need to know about it

Khusi : (confused) Richard brothers? Who are they?

Arnav : you call me insane , but they are very strong wizard that will break the spell . do you trust me?

Khusi : more than anything

Arnav smiles and seal her lips with his

Precap : khusi knows the truth about her , payal gains her power and the introduction of the valentines


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Dec 7, 2015

the unknown memories (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 30 times)


VALENTINES – they are the soldiers of the vampire king and queen . they consist at group of 3 . powerful , strong .  they were loyal kings of the men , but due to a strong spell they cannot help as they have fallen into the darkness ! only powerfull spell can bring them back to light.

                                                                                                                                                            CONTINUATION OF THE STORY

Everyone was in the cafeteria , just then abhay and piya arrives .

Khusi : hey guys where were you ? you guys missed the class

Abhay : yea , there were some personal reason , guys the valentines know nothing about them till now ..

Payal : okay guys stop it now will anyone say what the hell is this valentines?

NK : payal have patience

Khusi : no guys she is right . don’t you know it is time for us to know?

Piya : khusi , payal you guys will come to know about it soon

Lavanya : when? When will the time come?

Arnav : today after college . I’ve called both the raizada and gupta family at the backyard of our house . the Richard brothers are also ready for her .

(horrified payal and khusi  looks at them )

Abhay : guys enough now  don’t scare princess !

Khusi looks at arnav . he blinks his eyes to insure he is with her .. the bell rings

Arnav was just about to go when khusi holds his hand , arnav turns back

Khusi : (stands up) I’m scared

Arnav : hey (hugs her) don’t be . I’m always with you.

Khusi looks at arnav and pecks him in his lips . arnav get’s shocked and smiles . khusi smiles back and they go to their classes

Soon the most awaited time for khusi and payal comes , the classes get over

Arnav : c’mmon guys it’s time to go , everyone is in the backyard .

All nods at him and then hops in their car and drives for RM

As soon as they reach RM khusi gets a glimpse of her childhood , she saw she is sitting with a man and a woman with red and hazel color eyes and playing with her. Just then arnav breaks her trance .

Arnav : khusi , what are you waiting for ? come

Khusi nods and both joins everyone at the backyard

Shashi : khusi and payal bitiya , we  will straight come to the point . but before we start khusi and payal we hided It from you because we wanted you to be safe okay bachha? And khusi you are and always will be our daughter

Confused khusi looks at arnav and arnav nods his head.

Shasi : (taking a deep breath) beta you are not out real daughter!

Khusi : (shocked) w..whh.what are you saying bauji?

Garima : he is right khusi , you are the daughter of my sister sameera also known as queen sameera and his husband kushal known as king vasist

Payal : what maa , how can you hide such big thing from her ?

Aakash : payal there are a lot of things you need to know , still

Khusi : you all knew? (looking at arnav ) arnav nods … tell me everything demanded khusi

Nani : bitiya , I know this will all sound crazy but ..  but the supernatural thing you studied in your story books actually exists

Anjali : and you both are one of the species included there

Shyam : (closes his eyes) please don’t freak out !

Aakash : payal , you are a witch !

Payal : (shocked) A WHAT??

Khusi : (laughing) OMG jiji , where is your broom stick ? nimbus 2000 , or cleensweep 7? (those are broomsticks used in harry potter)

Arnav chuckes at her childlike act .

Nani : not only her bitiya , you are a half witch as well . you’re a half vampire and half witch

Khusi : what ??????

Arnav : ( in serious tone) we all are vampires here , except me and dee we’re just like you half vampire , half wizard ! your parents are wizards and witches and mine are vampire !

Khusi : (starts to sweat) is this some kind of practical joke? Where is buaji?

Nk : she has gone to bring the Richard brothers ,

Payal : who are the Richard brothers?

Piya : they are twins , and extremely strong wizards ! already dead thought . khusi’s parents the king and queen have asked help of their to cast a spell on khusi to block from her childhoos memories ,

Lavanya : yeah it was really difficult to find them but as we know , only they can bring her memories back . we convinced them . your parents also told him that you get to know things if you are willing to know after you are 22 ..

Buaji : (from behind) and the choice is yours whether you want or not !

Arnav : you will believe us after your memories get unblocked khusi , trust your arnav .

Khusi : I will take 5 minutes and I want arnav by my side !


Precap – khusi get’s her childhood memories back ! she gets her power back ! and her training starts !




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Dec 8, 2015

THE TRUTH IS REVEALED (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 30 times)


Arnav : (holds khusi’s both hands) what is it khusi ?

Khusi : when did you know that I was the princess?

Arnav : the day you told me that you had seen a vision about the future , when anyam imprinted on you only the royal can see the future no one else and then I read your mind and I saw the power you hold is just like me it’s only blocked right now.

Khusi : wait , you said you read my mind? (shocked)

Arnav : (nods) but I promise once you get your memories back I won’t ..

Khusi : so the day we met you kissed me?

Arnav : (chuckles) because I knew you wanted to kiss me and winks

Khusi : (blushes) I want to know the truth about everything before I get my memories back , will you tell me?

Arnav : (nods) there were two kings and queens in our vampire kingdom , one were your parents and other were mine . just like your mom my mother was a witch as well . our parents were bestfriends , your dad and my dad were childhood friends , and your mom and my mom became bestfriends when they were 15 … our dad saw our mom when they were animal hunting in our forest ! that was the day when our dad saw our mom for the first time ! my dad liked my mom and your dad yours . that day our mom were performing some kind of witchcraft in the jungle . well then they eventually fell in love (said arnav smiling)

Khusi : (smiles) then?

Arnav : then they got married , my mom had completed her training from the 5 elements , the fire , air , soil , water and light . and she was very powerful . then they got married and had di and me .. but your mother could not conceive because she had not completed her last element the light ! and after she completed , you were born . the mixture of the vampire and the witch is one strong kind of combination . and our both being the strongest in their field we were born very strong . you and I have a lot of power and we can destroy anything together!

Khusi : does di have the same power? She is a mixture as well !

Arnav : (nods negatively) she had those power until one day ! you were 6 years old while I was 7 and di was 14 ! that was the dark day for both of us khusi ! 17th September 1997 ! we were having a family get together for your soon to be born sibling ! that was the night ! you and I were outside playing . that was the time that witch and wizard entered with so much power and killed our parents ! di trying to protect them got hurt and lost her half of the power ! that’s why she is not like us! That day you saw everything , about your parents getting killed ! even those witch and wizards face ! which no one was able to ! that was the time both king and queen had a little time left when they called the Richard brothers ( most powerful wizards) to block you from your memory so that you won’t get hurt !

Khusi : (had tears in her eyes) who are the valentines?

Arnav : (signs) they were the great knights of the kings also known as the valten-tine knights ! they were very loyal to our parents khusi ! but the witch casted a spell on them in which they fell into darkness , so they are against their will !

Khusi : I should get back my memories inspite to get my powers and known the culprit?

Arnav : you will get back your power instantly ! but the face of the culprit will come when the time comes ! that was the part your family wanted to block you from !

(khusi just keeps on staring at him)

Arnav : (holds khusi’s hand ) I’m always with you baby , don’t worry even if I die !

Khusi : (places her hand in his mouth and nods negatively) you cannot die , to get arnav they have to pass through khusi ! I cannot let you go ! not now ! not ever ! (signs) I LOVE YOU !

Arnav : (gets shocked) khusi

Khusi : I know , I should’ve known about that we imprinted eachother ! but I did not knew what this feeling was ! I LOVE YOU ARNAV !

Arnav : (smiles) and kisses her , he starts kissing her lips slowly nibbling her lower lips , khusi opened her mouth to give his access . he slowly slid his tongue inside her and kissed her passionately ! khusi reciprocates with equal passion !! after breaking the kiss , arnav slids down her dress strap and gives her open mouth kisses in her shoulder and her neck !

Khusi : aaa.aarnav! (khusi moans)

Arnav then realizes what he has done and slowly backs of looking at her eyes ! khusi slowly opens her eyes and see his eyes turning in dark blue sapphire color .

Khusi : beautiful !

Arnav : (smiles) you’re mine

Khusi : and you’re mine ! next time that sheetal comes to you I will pull her hair off (angrily)

Arnav : (chuckles) okay are you ready?

Khusi : yes !

Everyone goes inside !

Khusi : (calmly) I got to know the truth ! and I am ready ! I will do whatever it takes to give punishment to those murderers !

Nani : god bless you bitiya !

Buaji : arey o sankadevi come the Richard brothers are ready !

Khusi goes with them , she sees 6 dangerous dead men !

Richard brother’s head : (in deadly tune) your highness ! we are obliged to bring your memory back

Khusi nods her head .

Then the 6 old them makes a circle keeping khusi in middle and starts to chant some spells ! after 10 minutes khusi lies unconscious ! arnav holds her and brings her to his bedroom !

Richard : princess has her power and all memories back , except for the face of the culprit as the king asked us to specifically block that memory in a strong way ! it will come back with the time

Shyam : thankyou , you guys can proceed now !

Payal : will she be okay?

Shashi : more than okay bitiya !

(in arnav’s room, khusi wakes up she sees arnav holding her hand and looking at her)

Khusi : (with tears in her eyes) they’re dead ! I didn’t see the culprit except black shadows ! our , our parents wanted us to get married?

Arnav : (with tears in his eyes nods) yes , you will see their image when the time comes khusi , don’t worry baby !

Khusi : you love me ! (it was a statement rather than a question)

Arnav : (narrows his eyes) how can you  be so sure? , I never told you ;/

Khusi : (chuckles) what do you think only you can read minds? (with innocent face)

Arnav : (chuckles and kisses her and whispers) I LOVEYOU

Khusi : (smiles) I love you more ! arnav why don’t we need blood if we are a vampire?

Arnav : well we are a mix so we don’t need it . I mean we can survive on both and our thirst is not high as well . and as for other they use the rings made by shashi uncle and garima aunty to manage their thirst and at night they go to hospitals ! I mean drink the blood of just recent dead people . 500 ml blood is enough to keep their thirst for 15 days due to the power of the ring!

Khusi : so NK , lavanya , jijaji , aakash , nani . di , anyam drink blood?

Arnav :  Yes , not only them the raichand family does as well !  (winks) and not di and anyam there are like us a mixture . anyam because di is still half a witch and he becomes that as well

Khusi : what abhay and piya? Was piya a vampire as well?

Arnav : nope , she was a human he changed her into one as it was her wish they are our family friends since we moves to dehradun . so are you ready for your 5 elements training?

Khusi : name the time and the place!

Arrnav smiles and kisses her ,she kisses him back . this time khusi pulls arnav soo hard that arnav smiles knowing her power is back and kisses her wildly !

Recap : THE WATER ELEMENT TRAINING                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


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