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Feb 6, 2017

LOVE-A BOON OF LIFE (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 77 times)

Thanks to all those for encouraging me.


It was afternoon everyone left kushi alone to rest. but she kept on recalling today's incident. her mind registered everything but yet didn't believed. afterall it is not a small thing she forget. but nothing came into her mind.

she was lying , suddenly one chirpy sounds reached her ears.

" choti maa......" called kavya running towards her.

Kushi thought ' who is this now....? '

" you wokeup choti maa...." said kavya

kushi didn't know what to answer , so she just smiled looking her. until then Arnav came to her rescue

" arey......pari...what are u doing here....? go get fresh up and have ur milk shake..... go " said Arnav lovingly.

Kavya gave a big smile and went obeying her chote papa.

Arnav smiled looking her vanishing figure and turned towards kushi and said " she is our niece Kavya. she is so attached to u , that's why she came running to u "

" oh...." she said and thought for sometime and asked " Arnav ji..... woh......"

" its 'Arnav ' for u kushi ......" said Arnav .

" Arnav......I want to ask something...." said kushi and he was ready for her every question and ordered everyone of his family member to say the same. He nodded his head asking her to proceed.

"How all this happened.....? how come I forget everything......? "

" Kushi , its 2 months before , when u were 9 month pregnant with our babies. while walking in stairs , u suddenly had pain and fell down hitting ur head badly. and from that day u r in coma and u woke up today.any other doubt ? " he asked.

" for now its enough. I'll ask u later about other things " said kushi.

" ji. humesha bandha aapki seva mein haazir hoon " ( Ok. iam always there at ur service ) said Arnav bowing his head in front of her and kushi smiled seeing him.

Arnav thought ' enough is enough kushi. I was away from u so no more. I won't let any past devil near u. and purvi is a chapter that is to be away from ur book . and also I don't know how will u take it now. and there is no need to know about that......'

" Ok kushi u take rest...." said Arnav and looked at her only to find big tears in her eyes.he went near her and asked " what happened kushi.....? "

" it would be nice , if that accident didn't happened. I would have remembered everything. you, babies, this family everything. but ......" she said innocently.

Arnav didn't know what to say. he just stood confused , meera came there shouting her sister's name " jiji "

Meera shouted so much that Arnav had to close his ears. " oh ho darling....ur jiji is here. she haven't ran somewhere that u r shouting like this. "

" jiju , u r teasing me always....I just called her " said meera whining.

" unbelievable..... because of ur shout my ears got teared and u r saying u just called her. I pity my brother..." said Arnav.

"jiju....jiji see him always teasing me" she said complaining to her sister.

" I said the truth. mera bhai tho gaya " said Arnav again.

" agar ithna hi parva hei apne bhai ki , toh aap rakh lijiye apne bhai ko brahmachari. mein nah karoongi aap ki bhai she Saadi " ( if u worries so much for ur brother. keep him as a bachelor. I won't marry your brother ) said meera.

" what ......? meera ki shaadi " said kushi shocking.

" meera is going to get married to my brother kushi. u also love him very much like ur son " said Arnav wishing that kushi shouldn't oppose the marriage

" so much happened in this three years " said kushi without saying other things.

Feb 19, 2017

LOVE-A BOON OF LIFE...! (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 86 times)

thanks for the comments and thanks you guys gave me......!


It was next day

Our kushi maharani is fed up of taking rest . she needs someone to talk with her now. and the only person she know is her little sister and went out in search of her. and once she was out she was astonished seeing the big house. she also has a own house in newyork but that was not so much big like this. this is the first time she is coming out of the room after she got conscious.

' where is this darling....? where will I search her in this house .......? ' she thought. and she saw down to find that her dadi is speaking with vasu dadi. she went down and greeted her dadi.

" Gud morning dadi " she said.

" Gud morning bitiya . come and sit " said dadi and she sat down and dadi's again got into conversation. she heared them fixing a auspicious day for roka of meera and prem.

kushi looked ahead to find meera happily speaking with rekha , mansi and avanthi. kushi is contented to see meera happy.

everyone came near kushi with their morning tea and snacks. mansi gave everyone their tea and settled beside them speaking with them.

Devki dadi told everyone that they both fixed prem and meera's roka and started discussing their plans for roka. hearing all this kushi was thinking about Arnav and her marriage . ' I would have also celebrated all this ceremony at my marriage na ' she thought . little did she know how their marriage happened.

slowly she went to her room and sat in the poolside recliner and started thinking about their marriage. exactly at the same time Arnav came in with his babies from the near room to the poolside.

Arnav saw kushi was thinking something deeply. he moved the baby troll near her and sat on the recliner near her. but still she didn't acknowledged him. he called her " mamma....."

she looked at him weird and he said " its not me. your son is calling you...." kushi smiled and looked at her son and said " dear baby....what u want.....? " lifting her baby.

Arnav lifting suhana in his hands he said " your son is asking..... mamma when iam here , what are you thinking rather than concentrating on me...."

" Arnav I want to ask u something " said kushi. Arnav said " of course u can ask me anything "

" Arnav down everyone Is discussing about prem and meera's roka. so...." hesitated kushi.

Arnav thinking it in other way " kushi, are u not Ok with this marriage.....? "

" I don't know anything Arnav . I don't know how was my life with u all. but I saw meera is Ok with all this. if she is Ok then what is there for me to oppose......? but I want to ask you other thing " said kushi and Arnav just nodded

" Arnav I want to know , where we both met first, how was our first meeting....? " asked kushi curiously.

Arnav reminded their first meeting and how they all thought her upside down and started to laugh. kushi looked at him flabbergasted " what is so funny about our first meeting.....?"

" u know when we met first our whole family thought that u are a ghavar " said Arnav laughing and kushi looked at him shocked and said " what....? iam a doctor.."

" yes u are. but our first meet is so unforgettable. u was in full village getup and u know ( laughing loud ) we all thought that ur name is ' thithaliya ' because ur dadi introduced u to us so....u was also looking so...." said Arnav and kushi pouted cutely ' their first meeting was not so impressive. dadi damaged me totally ' she thought.

" Ok . leave it . tell me about our marriage....." she asked thinking atleast that would be hearable but....

Arnav again laughed " u know our marriage also happened the same day of our first meet "

" how is it possible.....? we would have met at our marriage ceremony. hein na...." asked kushi.

" no kushi......" said Arnav and explained the whole scene till their marriage of course omitting the purvi's part.

hearing this she was so disapponted and said " matlab humari shaadi mein yaadh rakhne ke koi baath nahi. and how can our marriage happen like this. such a filmy one "

" why are u so disappointed....? our marriage is such a different marriage that others will remember it for years. but haan, I can say u that our reception happened so grandly. if u want u can see that. it is in our laptop......."

she got excited atleast there is something excited about their marriage. she want to see that.

arnav placed suhana in her troll and went and took his laptop and gave to her and asked her to open and see and he started to give massage to his kids with oil.

and as she opened the laptop she was impressed . there screen had Arnav and kushi's photo seeing each other. and must say it was looking so cute and kushi can see herself being little chubby. " Arnav password....."

"oops....sry ....its ' happyocean ' full caps " said Arnav

" ajeeb password Hai....." said kushi already typing it. " excuse is not ajeeb.... do u know how much I thought about it. its just the meaning of our name " said Arnav defending his knowledge.


" yes. kushi means ' happy ' and Arnav means 'ocean ' . so its ' happy ocean' " he ranted like a baby giving his oral test to his teacher.

shaking her head she opened the laptop and rather than seeing videos she opted to see photos and started seeing them. actually inside she was happy that his laptop password is her name.

but little did they know that their convo is heared by meera and prem who came to their room to have a discuss about their roka dress. but they heared half of the convo that is till kushi's disappointment.

they both were so upset that they failed to make their sibblings marriage such a unforgettable one. they went and shared their disappointment with everyone. all others also thought that they should have realized Arnav and kushi would have thought something about their marriage and as a family they should have made their marriage a beautiful one. but.......

both the dadi's looked at each other at the sametime. " vasu kya thum bhi, wohi sochat ho , Jo hamare dimaag mein chal raha Hai...? " ( vasu are u thinking the same as me...? )

" devu thumhare dimaag mein jo chal raha Hai , woh humare dimaag mein dhodna shuru kar dhiya "( devu the matter going in ur mind is started to run in my mind ) " said dadi and both they shared a naughty smile.

" what is going and running in both of ur mind .....? " asked dasrath. and all others also looked at them curiously.

" humare ARNAV aur KUSHI ki shadhi" said dadis chorusly and others asked " what....."

" yes ASR and KSR's wedding....dhobaraa....." said dadi which bought a smile in every others face.


Jun 15, 2017

LOVE-A BOON OF LIFE.......! (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 80 times)

hlo guys....! how are u all.....? its very long time I am active at this site. I just hope that few of u remember me and my story..


Arnav and Kushi was urgently asked by the other family members to be present at downstairs. so leaving both his son and daughter safe in their cradle they went away.

once down all seemed to wait for them. dadi started speaking " chote kushi bitiya , whatever happened in the past some days was not so appreciable and whatever happened with Kushi beta was not at all gud. so we all thought something for u both. "

" what dadi....? " asked Arnav. he don't want any past evil to haunt them again. now his dadi's words can create a doubt in her mind which he don't want to happen now.

" we all thought to get u both remarried chote. along with Prem and Meera. " said Dasrath.

" ahhh........." just looked Arnav at his father blinking. ' did he heared it right....? ' he thought.

" s bitwa. we all thought to get u both remarried with all the rituals properly unlike the last time " said Rekha happily.

" why........? I mean what is the need of that...? we both are already married. again why.......? asked Arnav unsure about her decision.

sighing Dasrath said " chote we all know what is Arnav and Kushi's love and how was their life.....? except one person......Kushi " he said eyeing at her" do u think she' ll be able to live in this dilemma her whole life. she should accept that u are her husband and we are her family by her heart. not just because everyone is saying. and think about ur son and daughter......don't u want her to accept them and they should get her love without any doubt. and the only way is this....." said Dasrath as convincing as he could.

' His father is very correct. but what about kushi.......? ' thought Arnav and glanced at kushi whose eyes are looking down in guilt for forgetting everything. and that didn't go well with him.

" now what is ur answer.....? take ur own time chote...." said Dasrath.

" u know what my answer will be.....! " said Arnav. Dasrath smiled a little looking at his son and turned towards kushi and asked " what do u say bitiya.......? " he asked her who in return looked at him like school going kid who forget the answer for her teacher's question.

Meera thought something and dragged kushi with her saying " give me five minutes papa "

once inside the room " what happened Jiji.....? what's going in ur mind...? " asked Meera.

" I don't know anything , what to say.....? he also didn't said anything.....! " said kushi with glistening eyes.

" Jiji do u have any idea how much jiju loves u. for him u comes first, nothing else. your wish is his action.....and u r everything for him. and do u know why he loves u this much......? ( kushi just heared her every words sinking them in her mind looking her with her glistened hazel eyes) because u never left a chance to stand beside him and love him. his love is just the reflection of ur love. like papa said ' how long will u live with this confusion. by this marriage, u can at least believe that he is urs. this is the only way to come out of ur confusion. just give a chance to ur heart , believe me u will be happy. just be calm and think. " said Meera and went out giving her space.

Kushi just looked at her sister ' is she the same girl , who knows only to be childish.....definitely NO... she never knew that her sister can be this much mature. her words indeed sank in her mind and had a great impact .' getting a clear answer she went out.

On the other side Arnav was getting restless thinking about kushi's answer. ' will he hesitate to marry her even it is thousand th time.... No , he will be a happy dulha to marry his Kushi again. just waiting for her answer. ' his and kushi's love story is different indeed.

once out kushi said " Yes.....iam OK with the marriage " she didn't even finished Meera and Mansi jumped over her hugging her and Prem Hrudhai and sundeep jumped over Arnav. everyone got so happy. Arnav and kushi just had a small eyelock and could see happiness in each other's eyes.

After sometime in kids room kushi was playing with her nieces and twins , thinking about Arnav's face while she said OK for the marriage. he was so happy. and she just smiled thinking that. Arnav entered the room.

he asked " kushi are u OK with this marriage ......? "

" Toral baby and shreya baby, I think ur uncle didn't heared my answer down. I said OK for the marriage yashu , ask ur papa suhana " she said looking at all the kids who in return looked at her innocently.

Arnav smiled widely and asked " how....?"

" I had no reason to say NO....."

" why ........? "

" because my heart believe u "

May it was a small word for her, but for him it was like......... like......oh damm.....he didn't find a appropriate word to say his feeling. because believing a person who u didnt knew is very hard. ' did kushi ever left a chance to prove him wrong for this thinking , No ......this women belived him blindly before and now. his wife is a gift of god to him'. out of emotions he hugged her tight and said " tell ur heart that , I won't deceive it, sweety......" and went from there. " sweety........" she mumbled looking at his retreating figure and smiled fondly.

it was night. kushi went to Arnav's room ( kushi had decided to stay in separate room till their marriage for which he agreed sulking. ) and saw him doing some thing in his laptop. thinking him doing some work, she turned to go only to stop by his call.

" kushi iam going to speak with Aryan and Mithra. would u like to join......?"

' oh my god......! how come she forget her buddies back at Newyork. ' she sat there with him eagerly.

He went online and it got connected with Aryan immediately. ( they three know everything happened in India. except kushi's coming to conscious )

" Hi....Aryan.....! "

" Hi Arnav.....? how are u....? and what is kushi's condition......? "

" iam gud Aryan... and kushi is doing well. how is Ayan , mithu and aru "

" hi jiju......! we are fine. how is dhi....? "

" fine aru, well someone here is very interested talking with u.....would u like to proceed.....? "

" who.....? "

" look by yourself....." he said and sat near kushi getting her inside the frame. and the other three stilled for a moment not believing their vision.

" kush\ kushi\ dhi " came three voices at same time.

" yes , our kushi is back....." said Arnav showing his teeth as much as he can.

Arjun and Mithra start crying seeing her. on seeing which kushi said " isn't one Niagara enough for Newyork , that now u both bro and sis is hell bent to create careful otherwise u guys need a boat to float over your salt sea "

Mithra and Arjun's jaw touched the ground. while Aryan and Arnav chuckled.

And there started their longlasting conversation which continued for long teasing each other.

" OK guys. u guys are ordered to pack all ur bags and book a ticket for India ASAP " said Arnav in full attitude.

" may we get enlighten why we are getting ordered so.....? " asked Arjun.

" because its ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA and KUSHI SHESHNATH GUPTA's wedding , exclusively for second time. and this time I don't want kushi and meera to miss u guys in their marriage. so just come here ASAP......." completed Arnav giving a sweet surprising shock to other three.

they three got excited and readily accepted the order given by ARNAV THE GREAT. ofcourse without knowledge of the actual reason.


Jul 3, 2017

LOVE-A BOON OF LIFE....! (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 54 times)

hi guys....! thanks for the comments and thanku's guys.

UPDATE 62 -:

Its been three days , the family announced their wedding. slowly one by one , the preparation have started. everyone in the house is so much in happy mode.

It was night

It was night , Arnav returned to his room fully drained and saw that his beautiful wife with his lovely twins were playing together.

He smiled faintly thinking their fate. exhaling deeply he just went inside and kept his belongings on the side table.

" hi kushi....."

" hi Arnav....returned from office.....? " she asked looking him and he just nodded his head.

"I'll just fresh up and come " he said and vanished into his washroom to have a shower.

After he finished he came out and saw that his babies are already slept and his wife is looking them adorably.

He looked the time. its quite late. he said "'s getting late , I think u should go and sleep now "

She just nodded looking him. she turned to leave but stopped and turned " Arnav can I take babies with me to my room ? "

'what an irony....?' thought Arnav. " no kushi let them be here " said Arnav.

" why.....? can't I take them with me.....? " she asked sadly.

" yes , u can't...... Because they r so small and will wakeup at anytime. just now u are out from coma and u need rest as much as u can. if u took them with u , u won't sleep taking care of them whole night. now just take rest and once u get healthy no one is going to stop u " said Arnav and pecked her forehead affectionately.

" OK " said Kushi smiling to him.

Once she gone Arnav took his kids and placed them in their cradle and lied on his side of bed. he just don't know how to react now. whether to be happy or to be sad.

Happy because HIS WIFE agreed to marry him , or sad because she forget everything . He just kept on thinking. ' how much he was happy with her in his small world. whenever he used to come drained from office, he just go to his Kushi and would just hug her and stay in her embrace for a while. how she will hover around him giving him coffee pushing him to take bath , how she will make him lye on her lap and ruffle his thick hair just like a mom. How much she took care of him....? he misses all those moments. their romance , care , nok-jhok , pampering ,and whatnot of each other. he has became an addict to her love. ' He turned around and found loads of photos filled in the wall.

" kithni baathein yaad aathi hei.....

thaswiren se ban jaathein hei....

Mein kaise inhe bhooloon....

dhil ko kya samjaaon......"

' she is in front of him. always around him. and in his reach but still there is a lot of distance in between them. '

" kyoon poori ho na payi dastan....

kaisi ayi hei aise dhooriyan....."

A lone tear escaped from his eyes thinking about his fate.

" thumse aaj yun milke dil ko yaad aya hei lamhein kal ke.....

yei aansoon kyun hei chalke..

koi kya kahein...."

His heart knew that this is not going to remain forever. History will repeat and kushi is gonna love him for sure. his heart pains thinking that NOW , he have to live with his wife in a same home but as a stranger. His heart yearns to feel that love of hers and pampering of hers. Being away from her like this rips him more than the time he spent thinking that he lost her. now also she was asking for a permission to take her own kids. if it was other time she would have been in the same room cuddling him. but much he tried to avoid this thoughts but humans are greedy. he is greedy for his wife's love.

But his mind remained him " Arnav, this is just for some days. just be content that she is safe and sound infront of u. don't forget that at what situation u brought her back from that hell " exhaling defeated he just ranted to his heart that everything will b all right soon and closed his eyes for a sleep which was far away from him.

On the other side an aware about Arnav's havoc kushi was in her " la" she just blushed thinking about Arnav 's peck which was really unexpected for her. ' silly girl '

From the time she said yes to the marriage , she is just thinking about Arnav. Blushing about thinking his hugs , him calling her as 'sweety...' and sometime before his peck , which this idiot should have done two years before.

' he would have kissed me before also right.....?' she questioned to herself and again that silly girl started blushing like a mad. Sometime she feel nervous thinking about all this . May be this is what every girl feels at their prewedding time.

she remembered how she got sad when he opposed to take the kids and when she heared the reason , she really got happy thinking how much he care for her and her health.

little did this " bhulakkad " know how much he is controlling himself. hearing his one sentence she got this much happy. when she got to know , upto which extent Arnav can go for her , this girl is surely gonna have a ride in a chocolaty land like a kid in those chocolate adds. finally she started to develope feelings for HER HUSBAND , who is gonna be her husband again soon.

Even DM got confused and started scratching her head thinking on which purpose such a situation was created in their life. one is sad and other is behaving like a mad......


Aug 6, 2017

LOVE-A BOON OF LIFE..... (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 43 times)

hlo everyone. iam still alive and hope that all of u remember me. thanks for the thanks and comments for the previous update.

UPDATE 62 -:

It was one fine day. Ladies are resting in their respective room while men in office after their lunch.

Kushi is in her room. Her babies are sleeping peacefully. Meera went to college due to her final exams. Kushi was feeling hell bored. She didn't knew what to do.

Her Eyes went to the laptop lying lifelessly on the table. 'let's see some movie ' she thought and went to wardrobe to see some CD collection. See was going through the CDs when one got her attention. It was written " HAPPYOCEAN " . ' happyocean means Arnav and Kushi ' this means none knows his lap password other than them both. interesting ' thought kushi and taking the CD she went to babies room.

She started the CD and it started playing.

'She stole my heart ' played a music which is unknown to her ( guys if u are south , u know the song is from singham movie . short version ) . once Arnav heared it and that music and lines grabbed his attention.

First appeared a photo where Arnav is hugging her from behind and both the faces adorned with a cute smile . something stirred inside her stomach hearing the music and seeing the picture. she quickly grabbed headphones so that no one will hear.

Many pictures of them followed which was only between them. kushi's cheek was adorning a beautiful pink shade seeing their private pictures.

Their first date when kushi was three month pregnant was also there. He had secretly shot that to surprise her. her eyes welled up seeing how much he loved her. his confession made her to feel so special.

' how much he loves me ' was the only thing settled in her mind.

next video showed her big baby bump surprising her. she was looking at herself in awe.

The video-

kushi was sitting along with other members of family and Meera was recording that it seems.

Arnav came from downstairs and said " standup Kushi "

" why.....? "

" just standup sweety "

Shaking her head she stood up with the help of Arnav. And he started to take measurement of her and noting down it.

After finishing he was busy texting something while she leaned on his arms and automatically his hand surrounded her with a smile on his face.

" Done " said Arnav.

" shall I sit now....? " she asked cutely and Arnav helped her to sit.

" Arnav......"

" hmm...."

" u should improve ur handwriting "

" excuse me....." he looked at her confused and added " iam not any kindergarten student to write homework " he said.

" u r not. but I don't want our kids to follow ur handwriting. see it is like some files flying here and there. what will our babies say when they see ur handwriting ? they will say ' papa ur handwriting is very bad. haina ' " she said teasing him and all others burst into laugh. and Arnav glared at her.

" seriously kushi only u have the guts to say something to ASR like this " said hrudhai .

" ha.....ha......ha.......very funny. Kushi u should think about urself before pointing me. U know what will our kids say looking u ? they will say ' mamma don't even know to read and write Hindi ....what a irony ...? ' haina. so first u learn Hindi and then I will improve my handwriting. OK sweety. " he said making her eyes go wide and another roar of laugh came. She pouted and keeping her hands under chin she sat grumpy.

" OK OK guys. don't laugh at my wife. OK " he said and hugged her around arms and said. " now don't be angry. My wife is very intelligent and iam sure the kids also will be intelligent like her " he said buttering her and it worked she gave a huge smile to him.

" Laadgoverner " she said smacking him playfully.

" thanks for the compliment " he said giggling and Meera kept the cam and went running to them and hugged them. the three shared a beautiful hug.

" this is not fair bhai. always u will pamper only ur sali. iam always left out. " said Prem complaining.

" oh.... come here " said kushi and they all shared a group hug.

The video ended.

Kushi was running in various emotions after watching all this. and the CD didn't ended. there were many photos of her godhbharai. In which Arnav was making her wear the jewelry. she could see herself angelic.

" Hi.....have u done with the video . if u then , let me say this , all these was secretly collected and edited by me ( Arnav ) . U know what kushi ' I JUST LOVE U TO THE CORE '. Without u there is no ME. I just wish to keep u happy and safe till my end breath. I just wish to see u when I return from the office with ur warm hug and smile. every night sleep watching ur face. every morning wake up in ur arms. daily dropping u in ur hospital having a lovely drive with u. having a cheesy chats with u at the lunch time. I know Iam being greedy , but I can't help when u love me and pamper me just like our to be born babies. Ur LAADGOVERNOR loves his SWEETY very much. love u.... love u.... love u... much. " with his smile the video ended. Tears where flowing from her eyes continuously. in these some days kushi has surely started developing a strong feeling towards HIM. but she never knew that he can love her this much.

She just cursed her memory which vanished all these beautiful memories of her's with him.

She removed the head phone and closed the Laptop just then she heared the door clicking sound and hurriedly wiped her tears and saw that Arnav came inside to have a look on her and his cuties.

One look on her face , he knew she had cried " what happened kushi......? "

" Nothing Arnav " she said plastering a smile on her face.

" u know what....u can't lie to me. so if u want u can share anything with me " he said and that's it her tears started to flow again.

Arnav was panicked and before he realize kushi threw herself in his arms and cried her heart out. Arnav was shocked.

" Iam sorry Arnav " she mumbled against his ears.

Arnav just wrapped his arms around her stroking her hair " why......? "

" I forgot every thing. I made everyone worried and sad " she whimmed.

Arnav stilled , only if she knows how and who was the reason for all this. he Cursed Purvi sinha ,who dared to touch his wife , his kushi. if it was in his hands he would have ripped her skin for making his kushi cry. but alas.....and now there is no use in turning the pages of already end chapter.

He kept on stroking her hair and said "Leave that kushi. u never made anyone worried and whatever happened with us was our destiny. So try to move on " he consoled her.

" are u not sad because of me......? " she asked.

" NO....." he said.

" promise.... "

" pakka wala promise...." he said holding her tight. she just came out of the hug and looked his eyes and again hugged him. while he whispered sweet nothing to her stroking her hair.


Aug 14, 2017

LOVE - A BOON OF LIFE.... (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 64 times)

Hlo people. thanks for thanks and the comments.


Days started to take a toll and arrangement are going on and on for the engagement preparation. Kushi is just rejoicing her newly found family with the help of Meera and Arnav, especially her babies have become a important part in her heart.

Once Arnav took her to the same lake point where they both proposed each other, telling her their love story. Kushi's heart is just filling with joy with every incidents happening these days. Yash and Suhana become apple of eyes for Arshi.

Finally the Engagement day arrived. just one day left. Vasu dadi and Devki dadi is running on their toes ordering everyone forgetting their age making the youngster's in awe. Devki dadi without knowing anything invited kushi's nani to the engagement. and she as if wiping the dust wiped all the insults she faced and landed there much to kushi's irritation. others didn't bother much as they didn't know her deeds fully.

She stayed in Raizada mansion itself. It was afternoon Kushi was busy in her la la land dreaming about Arnav and her life in future. Nani came there.

" how are u kushi bitiya ? " Asked Nani with a honey coated voice.

Kushi just looked at her with blank expression. " Very gud " she said. her voice is cold.

Nani's eyes travelled to the little bundles lying there throwing their leg and instantly she took yash in her embrace and cooed him. But who's son is he ? he started wailing as much as he cud , screaming his displeasure with the touch of this women.

Kushi ran towards them and tuk him in her embrace and kept him close to his heart. and kushi said " STAY AWAY FROM MY SON "

Nani got anger and went away huffing. She in irritation went down and bumped against Devki dadi. " sambhalke sumitra ji"

Nani in irritation said " tell me one thing Devki ji. did u ppl called me here to insult me again ? "

" wt r u saying sumitra ji? who will insult u ? "

" ur granddaughter. must say , u gave her nice upbringing that she is insulting her own Nani "

" zaban shambhalke sumitra ji. I won't here anything against them " she openly warned.

" this is only left for me. first that girl went and married some unknown guy, secondly she insulted me saying to go away and now she is forbidding me to touch HER SON. as if she is not enough that Meera too is now getting married at the same home. U guys didn't even informed me before. u all decided and just informed me lastly. it is my goodness that I forget evrythng and came hr to attend d wedding" she bursted panting and hearing all her talk all came thr. its just she hold the tag of kushi's Nani they all tolerating her. otherwise......

" what's going on. why r u shouting ? dare u speak abt Jiji and jiju like this. then u will face the worst of me ? warned Meera.

Nani said " why ? u know that if ur Jiji is in this situation then it is because of ur jiju and this family. Its because of ur jiju's laila ur Jiji had accident and frgt everything "

All looked at her shocked. ' how come she know this ? '. seeing their shocked faces she added " now wht happened ? why r u not mocking ? ur jiju didn't control himself before marriage and enjoyed with that purvi and then left her marrying your Jiji. due to the betrayal she got she kidnapped ur Jiji and tortured her leading her to this situation "

" Enough " roared Arnav. " don't make me do something I regret later. behave urself. and dare u speak all this infront of my wife then none will be worst then me. you better...." he didn't even completed,hearing a loud thud he turned to find HIS WIFE standing there shocked.

None expected this. " kushi " whispered Arnav. but she ran away from thr and locked herself inside and stumbled on the floor crying.

Arnav came there and banged the door shouting her name " kushi open the door . let me explain kushi " said Arnav with tears flowing from his eyes.

" LEAVE ME ALONE " he heared her shouting.

" No kushi just..."

" I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE ARNAV " she shouted again.

Feeling defeated he went downstairs and saw his family standing thr. he said " leave her alone " and went away starting his vehicle.

On the otherside kushi cried and cried " U hurted me Arnav. how could u ? I thought u love me but...."

After sometime kushi opened the door and ran towards Arnav's room but found the room empty. she ran downstairs and asked " where is Arnav ? "

" we don't know Jiji. he went out " said Meera.

Kushi thought something and " Prem come with me " and ran out followed by Prem.

Soon they sat on the vehicle and kushi guided him and when she reached the lonely road " stop Prem " and got down.

" but bhabhi.where r u going ? "

" I will return with Arnav. don't worry and go back " said kushi but he was reluctant to leave her but after a lot of assurance he went.

she ran towards the spot and found him there sitting near his car. she went towards him and sensing someone Arnav looked up only to find Kushi there . he didn't know how to face her. kushi wiped her tears and asked " I want an explation Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada " Arnav was stunned. never for once in this two years kushi has addressed him like this.

Words failed him. his mouth refused to open infront of her. he knew Kushi don't bare any lies like this. especially from him.

Arnav with stammer start to tell everything that happened right from the first day of marriage till the hospital chaos of the day he found her. Kushi was just shocked hearing all that. her head started spinning. she was about to fall but Arnav held her protectively.

" Iam sry kushi. I do hide it wantely. but kushi its just because that , I don't want any bitter part of our life to come infront of you. U were just out of coma then. that's why kushi. believe me Purvi doesn't hold any place in my life. its only YOU and I LOVE ONLY YOU " he said looking her eyes and hugged her crying " don't leave me kushi. I will die without u "

Kushi just cameout of the hug and looked at him " I TRUST U " she said cupping his face.

His tears just increased more and again pulled her in his embrace. kushi also wrapped her arms around him and started speaking " you should have said me all this before Arnav. then today that woman ( Nani ) wouldn't have raised her finger against u and ur love. I may not know u fully. but u know me right. do u think I will decide something without knowing it ( he nodded No) u should have trust me and tell me everything. then we wouldn't have faced a situation like this. TRUST is very important in our relation. Promise me that from now on u won't hide anything from me. no matter what u will share everything with me whatever the problem is. promise me that u will trust me enough to share everything. we will talk and solve any problem" she said caressing his hair like a baby.

"I promise" he said making his hold tight on her

he asked " how come u manage to trust me with u kushi? " he asked cupping her cheek.

" it's just I trust myself. Iam not a fool to waste my two years of life with a man who never loved me " said Kushi and he chuckled.

" Arnav its just, my heart refuse to believe that u can love someone other than me. I have sensed ur love towards me. I know u can never betray me. if u would have, I wouldn't be with u right now. I have this much knowledge about people. and one more thing , u r the only person who knows abt my childhood which none knows. Not even Meera and Mithra. it screams the trust I held towards u before all this chaos. ( smacking his arms ) but this is the first and last warning. next time I will not forgive u so easily if u hide something" she said playfully.

" I will never do anything that hurts u " he said in a genuine tone.

" shall we go.evryone must be worried " she said but Arnav nodded a NO and hugged her again"let's stay here smtym"

She smiled wrapping him in her safe cocoon. " I LOVE U ARNAV " she said making him stilled. he looked at her shocked inreturn earning a smile from her.indeed this is his LUCKY PLACE.

Aug 15, 2017

LOVE - A BOON OF LIFE..... (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 63 times)

Hi guys. thanks for the comments and thanku. this is just a short update. just three or four updates more. this journey is going to end. till then be with me.

UPDATE 64 -:

Arnav just drove his car happily forgetting his previous worry. seems like his sad part has flew away very far. Kushi just leaned on his shoulder holding his hands. she can't let this man go away from her lyf , that too hearing that woman's allegation. she is not that much dump.

They both reached home only to find that Nani is all set to go back Lucknow.

" Iam going " said Nani to kushi who looked at her back with blank expression.

" seems like first tym in ur lyf u took right decision " said Kushi and turned away.

Huffing and puffing Nani went back. After she went Devki dadi said " u could atleast stop her titaliya. she is ur grandmother " said dadi while kushi looked at her disbelief.

" Dadi voh aurath meri maa baap ke guroor thoda hei. If I had a soft corner for her then it would be like killing them with my own hands. which I don't want. if u want her in my wedding , u can call her. but I won't be pleased with her presence around me. then its up to u " said kushi and the intense of her voice was saying it all. though none understand anything except Arnav , they didn't want to go against her wish.

Kushi went into the room. Here all asked Arnav " what happened ? is she angry with us ? "

" Relax guys don't u all know what is Kushi? " and his grin is enough for everyone to understand.

Soon everyone dispersed and RM started to get groom up.


All r running here and there. Arnav got ready in his silver sherwani like a Prince. He got a chance to remarry his Kushi again. He wished to enjoy this chance thoroughly.

He just went to kushi's room and locked the door behind. On the other hand Kushi didn't expect his arrival. she got ready in her pink lehenga with simple diamond set adorning her.

" what happened Arnav ? "asked kushi.

" kuch kuch hogaya hei kushi begum. aap kya janoge ( something happened kushi . u never know ) " said Arnav in his ever husky voice making kushi's brow raise.

He took some predatory step towards her and pulled her towards him making her gasp.

" what r u doing Arnav ? leave me " she said trying to comeout from his hold.

He shaked his head as NO and hugged her burying his face in her safe cocoon.

" Arnav someone will come leave me " said kushi. but he is no where to hear.

" let them come. iam hugging my wife. none can say nothing " he said defending himself.

" crction Mr. Raizada , its FIANCÉ , not WIFE. what will u explain now to everyone ?"

" oh yes. I forgot " he said teasing her.

" I will say , I came to discuss about dowry with my fiancé "

" oh Raizada. what u want as dowry "

" Nothing more Daily one hug and kiss with a sweet I LOVE U " he said making her mouth open wide in shock.

" Sry. iam very poor girl I can't afford this much dowry " she said innocently.

" No worries. I will give u dowry from my side " he said winking at her.

" U know what ? I shouldn't have proposed u ? then u would hve been in ur room like a gud boy. " she said.

" OK. leave all that. u know what , u r looking very beautiful today " he said and pecked her forehead.

" Thanks for the compliment, and now like a gud boy go to ur room. " she again warned him making him pout. Arnav said "I won't and others are free to stay away from us " he said with his hands tracing her face. both had a eyelock lost in each other.

Just then a loud cry echoed in the room to see yash is crying. both ran towards him and took him trying to calm him down.

On the other side guest started coming. All were busy inviting the guest and tym for the muharath came. so Hrudhai and avanthi went to pick Prem and Meera while sundeep and Mansi went to pick Arshi. soon the youngsters came down in all glowing.

Elders are just scared that their own eyes don't drop on them and prayed for their happiness.

both the couple exchanged the ring. followed by guests wishing and dance. everyone just hugged the happiness and all the bad time and worries are long left.

Sep 1, 2017

LOVE - A BOON OF LIFE..... (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 62 times)

Thanku people for the comments and thanku's.


Engagement was done and the guests went away wishing the couples. all were sitting and enjoying chatting. Suddenly sundeep said " Guys, I wish to say something "

All got curious and sundeep said " I wish , Kushi aur Meera ki doli mere ghar se ude " smiling.

" If she doesn't have any problem we also don't have any problem " said Dadi smiling.

" what do u say kushi ? " asked Mansi to kushi.

She just nodded her head feeling overwhelmed. she just couldn't understand why this family is so affectionate to her.

Mansi chirped and said " Wow...! So along with Meera , Kushi also stay with us in our home till marriage " she said dropping a Hiroshima over her chote's head.

" NO WAY...KUSHI WILL STAY HERE " said no screamed Arnav.

" No one asked ur permission sale sahab. so pls...." said Sundeep.

" Jiju this is not fair. there is Still 15 days for marriage yaar...." whined Arnav like a kid.

Everyone convinced Arnav and he accepted muttering something to himself. " u Guys are really behaving like villains " and all others giggled seeing him. Everyone moved to their room. Arnav and Kushi were left behind.

Arnav was still sulking. kushi went near him and said " Arnav don't be sad. its just 15 days. "

" Its Fiveteeeeeeen days Kushi. 15* 24 hrs"

" its OK Arnav. and by the way , how will we enjoy getting married staying in a same home. everyone won't get a chance like us. so we should enjoy "

" whatever......I will go and see babies. u go to ur mayka "

He went and smiling she went with Mansi who took her to her NOW MAYKA. Mansi made her to stay in a room in the down floor. she changed her dress and settled herself comfortably. On the other side Arnav was irritated with this new wish of his family. Rekha came and took the babies with her saying ' Dadi and grandchildren time '.

He changed his dress and settled on the bed but sleep was far away from him. He took his phone and started scrolling his gallery and found his childhood pictures there , he smiled looking that. Thinking something he stood from the bed With a Naughty glint.

He silently went out and through garden he sneeked into Mansi's mansion. He opened the window of a room and jumped inside and found his wife sleeping peacefully.

" How pity of u ASR. making me restless this lady , ghode bhejke so rahi hei" he said and silently went near her and waked her up.

Kushi opened her eyes and was about to scream but Arnav closed her mouth " don't scream . its me "

her eyes widened. " U , what r u doing here. and wait a minute how come u know iam in this room "

" simple. because this is the only room that was free . so just I guessed "

" What r u doing here ? "

" Oh yeah....come with me "

" Where ? "

" u only told na, that we should enjoy our marriage time. so we both r going to do adventure " said Arnav.

Kushi was amused by his talk. " go and sleep Arnav "

Arnav pouted and said " I agreed to ur wish na. can't u do this fr me ? "

Sighing she agreed. He smiled brightly and again both jumped out of the window.

" Mind u Raizada , if anyone catch us,u r gonna answer "

" don't worry everyone including our babies slept due to tired. they'll wake tomorrow only. "

Kushi followed him and both like a thief went inside their own house.

" what r we doing here ? "

" why r u shooting ur questions yaar. just follow me silently"

Kushi's eyes widened seeing him climbing.cursing him she too climbed and jumped inside.

" I never thought that ur adventure place is WATERTANK in our TERRACE " said Kushi

"nice na...and don't tell this place to anyone. our privacy will corrupt "

She saw that the tank was big enough for three people to stay comfortably. she found a pile of pillows and asked " don't tell me , we r gonna sleep here "

" Not actually. but we will lye here sometime." he took the pillow and she saw there was laptop and popcorn.

he set the pillows for both and settling themselves comfortably they first decided to watch a movie and Arnav played a movie "CINDERELLA" and after the movie finished they just lyed there.

"Arnav shall I ask u onething ? why there is no water in this tank "

" it is the same from my childhood kushi. it got leakage . we tried to break it but , it will damage other pipelines also , so we left it like this. and I used this as my secret place. "

" oh. U know everything about me. but I don't remember anything about u , tell me about ur college days "

" What to say kushi , that was golden days of my life. every girl of my college used to drool over me. I will get proposal every now and then. " he said and exactly he knew what will be her reaction.

Her nose flared in anger and she asked " and how many girls u accept "

" that's a secret Sweety. I can't say it openly to u. u know......"

" Uuuuuu" she said and started beating him on his chest.

" omg....." he said and held her close to himself.

" u r still the same jungli billi of mine " he said. she looked at him confused and he said " I was just teasing u like always "

" don't do so again " she said and hugged him. she become so comfortable with him. she loves him so much that she is not able to think like that.

" how was iam with u after marriage ? did I fight a lot? I am very short tempered na "asked Kushi.

Smiling to her he caressed her hair and said " S u r very short tempered , but for me u r so sweety. u never forced me for anything. u gave my space in our relationship. u know it was really a wierd way we got married but even at the second day of our marriage , u showed ur believe towards me. I was really surprised then. then I got attracted to u. It was very soon that we proposed. even then we took our own time to accept each other and then we started our marriage life and enjoyed our life now we have two babies. like I said , u never forced me to accept u as my wife and never imposed me to do anything. with me u also accepted my whole family. Everyone just loves u here so much , but haan not more than me."

She smiled hearing him and moved close to him feeling his protective embrace. Arnav said "I love u so much kushi. more than u can estimate "

like this the night went away speaking and Kushi knowing how much Arnav loves her. early morning nearly 4'o clock, before everyone wakeup they vacated their secret place and Arnav left kushi through the same window.

Arnav was about to jump but kushi stopped him and giving him a tight hug she whispered " I love u Arnav " and Arnav with a bright smile went from there to his room and rested for sometime.


Sep 4, 2017

LOVE- A BOON OF LIFE.... (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 57 times)

Hlo guys thanks for the comments and thanku's.


Days were passing like diwali and holi with the wedding preparation. Aryan Mithra and Ayan with Arjun landed in India a week before wedding. This time Arnav denied to design wedding dress and instead chose for shopping , enjoying being groom.

Kushi and Meera shopped for Men , while Arnav and Prem shopped for the women. Sangeeth was a masth affair and next day it was haldi.

Kushi was wearing a white lehenga getting ready in her room and asusual Arnav jumped through the window.

" aayiye aayiye Arnav Singh Raizada , this window is eagerly waiting for u only. because normal people like us always use the door " said Kushi sarcastically making him pout.

" Now don't be angry sweety. hereafter I won't jump in like this. pinky promise " he said pinching his throat like a kid.

Kushi couldn't help but smiled at his cute ness " U know what ? within we get married , u r gonna caught by someone, now tell me why r u here ? "

" aaj humari haldi hei. I can't see u for next 24 hrs till we get married. so just thought to spend sometime with u and don't be unfair yaar. everyone is busy in marriage preparation , u r here and now u took babies also with u , iam so bored alone kushi " said Arnav and pulled her towards him and held her by waist hugging her.

"Arnav u.." she didn't even complete the door shot open and Meera along Mithra and Mansi came in.

Arshi got shock and left kushi and smiled sheepishly looking at the ladies stood before him with open mouth. Kushi got embarrass and glared at Arnav .

" what r u doing here chote ? "

" me...I came here to see Babies " he said so innocently.

" oh...I know which baby u r mentioning (eyeing to kushi) now go out " said Mansi.

"Manu woh...." started Arnav but the girls literally pushed him out of the room and after he went girls started teasing kushi.

Haldi started in Raizada mansion and Mansi's mansion simultaneously. Arnav got so curious about his wedding. even Prem was not feeling the same as him.

Wedding Eve-

Arnav and Prem sat over the horses taking their baraath to the Brides Mayka. "Tenu lekhe mein jaawanga " song from "salam -e- ishq " playing. Dasrath , Rekha along with Hrudhai Avanthi and little Kavya were dancing happily. Everyone's heart was bursting with happiness.

Once reached to Sinha mansion's which is in the same compound just a small garden away the boys got down.

once they reached Sundeep Aryan and Arjun being in brides side gave a warm welcome to groom party. Mansi and Mithra applied tilak and did aarthi to the groom and welcomed them.

Arnav and Prem was sitting in the altar waiting for the Gupta sisters to come down.

Kushi and Meera descended the stairs looking like a divas accompanied with Mansi and Mithra.

Arnav got mesmerized looking at her. she is wearing a white wedding lehenga with green stripes and embroidery along with her diamond jewelry looking angelic. he was again proud at his selection.

On the other side Kushi looked ahead to see her selected white sherwani with white sehera was making him look dashing. and meeting his eyes she blushed , a real jewelry of bride. she went and sat beside him.

" U r so angelic " said Arnav making her lashes to look down and he smiled looking her. Pandit started chanting mantra's for both the couple.

Both the couples stood and exchanged varmala and sat again. Devki dadi did kanya dhaan for both kushi and Meera . The couples stood up and completed the pheras and and sitting in front of the holy fire Arnav and Prem filled the forehead of their respective brides.

Arnav just pulled out the Mangalsutra from the thaal and tied around Kushi's neck. she closed her eyes and tears felled on his hand , he just hold her cheek and nodded NO. she just smiled in return.

Kushi doesn't remember anything but Arnav , seeing her tears while tying mangalsutra got remember of their first meeting , how he threwed the mangalsutra to save some unknown girl and how it made him reach his destiny , to his KUSHI.

Both the couples came downstage for getting elders Blessing. Everyone blessed them four with all their heart.

both the couples stood at the doorstep of RM and did grahapravesh by lifting their brides in their arms. by one all the rituals got over and Kushi and Meera was taken to their room.

Kushi was waiting for Arnav in their room. her eyes fell on the photos on the wall and remembered how she felt scared on the first day after opening her eyes. she giggled thinking that.

After sometime Arnav came inside and Kushi looked at him who is having their babies in his hands.

He went and put the babies in the decorated bed and smiled looking kushi. She also smiled looking him.

He came near her and hugged her " Finally u r mine again. I wanna say something "

Kushi looked at him curious and he said "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY DEAR WIFE " and her eyes opened wide. he giggled at her expression " S this is the day u entered in my life 2 yrs before. this is the same day we got married before two years. this is the same day A BOON showered over me in a form of a girl named KUSHI. after what my life changed totally. I LOVE U "

Kushi hugged him feeling so happy " iam so happy. "

" and iam feeling so ajeeb ( kushi looked him confused ) , I mean this wedding night decoration and U in this appearance. I mean this is so different. we never had such things before."

Kushi laughed " wedding night won't come everyday Raizada. it happens only once "

" so u think something should happen " He said with a naughty glint.

Kushi blushed hearing him. Arnav giggled and hugged her saying " did u had dinner and medicine ( she nodded) gud. we have a appointment tmrw with ur doctor. Go change and sleep." she smiled seeing him understanding. she loves him but she is not ready for all this stuffs. she is still under the treatment.

She changed and came out to see Arnav already changed and now playing with his babies. Kushi also joined them and started playing.

History repeated again. Kushi and Arnav was so much happy in their life. Prem and Meera who started their life as a best friends also fall in love with each other.

Yash and suhana also grew making their parents proud with every act of them. suhana was so chirping and happy going girl while yash inherited his Parents intelligence. he was a protective brother of his sisters and very dear to his Kavya dhi. Yash , suhana , Shreya , Toral and Kavya made a perfect FIVE STAR GANG. Pulling pranks on everyone.

Three years later Kushi again gave a gud news to Raizadas that she is Pregnant. She was so much happy as she is going to feel the pregnancy phase as she didn't remembered anything. Arnav took a gud care of her.

Meera also got pregnant after four years of her marriage.

Kushi delivered a cute baby girl. she underwent C-sec. FIVE STAR GANG was Literally jumping and they already thought a name including new baby and Meera's baby who is yet to born as SEVEN WONDERS. Yash was little possessive of his little sister. his Little heart felt something spl with this tiny sis of him.

After 2 weeks Raizadas named their young princess as SMARA ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA.


All this thoughts ran across Arnav's mind. and He looked at his left to see his wife is sleeping peacefully under the effect of meds. Its One month Smara born.

How much he is happy now with his family. Today is his babies ( yash and suhana ) Bday. He is happy but still he wished this day to get over soon. he still fears this day. They say ' Accidents leave some scar behind even after healing'. Purvi is such a accident that left a Really bad scar in Arnav's soul.

He looked the clock and it strike perfectly at 12'o clock. He left a relaxed breath. " thank god. and I will be relaxed for next one yr " he thought.

" ur LOVE is really A BOON of my LIFE Jaan " he thought hugging her.

THE END........

Sep 11, 2017

Epilogue... (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 56 times)

Prem was running hr and thr outside the labour ward.Meera is inside. Every others are waiting for the new member to come. A nurse came out holding a cute bundle wrapped in a white towel.

"Congrats its a boy " said the nurse and handed it to Prem.He got the baby and joy filled in the surrounding. all of them together entered inside the ward and saw Meera is unconscious. After an hour she opened her eyes and saw everyone waiting.

"oh hello...Manufacturerer is lying here , will u pls give me my production " said Meera and all muttered "unbelievable "

Prem took his baby to her and said " ur mouth won't get tired even now "

" jiju...." she looked at her Knight in a shining armour.

" Prem why r u teasing her. can't u see she is tired " said Arnav.

"but bhai " started Prem but stopped understanding there is no use.

Meera got her son in hr hand. " Jiji , jiju look he is beautiful "

" boys r supposed to be handsome Meera " said Prem and got a glare from Meera.

Arnav got the baby in his hand and looked at him. Prem said " bhai starting from me u only named every newcomer of our family. so do the privilege to my son also "

Arnav smiled " Hmm. I decided a name before some months for my babies for both boy and girl but we had a girl and named her Smara. now when I have a son his name will be ( he eyed at kushi.she came near him ) Thaarak. hum sab Ka aakhon Ka thara "

He saw all others. everyone is so happy with his selected name.kushi hugged him sideways.

He smiled. Everyone have a boon called Love. its just we should accept it and feel it.

THE END.....

Thanku note-

Hlo frnds. Iam really thankful to everyone for each and every person who thanked me and commented. Thanks @ Noordina & lily30 there was not a single update whr thr is no comment of urs. Thanks for ur constant support. @ Blackshimmer @ch @Sc12345 @ch @ Ranisha rambaran @ arshigeet @ nupur @ angelinarshi @ Londoner @ Dilli rani @ jalebi girl @ arshicrazyfan@ kavitha dinesan @ kaur angel @ siruthadevi sitharan @ divya rajan @ lazy doll @ pritiasrfan and many more. sorry I forgot many name I know. But really I remember only these people. And to silent readers also who spend their quality time in reading my words.


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