LInks of completed stories...

Aug 16, 2015

LInks of completed stories... (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 64 times)

Hello everyone...

Hope you all are doing good... Happy Independence Day to you all...

I'm here to share my collection with you all. I'm collecting links of completed ARSHI stories for my FB page. So, thought of sharing with you. I still need to check 450 pages more. I will update this post after collecting all the links... for now... let me share with you my little effort...

The stories start from the date 21 November 2011 to 11 October 2012

If I miss any of the stories in between, Don't worry... the stories in the list were the stories I collected in the basis of completion. I will update/add few more stories later...

Hope you guys will enjoy the little effort...

Thank you...


Here are the links...

1. 3S: Taj Mahal to witness another eternal love by Luvfud4life

2. 4S: Arnav and Khushi for fun by Humayra

3. 1S: A letter from Khushi to Arnav by Tvlover

4. 4S: Arnav realizes on the day of Holi by Ipkkndfan1  NOT COMPLETED

5. 1S: Tum ‘Meri’ ho Khushi by observer NOT COMPLETED

6. 3S: Till the end by Samantha




            I think full:

7. 1S: Holi story  by Shivyy

8. 1S: Darkness back in Arnav’s life by Shokofa

9. 2S: Lad Pyaar ka Asar by Samona

10. 4S: Khushi ki karva chaut Arnav ke saath by MK

11. OS: What if Khushi hadn’t fainted?? A warrior Khushi by Princess

12. OS: Your essence by Kriya

13. OS: One mistake lasts forever by Rosemaple

14. Ye Shaadi nahi ho sakthi by Dhalia

15 OS: ..Truth.. by Anjalirao

16. OS: What The!! By Arnav Khushi Raizada

**** OS : Misery

2S: Love by Angel13

OS : Pure love by Qaynat

OS: Finding your love by Jal00




1. SS: valentine competition – Arnav and Khushi by Tvlover

2. IPKKND and Preeto crossover by Tvlover


3. SS: Khushi’s life by SN

4. SS: Khushi…!!! Just Khushi…!!! By Kriya

5. SS: Arshi moments story no: 7 by crazyforarshi

6. SS: Arshi moments story no: 8 by crazyforarshi

7. SS: Arshi moments story no: 9 by crazyforarshi

SS: Arshi moments story no: 10 by crazyforarshi

SS: Arshi moments story no: 11 by crazyforarshi

Arshi moments story no: 12 by crazyforarshi

Arshi story by Ladgovrnrkechamkili

Till death do us part by Arnavkikhushiforever




8. SS: The challenge by Sharon_M

9. The filler that became a story by Sharon_M

10. From where we left off by Sharon_M ********


11. FF: Kya yahi pyaar hai by Arshis_Fan

12. SS: Cute Rabba ve and comedy tiny story by MK

13. Swami sri sri Arnavanada Singh Raizada by MK


14. SS: Arshi – Love story by Aksharaa

15. SS: Love between Arnav and Khushi by Rashme

16. SS: You are my dream …dear by P www


17. Khushi in coma by Maheen

18. Rabba ve in the family trip by bestfan

19. Arshi cross words by Rashdah

20. What is this Love called? By Jezmine

21. I surrender my Khushi by Observer ********

22. Arshi Together Forever by Rosemaple

23. A kiss in the pouring rain by Rosemaple

24. Love, the strongest emotion by Sheenaloves

25. Untwisting the twist by Sheenaloves

26. When I see you by dimple

27. Arnav and Khushi’s love/hate story by Khushiarnav

28. Arshi as actors – a new story 1 by Kalai

29. Kyu dard hai itna, tere hi ishq main by Aditoosh *****

30. Arshi… new Love story… xx by Shivvy

31. Pyaar inko khichey, takarar inko rokey by ArnavkiKhushiforever

32. Irrevocably yours – Khushi’s dairy by Jasmine_X ******

33. How I think it will go by aadya *****

34. Arnav and Khushi meet Bollywood by JiyaKhurana

35. A moment frozen in time!! And for eternity by Samona

36. imagination of mine by Taaniiyaa

37. A story of Khushi and Arnav by Aaliya

38. Dilli ki dhak dhak by Charmingsagi

39. I like story to go this way by Praneetha

40. Mini story… Arnav rescued…and happy endings by Sharon_M

41. New story with new beginning by Akhil

42. Mohabbat door jane na de by Bestfan

43. Full circle: There will be crossroads and crossroads leads to destiny by Arshirandomfan

Full circle: Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Arshirandomfan

Full circle: Meeting – a chance, being a friend – a choice, falling in love-beyond control by Arshirandonfan


****44. Sacrifices for happiness by Rosemaple

45. Innocent love by Kriya

****46. Pyaar kyun hua tere naal by Alishaluv

47. Unforgettable you by Aishaa

*****48. Shyam and Khushi’s mind talk by DV

*****49. The body and soul (A)rnav (S)ingh (R)aizada by dd-IPKKND fan

****50. Meri’s thread forward… Post kidnap track… my take… by ipkkndfan19

****51. Arshi – ek achi life partners by Gowrie Namburani

52. Agent Arnav Singh Raizada and little Ms. KKG by Maheen

53. Melting point by Romantica

54. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon – Anniversary special by xXxXxArshixXxXxX

55. Ishaq, Junoon, Dewangi by Diya007

56. Kaise Bataye by Charmingsagi

****57. IPKKND and EHMMBH crossover: Love is Indescribable

58. This love, it does wonders by Jasmine_X

59. IF its Love by Bhumi28

60. Arnav Khushi (My story) by Khushi98

61. Arshi my own story my Kalai

62. L0&slh;/ e n Tru$t (My Arshi story) by Chhavi

63. Khushi Raizada Vs Arnav raizada


Post Arshi marriage and breakup … resending by dd-IPKKND Fan

Short filler after todays update 8.9.12 Janmastami and Arnav’s birthday by DPatel

Kya yehi pyaar hai by Sarunffan

Romance overdose a la ASR by Babyface

Does my heart still beat…? By Arshilover1

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon by Haripriya.J

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 1 by Haripriyajagan



Pyaar ke bina… Zindagi Adhoori hoti hai by Shazia Virman

Fraz ya Pyaar by Someone

My imagination by Pearl

An imagination about new promo by ranianjali

The story of us by Tarandeep

What women (Especially Khushi) want – Arnav adaption by Tvlover

The resurrection of Di: A short story by Dhalia

Code Blue……Resuscitating IPKKND…… by Mistakewa

Dil Dosti Aur Rabbave! By Ananyansh

The long road to the Mandap by Dhalia

This is life by Ipkkndfan1000

My heartfelt desire by Tarandeep

Tu Jaane na by Anushree


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