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Sep 15, 2015

chapter 8 (By Samatha) (Thanked: 76 times)

The trio broke their hug due to the knock on the door.

ASR:come in.

LAV:ASR it's time for the press conference.

ASR:we are coming.

Aman khushi arnav along with lavanya entered the room where the conference is held.No pics were allowed to click they were given permission only to question.

Everyone stood up seeing ASR enter the hall.arnav took the seat facing media while khushi and Aman stood on his either sides.

Getting a nod from Asr the conference started.

Rep1:so Asr do u have affair with sheethal?

ASR:I guess she confessed it herself that it was all trap.he said looking at reporter in 'r u really mad'look.

Rep2:Wat about those photos Asr?there's is never smoke without fire.

ASR:well then for that all the media should be ready with their explanations for me in the court.because am gonna sue each n everyone who published that pictures.

Rep3:Wat do you mean Asr?

ASR:I meant that the photos are FAKE.Nd many of u know dat too but u still published them to increase your trp so now be ready to face the consequences.

Rep4:but how can you say they are FAKE?

ASR:BECAUSE IF YOU HAVE EYES YOU CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE.he shouted to which everyone in the hall were scared but soon he controlled himself as khushi laid a hand on his shoulder.

Khushi:I will tell u how they are FAKE.Everyone in the hall knows that Asr don't hav a tattoo on his neck.but the Asr in the pics have a tattoo which clearly states that the face in the photos is morphed.AND some of u might question about other photos where there is no tattoo n YES that pic is arnav Singh raizada's but the lady inin his arms is not sheethal but HIS sister.

ASR:I guess this is enough n now LET US MEET IN THE COURT.BE READY WITH YOUR PUBLIC APOLOGIES AND THE PENALTY AMOUNT FOR TARNISHING MY IMAGE WITHOUT PROPER PROOFS.saying this he stormed away from the room along with his staff.

While the media stood shocked with happenings of the day.facing ASR in the court and winning against him is IMPOSSIBLE.they could do nothing now but curse their fate for believing sheethal.While the other news channels who dint telecast Asr's news were too happy to be saved from ASR 's wrath.

Back in the cabin

Khushi:Chalo Aman it's holiday for you.go home and hav fun.

Aman:really.thank you so much mam.I really need it.saying he rushed out of the cabin wishing rushed good byes to his bosses.

While arnav and khushi could only smile at his eagerness.

Khushi:Chalo arnav let's go home too.Am also tired.

Arnav:not home khushi.I don't want to go least not now.let's go somewhere a small outing.

Khushi:okay.but where?

Arnav:hmmm Mumbai??

Khushi:arghhhh's too noisy.


Khushi:hmmm not bad.but the media can spot us together.we don't want another scandal now do we??

Arnav:no.ok then you say??

Khushi:let me think.

Arnav/khushi:FARMHOUSE both shouted at the same time n smiled at each other.

Arnav:ok since its already lunch time let's have our lunch n start to the FARMHOUSE.


Saying so both started going out of the cabin when lavanya knocked the cabin.

Lav:ASR u have a meeting this afternoon.

ASR:cancel all my meetings for the day n tomorrow also.inform Aman he will reschedule all the meetings.and if I get any calls tell them am on leave for2 days.Aman khushi both are also on leave.

Saying this he moved away with khushi talking something.

While lav stood outside the cabin seething in anger and jealousy as she knows khushi is the person who worked with Aman and saved ASR.Now khushi is in good books of ASR which angered lavanya.

"this middle class girl can't snatch my ASR from n I will never let her"she thought to herself thinking of ways to degrade khushi in front of ASR.

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Sep 22, 2015

chapter 9 (By Samatha) (Thanked: 106 times)

In the car

Arnav:so what are the plans?

Khushi:let's decide after going there.

Arnav's mobile started ringing.but he rejected after seeing the caller ID.he looked disturbed so khushi guessed the caller and asked him.

Khushi:who is calling?


Khushi:Anjali??she asked making a face.

Arnav smiled seeing her making faces. Khushi never liked Anjali.she termed her irritating and annoying.and her names proved right when the phone continued ringing even after rejection of many times.

Khushi:arnav give me the phone.saying she switched off the mobile n sighed in relief.

Soon they reached farm house.the caretaker handed over the keys n left to his home on the orders of khushi.

Arnav:let's fresh up first.


Both of them went to separate rooms to freshen up.

Khushi's mobile started ringing.It was payal.

Khushi:hi jiji.I was about to call you.

Payal:but u r forgot because you are with your ARNAV.she said teasing.

Khushi:hahaha.ok ok teasing apart I came with arnav to farmhouse.I will be coming after two days inform everyone at home.

Payal:ya ya sure.after all u r with your arnav.

Khushi:while blushing stop it the way y did u call.

Payal:oh ya actually aakash called me just now.he couldn't contact arnav ji he was worried for I thought to call you n enquire about arnav ji. Khushi:Ohhooo so u called me just because you wanted to relieve your boyfriend from worries not because u care for me hmmm??she asked in fake hurt voice.

Payal:stop your acting dramaqueen.

Khushi:ok ok fine.I will ask arnav to call aakash.

Payal:ok u take care of yourself and arnav ji too.

Khushi:sure jiji bye take care.

After hanging up the call.she had shower n dressed up in arnav's favorite dress.a red color evening gown with short sleeves n it reached below her knees.a pink lip gloss and eyeliner with loose hair n she is done to perfection.she went downstairs to see her most favorite scene in front of her.

Arnav is cooking dinner for them.he sensed her presence and turned around and smiled in appreciation.

Arnav:so my love is planning to kill me with her beauty.he said smirking.

Khushi:no she is trying to kill u with her love.she said hugging him from back.

Arnav:hmm and am always ready for that.he said kissing her hands.

Khushi:so what are you cooking honey?

Arnav:your favourite pasta.rice and bitter guard my favorite.and ice cream in desert.he said smiling.

Arnav cooked the remaining food while khushi sat on the kitchen cabin talking to him.

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Apr 15, 2016

chapter 10 (By Samatha) (Thanked: 72 times)

After dinner they jus had a walk in the garden enjoying the cool breeze that's when khushi remembered the call she got from her sister

Khushi:arnav Payal called me n said that akash wanted to talk something important

Arnav:ok I will just call him.

Saying that he switched on his mobile n made a call to akash.

Arnav:hello akash.U wanted to talk to me?,

Akash:ha Bhai how are you?u left immediately after the conference?I was just concerned if u r ok or not?

Arnav:am fine akash.I just wanted to relax after the mess so I jus came out with khushi.

Akash:ofcourse I know Bhai u will be with ur khushi he said in a teasing tone.that's y I called Payal to know about you.

Arnav:haha stop teasing me akash n if I start about u ur deeds will never end he said naughtily.

Akash:ok ok I surrender.I jus called u to inform u about the drama happening at home Bhai.

Arnav:y Wat happened?

Akash:ask Wat not happened bhai.Anjali di bailed out sheethal and brought her home.wen I said u won't like it she started crying n said " sheethal did everything only because she loves chotte so much and because of which she got kicked from her home and she was just helping her for humanity sake".and everyone supported her .

Arnav:Wat d hell akash is everyone at home mad?I will handle it when I come home u just keep me updated with the happenings.bye

Akash:ok Bhai.bye ..take care of yourself and khushi...

Khushi:Wat happened?is everything ok?

Arnav:well di got sheethal bailed n brought her home since she has nowhere to go??

Khushi:making a face is Anjali brainless from start or recently she developed this syndrome??

Arnav:in serious tone I think from childhood.

And both of them started laughing loudly leaving all the problems behind..they spend the whole evening talking about anything and everything....

Sharing their childhood memories,college life ,crushes,and what not...

At night they slept cuddling each other and with smiles on their after a long time....

Next day morning the sun rays woke them up for the bright day ahead.they planned to spend the whole day in home watching tv and tending plants because they know once they get back to the office they have loads of work to do..

But in between all these happiness and relaxation they failed to notice a person who was clicking their photographs secretly.........

Hello guys how are you all..I really missed you everyone n sorry for vanishing for almost 8 months..I was busy with my marriage..N now am happily married for four months...N it's time we get in touch from now on u will have regular updates n comment if u like my story...loads of love....Sam.......

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Apr 17, 2016

chapter 11 (By Samatha) (Thanked: 70 times)

arnav and khushi spent rest of their holiday having fun.but when the time came to return home arnav was disturbed.but khushi made him understand that it was important for him to go and sort out the issues.

Arnav dropped off khushi at her home and he left to shanthivan.

At shanthivan everyone were waiting for arnav as they were informed by akash that he was returning late in the as soon as they heard the sound of his horn everyone got alert.they decided to apologize for their mistake earlier and convince him for the mistake they did later.

Meanwhile arnav entered his house determined to throw sheethal out of the soon as he entered the house he saw everyone seated in the hall obviously waiting for him.

Akash:Bhai came.saying that he went smiling to his brother and hugged him to which arnav responded equally with affection.

Nani:chotte where were you all these days we were very tensed not to find u?

ASR:why do you even care Nani?

Anjali:ofcourse we care chotte.we were very tensed until akash informed us u went out for an important meeting.

ASR:seriously di that's y u brought this sheethal home when everyone present here knows how she tried to tarnish my name in the society??

Anjali:we are really sorry for that chotte I jus thought since you didn't believe in marriage n love u r breaking up with her and dumping her.but we didn't know that u never loved her.

ASR:Are you really saying this di?it's not even a month I landed in India and u expected me to fall in love with her and worst make her pregnant??

Everyone in the hall became silent because they know arnav was right and in their foolishness they didn't even realize this major fact.

ASR:now no one has anything to talk.jus a day ago everyone were hurling abuses at me not believing me.and moreover u brought her to MY home.and expect me to live under the same roof as her.

Anjali:but chotte she has nowhere to go.just for humanity sake

ASR:u don't need to worry about her that much.but still for U I made arrangements for her living n a job is ready for ask her to get out of MY HOUSE AND MY LIFE DAMMIT.Aman will take care of the time I come for dinner I should not see her in my house.

Saying so arnav marched to his room to calm down his anger and he knows the only way to do is talk.TALK TO KHUSHI HIS ANGEL.......

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Apr 18, 2016

chapter 12 (By Samatha) (Thanked: 91 times)

In arnav room.

ASR:hi love.arnav said as soon as he heard khushi pick up the call.

KKG:arnav she said whining like a kid.

ASR:he chuckled at her voice and asked'Wat happened'?

KKG:Payal she said n started fake crying.

ASR:though he know she was fake crying he was still concerned n asked 'Wat happened to Payal?'

KKG:Wat happened to her?nothing happened she said with a confusing face and again started her drama.she said hiccupping dramatically n said"woh woh Payal na she didn't give me jalebi now.I asked her n requested her so many times but she is not giving jalebi.I want jalebi n started crying murmering jalebi jalebi in middle"

Arnav who was listening to her keenly from the other end couldn't control his laughter any more and started laughing loudly falling from the recliner.whole raiazada mansion echoed with his laughter while raizadas stood confused with his Laughter.even sheethal was confused who packed her stuff and about to leave.she bid everyone good bye n left .

Anjali was happy atleast chotte left his anger n laughing but she was also sad that her chotte refused to marry once again.

KKG:hawwww arnav u r laughing at me she told in fake anger.

ASR:stopped his laugh suddenly n said in a serious tone "thank you angel".

KKG:thank you y thank you for laughing at me??she asked confused

ASR: no pagli for making me laugh haha

KKG:Ohh okay.but I was saying truth n u r laughing saying so she pouted.

ASR:drama queen.Y r u making Payal villain.I know she gives you watever u want.

KKG:I know I made all these drama just to make u laugh because I know after meeting ur family u will be depressed but this won't change the fact that Payal really didn't give me JALEBI..

ASR:Awwwwww my poor baby.but y didn't she give u?

KKG:nothing much important I just wanted to have jalebi as dinner else but she said jalebi is only for desert but wen I was stubborn she said she will give me after dinner but wen I finished my dinner she gave me only one n locked up remaining n hid the key.she narrated like a small kid.U call her n scold her.she will listen only to U n smiled triumphantly for winning over payal.

ASR:ok I will call her n say that from now on wards don't give khushi jalebi as her desert also. he said imagining her cranky face n smiled to himself,



KKG:go I won't talk to u n I hate u shouting that she cut the cut the call.N smiled to herself because now she knows arnav was fine n she slept comfortably on her bed thinking dreamily about her "JALEBI"

Arnav too knows she was not angry and was jus acting so he too didn't call back n said I LOVE YOU TOO BABY to her pic in his mobile n went to hall for dinner.

The dinner was a silent affair with everyone finishing it with no so much discussion n retired to their rooms for much needed sleep after straining days.

Next day morning

Arnav went to his jog wer he n khushi would meet daily and jog.

They were jogging with arnav listening n khushi talking n both of them laughing in middle.but both of them failed to notice two pairs of eyes curiously eyeing them.

One were of Anjali 's who came there to get some fresh air and the other pair were of Lavanya's who jus came there to impress arnav.

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Apr 29, 2016

chapter 13 (By Samatha) (Thanked: 84 times)

Arnav and khushi were lost in their own world laughing and talking while Anjali and Lavanya stood gaping at the couple.

Anjali:self thought"who is this girl with chotte?they look like they know each other well and seems more than best friends.and chotte is laughing??he never laughed before..after that horrible she the same girl who made him laugh last night too?

There were many questions running through her mind but she didn't get answers for any.but she felt happy maybe her intuition come true and they both get married soon and then the word she had given to her mother on death bed will be fulfilled and she can spend her rest of life peacefully...thinking this in her mind she smiled and moved to her home.

On the other side Lavanya was shocked seeing them together.she thought Wat in the hell brought them together's not possible that they were neighbours because she who comes from a rich background can't afford to buy or even rent a home or apartment in this posh area only filthy rich can afford she was Damn sure it was not the case...maybe ASR had some works so he called she calmed her mind n heart with this reason and headed back to her apartment..

But the two love birds least interested in audience were enjoying themselves lost in their paradise.

By the time arnav reached his home Anjali has updated everyone with the news of arshi at park.everyone first didn't believe that arnav could even laugh but when they saw the pic of arshi they were shocked.only Akash was the person who didn't get shocked but had a smile on his face looking at the picture.Anjali looked at his expression and knew akash knows something which doesn't know but akash didn't give away any info though she tried many times.

At the breakfast table arnav observed the weird behavior of family but didn't ask anything since he was upset with them because of sheethal fiasco.

ASR:so akash now tell me wats wrong with the family today? He asked as soon as he entered the cabin while khushi was already present there n looking at the brothers curiously...

Akash:smiling naughtily at his bro took out his mobile and showed them the picture he copied from Anjali mobile.

ASR:Wat d? Akash are you spying on us??he asked in anger.

Akash:haha sorry bro but it was not me who was spying on you but Anjali di.she was the one who saw u in park and clicked this pic.

Khushi:arnavvvv.... u never told me ur di was such a nice photographer??? She asked naughtily winking at him.

ASR:well it's not the photographer but the person in the pic make a picture beautiful jaan he said pulling her by waist.

Akash:ahemm ahemm get a room guys .U r romancing infront of ur little brother no shame at all.saying this he closed his eyes

"Well atleast try to learn it when you see akash because u blush like a bride even if I hold your hand in public.which is so embarrassing"exclaimed Payal who jus entered the cabin.

Akash again started blushing while arnav n khushi broke into huge laughter and Payal face-palming.

At the same time a little girl around three years old entered AR in a white knee length frock with matching hair pins in her long hair and cute white princess sandals..followed by a man n women and surrounded by her 4 bodyguards.....

She looked like a cute doll with chubby cheeks white complexion ....she walked elegantly as if she owns the place with a cute smile on her face.....

All the AR staff stood awiiinnnggg at the baby when she suddenly stopped and cutely smiled at her bodyguards and maybe her parents as the viewers thought them to be.but the staff got confused when the bodyguards and her parents closed their ears.

Suddenly the kid shouted loudly "ARUuuuuuuuuuuu..............KHUSHhhhhhhhhhhhhh......"

The whole office stood in shock surprised and tensed....

But the two laughing persons ARNAV and KHUSHI were not at all ready for the shock and freezed in their position.....


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May 13, 2016

chapter 14 (By Samatha) (Thanked: 85 times)

Shock would be an understatement....she was here......PARI was here.....but how????who brought her here.....did THEY come with her too???? Noo that can't be possible....then who the hell brought her here???? Numerous questions n no answers.....this was what running in the minds of khushi and arnav after hearing the shouts....but they can't jus let the girl stay downstairs and more over her let the world know her arnav quickly rushed downstairs to handle the issue signing khushi to stay in the room itself...

Seeing arnav at the top of the staircase PARI once again shouted for her ARUUUUU.....

Arnav:PARI baby how did you come here?did mamma n papa come with u??

He asked anxiously waiting for the reply...but he was cutoff by his cute angel who hugged him tightly and gave a big floppy kiss on his cheeks....giggling lightly at him .....

That's when arnav noticed the man n woman behind him....the lady was smiling politely at him while the guy kept looking at anywhere but him......

Ofcourse it had to be can arnav forget his stupid manager and his girlfriend stupid best friend NK......

ASR:u better have a good explanation for this NK saying that he took PARI in his arms n asked the lady Nanny of his cutie pie n NK to follow him....

As for the staff they are getting shock by shock but had to get back to work because the glare they got from arnav before entering his cabin was unavoidable...

As soon as the cabin door closed khushi and pari should at the same time......Khushhhhhh.......PARI........the shout was so loud that everyone in the cabin closed their ears....

PARI:I missed you so much khushhhh that's y came to see u....mamma n papa didn't agree first but I convinced them and came to meet u...and u know aru...nk is Soooo sweet he brought me here just to make me don't scold him.....

ASR:well now that the highness ordered I won't he said smiling and cuddling her....she looks tired from all the journey....

NK: am sorry sir but she was crying so much n I couldn't see her in that state so brought her to u.she was missing you both.he said slightly nervous....

KKG:oh come on buddy we missed her too but u know na its not safe for her and how did her mamma n papa allow you?n now what are we going to do??wer will u guys stay?u know right u can't stay with both of us ??

Asr:hmmm maybe you can stay stay in farmhouse...anyways it's weekend so me and khushi will also join u guys there tonight citing some business deal.akash and Payal can manage at home I guess??

KKG:perfect so guys u go n rest driver will take u.n we will soon join u.

With that the program is fixed n nk left with PARI n Nanny to farm house and arshi started to complete their work to have fun with PARI n her mamma n papa....

Later in the evening they went to their homes and packed their bags for weekend..arnav picked up khushi and both went to their favorite farm house to spend some beautiful with each other and PARI....

Everyone at RM were clueless about this secret but were curious about arnav n his behavior these days....other side Lavanya was also shocked and confused about the morning incident in office but she can't get the answer to any of her doubts...

In farm house

All were having fun ....PARI was entertaining everyone with her cute antics and baby talks...khushi cooked the dinner and everyone had a sumptuous dinner...Everyone sat in garden talking..arnav talking about his London branch with nk and khushi talking with Nanny knowing about Wat happened in the home in last few days making PARI sleep.....

That's wen arnav heard his phone ringing and smiled excitedly seeing the caller id.... PAAPA......

He immediately took the call and shouted happily """ are you?and mom????"""

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Mar 23, 2017

chapter 15 (By Samatha) (Thanked: 63 times)

On Monday

The weekend finished with all fun and the chatter of PARI.arnav and khushi are back to their work.PARI also returned back to her parents.arshi became very busy with an upcoming project.

One fine evening after a month

Payal was very tensed since khushi didn't reach home yet and her mobile is also switched off.she don't know what to do and finally she called arnav having no option left.

Payal:hello arnavji

Arnav:yes Payal

Payal:woh woh khushi aap ke saath hai kya..

Arnav:mere saath.....nahi Toh..but y r u asking like that..

Payal:actually arnav ji.... she was scared to tell him that khushi is missing

Arnav:speak up Payal.....he was tensed something is wrong his mind is warning him

Finally Payal gathered all her courage and broke the news to arnav

Payal:am so sorry arnavji but khushi didn't reach home yet am getting really scared she replied crying......

Arnav:no she can't go missing like coming there asap......saying so he didn't even cut the call took his car and was fastly going down the downstairs when Anjali and akash saw him.Anjali tried to question him to where he was going but he didn't bother to answer.akash felt something is wrong and followed his brother fastly.....both of them reached Gupta house in no time.

There stood Payal crying and garima consoling her.babuji and buaji looking soon as they saw akash and arnav Payal rushed to them and hugged akash crying and telling him the situation...

Arnav immediately called commissioner and updated him about the situation.commissioner assured him to look into the matter and comeback to him asap.

It was past 12 still no news from the police search team.arnav was fearing for the worst.he can't forgive himself if anything happens to khushi.she is his life he can't live without her.

Aman also reached there since he was the one who was coordinating the security of khushi with commissioner.

After what seemed an eternity there came a call from khushi number.

Arnav:hello khushi....Kaha ho tum?

Unknown:ji hum city hospital Se bol rahe hai.Aap koun?

Arnav:mai arnav.Arnav Singh Raizada.

Unknown:Ohh Mr Raizada am sorry for not recognizing u.the owner of this had met with an accident.she was brought here so I called you to ask if she is related to u..... she ok...he was impatient to know if she is ok.

Unknown:relax Mr Raizada she is perfectly alright....but unconscious due to shock of accident...u please come to hospital...

Arnav: he was relieved yet tensed thinking how come her bodyguards missed her .....,

Immediately every one left to the hospital and got relaxed to see khushi is alright but also tensed how she landed in such situation.arnav informed commissioner about the situation.the officer appointed for the security of khushi also arrived at the hospital along with the commissioner.they were waiting for khushi to open her eyes and tell exactly what happened.her bodyguards are also missing.

Mar 31, 2017

chapter 16 (By Samatha) (Thanked: 62 times)

Everyone was waiting outside khushi room waiting for her to get conscious.Payal and Gupta family are sent back to home assuring them that khushi will be alright and they will be informed when khushi gets conscious.Arnav and akash stayed back along with the commissioner.

Meanwhile khushi gains consciousness and the doctor comes to check her assuring everyone that she is fit and fainted jus t in shock and minor injuries which will heal very soon.

As soon as the doctor left everyone enter the room and arnav rushes to hug khushi..

Commissioner:Arnav and Khushi if you don't mind can I ask khushi a few questions?

Arnav allowed him when khushi nodded positively.

Commissioner:so tell me khushi how did you meet with an accident and where are your bodyguards.

Khushi:I left office like everyday and was going on my regular route.But then suddenly I got a call from our bodyguards saying we are being followed.we don't know what to do and kept driving in different routes jus to confuse them but in all this the bodyguards car also went missing but I still tried to escape and donno where I went but when I entered some narrow lane I couldn't control the car and hit some tree.after that I don't remember anything uncle.

Arnav:do you think they found her uncle? ....he asked tightly hugging khushi.

Commissioner:we can't be sure Arnav let me do enquiry first.

Meanwhile a constable entered the room saying that they found the bodyguards car.But all the guards are unconscious.Doctor informed that there is a chemical in all their bodies which made them unconscious.

So now it is clear that some one tried to kill khushi and made a perfect plan to implement the murder

Everyone sat there thinking when a sudden phone call disturbed them.

Arnav looked at the caller id and sighed looking at khushi " it's him"....

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Apr 2, 2017

my blog (By Samatha) (Thanked: 15 times)

Hey guys recently I started a give it a look if u have time....find the link in comment section.

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