A tiny doubt

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Aug 15, 2015

A tiny doubt (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 13 times)

I always have a doubt.Real silly and stupid one,umm maybe some doubts.

1} How old was khushi in the show?? 18 or 22 ??? [I hope its 22] and

2} Was that Sanaya's real hair in the show??Or did she put some hair extensions?

STOOOPPPP don't bash me please.These are some of my doubts which are eating me since i watched the show.And you know na whom should i ask other than my sisters


Aug 18, 2015

My Doubt... (By Arshi_Shreya) (Thanked: 10 times)

In still confused with Shantivan's make over...

First of all In confused with pool-sides location... Can anyone please tell me where is it actually located? Sometimes near the living room, someone's near Anjali's room & many a times near Arnav's... While more surprising thing is that living room is down stairs, Anjali's room is upstairs...

Where is Arnav's room located? How does he enter the room? During Anjali's melancholy track, Mami comes straight away to Arnav's room while Arnav drags Khushi from a long place & in one scene it was also shown that they were descending stairs to come to their room

Please help clear by doubts... I know these are stupid questions but I really need answers...

Aug 19, 2015

What does that mean??? (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 6 times)

I have another doubt,umm it's not actually doubt,it's just that i didn't understand it.

In episode-243,when Khushi reads his diary,there'll be something written like A 36(crossed) K .what was it actually???Anyone know???

Frankly,I dont know hindi  so i didnt get it :/

Aug 20, 2015

Confusing poolside..... (By Saya_Arshi) (Thanked: 7 times)

i too have a doubt with poolside.....if there is only two pools then where did the fight after bangle  scene take place???? And also where is mami's room...is RM a two storey building???? Where is arnav's room located???? 

I think it's enough for now......But I have too many doubts.... Thank u for clearing some of them my dear meD sistersss

Aug 20, 2015

Thank you Priyanjali............ (By Hihi1) (Thanked: 6 times)

Dear Priyanjali

Thank you for starting a new type post,  I hope u will continue with these type posts.


Aug 20, 2015

Another doubt :D (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 10 times)

Guys guys another doubt, We all know The ASR's handwriting is very Kharab [Just like mine ;P] But on Episode-382, The letter,I mean he wrote some confession letter to Khushi na.In that letter the writing is very neat.But how??Let's go for the options pls do vote it

Voting: (Total Votes: 37)

ASR must have started writing a copy book after everyone started teasing him about his Hand writing
May be he made someone write it [Who else could it be? The AMAN]
I don't know :/
Aug 21, 2015

........................ (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 4 times)

wowwwwwwwwwww.............me too have manyyyyy doubts......can i ask ask?? *exciting*

Aug 21, 2015

To @Kritika_Rshi.... (By Arshi_Shreya) (Thanked: 4 times)

Hey di... Is that a question to ask?? It's an open site for all... You're free ask as many doubts as u want... We would be there to clear it... Waiting to know your doubt Di...

Dec 10, 2015

Another doubt abt ipkknd :/ (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 1 times)

After a looong time, my doubts bulb has lit. Please clarify them, or else I won't get good sleep now  

Was Dalijeet di's and Deepali di's hair real in the show? Or did they put any extensions???

And still none clarified my doubt Anyway, i'm asking again...In episode-243,when Khushi reads his diary,there'll be something written like A 36(crossed) K .what was it actually???Anyone know???

Frankly,I dont know hindi  so i didnt get it :/

Aug 29, 2016

A question about ARNAV!!! Please clear it... (By Priyanjali) (Thanked: 4 times)

After Arnav reveals about him and sheetal being dated years ago, Khushi queries if he had any other Girlfriends and that sadistic Arnav reads out a long list of his exes

Did he really have dated all of those girls? Was he not joking????? The why did he laugh at the end seeing Khushi's face. I know he was teasing her but what about those girls he mentioned??? Were they not his ex-gfs???????????????

And- Was he a Virgin before him and Khushi....you know!!! 

P.S : I am a strict Arnav and Khushi girl. No past, present or future relationships of either of Arshi can be tolerated. Please give answers for the above questions which do not break my heart, if not then don't answer at all.

P.S.S : I'm desperate and scared too!!!!

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