Broken Promises

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Jan 12, 2016

Broken Promises... Chapter 41 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 96 times)

Arnika and Ahaan both walked out of their rooms sadly as they stood in front of each other not being able to decide what they wanted yet.

Ahaan said something to her in his sign language to which she nodded positively and then they both headed to the hall where Arnav and Khushi were waiting for them.

As soon as they saw both the kids, they stood up.

They looked at each other nervously having no idea what the kids might have decided.

“Can we ask one question before we tell you our decision?” Arnika asked

“Sure, ask anything you want to” Khushi said

“My question is for dad, you and mom told us everything and we both agree that whatever he did was wrong, very wrong… but what we don’t understand is when dad wasn’t ready to marry mom because of the reason you told us, what made you change your decision now?” Arnika asked

Arnav knelt down on his knees and held Arnika by her arms.

“I dint want to marry her because I thought if I’d marry her, I’ll hurt my mom.. Would any of you want to ever hurt your mom?” Arnav asked

They both nodded negatively.

I thought that if I punished her for the mistake her mom committed then that would be justice to my mom but I dint know I was punish her for someone else’s mistake, not something she herself did”

“So you realized that after 8 good years dad?” Arnika asked

“Maybe yes… I remembered the words my mother had told me once… she had told me never to punish the roses because of the thorns, like for example you see a rose in a garden and you go to pluck it because it’s beautiful but while plucking it, the thorn in its stem pricks you, would you smash the rose and throw it away?”

“No, it’s not the rose that hurt me” Arnika said

“Exactly, so I remembered what mom had told me and I realized, it wasn’t Khushi who had hurt me but her mother, but I ended up punishing her for her mother’s fault.

I thought I was doing all this for my mother’s happiness but then I realized, by doing all this she would never be happy wherever she is.

So I decided to ask from forgiveness from your mom, she forgave me but she isn’t ready to be with me and I understand her decision so I accepted it”

“Okay now can I ask one last question to mom?” Arnika asked as she turned to look at Khushi.

Ahaan just silently stared at them both, at this moment he really wished he would be able to speak, then he would have done anything to make sure he lived with both his parents and not separately.

He just signed something to Arnika secretly as Arnika nodded.

“Ask me anything” Khushi said as her eyes became moist.

“Mom, why are you punishing the roses because of the thorns? Why are you punishing Ahaan and me because of dad? What is our fault?” Arnika asked

As soon as Arnika asked the questions, tears started rolling down Khushi’s eyes, she just stood up and ran outside the mansion without answering her.

“Dad why are you both punishing us for something we never did?” Ahaan signed

“I am sorry Ahaan, I know I am the one because of whom all this is happening, but I am really sorry, I no more understand what’s right and what’s wrong here”

“Dad when you and mom have the answer to our question, please come and tell us the answer, we promise we’d tell you our decision after that” Arnika said as she held Ahaan’s hand and pulled him away with her.

They both locked themselves in Arnika’s room and sat there silently.

“What do you think mom will say?” Ahaan signed

“I don’t know, I just want to live with both mom and dad”

“I too...” Ahaan signed sadly.

They both hugged each other and broke down into tears.


Khushi was standing outside trying her best to control her tears but she just couldn’t, she couldn’t understand what to damn do with her life.

She felt someone’s hand on her shoulder as she turned around and found Anjali standing there.

She hugged her tightly and broke down completely.

“What’s my fault here Di? Why is this happening to me? Why can’t I decide what’s right and what’s wrong… I’m now trapped between Arnav and my kids, what should I do?”

“Khushi we both have faced almost the same situation, and a girl as a woman I would support you fully on what decision you had taken… as a woman you took the decision that every girl should take but now you aren’t just a girl… you are also a mother.

Now that you have already thought as a woman and taken your decision, sit down and think as a mother now, and do whatever your heart tells you, that would be the right decision” Anjali said

“I don’t understand anything at this moment, I really don’t” She said as she broke down more.

Arnav came from behind as he placed his hand on Anjali’s shoulder, Anjali turned to look at him and he signed to her to give them some time alone.

Anjali walked away leaving both Arnav and Khushi alone.

Khushi hugged Arnav directly as she kept on crying.

“It’s okay Khushi… please don’t cry, I understand what you are going through, I know you would never choose to be with me again but whatever the kids asked inside also made a huge impact on you.

I do understand your situation and I promise, I’ll accept whatever decision you take, you have always taken the right decisions keeping everything else aside, I know even now you’ll take the right decision so don’t put much pressure on yourself

Just relax and sit here for a while, brush off all the other thoughts and just think about Ahaan and Arnika only, then decide what you want”

“It’s not so easy Arnav” She said as she broke the hug.

“But it isn’t that difficult too.. I know you can do it” he smiled

Khushi just nodded as she sat on the bench and Arnav left her alone giving her time to think and to make whatever decision she had to.

Meanwhile he went back inside and tried to convince the kids to come out of the room but they were adamant, they decided not to come out until both Arnav and Khushi made their decision.

After almost fifteen minutes, Khushi walked back inside the mansion.

Nani, Anjali, Mami, Aakash, Payal and everyone else were sited in the hall, all their eyes were on Khushi, they stared at her wondering what her decision would be.

She looked at everyone and they all nodded to her telling her whatever decision she takes they’ll all accept it.

Khushi headed to Arnika’s room and knocked at the door.

“I have made my decision, please come out now so that you can know whatever decision I have taken” she said

The door opened at once as both Arnika and Ahaan walked outside.

Arnav stood behind Khushi nervously, he had no idea what she had decided and why she had decided it to be that way, he just waited for her to speak.

“Do you have the answer to our question mom?” Ahaan signed

Khushi nodded positively as she wiped the tear that was almost falling down her eyes.

“I thought a lot and I realized, what I was doing to you was wrong… you both were right, why should I punish you because of Arnav’s fault?” Khushi said

Both Ahaan and Arnika looked at each other excitedly and smiled.

“I lost my parents when I was a kid, you dad too lost his parents at an early age and I guess we both know what it is to live without having parents…

I went through a lot, and I wouldn’t want you to go through what I went through, I wouldn’t want you to be parted between me and Arnav…

So I have decided that you both will live with both your parents, you both will live with me and Arnav together” Khushi said making everyone else happy and elated.

Arnav was more of shocked than surprised, he couldn’t believe that Khushi took this decision, although somewhere he did know she might take this decision, but still it was such a huge surprise for him.

“Thank you mom, thank you so much” Arnika said as she hugged Khushi happily.

Ahaan too hugged her happily… while Arnav just stood behind finding it hard to control his tears… tears of happiness.

Jan 14, 2016

Broken Promises... Chapter 42 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 100 times)

It seemed like happiness had finally found its way back to Raizada mansion.

Everyone was feeling so happy that finally things were getting better, Khushi had finally changed her decision and decided to come back to Raizada mansion and live here with the whole Raizada family and Arnav too.

All the family members were just so happy they dint even know how they were going to celebrate the coming back of Khushi.

Everything just seemed perfect for everyone else… they thought everything would get back to normal just like before…

Khushi would live with them all happily, take care of everyone like she used to before and make lots of jalebi’s when she would be stressed…

Maybe yes, things were going to change back to normal, but was everything going to change or just a few things?

“This calls for a grand celebration” Anjali said

“Yes Di.. We need to celebrate… let’s organize for a party, with mixed theme of Khushi and Arnav’s preferences” Aakash said

“No… I think this time the party should be how Ahaan and Arnika want it, after all they both are the reason behind all this” Payal said

“We need the party today” Arnika said

Ahaan nodded positively in her support while everyone else looked at each other.

“Then stop wasting time and everyone get to work… Aakash call everyone and invite them, Payal handle the catering part, I’ll take care of the decorations while other can help… we’ll have the party tonight” Anjali said happily.

Arnav and Khushi were just standing in a corner staring at everyone being so excited, Arnav too was happy thinking that now everything would get back to normal.

“Ahaan and I would take mom and dad for shopping, they are going to wear our choice of clothes today, mom and dad, no complains please” Arnika said

“As you say my little princess” Arnav said as he lovingly hugged her.

“So don’t waste time, let’s go” Arnika said as she held both Arnav and Khushi’s hands and pulled them outside.

The four of them got inside the car as they drove to the shopping mall.

They headed inside as Ahaan and Arnika selected clothes for Arnav and Khushi and for themselves too.

After wasting almost two hours in selecting the clothes and everything matching to it they finally headed back home.

The preparations had already started and they had gone so far by now, there were many workers at the mansion already decorating the mansion to look its best.

“Wow… everything looks so pretty” Arnika said

They all headed inside and found the whole family busy rushing from one place to another, they dint even have time to sit down.

“Ahaan let’s also go and help them” Arnika said as she held Ahaan’s hand and they both ran away leaving Arnav and Khushi alone.

They both stood next to each other so silently and so awkward… they couldn’t even talk normally or even fight like before.

“I’ll go and make some jalebi’s” Khushi said as she walked away in a hurry

Arnav just stood there staring at her as she soon disappeared into the kitchen.

“Let me make some jalebi’s then we won’t have to order for sweets” Khushi said

“No, you aren’t doing any work today” Anjali said

“Why not?”

“Because the party is for you and Arnav so you both just have to sit and do whatever you want to but no work for the both of you”

“This is not fair, I know it’s for us but we can help a bit right, I am making jalebi’s that’s it” Khushi said

“Stop being stubborn Khushi, or I’ll call the kids to take you away and lock you up in a room” Anjali giggled

“Okay fine, I won’t work but I can sit here with you right and just look at whatever you guys are doing and talk?”

“Okay that’s allowed”

Khushi sat there as she watched everyone doing work and just talked to them, she tried to help them but they just kept on refusing.



By evening everything was done, the whole mansion had been decorated beautifully with lights and flowers.

The caterers had the food ready, the guests had also started arriving.

Everyone finished all their works and rushed to get ready while Khushi was still sited in the kitchen.

“Khushi, why are you sited here? You should be getting ready! The guests have already started arriving” Payal said

“Where should I get ready?” She asked

“What do you mean where? Khushi in your room obvious, you are a member of this family not a guest” Payal said

“I mean…”

“Okay I understand you… I know things would be awkward between you and Arnav, after a long separation like this and then all the issues, but with time you’ll get used to… just give it some time and everything would be normal”

“You’ll not understand jiji, anyway I’ll go and get ready before Ahaan and Arnika find me here or they’ll start complaining again” Khushi said as she stood up and headed to her room.

She stood outside for some time staring at the door wondering if she should go inside or not, if she should knock or just enter like she used to before.

She took a deep sigh and just walked inside, Arnav was changing his clothes, he had his shirt removed when Khushi walked in.

“I’m sorry” She said as she quickly turned around.

“It’s okay Khushi, I am your husband… you can see me like this” Arnav said

“No, please put on something then tell me when you are done”

Arnav quickly put on his shirt and then informed Khushi, she just walked towards the cupboard and pulled out the bags that had her clothes and then headed to the bathroom to change.

She walked out after five minutes as she headed to the dressing table silently without even looking at Arnav who was at the poolside doing something.

She heard a knock at the door and then a lady walked in.

“Excuse me ma’am, are you Khushi?” she asked

“Yes, I’m Khushi”

“Actually Anjali sent me here to style your hair and do make up for you” the lady said

Khushi just nodded as the lady walked towards her and started getting Khushi ready. Arnav walked back inside the room and sat on the bed as he started working on his laptop.

Within half an hour Khushi was ready, the lady left after finish her work and once again both Arnav and Khushi were left alone in the room.

Khushi stood up to and turned towards Arnav as she found him already staring at her.

She looked so beautiful, so gorgeous he couldn’t just take his eyes off her.

He shut his laptop and stood up not taking his eyes away from her as he walked towards her.

Khushi just stood there nervously clenching her dress with her hand.

Arnav stood in front of her still staring at her while Khushi just trembled with nervousness.

He moved a bit closer towards her so that he could kiss her cheek but she moved a step backwards and looked at him sternly.

“No Arnav” she said

“But Khushi I thought you…”

“I don’t care whatever you thought… I can’t do this okay? I am only here for Ahaan and Arnika… I can’t be your wife Arnav… I just can’t!” Khushi said as she rushed out of the room leaving Arnav behind in complete confusion.

He had just thought that she also forgave him and that’s why she took that decision but maybe that wasn’t the truth, she still hadn’t forgiven him.

Jan 16, 2016

Broken Promises... Chapter 43 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 85 times)

Arnav sat on his bed silently.. He dint understand what he felt at such a moment.. Just when he had thought that everything was fine.. He realized it wasnt. Khushi only chose to stay with him for the kids.. She dint forgive him yet.. The question was.. Will she ever forgive him?


A tear rolled down his eyes as he wiped it with his thumb.. How much did he yet have to suffer? Did destiny have something better for him in future or something worse? Khushi walked down the stairs slowly looking around the whole mansion.. It was so beautifully decorated.


She was stopped midway by Ahaan and Arnika who came running towards her.


"Mom... What are you doing here?" Ahaan signed.


Khushi just looked at him in confusion.. First they organized a party then they ask her what she's doing here?


"What do you mean?" Khushi asked.


"You are supposed to be in your room with dad.. We will call you when guests arrive"Arnika said


"What difference would it make if i be here right now or later?"


"You wont understand.. Leave it . Just go back to your room, we wilk come to call you"


Khushi unwillingly headed back to the room knowing how stubborn her kids were and no matter how much she tried.. She wouldnt just win in the argument with them.


Arnav was yet sited on his bed when Khushi walked in.. He dint even raise his eyes to see her.. He was just lost in his own world. She settled herself in one corner and looked around wondering what she'll do .. In short this was how her days would be from today onwards.. Sitting in the room so awkwardly.


She tried her best to avoid lookin at Arnav but everytime her eyes would deceive her.. No matter what happened between them.. No matter how much she said she hated him.. She still cared for him and she dint like it at all that he was so sad.. It was just so painful. She wanted to talk to him and make him feel better but she dint know how she would do that.


"Arnav" she called out his name.


He turned to look at her but dint say anything.. He just smiled at her then looked away.


"I am sorry if i was rude.. I just wanted things to be clear between us" she said


"Its okay Khushi.. I understand.. Its my fault that i thought that you forgave me.. I should have asked you first"

"Look Arnav.. I told you earlier too.. I have forgiven you and we can be like friends.. But not anything more than that.. I took this decision because I wanted our children to live happily with both of us.. They'd never get to know about us anyway"


"So that means things will never be the same again?"


"They will be.. As I told you.. The only difference would be that I’ll just be your wife for name sake.. Like I was while the six month contract time... We will act like normal parents in front of everyone.. All I need is for my kids to be happy that it"


"Does that mean that I really have no chance? Not even one percent?"


Before Khushi could answer anything, Ahaan and Arnika came running to their room.


"Mom.. Dad! You both look amazing" Arnika said


"Thank you" Khushi answered with a smile.


"It's time to go downstairs.. The guests have started arriving" Ahaan signed.


Khushi headed towards the door while Ahaan and Arnika remained behind. She turned to look at them wondering why they weren’t coming with her when Ahaan walked towards her and got hold of her hand.


"What happened?" Khushi asked.


Ahaan pulled her with him and made her stand next to Arnav.


"Mom, you'll hold dad's hand then come downstairs.. You both will look so cute together like that" Arnika said


"Stop making me do this childish things.. Come on the guests are already there.”


"Mom please.. Its not childish.. I went to many parties of my friend's parents.. And their parents always do that.. Then why cant you both do that too?" Arnika asked.


"Fine.. I give up" Khushi said as she held Arnav's hand and they both headed downstairs. All the guest were downstairs waiting for them to arrive.


Arnav and Khushi headed down the stairs as everyone stared at them. Within no time people started crowding around them and talking to them. Khushi replied back to them while Arnav just stared at her wondering why he did all that to lose her.


Right now when she was standing right next to him, when the rest of the world believed that they were a happy couple back together once again, he knew that wasnt the truth. They were just a happy couple in front of people.. Otherwise there was nothing else between them.


"Mom.. Dad.. You have to dance" Arnika said as he pulled then both aside from the crowd.


Arnav and Khushi just stared at each other, they couldn’t say no in front of all this people.. Arnav brought his hand forward while Khushi gave her hand into his and he pulled her closer towards himself. The music started playing slowly and they started moving according to the rhythm and within no time, other couples joined them.


Khushi danced with Arnav for a while and then walked away leaving him all alone in between. Arnav angrily walked aside as he took a glass of wine and gulped it down.


He wasnt angry on Khushi.. He was angry on himself because he knew he was the reason behind all that was happening right now. He took another glass of wine and drank that too.. In his anger he dint even realize when he had finished five glasses of wine.


He stood up and headed to his room feeling bit dizzy yet wondering how was it possible that there was wine in the party. All the parties in Raizada mansion had never had any sort of alcohol or wine.. Then who did this? He walked inside the room and found Khushi sited there removing her jewelries.


"No! Don’t remove it.. You look so pretty" Arnav said as he walked towards her.


Khushi ignored him as she continued with whatever she was doing when Arnav held her hand to stop her.


"Leave my hand Arnav, you are misbehaving!" Khushi shouted as she slapped Arnav angrily leaving him in shock and herself too..


She never knew she could even slap him.. How did she do it?

Jan 20, 2016

Broken Promises... Chapter 44 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 100 times)

Arnav just smiled at her leaving her confused, she had just slapped him and instead of being angry he was smiling! Why?

“What’s wrong with you?” Khushi asked

“Don’t you think you should have done this before? Maybe slapped me when I married you for six months, or when I dint trust you enough, or when I left you alone at the wedding altar waiting for me… then maybe things could have been different now, wouldn’t they?” He asked

“Go to sleep Arnav” Khushi said as she turned away from him but he held her and turned her to face him.

“I know I committed so many mistakes Khushi and I won’t justify myself… whatever I did to you was always wrong and nothing can make it right, all I am doing is asking you for forgiveness..

It hurts Khushi… seeing you like this hurts… lying to our children hurts… knowing we would only be strangers in this room hurts… everything hurts so damn much!

Let’s just end this drama here… if we can’t be husband wife in real, let’s not fake it to our children either… one day they will come to know and when they get to know, they’ll also be hurt so it’s better we hurt them now…

Tell them the truth that we would be here, living together for them, but we won’t behave as a normal couple, we would be strangers with some memories”

“What are you saying Arnav, are you out of your mind?”

“I have always been out of my mind Khushi that’s why I always ended up hurting you, I have been really a bad husband but I don’t want to be a bad dad, I don’t want to hurt our children, I don’t want to lie to them… it hurts… it really does”

“You are being selfish Arnav”

“Yes I am being selfish because I can’t stay in the same room with you like a stranger when I know you are my wife…

I can’t like to my children that things are well between us when they aren’t… what’s the need? Why do we have to do this? They can still live with both of us, that’s what they want anyway..

If we tell them the truth, at least we can sleep in separate rooms, sleeping here in the same room with you would make me commit more mistakes and hurt you more which I don’t want to happen… like I just did right now and you ended up slapping me”

“That happened because you are drunk Arnav… anyway you need to sleep, we’ll discuss this tomorrow when you get sober”

“I don’t need to sleep Khushi… I need your love, I need my wife.. Please forgive me… give me one chance and I promise you won’t regret it.”

“Arnav why are you asking for forgiveness again and again, please stop it”

“I will stop when you forgive me Khushi… just one chance please… they say a person doesn’t lie when he’s drunk.. Look I am drunk right now and I am not lying… I really love you… whatever I did to you was just a mistake.. Or maybe my love for my sister and my mother..

I love them too Khushi and in the process of making them happy I ended up hurting you but now I promise, I’ll not hurt you again, please give me one more chance”

“Arnav please”

“Khushi I beg of you, I’ll do anything you say to make you believe me, just one chance please”

“Okay fine… I’ll give you a chance but sleep for now, we’ll talk about this tomorrow”


“I promise” she said as she held him and took him to bed, she put a blanket on him as he slowly fell asleep yet repeating his sorry.

Khushi just stared at him wondering what she’d do… he was confusing her more, she dint like seeing him like this at all, he wasn’t the Arnav she used to know…

Arnav never used to be sorry for anything, he never used to cry, he never used to ask for promises, he never used to be so weak…

He had changed so much right now that no matter how strong she tried to be, her heart melted for him… she wanted to forgive him and give him a chance but she was also scared…

She was hurt twice already, what if he hurt her the third time? She’d not be able to remain stronger anymore.

Ek tujhko hi bas dekh kar… bhooli mujhko hi meri nazar…

Tujhko shayad nahi hai khabar… tujhko jeete hai hum kis kadar…

She changed into her night dress and looked around, she walked towards the bed and sat on it as she stared at Arnav.

Jude jo tere khwab se… toh toote hum neend se…

yeh kaisa tera ishq hai.. saajna

he was deep asleep, for a moment she wanted to sleep next to him and hold him tight and just cry her pain out, but she had to be stronger for herself… she couldn’t be this weak.

She stood up and turned around to walk away but she was pulled back.

She looked at Arnav and he was holding her hand, tears almost rolled down her eyes.

“Let me go” she said

“You can sleep next to me, I hope you can trust me that much, I’ll not do anything without your permission” he said

“You are drunk”

“How many times will you remind me that Khushi, I am drunk but I am Arnav and I can’t touch you without your consent, you know that!”

Khushi just pulled her hand away and walked towards the cupboard as Arnav stared at her painfuly.

She took a blanket and headed back to the bed and slept looking at the opposite smile.

Arnav slept next to her wondering how things changed, he remembered that bachelor’s party night when she let him touch her, when he made love to her… he thought life ahead was going to be beautiful like that, but things today were different.

She was sleeping right next to him but he couldn’t touch her, he couldn’t make love to her… he couldn’t even see her face.

Tu haathon me to hai mere… hain kyu nahi lakeeron me…

yeh kaisa tera ishq hai.. saajna

he just hoped that whatever he told her today would make a bit difference, he hoped she would think once again about all this and maybe decide to give him one more chance.

He had regretted what he did to her, he had lived for eight years without her and he knew the pain f living without her, he dint want to feel that pain once again.

Right now she was here, in the same room with him but he dint feel happy about it, it was just the same as her being not there.

tu saath hai agar… tanha kyu hai safar..

itna batao mujhe… kyu hai mujhse bekhabar…

“I wish I could make things better… I wish I could make you believe that I am regretting what I did so much… I wish you could give me one chance, just one chance” Arnav whispered as he turned the other side and shut his eyes painfully. He dint want to cry.

There was silence for a few seconds and then Khushi turned towards him, he was facing the opposite side.

She tapped on his shoulder and he turned to look at her in surprise.

“You weren’t asleep?” he asked

She nodded negatively as she held him and pulled him closer, she hugged him tight and broke down into tears.

“This hurts so much Arnav… everything damn hurts… I don’t know what to do, I am confused, I want to cry but I have no shoulder, I want to hug you tight and tell you about my problems but then I realize you are the reason behind my problems..

I want to forgive you and start a fresh but there’s some kind of a fear in my heart, what if you leave me again, what if you hurt me again? Everything is so messed up.

I don’t know what to do, I just done understand myself”

“Do what your heart tells you Khushi… please listen to it once, I’m sure it also wants you to give me one chance.. I promise I’ll always give you my shoulder to cry on… I promise I’ll always hug you like this when you are sad… I promise I’ll love you forever”

“I love you Arnav… so much and I can’t hide it anymore… but I’m also hurt… I just damn don’t know what to do!”

“Okay relax… let’s sleep, we’ll talk about this tomorrow when I’m sober, maybe you’ll take me more seriously and you’ll also feel better”

She just nodded positively as she shut her eyes and slept peacefully in his arms…

Things were changing maybe…

Jan 23, 2016

Broken Promises... Part 45 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 76 times)

Next morning Arnav woke up earlier than Khushi… although he was the one drunk and he was the one to have a hangover, Khushi was the one sleeping till late…

Maybe it was because she finally slept peacefully after so long…

She was deep asleep holding his arm, her hair was covering half of her face as Arnav just stared at her.

She looked so calm, so innocent, so beautiful…

Right now he couldn’t see any pain on her face, all that he could see was peace and somewhere he felt happy about it.

He continued lying on the bed next to her not wanting to move and wake her up..

He just stared at her for as long as she was asleep and an hour later… she finally stretched herself up and woke up.

“Good Morning” Arnav smiled at her.

She sat up and stared at him in confusion then looked around, she pulled her hand away from Arnav and stoop up at once.

She looked nervous and scared…

“What happened Khushi?” Arnav asked worriedly

“Nothing… I… I just got scared I don’t know why…” She said as she held her hair.

“It’s okay, you might have had a bad dream and then maybe you woke up so that’s why…”

“I’ll take a shower and head downstairs, everyone must be waiting… I have never slept till this late”

“It’s okay, it happens at a times… relax”

Khushi just nodded as she took her clothes from the wardrobe and headed to the bathroom as Arnav sat on the bed feeling some sort of headache.

Khushi walked out after the shower completely ignoring Arnav, she headed towards the dressing table and started tying her hair up.

Arnav headed to the bathroom to take a shower and by the time he was back, Khushi had already left…

All he couldn’t understand was, why was she ignoring him all over a sudden? Everything had been fine until yesterday night… as far as he remembered they had also decided to discuss on the issues they were having and sort them out.

Or was it that she changed her mind again?

He wished she dint..

He got dressed up quickly and headed downstairs… all the family member were sited on the dining table having their breakfast as Arnav joined them.

He sat opposite to Khushi while staring at her continuously but Khushi wasn’t just looking at him.

“So how was the party yesterday? Did you all enjoy? Dad especially you, how were your drinks?” Arnika asked as she winked at Arnav.

“So you are the one who did this huh?” Arnav asked

Arnika and Ahaan hi fived leaving everyone else confused apart from Arnav and Khushi… now is when they understood how alcohol was brought to Raizada mansion.

This kids were being just too naughty but the prank they played was going to make some changes… maybe good or maybe bad.

After breakfast everyone headed back to their room to rest as they all were tired because of the party.

Khushi too headed to her room and Arnav followed her, he was just worried, he hoped she hadn’t changed her mind, because the way she had been avoiding him since she woke up, it just made him feel there was something wrong.

“Khushi, can we talk please?” He asked as they both entered the room.

“Talk about what Arnav?” She asked yet avoiding looking at him.

“You promised me last night that you’ll think upon your decision once again, and now you are trying to avoid me, why so?”

“I am not avoiding you Arnav!”

“You are and stop lying to me! Khushi please, let’s end all this here now… it hurts… too much!” Arnav said sadly.

“Yes Arnav, it hurts! It hurts me too… yesterday seeing you like that did hurt me that’s why I became so weak, I forgot that you have always hurt me and maybe trusting you again would just be impossible.

I forgot that the only reason why I am here with you is our kids, I am not your wife, I am just their mother…

I forgot every damn thing I had promised myself, all because of you damn it!” she almost shouted

“And what’s wrong in that? It just shows how much you love me, I agree you said self-respect is important than love but a person needs both, we can’t live without love either.

I have been begging to you for forgiveness Khushi and if you forgive me after that it would do any harm to your self-respect.

I know you love me and you know that I love you too, we also know that things can change, we can get back to normal and live a happily life if we want to they why shouldn’t we?” Arnav asked

“I just need time Arnav… to heal”

“And I haven’t denied you the time Khushi… take your time, all I need is for you to forgive me, I need you to be mine once again, that’s it.

Yesterday night I was drunk but I wasn’t stupid not to notice how much you still cared for me, how much you still loved me… you even told me you loved me then after all this why are you still stopping yourself Khushi?”

“Because I am hurt Arnav, I always trusted you and you always ended up hurting me… I fell in love with you, it was all so beautiful and then you blackmail me to marry you just because of that misunderstanding..

I forgave you even after that, I trusted you at the bachelors party night when you marked me as yours, you promised me you won’t leave me but you did.

Right now you are telling me you are sorry and you’ll never hurt me again, how do you expect me to believe it once again?”

“Because I am sorry, it all happened because of misunderstandings and stupidity, but I assure you Khushi, this time I’ll not hurt you… if things go wrong, I’ll think calmly before taking any decision, just give me one last chance please”

“Okay fine… after whatever happened last night and all that you are saying today, you have somehow convinced me to give you a chance but that doesn’t mean I’m giving you any chance right away.

I need time for myself, I need time to convince my mind and my heart, I need time to understand things… and the day I’ll finally be sure that yes now I want things to be like they were before, I’ll come and talk to you myself.

But you have to promise me, after today you’ll not ask for chances and say sorry again, we’ll just be normal until time comes” Khushi said

“Okay thank you, can I at least hug you once and just share my happiness, you’ve given me the biggest gift today after all” Arnav asked innocently.

Khushi just nodded as he rushed towards her and pulled her into a tight hug, they both shut their eyes as tears rolled down them.

Everything was changing after such a long time… it all felt good once again.

Arnav only needed to wait now and when the right time comes, things would be back to normal

They would live happily once again, tease each other, fight and get angry and do everything else couples do…

Jan 29, 2016

Broken Promises... Part 46 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 102 times)

One month later…

So many things had changed in one month… everything was slowly getting back to normal.

There was happiness all over Raizada mansion once again, the kids added more happiness in everyone’s lives.

Arnav and Khushi had talked about all the issues and as Khushi had asked for some time, Arnav gave it to her, the last time they talked about their relationship and the past was a month ago.

Arnav was yet waiting for that day when Khushi would finally come to him and tell him that she had decided to make things normal between them.

It had been a month now, although he just couldn’t wait for things to change he knew he had to be patient, maybe this was a test of his patience, so he would wait and wait until the day when Khushi comes to him.

He was sited on the poolside with his laptop busy doing some work when he received a call from Aman who called him to the office telling him there was something urgent.

Arnav rushed to the office without wasting time, the whole office was empty which left him a bit confused but angry at the same time.

Where the hell was everyone?

He pulled his phone out and dialed Aman’s number but alas! He dint receive his calls.

He looked around feeling frustrated not being able to understand Aman’s stupidity, why did he have to call him here when there wasn’t a single person in the office?

He headed towards the door to leave when something stopped him, he heard some voice, something like anklets…

He turned back and looked all around but couldn’t see anyone, he surely wasn’t imagining things, he did hear the sound, did that mean someone was in the office?

“Who’s there?” He asked in his usual serious tone but with no reply from any side.

All over a sudden he felt a piece of cloth on his eyes and before he could react, his eyes were tied.

“What the… whoever the hell you are, get this off me before you face my anger” Arnav said angrily.

“Shh…” Came a soft and sweet voice…

And just like that, he became silent and calm, maybe because she hadn’t spoken anything but still he realized it was Khushi.

She held his hand and pulled him with her and he followed her silently, without saying anything.

He was made to stand at one position and then the piece of cloth was taken off his eyes. He looked around just to find himself in his cabin and in front of his was Khushi, dressed in the same dress she had worn when he first saw her in this office.

Khushi pulled a chair for him and made him sit on it while Arnav just looked at her in confusion.

She handed him some paper and a pen and then she finally spoke.

“I need you signature on this papers, if you trust me you’ll sign them without reading even when I’ll tell you that the papers say that the whole of Raizada property belong to me from today onwards” Khushi said

Arnav just smiled at her as he took the pen and signed the paper. After he was done, he turned to look at her and handed the paper and pen to him.

“Your turn now, come on sign” Arnav said

Khushi looked at him in confusion as he smiled at her once again.

“I thought for marriage we needed both yours and my signature” he winked at her as she blushed

“Not Fair Arnav ji… how did you know they were marriage papers?”

“Because I think marriage is your whole wealth, property and all isn’t” he smiled

She placed the papers on the table and signed them.

“I’ll give this to the lawyer, he would proceed with the rest” She said as he tried to walk away but Arnav got hold of her hand and pulled her back.

“Does that mean I am forgiven?” He asked in her ears as he held her closer to himself

Khushi shut her eyes making sure the decision she had taken was a right one, she had taken a whole damn month fighting with her inner self to come to this decision.

She just turned towards Arnav and looked into his eyes.

“Our marriage is still incomplete…” She said

“We’ll get married once again with full rituals, and I promise, this time I won’t run away” He giggled

“This time if you break your promise, you’ll find Khushi dead on the wedding altar” She said with a serious tone.

Arnav just pulled her into a tight hug.

“Khushi I am really sorry, I wish I could explain to you how much I regret breaking all those promises I had made to you, I wish I could tell you and show you how I felt at that moment and how I felt for the past 8 years, I have regretted my deeds so badly… whatever I did to you was never right and right now I know my promises mean nothing to you, I broke them so why would you trust me again, but this time believe in me Khushi, I don’t promise you I’ll not leave you, I give you my word, I will not leave you or hurt you this way ever again” Arnav said

Khushi broke the hug as she slowly wiped her tears away.

“We are getting married today evening at the temple, you, me and our family members that’s it.

I hope this time I wouldn’t have to wait” She said as she walked away.

Arnav understood one thing by now, although Khushi had forgiven him, it was yet going to take a lot of time to win her trust back, he had broken it so many times after all.

He headed back home, and to his surprise, the Raizada mansion was empty, he thought everyone would welcome his happily at the news of him and Khushi getting married once again.

He headed to his room and sat on the bed silently… he dint know why but even after Khushi forgave him, he dint feel happy.

It all looked so weird, he wanted her to forgive him and accept him with her heart, but somewhere it dint seem like that, she was happy but she wasn’t really happy with this decision and maybe that’s why he also dint feel satisfied.

As evening approached, Arnav changed into some Indian wear, gelled his hair and combed them in his usual way, he headed outside but no one was home yet.

Maybe Khushi had informed them so he dint have to be worried about that, he got into his car and headed to the temple, to marry Khushi finally, with all the rituals.

He parked the car outside and headed inside, obviously surprised to see all his family member standing there as if they were waiting for them.

“Chotte, I am so happy for you… finally you and Khushi ji are getting married” Anjali said as she walked towards him.

“I am happy too Di” he said as he hugged her.

Everyone congratulated Arnav, even Ahaan and Arnika were present there, the only person he couldn’t see was Khushi.

“Where’s Khushi Di?”

“She already left, she’ll be here in a few minutes, let’s wait for her” Anjali said as she held Arnav’s hand and headed inside while they all waited for Khushi to arrive.

A few minutes later, Khushi arrived at the temple with the Gupta family, Arnav took a sigh of relief when he saw her there because he had been scared all this while thinking what if she changed her mind?

She walked towards him and sat next to him as the priest started reciting all the mantras.

Arnav’s eyes were stuck on Khushi… he was just staring at her… he dint know why but this wasn’t making him happy at all.

He stood up all over a sudden leaving everyone else surprised.

“What happened Chotte?” Anjali asked worriedly.

“I am sorry Khushi, I can’t do this” Arnav said as Khushi stood up and looked at him in disbelief.

What was he trying to do?

Feb 6, 2016

Broken Promises... Part 47 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 90 times)

“What’s wrong Arnav?” Khushi asked as she stood up.

“Everything looks wrong here Khushi, tell me what do you see being right?” Arnav said

“What do you mean? We are getting married, everything is getting back on track, does that seem wrong to you?”

“No Khushi… That isn’t wrong… what’s wrong is you doing this… I asked you for forgiveness Khushi not any kind of pity…

I want you to get married to me because you love me and you are happy about it, not because you love me but still you have something stopping you…

I told you I can wait, I don’t care of you take ages to forgive me completely from your heart, but I want this to happen when you will be as happy as you were eight years back.”

“Arnav I…”

“Khushi where is the problem? Explain it to me please… what do I do to make you believe that I have changed, next time I would think a million times before I decide to hurt you like this… I need your love and your trust… not your love accompanied with pity.

I know it’s hard for you to forgive me, and I am not forcing you all I dint want was to lie to our children… they should know their parents live with each other in the same room but like stranger that’s it.” Arnav said

Everyone looked at each other feeling bad… all this while they had been thinking that Arnav and Khushi had sorted out their issues and were now happy together but things weren’t the way they seemed to be.

“If you are ready to be the same Khushi that I was to marry eight years back, then I’ll get married otherwise I’ll give you enough time, even if it takes a whole damn year or more… I just need you to forgive me”

“Arnav!” Khushi said in disbelief.

“I am sorry Khushi… I really am, but I need to see you happy first… I am sorry I had to tell out the truth because everyone should know that we aren’t happy being together… we can live together for our children but not share the relation a husband and wife should” he said

“And how did you know if I was happy with this or I wasn’t?”

“Look at you… everything about you says so”

“Eight years are a long time Arnav, people change is seconds… just because I am not acting crazy and not talking about how happy I am like I used to do eight years back doesn’t mean I am not happy!

I took this decision on my own because I love you and I know you’ve hurt me but somewhere I still want to give you one last chance.

I am not pretending to do all this, you know I can never pretend about such things… it’s just that I have changed… I have become calm.. I don’t see any point of trying to do something I used to in the past when I’m not comfortable with it right now…

All I need you to know is that I took a whole month to come to one decision, I must have thought deeply about it so you should know I am happy with it.

Things are different now Arnav, but you should know I am getting married to you because I have forgiven you and not out of some pity…

Maybe I don’t seem happy right now but just know I am… it will take time for you to actually realize that things are getting normal between us.

Do I need to explain anything further than this?” She asked

He just nodded and settled back while Khushi joined him… it was so good to see them arguing like this after long which showed some positive signs obviously.

“Does that mean we are going to umm… you know… have our first night today?” Arnav whispered into Khushi’s ears.

She looked at him in surprise and blushes as she looked away from him.

“Did that mean a yes?” he whispered again.

“Shut up Arnav ji” Khushi said as she hit him slightly

“What? I was just curious”

“No.. Got your answer?” She said as she turned to look at the priest.

“That definitely means a yes” He giggle while Khushi just looked at him and smiled.

It was good and very rare to actually see Arnav giggling, she was glad that he was happy and she was the reason behind his happiness.

“You both are so dramatic” Arnika said looking at them as if they had made some huge mistake

Arnav raised his eyebrow towards her in confusion

“Until today I thought only mom was so dramatic, now I see you both are… but Arnika is definitely gone on mom” Ahaan signed as he laughed.

“What the… you mean to say I am dramatic?”

“She’s gone on her dad, I never say what the…” Khushi laughed

“Oh God what am I going to do with this crazy family” Anjali said

They all laughed and then concentrated on the wedding rituals.

Everyone arrived back at the Raizada mansion and performed the rituals of welcoming Khushi home like they had done once before.

Arnav carried Khushi in his arms and headed to their room as everyone dispersed too.

Finally happiness was back in Raizada mansion… after eight good years.

Arnav pushed the door open as he walked in and to his surpise, the whole room was full of flowers and candle lights.

He put Khushi on the bed and look around in disbelief.

“I left when the room was clean, and if you all were at the wedding, who did this?” Arnav asked

“I did” Payal said as she emerged in from behind.

She looked at Arnav and Khushi as she smiled.

“I left early from there and did this, I just wanted to say sorry to you Arnav, I had behaved so badly with you after the…”

“It’s okay Payal I understand you because I also know what I have done for my sister, you were just worried about Khushi so everything is justified” Arnav said

“Thank you and have a goodnight” She winked at Khushi as she walked away shutting the door behind. Arnav locked the door and turned to look at Khushi who was already blushing.

“Let’s see what excuse you make today… now we are officially married with all the rituals, neither Nani nor Di nor Payal would see us… and I have even switched off my phone so Aman isn’t going to call either” Arnav said as he smirked

“Why does it look like your intentions aren’t good?” Khushi asked

“Because they really aren’t” He winked at her and directly pushed her flat on the bed.

Khushi turned her head the other side blushing…

“Arnav ji…” She said

Arnav just smiled and stared at her, she was still shy when they had done this once before, on the bachelor’s party night.

He pulled her veil away making her blush more, she wished there was a place she could go to and hide herself.

Arnav came on top of her and within no seconds his mouth was on hers leaving and completely surprised, she dint think he would be this fast…

She pinned both her hand on top of her head and kissed her so hard, so deep… letting all his emotions out on this one kiss, he wanted to kiss her like never before, he wanted this kiss to let her know how much he had missed her this eight years.

He kept on pressing his mouth against hers but she was responding, she just let him kiss her but why wasn’t she responding?

He pulled away from her and took a deep breath as she looked at her in confusion.

“I don’t know… I just feel scared” She said as she hugged him.

“Scared of what Khushi?”

“What if after all this, you leave me once again… I don’t know Arnav, but I am trying but the fear isn’t going away”

“I understand you Khushi but trust me for once, I’m never ever going to leave you again… this time we even have Ahaan and Arnika with us, all the misunderstandings are sorted, now nothing can take me away from you” he said

He broke the hug and made her look at him.

“Trust me Khushi… I won’t leave you okay?”

She nodded as she shut her eyes and Arnav pushed her back on the bed as they both laid there together for a while… silently staring at the ceiling.

Neither of them spoke a word… things were feeling so uncomfortable.

Khushi turned to look at Arnav who was still staring at the ceiling, she was so glad that he understood her and just stopped..

She pecked on his cheeks and smiled.

“Can we sleep? I promise with time I’ll get comfortable” Khushi said

“And I promise I’ll make you comfortable soon” She smiled as she held her tightly into his arms…

Feb 16, 2016

Broken Promises... EPILOGUE (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 91 times)

Arnav and Khushi were trying their best to open the door of their room but it seemed like someone had closed it from outside or it was jammed.

They tried calling everyone in the house to help them out but no one heard them, well that’s what they thought.

They sat on the bed looking at each other wondering what they would do to get out of the room.

“I can break the door” Arnav suggested

“There’s no need for that Arnav ji… we’ll figure out something else” Khushi said

Just then the door clicked open and Ahaan and Arnika walked in with a smile on their faces.

“So you both had done this?” Khushi asked

“Yes mom, because you both might have forgotten your wedding anniversary but we dint… there’s a surprise waiting for you downstairs so we are here just to tell you to get ready and come down… everyone’s waiting for you” Arnika said

“Happy Anniversary mom and Dad” Ahaan smiled

They both walked out leaving behind Arnav and Khushi to get dressed.

“I am sorry, I had it in my mind until yesterday, today just because of this locked door I completely forgot about it… but happy 5th wedding Anniversary Arnav ji” Khushi said as she hugged him.

“Happy wedding anniversary my dear wife” Arnav said as he pulled out a small box from him pocket and handed it to Khushi.

“Wow… you remembered?” She asked surprised as she opened up the box.

“Well, this time God had mercy on me” He giggled

“Aww this is so pretty.. Simple and elegant” Khushi said as she pulled out a simple gold chain from the box.

Arnav took it from her hands and put in on her neck as he looked at her and smiled.

“You look gorgeous, now let’s get dressed before everyone ends up here to wish us” Arnav said

They both walked downstairs holding each other’s hands, Arnav was dressed in his usual three piece suit and Khushi was dressed in a beautiful yellow saree.

There were so many guests in the hall, the hall was all covered with colorful lights and soft music.

As soon as Arnav and Khushi arrived they all started congratulating them and giving them gifts..

“Who thought of this?” Khushi asked Arnika and Ahaan as they both pointed towards Anjali.

“Thank you so much Di” They both said as they hugged her.

“Thank to both of you, you’ve given all of us so much of happiness… since you both got back together everything has been good so you did deserve this” Anjali said

“Anjali is right… you have given us a lot, including this two beautiful children who keep us entertained the whole day” Nani said

“So a dance?” Arnika asked

“No way” Khushi said as she turned away.

“Please dad… convince mom… it’s your fifth anniversary there should be a close dance at least” Arnika said

Arnav held Khushi’s hand as he pulled her in the center of the hall as he slid his hand on her waist and pulled her closer as they both started dancing to the song that was playing.

“You know you are the reason behind everyone’s smile and mine too” Arnav whispered into Khushi’s ears as she blushed.

Hua hain aaj pehli baar jo aise muskuraya hoon…

Tumhe dekha to jaana yeh ki kyun duniya me aaya hoon…

Yeh jaan lekar ke jaa meri… tumhe jeene me aaya hoon…

Main tumse ishq karne ki ijazat rab se laaya hoon…

Within no time all the guest joined them in dancing and after the dance they all had dinner and lots of fun.

After the party was over, Arnav headed back to his room holding Khushi’s hand… everyone had already retired to bed after such a tiring night, but Arnav was in no moods to sleep… he had something rather naughty going on in his mind.

He locked the door as he sat on the bed holding Khushi’s hand.

“You know you look so tempting in this yellow saree, it does so much to me I can’t even explain” Arnav said

“Really? If you can’t explain.. Show it to me” Khushi giggled

Arnav just stared at Khushi as she finally realized what she had just said, she blushed as she turned away from him.

“I was just kidding, I’ll change then we sleep… I’m tired anyway” She said as she tried to walk away but Arnav got hold of her and pulled her back as she fell on his chest.

“I’ll help you change” He winked at her as she blushed deep red once again.

She nodded negatively and hugged him not wanting him to see how shy she was feeling.

“Oh come on Khushi, you can’t be shy of me now… we have been married for five years now…” Arnav said.

He held her and made her stand up as he unpinned her sari while she just shut her eyes feeling so shy of him.

She felt goosebumps and what not as if he was touching her for the first time.. as if he was undressing her for the first time…

He slowly pulled off her sari and threw it aside as he stared at Khushi who had no idea where to hide herself.

Zameen se aasman tak hum dhoondh laaye jahan saara…

Bana paaya nahi abtak khuda tumse koi pyaara…

Khushi just ran towards him as she hugged him tight hiding herself in his arms.

He cupped her face and made her look at him.

“You look really gorgeous” he winked at her.

Baton me teri hai badmashiyan… sab bewajah ki hai taarifiyan…

Me likhdu aasman par yeh… ke padhlega jahaan saara…

Huwa na hoga ab koi… yahan hum do sa dobara…

He pulled her closer sealing his lips with her and giving her all the butterflies in the whole world.

He sucked her lips feeling the pleasure running through his whole body… he couldn’t understand what it really was…

Even after five years he still felt like he was kissing her for the first time… it never was enough.

“Why do you always look so tempting to me that I just feel like locking up you in this room and making love to you for the whole day and night?” Arnav asked

“Because you always think of that” Khushi giggled

“NO because you are beautiful.. Because you have a beautiful heart… and because you love me and care for me… and because you’ve made me the happiest man in the whole world” Arnav said as he pressed his lips to hers again not giving her a chance to talk.

Me duniya bhar ki tareefe tere sajde me laaya hoon…

Me tumse ishq karne ki ijazat rab se laaya hoon…

He made love to her for the rest of night and made sure she realized through it how much she meant to him.

She woke up next morning and found him staring at her as she blushed a bit.

“You dint sleep or what?”

“That innocent face of yours when you are asleep dint let me sleep so I just kept on staring at you” He smiled

“You are crazy Arnav” She said as she smiled

“No Khushi… I am in love”

“Oh so cheesy Arnav, I never thought I’d ever get to see this side to you according to your rude and arrogant behavior”

“Well too bad, because I changed when I met you, so you’ll surely get so many cheesy lines from me”

She just hugged him tightly and shut her eyes feeling his closeness.

“You know I’ve never believed in God… I still don’t… but I always do thank if, if there’s any God anywhere… I always want to thank him for bringing you in my life” Arnav said as he held her tighter while tears just rolled down Khushi’s eyes falling on his chest.

Tu he ju rubaru mere bada mehfuz rehta hoon…

Tere milne ka shukrana khuda se roz karta hoon…

“Hey what happened?” He asked

“Nothing… at times you just make me speechless… I feel so lucky to have you”

“I should feel lucky… or do you think a man like me could have ever got a girl like you? Thank you so much for coming into my life and giving me all the happiness Khushi… and sorry for all the pain I gave you which you dint deserve at all” he said

“Arnav we have moved on from the past… let it not ruin our future… you are my whole world now and I am happy about that” Khushi said

Humko pata hai yeh naadaniya hain awara dil ki hai aawariya…

Yeh dil pagal bana baitha ise ab tu hi samjha re…

Dikhe tujhme meri duniya… meri duniya tu banja re…

“You see… I said I was lucky to have you… not everyone gets a wife like Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada”

“And not everyone gets a husband like Arnav Singh Raizada who loves me so much”

“Well I always will… even after forever”

“I too always will”

Hoon khushkismat so kismet se tumhe aise me paaya hoon…

Me tumse ishq karne ki ijazat rab se laaya hoon…

As much as I dint want this story to ever come to an end, I’m glad it came to a happy ending because that wasn’t the ending I had initially planned for but well I just thought they should be happy… I’ll miss writing this… it was one of my own favorite stories…

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