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Oct 19, 2015

MY FATHER MY WORLD AND LIFE............ (By Aishusweety) (Thanked: 37 times)

guys u know i am here to make u know that my father is the best i love my father by the way iam priya arnav singh raizada my father is a great buisiness man who is always busy never for me he always has his precious time for me 

    u know one day i started to suffe from fever suddenly iam a brave girl doctor came to check me and said that i was very weak so he needed to give injection i agreed but my father yelled at the doctor though my mom cooled him he was very scared he closed his eyes and felt the pain of lakhs of needles may be that is small pain if it pricks him for him but a small pain of mine seems to be very big for him 


   ok bye my father came i want to tease him for this incident

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thank you aishu
Jan 21, 2016

thank u (By Aishusweety) (Thanked: 10 times)

thank u everyone for reading this simple story i wrote this just because i love my dad a lot n being the only daughter iam pampered a bit more anyways thank u so much

Feb 17, 2016

My father my world and my life..... (By Aishusweety) (Thanked: 23 times)

Hey guys priya Singh raizada I am back from my school just now hope u all are fine oh returning from school reminds me of an incident

Before few years.....


   Arnav didn't pay attention to her as he is busy playing with his daughter who is showering kisses all over his face answering the question of her dad that she just loved the barbie doll that is bought by arnav after shouting the shop keeper that morning .....

Arnav seeing priya having all her attention on a barbie doll went to the shopkeeper

Arnav: pack this doll

 Shopkeeper: I am sorry sir its already sold

Arnav:what the! U just do something I want this doll at any cost

Shopkeeper: sir but I am helpless this is already sold

Arnav: then why did u keep it for display damn it!!

 The incharge of that section came there

 In charge :sir what's the problem?

 Arnav: I want this doll

Shopkeeper: sir it's already sold

 Arnav: u must be knowing what ASR can do very well

 In charge: sir I will try to convince the person who bought this doll

Mr.mehra:but I can not give this doll to anyone which is specially made for me as a decorative piece(he just came there to take the doll)

ASR:think of it again Mr.Mehra the new deal will be yours

 Mr.Mehra:oh sorry Asr I didn't notice it was u the doll is yours .......

Kushi walked into the room almost shouting arnavji to gain his attention

Arnav:what the why are you shouting?

Kushi: u were so busy with ur daughter so Kushi didn't know how to start fidgeting with her pallu she started

Kushi:Barbie is cute

Arnav: not more than my daughter

Kushi:oh yes arnav ji priya is growing up fast na


 Kushi: she should start going to school

 Arnav:no way Kushi tried her best and finally convinced arnav

Arnav: but one condition she should be happy Next day

arnav dropped her to the school and finally priya came out with a beautiful smile..... making him free from all fears....

 Priya:so this was how I started going to school

Arnav from downstairs: princess

Priya:coming papa saying this she started running to her father

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