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Oct 19, 2015

MY LOVE STORY (By Aishusweety) (Thanked: 34 times)

 hi i am ASR my name is arnav singh raizada but my wife calls me lad governor let me tell u about me i was a rude, arrogant, merciless business man but not now u know people have to change one day but i never believed it i used to think that i will never look back for a woman except my di after my mom expired but one day my angel cum mad made me look back

  ok let me tell u about my angel. her name is khushi kumari gupta. she is my life as her name indicates she brought happiness into my life and made me realize that i too have a heart 

  let me tell u how i met her. it was in a way very funny. i was going to my meeting which was going to be held in France by a flight. when i was about to reach the airport a girl went running in front of my car. i had to take a turn and i was driving fast i just applied my brakes which saved her in fraction of seconds i got down from my car and  yelled at her then came there my angel she started giving me lectures i always hate lectures but when she was in front of me i was lost in her beauty which didn't let my mouth open she is wearing a beautiful red sari and someone called her to come soon it was a guy to whom she is going to get married i realized it from her convo with him that their marriage is going to take place after 10 days 

  i couldn’t control my anger then. i didn't know why i was angry and why my heart started beating fast after seeing her. i kept these questions aside and looked at her once again after taking a deep breath which my mind refused and started again my meeting as usual was a grand success

  she is the first girl who yelled at me and never faced my wrath and second girl whom i loved as much as i loved my mom 

  i came to know her details from my P.A aman she is searching for a job i again met her in a temple which made me realize that she is actually none other than my relative, my uncle's daughter as i saw her with my di i don’t know her before that because i stayed away from my family after my mother’s death and studied in London it was during that time my uncle got transferred from our place and went to France 

  u know guys till my mother’s death i was a very lovely kid our family and mu uncles family used to stay together i used to enjoy a lot with my angel and her sister payal and my di we were very good friends i used to always be possessive and protective of my angel but after my mother’s death ever relation got spoiled of course not mine n my angels because my father's sister is none other than my angel's mom i hope u understood the relation 

  they again came to Delhi after 15 years only because of my di's request after our nani passed away they live in Delhi but not hat near so i never came to know about them as i returned from London just a month back and they went for a tour it was then i saw my angel when they were returning

 coming to the present we were really overwhelmed to meet each other but i was even sad that she is going to marry someone else i couldn't control my feelings and even express my feelings as our families are in talking terms after a long time 

  but when my di introduced me the guy whom i thought is going to marry khushi as payals fiancé i was very happy immediately i proposed her which she accepted as she is also going through same feelings i convinced our elders and she became kushi arnav singh raizada 

  after few years............

                             a cute little girl is asking her mom for ice-cream and as her mother did not accept she immediately came to me and complained she is my cute little daughter she said “papa dekho na mamma is not letting me eat ice cream please papa convince her i immediately went to my angel and she started yelling at me " this is all because of you u always accepted her wishes and now she is not listening to me " i simply held her waist which made her mouth shut and convinced her this is what is my life my life is complete with her and of course my daughter priya 

   she is my life who changed me i love her a lot ok bye see u later she came out from washroom and my daughter slept with my di let me start my work see u soon ...................

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thank u aishu
Oct 20, 2015

MY LOVE STORY (By Aishusweety) (Thanked: 16 times)

thank u for those who commented and read the story and pressd thank u

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thank u aishu
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