My Index Of Arshi Stories

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Aug 23, 2015

My Index Of Arshi Stories (By Myarshi) (Thanked: 47 times)

Hai  Everyone,  Here is my stories index...

                                                          FanFictions (FF)       

Alone - You're Not (Completed) :

Starts After khushi's birthday..Everyone upset with khushi ? why ? What Arnav did to make Khushi happy? Had shyam returned ?

Mujhse door mat jana (Completed) :

It starts from payash marriage where there wont be shyam khushi conversation or arshi misunderstanding. Payal will be married and khushi moves to lucknow. Will arnav get his love back ?

Ham Hamesha (Completed) :

It starts from Arshi 2nd marriage. Khushi is pregnant. And arnav utmost care makes khushi more happy.

But will shyam remains quite of khushi pregnancy? will Khushi give birth to baby? What happens in Arshi life after the baby comes?

Arshi Journey ( Completed) :

It starts where Khushi participate in miss. india competition. The story changes as khushi realises her husband love and how Arnav Khushi move on thier life. will anjali find her love?

Revenge (Completed):

It Starts from the diwali episode. Will khushi forgive his ignorance? is shyam going to marry khushi?

                                                     Single Shot (SS)        

Tumare bina (Completed):

It starts from Khushi falling Down from cliff during arnav kidnapping. Arnav didnt found khushi. Where is khushi? Will Khushi come back to arnav?

Meri asli KHUSHI tum ho (Completed):

It starts from sheetal track. khushi leaves arnav for aarav? But will arnav survive without khushi. Will he reach her?

Its You (Completed) :

Khushi - Shyam's marriage is going on. will Arnav realize his feelings ? did he get khushi back?

Realization (Completed) :

Starts from Arnav-Khushi Engagement. Will khushi accept arnav's sorry? will she agree to marry Arnav? What made Khushi think so?

                                                          Two Shot (TS)         

Love You (Completed):

It starts where khushi mami finds arnav  in den, during arnav kidnapping. What mami and khushi did to make arnav release? Will They able to reach RM ?

                                                             One Shot (OS)           

Love Suffer (Completed) :

starts where Arnav asks khushi to vacate the house. will khushi return RM with Arnav ?

Mrs..Miss (Completed) :

Starts where khushi attends audition for mrs.india.  but what happens when she now about Arnav,the sponser? Will Arnav comes to know about khushi's truth?

Beautiful Birthday (Completed) :

 It Starts from where arnav blames khushi for anjali. What did he do when he come to know about khushi birthday? how did he apologize? Will khushi accept his sorry ?

Am With You (Completed) :


 It Starts from anjali accident during Aakash-payal marriage. Will Anjali survive? And what will be Arnav  reaction?

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