The Perfect Murder

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Jan 23, 2016

The Perfect Murder... Part 48 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 29 times)

Arnav kept aside d court order for a while so dat he cud concentrate on his interview.. He tried to brush up himself wid some questions, he practised in front of d mirror, he got himself updated wid the latest news....he did everything dat was needed.. Moving on to a different world of corporates from underworld was no doubt difficult.. Outfit, attitude, the way he talked...everything had to be changed completely and he was ready to do dat if it was to lead to Khushi's forgiveness.. He took Pallavi's blessings, of course making her surprised but happy as well, then left for d office..

Aman was looking for a job for himself, when Pallavi came to him.. "Aman, whats wid dat Nupur??"

"I dont know, aunty.. But she isnt wrong.. It was Arnav who ruined everything.."

"I know.. He played wid two girls' feelings.. But now dat he has changed, he has begun afresh, I want to make sure dat nothing stops him and u too.. What can we do??"

"We can just wait for d date of hearing.. What else??"

"Talk to Khushi.. Ask her to speak up in support of Arnav.."

"But aunty, what will she say??"

"U just talk to her once, then I'll tell u.. I know she wont agree, but tell her dat I have requested.."

"Are u sure, aunty??"

"Yes I am! U just go now.." Aman hesitantly left.. He had no idea what Pallavi had in her mind, no did he know how to convince Khushi.. He called Dimple to ask if they were at home and if he cud visit them, and Dimple readily said a yes.. As he reached, Dimple happily welcomed him, while Khushi looked in surprise..

"Hye are u??"

"I am good.. How come are u here??"

"Cant friends meet widout any reason?? I just came to see u.." Khushi smiled comfortably, getting assured dat there was nothing related to Arnav.. They talked together for a while, n Aman kept thinking how to talk to Khusho alone.. He knew dat if he talked in front of Dimple, she wud blast him before Khushi wud even say a word..

"Dimple, I thought u urself wud ask me but its been more than an hour but u didnt.. So let me ask myself, shall we have coffee please??" Aman said..

"Oops sorry! I'll just get it, u both carry on.." Dimple said n went to kitchen.. Aman quickly shifted close to Khushi n she looked wierdly at her..

"What??" She asked..

"Khushi, Pallavi aunty has sent me here.. She, we need ur help.."

"Oh how is she?? And what help??"

"Khushi, u remember Nupur?? She has filed a complaint against Arnav dat he promised..."

"I knew this! I knew u are here for a reason! I dont care whats between Nupur and Arnav, what is she doing, why is she doing.. I have moved on and I dont want to look back so please dont mention the name 'Arnav' in front of me again.."

"U havent moved on, Khushi! When u saw me here, ur eyes ran here n there in search of Arnav...u havent moved on!"

"Fine think whatever u want.. now excuse me.."

"Wait Khushi! At least listen to me.. U know Arnav has..."

"I said dont mention this name in front of me! U enjoy coffee wid Dimple, dont create any scene for god sake.."

Khushi scolded him n started to leave but he blocked her way widout wasting a single second..

"Khushi, Arnav has broken all his ties wid underworld, he had started living a normal life you, in fact ge has gone for a job interview today...everything for u, for ur forgiveness.." He said rapidly, before she again thought of leaving.. Khushi stopped.. She wanted to listen dat again...she did feel happy knowing dat he had broken ties wid underworld.. But then d queation was...why wud he do dat for her?? He loved Nupur, as he himself said, he wanted to marry her, then what was all this?? Perhaps a new plan to hurt her again!! She again started to leave and Aman caught hold of her hand..

"Khushi, please...if not for Arnav, listen for me and aunty.. Whatever happened was becoz of a misunderstanding.." As Khushi looked in confusion, he quickly explained her how Arnav overheard Sumitra and her when Sumitra said dat she trapped Arnav for her, and he left widout seeing how Khushi reacted to dat! Then d series of events...his engagement, how he planned to take revenge n humiliated her in d party, then her kidnap and finally when he again overheard Sumitra and got to know dat Khushi was never at fault! In fact she didnt even know d real face of Sumitra!

"Khushi, he is guilty.. I have known him for years and I have never seen him so quiet.. He wants to repent.. Please Khushi.."

"Please what, Aman?? What do u expect from me?? Right from d first day I met him, I knew he was a gangester...still I didnt hesitate to confess my love! Even after knowing dat I trusted him, then why cudnt he?? Tell me, Aman...whats a relation widout trust?? Nothing! Its a lie...lie which has no existance! Tell aunty, I am sorry..but I cant help.."

Aman stood quietly... She didnt say anything wrong, he knew and he had nothing to argue!

"Excuse me please.." Khushi said n was about to leave, when he again stopped her..

"U are correct, I agree..but everyone deserves a chance, so why not Arnav?? Becoz he was a gangster?? Khushi, u know what pushed him into this, u know d real him...he was so badly hurt dat he cudnt think he was doubting d girl who loved him despite all odds! Give him a chance, and not just him...give urself and ur love a chance too.. I promise u, even if for one second u feel Arnav hasnt changed or he actually doesnt regret, I'll myself send u away from him forever.."

"And what about me then?? If he hurts me again, u'd send me away...but what about d heartbreak I'd undergo again??"

"That wont happen, I know! Please...only once! U love him even now...dont u want ur love to be happy??" Khushi was silent.. She cudnt decide what to do as she wasnt ready for another heartbreak! She wud die for sure in dat case.. She sat down calmly to think, and right then she heard Dimple..

"Say yes!" Both Khushi n Aman looked at her in astonishment.. "Yes Khushi.. Give him a was him who brought d reality of ur parents' death to u.. He deserves a chance!" Dimple said, and Aman smiled at her.. Khushi again thought, specially about Dimple's words, then took a deep sigh..

"Okay.." She said making Aman elated..

Jan 26, 2016

The Perfect Murder... Part 48 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 28 times)

“Oh My God… Thank you so much Khushi” Aman said happily

“What will I have to do?” Khushi asked plainly.

“I’ll explain to you but you have to make sure no one gets to know about this, it will remain between us three until the day we go to court for the case”

“Okay” Khushi replied as Aman started explaining the plan to her.

After he was done both Khushi and dimple looked at him in disbelief

“Since when did ex gangsters start thinking of such fake plans” Dimple asked

“Since the day we became ex gangsters” Aman replied

“Be serious guys, Aman she will easily recognize me, I have met her a couple of times”

“She won’t… trust me, I know how to do that”

“Okay… if you say so… I’ll do it” Khushi said yet feeling nervous.

“So I’ll just keep an eye on Nupur then I’ll let you know at what time tomorrow we will do the task okay? And thank you once again Khushi for agreeing to help me” Aman smiled

He bid the both a good bye and headed back home to give Pallavi the good news.

Arnav had arrived back home from the interview and was sited with Pallavi in the hall discussing about it.

“So how was your interview?” Aman asked

“Was good, they said they’ll call and give me an answer… I have a feeling that they would reject me…”

“Why think so?”

“I just feel so… anyway let’s wait for the call… meanwhile I’ll go for another interview tomorrow… you tell me what have you done for the day?”

“Well I was just planning on how I’d pull you out of the mess you put yourself in by getting engaged to that Nupur”

“That reminds me, when is the date of the hearing at the court?”

“Two days later”

“I really don’t want to waste my time on this useless case Aman, I hope whatever you are planning will make this end as soon as possible”

“Not even as soon as possible, it will end on the same day it begins” Aman said proudly.

“And what’s that you have planned that you are so confident about?” Arnav asked

“Something… you’ll get to know about it in the court itself” Aman smiled as he walked away leaving behind Arnav and Pallavi in confusion.


Next day

Aman, Khushi and Dimple arrived at some hotel where Aman explained everything in detail to Khushi and then they set to work.

They booked a room and headed there as they changed Khushi’s look completely.

She was dressed as a waitress, her hairstyle was completely changed, dimple put on some extra scary make up on her face and for a while none of them could recognize that she was Khushi.

Aman handed some papers to her then he explained what she needed to do.

“You understood what you’ve got to do right? Or should I explain once more?” Aman asked

“No, I’ll do it” Khushi said confidently as she walked out of the room and headed to the room where Nupur and her mother were staying.

She knocked until Nupur walked out as she opened the door for her.


“Ma’am I am here to talk to you about something, if you don’t mind can I please come in and explain it to you?” Khushi asked

“Sure” Nupur said as she continued staring at her while Khushi was just scared hoping she doesn’t get caught

“Ma’am I am here to talk to you about our hotel, actually the hotel manager has given me a task and he has told me to take the feedback of all of our customers on how they find our services and what improvements they want us to make”


“So I have a feedback form, will you please leave a comment and sign on it”

“Sure… I’ll do that, give me the form”

Khushi handed a form to her as Nupur started flipping through the pages in surprise.

“Is this a form or a booklet?”

“Ma’am it’s sort of a booklet form, actually it has details of everything in our hotel so you can go through it and if you are busy you can just leave your comment on this page and sign here” Khushi said showing her where she had to leave the comments and where she had to sign.

“This is something so big, I can’t waste my time reading it all, I’ll just leave a comment and sign it” Nupur said

“Sure ma’am” Khushi replied as she smiled within herself.

Nupur wrote her comments then signed on the pages she was required to then she returned the book back to Khushi.

“Thank you for your cooperation ma’am, we wish you a safe stay here” She smiled and walked out of the room.

She quickly rushed back to her room jumping up and down in happiness and Aman and Dimple dint have to ask her anything because her reaction said everything.

“I wasn’t wrong when I thought you still love Arnav… no one else could be this happier Khushi” Aman said

Khushi stopped smiling as he stood still.

“You know I would have sent Dimple to do this task because that would be so easy, we wouldn’t have to change your looks, but then I wouldn’t have found what I was looking for, I wouldn’t find Khushi’s love for Arnav” he smiled

“I don’t want to talk about anything concerning him Aman, you asked for help I did that just because if it wasn’t him, I wouldn’t get to know the truth about my aunt”

“You still don’t want to give him a chance to prove himself Khushi? He is doing all this for you just because he loves you and he doesn’t want to lose you”

“Aman you asked me for help, I did that, I am sorry I can’t do anything more than that, here are your papers, I hope now you’ll be able to win the case in the court”

She headed towards the door and opened it as she turned back to Aman.

“I’ll never forgive him for what he did to me Aman, so you better tell him to forget me, because I am leaving him forever” Khushi said as she walked away.

“I thought she was ready to give him a chance” Aman said

“I thought the same too, until last night… she’s not leaving Arnav only, she’s also leaving me… she’s leaving every one of us… she told me last night that she has decided to go back to the village where her parents used to live, they had left a house there, she’ll live there and find some work and spend the rest of her life” Dimple said sadly.

“I’ll not let that happen, I have to talk to Arnav” Aman said as he walked away.

Jan 27, 2016

The Perfect Murder... Part 50 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 43 times)

Everyone was gathered outside the court.. Arnav had no idea about how wud he clarify himself.. Just two days back, after a struggle of about three months he was finally able to bag a job.. What if d court announced a verdict against him?? He wud not only lose d job, but also the other organisations wont recruit him in future.. For d first time he was scared of something...moving out of underworld wasnt easy, Khushi was already upset, now he wasnt prepared for yet another blow to his life..

"Arnav.." Pallavi came to him..

"Mom, I am scared today.." He said, and Pallavi n Aman smirked in return..

"Arnav my bro, here is a surprise for u.." Aman said signalling in a direction.. At first Arnav looked in confusion but in d next few seconds the confusion was turned into surprise as he saw Khushi coming wid Dimple.. Nor just Khushi, Dimple too was surprise for him..

"Hyee.." Arnav said reluctantly.. While Khushi turned to greet Pallavi, Dimple smiled back to him and he smiled more feeling relaxed.. He looked at Khushi expecting some reaction from her side too, but she didnt bother to give even a look..

"Arnav, the surprise doesnt end here.." Dimple said, and Arnav looked at her and Aman in confusion again..

"Look Arnav, we thought n thought and finally we realized dat to save u, we had no way other than choosing a wrong one.. Even aunty agreed to this.." Aman said..

"Agreed to what??" Arnav asked..

"We made Nupur sign some contract papers.. The contract says that u both had mutually agreed dat after engagement if u dont get along well, u wud part ur ways.. This was needed! Though engagement doesnt bind u by law, but such a case cud affect ur new life.. Court definitely had taken some action, be it almost nothing.. But it cud have affeted ur job n everything.." Aman explained, leaving Arnav in surprise, obviously.. He didnt have d slightest idea all this was going on behind his back!

"Idiot! I was tensed since yesterday, cudnt u tell me then?? How did u do this??"

"How n when, everything after d hearing because d judge has arrived.. But just one thing dat u must know now is...Khushi has done all this.." Pallavi said, and once again Arnav was surprised.. He looked at Khushi wid a smile but once again she turned away and walked to d hearing room alone..

"Thanks.. I am sure u must have done this.." Arnav said to Dimple..

"Its okay! I felt like convincing her for u.. Now hurry up!!" She replied and they all headed to d hearing room.. On one side, Nupur was seated wid her mom, giving angry yet confident looks to Arnav.. He knew what dat confident look was for! She definitely was going to win, didnt she believe dat?? Arnav smirked to himself and turned away as d judge asked d lawyer to begin..

"My lord, Mr Arnav Singh Raizada had promised my client to marry her, they are engaged too.. but when d time came and my client asked him about marriage, he backed off.. This is a serious attempt to ruin my client's goodwill, my lord.. This society will always question a girl about her broken engagement, and my client may suffer for her whole life.." Nupur's lawyer said and presented the photos engagement..

The judge looked at d photos, then turned to Arnav's side.. "Defender's side.." He ordered and Arnav's lawyer came forward..

"Sir, I wud only like to show u something, and dats it from my side.." Arnav's lawyer said..

"Permission granted.." The judge said and Arnav's lawyer handed him the contract papers.. He went through d papers, then turned to Nupur's lawyer again..

"What is this??" The judge questioned.. As Nupur's lawyer went through the papers quickly, he showed them to Nupur..

"Whats this?? U didnt tell about this.." The lawyer asked her, and she was left blank for a few minutes..

"This is wrong! I never signed any such papers.." Nupur shouted..

"My lord, we have a doubt dat these signatures of my client may be forged ones.. We request a handwriting test.." The lawyer said and just in d next minute an expert was called and d papers were given to him.. As the court stood adjourned for about an hour, everyone was gathered outside d court.. Arnav was again n again looking at Khushi, but cudnt gather d courage to talk to her.. Other side, Nupur n her mom were getting furious! Those contract papers were like a twist in d tale at d climax for them! They knew Nupur had never entered into any such contract but how wud they prove dat?? The court session started again and d judge came wid d most awaited decision..

"Ms Nupur, handwrting test result is here and it clearly says its ur handwriting.. The contract papers are real.. Mr Arnav Singh Raizada isnt found at fault.. And moreover, hereby I conclude dat Ms Nupur is accused of wasting the court's time and attempting ti affect Mr Arnav's reputation.. Hence she is liable to a penalty of twenty thousand rupees.." While Nupur and her mom looked numbly at d judge, Pallavi, Aman, Dimple and Arnav were elated.. Finally, the only hurdle in Arnav's path was also surpassed! Arnav looked at Khushi again, and this time she gave him a short look and walked out of d court..

"U cheaters, u liars, fraud! I never signed this contract!" Nupur yelled walking up to all of them..

"Relax my dear! We also know this, u need not shout.. And honeslty we are sorry too.. We had to do this anyhow! Now let me explain how.." Dimple said and narrated the whole incident when Khushi disguised herself as a waitress and took her signatures.. Arnav was elated to know dat Khushi took dat risk for him but Nupur and her mom cud do nothing other than beating d air.. They were infuriated but to their bad luck, nothing was under their control!

"Arnav, where is Khushi??" Dimple asked, panicking..

"She left.." Arnav replied sadly and in no time Aman and Dimple rushed out.. Arnav too followed them as he understood there was something to get worried for.. But what?? He kept looking blankly as Aman and Dimple searched for Khushi here n there..

"Guys, what is it??" Arnav asked stopping them..

"Arnav, Khushi was living wid Dimple till now, u know dat right?? But now she has decided to go far away from all of us.. She has decided to shift back to her village.." Aman said, leaving Arnav mad at himself.. Wht didnt he stop her when she was leaving?? She left widout anyone, all alone..wasnt dat an enough clue dat she was going away??

Jan 30, 2016

The Perfect Murder... Part 51 ((Last Part)) (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 43 times)

Khushi was standing alone at the bus station waiting for her bus to arrive as tears kept on rolling down her eyes…

No matter what, she couldn’t deny the fact that she loved Arnav like nothing and the thought of not seeing him ever again was hurting her like nothing else.

Tu hi maahi mera… tu hi mera khuda tha.. tu ibaadat tu hi bandage…

Tere bin suni suni hain raahein yeh saari… kaise jiyun zindagi… oh mahi… kaise jiyu zindagi…

“I’ll not let her go… she can’t go away like that… I must stop her” Arnav said as he asked dimple about where she would take her bus from and headed on a mission to bring her back.

He arrived at the bus station hoping and praying to God that he would see her, and hoping she hasn’t left.

A bus was already leaving as he rushed behind it to stop it but it dint.

He knelt down on his knees crying his heart out when he felt someone’s hand on his shouder.

He turned around and was overwhelmed to see Khushi standing right in front of him.

He stood up and without thinking of anything else, he pulled her into a tight hug letting tears fall down his eyes.

Khushi broke the hug leaving Arnav in an awkward situation.

“I don’t want to see you crying for me, because you don’t deserve to even shed a tear for me Arnav, why are you here even?” she asked

“Why am I here Khushi? I’m here to take back the only girl I love with me, I’m here to repent for my mistakes and ask her for forgiveness”

“Would that change what you did to me? Would that change the way you treated me in front of all those people? Arnav who did I have apart from you? I trusted you and thought no matter what you’ll never hurt me but I was wrong… you ended up hurting me worse than anyone would hurt his own enemy!”

Bas ek hi mera sahara tha maahi… who bhi chutta hain majhdhar me…

Dushman ko bhi aisi saza na de rabba… jo who kabhi pyar mein… hayee rabba..

“Khushi I’m really sorry, I wouldn’t treat you that way you know… it was just a misunderstanding”

“If it was a misunderstanding you should have talked to me instead of doing this… the news of your engagement was killing me but I thought I was your friend I should be happy for you and I tried, I tried my damn best to live when it was killing me but only if I knew it wasn’t your engagement but your own damn plan to hurt me and break me”

Iss pyaar ki yeh dekho ruswayi… bas dur talak tanhayi…

Kya wafa ka sila hain sirf bewafai.. pyar me jaan gawayi…

Hum the deewane tere deewane… hum the deewane tere deewane…

“I agree Khushi… I agree that whatever I did was wrong, I should have talked to you and asked you, I’m sorry I dint… but please understand me… I saw you talking to your aunt and what I heard just misguided me.

I thought after long I had got the nerve to trust someone and when I thought that you also broke it all I wanted was revenge… I wanted to break you and hurt you like you did to me…”

Sheh meri aur phir maat ho teri… mujhe iss se sukoon mila…

Nafrat hi teri meri chahat thi… tujhe todna that maksat mera…

“Khushi all what happened might be a misunderstanding but did you ever think why I chose to get engaged? Why I chose this way only to hurt you because if I was a hundred percent sure that you were betraying me, I would know you don’t love me and so me getting engaged with someone else wouldn’t hurt you but I did this because somewhere I still had that feeling that told me you love me”

Phir kyu har pal bechaini hain? Kyun nahi chahatein ye poori hain..

Hain adhuri yeh Khushiyan… mera rom rom kyu jala…

Hum the deewane tere deewane… hum the deewane tere deewane…

“Arnav just leave, our relation ended long back and I would prefer if it stays the way it is right now”

“Don’t say that please… everyone makes a mistake don’t they? I’m just asking for one chance? To prove myself worthy for you… just one chance please”

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because I love you and I don’t want to even think of a life where I wouldn’t have my Khushi with me, trust me that would be the worst part of life.

Secondly because you love me and I know no matter how angry you are no matter how much you hate me right now… you still have that small part in your heart which feels for me and I also know you won’t be happy without me.

I can see those tears in your eyes Khushi, I know you were crying and the only reason was because you also can’t think of a life without me.

Why are we messing up with our lives? Let’s just be together and everything would be fine, I promise I’ll not hurt you again, I promise I’ll always trust you.. just one chance Khushi and I’ll prove that I love you so damn much” he said as more tears rolled down his eyes.

“Arnav please”

“Khushi I beg you, please just one chance… I don’t want a life where I’ll regret till my last breath asking myself the same question, why dint I make the effort to stop you?

Look at me, I was a gangster you completely changed me, what else do you need for you to believe that I damn love you so much?”

Khushi just stood there staring at him, she was touched by all what he said and did to bring her back but somewhere there was that fear in her heart yet, what if he hurts her to this extent again?

“What if you hurt me like this again?”

“I won’t, I promise, I’ll always trust you and incase of any misunderstanding I’ll talk to you first, please don’t go away, I need you even dimple needs you and mom would surely throw me out of the house if I don’t go back with you”

“Oh so you are just trying to escape getting thrown out of the house?” Khushi giggled

“No… I love you idiot”

“I love you too” Khushi said as she hugged him.

She finally forgave him and they both headed back home where Arnav’s mom, Aman and Dimple were waiting.

They all were happy to see them back together and glad that Khushi finally forgave him.

“You better not hurt my best friend next time” Dimple warned Arnav

“And What if I do?”

“I’ll hurt your best friend in return” She blushed

“Oh I see” Arnav laughed while they all started teasing Aman and Dimple.

Pallavi was standing there with tears in her eyes when Khushi noticed her.

“What happened aunty?” she asked

“I never thought I’d have a family, but the four of you completed my dream, you are now my family” She said

“We’ll always be your family” Khushi hugged her.

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