Arshi - love story (my thought )

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Mar 22, 2012

Arshi - love story (my thought ) (By Aksharaa) (Thanked: 28 times)

Hello every one i am inspired by the writers of this website and wanted write a story of arshi if you don't like it please let me know and i am not so good in english so forgive me for my grammatical errors

my story starts from the scene where khushi tries to irritate arnav by occuping arnav's wardrobe

here it goes

After that arnav left for office meanwhile kushi thinks how to irritae arnav .thinking this she goes to poolside and see the armchair a breeze touch her she thinked of holi(actually she remember all the thing but she is not ready to tell that to arnav).She started to remember and suddenly a line hits her mind "our heart beat as single" and then she slowly asks herself is that line means arnavji also loves me . she want to get answer so she remember some past scenes from sangeet like

arnav challenging her to win sangeet

helps her to win sangeet

his words after sangeet

both kiss scenes

asking her t see mirror

arnav's changed behavior when she is abt to tell him abt shyam

his six month marriage condition

she gathers all the scenes after their marriage she can't any conclusions but some words are kept ringing in her mind "gold digger " " yot hurt me" "our heart beats become single" and then scold herself ' why didn't i try to get the reason of marriage and like child i try to make him irritate' and she think of plan to make arnav to tell the reason

plsssssss tell me if u want me to continue or not

Mar 22, 2012

continued part 2 (By Aksharaa) (Thanked: 25 times)

Thanks for ur precious comments here it goes

Evening arnav came from office and see kushi talking with the family and they laughing their heart out (rabba vey) and then he retires to his room and only at the dinner kushi saw arnav first she think of doing something mischevious then cut all the thougts and went for dinner after dinner all retires to the room

In the room kushi takes her bedsheet and arnav who is watching this asked her to sleep inside kushi also agrees and sleep in the couch while arnav was in bed. After sometimes he watched kushi who is sleeping without any worries and sleeping so peacefully like a child.He admires her beauty(rabba vey) and then he didn't know when he sleeps.

Morning kushi made a agreement that who first take bathroom will take bath first and other will should wait and arnav take it as challenge went and reach the bathroom saying he win today he goes and after sometime he came out and kushi goes in. When she came out she saw arnav working in laptop in the poolside. She then went to kitchen. At the breakfast table asusual mami scold payal for silly things and rest of the family make her to be quiet after finishing lunch arnav is ready to leave for office when kushi stops him

kushi: please drop me in the temple

arnav:(not knowing what is she doing )ok make it fast

saying this he wents away. kushi after saying to nani and anjali wents out of the house where arnav is waiting for her in car. Anjali who is watching all these

anjali: nai i am so happy see chote is going to drop kushi in temple they are so happy right nani?

nani: haan anjali bitiya i am also happy and definitely kushi bitiya will change chote

In the car

Kushi: stop the career

arnav:are you out of mind i am getting late for office u r making funny with me

kushi: i am saying u to stop the car i will go myself

arnav: then why did u ask me to drop

kushi: thats what u want right?

arnav: what do u mean?

kushi:u want me to act in front of family as a happily married couple

suddenly arnav puts the car brake in anger with himself (actually he wanted to scold kushi for taking over advantage but he forgot that and silently drives the car )nowonly he remined that he is angry with kushi and turn tospeak to kushi but she had already get out of the car and went away. he goes to office as its getting late.

Kushi in the house thinking that aftersix months what will she do and then she comes to hall seeing nani and anjali talking while mami is sitting there. Seeing her nani asks what is it

kushi: nani i am so bored of sitting quietly so i think i can continue my studies

anjali:bhabhi its a very good idea

nani:if u want to do then do

kushi:thanks nani and di

Actually she wants to work but if she asked them they will ask the reason so that she decided to tell them that she is going to study but she think of managing both work and study at the sametime. But she didn't know where to get job and where to study.

pls let me know ur thoughts through ur comments

Mar 23, 2012

Arshi - love story (my thought ) part 3 (By Aksharaa) (Thanked: 23 times)

thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

here it goes

Thinking about her study and education she suddenly reminds of her new found friend(ria) in temple. kushi thinks that definitely that ria will help her so kushi decided to ask her help this think made kushi vey kushi then asusual she went to chat with the family. Arnav arrived from office. he saw kushi talking with his family first he started to admire her but later he reminded the morning event he thinks how dare she can ask me to drop and also without saying a word she went out . And then he orders(for family happily) kushi to bring black coffee for him and went to his room. kushi went into kitchen.

anjali:nani did u see the change in chote's behaviour( very very happily)

nani: yes anjali bitiya his love changed him

arnav who sees her di looking very happy felt that morning drama made her happy

In the room

arnav:why did u do that

kushi : what

arnav :morning..

kushi:i have already told u and also it is not need for me to explain everything

arnav:how dare u talk to me like this

kushi:if u don't want me to talk like these tell me the reson why u married me

arnav:i am going to answer ur question

kushi:then why do i

arnav goes to poolside leaving a happy kushi behind

kushi this will make you tell the truth mr.raizada

After dinner they retires to the room.they both fell asleep however kushi takes time because of the shyam's sight at her in the dining table.

Morning today also arnav went to bathroom before kushi. Kushi didn't feel so much because of her eagerness in joining a new job (before get a job). after morning breakfast kushi got ready to go temple . Shyam tried to talk to her but missed the chance due toarrival of mami. Kushi takes the chance to escape.

In the temple

ria:hai kushi

kushi: hai riaji i want to talk with you

ria : i think first we can sit

(they both went and sit)

ria:now tell what you want to talk

kushi:ji i didn't tell anybody about this even to my sister. i tell u because i need your help

ria:don't talk with formalities say what you want

kushi:tells her about her her six month marriage and also


kushi : (cut her)please don't ask any question i didn't want to speak about all

ria:ok u continue

kushi:now i want to go for a job because i don't know what will happen even my two families can hate me completely for playing with marriage also i want to continue my studies because i told my family so

ria:why didn't u think so much don't worry iwill arrange for that why can't u join in my papa's company

kushi:whatever company whatever job u tell i will do that

ria:(smiling)ok i will talk to my papa and ur studies .... i will ask my aunt to do that she is so sad after her children's death it will be a change for her

kushi:what happened to her children

ria: they met with an accident don't ask anything about sandya and aadi to aunt because now only she started became normal

kushi: sandya and aadi?

ria:my aunt's children

kushi:when will you arrange

ria:are you ready tommorrow?

kushi:what?tommorrow you didn't tell about me to your papa and aunt

ria:my papa will do whatever i want and my is need a change so no problem i will talk to them today and tell u when to come wait a minute if you go to job and how will we talk

kushi:till now i didn't get anything

ria(takes her and talk for sometime):kushi, tommorrow onwards morning 9.30 to12.30and 1.30to 4.00 ur job and from 4.30 to 7.30 your tution

kushi: what(with open mouth and wide eyes)

ria:i have talked to papa and in luch i will be with yuo and also evening i will take you from office to aunt house ok

kushi:youknow i am so happy(jumping) and tha..

ria:shut up you need not to say all hese but you have to do a favour its not my request it was papa's

kushi:not request order tell me what

ria :not order you have make my aunt to laugh and to become normal

kushi:don't forgot my name is kushi

ria:thats not so easy

kushi:what did you say my tuition

ria:don't worry she is a good teacher

kushi:hey devimayya i forgot to go home it is getting late

ria:ok you go tommorow come 9.00 to temple i will you pick you don't be late papa wants all to be perfect

kushi : ok bye (hugs her and went jumping and running)

ria (definitely arnav was a ruthless man how he dosuch a thing to this sweet girl)

In rm

kushi:di iam so happy tommorow onwards i am going to job

anjali:what job(looking confused)

kushi:no di i mean tuition

all were happy but after hearingthe time of tution all their smile got lost

nani:what from 9.00 to 8.00

anjali:we all will miss you very much bhabhi

kushi:if this timing i will end my course soon (not knowing to her) within six months

anjali:no problem you carry on

they all sit and have their lunch with their usual talk kushi was happy that shyam was no where to bee seen

asusually the day went

In their room

arnav noticed the happiness in khusi's face he asked for the reason

kushi:first you tell me the reason why you married me

Irritated arnav goes and slides on the bed

The next daymorning also arnav was the first don't know but he felt happy that he won kushi

kushi doesn't thinkab out all these she started imaging about her job however she felt little nervous

In the breakfast table no body talks about kushi since arnav had a meeting all were talking about that but shyam kept looking at kushi and felt very anger that from today kushi will be out most of the time

After arnav left for office. Nani and anjali did a little pooja and then kushi take their blessings and after hugging anjali and payal kushi left for temple

In the temple

kushi:shall we go

ria:i know you are eager to go office but i arrived now only so atleast can i go any pray for two minutes its only 8.45 so there is time

kushi:sorry let us go and pray

inside temple Kushi(to devi mayya):(don't think i have agreed you as my friend i just came in to accompany ria )

After finishing their prayer they went to car

Mar 23, 2012

Arshi - love story (my thought ) (By Aksharaa) (Thanked: 23 times)

hope u all like

In the office

Papa was also running garment business little greater than arnav's

kushi's nervous kept increasing.

Ria (pointing a person):he is mr.karan my papa's right hand and come i will introdue him(to karan)hello sir she is kushi kumari gupta

karan :hello mam sir tell about this girl and (to kushi)welcome to our office

kushi:namaste sir

karan:namaste and i will tell you about your job sir was in an important meeting

ria:ok kushi you carry on i will come to office later (to karan )see you later sir(saying this she leaves )

karan explained kushi about her job kushi also agreed she now feeling little relived but still some nervous because till now she didn't meet ria's father Amar singh thakur and her aunt Saariya. Karan unterstood her nervousness

karan: don't become so nervous sir is so good if you did your job perfectly he expect only perfection and sinceority in job

kushi smiles and then leave to start her work. she got involved in her work.Till after noon she is not called by papa.Even kushi didn't know how time went .Ria came to office only then she knows that lunch time arrived.Ria takes kushi to her papa. He welcomed kushi with a smiling face.He looked so majestic some.kushi forgot all her nervousness and feel very better

papa:you are right ria ,she is naughty but sincere in her job

ria:kushi this is not your boss your friends's papa so don't be formal

kushi(just looking at them)

papa:ria toldme that you will talk nonstop

kushi:(in her normal mood)ya i will talk so much but now i am so hungry

ria:ok then we can have our lunch

During lunch kushi kept talking continuosly. After lunch only they met at evening.

In the aunt's house

Aunt was so fair just like ria but can't see even a little smile in her face.So kushi kept silent only for sometime and then they started their lesson and ria drops kushi in the house

Meanwhile in rm

Arnav entered into a silent house.He can't believe himself that he found no body in the hall.He felt that kushi is not in the house. Then anjali entered the hall

arnav:di where is kushi

anjali:she didn't return from tution

arnav:what tution

anjali:she is studying do you forgot(looking confused)

arnav:haan i ..i forgot that ok ask om prakash to bring coffee for me

anjali:ok chote om prakash ji

She went.Arnav still don't know what but he left for his room

In the room

Arnav still thinking about kushi, went and sit in the armchair.Suddenly he remembered of holi's event .A little smile appeared in his face.He remembers"whenever you came near me my heart beats louder "His flashback disturbed by om prakash.He asks op to place the coffee in the table.op leaves.And arnav continues his thinking.why did she told me like this she loves shyam.So this means she love shyam "shyam"he remembers that day when she tell him about engagement and her fiance's name was shyam.Then why did engagement broke oh why am i thinking about that he left for his when he was seeing his file he hit the table and coffee cup broke.

He remembers the day when she met shyam first in rm.(Why did she cry so much definitely she is about to talk about her fiance) He then remembered all the day kushi come to his house.He noticed one thing before that day if kushi in house shyam will not be arnav decided to look into this matter.

Mar 23, 2012

Arshi - love story (my thought ) part 4 (By Aksharaa) (Thanked: 21 times)

Just then the arrival of kushi arnav arrives down for dinner He coul feel the presence of kushi as he heard laughing voices and kushi is talking about hr teacher and ria.The except mami all the three were enjoying her speech along with her expressions kushi noticed arnav coming down she stop her talk and get ready to serve At that time shyam arrives arnav saw kushi whose face is mixed with discomfort and anger in his mind(did i misunderstand kushi but she hugged him he can't think after that)Then all sit and have their dinner arnav kept his eyes on kushi and shyam he could not believe that kushi even didn't look at shyam and after that they leaves to bed

In the room

arnav:where did u gone

kushi :i have no need to answer

arnav clearly knows her next question so he left that talk and is about to go when kushi calls him He thinks she will say something but wonder at her action .

kushi:could you i got 300rs from you

arnav:what the

kushi hands the rs and go to couch .Arnav wonders where did she get this but he knows if ask her she will only ask question so he decides to leave and inquire that tommorrow

Morning asusual arnav takes bath first then kushi as it is saturday she had no work and studies After dinner arnav is going to ready to go for office kushi calls himKnowing what she is going to ask

arnav:come fast

anjali:chote wait for some minutes (laughing)

like that day when they reached some distance away from house arnav stops the car kushi got down and went for temple while arnav goes for office.Kushi(mr.raizada you did what i want and i am sure you will tell me the truth so soon.i will make you to tell).She wents into temple.He came house for lunch who stopped in the mid way hearing

anjali:really chote selected this(unbelivable expression)

kushi:haan di why are youlooking like this

anjali:(with teary eyes)thankyou so much bhabhi you know chote was not interested in all these

nani:haan kushi bitiya even i can't belive this chote selecting saree

arnav:what the

All turned to see arnav standing there Anjali comes and stands infront of arnav

anjali:i am so happy chote (saying this she hugs arnav )

arnav:(seeing her sister's happiness)di this is nothing just she asked

kushi smiles silently

After lunch arnav did not go for office.He wents to room asking kushi to come.kushi went to room with a saree leaving three of them to giggling.As soon as she entered the room

arnav:what nonsence are you doing why are you creating scene

kushi:what did i do you want me do so

arnav noticed the saree it was not a normal one it was so worthy he couldn't believe that how she bought a costly saree

arnav:how did you buy this

kushi(laughing):in the shop giving money

arnav:don't act so smart where you got money

kushi:thats non of your business mr. raizada

arnav:i want to know damn it

kushi:i also wanted to know the reason of our marriage

arnav:i am not going to tell

kushi:ok so don't expect answer from me

arnav(holing kushi by her shoulder ):how dare you talk to me like this

kushi:leave me you are hurting me ouch..

arnav:then tell me who give you money

kushi's eyes started to fill with tears . Realizing the pain arnav leaves her and went to poolside Kushi also leaves for hall.Anjali watched kushi and started to tease her.Payal also joins.Kushi just came and change the topic.And shyam watches all this with his anger rising He now wanted to kill both arnav and anjali In the night while kushi is working in kitchen shyam tries to talkwith kushi but payal made it impossible . till night kushi avoided arnav and also slides in couch before arnav could ask anything Arnav saw kushi sleeping uncomfortably He then goes and takes her to bed and lay down her in bed.covered with blanket .He kept watching at her(rabba ve)some times later only he understands what he was doing He just went and sleep in the couch

Morning when she got up she saw herself in bed and searched forarnav who had already occupied bathroom.A soon as he is out

kushi:how i am in bed

no answer

kushi:did you take me

no answer

kushi:(little louder and angrier)i am asking youdid you brought me hear

arnav:(coolly) ya so whats the big deal

kushi:why did you ...

arnav:(cuts her)first you tell me where you got money

Thistime kushi becames tensed and went inside the bathroom leaving a smirking arnav

in the breakfast table also he watches kushi who didn't even care about shyam.Arnav thinks to himself is really kushi loves shyam or he lied to him

After breakfast arnav saw shyam trying to talk with khushi but arnav saw payal and anjali with her so he clearly knows shyam will not talk to her so he leaves to room

After dinner shyam watches kushi in kitchen and saw nobody around so he enters into kitchen.Arnav who doubts came down and saw shyam entring into kitchen so he silently goes and stand out of kitchen

shyam:kushiji i think you are so busy now a days

kushi(with a jerk turns and see shyam standing there with that smile):i have tell you no of times don't came on my life

shyam:kushiji i have also told you that i love you so much so please don't talkto me like this

kushi:stop doing like this otherwise

shyam:otherwise what will you do

kushi:i will tell arnavji about all these actually i will tell all about you when i saw you in terrace but kept the truth because she will kill you and also i tried to say to anjaliji but due to the broken of her magalsutra i didn't tell her i am giving you chance after chance but you are mis using them if u continue i will definitely tell to arnavji

shyam:what do you think he will believe you(smirking)do you know why he married you

kushi:thats non of your business

shyam:he thinks you loves me so that to protect his sister marriage he did this

arnav who is hearing all these is feeling like killing himself for misunderstanding his kushi.He think definitely kushi will broke by hearing this but

kushi:he may mis understand me but he loves me a lot if i tell him he will believe me

arnav looked kushi in surprise his heart feels little better after hearing these words


arnav:kushi please listen me(almost crying)

please let me know how story is if it is boring pls say

Mar 24, 2012

Arshi - love story (my thought ) part 6 (By Aksharaa) (Thanked: 21 times)


kushi:stop it

saying this she goes to their room.Arnav quickly follows her.Shyam stand there confused

In the room

kushi's mind kept ringing those words "He married you because he thinks you loves me".she looked up hearing arnav's voice

arnav: i... i.. i am sorry kushi i know these words...Before he could finish

kushi:what you know, you knows nothing i hate you i hate you completely

arnav: kushi please listen me(almost crying)

kushi:but you didn't how arnavji you think so.. i couldn't imagine

arnav:please kushi at that time when i saw you hugging him in(he could not continue)

kushi:why don't ask me anything and.. and you believes his word and..(stop talking and just went away to pool )

Arnav wants to go back and wanted to ask forgiveness but later thinks that "she also needs time and i hurt her a lot but till now she loves me. is she loves me after this i will make her to accept my love i don't know wheather i deserves her or not "

And then he went to poolside seeing kushi crying.He wants to go and hug her but kept himself and just stares at her and thinks "i won't let you cry after this and i will shower my love mrs.raizada ya mrs.raizada"a little smile appears in his face and again he stares at her(rabba ve- sad)

He goes and tried to sleep on couch but sleep is far away but he made one thing very clear that "tommorrow onwards why tommorrow from this second i will do my duties not as husband like a lover kushi i am sorry and i love you i will make you to love me not as asr as your arnavji "

Kushi's tears get drained out She came and saw arnav on couch.She cames near to arnav and said "don't know why but till now i can't hate you" Saying this she leaves to rest on chair and fall asleep.After kushi had gone arnav saw her with a expression that " She still not ready to hate me but i .. she made me to laugh which i don't know andi.. i made her to cry which she does not know how ruthless am i" he hated himself and don't know when he sleeps.

Morning he got up before kushi and sees sadness in her face. He goes near him and cup her face with his hands and kissed on her forehead and he is about to enter bathroom but went and settle on couch and pretends to be sleep.

After sometime kushi got up and saw arnav. She is about to came near but turns and wents to bathroom. When she stepped out she saw arnav standing just a few steps back.He opened her mouth to talk but kushi went to poolside and remainds him that he is getting late for office.Arnav also realizing the time went into bathroon when he stepped out he face an empty room.He comes down and saw kushi talking to the family as nothing had happened.He admires her by standing on the stairs.Anjali noticed him

anjali(giggling):chote you can admire your wife after sometime i am so hungry so please come now

kushi noticed arnav first smiles at anjali's comment later all her smiles vanished however she pretends to be happy After breakfast arnav told kushi that he will drop him.As kushi can't reject silently came out to saw arnav waiting in car.kushi went and sits in the car.arnav asks her where to drop she told him to go in the way of temple. After some distance kushi asks him to stop the car but arnav refused and asks her where to drop getting no answer he drives to temple.After reaching temple

arnav:ok you need not tell to me tell to your devi mayya

kushi:no need and please leave me

saying this she gets out of the car. First he decides to follow her but then deciding something he drives car in the way to gupta house In ofice kushi forgots all her pain in work. She didn't think about anything.But sadness in her face shows something is wrong ria is about to ask her but kept herself thinking that she can ask her in lunch.

During lunch

ria:you seem to be sad why kushi

kushi:nothing riaji(yesterday's event came to her mind)

papa understands some thing is wrong

Papa:ok if you don't want to say

kushi:nothing like that papa

papa:ok ok now tell me how is your studies.i heard from my sister that you are showing much interest

kushi:i have to survive on my own after six months na

papa:haan ria told me don't worry but why don't you ask him to tell reason

kushi:better if i didn't found that(speaking without knowing )

papa & ria:so you know the reason

kushi:ya i know but i want to talk about that


papa:if you don't want then leave it we can talk about it later

rest of the time in office went away in silence

While going to aunt's house kushi asks ria to tell the reason for aunt's sadness

ria:actually my uncle's sister hated my aunt she always blaming my aunt.Once she invited my uncle to attend a function my uncle got ready wiyh my aunt but uncle's sister called him and said not to bring my aunt as she didn't like to see uncle ,aadi and sandya say that they will not going but aunt compelled them and after sometime my aunt received a call that their car crashedwith the lorry and all were died(started to cry)

Kushi consoled her

ria:after that my aunt kept saying that she had killed them they didn't want to go she made him to go this kept stored in her mind. even she tried to commit suicidebut papa and i make her to calm and then she stops laughing and chatting with even after 5 years her pain didn't reduce

They reached aunt's house and ria told kushi not to talk about that thing

After the studies

kushi : i can understand your pain ..

aunt(becomes angrier ): all are saying like these

As soon as she heard this line she reminds arnav

kushi:arnavji also asked me the same question and later he came to know that i am an orphan

aunt:( hearing this her anger becomes concern)what happened to you

Ria who went out for a call came and stood there like a statue

kushi:my parents died in a car accident and then amma and babuji brought up like thier own daughter (explained her story short)

aunt:(tears started to flow from her) i thougt i am the only person with sorrows but compared to you its nothing but how can you smile and make others to laugh

kushi:my name is kushi i want all in the world should be happy

ria:how you tolerate all this

Kushi stares at her questioningly then only she remembers what she said(she told her about the reason of her marriage)Even kushi didn't know how she told that but then she realize aunt's concern made her to tell

kushi:please riaji and madam i don't want to talk about it

Then only aunt understands that kushi even did not tell that to ria . aunt cames infront of kushi and hugs her Kushi could understand her affection and then ria also hugs kushi and aunt saying i got my sweetheart again right?

aunt :ya my sweetheart (with teary eyes)

Ria calls papa and tell him everything and papa also arrives there and they got ready to go back with thier sweet memories but then only they realize it is late for kushi (with the help of the call from anjali).

so ria decides to drop her .But kushi cuts her then they finally decides that the driver will drop kushi .after many years they all sat togeather and eat happily

In the rm

all of the family members asks kushi if she is ok.she saying some lies make all to normal.only after finishing her dinner she went to the room

She went into the room and stood froze.

sorry i don't want to drag the story with ria's family so that i kept the aunt's story short

Mar 25, 2012

Arshi - love story (my thought ) part 7 (By Aksharaa) (Thanked: 19 times)

she went to the room changed not completely

she saw some

stars hangigng above the bed and

in the wall behind bed there was two photos of kushi one in saree (red-photoshoot) and anotShe went into the room and stood was her one in chudidar(pink-aakash-payal engagement) and

in the table at either sides of bed there are two photos with heart shaped frame both are taken by nk(at the day of havan )in one side arnav staring at khusi and in other side a little smile in arnav's which is admiring by kushi and

at the table kept(just like in kushi's house) in corner contains two statues ane is devimayya and another one is nataraj's(she won at sangeet)

kushi remember sangeet dance and then she took a stare at the room she feels like she is in her home that is what arnav wants .yes arnav did all this .He went to gupta's house and bring the statue and stars and he also searched for the bangles but he couldn't find it.And then made arrangements for photo Then comes home and he himself made all these.

kushi then saw a package in the bed.She take and look into it.It contains a beautiful red saree with beads and stone works and matching jewelsand also a note she take the note and read "pleaseeeeeeee forgive me"and thinks asr also knows the spelling of please and then thinks how he feels when he writes this.She felt like going and hugging him but the words "he married you because he thinks you loves me" and turned to saw arnav standing near the door. His eyes asking for fogiveness. She kept the package in the bed to show that she didn't accept his gift and and also to show she is not ready to forgive him.And then she wents towards couch but arnav stops her in mid and asks her to sleep in bed

kushi: i don't need any of your things

arnav:then bang(stops)you have the right to take my possesions

kushi: i don't need anything

arnav:please kushi i will sleep in couch

kushi: no need you take bed and..

arnav:(cuts her) if you want me to sleep in bed then its we can share it


arnav: ok then i will went and sleep outside (saying this he wents towards outside with bed sheet

kushi stops him and agrees to sleep in bed.Then they both were in the both edges of the bed.After sometime assuring kushi is fast asleep went and sit in front of and admires her beauty

it becomes routine for them that they will got up first kushi will take bath and then arnav.Before he comes out she will go down and before he finishes his breakfast she will went out saying its getting late for tution then arnav went for office and returns before kushi every day he will buy a gift for her and will place on her side of bed and kushi will came to roon when arnav takes his dinner she will saw the gift and opens it happily and kept that for sometime and she will place it in arnav's side like she doesn't want that after that she will only came to when arnav is in fast asleep(pretending) she will admire him and went for bed and sometimes later arnav's turn but arnav is happy that kushi is loving him.

Both in office and studies kushi shows her full talent and also she became one in ria's family now tition is in ria's house as her aunt agrees to come there

In ria's house

aunt:ok today this is enough(saying this she gets up and went to kitchen to take something for kushi to eat)

ria:thank you riaji you have done a gret change in my life after meeting madam i have learnt a lot not only about GK and behaviourism but also about life

ria :now also madam


ria:no you should call her aunt

kushi:no ,madam

ria : no aunt

kushi:(with little incresed voice)no,madam

ria : no,aunt(also with incresing voice)


kushi :what

aunt:you should call me ma

kushi:ok maji(goes and hugs her)

ria also joined them.

Papa:Ok ladies its time for kushi to go home

In the rm

asusual arnav goes and watch kushi.This time kushi is not sleeping so watches arnav with a shocked face Then only she understands he is doing it inn all the night and arnav wents to his side like nothing happend

Morning arnav waits but kushi is not going to take bath She sits in the chair still thinking about yesterday's event.arnav went near her

arnav:its getting late why didn't you still not ready

kushi:(looked him surprisingly)its saturday

arnav just leaves to bathroom.Then only kushi thinks that every day he let to take bath first.she couldn't believe that arnav who is always wants to be win loses for her.

Whenhecame out he saw an empty room and then saw kushi in poolsideSuddenly he goes there but kushi came into room

arnav:please kushi i am sorry

But kushi came and taking her dress wents into bathroom.She came out to saw arnav sitting in chair with closed eyes She can't see him like these so she went away from the room.Only after she had left arnav opens his eyes and went down for breakfast

arnav:aakash i am not coming to office today

aakash:but bhai..meeting

arnav:you carry on

anjali:chote is it real or i am dreaming


kushi didn't hear anything.She just serves food without even staring at arnav.

anjali:today are you two going to temple

arnav looks at kushi.But kushi lost in her thoughts.

anjali(shakes kushi ):what happend bhabhi

kushi:nothing di

anjali:are you going to temple

kushi : yes di riaji ask me to come

Arnav looked like who is ria.But kushi is not caring him .Suddenly a call to arnav

arnav:ok i am coming (in phone)

anjali:oh god i think my chote has changed but not thankgod (making a face at arnav)

After finishing breakfast arnav and aakash leaves to office

Kushi who reached temple after talking with ria calls home and informs them that she is going to ria's house

within few minutes ria and kushi reached office.

papa:sorry kushi for disturbing you in saturday

kushi:papa (making a face)

Then papa and ria goes to conference room while kushi and karan went to take some important files.

In the conference room all were tensed so ria went to help kushi.when she came out karan cames to herwith files in his hand

ria:did you informed all.Because i didn't seen asr

karan:ya mam i have informed him.he is on the way

Mar 26, 2012

Arshi - love story (my thought ) part 8 (By Aksharaa) (Thanked: 23 times)

saying this karan goes into the room.ria saw asr entering into office at the sametime kushi came out of the room.They bump into each other (rabba ve)Ria stood there shocked because he can't believe that she saw love in asr's eyes Arnav is the first to came out of trance

arnav:what are you doing here

kushi:arnavji you(but cut and pretends to be anger)i have no need to answer you mr.raizada


Both stare at her Then realizing time arnav and ria went into conference kushi then goes to prepare some details that will be needed to meeting .Actually arnav and papa signed to work togeather in that fashiohouse there is a small problem so that this urgent meeting.Arnav tried to involve in the meeting but he can't however he managed somewhat and then meeting over the problem was solved.papa asked arnav to have lunch with him arnav also agreed.They bothcame out of the room with other members including ria.papa saw kushi and pointing her he told :she joined my company only two weeks ago she is really hardworker she and ria told me the idea to overcome this problem.Arnav thinks of the events when kushi worked in arnav's office.Every day he used gave troubles unknowingly a drop of tear came from his eyes papa and ria looked him surprised.Actually papa knows this arnav singh raizada is kushi's arnavji by ria's reaction in conference room.So that he told arnav about kushi.But he didn't understand the meaning of tears.Kushi is not ready to came out till arnav goes.She saw papa going out with arnav after saying something to ria ria came into room and asked her to come to her house .Kushi also accepted because she wants to meet aunt . kushi even did not know the reason but her heart tolds her if she met aunt she will feel better.Only after came into the house. she knows arnav was also there She turned to go. But aunt called her.In the next minute kushi in aunt's hand.She console her but

kushi : please ma ji i want to cry my heart out

arnav stands to go near kushi but papa stopped him

papa: i don't know whats your problem but let her..

arnav understands and nods .Ria don't know whats happening.She thinks arnav as a ruthless man but she today saw tears in his eyes and now he is not able to see kushi crying.Then they had their lunch silently.After lunch kushi tells them that she is going home

arnav:i know you don't want to come with but if di see us together she will be happy

kushi:(just nods and went and sits in the car)

arnav:(feels little happy and he thank and shaken hands with papa then went out and drives away)

ria:papa what is going on here i had not seen asr like this and kushi tolds us he is misunderstanding him but..

aunt:sweetheart did you noticed when kushi tells her story she says that before her marriage arnav seems to love her and also she told us that after knowing the truth arnav cames to talk but she refused and also now i saw that arnav is really loving kushi a lot

papa:ya ria i also thinks that the tear he let down is for you see his eyes when kushi is crying it reflect pain, love,anger with himself

ria:then why don't he ask forgiveness to kushi

papa:how did you know

ria:(looking confused )

aunt:kushi did not utter a word about him after that incident

ria :ya sweet heart but i wanted kushi to be happy

papa:she will be happy

In the car

arnav: what does you want me to do i have asked you to forgive me i know i hurted you a lot butplease kushi understands me

kushi:you don't know arnavji i was dead when he say those words and they are still ringing in my mind

saying this she turns to face outside.arnav didn't want to continue now as he know its not the correct time.

They reached house

anjali:how you to

arnav:di i went and pick her

anjali:what my chote (she comes and hugs arnav)

arnav:di i have to go (saying he leaves to room)

kushi didn't want to see arnav not because of anger but if she sees him feeling then definitely she will forgive him.She doesn't want to do so.while working in she saw shyam coming into kitchen.she then only saw there is no one .She didn't know what to do.Arnav saw this and clenching his fist he also came towards kitchen before shyam could say anything he calls kushi and kushi takes this as a chance came out of kitchen but she doesn't even look at arnav .Shyam came out of kitchen like their romance spoiled due to arnav.Arnav is like killing shyam but went away giving shyam an angry look.Shyam is having a victorious smile because he thinks that arnav now also hating kushi.

When he reaches the room he saw kushi sleeping so he just went away to poolside to remember some sweet moments in his life

His first sorry , first laugh,first defeat,first kiss and also first almost lip kiss scene.He thinks" she is the only person to make me do all these after that incident".kushi is not really sleeping she just pretends after sometime arnav came in and he also falls asleep.When he woke up he saw an emoty room he thinks kushi is taking and then notice the bathroom door is locked .Then he comes down to saw kushi working alone in kitchen he is about to go but then payal enters into kitchen so he turned and went to his room.

payal:kushi what happened you came very early and your face also looking dull.

kushi:nothing jiji(if i had talk to him i will lose my anger so i should kept him from talking to me)

Arnav came down for breakfast but kushi didn't look him then she spents the rest by chatting with the family members .She went to room late thinking arnav will be sleeping .But she to room and shocked to see arnav waiting for her.


arnav: i know that kushi but

kushi:what but you think of your sister ok she is your world but why didn't you think about me

Mar 27, 2012

Arshi - love story (my thought ) part 9 (By Aksharaa) (Thanked: 19 times)

arnav:kushi i know you are angry at me but

kushi:(cuts him)its getting late i have to woke up early in the morning

saying this she leaves to her side of bed but arnav stops her by her hand

arnav:you should listen me today

kushi:no need mr.raizada

arnav now holds her by her shoulder

arnav:i don't want to hurt you actually i saw

kushi:now also you are hurting me(arnav leaves her)whatever you saw is no need to be true and it is not true

arnav: i know that kushi but

kushi:what but you think of your sister ok she is your world but why didn't you think about me

(saying she again tries to move)

arnav:i married you not only to save my di's life i am afraid of losing you kushi (the voice shows the pain in his heart and intent in the words)

kushi who heard this saw arnav and his teary eyes and came and hugs arnav.arnav also held kushi tightly who is crying her heart out.They stood there in each other's arms And wet to sleep in each other's arms.

Morning arnav woke up to see kushi coming out of bathroom.

arnav:sorry kushi for hurting you and thanks for..

kushi:(placing fingers in his mouth )don't talk about all those i don't want to remember

arnav:i hurt you a lot

kushi:please arnavji first you go and take bath its getting late

arnav:kushi are you going to work now also

kushi:yes arnavji

arnav:i am not ordering you but please

kushi:no arnavji i want to work

arnav:then work as CEO in ar garments

kushi:arnavji we can talk about this later i have to down

Arnav cam down for breakfast .

anjali:chote you are looking so happy whats the reason (giggling)

arnav(just ignores ):aakash have you made presentations

aakash:haan bhai i will mail you

arnav saw shyam coming and decided to play the drama in front of him

arnav:kushi i will drop you

kushi:(as like not wanting)ji

They both leaves after breakfast

in the car

arnav:we shouldn't make shyam to know the truth

kushi:haan arnavji i am also thinking about that if he came to know he will try to do any harm to di


kushi:arnavji i want to talk with you


kushi:i will tell you at the temple

(to devimayya i will accept you as my friend if it goes like i want)

In the temple

Both entered into temple.kushi searched for ria but ria yet not reached the temple.Arnav lost his patience

arnav:kushi what is it what do mean by hurting di

kushi:i will tell but you should promise me that you shouldn't take any move at this time

arnav:kushi why are you asking like this please tell me

kushi:arnavji first you promise me

Mar 28, 2012

Arshi - love story (my thought ) part 10 (By Aksharaa) (Thanked: 29 times)

arnav:ok i promise but tell what is it

kushi:you all think di met with an accident but its not accident he planned to kill di (stops to see arnav's reaction)

arnav:(with anger rising)what

kushi:please control your anger

arnav:how do you know

kushi:i saw him talking in the phone that his (she cut because if he told him heis planning for another one then she can't control him)

arnav clenched his fist and ready to go but kushi stops him by holding his hand but of no use he almost dragged her but she didn't give up she with all her might stopped him and came infront of him

kushi:arnavji please listen me

arnav:kushi you leave me i can't be dumb after all these i will kill him

kushi:arnavji you promised me that you will not do anything now

arnav:i said leave me he have to be thrown out our house not only our house also from this world

kushi:we have to put him behind bars if you said then he will alert and also think of di how she will accept all these you know about that shyam he will turned the plates

arnav:no matter i will tell her all the truth abut you and shyam

kushi:thats not so easy she will shatterd and also what is the need she have to believe me

arnav:(looking at her confused )what

kushi:even you did not believe me at that time then how she ,sorry arnavji i didn't say this to hurt you

arnav's anger turned against him and also agrees that shyam will talk to her and change her mind

arnav:then what you want me to do

kushi:we should prove all this we have all from his mouth

arnav:i can't wait

kushi:there is no other way

arnav:i have to go for office now

Then he takes the car and drives to office but his anger in shyam still raising.

In the office at lunch

kush tells that she forgives arnav.Hearing ria jumped in joy.papa looked at her amused.Ria hadnot behave like this before but papa is so happy.Then kushi tells them about shyam.ria scolded him

ria:kushi you should tell the truth to all

before kushi papa:this is not right time we have to plan all the things

In ria's house

aunt also very happy

papa:kushi are you coming to office tommorow

kushi:he told me not to go but if i want

papa:(cuts her)are you coming or not

kushi:then how will i spend my time with you all

aunt:your studies are not completed and also this is your house

ria:ya i also think so because asr will feel so much if his wife is out for most of the day (giggling)

kushi started to blush.papa and aunt laughed at both

kushi:oh i forgot anjali di arranged for the pooja tommorrow you all should come

papa:kushi i can't you take ria and saariya

kushi:please papa

papa:ok then but i will return as soon


Then she came to rm and spent sometime with di as to ready for the pooja

anjali:bhabhi you should made arnav to attend the pooja as i am doing this for ur sake

kushi:but di

anjali:(making a face)ok

kushi:di iw ill tell him

anjali:(smiles broadly)thankyou bhabhi

After dinner kushi went to room before arnav as arnav, aakash and mamaji are talking about their business.Kushi thinking what to wear for next day open the wardrobe and saw the gifts presented by arnav she took one gift in her hand it contains a heart in the middle and at front a boy and girl standing and other side the boy is proposing .there is a switch kushi pressed it and the heart glows and a sound dhak dhak and the boy proposing side came front and hears a voice "i love you" it was arnav's .arnav take the gift to remember kushi about her heartbeat as she didn't press the switch that day it went off waste and arnav enters into the to saw kushi having the gift in her hand and tears in her eyes Then he rushes to her and wipes off the tears Then he take the next gift it was a ring.Arnav did one thing that kushi can't believe her eyes .

yes arnav kneel down and asked kushi's hand to put the ring.kushi who becomes the happiest person in the world placed her hand on his.Arnav put ring on her hand and gaves a kiss .Then they both saw all the gifts and then hey stood there in each other's arms

kushi:you have to do something for me will you do

arnav:whatever i will

kushi:you have to attend pooja and that also noti n your normal attire in this(showing a red color sherwani with beautiful works )

arnav:no kushi you i am not interested in this and sherwani no way

kushi:but you said you will do whatever and you know from tommorow onwards i am not going to job only because you said (making a face)

arnav:ok i will be in the hall but i don't do anything

kushi:then this

arnav:no i won't feel comfortable

kushi:but for me please(innocently)

arnav:(after thinking)ok then you have to wear red saree i will finish what i drop in middle

kushi(looking confused):what

arnav:i think you have missed something

Looking at her feet he moves away to bed.But stops in the middle to see her reaction.kushi saw her anklet missing and understanding what he said she blushed.arnav went to bed smiling

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