Tashan-e-Ishq 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update.

Nov 9, 2015

Tashan-e-Ishq 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update. (By Arjunmaddy)

Episode Update Tashan-e-Ishq 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update. Scene 1 Kunj thinks where Twinkle must be, Leela comes to him and says i will take juice for Twinkle, Kunj says i went to her, she needs rest, Leela says i will give her medicine for headache, Kunj says i have given her medicines, she is sleeping, Leela says ok i will not disturb her, she leaves, Kunj thinks if Leela got to know that Twinkle is not here then she would have got worried, i have to find her, Usha sees all this and thinks why Kunj is tensed for Twinkle. Usha comes to Twinkle’s room and doesnt find her, she says so i was right, Twinkle has again something, she is not here, dont know why Kunj is saving her, i have to break this marriage relation. Yuvi’s car stop in middle of road, he and his friends starts checking car, Twinkle runs from car. All are enjoying sangeet, Manohar says to Pinni that Raman and you have very good understanding, Raman thanks Pinni to be in his life. Twinkle is running, Yuvi is running behind her. In Sangeet, Kunj is tensed how to find Twinkle, Alisha comes to him and says i am sorry if you didnt like me holding your hand, i was remembering our old days, Kunj says leave me at this time, i dont wanna talk, he starts leaving to find Twinkle but Leela stops him and ask him to join them in playing games. Twinkle comes in Dargah, she prays to God that show me some way, i dont want to hurt my family, i thinks marrying Kunj is right option, also after seeing this side of Yuvi, my blindfold of love has gone too, i now know that my love wasnt right, she finds Yuvi coming in Dargah to find her, she prays to God that help me, she finds a lady in Burqah and gets idea. Twinkle wears Burqah and covers her face, she strikes with Yuvi but he doesnt recognize her, she leaves, Twinkle comes in PCO and calls Kunj, she says to Kunj that Yuvi has kidnapped me, i have runaway from his clutches but he will catch me again, Kunj ask where are you? she says i am in Mahim, she finds Yuvi coming there and leaves, Kunj says to himself that i have to bring Twinkle back, i will find every nook and corner of Mahim, he starts leaving but Usha stops him and ask where are you going? Kunj says i going on walk, he leaves, Usha thinks i could see he was lying to me, he lied to his mother for that girl, she doesnt care for him a bit but why does he care for her so much? Scene 2 Kunj is going to Mahim and thinks where Twinkle could be, he says qawali was going in background, she must b in Dargah. Twinkle is running from Yuvi, she falls, her veil comes off, Yuvi sees her face and runs behind her, she is running and bangs into Kunj, she is happy and emotional to see him, she hugs him tightly and hides behind him, Yuvi comes to Kunj, Kunj says when you will understand girl’s no means no, if you love her then respect her, i dont wanna come inbetween your and Twinkle’s relation but i wont let you force yourself on her, i would save any girl in this situation, this is a very pious place so i dont wanna fight here, listen to me carefully, if you try to hurt Twinkle again then i will kill you, this is my last warning, Twinkle in surprise looks at him, Kunj holds her hand and takes her from there. Kunj brings Twinkle to car and says sorry i had to hold your hand to save you, i am telling as you might allege me of touching you again, Twinkle looks at him sadly. Alisha is calling her mother and says you know how much i love Kunj, he is marrying Twinkle because of his parents but he still loves me, he is not able to forget me or our relation, Usha listens all this, Alisha sees her and ends call, Usha ask Alisha does Kunj love you? Alisha says Kunj used to love me but i was stupid to ask him to leave you all as i am afraid of joint family, he denied to this condition and broke our relation, now i am understanding his value but its late now, he is marrying Twinkle, dont ask him anything, he can sacrifice his happiness for his family, i dont want to put him in more trouble, she leaves and smirks, Usha says to herself that i would not let Kunj sacrifice his love, if he loves Alisha then he will get married to her only, i wont let Twinkle become his wife. Family is having dinner, Leela says to Raman that the real happiness is when all family members eat together, thank God everything is happening nicely, Anita comes there and says it would have been good if Twinkle got married in Amrtisar but whatever happened there, you cannot marry her there, you all are hiding your faces here. Twinkle says to Kunj that i have to do this marriage for my family, Kunj says no one should be forced for anything, you still have time to break this relation, Leela will be angry with you but she will understand eventually, we have hatred, mistrust and anger for each other, we never had love between us but we became friends but that trust got broken that night, how we will do this marriage, Twinkle says i have promised my mother that i want to do this marriage and will fulfill it whole life, i will not break my promise but if you want to get freed from this relation then you can, Kunj says i have promised too and i am not the one who break promise but i hold on to my promises, Twinkle glances at him, Sajna ve plays, Kunj says i guess we are getting married, Twinkle thanks for coming and helping me, Kunj says i would have done same for any girl because i know how to respect girls, Twinkle recalls how she was kidnapped that night when someone tried to rape her, she thinks as much as i know Kunj, as much i have seen him, i cant believe he can do that act.. he has always saved me, i am so confused, i wish i could believe you and dont trust my eyes. PRECAP- Leela says to Anita that dont go from this marriage as when you will see my daughter getting married, i will see your face and get peace, Anita says only Sangeet has happened, there is alot to come till marriage. Leela knocks Twinkle’s room, Raman ask her to open it, they come in and doesnt find Twinkle there.

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