Tashan-e-Ishq 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update.

Nov 8, 2015

Tashan-e-Ishq 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update. (By Arjunmaddy)

Tashan-e-Ishq 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update. Scene 1 Leela says to Raman that i cant go to Twinkle, Raman says you kept praying for her and now when she is fine and wants to meet you then you are stopping yourself why? Leela says i cant become weak, i know how i am keeping myself away from Twinle but if i dont keep myself away from her then she will not learn lesson of life, she cheated me and i cant forget that, i am her mother and wants her to learn how to unite family, i will bless her from far only, she ask Raman to leave, he leaves, Leela cries. Twinkle ask Raman that where is Kunj? is he fine? Manohar says he is fine, you drink something or let nurse apply drip to you, Twinkle says no i wont take anything, once Kunj comes back then i will take everything you are asking for, Kunj comes there and says you started you drama again? he smiles at her, she is elated to see him, both look at each other, Kunj ask nurse to apply drip, i know she is afraid of drip thats why doing drama, nurse applied drip to her, Twinkle sees her dupatta in his hands, Usha comes and says thank God you are fine, Kunj says i brought the sand which you wanted, Manohar ask why did you take so much time? Kunj says my car’s break failed, i was saved from accident, Usha says this is happening because of Twinkle only, Kunj says enough, i am saved because of Twinkle only, her dupatta got stuck in tyres and car stopped so indirectly she saved my life, Twinkle looks at him lovingly. Twinkle calls Raman and says Leela didnt come to meet after i became conscious, ask her to talk to me once, Raman says she is little miffed with you but she will become fine, you take care of yoursel. Kunj brings medicine for Twinkle and ask her to take it, she says i wont have it, its bitter, Kunj says only hour passed when you returned home and your stubbornness again, Twinkle says only one hour have passed and your taunts started again, Kunj says ok dont take medicine then doctor will apply injection on you and i will make your funny video, Twinkle says you wont be able to make my video as i am taking medicine, she takes medicine, Kunj says you didnt drink water after taking it? Twinkle says if i can bear your bitter words then i can take this medicine without water too, Kunj says you are mad, Twinkle finds Kunj’s hands wounded, she says i got to know that you did all rituals of Karwachauth and your hands also got injured, it was my work and you did it, Kunj says dont be happy, i didnt do it for you, i did it for my mother, you are biggest problem of my life, tell me why did you go to Guradvarah? what did you ask? Twinkle says i was asking brain for you, Kunj says you think so much about me, Twinkle says no i dont think about you, i went there to pray for my family and to bring Manohar out of all problems but you are my probolem, you are confused, one moment you talk to me with so much concern and second moment you get rude with me, why you are so confused? Kunj says you have made my life confused, you have taken over my bed too, Twinkle says this is my bed too, Kunj says most fighting girl has become my wife only, Kunj ask her to sleep, Twinkle says you are not allowing me to sleep as you keep blabbering, both glances at each other and goes to sleep. Scene 2 In morning, someone brings tractor and cow in Manohar’s house, all are shocked, man comes there, Usha says you here? you didnt tell us that you are coming, she touches his feet and looks at Manohar who is tensed, Manohar is about to touch his feet but man kicks him away, all are shocked, man says dont you touch me cheater, you are getting punished for your deeds, its good that you have come on roads, you are paying for your greed, you deserve all this, Kunj tries to come forward but man says that i and Manohar’s talk hasnt finished, he has taken enough support now he should stand on his own, Twinkle ask Nikki who is he? Nikki says he is Tauji, Manohar’s elder brother, Tauji says to Twinkle that i am Surjeet Sarna, Manohar’s elder brother, you are Kunj’s wife right? tell me how much property Manohar took from your family? Manohar says what are you saying? Surjeet slaps him hard, he says you have no value to raise your voice infront of me in my house only, from today this is my house and i will throw your family out of here, he ask Twinkle to not stare him, dont you believe me? he made you daughter in law of house as you belong to rich family, he loves your money, Manohar is liar and selfish person, Twinkle says i am sorry to answer you but dont say like this about Manohar, i am not insulting you but Manohar is my family now and i wont be able to listen against him, you cant insult them as i wont bear that, Surjeet says he has no respect that i cant insult him, i will tell you truth, he cheated me, took all the property of our father, sent us on roads and ranaway, i kept taking rounds of court to fight case but now my fate has turned as i have won case in court, from today all this property, cars etc are mine, he orders his men to throw things out, Usha says dont do this, we are your family too, Surjeet says this Manohar cheated me and now i will throw this family away, Surjeet’s men starts throwing things outside house, Twinkle is about to fall but some lady holds her in time and ask if she is fine? Usha says Babe( here Babe comes to Surjeet and slaps him, she says have you gone mad? how can you do this with your family, Sujeet says what family you are talking about? you are our sister but raised us like mother thats why we call you babe, this Manohar didnt even think about you when he cheated us, have you forgotten all that? Babe says i have not forgotten anything, she comes to Manohar and says you are my favorite brother and you cheated me? she says to Surjeet that there will no difference between him and us if we do same like him, nobody will go from here, we all will live here like a family. PRECAP- Kunj is standing at his room’s door, Usha ask Kunj if Twinkle has woken up? he says yes, she ask if he is lying? he says no, she says i have to give her Sargi, Kunj says give it to me, i will give it to her, Usha says no mother in law makes daughter in law eat sargi with her hands, let me go in room.

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