Jamai Raja 5th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Nov 6, 2015

Jamai Raja 5th November 2014 Written Episode Update (By Arjunmaddy)

Jamai Raja 5th November 2014 Written Episode Update Jamai Raja 5th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update The episode starts with DD slapping Kesar for his mistake and asks him to gift wrap necklace and deliver to client himself. She then walks out with Sid, Roshni and Naani for the NGO function. Resham scolds Pratima for getting her husband slapped by DD and asks her not to call her jethani. DD reaches Sid’s chawl for NGO function and is surprised to see Simran inviting them. NGO ladies praise DD that she is so generous that she got middle class samdhi’s. Sid introduces himself and his mom to ladies and asks DD to get in, else people will talk bad about her. She gets annoyed, but agrees. Sid suggests Roshni to perform pooja with his parents. He goes and asks Simran if she planned all thi. She asks if he thinks only his MIL has brain, then he is wrong. He happily twists her cheeks. Roshni goes and stands between Raj and Simran. Ladies talk that Roshni likes her in-laws more than her mother. Sid says Roshni will perform pooja with his parents and he will perform pooja with his MIL. Simran thanks god that her both children are with her during laxmi pooja. They all happily perform pooja. Naani prays god that Sid is performing aarti with DD and they should unite soon. Also Check ‘New Spoilers Hangouts’ Simran asks Sid in the morning what he needs at breakfast. He asks why is she asking him when she knows very well. She says he is still a kid for her and wants to know what he wants. Raj and Roshni come out from kitchen and say they will prepare breakast and asks Simran to rest. Sid makes her sit on sofa forcefully and says her yesterday’s idea was superb, DD did not realize at all that she is being tricked and could not talk in front of media at all. Sid sees Simran feeding Roshni and complains that she is not feeding him. Roshni says mom loves me more than you and asks him to have food from Dad’s hand. Sid tastes food and says it is very tasty. Dad asks mom how is it. She says it is the best food she had in life and starts coughing. Roshni goes in to get water. Dad says Sid that he is going to London on a business trip and wants him to look after business in his absense. Sid asks how can he as he has to be at DD’s showroom. He says he knows but there is no other go. Roshni brings water and says she will stay with her. Simran says she is fine and asks Sid and Roshni to leave. They both agree and leave. Simran says Raj that she likes being with kids and hopes that they inform everything to Roshni and they both stay with her. Kesar comes to DD’s cabin and asks her why did she call him. She asks him to add 1000 rs in bowl. He says diwali is already over, then why is she asking diwali charity. She asks if she looks like asking charity and says it is for his mistake and says whenever he will make mistake, he will have to add 1000 rs in bowl. She sees Sid trying to walk out of office with laptop and asks him where is he going before office hours finish. He says he is going to factory to check orders. she says jewelry will be ready by tomorrow. He says he got a call from factorya dn has to go. She permits but says Kesar that he is lying. Precap: Sid’s enemy reminisces Sid insulting him earlier. He comes to DD’s home as Mona’s son-in-law.

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