Victory of Love *completed*

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Feb 4, 2017

Update11 (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 33 times)

(after  10 days) 

khushi is in the journey towards poona. after she went to delhi, she never failed to b in contact with him almost all the days. it was after five days that he started sounding low in chat and while she called his mobile, he cut the call. when she asked him y did he cut the call, he simply said "i may not able to control while talking to u khushi...i miss u, soooo much" she was in mixed emotions at that time. she felt tears in her eyes bcoz she was missing him just like him. she wanted to return back as soon as possible but her cousins didnt let her go easily. 

but today, shes returning to poona finally. she was thinking about arnav all the while-how would he react after he would see her, would he propose her directly? thinking all these a cute shy formed across her face and she lowered her eyes and closed them in the attepmt of controlling her blush. by then she had known that a beautiful blush automatically spread on her face as soon as she think about him. 

she reached her room with much more energy and as soon as she reached, she messaged arnav.

"hi arnavvv..."she typed.

"hi khushi..."his reply was instant.

"wat r u doing?" she asked

"getting ready to sleep...u?"he replied.

"i just now returned to poona..."she sent.

"oh that's nice....:) " he replied

"when r u going to meet me?tomorrow?"she asked directly.

"tomorrow? where?"he replied.

"at the same bus stop? we can meet when go to college right?"she asked.

"khushi my college gave preparation holidays from tomorrow itself...and im right now at my friend's much as i want to meet u tomorrow, this stupid friend of mine wont leave me free tomorrow and day after tomorrow too...he planned some stupid tour without asking me...:( " he replied.

"oh..."she replied with quite disappointment.

"im so sleepy to u tomorrow...good nyt.."she read his message. before she replied to it, she got another msg from the same number which contained "i miss u..." she smiled and said " i know...just like i miss u! good nyt arnav..."

she was actually disappointed as she couldnt meet him until two days. but somehow she consoled her heart saying its just two days time.


(after 2 days)

"arnav...where r u?"she sent him. he sighed looking at her message. in these two days, he couldnt reply her-his khushi.

"im still stuck at my friend's house khushi...:(" he replied.

"but...u told me that u would meet me today right?"she asked through message.

"yeah but...i think its going to b postponed...."he replied.

"hmmm..."he received her message. before he type any reply, he heard the voice of shop keeper. " r the medicines that u had asked for..."that shop keeper gave him the paper cover of medicines. He took the cover and gave him some money.

" friend is calling to u later. bye.."he replied and took the change from the shop keeper and turned around to leave the shop.

"sorry khushi...for saying lie to u..."he thought and gulped down the lump in his throat while putting his mobile in his pocket. while a layer of water formed in his eyes, he took out his mobile and typed "khushi...come to the bus stand tomorrow at 8 AM sharp.." he sighed after sending it to khushi.

"sure...i will b there sharp..."he received her reply. he could clearly guess that she would b smiling brightly on reading his message. he didnt show any expression and started crossing the road after pocketing his mobile back.


The very next day, she was there with much more energy wearing his fav colour green chudidar. she expected that he would b much happy with twinkle in his eyes and will hug her and propose her but it didnt happen. All she saw was just a smile on arnav's face after he reach there after 10 min of her arraival.

"sorry khushi....i was late...actually my friend was eating my brain and was not leaving too he booked tickets for movie. i may not b with u for much time.."he said looking at his wrist watch.

"who was that stupid friend of u? i wish i could kill him....he is always stopping u..."she said with hands on her hips.

he smiled, infact he laughed but that laugh didnt reach his eyes which was not going unnoticed by her. 

"his name is naveen....he is going to canada in few days so he asked me to accompany him in these few days...I, being his friend couldnt deny...thats y i couldnt able to meet u early..."he said and his eyes instantly turned sad.

"hmmm....i can understand..."she said. he kept quite and just smiled.

"khushi...." he said after few seconds of silence. she looked at him with curious expression as she thought that he would propose her.

"khushi...I...."he started saying but a beep on his mobile diverted his attention. "excuse me..."he said and hurriedly pulled out his mobile from his pocket.

"khushi i need to go to u later..."he said in one go and without even waiting for her answer he took and auto and left from there leaving a bewildered and confused khushi behind.

he looked at the message while going towards his destination. "arnav come soon...." he just closed his eyes and covered his face in the attepmt of controlling himself. "bhayya ride with fast plz..."he asked the driver with his broken voice.


(after some days probably after one month)

khushi started walking into the park. Their semister got over. while walking, all her thoughts were occupied by his behaviour from past few days. after their last meet where he went hurrily, they both never met again. he was not talking to her like before, he was not being in online for much time and she heard that he was not being regular to college too. during exams too he would come exactly on the time of exam and leave immediately after the completion of exam. even he was not talking properly to payal too. he used to reply to her messages but those would b just limited to "good mrng" or "good nyt". In these days, she got one job offer and after attending the interview, she cracked it. when she told him that she got a job, he messaged her "let's meet tomorrow at the park" so shes there then to meet him.

She saw him waving his hand towards her. she went to him who was at some feet distance.

"hey khushi...congrats.."he said and hugged her. its just a friendly hug. "i miss u soooo much.."he said making the light hug a bit tighter. before she hug him back tightly, he came out of hug and asked "where is the party girl?" he smiled looking longingly at her.

"i will give after training.."she said asking him to sit down on bench.

"training?" He asked.

"Yes. they gave me the appointment in Surat. i would b leaving for training tomorrow..."she told.

"oh.."there was disappointment in his voice. "when will u b back?"he asked.

"i will b back in one month after training arnav.."she said. 

he smiled and said "ok good...all the best..."he extended his hand for a shake.

But she didnt reciprocate the handshake but just asked him "arnav, is anything wrong?"  

he didnt expected this question from her and so shocked. "im fine khushi...absolutely fine." he told looking at other way.

"dont lie. I know u r not fine. something is bothering u....tell me na. that day too when u left all of sudden, there was longingness in ur eyes. u have been skipping this question whenever i asked u in watsapp and not only that, u r not talking to me like before....tell me arnav, wat happened?"she asked in one go.

arnav sighed and said "khushi nothing happened yaar....i got one job offer. they asked for java certificate and so i joined in the course to learn it. i thought to give u surprise with the call letter of the job but u r worried now so i needed to spill it out.."saying this he pouted cutely. 

"are u sure?"she asked.

He turned towards her completely and cupped her face and said "khushi...listen me...I'm not avoiding u. U R SOOOOO MUCH IMPORTANT TO ME....I WOULD NEVER FORGET U OR IGNORE U KHUSHI. I really got a job offer. I'm trying to settle in job as soon as possible so that i would marry the girl who has my mother's chain with her as my gift...I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THAT GIRL..."he said straightly looking into her eyes. There was honesty in his eyes. Khushi lowered her eyes with shyness for his another INDIRECT proposal for marriage. 

he looked behind in the sky only to observe that dark clouds are spreading fast indicating that it would b rained soon.

"OMG! khushi seems like it will b raining soon....come.."he said and started to walk fast towards the exit gate. He urged her to get into the auto so that she wouldnt drenched in rain.

"Arnav u too get in...u will b drenched in rain..." she asked.

"khushi..i need to buy few things from nearby mall...i will leave to house later...u take care ok? message me after u reach home..."he said and taking his hand, he kissed her palm and said "come soon after training khushi...i will b waiting for YOU.." he said. at that time auto started and soon left from there.

As soon as it left, he hurridely went inside the park and went to one vacant place. The dark clouds reflected his heart and the rain drops which started pouring bcame the part of his tears. his shoulders began to shake while he finally decided to cry his heart out in that rain. NONE could able to see the tears of him as they got mixed up with rain drops. NONE bothered about him who was drenched completely in that heavy rain.  He didnt know how long he was being there pouring the cocconed sadness that was being there in his heart.


(after one month)

"arnav..."his dad roared with anger. "beta, is this the way to behave with ur mom?" he added.

"SHUT UP....just shut up....u lost the right to call me ur son..."arnav said with equal roared voice.

"arnav...listen me..."his dad started saying.

"stop....i listened enough...i dont want to listen more..." saying this, arnav went to his room. Arya, who had been seeing all the happenings went behind his brother. his dad sat on the sofa with tensed face where as his wife kept on looking from her husband to her son's room.

after few minutes, they both saw arnav came out of the room holding a travelling bag. wat shocked them more was-Arya came out with another bag behind arnav. 

his dad stood up as he expected this outcome.

"I'm leaving the house. I dont want to live here any more..."said arnav with no nonsense tone.

"u may leave but y r u taking arya too?"his dad asked.

"BCOZ ARYA IS MY BROTHER....he is my responsibility damn it..."he screamed and stepped out of the room. arnav's dad stopped arya who was following arnav.

"Arya, let him leave...u need not to leave from here.."he told. arnav stopped at the exit thinking wat would b arya's answer.

"dad, u may not need ur elder son anymore...but MY BHAYYA needs me..."saying this he threw his dad's arm from his hand and stepped towards his brother.

"bhayya...let's leave..."said arya and they both left from there to NOWHERE particularly!


(After 15  days)

khushi came to arnav's appartment to meet him. her training got extended little. she was being worried as arnav didnt message her from past 15 days and when she tried calling him, his mobile was out of reach. so now, shes here at his appartment ringing calling bell. But wat shocked her was when some neighbours told her that arnav's family sold their apartment two months back. it was shock for her. He never mentioned about it to her. when she asked "y did they sell?" then the neighbour replied "i dont know.." with heavy heart khushi left from there. Now she didnt  have any other ways to contact him!!!

************************* good news :D my mobile had done suicide after 3 years and 3 months yippieeee.....its time to celebrate it. but alas! i wouldnt get new mobile soon so updates would b late as i need to type in PC.

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im waiting for ur feedback on this update. i will b updating the next part as soon as possible.

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Feb 4, 2017

update-12 (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 43 times)

(After 6 years)

Its a decent area in Mumbai. There, in one apartment, an young girl in her early 20's started to dance rythematically according to the music that had been playing in the tv by then. Her footwearless feet was moving freely according to the music. Few strands of her free hair were swirling around her where as few strands were flowing and movind side by side on her pink colour T-Shirt while she was moving her head now and then.

"Tune mari entriyan re

Dil mein baji ghantiyaan re, Tang!"

she started singing along with the song that had started playing just then. she took away her spectacles from her eyes and threw them onto the soft pillow that was besides her on sofa.

"Dil ki sun commentriyan re

Pyaar ki guarantiyan re, Tung!"

She took out a pic from the pocket of her black jeans and asked "did u listen my voice's call ah?" she looked at that pic with dreamy eyes and smiled making her petal like soft lips turning into a beautiful smile. her kohl covered eyes looked dreamily at the pic in her hand and said "u r not mine and i know it already but...send me my prince charming soon na..."she whined cutely with a sigh. By then the song in the music channel got over and so she took tv remote and changed the channel to another music channel.

"Oonchi waali heel pehen kar

Dance Basanti.."

she heard the lines from the tv and looked at her feet. 

"oyy i didnt wear heels" she said and laughed and started moving her feet according to the music.

"Ho.. har limit ki height pe chadh kar 

Dance Basanti..."

she started to dance the step same as in tv. Just then she heard calling bell sound and turned around to have a look at door and then at wall clock. "oh it must b didi..."she uttered before turning her dancing steps towards door. She opened it and as expected, it was her didi-KHUSHI.

"KARUN, seems like u r back from college early today?" she asked after entering into the apartment on seeing tv. she looked at karun and saw Hrithik's photo in her one hand and tv remote in other hand. "U r again talking to his photo?" she added.

"haaa didi...."karun smiled sheepishly. "didi guess wat, Hrithik is coming to our college tomorrow..."she said with excitment.

"And who told u that?"khushi asked with raised eyebrows.

"My friends.."karun replied shrugging her shoulders.

"uffooo karun....tomorrow is sunday...ur friends might b teasing u.."said khushi while moving towards kitchen to prepare tea.

"hawww yeah....they might b teasing me.."karun pouted. "i really believed them.." she muttered.

"didi..."calling her, she i.e., karun went into the kitchen.

karun is doing MBA now where as khushi is doing job as an architect engineer.

"ha karun? bolo..."said khushi with low voice. Karun knew why shes sounding low. there were two was her lover-arnav where as another was her boss-The devil, the name given by khushi.

"ur boss again irritated u?" asked karun not wanting to bring the topic of arnav.

"he always does that..."khushi sighed with irritation.

"hehehe i know that..."karun said.

"and he scolded me as i forgot to draw a margin on one paper..."khushi gritted her teeth. "if i didn't write 5 years bond to him then i would b away from mumbai by now and if that devil boss of mine didnt have a wife and two children, then i would b in jail by now after killing him....ufff im just sparing him for his wife and children..."said khushi while giving the tea cup to karun.

"awwww my toast babyyy..."stretched karun while pulling khushi's cheeks.

"stop calling me that..."khushi said with a frown.

"but i will call u that when u were looking so cute...and u know that too. hehehe. if u want me to stop calling by that name then u stop eating toast..."karun said after sipping her tea.

"u r so crazy in giving those type of weird names..."khushi sighed with helplessness. 


(next day)

khushi sat on the sand of beach looking at the infinite ocean and waves. she heard some giggling at a few feet distance and turned her head towards that sound only to find some random guy putting a chain around a girl's neck who seemed to b his girl friend. Soon, memories of past came into her brain AGAIN! as if, she forgot HIM in these 6 years? NOWAY! she pulled out the CHAIN from her handbag and looked at it...It was given by HIM followed by his indirect proposal on that day. she felt frustrated and closed her palm tightly in the process making the chain putting its print. 

"u r thinking about arnav, aren't u?"she heard karun's voice. Karun handed her an ice cream and sat besides her. Khushi's silence itself answered Karun.

"u still love him right?"karun asked.

"i always love him karun..."she replied looking at the ocean. "Everything reminds me HIM, even this ocean too reminding his name-ARNAV! that's why im frustrated..."she added.

"frustrated?"asked karun with confusion.

"yes...bcoz i couldnt forget him like he DID...i couldnt digest the fact that he left like that without saying anything to me...Sometimes i get doubt that whether he really loved me or not.."said karun with breaking voice.

"didi...u know that he really loves u. There must b some reason behind his sudden disappearance..."Karun always tell this to khushi.

"But he could have share about it with me right?"khushi said with anger. "i asked him many times but that stupid guy was adamnant to not voice them out...but his sad eyes told me that he was suffering with some problem...i would have been with him supporting him if he told me about his problems once...but...but he just left like that, without giving any information, cutting the all contacts, leaving me just like that simply..."said khushi. Karun just sat silent. "Let's move karun...i dont wanna talk about him...I HATE HIM..."saying this khushi stood up to move towards her bike. 

"Didi...u may just voice out that u hate him but i know that u love him so much from the bottom of ur heart. I am praying to god that he should re-enter into ur life as soon as possible. hey devimayya, plz make arnav and khushi together..."thinking this, karun looked at the sky as if praying to god. Just then, she saw one helicopter flying above her.


A handsome young man in his early 20's got down from the same helicopter and started walking towards the entrance of that construction company- A square constructions. he removed his sun glasses displaying his blue eyes which were full of confidence and a hint of mischieviousness. 

"Arya..."he heard someone calling him and turned around only to find his friend- aman. 

"ha aman..."he said while pocketing his glasses in his royal blue colour suit which was matching his blue eyes and hightlighting his fair tone and fitted perfectly to his 6 feet tall height.

"Do u think ASR is inside?"asked Aman.

"Yes...he is inside..."said Arya while entering into the office.

"What the! I am not paying u to flirt with lady staff in working hours Mr. Patil....."they both heard the roar from ASR- Arnav Singh Raizada as soon as they entered in. 

"I pity that lalit patil..."arya whispered to aman and aman too nodded seeing the fire splitting eyed ASR infront of them.

Arnav changed sooooo much in these six years. That soft hearted arnav became a stone walled hearted ASR. Along with six pack body, he also developed a wall around his heart, not because of hiding from feelings but bcoz he wanted to safegaurd the queen of his heart who have been residing in his heart all these years. his soft and funny nature got replaced with rude and serious fire splitting nature.  he was not at all that emotionally weak arnav any more...he is THE ASR who has no more tears to cry! He knows that only one person could make him cry again...that person is none other than his love, his life-his KHUSHI.

**************** is the next update. im waqiting for ur feedback so eagerly.

NOTE: girls, wat happened in these 6 years and those 2 months will b revealed in upcoming updates. so stay tuned to know ;) and also my updates wont have any proof read so sorry for any spelling/grammer mistakes.

@Serujum2811, Agnee, Lily30, Khushisingh96, Londoner, Sukanya74, Noordina...thank u so much for ur valuable comments dears. well, i need to say something. I knew that the previous update should put many doubts/confusions/misteries in ur brains. but All these will b cleared in 3-4 updates. i didnt like to seperate arshi for much updates so their separation is just limited to few updates. have some patience plz, arshi will b together soon :) thanks again.

will meet u all with next update as soon as possible, till then, tc, have a nice time ahead.

with love,


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Feb 6, 2017

update-13 (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 47 times)

"Mr. Patil, if u want to flirt with girls then u can leave this office immediately. even though today is sunday, im paying u extra salary for working on this holiday so u HAVE to WORK during working hours instead of flirting with lady staff, I already informed all to consult me yesterday if they want a day off today. U didnt consult me, that means u urself is doing this extra time then why the hell r u not working..."ASR said in one go that too just in seconds time making the employee flench with fear.

"sorry ASR.." lilit patil said.

"i dont want ur sorry...go back to ur work..NOW..."he said with low but dangerous voice and he too started to work. ASR marched towards his cabin. Both aman and arya looked at each other and then walked towards his cabin. By then they both got aquainted with the angry ASR who ALMOST forgot how to smile!


(next day)

"Arya...wat about the deal?" asked arnav while going through some file.

"I talked to the owner of SIRI constructions....they agreed to work with us bhai...."said arya. At that time arya, arnav and aman were in arnav's cabin discussing about one important deal. Aman was arnav's PA.

" when they are going to come to delhi from surat?" asked arnav. Previous day morning only arya went to surat in the helicopter to talk to the owner of the company and returned back.

"He's not coming bhai. But he told that an employee from his mumbai's branch will come for a conference in a week. We need to give powerpoint presentation. 

"good....u and aman work on it. And arya, u are going to give this presentation. ok?"asked arnav looking at them. 

"ok bhai..." BOTH said in unison. YES, Aman too called him as BHAI. Arnav looked down casually towards the employees from his glass cabin. A person caught his attention and his face lit up instantly and with a bright smile, he got up from his chair and went towards the door to go to that person. Arya too followed him with same bright smile on seeing that person. Aman just smiled widely and went down after them on seeing the person for whom they both went down with that much happiness. 

The next moment, wat the staff of A Square construction saw was their boss-ASR and his bro ARYA went towards a man of 40+ age with fast steps and bright smile. Some emoployees even felt like their head spinned around on seeing their LION aka ASR smiling for the first time in the office. That man stood up from his chair as soon as he saw arnav. Arnav came towards the man and bent down to touch his feet for blessings. 

"God bless u arnav..."said that man after putting his hand on arnav's head with affection.

"Kiran Sir...When did u come?"asked arnav after getting up. Before Kiran sir answered, Arya came to him and bent down to take his blessings.

"How r u uncle?" asked arya.

"I'm fine arya...hmmm u became like a body builder with muscles...good improvement in this one year..."said kiran with a smile.

"yes DAD..he is going to gym more often nowadays..."said aman and hugged kiran.

"How r u Aman?"asked kiran patting his son's back. Yes, Aman is kiran's son. he was the same sir who was at arnav's college. Mr. Kiran Khurana, the man for whom arnav participated in that competition 6 years ago, the man for whom arnav had deep respect from the bottom of his heart. If anyone asks both arnav and arya a question of DO U OWE TO ANYONE? then they would definitely tell Kiran's name.

"uncle u should have come to bhai's cabin na? we three were there only..."asked arya.

"yes sir, u should have come directly to my cabin...u need not wait for an appointment in this waiting area!"said arnav and turned towards the girl who was at reception and asked "did u ask him to wait?" anger was clearly visible in his voice that the girl flenched little and said "yes sir, he didn't have any" she was sure that ASR would blast on her now like a valcano.

"How dare dare u to ask HIM to wait?!"arnav started with gritting teeth.

"Bhai.....leave her, she doesn't know him..."arya said placing his hand on arnav's shoulder.

Arnav glared at her for few seconds and said "Fine...i am sparing u for this time but remember this thing....u can send HIM directly to my cabin anytime, i mean ANY TIME...he is equal to a GOD to me...understood?" he asked with cool voice this time. The girl nodded her head vigourously.

"Come sir...we will go upstairs..."said arnav politely after turning towards Kiran and they four left from there.


" many times i need to tell u to b punctual and perfectionist? i had called u long time back but u came NOW? and u didnt draw BORDER to this plan....wat is this?" khushi's boss-Mr. Raman devdas is blasting on her.

"U devil, u just call me 5 min back not LONG time ago..."she thought mentally but smiled and said "Sir, ritu told me that u called me and as soon as she told me, i strated in second floor sir, but it took me 5 minutes to climb the steps and come here...if i were a superwoman or spiderwoman, i would have come with in seconds after ur call to show this building plan sir. and about that border, i drew it with pencil...I think u forgot to wear ur spectacles today SIR..."she told with so polite voice. But she and also her boss knew that she was indirectly scolding him too.

"Don't b smart...If u were not the topper in the interview, i would have dismissed u long ago......"He said with a glare. He checked the building plan and obviously it was excellent. 

"Good....but i think u need some modifications here..."saying this, he told which modifications should b needed. Raman is basically nice person but short tempered and over perfectionist. He wouldnt flirt with khushi but he irritates her with his extra timesense which was not at all necessary, but he's talented. NOW, he told her about the modifications and she liked the modifications too.

"Ok sir, I will draw the plan again then and show it to u..."said khushi and turned around to leave.

"Khushi...are u working on the powerpoint presentation that u r going to give at A Square constructions next week?"He asked.

"Yes sir...I'm already working on it..."she told.

"Good...this deal is so important to us...concentrate on it. ok?"he said.

"Ok sir...i will...."She left to her cabin after saying this. 


So, here is the next update. I'm waiting for ur feedback on this update.

@Khushisingh96, Londoner, Jaishrik, Sukanya74, Lily30, Arshi95twilight....thank u so much for ur valuable comments dears. The reason behind arnav's disappearance would b revealed in few updates. Keep in touch with the story till then! Thanks again.

@Agnee...I think there is some misunderstanding dear. Arnav is not married. Khushi's boss is married and have 2 children. Arnav is not khushi's boss. khushi didnt met arnav in these 6 years. I hope its clear now? plz feel free to ask if u have any doubts. Thank u so much for ur valuable comments.

@Noordina...haha ya leaving her just like that is not at all fair! She wouldnt forgive him easily. ;) and the reason behind his disappearance will b revealed in few updates. stay tuned. And ya thank u so much for ur regular comments :)

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Feb 8, 2017

Update-14 (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 47 times)

"Arnav u r embarrassing me by serving like this....plz u too sit and have lunch..."said Kiran with Arnav who was pouring water in water glass.

"Sir, I will eat after sometime. And about serving, i'm getting this chance after almost 1 year so plz let me serve u.."He said while putting dal in cup for him.

"Yes uncle, u deserves all these u know..."said Arya.

"Oh my god! U both will make me a man with horns soon as a result of ur praises..."said Kiran. Aman just sat besides his dad and was smiling listening their talks.

"We r just telling the truth uncle. Not praising u!"said Arya shrugging his shoulders.

"If u weren't there with us on that day, dont know where we would b today.."said Arya remembering the dreadful day 6 years ago! Arnav silently put his arm around his brother's shoulder sensing his broking voice.

"If i weren't there too, Arya, ur brother would have done any hard work to save u.....I know him..."Said Kiran and looked at Arnav. Arya too looked at him who just looked down.

"yes.....I know....and I would have supported him for sure..."said Arya looking with admiration towards his brother. Yet, he missed that old cheerful, talkative arnav. 

Aman observed the atmosphere there was getting emotional, so to change it, he said "Dad, u know wat we r working on a deal along with siri constructions..."

"wow! That's good....all the best to all of u. I know u all will make it succesfull." Said kiran with a smile.

"With ur blessings, we can do anything sir..."said arnav.

"oh common arnav, dont start it again....u have been praising me from the past 6 years!"Kiran rolled his eyes.

"yes yes....bcoz u deserve it uncle..."said arya with a giggle seeing kiran's expression. Even though kiran is arnav's sir, Arya first knew him as Aman's father. So he calls his as 'Uncle' only. Actually Aman and Arya were schoolmates. Even though Aman is junior to Arya, they both were best buddies since their school days.

"Arya, not u too.....I just  helped u to create base only. And u both have been successful in building this ur own kingdom..."said kiran eyeing the spacious office. "So, credit goes to u both..."concluded kiran after dismissing further arguments about that matter. Aman silently giggled as he got aquainted with that arguement by that time. Aman always admired his father for his nature and his good deeds. At first, he didnt know Arnav. He was best friend of Arya and 6 years back, on that day he got to know that arya's brother was his dad's student. After somedays, he started admiring arnav for his good nature and they three i.e., Arnav,arya and aman soon become just like siblings. Arya started working in A Square constructions while managing his studies at a line. And Aman joined as Arnav's P.A as soon as he completed his bachelor's degree. Arnav didnt give him job as aman is like his brother but he gave the job based on Aman's talent. Aman had completed his post graduation through correspondence course while doing job and right now he even owned a two bed room flat with his own earned money. He usually call arnav as "ASR" when he's among with other staff. But when he's with arnav and arya he calls him as "bhai" just like arya. In short, Aman is a funny, responsible and intelligent guy and his relationship status is SINGLE.


(After few days)

"OH my god! wat's happening me today..."Khushi muttered while pacing to and from in hall.

"Didi...relax...u have been pacing from half an hour..."Karun, who was on the sofa uttered.

"Dont know y karun..but I'm feeling like something is going to happen today..."said khushi.

"Is it about the PPT that u r going to give today in A Square constructions?"asked karun.

"No karun...I'm not nervous about the presentation....but...I'm feeling like something is going to happen..."said khushi. She placed her hand on her heart and Whishpered"my heart is beating fast again!"


(at A Square constructions)

"Where is Arya?"asked Arnav looking at aman.

"Bhai...seems like he's in conference room, checking the arrangements..."answered aman. They both are in arnav's cabin. Arnav took out his mobile and called arya to come to his cabin. within few min, arya came into the cabin.

"Arya, everything is ready right?"asked arnav.

"ha bhai....i even checked the projector once too...everything is perfect."answered arya.

"good. Give presentation with confidence ok?"said arnav.

"ok bhai."answered arya.

"And aman, did those employees from siri constructions arraived?"asked arnav.

"their boss and P.A arraived but the person who was going to give the presentation didnt arraive yet."answered aman.

"Wat the! presentation will b started in 10 min and that person didnt arraive yet?! I need punctuality in everything.."said arnav with a stern face. "If that person arraives late all along the project time then i wont do this project at all..."he muttered.

"Bhai...relax...she's on her way, i called her few min back. She will come at the correct time..."said aman. Arnav just nodded his head.

After that they both started to walk towards conference room. After they reached the floor where the conference room was, arnav got a call. He asked aman to go into the hall and he moved aside to attend the call. After finishing it, he turned around to move but got banged with some person.

"Wat the..!"he muttered and was about to spit fire on the person but before that he heard very familiar voice.

"Sorry, i was in hurry so didnt see u..."that person said while taking up the files which fell down with that bang.

Arnav stood there with wide eyes and whispered "Khushi..." yes, it was khushi, his love, his life, his happiness.

She snapped her head up and slowly stood up with shock and surprise. Both of their eyes became teary on seeing and listening to each other after many years. Arnav gulped the lump in his throat and fisted his palm in order to control his tears. He only knew how much badly he wanted to hug her and cry on her shoulder and apologise her again and again until she forgives him.


Finally! They met...after 6 long years. Khushi, dont forgive him easily -_- by the way, how's the update?

@Arshi95Twilight, Lily30, Piya, Serajum2811, Sukanya74...thank u so much for ur valuable comments.

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@Noordina.....thank u dear. yes, arnav changed into ASR but khushi's arnav is there, he just put him in the cocoon of his heart just for her. :) im eagerly waiting for ur feedback on this update.

sorry for any grammer or spelling mistakes, No proof read.

will meet u all with next update as soon as possible. till then, stay tuned.

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Feb 9, 2017

Update-15 (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 44 times)

She snapped her head up and slowly stood up with shock and surprise. Both of their eyes became teary on seeing and listening to each other after many years. Arnav gulped the lump in his throat and fisted his palm in order to control his tears. He only knew how much badly he wanted to hug her and cry on her shoulder and apologise her again and again until she forgives him.

She's not less, her eyes became teary as soon as she heard his voice. She instantly came to know y her heartbeat raised on that morning. How much she missed him every minute....At that time, she didnt remember any trace of her anger towards him and all wat she wanted to do was just hug him close to herself and make sure that she was not hallucinating again like she used to many times! 

"khushi..."he whispered again.

"Arnav...."she called out releasing a sigh of breath which she had been holding for a while. "Arnav..."she called again and about to step forward to hug him, but she stopped herself hearing a voice.

She looked aside and saw a man in his 20's.

"ASR..."called aman. arnav tunred towards him. "ASR, everything is ready for the conference..." arnav nodded her head.

but wat shocked him more was, aman turned to khushi and asked "u r khushi right? ur boss is waiting for u...plz come this way.." she smiled and nodded her head and followed aman but not before giving a longing look to arnav.

"that means, khushi is the one who's going to give presentation now?" arnav muttered himself and moved towards the conference room.


When he reached the conference room, he saw khushi shacking her hands with arya. Arnav was kept on looking at khushi that he missed the expressions of Arya. Aman saw arnav's entry so turning to khushi, he introduced both unknown to the knowledge that they both knew each other before.

"Ms. Gupta, he's ASR. Our boss..and ASR, she's Ms. Khushi Kumari Gupta....the employee of siri constructions." they both shook their hands. Where as arnav kept on looking at khushi, she completely ignored him now and just smiled as a perfect proffesional. Later arnav introduced raman to ASR and vice versa. 

They proceeded to the presentation. Khushi was going to give her presentation after arya and so arya moved towards the screen. For the first time in these six years, arnav didnt hear the presentation at all. In that dim light, his whole concentration was on khushi. He kept on looking at her face in the attempt of filling her in whole of his mind. But whom he was kidding? She had been residing in his brain and heart all these years! and he knew it too. He looked at her eyes which were just looking at the screen completely ignoring him. But he observed that anger on her face from the way she biting her lip and flaring nose and serious expression on her face. Even though he felt guilt again, a small smile appeared on his face on seeing her expressions. "She is the same stubborn girl.."he thought and chuckled mentally. If the room were empty, he would have hugged her very close to him and talk all the sweet words with him and kept on burying his head in her free hair inhaling her flower scent. 

On the other hand, khushi was not less. As much as she wanted to hug him and cry, she also wanted to slap him hard and kick him for leaving just like that without informing her. If she got broom there, she would like to hit him with that until his shirt get rip off and blood come out of his skin. "How the hell he dare to leave like that.."she thought mentally and bite her lip to control her anger. She felt his gaze on her but thought to ignore him completely. "Now he will feel how did i felt with his absence.."she thought. But, in her anger she forgot that arnav went through 4 folds of her sadness!

After arya, khushi started giving the presentation ignoring arnav's gaze. After that, both the companies signed for the deal.

"Mr. Raman, as we signed the deal, let's go for site visit in two days, wat say?"asked arnav.

"yeah sure Mr. Raizada...khushi will come. After all, she's the one that going to handle this project from our company."said Raman with a smile. Arnav looked at khushi but she was looking somehwere blankly without any expression as if she's thinking deeply.

"ok then..."saying this, arnav gave his hand to Raman for a shake. "see u.."he said with proffessionalism. Raman nodded and bidding a bye, he along with khushi and his P.A left from there. Arnav kept on looking at khushi silently hoping for her one gaze but she didnt turned back and went from A Square constructions. Arnav sighed and walked towards his cabin with a sad face.

Being in his own world, he missed the look on Arya's face. Arnav was so lost that day. All the happenings of past 6 years kept on replaying in his brain. He kept silent about his love. According to him, except his mother and himself, NONE knew about his love towards khushi.


"Sir, I won't handle this project..."Khushi said to her boss-Raman the next day. Raman looked at her with shock. Khushi never said like this. She always take any project as a challenge and works hard for it. 

"Why?"he asked calmly guessing that there must b some reason behind her decision. But she stood silent looking at her palm.

"Khushi, wat happened? Does anything bothering u?"asked Raman with a brotherly affection. He irritated khushi with his over perfection but he was not a bad person.

"No sir.."she answered.

"Then? Y r u saying that u wouldnt handle this project?"he asked again. She stood silent.

"Khushi this is a big project. If u handle this, u will get many more good oppurtunities which would b helpful for u. Then what r u fearing for?"He asked.

"No sir...I'm not fearing.."She said instantly. But, her innerself was not ready to believe her false statement. She knew that she was scared- scared of the heart break again, scare of the memories which may come back when she works with him. That's y she decided to not involve in this project any more. But seems like some other thing is there for her.

"Then?"he asked.

"I will handle this project sir..."She said after few seconds of thinking. "Why the hell should I fear for that idiot arnav.."she thought.

"Good...then u have to go to A Square constructions for site visiting..."He said.

She nodded and left from there. A Square constructions. "A Square might b refers to Arnav and Arya..." she thought before working on her PC.


ok...I think its a quick update? I'm going to work on the next update now. I'm waiting for ur feedback on this one. 

@Agnee....ya she will make it little hard for him in next update ;) thank u for ur comment.

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@Asu29494...thank u! It wont take much long time in forgiving him but in her anger, she is gonna hurt him more! Later she regrets it too.... That's wat i can say till now. thanks again. its not necessary to bang each other... And khushi wont outbrust her anger yet! thanks for ur comment. 

@Londoner...hey its ok, dont b sorry. Upon that, I would like to read multiple comments by my readers u know ;) hehehe thanks for ur comment btw.

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Feb 11, 2017

Chapter-16 (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 44 times)

"Wats today's schedule?"asked arnav addressing Aman.

"Bhai, today we need to go for site seeing with Ms.Gupta. She will b here in one hour..."said Aman. A small smile appeared on arnav's face. Aman looked at his smile but didn't observed the twinkle in Arya's blue eyes! 

"Oh...that's good...."said arnav while checking some files.  

"Ya....that's good. Should I bring project files too?"asked Arya with a wide smile. 

"What the? U r coming with me?"asked arnav. He thought he would able to spend sometime alone with Khushi and thus can able to woo her but here, Arya is getting ready to accompany him.

"Ha Bhai.... of course I'll accompany u like always...."Arya shrugged his shoulders.

"No no....Arya, u and Aman stay in office and check the further planning of the project...."said arnav.

"But Bhai...."Arya was about to say some thing.

"No more questions Arya...u both go back to work now...."said arnav.

"OK Bhai....."said Arya with a secret smirk and left from there with Aman. Arnav looked at his retreating back and sighed in relief. "I should woo Khushi someway today...."he muttered himself and looked at his wristwatch. "50 min more and she will b here....I'll say sorry to her first..."he thought. 


Khushi stood outside of his cabin debating herself whether to knock the door or not! Inside his cabin, his heartbeat became high indicating her presence. He smiled with whole heart after long time. Finally after debate of few minutes, she decided to enter in. 

"Khushi, it's just matter of job, purely professional...nothing else... "She muttered herself and knocked the door.

"Come in...."she heard his answer and pushed the door to enter in. He saw her in official attire and stood up from his chair. 

"May I sit?"she asked as he was not talking anything other than staring at her with those memorised eyes! She just kept on looking down.

"Ya ya...plz take a seat...."he said coming out of his trans. She sat on the chair and placed her hand bag on the desk. 

After few seconds of silence, he thought to initiate the sorry ceremony from his side. 

"Khushi...."he called.

"Yes, Mr.Raizada?"she asked straight looking at him eye to eye. 

The seriousness and anger in her eyes made him Flench little and he stammered for words. 

"Khushi..... actually....."he started. 

"Mr. Raizada, I came here ONLY for business purpose....not for discussing any other issues...."she said sternly looking other side. 

"Oh....."he just uttered with disappointed tone. Even though Khushi felt bad, she just thought "he deserves it....." 

"Can we go to visit the site?"she asked. 

"Sure....but before that, I would like to ask u a question..."he said. 

"What?"she answered looking anywhere other than him. 

"Did u have ur breakfast?"he was so concerned. She shot up her head towards him with his unexpected question.

"I think it's not in the deal to discuss about it....I came here only for my job...."she said diverting her eyes away from him. 

"Hmmmm....."his throat got dumb with her rude answer. After some seconds, he got up from his seat and said "let's go for site visiting" she nodded and followed him.

In car, as driver was there, he couldn't talk to her and where as she was completely ignoring him by looking outside throu window! And at site, she didn't allow him to speak anything BEYOND their work! And after returning to A Square constructions, she bid good bye and started to move towards the parking lot to reach her scooty.

"Hi...."she heard someone's voice. She turned around and saw Arya there. 

"Hi..."she reciprocated the wish.

"U r leaving so early? It's even not noon...."he asked with a smile. 

"Ya we went to site visiting and the work here got'm leaving for my office...."she replied with no expressions on her face.

"Oh...atleast have lunch with us...after all we r working in same project now.....we would like to invite u for lunch today....consider it as the celebration for the deal?"he asked with a smile.

"No Mr.Raizada....sorry for denying ur invitation. But I have work at my workplace to finish. See u later...bye...."saying this she went from there without even waiting for Arya's reply. He looked at her retreating back with a sad face. She didn't want to b there in that place's becoming tough for her to b in the place where he's...she's unable to stop her anger and pain Infront of him! At what situation she fell in, she wanted to scold him for leaving her and at the same time she also wanted to hug him badly and at the same time she wanted to ignore him as she hadn't face another heart break from him and also at the same time she wanted to hurt him as much he hurt her! But she couldn't stand his sad face as a result of her rudeness but she didn't want to melt sooooo quickly. She feared that wat if he leaves her again if she forgive him easily! She's in the state where she didn't know wat to do!


(In evng) 

Khushi just sat on the sofa with a thud and closed her eyes and closed her face with both of her palms. 

After some minutes, karun came into the apartment after her college. She saw her sister sitting on sofa.

"Kya hua Didi? Again ur boss irritated u ah?"she asked putting her college bag on sofa and went to kitchen to drink water. She came back to hall and saw Khushi who was in deep thoughts. By then karun got that something was serious. 

"Didi, wat happened?"she asked Khushi.

Khushi looked at her for one second and averted her gaze again and said "I met him..." In these two days, she didn't tell to karun about how she had met him.

"Who?"asked karun. Khushi didn't answer but her silence gave the answer to karun. She gasped and asked "arnav?" Khushi nodded her head. 

"Where did u meet him?"she asked desperate to know the answer. 

"He's the owner of A Square constructions where I went for presentation..."she answered and karun could guess the rest of happenings. She knew Khushi wouldn't have let arnav speak about their past.

"Don't tell me that u didn't give him a chance to explain himself...."karun asked with a whisper.

"A chance? Wat the hell karun...he left me, HE LEFT ME JUST LIKE THAT and should I listen him an forgive him easily?"asked Khushi with anger. 

"But Didi...."she was about to say something but got cut off from Khushi.

"No buts or more discussionson this topic...I'm not gonna forgive him easily...."saying this, Khushi went to her room. 

Karun sighed in helplessness on seeing Khushi. She knew how much stubborn Khushi is......once she decide, she won't listen to anyone quickly. Karun always believe that there must b some reason behind his disappearance. She doesn't support him COMPLETELY and also she doesn't blame him COMPLETELY too!

"Where would her anger leads to?"she muttered herself. 


"Khushi...I know that I done a mistake by leaving u like that..but plz, plz don't punish me like this plz! I may able to tolerate anything but not ur ignorance....plz Khushi, just give me just one chance to explain myself...plz Khushi....plz...."his pen got stopped from writing on the paper. That page of his dairy started drenching with his tears. That dairy had been absorbing his tears every night from past 6 years. 

Arya looked at his brother from the small gap of the window and lowered his head. He turned around and wiped his tears before going towards his room. 

"Bhai....I won't miss this chance. I will somehow make u meet Khushi bhabhi again so that u can explain urself to her..... U had done all those for me. Enough of the pain u went through, enough of the pain I went through after seeing u in tears all these I WILL bring back the KHUSHI into ur life bhayya.....I WILL...."he thought looking at the ceiling of his room. "But how? Oh god! Plz show me a way plz...." Where as here Arya drifted to sleep with his thoughts, there arnav slept hugging his dairy close to his heart after being exhausted of crying! It's the only way he had been sleeping all these years...!!! Yes, he had been crying DAILY in all these years. May b sometimes Khushi would not been crying either from the company of her sister or bcoz of her anger towards him but not a SINGLE day left that didn't make HIM cry!!!


So, here is the next update. Arnav had gone through sooooooo much, I mean SOO MUCH! Wat was that would b revealed in next two updates. Stay tuned to the story. 

@Agnee, Serujum2811, Londoner, Arshi95Twilight, Lily30, noordina, Khushisingh96.....thank u so much for ur valuable comments.

Will meet u all soon.

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Feb 12, 2017

Chapter-17 (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 46 times)

(after some days)

Arya looked at the small hill of clothes those were Infront of him on that table. 

"If anyone see these, they would think that these all r for me but in truth, they r for my brother too!"he muttered and lifted the cloths with his both hands and started walking towards trail room to try them. Well, right now, he's in a mall and came for shopping. That day was Sunday. Arya got bored at home and also with work so thought to relax for sometime and asked his bro to accompany him for shopping but arnav is always busy with works. Sometime Arya gets doubt that even PM of India too wouldn't b that much busy with work. But he knew the truth- arnav intensionally immerse himself with work just to distract all his thoughts. 

"Thank God, atleast he doesn't complain with my choice of his cloths..."Arya thought. Obviously he knew which type of cloths his bro was preferring nowadays. Those dark coloured cloths. He stopped wearing any youth trending cloths 6 years back itself. 

"Oh god! Now should I try bhai's shirts too?"he thought and sighed with disappointment. Obviously he should try and it would b fit for arnav too as both the brothers are similar. 

While he's walking towards the trail room, he bumped into someone as he was unable to look at his way as his hands were full of cloths. He heard someone's yelp and before the person fell down, he held her by her waist. Yes, it was a lady. Seems like she too was bringing lot of cloths and those all cloths flew in air and fell on them, just like a movie scene. He looked at her one hand which was holding his collar for support and looked at her face. It was covered by some dupatta which fell on her during their dash. He kept on looking at her as if he was pulled by some magnet. Her face discovered as she pulled off the dupatta which was partially hiding her face from his view. First her eyes came into his view and along with him, she too kept on looking at him, all lost. While he was observing all her facial features, she kept on looking at his BLUE EYES. Yo yo honey sigh had written blue eyes song for a GIRL but if karun get a chance, she would have written a song for arya on his blue eyes! 

"Karun...."they both heard someone's voice but the volume seemed like low for both as they were so lost.

"Karun?"he asked while looking at her all lost.

"Karunya...."she replied in trans.

"Nice name...."he whispered in trans.

"Karun..."this time khushi's voice broke karun's trans and she looked aside and saw Khushi coming towards her with concern. Arya followed karun's gaze and saw Khushi.

"Khushi bhabhi..."he thought but his thought got disturbed with the struggling of karun in his arms. He made her stand properly on her feet. 

"Karun r u OK? That's y I asked u to wait until I come back after finishing my call....but u didn't listen and brought all the cloths at a time to trail room...."said Khushi in one go. She didn't see Arya there. 

"Didi I'm fine....relax..."said karun and looked at Arya. 

"Arya?"uttered Khushi. "U here?"she asked. 

"Arya....hrithik's name...."whispered karun. Where as Arya got confused, Khushi got it. Arya has all the qualities except green eyes that karun listed for her husband.

"Ha Ms. Gupata....I came for shopping..."he answered ignoring karun's whispered words. 

"Oh acha..."answered Khushi and looked behind Arya hoping for the glance of arnav. It didn't get unnoticed by Arya. Where as karun was not in the state of observing anything I mean ANYTHING other than the man Infront of her! Before Arya talked anything to Khushi, she got a call and excusing herself, she went away from there.

"Oh my god! Wat a way u gave...I'll use it...."Arya muttered with excitement quickly and turned to karun and asked "give me ur mobile.." but she didn't answer. She was just kept on looking at him in trans. He saw mobile in her hands and stanched it looking at the way Khushi had left. "I should b quick before Khushi bhabhi come back..."he thought and opened karun's mobile. It asked for password.

"Password?"he muttered.

"Hrithik Roshan...."he heard her voice and snapped his head towards karun only seeing her all lost looking at him! Till then, he didn't observe her lost state. He quickly opened her mobile and typed his number in dailpad and cut the call after one ring. 

"U can stare at me later...."he told with a smirk and put back her mobile in her palms. Khushi reached there as soon as he put the mobile back in karun's palm. So, Khushi doesn't know anything about the phone number exchanges between karun and Arya. 

After wat happened, karun had not had any idea! 


(At nyt)

"Hi...."karun got a msg from unknown number in her watsapp and opened the dp of that contact to see who that was. Her eyes got wide with shock on seeing that mall man-arya's pic.

"U? How did u get my number?"she replied.

"From ur mobile only..."he replied.

"From my mobile?"she was confused.

"Yes. When u were sooooooo lost in me, at that time I took ur mobile and called my number through it..."he sent with a wink smiley.


She felt the whole embarrassment gulped her at that moment! Oh god, she didn't have any idea of wat had happened after Khushi said Arya's name. She was kept on looking at his features, his blue eyes-which were like the color of the sky, his smile, his twinkle in eyes, his smirk, his height, his muscular arms, his black color T-shirt which height lighted his white toned skin, his cooling glasses which were kept on the T-shirt.....he was very similar to her prince charming including his name except his blue eyes. Yes, she wished for a hubby with green eyes but she found blue eyes more beautiful! 

"Karun....I'm coming to the point without beating around the bush....I'm arnav's younger brother...."he sent.

"Arnav? U mean Khushi Didi's...."she sent.

"So, u too know about them? Good then. Yes, about that arnav only I'm talking....I wanna see them together again...I need ur help in this. Can u meet me tomorrow plz?"he asked directly.

"OK....I will help u...."she replied after thinking for some time.

"Thanks....come to the same mall tomorrow for lunch....I'll b at food u there then. Bye :) " he sent.

"OK bye...."she sent with a smiling smiley.


After that she went offline. But Arya opened her dp in which she was posing holding an umbrella. She was spreading a bright smile and was with free hair in rain. But that umbrella was saving her from drenching in rain. 

"Bhai u did a right thing by loving Khushi bhabhi....bcoz of u, I got karun...."he thought dreamily. "Now I will unite both of u with the help of karun.....awwwww I love at first site...."he muttered looking at her dp. He was usually not flirting type man. He even dismissed his PA who was trying to seduce him. But in case of karun, he knew that he fell in love with her. Her innocent dreamy eyes pulled him. 

"Karunya-Arya...awwwww our names even had rythemic sound...."he muttered and with a shy smile pulled his quilt onto him to get into the dream world of his beautiful sleep. 


(Next day)

"Hi...."wished Arya with his husky voice. Karun, who had just reached the food court smiled at him and said "hi...." Arya, who had been looking at her until she reached him smiled in return. She wore a red T-shirt and black jeans.

"Let's move inside...."said Arya and they both reached inside. That was a spacious restaurant and arya booked a table so that they both would get privacy while discussing about their siblings. 

They both sat down on their respective chairs and gave the order for their lunch.

"U told, u wanted to discuss about them?"karun initiated the conversation.

"Ya...but before that, I wanna say something...Karun I don't know how to speak to a girl...I mean I was never be that much close to a girl to discuss about my family matters, so don't mind if I sound rude or if u feel bad OK?" He asked.

Karun just nodded her head with confusion. 

"Karun....ur Didi is at mistake...."he told directly.

"Wat do u mean that she's at mistake?"her anger reached its peaks. She never tolerate anyone if they speak against her sister! 

"I mean she was not letting my bro to explain himself...."he said with little irritation on seeing her anger.

"Yes, she wouldn't bcoz she went alot in these 6 years...but u r saying that she's at mistake? In fact ur bro is at mistake...."she said in one go. Sometimes she wouldn't think before talk! 

When karun couldn't tolerate any words against her sister, y would a brother like arya, who had short temper would tolerate if anyone points their finger towards his brother right? 

"Don't u dare....don't u dare to point ur finger at my bro...."he said with low cold voice but the threat in his voice made karun Flench little.

"I dare....I WOULD dare bcoz he just left just like that without telling my sis...."karun said with anger filled eyes looking at the man who DARED to give a THREAT to HER! She has self ego after all just like arya!

"Don't talk without knowing anything...."he said with rage.

"My sis would know anything if and only if ur bro tell her...but he didn't and left like a coward...."she was not in the state to mind her words in her rage.

"Don't call him that name. He's not a coward..."he said with fuming eyes. 

"I would call him....."she said.

"Think before y talk...."he said. Their conversation was going very quickly just within the small span of time. Both r replying instantly after other replies.

"There is no need of thinking in this....ur bro is a coward... That's y he didn't inform my sis before he leaves her. Or else wat? Wat incident would b there that a lover can't tell his love about it? And what reason would b there to justify it?"she asked in feverish tone. 

"The incident was OUR MOM DIED damn it...."Said Arya in one go with little loud voice. His voice was not that much Loud that's y others didn't listen his voice and also they were in VIP area. 

His words slowly sank into her brain and she whispered "wat?" 

"YES, OUR MOM DIED...."he whispered after some seconds of silence.


I don't have any comments on this update *closing my eyes* next update would b tomorrow if possible. Till then, Tata take care. Thanks to all who had commented on last update. I'm in hurry now so couldn't mention names. But I'm eagerly waiting for ur comments on this update. No.proof reading so ignore grammatical and spelling errors. 

With love,


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Feb 16, 2017

Update-18 (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 41 times)

YES, OUR MOM DIED...."he whispered after some seconds of silence.

"How?"a painful voice came from her side.

"Bcoz of cancer..."told Arya.

"Wat? When?!How? " She asked in one breath.

"Ur sister went to Delhi for ur cousin's wedding remember?"he asked. She nodded her head.

"After few days, mom got sick all of sudden. Me and Bhai were worried and so took her to hospital. After doing few tests, doctor told us that she was suffering from cancer. And it was in last state. He told us that she would b survived for two months if we take proper care and medications. Bhai was in so much worry. He was so attached to my mom...."Arya's eyes glistened with tears. He saw the waiter who was arriving holding the order they had placed so stopped telling her about the incidents. 

After waiter left, he sipped water and started saying "we forced our dad to but our apartment so that we could go with therapy which doctor had suggested. Dad was not ready bcoz he didn't have any hope that she would b survived. At first we thought he was refusing bcoz there were less chances of her survival. But after her death only we come to know how he actually treated his wife.."he said. There was blank expression on his face. He was looking at some vacant space. Karun kept quite. 

"They did therapy but it didn't get succeeded. Bhai used to b always at hospital. Mom started to become so weak but she used to tell strong words to us like- u should b brave, these things happen in life, we need to face them.... U know wat Bhai wrote his exam at that time only. Bearing the pain, he wrote exams....It was a sad night, my mom's condition started getting serious. She wanted to talk to both of us. Dad was too there but she wanted to talk to me and my bro alone. She was in death bed when we went inside the ICU..."he started remembering that day while describing her.


"Maa...."arnav called with painful voice. Aradhya opened her eyes with so much difficulty as the long sleep was pulling her to a infinite slumber.

"Arnav..."she called and placed her hand on his cheek with much difficulty. She looked at Arya who was standing besides arnav. 

"Be strong...."she told looking at both of them. "Arnav...Arya is ur responsibility..."she told and her breath started becoming heavy. She looked at Arya and placed arnav's hand into his conveying her silent wish!

*********Flashback ends************

Words didn't come out of Arya's throat. He looked down at his hands unable to talk. Karun could understand how would b his situation. She silently placed her hand on his and squeezed it lightly. Looking up, he nodded. He drank water which was offered by her. 

"We were so broken karun. So broken that Bhai stopped talking much. He used to b in his own world. Always used to look lost. I understood my mom's last wish. She wanted me to take care of him. She knew that he would b broken, that's y she gave his responsibility to me. But at that time I didn't understand y did she gave my responsibility to Bhai. But one day, I understood."he told.


"Papa...!!"exclaimed arnav listening his dad. Where as Arya was shocked, shock would b understatement for arnav.

"Yes arnav....I'm asking u to marry...Wats there to b shocked in it?"his dad asked casually.

"Papa...Wat r u saying? I'm still studying and it's not even 20 days since mom's death and u r asking me to marry NOW?"asked arnav with his anger.

"Yes, I'm asking. Bcoz this house need a lady to maintain...."his dad said. That was the time Arya understood y his mother did talk to only to him and his bro. May b she should had expected her husband's move after her death. Yes, now the picture was clear to him. His dad was not in love with aradhya. He just saw her like a homemaker not life partner. That's y he even refused to sell the apartment at first. 

"Dad, how can u say like that..."arnav was bewildered listening it.

"I can say...I'm the elder in this house. There r only one thing that would b happen. Either u marry, or I WILL DO ANOTHER MARRIAGE...."he told. That last sentence brought much shock to both of them. When Arya preferred to maintain silence, arnav's anger didn't let him stay calm.

"Wat the hell r u talking....U r not going to give my mom's place to anyone and I'm not going to marry...That's the final...."told arnav with rage.

"I'll MARRY IF U DON'T...And I mean it..."told his dad with calm voice. 

"If that happens, then the very next minute ur elder son will leave this house and it's like I'm dead for u...."said arnav with determination and left from there thinking that his dad wouldn't dare to loose him by marrying other woman. 

**********Flashback ends*********

"I don't know whether Bhai told like that hoping that my dad wouldn't marry again or not but at that time I clearly understood that my dad wanted a women who can do works without paying money.....I expected that my dad would stand on his words. He tried to convince Bhai for marriage but he didn't agree. One day, he came into the house by marrying other lady who was her colleague. Her husband died long ago and for getting a men's shelter she agreed for the marriage. That day, me and Bhai left the house...."said Arya.


"Bhai...R u really leaving?"asked Arya after coming into the room after arnav.

"I don't want to live under the same roof along with them...."he said sharply while packing his cloths in a bag. Arya simply went to his wardrobe and started placing his cloths too. Arnav didn't expect this. 

"Arya?"he asked.

"Do u expect me to live here bearing different person in place of our mom Bhai? I may not b close to mom as much as u were but still she is my mom too and I love her....."said Arya controlling his tears. He might b young in age but he's more matured in thinking.

"But Arya I don't know where I would b going...."said arnav.

"Where ever u go, I would b with u bhayya, ALWAYS...."Arya hugged him and said "did u remember? Mom gave my responsibility to u...Bcoz she expected that this would happen. And she gave ur responsibility to me by placing ur hand in mine. Bcoz she wanted me to take care of u. She would have surely known how her husband was and would b that's y she asked both of us to b strong and be with each other like ram and lakshman....It's not like I'm ready to come with u JUST for mom but I wanted to b with u in this crucial period bhayya...Bcoz as much as I love mom, I love u too..Allow me Bhai...Plz...."he asked. Arnav hugged him back and wiped his tears and nodded his head. He knew that his brother was correct.

"May b u don't want ur elder son, but my bro needs me now...."saying this Arya stepped out of that house to support arnav in his every step. 

***********flashback ends**********

"We didn't know where to go. We didn't even have money with us too.....We just stepped out holding our cloths. Bhai sold his smart phone and got some money. We just get onto the city bus and reached its last stop. We didn't want to go to any relative's house so we sat there in foot path. I was small yet just completed my 12th standard. And Bhai's  final results didn't come too.....We just sat there for more than an hour. I had a friend. His name was Aman. He saw me sitting on the footpath and came towards me. His dad too with him. To our luck, he was Bhai's sir in his college. His name was Kiran, Kiran Khurana...."he said.


"Arnav? U here?"asked kk looking at his student who sat on footpath with traveling bags. Arnav stood up but instead of answering him, kept on looking at the ground. Arya placed his hand on arnav's shoulder and slowly told Kiran wat had happened from her mom's death.

"We didn't know where to go so we sat here uncle...."said Arya. Arya knew Kiran as Aman's dad but he got to know that he's arnav's sir too. 

"OK let's go to my house...Come...."said Kiran after looking at his watch. But both brothers didn't respond and infact they were looking at each other. 

"Common arnav....It's already late...Let's go. We can talk about it tomorrow OK? Come..."said Kiran and took one of their bags and took them to his house. His wife is a kind hearted woman. She welcomed them with warm heart. Kiran showed them the guest room to sleep.


(Next morning) 

While Kiran was reading newspaper, he saw both arnav and Arya came out of the room holding there bags.

"Sir....We r leaving....Thanks for giving us shelter..."said arnav.

"Leaving...?"Kiran smiled the knowing smile as he expected this and said "OK but have ur breakfast first..."he said.

"Jyoti...Serve the breakfast plz...."asked Kiran with a loud voice and got a reply of "coming" from the kitchen. 

"Sir, it's OK...We will leave...We already troubled u so much...."said arnav.

"Arnav, if u have respect towards me, do wat I say...."said Kiran. And arnav obviously agreed. 

Jyoti and Kiran looked at each other on seeing the both brothers who were not touching the food that was served in their plates. Kiran signalled jyoti and nodding, she went to the brothers and said "arnav, Arya, I know that u wouldn't feel like to eat anything but u both should eat something so that u can take care of each other right...?" And she succeeded in making them have their breakfast. 

"We will go now sir..."said arnav after taking their bags. 

"Wait for two minutes...."said Kiran and went into his room. Later, wat they found was Kiran came out after changing his dress into casual ones and tying wrist watch around his wrist. 

"Call me after u reach there OK?"asked jyoti while handling him a water bottle. Both arnav and Arya stood confused not understanding wats happening there. 

"Come. Let's move..."said Kiran with arnav and Arya.

"Sir?"arnav was about to say something but was interupted by Kiran.

"Arnav....If u respect me then come with me without questioning OK?"asked Kiran. Arnav just followed him along with his bro.


"Tickets to Mumbai?!"questioned arnav on seeing tickets that were being put by Kiran.

"Ya...Come train came...."said Kiran. They two followed Kiran silently bcoz of the respect they have towards Kiran. 

They both didn't know that Kiran and jyoti called their dad last nyt and asked him to talk to his children once. But he refused saying "if they had that much ego then how much should I have being their dad? I'm not going to allow them again into this house and I don't care even they die too..."this was wat arnav's dad told to Kiran and from that Kiran understood his mentality.

*********Flashback ends***********

"Kiran uncle took us to Mumbai and took us to his flat. He asked me to stay there for few days. It was vacant flat. At first we refused but uncle made us to agree. He left after giving some money to bhayya which would b enough for our food for one weak. He came as a god karun....He used to visit us every weak. He even had bought a small phone for Bhai and used to call everyday. Jyoti aunty used to call us every afternoon and nyt to enquire whether we had our food or not. She cared like a mother for us. Bhai joined as a daily worker in a near by factory in two days after we reach there. He used to work hard for money. "said Arya.


"Arnav....For how many days u work hard like this?"asked Kiran one day when he had come to Mumbai to visit them. Arnav kept quite not knowing wat to say.

"Can I suggest u one thing?"asked Kiran.

"Sir...Y r u taking permission? U just order us..."said arnav instantly. 

"OK then...Start a construction company...."said Kiran.

"Construction company?!"arnav was shocked. He didn't have a penny to buy a new dress and so starting a company is like catching moon for him.

"Yes....Arya should join in further studies too na so u would require huge amount and this company can help u in earn them, upon that, I know ur talent...U would b succeeded...."told Kiran.

"But sir....."arnav looked down unable to say that he didn't have money for that.

"U r thinking about money right?"asked Kiran. Arnav looked at him and nodded silently.

Kiran smiled and opened his bag and pulled out some cloth wrapped bag.

"Here take these...."he said opening it. 

Both arnav and Arya shocked on seeing gold ornaments in it. 

"These r my wife's ornaments. Put them in bank and get money...."said Kiran with a smile.

"Sir....I can't....U r already doing so much for us.....We can't bear this...."said arnav.

"Yes uncle. I don't want to study further...I'll help Bhai. We don't want these plz...."said Arya.

Kiran placed his hand on Arya's head and said "Arya, studies r more important to any person. Don't say that u don't wanna study. Arnav, if u feel bad to take them, then do one thing, return these ornaments again to my wife after u get succeeded in business OK?"asked Kiran.

"Wat if I don't get succeeded?"came an immediate question from arnav.

"Don't step forward thinking negative arnav. Life is full of challenges and dares. Step forward with confidence to beat those all challenges. U will b succeeded. We r with u..."he said straightly.

*************Flashback ends**********

"Those words spoken by sir had great impact on us....Bhai started a small construction company and named it as A Square constructions. He was not successful at first. We didn't got much contracts. At some moment he thought to quite but jyoti aunty and Kiran uncle stood by us they never left us. Jyoti aunty even stayed with us for some days just to make us feel good. Later after some months we started getting contracts. He used to work hard for my studies and I studied hard too. In these six years he expanded the company. While studying itself I started to helping Bhai. And Aman got selected as his PA with his talent. A Square constructions is one of the best companies in India now. But in this long journey, he changed..COMPLETELY...! He's no more that playful arnav. He burried his love inside. According to him, nobody knows about his love except himself and mom. According to him, me too don't know about it. He didn't tell it to anyone."said Arya. "Now tell me karun...Does my brother is coward?"he asked.

Karun gulped down the lump in her throat and said "no...He's a great person..."she can understand wat they might have gone through! "By the way...U told that ur Bhai didn't tell about his love to anyone. Then how do u know about my Didi?" She asked after some seconds.


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Feb 18, 2017

Update-19 (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 33 times)

"By the way...U told that ur Bhai didn't tell about his love to anyone. Then how do u know about my Didi?" She asked after some seconds.

He smiled and said "through my brother's dairy"

She just said "oh" thinking it's just common that one could have habit of writing dairy. Well, Arya guessed it and said "my bro never write a dairy until he lost ur didi"

"Wat?!"she was confused.

"Yes, those happenings that had happened made my bro to sell his Mobile and so he lost ur Didi's number. He couldn't contact her later. Even he wasn't in contact with any of his friends. He was terribly missing ur didi and so bought a dairy after he joined in work in that factory and started writing in it. U know wat that dairy is completely dedicated to ur sister. He maintained it so secretly that I never knew about it until last year. Almost one year back, I accidentally saw my bro weeping by hugging a dairy in his room. He usually locks his room but that nyt he forgot to lock it and accidentally I saw him crying. That dairy in his hands caught my attention. The next day I took an off with work and when Bhai went to office I searched for the dairy secretly and without his knowledge read it. U know wat, it was completely addressed to ur didi. I read a line-"it's killing me khushi, I'm acting as strong for Arya but I'm already living like a dead man with the loss of u and mom...I wish I could have the chance to tell u wat had happened on that day itself but I couldn't...." That line, that line gave me a hint that he loves her as much he loves my mom. Later I found all dairies that he had written in these 6 years. Each page was addressing ur didi. Each page had expressed his pain. Each page contained his tears indicating that he had been crying every night! Each page told how much he missed ur sister and how much he wanted to hug her and cry for his loss. Each page told how much he wants her support to bear his pain. To b Frank, ur didi wouldn't have undergone the pain that my bro had gone. Still, he doesn't know that I had read his dairy..."he told and kept silent. 

"I agree...."said karun. "I expected that there must b some reason for arnav's sudden disappearance. But I never thought that u both went through all these. Yes, I agree that my didi cried for some nights and becomes dull and angry but her pain was not at all comparison with his! Bcoz we all r with her to make her feel better...."she said and looked at Arya and again said "u both r great..."

Arya Shaked his head and said "no karun....I'm not great. I just came along with my brother but he had been a pillar to me and consoled me whenever I cry for mom's death and helped me in studying and took care of me like my mom. He sacrificed his happiness and never shared his pain with anyone and just masked his emotions with that rudeness just to make others to believe that he's not weak! But, being his brother I knew that he was broking inside. But until I read his dairies I didn't know that he loves khushi. He had done all those by sacrificing himself and now, I wanna bring back that old arnav again and it's possible only if he gets ur didi back into his life...."

"I'll help u for sure in this...But...I have a doubt..."said karun. Arya looked at her and raised his eyebrow while his expressive eyes reflected "wat?" Along with innocence. Oh gosh! Her heart skipped a bit listening those blue eyes boring into hers. She composed herself and asked "he should have shared about it with my didi when she was back from Delhi na?"

He didn't know wat had happened between arnav and Khushi so said "I don't know exactly wat happened between them but as per my knowledge about my sibling, he must have done wat was best for HER at that time. He's so selfless karun. He would have done like that with a strong reason but I don't know wat it is...."

"Hmmm..."she understood his point of view.

"So how can I help u now? Can I tell about ur past to my didi? Then she will definitely forgive him"she asked. 

"No karun....It's their issue and ONLY they both should sort it out. We shouldn't involve into it. Love shouldn't have others involvement...."he said. His last sentence already put impression in her brain. 

"Hmmm...."she said. 

"When I saw ur didi in conference room few days back, I was shocked but in next min I was so happy. Even though I was giving presentation I didn't fail to notice how Bhai was looking at her longingly. But she was ignoring him and he felt sad. At that night he again cried like everyday. That was the time that I had decided to unite them anyway....."he said.

"Hmmm...I think they will sorted out it if they get sometime alone?"she said after few seconds.

"Really? OK let me tell u this then. After two days of their first meet in our office, Khushi came to our office for site seeing. Bhai looked happy on that day. I thought he would clear her misunderstanding but seems like she didn't give him any chance to explain himself. He looked sad after coming from site seeing. I thought to make them to talk to each other and so invited Khushi for dinner. But she didn't stay back..."he said with a sigh of disappointment.

"Ya that day only she told me about meeting arnav. She didn't give him the chance to explain himself. She's so stubborn girl..."karun sighed.

"Ya...Later whenever they both meet too she didn't allow him to talk and even I heard her once saying-Mr.Raizada I'm here only for office work..."he imitated Khushi in last line which made karun to giggle. He smiled seeing her giggle. "Awwww she looked cute with that small smile on her face" his heart told him.

"OK now wat to do?"asked karun.

"That's wat I'm thinking too...."now only they started having their lunch. 

"Idea..."he said all of sudden. She looked at him startled and looked into his blue eyes which were reflecting his excitement. 


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Feb 18, 2017

Update-20 (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 33 times)

"Idea..."he said all of sudden. She looked at him startled and looked into his blue eyes which were reflecting his excitement. "I am even ready to die just to look into these blue eyes.."she thought while staring at him all lost.

"Karun, i know that my blue eyes r irresistable but u can stare at me later, after we unite my bro and ur sis..."he said with a small smirk. his indirect proposal was crystal clear for her.

she was embarrassed. cursing herself for staring like that, she composed after a while.

"U said u have an idea? wat's it?"she asked after playing with her food for sometime.

"ummmm i think we should make them meet alone so that they could clear the misunderstanding..."He said.

"This was the suggestion i gave u few min back right and u told that my stubborn sister isn't letting ur brother to speak about the issues except office work..."karun rolled her eyes listening him.

"Arey karun, listen me completely..."he said.

"ok tell..."she said putting her palm under her chin.

"We should make them meet outside the office...."he said.

"Wat would it makes any difference? obviously didi wont hear him and will walk away..."she said as if its the stupid idea ever.

"I thought u would ask- As if my didi agrees to meet him outside the office? but u didnt ask it..."arya said with confusion.

"Oh ya u r correct...she wont agree to meet him outside office..."karun's tublight got lit up just now!

"Yes, for that only we need to do an act. But i think we should wait for atleast one week to apply it..."said arya.

"Act? wat act?"asked karun. 

"Let's act as friends. after one week, u bring khushi bhabhi to the park and I will bring bhai too. It should b like we both meet there unfortunately. And then we both should create a scene there so that they both should have some time alone to talk..."said Arya.

"This is sounding childish, but ok...I think it will work but, can Arnav able to voice out about his mom's death all of sudden? Its not that much easy right?"she asked.

"Yes, its not easy...but I will somehow make him open up his heart's pain..."said arya in thoughts. Karun has a point. Even Arya has the same doubt whether his bro can open up or not!

After sometime, finishing their lunch and discussing about any other possibilities to unite their siblings, they both left from there. They promised to each other that they would b in contact and would unite arnav and khushi.


"By the way, u said that we should ACT as friends right? I think we need not to act but we can become friends too. FRIENDS?"karun texted arya in watsapp at nyt.

"I'm so glad to accept ur friendship...but ONLY friends? nothing more?"he replied instantly as he was in online too. Actually he was thinking how to start a conversation with her but seems like stars are on his side so she sent the first message. His reply has the only single meaning.

"For NOW, ONLY friends..."she replied. She got it wat he was refering to.

"okkk....I'm looking forward for that day when u would accept my PROPOSAL of MORE than friends...."he replied.

"OH MY GOD..."she whispered reading his text. "Means he loves me?"She thought.

"Yes, Wat u r thinking is TRUE..."she got his message. She gasped in wonder thinking how did he know wat she was thinking. 

"How do u know wat I'm thinking?"she sent him along with shocking expression.

"ummmm may b HEART TO HEART connection?! I'm NEW to this feeling...."He replied.

"Which feeling?"she asked immediately.

"I will tell u the day when both of our siblings unite karun....for now good nyt...."Sent Arya.

"Good nyt"She replied and put her mobile aside and closed her mouth with palm and closed her eyes too. A slow small smile appeared on her face remembering his messages. "It means....He likes me too like i like him??"She thought. She cant deny, she's fully impressed by him after listening their past. even though Arya had the option of staying back, He chose to support his brother even in odd times. That simple incident had explained her about his nature and commitment. He couldnt b like a spoiltbrat at all and so she's ready to accept his proposal if he propose her. "After all he has the all qualities including Hrithik's charecter's name...Y would I refuse him..."She muttered loud and chuckled at her childishness and soon blushed imagining him proposing her! 


(After one week)

"Karun, wat r u searching for?"Asked khushi.

"nothing didi...I'm just seeing the park..."Said karun. "Where is this Arya..."She thought and pulled out her mobile to message him where he was.

"Near foodcourt. Come there. Here is a vacant bench and they can clear the misunderstanding..."He replied.

"Didi...Let's go to food court na. I'm so hungry..."Said karun. 

"But we just had pani puri out side the park right?"Khushi asked her with weird gaze. Today her sis is behaving weird.

"So wat? I'm hungry...Come..."She almost dragged khushi towards food court.


"Bhai...u should do watever I ask u today ok?"Asked Arya.

"U have been saying this from morning Arya thats y I came to this park with u...wat happened? Everything ok? You looks tensed..."Asked arnav with concern.

"Not really. But today u should make everything ok..."said arya.

"Wat? I didnt understand..."Arnav was fully confused.

"Bhai, I'm going to say u one thing. Dont ask any questions to me furthur but do as I say ok?"Said Arya with serious tone.

"Okkk..."Arnav looked at him with weird gaze not understanding y he's tensed.

"Khushi is coming here..."told arya and arnav's eyes went wide in shock. "I know about u both. U clear her misunderstanding today by anyhow, understand?"said arya straightly.

"How do u know about us?"asked arnav.

"Bhai i will explain all that later but u HAVE to clear her today, or else u may not get other chance. Dont loss her again bhayya...just talk to her..."Said arya in one go and turned towards his left and saw karun bringing khushi while talking to her. 

"Come...."Said Arya and dragged arnav with him. "If u wont make her agree for marriage then I will kill u today.."he gave a childish threaten to his elder brother and asked him to follow her.





"Hi karunya...."waved Arya.

"Hey Arya...u here?"asked Karun as if she didnt know that he's there!

"Ya. I came here with my bro to hangout....he's my brother, Arnav..."said Arya introducing him. Karun smiled at him and he too smiled but his attention was on khushi who looked shocked at first on seeing him and later angry on seeing his eyes on her.

"Hi khushi..."Arya said on seeing khushi's ignorance towards arnav. She just smiled.

"How do u both know each other?"Khushi asked the most unexpected question.

"We met in mall that day na didi, later the next day neha introduced him to me accidentally....he's friend of neha's uncle's daughter's cousin's friend's best friend's cousin's sibling's friend...."Said Karun in one go that watever that had come from her mouth. Including Arya, other two were confused and didn't understand anything wat she had said.

"Wat?" Khushi whispered.

"As if I understood wat i have said just now.."thought karun but said "didi...I'm hungry. I will go and buy something to eat u wait here."

"Can i accompany u karun? Me too wanna buy some food to eat..."Asked karun.

"Ya sure..."said karun.

"but too will come with u..."said khushi.

"didi u sit on that bench na....come..."saying this in one go, karun dragged khushi literally and made her sit onn bench. "U sit here, I'll come in few min..."saying this without giving any chance to khushi she left from there.

"Oh my god! I think this girl should have eaten question bank in childhood, how many questions she asks.."muttered karun while moving towards arya and arnav. Arya heard her words where as arnav was standing there with confusion not understanding wats happening there.

"Arya...come let's move and leave these two love birds to sort out every misunderstanding.."told karun.

"ha sure.."arya turned towards arnav and said "bhai clear everything today or else i will kick u..."saying this they both went towards the food court.

On the other hand, khushi stood up from the bench and thought to leave from there as arnav was alone and coming towards her. 


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will meet u all soon with next update. Till then, stay tuned.

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