| Written Update | 2nd Nov, 2015

Nov 3, 2015

| Written Update | 2nd Nov, 2015 (By Nanak)

Scene 1

Leela says to Raman that this cant happen, my Twinkle cant suffer like this, i have built such a big empire, all this business is for Twinkle only, my money is not worth it if it doesnt help Twinkle, i will sell my shares and will pay Manohar’s loan, Raman says you are right, this is all for Twinkle and if her in laws have problem then its our right to help her, Pinni says one minute, she says to Leela that what are you saying? you want to sell share for Twinkle? but let me remind you that your and Twinkle’s relation is broken, you said that you want to make Twinkle so much strong that she will solver her problems herself, Pinni says that you are just thinking about her and what about us? i will leave this house with mu daughter rightnow, Raman ask Pinni to shut up, he is about to slap her but Leela stops him, Leela says i got blind in Twinkle’s love and i didnt think that you are part of my family too and if Pinni is not liking anything then we cant do it, she is part of our family too, she says to Raman that i didnt like you raising hand on her, Leela leaves, Raman says its better to not have wife than have one like you, he stares Pinni and leaves.

Twinkle and Kunj are sitting in room, both are recalling what happened with businessman, Kunj comes to take pillow, Twinkle says you can sleep on sofa, Kunj says thank God finally Princess Twinkle allowed me to sleep in my room only, Twinkle says its raining weather outside, if you sleep in balcony then i will have to serve you when you will be ill, Kunj says don show this fake concern, Twinkle says i will get flu too, Kunj says thank you for fake concern, Twinkle says dont bring ego in everything, you will get some peaceful sleep here, there was so much drama in house today, Kunj says dont know if this is last day in our house, i just hope we dont have to leave this house, he goes to sleep on sofa.

Anita is celebrating, she says i am so happy, Leela always wanted to marry her daughter in rich family but her in laws turned out be beggars, i am so happy, she says to Yuvi that we didnt have to do anything, Leela destroyed her daughter’s life herself, Yuvi says this is just start, Twinkle rejected me for that Kunj now i will make her life so much miserable that any girl will think many times before loving anyone, now you will see how i bring storm in her life, Anita says this is going to be fun.

Leela is recalling all the tensions, she says my daughter is in so many problems and i am not able to help her, she cries and ask God to show her way, Raman comes and sit in her feet, he folds his hands and says i am sorry, whatever happened today shouldnt have happened today, you are crying because of Pinni, i have become person who separate themselves from their family, i am not able to help you or Twinkle because of Pinni, Leela says it was my decision to not help Twinkle, you should not blame Pinni, she is mother too and she is worried for her daughter, leave everything on God, lets see what turn Kunj and Twinkle’s life take.

Scene 2

Kunj wakes up and doesnt find Twinkle, he says strange that she woke up early morning? he starts walking and is about to fall because of Twinkle’s bag, he says she is not in room but have setup eveything to irritate me, he lies on bed and i missed it so much, he finds Twinkle’s picture and says she looks so innocent but she is a big problem, he thinks where she must be? but then say that i have my bed but i am thinking about her and not sleeping.

Usha comes to Manohar and ask how all this happened so sudden? if this is related to that case? Manohar says how dare you ask question from me? you should not think anything, Usha says Guruji said that Twinkle is lucky for us but from the time she has come, everything is going wrong, maybe this time Guruji’s prediction was wrong, this is girl has only brought problems in this house, Manohar thinks about it,

Kunj is finding Twinkle is house, he finds Manohar talking to businessmen, he ask them to give him sometime but they hang up call, kunj comes to Manohar and says our accounts are sealed, Manohar says so why are you telling me? he leaves, Usha says to Kunj that Twinkle must be sleeping till now, Kunj says no, i have not seen Twinkle since morning, Usha says i didnt see her too, Kunj says Nikki doesnt know about her too, Usha says i feel that she has left house, she must have realized that she cant live here with us, she is used to luxuries, she has lived life of princess and she cant get it here now so she left, Kunj says i know she is childish but she is not the one who will runaway from problems, Usha says why you are taking her side? she saw our problems and ranaway, if you dont believe me then we should go to her mother’s home, she has not respect for this marriage and for her in laws, Kunj says i am sure that she has not gone to her house, Usha says so much faith you have in person who has become your wife 2 days earlier only? Kunj says yes i do have faith in her and if you want to go to her mother’s home then i will take you, they leave.

Usha, Manohar and Kunj comes to Leela’s home and calls for Twinkle, Leela comes and ask why are you calling Twinkle? Usha says i know Twinkle have come here, Leela says what? why will she come here? Usha says she is used to luxuries when she got to know that we dont have any of this then she would have come here, she is modern and have no respect for any relation, she must have thought that we cant give her luxury life so she came here thinking that her mother will find another groom for her, Leela says enough.

PRECAP- Kunj says to Usha that i told you Twinkle has not come here, not thing is that if Twinkle is not at our and not here then where she must be? Usha says maybe she has runaway with Yuvi, all are shocked.

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