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Sep 5, 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TPARVAIZ (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 4 times)

On this special day, i wish you all the very 

best, all the joy you can ever have and may

 you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow 

and the days to come! May you have a fantastic

 birthday and many more to come... HAPPY



Sep 5, 2015

Happy birthday didi... (By Saya_Arshi) (Thanked: 4 times)

Happy Birthday didi...

you're one of my bestie and a sister here...

Thank you so much supporting of us all here being our sister....

Have a nice and cute year ahead didi...

Love you...

Thanks for the information lan di...

Sep 5, 2015

Happy b'day :) (By Sameea) (Thanked: 3 times)

Such a big day for someone so special !!! Happy birthday dear!!! May you have many many you more ! May God bless you with a healthy happy and a successful life!! Have a blast!!! Stay happy :))

Sep 5, 2015

Happy birthday (By Noordina) (Thanked: 6 times)

Happy birthday dear hope all your wishes come true 

Sep 5, 2015

Happy Happy Birthday! (By Sravya_Luckyrshi) (Thanked: 1 times)

Hello dear Tparvaiz!

I don't know more about you except for as one of my liking readers. I don't know whether you're younger or elder to me, but I remember you conversing me as Di. So I'll hang on to that and will consider you my little sister...

As I have said before, as I will say again and again, wishing someone on their birthday doesn't need any introductions. If you know it's their then go and wish them whole-heartedly. At least I follow that rule.

Truth to behold, I know nothing about you. But from you words and some posts I got an inkling that you're a kind and good person to be with. I'd like to know you more whenever it is possible.

Sorry I am here to wish you birthday not to spout out my confessions.


May this year bring you lots of happiness,

May this year wipe out your previous tears,

May this year step on all your fears,

May you be bestowed with new strengths.

I pray god to provide you blessings, happiness, health and well-being.

Hope you have a blast on this special day and enjoy your life always to the fullest...

Stay blessed, stay safe and stay happy!






May you live long, happy and lively!

God bless you...

- Lucky

Sep 6, 2015

Hey Tparviz (By Nakshu_Haya) (Thanked: 3 times)

First things comes first,

Wish you a very very very happy birthday dear....

Sorry for late wishes, Witchy(Iansomer) stole my place.....

Witchy, Im damn angry with you.. you left me in this wishing part.... I will see you later... get ready for my revenge.

Okay coming to Tparviz,

Hey dear, I do know for quit a time, but not so close, but still as my friend come sister, who always supported me for all these months when I started my MeD journey... Thanks a lot for that..

On your birthday, 

I wish, I pray

May your forthcoming days, brightens your life

May your life fill with happiness

May your lips always adorn with smile

May your eyes twinkle in flourishing happiness

May your cake taste sweeter than ever

May all your heart desires gets fulfilled

May you achieve success throughout your life

May god gives you all the strength to face everything with your head held high

May you have tons and tones of reasons to smile

I wish you all the success in your life

I wish I can sing you happy birthday day song, what if you hate me after hearing the song... that's why i didnt. Wish I had known this a day before.. I at least would have done something special from my side. Too bad.. 

I wanna give you 





A Special Chocolate from me to the special person like you.

I wish I can get chocolate from you, nevertheless, I wont leave you without getting..

I want you to go to shop, but 1 rupee chocolate for 10 rupees

Give the chocolate to the kids you find on the road,

While giving first chocolate,

Pray that you wanna be like this forever for your lifetime, spreading happiness around everyone

because the smile of that kid will be your first blessing

Second chocolate,

Pray that you would do everything in your hands to be the best human being

because for that kid you will be the best person

Third chocolate,

Pray that your every day starts and ends with only one thought, that you will become the happiness for others,

because you are the reason for that kid's happiness

Fourth chocolate,

Pray that you will help the person who are in dire need before your eyes

because the kid standing before you may be one among them.

Fifth chocolate,

Pray that you will get through anything with a great zeal in your life

because you can find the new zeal from that kids eyes

Sixth chocolate,

Pray that you will never destroy the hope of your loved ones

because you are giving a new hope to the kid standing before you, a sweet hope.

Seventh chocolate,

Pray that the wish of the kid standing before you comes true

because the chocolate may be one of the wish of that kid

Eight chocolate,

Pray that you will give never ending love to everyone, even the person who hates you

because you are showing a love to the kid standing before you

Ninth Kid,

Pray that god will always stand beside you and your surrounding, to bless them

because you are giving your blessings to that kid

Tenth Kid,

Pray that you should never find 10 kids like this next year

because being a kid like that is the worst of their life

I know Im asking too much, if possible do this, if not no problem, my wishes will always be there and I will pray instead of you.

Once again,




Nakshu aka Hema

Now coming to Witchy,

Im angry... 

Why didnt you inform me?

Why did you left me in this party?


You better answer me

***Huffing Puffing***

You better pacify me



Sep 6, 2015

Happy birthday sweet (By Luckyarshi) (Thanked: 1 times)

wish you a happy birthday , sorry for being late but still wishing you should enjoy the remaining time happily to remember for ever , happy birthday dear :)

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thank you
Sep 7, 2015

Thank You so much (By Tparvaiz) (Thanked: 4 times)


Hello sis's 

                                    Thank you so much for making special day, i don't have a words to you all

                          but still i want to thank you.... i never know i have a friend n sis's who consent

                          me a sister and I LOVE YOU        


                                  my young sister who love me very much  she make me very happy

                              she make a  beautiful day, she brought pasty for me ,and make

                                             puri, aloo kachori, Khasta Kachori which you can say 

                      Moong Dal Khasta Kachori, mint coriander chutney,pudina and coriander chutney

@Iansomer :- thank you so much n stand for wishes me,  and you really celebrate it.

                    and i would love you  n all other to celebrate my birthday with you all and                                            you Iansomer really make my day special 


@Saya_Arshi :- thank you so much you consent me a DI then you are my young sis who love me 

                       and wishing me n making my day a very special thank you 

@Sameea :- hi Sameera how are you dear, well we don't not each as you know about me little

                   n me as you are witter of http://hinditvadda.in/Entertainment/TvSerials/?revid=120023 n i love your story  thank you 

                   for my day


@Noordina :-  thank you NOORDINA  i really don't know you but thank you for wish me n                               making it special  and i really mean it and please be like this only through                            your life, because  sometime family members are who don't wish to their closed ones                                                     "please consent it that i'm asking my birthday gift for you" 

@Sravya_Luckyrshi :- thank you so so much n consent me you sis thank you.

                                i'm really appreciate n love it... and you incredible                                                                          "impossible to believe" how can you understand me so will...

                                i mean what you said it true about me.. actually me mom us to say this ....

                                yeah what not what ever you what to know about me thank you

                                so much as you remember me... 

@Nakshu_Haya :-  thank you  so much who say that you are late you wish me.

                           and Iansomer she don't even know about my birthday as i don't love

                           my birthday day and by accidentally it skip from me..

                           but you all make me special n you wishes are awesome no one make me                                            happiness this much n so much wishes n why not i would love to  hear a birthday                                song from you as not one sing from me n please don't brother about you voice

                           i would love you hear you voice specially when you speak me name '"Taiba" and

                           yeah i will fulfill you wishes  as my mom to want this not only children even adult                                to all mankind whose who are closed to me or not as i'm very greed to take blessing 

                           which will please me through all my life  as i believe it my treasure box                                                                                   


@Luckyarshi:-  thank you so much for wishes yes.. i will remember you through my all life as

                      you all make my day so special even my own closed ones never done n will

                      never do but yeah i can except from my future/would be my husband but 

                      for now my young sister who make me very happy she make a beautiful day 

                      for me pasty, puri, aloo kachori, Khasta Kachori which you can say 

                      Moong Dal Khasta Kachori, mint coriander chutney,pudina and coriander chutney

                      with yogurt and potato finger chips n your wish are treasure box to me 

@Aaliyadevraichand :- thank you so much i'm really happy thank you 4 my day 

@Arshifanshaf  :-  thank you so so much 4 your wishes.

@Krithika_Rshi  :-  thank you Krithika_Rshi  i'm really appreciate n happy you wish me n make it                                     special.... thank you so so much

@Arshi_Shreya  :- thank u so much so much and i can't  tell you how much happy

                           i really love it and appreciate. 

@Jaishrik  :- thank you so so much Jaishrik  your wishes make my day n i'm really happy to read                             thank you so much.


@Saroja  :- Ameen ALLAH's may accept your wish .... thank you so much for you wish n it make so                        happy tank you one again.  

@Lily30  :-  thank you so much for wish.

@Nandhu_Nan  :- Ameen.... thank you so much may ALLAH's bless you prayer...

                          thank you so much for you wish.

@Mit0905  :-  thank you so much for wishes. 

@myarshi  :- thank you so much for wishes. 

@Aasiqui  :- thank you so so  much for wishes.... Ameen ALLAH's answer you prayer 

@Nanak :- i want a birthday gift from you if you wanna to give by Ur on wil

                                       n that is to be my di my sis

                i want you to forgot past and move on as i all really move on.

                          and to be honestly i was waiting 4 you wishes.

@hihi1 :-  i was waiting 4 you wishes.

                    i love you all either hate me or love me... i love you all i really mean it..

                    and please sister don't take to other side n don't force to sister to wish me...

                    i'm really happy thank you so much for you wishes.

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Thank You
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