12 Reasons Why Daughters Are Better Than Sons

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Sep 2, 2015

12 Reasons Why Daughters Are Better Than Sons (By V1184) (Thanked: 19 times)

12 Reasons Why Daughters Are Better Than Sons

 Divyangee Srivastava  originally shared

A son will leave and take a wife;

a daughter’s a daughter all her life!

Caring and loving! daughters are like this! they are selfless, a great reason that world follows is, she born in her parents house, nurture that, care for them, brings smiles to their lives.

Finally, one day she leaves for her husband’s house, there she accepts his parents as her own, respect them, care them, present her all duties with responsibility!

This is a daughter, who is selfless, will you expect this from your sons?

1. Daughters are the charm of every family. Where there is a daughter, there is a life.

Daughters are that flowers, who are full of fragrances, nurture them!

They are pearls! rare found in the sea! who got, remains lucky!

2. Nobody cares for the parents as much as a daughter does.

Sons might leave parents after marriage, you born sons with no guarantee that they will be with you always, but on that last day of your life, you will see that your daughter is with you holding your hand, and crying endlessly!

What you think parents? isn’t it so?

3. She is the knot which ties the family together.

If parents fight or argue, you may find your son resolving the matter between you, but you will always find your daughter, trying to explain everything to her father and mother both.

She is a knot, a beautiful knot, that remains forever!

4. You can count on her for every little thing. After all, she is such a responsible being.

Support, care, responsibilities, happiness and everything you wish her to do for you, parents! she is capable of doing everything you expect her to do, she will never disappoint you.

5. She will come up with crazy plans and always bring some excitement.

She is full of craziest things you can ever think! she is a hub of everything; happiness, joyfulness, cheerful, jollyness and excitement is her crown!

Your little ones can even apply lipstick for her crazy excitement!

6. Everyday is a joyful day with her.

She can excite you even with her silly tasteless sandwiches and food she prepared for you! she can even ask you to dance on her moves, girl moves!

Hey! parents, try this, you can spend whole day with her, with her crazy plans, crazy dance moves and with her cooking and barbeque plans for the day!

7. She will never forget the special occasions, be it your birthdays or anniversaries.

Sons might not wish you at 12:00 a.m, on your birthdays or anniversaries, but she will!

She will of course bring cake and surprises for you at the night, because she herself is full of big excitements and craziness, daughters are the hub of happiness, she will make you feel crazy and happy even at your 70s and 80s!

8. She  knows your favourite dish and cooks for you.

Parents are the first guests at her restaurant, when she cooks, even if it is a simple tea, or the whole dinner or supper!

She will always want her parents to taste her cooked food and claps! for her, because her inner self-knows that, else than her parents, there is no one to motivate and compliment her with her beginnings.

Will your sons cook and ask you to taste his dishes and compliments him? do he cares thismuc

9. Her single smile can just brighten up your gloomy day.

Most of the fathers kiss their daughters when they leave for their jobs, a simple and sweet smile, by saying good bye dad! can create miracles for your upcoming day!

10. She will love you unconditionally forever.

Even if you will angry her, she will still want only you to love her again, it’s a logic that daughters are the part of father’s heart, that’s why they will always want her father to be at her side, loving her and caring her!

11. A daughter is a daughter for the rest of her life. Her commitment towards you is lifetime. Marriage is just a responsibility and it will never change her.

Sons might leave you after marriage but a daughter will never, it’s our tradition that a daughter have to go to her husband’s place, but still, she gives a ring to you asking for your health, asking if you need something, or coming to see you surprisingly!

It’s just her nature of responsibility, you will never be required to ask her for any help, she will pretend as if, you have all the fatherly rights on her, even after her marriage

12. At last, she is the one who can fill your heart with pride.

At her convocation day, she will take your name surprisingly and you will be shocked out of pride!

Imagine this moment, you will be obliged, you will be on the ninth sky, you will cry out of happiness!

This is a daughter, born to give so many moments, countless, isn’t?

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Sep 3, 2015

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