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Oct 23, 2015

LOVE- A BOON OF LIFE (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 30 times)

Hi guys....! Iam abhi.iam here to tell a story of our ARSHI.... don't know u will like it or not.hope u all like it.I don't know which seen to give as a prologue so iam directly starting my story with the character sketch.......!


ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA-: he the hero of our story is the MD & CEO of AR designs which comes under RAIZADA GRP OF COMPANIES.he is a person who do love & hate with no bound.he is a lovable person to his family and also a tuff nut to crack when it comes to work.

VASUNDRA SINGH RAIZADA -:she is the head of the family.dadi of arnav.she is very lovable person and do anything fr her family's happiness with a calculated step

DASRATH & REKHA SINGH RAIZADA-: father & mother of arnav.FOUNDER & CHAIRPERSON of RAIZADA GRP OF COMPANIES which hold many companies under various field.very lovable persons

HRUDHAI & AVANTHI SINGH RAIZADA-:elder son & DIL of raizada family.he maintains KR construction.has one cute 4 yr old daughterKAVYA, who is the life of raizadas

MANSI & SUNDEEP SINHA-: daughter & SIL of raizada family. She is the pet of the family and everyone Pampers her so much.Mansi & avanthi r close frnds.SUNDEEP runs SINHA AUTOMOBILES.they both live near RM.he is very nice person.

PREM SINGH RAIZADA-: he is cousin of arnav.father & mother died. Dasrath & rekha considers him as their own son & he also love them so much.but very close to his arnav bhai.

There r many characters in this story and they will b introduced soon as the story progress

Hope u all like it...........!

Will update soon.......until then bye guys...!

Oct 23, 2015

MISSION SURPRISE....! (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 30 times)

Hey guys hw r u all...! Hope u all r fyn.bear with my mistakes.hope u all like this goes the story...!


AT AR....

Arnav is striking a deal with his clients in the conference room and his PA giving instructions to his clients abt the work to be done for AR

Suddenly his phn vibrated indicating a call and he went excusing himself "yes mamma"


" I'll b there once the meeting finishes"

Once the meeting finished he started his vehicle and went to his home as he received the order from the high commander of their small raizada empire his PYARI MAA


Everyone is waiting fr arnav to come so that they can start their mission and thinking about various ways to accomplish their mission

" mamma y can't we tell him directly what we had planned for him " asked hrudhai to everyone knowing well abt his chote

" bhai seriously what r u saying and y r u behaving like ur that khadoos chote very boring & unromantic " said Mansi to her bhai while herself thinking about the possible ways to fool the " GREAT ASR"

" arey manu y r u telling like this, he is very sweet u know " said avanthi rescuing her " ladla devar " " and y can't we tell him directly as hrudhai said"

Hearing this Mansi started laughing loud and said " Avi in this whole world only u can say that ur devar is sweet. If his employees hear what u told , they will fr sure think that u r mentally unstable. And coming to tell him directly I know he will b more than happy but I want tk give him a shocking surprise. As chances like this will not get often."said Mansi

" yes bhabhi , I think di is right we want to give her a sweet surprise " said prem and started thinking

Dasrath & rekha lovingly looked their children admiring their love for eachother and left the way of surprising their chotte to them as they know they will do their best for each other.

But two souls were unhappy about the surprise their family discussing, they are DADI & SUNDEEP unknowing to eachother.DADI is unhappy because her experienced eyes observed something wrong and sundeep due to other reason (will be revealed soon)

Suddenly they heard some sound and shocked to see arnav there with confused expression as if he heard & saw the whole scenario.

And the whole RAIZADA CLAN standing there thinking how to handle the situation

To be continued.........

so guys what do u all think the surprise is ?

Why dadi & sundeep is unhappy ?

Will update soon.......

Oct 23, 2015

MISSION CONTINUE'S......! (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 25 times)

Hi guys how r u all...? Hope u all r fyn and enjoying. Thanks fr everyone for reading my story.and comment me if u read the story plz guys.....! Here goes the story


Arnav was standing there with a confused expression in his face & the whole raizada clan standing there thinking how to handle the situation

"Hi chote how r u..? " asked Mansi not knowing what to do at the moment

Arnav sensed something fishy in his sister's convo but don't understand what is it. He thought " what's wrong with her, today afternoon only she saw me during lunch , and now she is asking me how am I..? And also everyone is looking somewhat everyone is hiding something from me , but what is it..? And how iam going to find it..? Let's see what r they planning..."

Arnav said " iam fyn manu , but I think u r u have any eye defectness or short term memory loss like GHAJINI AAMIRKHAN" ( guys he will not call Mansi as di . he will call her as manu only)

Everyone is bewildered by his question

" but bhai y r u asking like that " asked prem

" yes chote y r u asking like that iam absolutely fyn. If u have any doubt u can ask ur jiju " said Mansi defending herself

" iam asking like this , becoz I remember that we met afternoon only at lunch and now u r asking that how iam " said arnav

" actually arnav we can't say abt ur sister's eye defect but I can surely say that her nuts have gone loose somewhat and no doctor in this world can cure that, poor me" said sundeep winking at arnav

" s jiju u r really poor , even she is my sister we can't hide the fact from world. I thought that she has become " GHAJINI AAMIR " , but after listening u I think she has become " KYON KI SALMAN" I really feel pity on u jiju" said arnav winking back to sundeep

" what to do arnav since I married her , I have to bear everything, we can't do anything in this matter" said sundeep sighing

At first everyone was confused hearing their conversations, but once they got the meaning they started laughing clutching their stomach , and Mansi gave a deathly glare to arnav and sundeep

Mansi is thoroughly irritated by now, Jere she is planning to give a surprise to him , but he himself is irritating her joining with her husband

" Deepu u.......! I won't leave u. Don't forget that iam ur wife not arnav " " and chote u here iam planning to give a surprise to u, but u r telling iam mental" said Mansi in one go without realising what she said.

Everyone is glaring at her angrily, when hrudhai : avanthi said to tell him directly she was the one who protested it and now she herself spilled the beans

She smiled sheepishly seeing everyone. While Dasrath & Rekha smiled seeing their Tom & Jerry fight

Arnav knew that they r hiding something and knew if he targets his sister , he will get to know what r they hiding.he smirked at his victory.

Seeing him smirking Mansi understood everything and said " so u were teasing me wantedly and deepu u , u revealed what is in ur mind till now. I will see to u once we go home" said Mansi and sat on the sofa angrily

" that is what he is also telling , that he have to go home with Uuuu..." Said avanthi teasing her fend

" Avi u too... Leave it I won't talk to anyone"

" sry manu I was just teasing u and u took it seriously" said arnav. " S manu I was just teasing u , u know na how much I love u " said sundeep buttering his wife and it worked to some extent

" ok leave it guys...u all said that u planned a surprise for me,now tell me what is that....? Asked a curious arnav

Suddenly the expression of sundeep changed which is unnoticed by everyone

" not so easily , u made me anger na so u have to wait till my mood changes Mr.ASR" " and u all , don't even dare to open ur mouth until I say " saying this she went to her home followed by her husband

Everyone nodded their head to her

Will b continued...........!

Have a happy weekend my dear frnds....!

Oct 23, 2015

SUPRISE REVEALED....! (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 31 times)

Hey guys......! How r u all ? Hope u all r fyn.Now iam here back with my story......! Here goes the story........!


After Mansi went to her home , arnav turn towards his family and going to ask something when Avanthi interuppted and said " no chote.....! Don't ask us anything, becoz we r not going to tell anything"

Everyone nodded when arnav said " oh common bhabs...! Y r u stretching the matter..? I know it is a usual matter & u guys r building it up as a great surprise"using the same trick he used to his sister.but everyone was clever enough to understand his intention

" No chote...! Don't use ur silly trick on us, becoz it is not going to work" said hrudhai

" what is this bhai...? What r u guys planning...? Iam very curious and I want to know now itself .plz tell me na " said arnav with a cute pout but it din't worked

" chote wait for sometime na ' intezaar Ka pal meetha hotha hei ' and y u teased her that's why she went without telling" said rekha to her son

After his mom told what else he can do other than to wait, so he gave up..

After that they had their dinner and the whole Raizada clan went to Terrace to spend their time, it is their habit of spending time together at terrace during weekend , as they will be free and cherish their family time together

" Bhabhi wr is pari ( kavya ) and even manu too dint came till now " asked arnav

" Today pari had sports day , so she is tired and slept and manu will b coming " said Avanthi

" waise chote aapka kaam kaise chal raha hei " ( how is ur work going on chote ) asked Dasrath to his son.To which he replied abt his new deals & his meeting today and his upcoming fashion show which is going to held on Lucknow

" papa iam thinking to make the arrangement in SHEESH MAHAL.what do u say..? " asked arnav to his dad

He was going to say something , but suddenly they all heard a chirpy voice behind " wow...! Chote Lucknow & fashion show at sheesh mahal " " nice idea chote , iam very excited to see our home town & our home back " " papa plz tell ok na , plz plz plz......" Said Mansi entering the terrace with her hubby

Hearing her , dadi said " yes Mansi is telling the has been so many days we visited Lucknow & our palace. It will b a gud opportunity to visit Lucknow. And it will be like a picnic too for our family , as u guys will never get time later"

Dasrath said ok and the family jumped in joy especially PREM & MANSI, who is literally dancing in joy

" ok k guys , iam here to tell about the surprise to our chote , as it will b not gud to make him wait fr long time " " and now when he gave a gud opportunity to visit Lucknow, I think this is the right time " said Mansi . Arnav was all ears to hear the surprise the family is planning , becoz it is not even his birthday. Mansi extended a paper to him and arnav bought it with all excited. But there was only a address written in it . " Go there tomorrow sharp 6 at eve , and u will get ur surprise " said Mansi winking at her family, and arnav was hell curious by now but he has no option other than to wait till next eve.

Next day 5 pm

Arnav was all set to go to the place where his gift is waiting for him. After reaching there he came to know that it was his jiju's farmhouse . he was confused why they told him to come here.with this confusion he entered inside and stood rooted to the spot seeing the sight in front of him.there his whole family stood shouting SURPRISE CHOTE & sundeep's family is also standing there.he was confused what is the surprise .

Mansi came frwd and said " what do u think chote..? That we don't come to know that u like SUNDEEP'S SIS haan....?

True to her words he started liking sundeep's sis from the time of mansi's wedding.may be he started to LOVE her.he was about to talk abt this with his family but even before he say his family is here with the decision of his marriage with his HAPPY. he was overwhelmed by this surprise.........

To b continued..........

So guys this is the surprise........ & what do u think y sundeep is unhappy with this..? And do u all think the girl is Kushi...?

Will b revealed soon....until then bye guys......

Oct 23, 2015

FAMILY'S DECISION.......! (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 32 times)

Hey guys.... ! Iam back with my story.hope u all like reading it....Here goes the story...!


" so chote r u happy...? " asked Mansi & arnav stood silent not knowing why to answer.if he say he is happy then his crazy family will tease him to the core

"Actually bhai, we would have planned something else , but this DI, she spilled everything even before we plan something, so only we finished it simply, say na bhai, do u like it....? " asked prem bugging him

Arnav thought " I think this idiot will not leave me today.look how he & manu is asking Infront of everyone that I like her or not.hw can someone say that they like someone infront of all.I don't even know that he like her or what to say..?"

" leave it guys , how can he tell that he like her in front of everyone" said Avanthi much to Arnav's relief and he mentally thanked his bhabhi

" Actually I don't have any likes or dislikes towards this, if u all r happy with it then iam ok with this " said arnav in full ASR tone not leaving a chance for his crazy family to tease him

" leave it chote, we all know that u like her very much , what do u think that we will leave u, if u speak like this" said hrudhai and everyone started laughing

" ok ok bacho..! Now stop all this " said rekha. She went near the girl and said " iam so happy beta , that u r going to b our bahu.I think u r also happy PURVI.." For which she smiled shyly.

( PURVI SINHA-: she is the step sis of sundeep.finished her degree.very modern arnav for his name & fame

LAKSHMI SINHA-: step mother of minded person . wants her daughter to marry arnav.becoz of their wealth )

" what is there to ask badi maa...? We all know that BHAI & PURVI opps sry BHABHI like each other. I think we should proceed with their engagement & wedding. What say bhai..? " said prem and everyone nodded their head eyeying at arnav teasingly

Arnav thought " will this idiot keep his mouth shut or not. God I think today iam front of everyone itself everyone started teasing me.don't know what will they do if once we r in home"

Rekha went near lakshmi and said " samdhan ji jab bache ek dusre ko ithna pasandh karte hein , hume lagtha hei ki jaldi se in dhono ki shadi kar dheni chahiye". ( samdhan Ji , when our children like each other, I think we should get them married)

Lakshmi said " when everyone wants this, then who iam to stop this , and I know that arnav will keep my daughter always happy"

Mansi become happy with all this events and exclaimed in happiness " so shall we get them engaged today itself...?"

Everyone is going to say something, when they all heard a was dadi.Mansi asked " why..? " when dadi said " now only we all know abt their relation and u all want them to get them engaged today itself. No , I think we need time "

" but dadi what is there to wait ..? We all know purvi for long time.she is my nanad.she is very gud girl and apt for our family" said Mansi

" manu I think dadi is right , we should not get excited in this matter and what is there to hurry....?" Said sundeep not leaving the chance.

" why beta..? Do u think that purvi is not apt fr ur arnav" asked lakshmi in her sugar coated voice.

" its not like that, I mean how can we hurry in such a matter..?it is a matter of two lives.also they only like each other not I think I should wait for the ryt time" said sundeep irritatingly

Sensing the situation will go out of control arnav interrupted and said " s aunty & everyone, I think dadi is right.we need sometime also I have loads of work lines up.I have to finish that all after that we can think abt this" . everyone found that ok so every one agreed much to SINHA WOMEN displeasure

But Mansi is not satisfied so she came up with a idea " ok I agree with u all.but on one condition that maa & purvi should accompany us with to Lucknow. By this way they will b with us in our family tour& as u say, if ur that ryt time came we can get them engaged in our SHEESH MAHAL in front of all our relatives. What say all...?"

As they can't say NO to every issue they agreed.and everyone got excited of their trip to Lucknow.

Little did they know that this trip to Lucknow will change their ARNAV' s life forever

That's all for today...will update soon .....until then BYE....!

Oct 24, 2015

ARNAV'S SUCCESS & TITHALIYA'S intro (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 37 times)

Hey guys iam back with my story. Hope u all r enjoying ur navarathri.happy navrathri guys...! Here goes the story...!


All r busy in packing fr their Lucknow trip and Arnav told everyone to come to sheeshmahal before one day so that his work doesnt get disturbed and after FASHION SHOW he can spent time with his family

Arnav went to Lucknow and started his work for his fashion show and the day of the event came and his family is present there for his show excitingly

Arnav gave his welcome speech addressing the audience, his clients and media who are present there. The show started and asusual the show is a big hit marking the day once again in the victory list of ASR & AR designs.he is very happy with the outcome of the show.

" wow chote...! What a show and what a models.they look perfect in the BRIDAL attire.till now I have seen ur show in TV now iam very happy to see it live" said Mansi happy with her brother's success.

" haan bhai....! What a show man....! No one can beat u bhai. U r really the KING of fashion industry. Iam so proud of h bhai.congratz...." Said prem hugging him tightly

" haan ASR, really the show was very nice. Congratz..." Said purvi.

" Akhir beta kiska hei.......! " said dasrath proudly, hearing everyone prising his son.

Arnav with a full blown smile said " thanku everyone"

" chote papa...!chote papa....! I too want a dress like that aunty" jumped a little kavya holding arnav's leg.

Arnav just lift her in his arms and said " my Angel......! I promise, I will make a beautiful dress to ur wedding.And iam damn sure, my princess will steal the show"

" sachi....? "

" sachi muchi...! "

After that everyone had their dinner and retired to their room to have a gud day they all went to park , shopping , theme park and enjoyed their whole week like all this days arnav felt something different.he don't know whether it is happiness or something else.he also observed that dadi & sundeep is uninterested in his marriage. He decided to talk with them.

At night arnav went to his dadi room to talk with her " dadi I need to talk to u "

"Arey chote aap iss wakth , aaiye ( arey chote u at this time , come ) said dadi.

Arnav went and directly laid in her lap.dadi smiled and started stroking his hair. Arnav started speaking " dadi mujhe ghum phirke baath nahi karni.dadi kya aapko purvi pasandh nahi hei " ( dadi I don't want to beat around bush, don't u like purvi)

Dadi just smiled and said" nothing like tat chote "

" but dadi I saw u whole week, u was always away from my marriage talks and purvi.tell me dadi.don't think about only my happiness becoz I don't love her I only like her.I want my family's happiness and or wish.nothing else." Said arnav.

Dadi said " chote truly saying , I don't know it is gud or not, but my experience is telling that something is not gud that's all, other than that I don't have any objections. If u like her I don't have any problem. I want ur happiness only.soon I'll fix ur engagement. Now go and sleep , ok" said dadi with a smile. And arnav wished her gud night with a lovely kiss.

He was going when he heard his dadi calling him, he turned & dadi said " chotte iam thinking to go to my village tmrw, its been many yrs I went there and I want u all to accompany me.ok" he nodded his head and went from there to inform everyone.

In his room he was lying and thinking abt purvi .he felt he is not so comfortable with her.he don't like a bit of purvi addressing him as ASR. he always wanted his partner to call him as ARNAV.keeping these thoughts aside he went to a gud sleep without knowing that tmrw a biggest twist is going to happen in his life.

At morning everyone started to dadi's village.

Dadi was very happy to meet all her old frnds and her relatives and introduced everyone to her family. That is when she came to know that some mela is going on the village so she with her family went to the mela.

Seeing the arrangement of mela the already crazy family become more crazy and started running here and there.

After sometime dadi saw one of her close frnd DEVKI and went near her.she wished her & started speaking with her.

"Devki Kaise ho....? " ( how r u devki...?)

" hum teek he vasu .thum kaise ho..?Delhi Jane ke baad thum hum sab ko bhul gayi ho kya..?" ( iam r u ? After going Delhi did u forgot everyone..? )

" aise koi baath nahi he devki.shadi me baadh pathi aur bacho ko sambhalne me hee sare umar beeth gayi bhas.acha thum kya yahan akhele aayi ho...?( nothing like that devki.after marriage all yrs went away in maintaining the family. Ok did u came alone here..?)

" nahi vasu hum apne pothi me saath aaye hein .ruko use bhulathe hein.TITHALIYA arey o THITHALIYA yahan aao"( no vasu iam here with my granddaughter. Wait I'll call her.THITHALIYA come here)

Hearing the name everyone think that " what is this name..? It doesn't look like a looks like a pet this generation who will keep a name like this...?"

They all saw a girl in fully village attire coming towards them and wished them folding her hands" NAMASTHE" they all wished her back.

"THITHALIYA this is my close frnd and this is her family" said devki return she just smile looking them.


To b continued.......

SK guys after 4 updates I finally introduced our heroine , the ever cute THITHALIYA..hope u all like the update.will update soon ...untill then bye guys....!

Oct 26, 2015

ARNAV'S UNEXPECTED MARRIAGE.....! (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 69 times)

Hi guys....! How r u all...? Hope u r enjoying this story.. Even there is less comments & thanku's still iam happy with it if it keep on increasing I'll b really happy....! Thanku guys for those who commented & thanked me...Now here goes the story..!


Dadi saw her and asked her " Kaise hei aap bitiya...?"( how r u bitiya..?)

" ji , hum teek hein , aur aap dadi ji....? " asked thithaliya( ji iam fyn , how r u dadi ji)

"Hum teek hein bitiya..!( iam fyn bitiya ) said dadi in return.

Dadi liked her very much.her calm & serene face, her smile, her way of speaking.

" Acha devki , what is this sudden mela arranged here...? " asked dadi.

" Nothing vasu, it became regular here , once in 4 months the village panchayat decided to perform a mela, for helping the needy people , that's all..and it become only enjoyment for me " said devki dadi.

" arey , why r u saying like that..? U have such a beautiful granddaughter with u , then why r u saying like that...? " said vasu dadi.

" s u r right, now my two granddaughter is the only solace to me , after my son & DIL passed away " said devki dadi...

Hearing this everyone felt sorry for dadi & thithaliya. But purvi & her mother felt disgust seeing the girl & it become jealous when dadi appreciated her that she is beautiful.

" mamma...! See that dadi , until now she dint even once said me that iam look she is appreciating this village girl as ' beautiful' " " seriously this girl is fully a village illetrate ghavar , and look her name ' THITHALIYA' , and her dress, chee....! " said

" leave it beta....! Anyway , u r going to b a RAIZADA BAHU. U should not concentrate on this village girl. Keep smiling, otherwise u will not look gud . ok beta...! " said lakshmi to her daughter in low voice, for which she nodded her head.

Suddenly they heard another chirpy voice from behind. Devki dadi& thithaliya smiled seeing her.

" vasu she is my younger granddaughter, MEERA " " and meera she is my close frnd vasundra " introduced dadi with each other.

Meera smiled brightly seeing her and said " NAMASTHE DADI JI ". And dadi wished her back.

"Arey meera where were u till this time...? How much time we both r looking for u..?" Asked dadi to her.

" sry dadi, I was playing swing there with those children" and turning towards thithaliya " sry jiji, I will not go like this without informing u" holding her ears.

" koi baath nai , meera. U can go where ever u want but just inform me and go . ok" said thithaliya.

" thanku jiji" smiled brightly meera to her jiji.

Everyone were standing and chating there , suddenly someone came that way running. In this process, she pushed arnav who was standing at corner with kavya in his arms.he jerked from his place , but hrudhai who was standing hold both of them and asusuall ASR' s anger rises to peak.he turned and about to shout at that person, but he saw the girl was very frighten and sobbing uncontrollably.

She uttered " sry " and started crying repeating the same words to save her.

Everyone started panic and devki dadi gave some water to her to calm her and asked her " beta , what happened why r u crying ....? Tell me beta what happened..! Iam from this village only , u can tell me if u want...? " but she keep on crying repeating " save me..!"

Everyone try to console her . after sometimes her crying reduced and dadi again asked the same thing , this time the girl started speaking" dadi , he try to marry me forcefully.I don't like him dadi.he is very bad." Said the girl while crying. Raizada men immediately called to inform police.

" ok beta , we call the police they will come now and save u.u don't worry tell me ur address " asked Vasu dadi to the girl.

She was about to tell the address , suddenly a man came there and said" so u r here".he had mangalsutra in hand.

The girl saw mangalsutra in his hand and started frightened and hide behind dadi.all understood , who the person is.dadi said" look , stay away from her.she is not willing to marry u".

" hey old Lady. I don't even know who u u should b the one , who must stay away from her. Don't interfere in this matter understand. Move away..! " saying this he was about to push her away.but one hand hold was none other than our ARNAV in full ASR form.

" how dare u..? How dare u to speak with my dadi like this...! And trying to forcefully marry a girl like this...! Saying this he started to beat him blue and black.everyone tried to control him but all went in vain.he snatched the mangalsutra from his hand and throw it away somewhere.

By the time police who was in the duty in mela came there and stopped them.the girls parents also came there and take her with them.

The police was about to take the man away , but he stopped and turn towards Arnav and said " who the hell r u ? Where did u came from..? U told me , that iam trying to marry her forcefully , but what u did....?"

Arnav and everyone was confused.the man asked " confused......?" ," look there..! " he indicated towards someone.

Arnav and everyone turned towards the direction only to get the shock of their life.

There thithaliya was standing with shock & tears in her eyes holding MANGALSUTRA in her neck , which arnav snatched and threw away.


So guys...! How was the update...! Hope everyone reading this will enjoy it.soon the CHARACTER SKETCH of our thithaliya & her family will b revealed......! Until then BYE GUYS....!

Oct 28, 2015

Aftermath of MARRIAGE......! (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 73 times)

Hey guys.....! How r u all.....? Iam very happy that my story is getting responses slowly . Thanku for those who commented & pressed thanku button. Now here goes the story.


Everyone stand still at their places, not able to digest what happened within few minutes. Shock was really a small word to tell their feeling right now. Thithaliya was equally shocked , and stood there silently shedding her tears.

The police was about to take the man but he , before going mocked arnav by saying " wow....! what a wedding. No one in this whole world can marry a person like u did. U stopped my marriage, but u married a girl.r u happy to get a WIFE...? " saying this he went away in anger.

Arnav was even more dumbstruck to hear the word ' WIFE '.Devki dadi stood silent with tears & meera consoling her jiji.but she showed no emotions. She was standing like a statue there.

Besides all the most affected persons was PURVI & her mother , who in their wildest dreams never thought that something like this will happen.

The village people surrounded both the family & like adding salt to the wound they started their gossips.Arnav's throat started ache thinking that what he had done to a innocent girl.he even couldn't speak.

One said " poor girl...! What had happened to her..? Now who will marry her...? She should stay all her life in her home one will be ready to marry her , after whatever happened."

" s u r right. No one will marry her.and without her mistake she should bear all the punishment. Do u think this Delhi people will accept her as their way.poor soul...." Said the other.

And many other started speaking many things.hearing all this now its dadi's turn to get angry and she shouted " ENOUGH....! No one should speak more than this. This is btw our family & we should be the one who decide what should happen and what not.and what did u all say....? That we won't accept her..! Iam now saying that I accept her as my BAHU.& no one need to feel pity for my bahu.iam still alive to take care of her & now u all go and do ur work." Saying this she once again shocking the family & sinha women.

Mansi came out of shock and said " but dadi...." .but her dadi's one glare make her mouth shut.

She then turned towards devki dadi and said " devki, whatever happened is happened. We can't change the fact.iam very sorry on my grandson's behalf. I want ur permission to take my bahu with me. I promise that my Arnav will always keep her happy."

Devki dadi stood there not knowing what to answer, as she said whatever happened cannot be changed & if she refused to accept this her thithaliya's life will get mess. So she nodded unwillingly seeing her granddaughter.

"I don't want anyone to raise finger on our children , so the marriage will take place with all the I will give a shagun to my bahu." Saying this she gave one chain of hers to thithaliya.turning towards rekha dadi said " beta make arrangements for mehandhi today itself . I don't want anything to get delay" and rekha nodded her head to her.

Turning towards thithaliya she said " don't worry no one will raise their finger on u.I know this is very hurry and to some extent worng too.without asking ur wish I told that u r my bahu in front of everyone.but we can't deny the fact beta.don't think that iam accepting u just because of this incident. U r my close frnd's granddaughter means mine too.we will take care of u very think this as god's wish and be happy bitiya . I will come and take u with full respect. Now wipe ur tears and b a happy bride for ur mehandhi today.ok " and went from there with her dumbfounded family.Arnav had no guts to say objections to his dadi.becoz the mistake is unknowingly was his so he also went with them lastly looking at her crying form with full of guilt.

Thithaliya watched them moving towards their car .she doesn't know whether to get happy or sad.she also went from there with her sister and dadi once again seeing them going.

In the car no one was in a mood to speak with each other,so they all kept silent.once in their home which is in her village itself, dadi ordered everyone to get ready for the mehandhi and went away from there to her room. Arnav went to his room sadly.everyone don't know how to console him , so they thought it is better to leave him alone for sometime.


Precap-: dadi's explanation to her family for accepting her as their bahu & mehandhi ritual....

So guys how was the update today.I know it is like iam making up the story over ly.but there r many true incidents like this.hope u all enjoyed the update. Bye guys....! Have a happy week.

Oct 29, 2015

Dadi's explanation & arnav's feeling.....! (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 73 times)

Hey guys....! How r u all.hope u all r fyn.@sc12345- I'll try to give long update dude..thanks for everyone who pressed thanku button and commented on the story.thanks for encouraging me. Keep on encouraging me. Now here goes the story.


After sometime dadi went to rekha to ask whether everything is ready or not.Rekha asked " maa is it necessary to do all the thing in hurry...?"

Dadi looked her and said " s beta dint u hear what and all they said about her and us.this is not a city , this is village and people will make her life hell if we don't accept this stop all these thoughts and get ready and where r everyone...?"

"Maa all r in mansi's room."

" ok beta u go and make everything ready I will go and see them"

In mansi's room

"How can this happen di...? No it can't can bhai marry some random girl..?that too tomorrow itself." Said prem to everyone.

" iam also thinking the can he marry someone else, when he love purvi " said Mansi.

"Guys what will happen when media come to know this.....? They will make this as a headlines for atleast one yr that ' BUSINESS TYCOON ASR MARRIED A VILLAGE GIRL SUDDENLY' don't know how much they will irritate us." Said hrudhai.

" and her name THITHALIYA SINGH RAIZADA , no I think we should talk about this with can he marry a girl like that.she is not suitable for chote"said Mansi.

"But manu,dadi said that we accept her as our family bahu infront of whole village , now how can we deny the marriage" said sundeep.

"What r u saying sundeep.....? Purvi is ur sister, think about her feelings. What must be she going through....?she love arnav & how will be her state right now....?" Said Mansi.

Everyone was arguing the issue about the marriage.but arnav who is present there seems like not interested in all these talks.he was in his own world , remembering thithaliya's crying face.he was feeling very guilty.whatever happened was not happened intentionally, but it was happened. When he was in his own world suddenly PURVI came there. And started shooting questions towards him.

"ASR how can u leave me and marry some other girl....? How can u keep silent accepting all this.....? I never thought that u r this much week.why r u silent after all this.....?"

Arnav said "but purvi, at least listen to me...."

But Cut off by purvi" No , now u listen to can u decieve me like this.....?Now go and say to ur dadi that u will marry only me.if u want throw money on that village girl's face.but u must marry only me."

Hearing all her talk, all his patience flew away in he is already in guilt that becoz of him innocent girl's life became a mess & here she is also blaming him that he deceived his anger he forgot everyone present there & held her in anger & started shouting" what the hell r u thinking of ourselves...? Haan...? When did I deceive u dammit......? Did I ever told that 'I love u' or assured u by saying that I will marry u...!and what did u say ' throw money on her can u say that...? She too have some self respect.being a girl how can u say this....?will u accept the money in change for ur self respect.don't forget that u r speaking to ASR.& iam warning u don't try to test my patience.otherwise u will face the worst." Saying this he pushed away and went from there .leaving her shocked.his family also dint dared too utter a word.

"Purvi...! What is the necessary to talk like this to him.who r u to order him...?now go to ur room" said sundeep.

She looked at him with anger and went away stamping her foot.

Meanwhile dadi entered the room and seeing all the face she understood that something has happened. She asked " what happened...? " and prem explained to her whatever happend just a few seconds ago.hearing this dadi decided to speak with everyone.

She called everyone and started telling her point of view " I know no one is ready to accept the marriage.but we want to accept it.becoz marriage is not a play thing. U all urself know that what and all people started to speak about her in front of us.think about what will happen if we leave her like this.she will face the hell in front of this society."

" but dadi how can u make him marry like this even without knowing anything about her." Said Mansi.

" Mansi again & again I can't repeat the same thing.just imaging urself in that position and tell me if it will be correct leaving her , or giving money to na...or is this the way i raised u all, being selfish and dont understand the value of marriage...! Leave it, now I have no time to explain all this , just get ready for the mehandhi & we also want to do the engagement today." Turning towards arnav " chote do u think that I will let ssomething bad happen to ur life....?" For which he nodded as NO" then believe me ,u will b happy with her.u said na yesterday that my wish also matters to u . then pls accept this marriage chote.I don't want anything wrong happen to her becoz of u understand...!"to which he nodded & get ready for the engagement& mehandhi.

In thithaliya's house she was full ready for her mehandhi.but there was no happy in her eyes.

Soon the raizadas arrived there and engagement started. Some of the people who was very close to devki dadi arrived their village there is one procedure , that bride & groom should take a voth like pheras of marriage to assure eachother that they will be a soulmate.they handed a paper in both arnav & thithaliya's hand and told to read the promises to each other.arnav was not in a mood to do all this,but he did that just becoz of the family.when they asked thithaliya to read she dropped a bomb in all their head by saying " Hume ye padna nahi aatha " ( I don't know to read ).after that one of the member present there read that and she repeated after her, taking her voth to be a SOULMATE to arnav.


So guys what u all think that arnav will accept her wholeheartedly after knowing will their life be....? Will they be a soulmate like they promised each other in their know more keep on reading and do comment me.thanku guys.enjoy ur day...!BYE.....!

Oct 30, 2015

Mehandhi & purvi's plan (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 94 times)

Hi guys......! Iam so happy with the comments & thanks.thanks fr everyone who commented me and pressed thanku fr the here goes the story.......!


Everyone was getting shock after shock since morning .they were like" what is happening around us.....?"no one could speak. They could not even estimate the state of Arnav , what must be he going through, when they heard that she can't read.

After their engagement , mehandhi started all the while arnav looked thithaliya , she seemed to be lost somewhere.Arnav thought " this is all becoz of me.even I can't take it what happened.then how will be her state. Don't know where is this going to end..! And what will be the family's reaction...? " he sighed about his thoughts.

One lady came ther for putting mehandhi and she asked thithaliya " beta kya akshar likhane hein tere hath mein ....?" ( beta what letter should be written on your hand...?)

Poor girl....! She even don't know the name of her husband. So she looked towards her dadi for answer soon ddi came and told the women " aap 'Arnav ' likhiye.( write arnav)

Now this is more than enough for Mansi.she was already irritated by the way of her brother getting married, upon that she is uneducated and don't even know his she went away with her husband telling to her mother.

On the otherside in the raizada house purvi & her mother stayed back at home itself not want to go to that house.

Purvi was hell angry with arnav , thinking how can he go like this insulting her.she cried for sometimes but after sometime she decided what to do.

Lakshmi was also angry with raizadas , but more than that she is worried for her daughter.she went inside her room and said " don't worry beta I will make that raizadas to accept ur marriage with arnav. We still have time to stop the marriage."

But purvi throw the vase near the table and started to shout " No..! I don't want to get married to that ASR "

Lakshmi was stunned hearing her answer and said " but beta....."but cutoff by purvi.

She said " what do u think...? That I will marry him after getting insulting by him.NO..! I will not.I want a husband who will follow MY orders, not a person who orders me.he wanted to marry that stupid village girl na , then let him get married to her. But I swear, I won't let that girl even one day in RAIZADA house. I will show him his right place.I will show him what PURVI SINHA is capable of doing...! " saying this she smiled evily looking at her mother.and explained her plan.lakshmi too joined hands with her daughter in this mission.

Meanwhile all the guest who came there to attend the mehandhi function started to their house.only raizadas and devki dadi , thithaliya's sis and thithaliya was there.

Devki dadi and vasu dadi decided that haldi will be tmrw morning and marriage will happen in evening.and later when everyone was moving vasu dadi said to devki dadi " devki, u also should accompany us to Delhi .u know at what circumstances this marriage is happening. So I want u to accompany us,so that she will ( pointing towards thithaliya) feel gud.we all r now strangers for her may be ur & meera's presence will make her feel comfortable.are u ok with this..?

Devki dadi replied " s u r right.even she is not new to Delhi , I think i should accompany her.she will feel gud.and vasu pls take care of her after I return back, she is very gud girl.iam sure she will win all ur heart soon." For which vasu dadi nodded her head smiling.

After that they returned to their one car arnav his mom& dad & dadi and in other car there is hrudhai,avanthi , prem & kavya was there.

In hrudhai's car , kavya started her blabering " mamma , choti maa is very gud.she is so sweet"

Avanthi who was startled by her confession asked " pari, who is choti maa...?" Eventhough she know the answer.

" maa , badi dadi told me that aunty whose home we went na , she is going to marry chote papa& so she is my choti maa.she is so sweet and she talked with me nicely, when I speak with her." Said kavya to her mother.

" u talked with her.when pari.....? " asked prem who is in the back seat.

" s I speak with her, she is so innocent, she even asked me what all I like, but the only thing is she don't know who is chota bheem..! She said to prem , who looked at her with wide eye.( poor kavya, here everyone was worried about arnav& she is worried that her chotimaa don't know who is chota bheem)

Prem said to hrudhai & avanthi " bhabhi bhai , what is going on...? She is uneducated and she don't know to read even hindi , she don't know who ASR upon all that this kavya is telling that she don't even know the cartoon characters also.I think she don't see TV. But bhai how arnav bhai is going to handle her.I mean he is great ASR and his wife don't know anything.and upon all that her name.o god...! Who kept her a name like this....?"

Hrudhai said " s prem , I don't know why this all is happening to our chote.don't know how he is going to live with her....?"

Avanthi said " s even I couldn't digest the fact he is going to marry a uneducated we can't do anything as dadi is so adamant to make this marriage happen."

The three of them sighed thinking about arnav.


Hey guys...! I think iam not boring anyone.many of u think that I dint give any ARSHI scenes and even a single dialogue to thithaliya.don't worry in future she will speak more, as she is also known as 'ssankadevi' and as the story move I will give nice scenes untill then enjoy the story.bye guys.....!

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