Broken Promises

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Aug 14, 2015

Broken Promises (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 107 times)

Hey guys… So I have to clear some things before I begin the story… this story is based on ipkknd (iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?) I have decided to pick it up from the point of remarriage… for those who watched ipkknd it would be easy to understand the concept for those who haven’t, you better watch the episodes :p

I won’t mention much because I would then reveal the whole story, just read the parts and go on with the flow…

Okay so I’ve made a few changes in the track…

1.)    Anjali has no problem with the Khushi and Shyam fiasco that was created during the kidnap track.

2.)    The whole wedding track would be as per ipk one apart from the bachelor’s party night where Arshi only had romance… this would be somehow different.

3.)    Some new characters would be introduced ahead who weren’t in ipk and yet there’s no sheetal track coming up.

Part 1

The wedding hall was decorated beautifully with colorful flowers and lights.

The altar in the middle was another beautiful piece.

Khushi and her parents, Garima and Shashi arrived at the venue while Khushi looked around the beautifully decorated hall.

There was a beautiful smile curved up on her face which showed how happy she was today, she was finally going to get married to the one and only man she loved, her love, her life, her Arnav.

Within no time, the Raizada’s arrived at the venue while Khushi was told to rest in a room for some while until Arnav arrived.

Everyone was busy in the preparations making sure nothing goes wrong at the last moment…

The guests started arriving within no time and even the priest was there…

Everything and everyone was ready but the bridegroom hadn’t arrived yet.

“Anjali, where’s Arnav?” Devyani asked

“I don’t know grandma, I’ll just call him and confirm” Anjali side as she walked away while she dialed Arnav’s number.


Arnav was just about to leave for the venue when Sumitra, walked in to his room.

“Where are you going Arnav” She asked in her usual angry tone.

“That was a lame question grandma, it’s my wedding today I am obviously going there”

“Arnav don’t… you can’t marry that girl, she’s not the one for you” Sumitra said

“What the hell, I have told you a million time and I am telling you again, stay out of this… it’s my life and I know who can be the perfect life partner for me okay? So let me leave” He said as he walked away.

Sumitra ran behind him shouting his name but Arnav dint want to listen to a word against Khushi.

“Arnav stop and listen to me, you can’t marry that girl… Do you even know whose daughter she is?”

“Another lame question, she is the daughter to her mother, and her name is Garima if you don’t know”

“Yes! That Garima! The reason why your mom and dad aren’t with you today” Sumitra shouted

“What?” Arnav asked as he turned around in shock.


“Call the bride and the bridegroom to the altar” The priest said

Garima went to bring Khushi while Anjali kept on trying to call Arnav but his phone wasn’t reachable.

“Where is Arnav? Why isn’t he here yet Anjali?” Devyani asked

“I don’t know, I am trying to call him but his phone isn’t reachable” Anjali replied nervously.

Khushi walked to the altar and sat there silently as she rolled her gaze all over looking for Arnav.

“Where’s Arnav mom?” She asked

“He must be on his way, he’ll be here soon” Garima assured her.


“Arnav she is the reason why my son, I mean your dad betrayed your mom… it wasn’t his fault, it was Garima’s fault. She knew that he was a married man and she still trapped your father.

When your mother got to know about it she couldn’t just take the pain and she committed suicide.

The only reason why you and Anjali are orphans is because that lady, that Garima came in between your mom and dad” Sumitra said angrily.

“No! That’s a lie… you are just saying all this so that I can break my marriage with Khushi”

“I am not lying Arnav, I knew that you wouldn’t believe me and that’s why I brought this photographs with me… have a look at them and then maybe you might trust me”

She handed an envelope to Arnav as he quickly opened it hoping that there was no such photograph because if whatever Sumitra was saying turned out to be true then he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself neither be able to take any decision.

His hands trembled as he held the photographs in his hand looking at them one by one which gave him the proof that his dad and Khushi’s mom had an affair.

He crumpled them in his hands and walked away angrily as he entered in his car and drove to anywhere his mind wanted to take him to.


An hour had passed by and there was no sign of Arnav yet… Anjali, Aakash, Payal and NK were trying as much as they could to get in touch with him but they all were unsuccessful.

“Anjali where is Arnav? Why isn’t he here yet? He promised me he would come, he promised me he won’t let me down then why isn’t he here? Tell me he won’t break his promises… tell me he would come and get married to me… tell me all is well” Khushi almost cried

“Nothing is well… Arnav won’t come here… he isn’t going to get married to you so you better stop dreaming of it now” Sumitra said in her usual loud tone.

“What are you saying grandma?” Anjali asked as she walked towards her.

“I think Garima knows well what I am talking about isn’t it Garima?” Sumitra asked

Garima stood there trembling, she knew why Sumitra was saying all this and she also knew that if today Arnav doesn’t marry Khushi, then she’ll be the one behind all this.

“What are you talking about Sumitra?” Devyani asked

“You surely wouldn’t want Arnav to marry the daughter of the one and only woman who snatched your daughter’s husband from her, would you want that to happen Devyani?” Sumitra asked looking into her eyes.

Everyone looked at Garima in shock as she broke down into tears.

“Please don’t punish Khushi for this… it was my fault why would you punish her… yes I agree I had an affair with Arnav’s dad but Khushi has nothing to do with it… you all know she isn’t my daughter even, I adopted her… please don’t do this to her… please convince Arnav to marry her” Garima cried

“Mom what are you doing? Don’t worry, I know Arnav would come… he promised me he would come and I know he wouldn’t break his promise… just wait, he must be on his way” Khushi said

No one knew what to do, how to react on this… be angry on Garima or be sad for Khushi…

“Khushi he won’t come… I think we should go back home” Garima said

“No mom, I trust Arnav, I know he will come… do you see this fire burning? The fire around which Arnav and I would take the seven nuptial rounds and complete our marriage? Mom, I know Arnav would come before this fire goes off… he promised me mom and he can’t break it… believe me” Khushi cried

She walked towards the fire and sat next to it waiting for Arnav while tears rolled down her eyes… she dint yet want to be weak, she dint want her trust to break so soon because she believed and she knew that he would come.


Arnav was sited in one place crying to himself… he had never been this hurt before… he never felt this helpless and broken before…

Would this be injustice to his mother? If he married Khushi would he be doing the wrong thing? Maybe yes… why would his mother be happy if he marries the daughter to the woman who spoilt her life?

But what about his love? His promises? What about the words he gave to Khushi? How could he break them?

He stood up and shouted at the top of his voice letting out all his pain and frustrations and whatever else it was.

He was trapped on both sides not sure of where to go… if he gets married to Khushi it would be injustice to his mother and if he doesn’t marry her, he’d break his promises.

What was more important? His promises or his mother?

What would he tell Khushi? How would he explain that he doesn’t want to marry her, how would he tell the girl he loves that he can’t marry her… how would he tell her that he is breaking all the promises he made to her…

How would he tell her to forget all the promises he made to her, how would he tell her to forget all the future planning’s, to forget about their dreams together, their babies they thought about.. How would he tell her to forget that night they spent together at the bachelor’s party?

That night when they both surrendered themselves to each other? That night when he told her that no matter the world turns upside down, he wouldn’t leave her? And now he was the one going against his words?


“Khushi, Arnav wouldn’t come… let’s go home please” Payal said as he tried to take her away from the altar but Khushi was adamant, she wasn’t going to leave from here until Arnav comes.

“Khushi lets go home please, Arnav wouldn’t come” Garima said

“The fire is almost going off… if he had to come he would have been here by now… he couldn’t live up to your expectations so stop expecting more from him Khushi” Payal said

“No sis, don’t say that… I know he would come, why doesn’t anyone believe me? I said Arnav would come that means he would!” Khushi cried as Payal hugged her.

“I am sorry Khushi, I am the one behind all this”

“Don’t be sorry mom, if you want to be sorry be sorry for what happened in the past and what you did not for spoiling my life because I know Arnav wouldn’t judge me by the past… he wants a future with me so why would he care about the past?”

“Such a stupid girl she is, she knows Arnav wouldn’t come yet she’s waiting for him, if you all are interested in this drama then stay, I am leaving” Sumitra said as she angrily walked away.

Shyam who had been standing by Anjali’s side all this while smirked happily knowing he was finally successful in doing what he wanted… he was finally successful to break Arnav and Khushi apart…

Aug 15, 2015

Broken Promises... Chapter 2 - Breaking Me (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 111 times)

Minutes passed by and yet there was no sign of Arnav, he wasn’t receiving the calls yet.

Khushi was yet sited in front of the fire which was almost going off yet hoping that Arnav would come.

Garima walked towards her and held her arms as she helped her stand up.

“It’s time to go home Khushi, there fire has gone off and Arnav isn’t here yet” Garima said

Khushi dint react at all, she neither looked at her, nor gave her an answer.

Her tears had dried up maybe even inside her body because she wasn’t crying anymore too.

Garima walked outside with Khushi when Aakash ran towards them.

“I’ll drop you home” he said

“No we’ll manage”


She helped Khushi sit on her bed and stared at her for a while, since they left the wedding hall, she hadn’t spoken a word neither had she even cried.

“Khushi, look at me” Garima said as he held her chin and tilted her face to make her look towards her.

Her face was straight, there were no expressions that would even give an idea on how she was feeling at this moment… She felt betrayed, shattered and completely broken but she had no words to explain that feeling, she had no tears to cry and tell her mother how broken she felt from inside.

“I know you love him a lot Khushi and I am really very sorry because somewhere I know I am the reason behind everything that happened today.

I am ready to accept any punishment you give me but please talk to me for once, tell me how hurt you are because Arnav dint turn up at the wedding, tell me how you feel, hug me and cry… do anything that you can but please talk to me once Khushi… cry for once and let all that pain out”

Khushi continued staring at her not reacting at all… she was hurt so bad that she had almost lost the nerve to react, the nerve to shout angrily and go find Arnav from wherever he was and ask him why he gave her all such fake promises and couldn’t fulfil any of them…

“Khushi, I am talking to you” Garima said as she angrily shook her but she still dint react.

She slapped her and hit her but Khushi was just sited still not eve reacting a bit.

“Cry Khushi, please cry for once and let it all out…” Garima said as she continuously slapped her and tried to make her cry but she wasn’t.

She ran out of her room feeling defeated… there was nothing, no single damn thing she could do to make her daughter feel better… Why was she such a useless mother who couldn’t even help her get out of the pain after giving her all that pain?

Khushi sat still on her bed as Payal walked in and sat next to her

“Khushi look I am your elder sister, you always listen to me right? Then please talk to us for once… it’s okay if you shout at every one of us but just speak for once and tell us how you feel” Payal said

Khushi looked into her eyes and continued staring at her without any reactions… Payal kept trying all she could but in vain.

She walked out and sat beside Garima who was crying on the sofa.

“Mom you need to take rest, and let’s give her some time to accept things… I am sure she’d be okay when she wakes up tomorrow morning… I’ll help dad till the room” Payal said as she walked towards Shashi who had been sited on his wheelchair all this while crying for his daughter…

If today he had the strength to stand up and walk, if he had the strength to speak then maybe he could have done something to make her feel better too but they all were so helpless, so damn helpless that they couldn’t do anything for her.

Buaji was yet sited on the sofa in shock, she had always been strong but today seeing Khushi like this was breaking her too…

One by one they all headed to their room and tried to get some sleep only if they could, but the pain and worry about Khushi wasn’t letting anyone sleep.


Raizada Mansion.

Somewhere almost at midnight, finally Arnav returned back home and as he expected everyone was waiting for him in the hall.

He completely ignored then and headed towards his room when Devyani stopped him.

“Arnav stop!” she shouted as she stood up angrily.

He stopped and turned towards her as Devyani walked to him and slapped him as hard as she could leaving everyone is shock.

“What was this for?” he asked gritting his teeth angrily.

“For doing what you did today… Arnav do you have an idea what you have done to Khushi? She waited and waited for her Arnav to come but he dint…

She trusted you, she loved you with her all and this is what you gave her in return? A betrayal? I am ashamed of you, I really am”

“You are ashamed of me? Seriously grandma? Tell me why you are ashamed of me, because I chose mom over Khushi? Are you ashamed of the fact that I chose my mother, your own daughter over a girl who’s the daughter to that lady because of whom I lost my mom?”

“So you are up to revenge?”

“If you want to call it that then be it so, I don’t care”

“When have you cared about anyone? You know what, it isn’t your fault… it’s all Khushi’s fault that she trusted a man like you…

Talking about my daughter, yes I am sad to know that Garima was the reason why she committed suicide but I don’t see why we should punish Khushi for this… what’s her fault?”

“Her fault is that she is the daughter to that woman!”

“Arnav! Is this the way to talk to your elders?” Anjali asked as she walked towards him.

“Now Di you don’t start please… maybe you all can forgive them but I can’t... I know what problems we had to face after mom and dad passed away.. I remember being thrown out of sheesh mahal and there was nothing I could do about it…

You all can forget everything and act good to forgive them but I can’t… Arnav Singh Raizada can’t… From today onwards, right at this moment, I don’t want to hear anyone mentioning her name in this house got that?

The relation between Arnav and Khushi is over, no one would ever mention her or her so called mother in this house…” Arnav walked to his room and locked himself inside as he banged his fist on the wall angrily.


Khushi walked out of her room and sat outside on the stairs as she stared at the stars silently…

She shut her eyes while remembering all the moments she spent with Arnav… how they both met, how they fought how they fell in love…

Everything was beautiful until this moment brought up its ugliness into her life and shattered everything into pieces.

All she wanted were answers from Arnav but she dint want to go to see that man who decided to leave her alone at the wedding altar because she might have just ended up slapping him and removing all her anger out on him.

She sat still remembering all the beautiful memories she shared with him… how beautiful she felt when she realized she loved him…

How she got Goosebumps when he said that he loved her too and she couldn’t control the tears of happiness that streamed down her eyes.

She remembered when he said that he would get married to her and made her feel like the luckiest girl on earth…

Then they planned the bachelor’s party where she crazily danced for him, she let him touch her and make love to her because she trusted him and the promises he made to her that night that no matter what, he wouldn’t leave her then why? Why did he leave her waiting for him at the altar like a mad girl in hope of her Arnav to come when he was never going to come?

“Why? Why Arnav Why?” She cried as she shouted at the top of her voice

Garima, Buaji and Shashi woke up wondering what had happened to Khushi all over a sudden.

“Tell me why you did this Arnav, I need a damn answer… I need to know why I was left at the altar all alone, I want to know why the promises made to me were broken… I want to know why I was the only one on earth you chose to punish always. Tell me why Arnav” She cried and cried.

“Khushi” Garima ran towards her and tried to get hold of her but she wasn’t stopping

Tears streamed down her eyes as she picked anything she found and threw it anywhere getting all her anger and her pain out.

“Khushi relax…” Buaji said as she rushed to help Garima in calming her down.

They both hugged her tightly and calmed her down as they sat with her while Shashi sat there helplessly crying…

“Why did he leave me mom? Ask Arnavji why he did this to me? Ask him what my fault was, I always did as he wanted me to do then why did he do this to me?” She cried

“Khushi look at me, I know you are hurt and I understand what pain you are going through but you take even see the positive side to this right?

Khushi, Arnav wasn’t the right man for you because if he really did love you then he would have come, he wouldn’t just back out even without saying a word.

Khushi he doesn’t deserve you after all that he did… just think about it, what if he left you after marriage? What would you have done?”

“Garima is right Khushi… just calm down dear… we understand you, we know it’s not at all easy for you but remember you are strong and you can deal with this… if he dint care to show up and say that he was cancelling the wedding, I don’t think there is need for you to go and demand for answers…” Buaji explained

Khushi continued crying in their arms while they all felt sad for her, they had never ever seen her like this before… whenever she got hurt she would always hide her pain and try to solve her problems alone because she never wanted to get her family members tensed but here it seemed like she was totally broken, she wasn’t the same Khushi anymore who would eat jalebi’s and make her mood fine… she wasn’t the same Khushi who’d always cry silently and never let anyone know how hurt she felt…

She had turned into a Khushi who had no strength left to handle the pain she was going though and all she could do right now was to cry as much as she could hoping this day would come to an end and her heart would heal.

Hoping she wouldn’t feel the pain that was pricking her heart like this, hoping she would soon stand up and eat jalebi’s to make her moods alright and not worry about the Arnav who had always done nothing but hurt her, but were things going to get better? Would she ever be able to come out of this trauma? Would she ever be able to heal her broken heart? To gather all the pieces and join them back together and stand up strong?

There was a lot running in her mind and none of it could make her feel any better… this place… this stairs… this house… the neighbors… the views and everything else was continuously reminding her of Arnav and she wanted to run away from every single thing that reminded her of how her heart was broken.

She wanted not to feel like this, she wanted her heart not to behave heavy as it was but nothing was going her way… She turned to look at her mother who was staring at her with pain, her Buaji was crying sited next to her and her father was sad too…

This wasn’t how she was… she wasn’t the Khushi who made her family cry like this? She dint want to see them sad like they were and there was only one thing she could do to escape all this heartbreaking moments.

She wiped her tears, stood up and turned to look at them.

“Mom, Dad, I don’t want to live here anymore… please send me somewhere else far from everything that reminds me of Arnav” Khushi said leaving them all in shock.

Aug 18, 2015

Broken Promises... Chapter 3 - Leaving You (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 104 times)

 Hello Readers.. i have a small note before you start reading the update... There's a post by Nanak where she has asked everyone who has any questions for me to ask them in the comment box on that post, so if there's anything you need to known about me, leave your questions in the comment box :)

Now back to the update, happy reading

“What are you saying Khushi?” Garima asked as she stood up and looked at her in shock

“I am asking you to send me away from this place mom… I know right now that my marriage has broken I should lock myself in my room for a few days and cry in alone and refuse to eat and hurt everyone because you’ll also not eat and I’ll change to be a completely different Khushi than I was before but I don’t want that to happen…

I don’t want to cry here and make all of you sad, I just want to eat jalebi’s and smile like I used to… I don’t want to be weak, I don’t want to sit out here and remember Arnav and break down again…

I know I am asking you to do something that is very hard for you, we aren’t rich like the Raizada’s that you can afford to send me abroad and I won’t ask for that, I know how hard dad has worked to earn a living for us… I am just asking you to send me somewhere else where I can live alone, I don’t one anyone to accompany me…

I have depended on dad all my life but now I want to do something for myself, I want to work and earn and live alone… I realized I don’t need a husband anymore, not a husband who would live me alone at the wedding altar…

Please mom, I beg of you… if you really want to see me okay and if you want me to move on, send me to another city please” She begged

Garima turned to look at Shashi sadly and he nodded positively meaning that he did want to let her go because he dint want to lock her daughter in the house and let her regret all her life and cry over what happened neither did he want to force her to get married to some random guy.

Buaji held her shoulder and looked at her with a smile.

“I am proud of you Khushi… I always will be, because you taught me something and I want you to teach this to every girl you meet… no girl deserves this and they shouldn’t at all lock themselves in the rooms and cry for someone who couldn’t do what they promised…

I am not happy about you moving out of here but if that helps you I am ready to accept it, and I am glad you decided this today itself because you shouldn’t sit in your room for a whole month and try to find your mistakes because your marriage was broken off but you should be strong and you should look for a way to move on.

I hope that wherever you decide to go to, you’ll always live happily and you won’t forget us”

“Thank you Buaji” she said as she hugged her and broke into more tears.


Arnav stood at the window of his bedroom and stared at the stars…

He knew he did bad to Khushi and maybe if he wanted to break off the marriage he would have at least talked to her and told her that he can’t marry her but he did the complete opposite thing..

If nothing else then he should apologize to her for hurting her so badly because somewhere he knew he shouldn’t have hurt her like this but he was just unable to fight himself because anytime anything concerning his mother was brought up, he wouldn’t go against doing the right thing he felt was for her and at this moment he knew he would have hurt his mother by marrying Khushi.

He stared at his phone thinking whether he should dial Khushi’s phone number or not… whether he should call her and say sorry or just keep quiet and be arrogant and pretend not to care at all like he always did.

His thumb touched the screen and every time he pressed the call button, he would press the disconnect one and curse himself for being so confused.

He threw the phone on the bed angrily and punched the wall.

“Damn it Khushi!” he shouted angrily.


Khushi locked herself inside her room and hugged her pillow as she tried to get some sleep but every moment she closed her eyes, she could see herself waiting at the altar with the hope that Arnav would come and she would just open her eyes to face the reality that he dint come.

All she could do at this moment was to keep herself busy and hope that this long night would pass soon.

She walked to her cupboard and pulled out a few dresses and packed them in her bag… she packed everything necessary and then set the bag aside…

She looked at the starts hanging on top of her bed and realized that her life dint seem beautiful anymore… this fake stars and flowers couldn’t make her life beautiful anymore…

She got on top of the bed and removed them all one by one as she wrapped them in a paper and then put them inside her bag.

“I’ll make my life beautiful with the same fake stars and flowers” She said to herself and headed back to her bed.

Garima and Buaji woke up to the smell of jalebi’s early morning and they quickly rushed out of their rooms just to find Khushi busy making jalebi’s in the kitchen at 5. Am in the morning.

They both stared at each other in disbelief just when Khushi walked out with plates full of jalebi’s and placed them on the table.

“Good morning mom, good morning Buaji” She greeted them with a smile

“Are you okay Khushi?” Garima asked

“Yeah I am fine why are you asking that?”

“Because you are making jalebi’s at this time…” Buaji said

“Actually I couldn’t sleep much so I thought I’d make jalebi’s for the last time to irritate you and feed them to you as much as I can… you know I have eaten many and I feel better now so come on take shower then we’ll have a jalebi breakfast”

“For the last time?” Garima asked

“Yeah mom, I am leaving today, I had talked to you and dad yesterday night about it right? So I don’t want to leave you sad and worried about me, just know that I am good and I am happy like I have always been okay?”

Garima nodded as she headed back to her room while Buaji kept on staring at Khushi who was trying her best to pretend that she was okay but her eyes were telling another story.


Raizada mansion.

Hari Prakash had cooked the food and had already arranged everything on the table but no one had arrived at the breakfast table yet…

By this time they all finished breakfast and headed to work or back to their rooms but no one had shown up yet.

Arnav walked downstairs just to find the empty table and the empty mansion.

There were no early morning conversations going on… there was no taunting of Manorama to Payal early in the morning about how tasteless the food was…

There was no smell of jalebi in the mansion and everything seemed so dull.

“Arnavji you are finally here, I don’t know why no one is up for breakfast today and I have cooked so many dishes” HP said

“I am here for my breakfast and if the rest want to pretend sad and not hungry then let them stay hungry… tell Aakash he can skip the breakfast but I need to see him in the office” Arnav said as he sat on the table and served himself some food.

He stared at the plate and every moment when he wanted to take a bite, he couldn’t … he felt angry over himself for behaving such stupid.

He just stood up and walked away leaving the plate like that while HP was left behind in confusion.


Khushi cleaned the table after they finished having the breakfast…

Everyone knew how strong she was trying to be and they dint want to discourage her by bringing the topic of Arnav in between.

“Khushi you dad decided to send you to Goa, it’s a beautiful city we hope you’ll like it… I called one of my friends who lives there she has already rented an apartment for you and she also had got some job interview lined up for you from some fashion design companies..

I’ll give you her number, you can’t talk to her as soon as you arrive to Goa.. If you need anything else do let us know” Garima said

“No mom, this is enough you have done for me, I’ll just get my bag and the leave to get a bus for Goa.”

Khushi walked to her room and made sure she had carried all she needed then walked to the hall as she hugged everyone and bided them a goodbye.

“Here, take this money” Garima said as she handed some money to her

“No mom, I don’t need this”

“You need it Khushi… you’ll have to pay the rent and you’ll also need some food… even if you get a job you’ll have to wait for the whole month to get your salary right? So take this, it will help you while you look for a job”

“But mom this is more than enough”

“Nothing is more than enough and now stop complaining, we are your parents and we can do anything for you”

“Thank you mom” She said as she hugged her

“Wait for a while, Payal and Aakash were coming to meet you before you leave, Aakash said he will drop you at the bus station”

“No mom, I’ll manage myself”

“Khushi Aakash is your brother in law and he is helping you as a brother in law and not as the brother to Arnav okay” Garima said

She just nodded and waited for Payal and Aakash to arrive.


“HP I asked you where the hell Aakash is, I hope you gave him my message” Arnav shouted over the phone.

“Yes Arnavji I gave him you message, he left home some minutes ago I am sure he would come to the office”

Arnav disconnected the call and sat on his chair angrily… he wasn’t able to understand himself for a while, why was he behaving so stupid? Why was he getting angry over meaningless things?

Maybe he was just feeling angry and irritated because he knew that no matter what he still loves Khushi… he still feels for her and right now he is worried about her, he is worried on how she must be feeling like… he is worried hoping that she doesn’t harm herself but his still doesn’t want to call her and even apologize, his ego doesn’t let him do that and so he just sits there getting angry over every small issue.

Aug 21, 2015

Broken Promises... Chapter 4 - A New Beginning (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 108 times)

Khushi settled herself in the new apartment. Although it was small, it still was more than enough for her with two small bedrooms a hall and a kitchen.“Thank you Renu aunty, you really helped me a lot” Khushi said as she turned towards the lady behind her. 

“Anything for my friend, Garima told me you also needed a job, I have some friends and I am sure if you try and work hard you might get a job… so tell me when you would want to go for the interview?” Renu asked

 “I don’t mind even if they are today, I don’t want to sit and waste time… I need a job as soon as possible.” 

“Okay I’ll talk to them then I’ll call you and let you know, I have some work so I’ll leave okay?” 

“Okay and thank you once again”Khushi walked to the room and placed her bag aside… there was a bed placed in the middle, everything was clean and she dint have to do much than just to arrange her clothes in the cupboard.After she was done, she was left with the stars and the flowers she had brought from home, she looked at them as tears flowed down her eyes. 

“By hanging this fake stars and flowers your world wouldn’t be beautiful, this world will always be stone hearted like it had always been” she remembered Arnav saying this words to her once…She ignored those words that were continuously ringing in her head and got a stool as she climbed on it and started hanging the stars wherever they looked good.After she was done, she sat on the bed and looked at her empty room… she felt so lonely here but she had to get used to this because this was her life now.She dint have anyone to talk to, no one to share her pain with but she was glad that every time she cried there wouldn’t be anyone to get hurt because of her tears. 

“Hello… is anyone in here?” She heard a manly voice.He quickly wiped her tears away and rushed out of the room where she found a tall enough, handsome man standing in front of her.


“Sorry to disturb you but I was just passing by and saw the door open so I thought I should come and meet my new neighbor” he said with a smile.Khushi stared at him not knowing what to say and what to do… she was completely new to this place and she dint even know it was safe to talk to a stranger or not. 

“You have rented the apartment right?” he askedKhushi nodded positively as he brought his hand forward and introduced himself. 

“Hi, I am Aarush, I live in the apartment next to this one… I was just heading to my apartment when I saw the door open and thought I must have got a new neighbor so I just came over to introduce myself” 

“Hi, I’m Khushi” She replied as she shook her hand with his.

 “Okay Khushi, you’ve got a pretty name and anyway I think I should leave before you get more scared of me, but just know I am not a bad neighbor, I’ll help you anytime if you need anything okay?” 

“How did you know I was scared?” 

“When you shook your hands with me, you were shivering” Khushi just looked at the floor feeling embarrassed as Aarush walked away and she headed back to her room. 

 “What? Khushi left the city?” Arnav asked in shock after he overheard his family member discussing about her. 

“Why are you surprised Arnav? Did you want her to stay here and cry on how bad her fate was or did you want her to come and be to you so that you can marry her?” Anjali asked 

“Stop being sarcastic Di, I am just surprised nothing much anyway where has she gone to?”

 “And why do you think we should tell you that Arnav? In fact you are the one who said that nobody should discuss about her right? Sorry for breaking the rule we won’t next time” Payal said as she stood up angrily. 

She walked away followed by Aakash and Anjali why Arnav was just left behind staring at them all in confusion. 

“Why is everyone behaving this way with me? What the hell have I done?” Arnav shouted angrily. 

Shyam walked to him and tapped on his shoulder with a smirk .

“You just left Khushi for me” he smirked. Arnav got hold of his collar and angrily pinned him to the wall and looked him into the eyes.

 “You better stay away from her or I’ll not spare you… don’t forget you are still in this house because of Di but don’t forget Arnav Singh Raizada can do anything… wait and watch, just two days and I’ll make sure I throw you out of this house and out of Anjali’s life forever”

 “Why are you removing the anger of you leaving Khushi on me, do whatever you can Khushi would be mine” Shyam said as he grinned his teeth.

 “You better stay away from her or I’ll not spare you”Arnav walked away angrily not knowing what to do, on one side he couldn’t marry Khushi on the other side he couldn’t let Shyam get close to her at all.He just had to do something to send him to jail so that he could live knowing that wherever Khushi might be, she would be safe because there was no way he was going to trust Shyam.

 “Aman I need proof against Arnav, I don’t care how you get it, keep an eye on him follow him everywhere but I need to know any one thing about him that would help me send him to jail for the rest of his life got that?” Arnav said over the phone 

“But ASR how’s that possible” 

“Nothing is impossible got that? Now set to work” 

“Okay I’ll get it”

 Khushi walked to the kitchen hoping to prepare something for herself so she could eat but there were no vegetables, no flour no nothing.. What was she going to cook?She had money but she dint know where to go and get the vegetables. She headed back to her room and sat on the bed thinking what she should do, she obviously couldn’t skip eating, she hadn’t eaten anything since she arrived and if she kept on doing that she would get weak and she won’t be able to go for the interviews then.She walked outside and knocked on the door next to her apartments.A few seconds later Aarush opened the door and stared at Khushi standing there in front of him.

 “Do you need something?” he asked politely.

 “Yeah I wanted to by some vegetables, actually I have shifted here today I am new to Goa, and I don’t know where the market is or anything… if you could help me I’ll be glad”

 “What are neighbors for? I’ll surely help me, give me two seconds I’ll get my car key then we go to the market okay? And yes I can invite you to have dinner with me but I won’t because I know you still don’t trust me”

 Khushi just smiled as he rushed inside and walked back within no time. He locked his apartment and they both headed to the parking lot. 

 “Why do you have to travel always Shyamji… you always leave me alone here” Anjali said sadly. 

“What to do, my work is of such sort, but don’t worry I’ll be back within a few days okay?” 

Anjali nodded as Shyam smirked with his evil thoughts. 

“Khushi be ready, I am coming for you” he said to himself and smiled again.Arnav who had been standing outside the room over hearing there conversation obviously got the idea that wherever Shyam was going, he wasn’t going for work but to Khushi.Only if he knew where Khushi was then he could do something… He walked to his room and dialed Aman’s number.

 “I need to know where Shyam is travelling to tomorrow, I don’t care how you find out that too and if you can’t then you need to stop him by any means get that?” Arnav said 

 “Okay I’ll deal with that” Aman replied as he set to work.

 Khushi and Aarush arrived back home after the shopping, they carried the bags till their apartment as Khushi opened the door and put all the bags in the kitchen. 

“Thank you for the help Aarush” 

“You’re welcome but Khushi you’ve bought all this vegetables, they’ll get bad in a few days and you don’t even have a fridge” 

“The market was so far and I couldn’t keep on disturbing you every now and then to take me there right… I’ll manage something”“If you don’t mind I can suggest something, why don’t you keep them in my fridge?” 

“Are you sure?”

 “Yeah I am, my fridge is ever empty so it will help you” 

“Thank you, I’ll just get the bags then” she said as she headed to get the bags but she felt dizzy all over a sudden and fell down unconscious.“Khushi!” Aarush ran to her.She opened her eyes on her bed some minutes later and found Aarush sited there with a lady. 

“How is she doctor? Will she be fine?”

 “It’s nothing to worry about, she dint eat well that’s why she got weak but she’s absolutely fine… but you’ll have to take good care of her from now onwards, make sure she doesn’t skip any of her meals because that wouldn’t be good for her” 

“Okay doctor, thank you… I’ll just drop you outside” 

Aarush said as he walked out with her then headed back inside in a few minutes when Khushi was completely awake.

 “Congratulations Khushi” he said with a smileKhushi stared at him in confusion, she was weak, she had fallen down unconscious and he was congratulating her? 

“For what?”

 “You dint tell me you were pregnant so congratulations for that, and where’s your husband by the way, he shouldn’t leave you alone in such times” Aarush said

“Pregnant?” Khushi asked in shock as tears started rolling down her eyes in no time.

Aug 25, 2015

Broken Promises... Chapter 5 - A Step Forward (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 104 times)

“Hey, why are you crying Khushi? It’s okay… you dint know you were pregnant?” Aarush asked

She nodded negatively while he stared at her in confusion.

“What about your husband?”

She broke more into tears not knowing what to say… it was hard in fact almost impossible for her to accept the fact that she was pregnant…

“I am not married Aarush” she said

Aarush stared at her in disbelief… she was pregnant and she wasn’t married? How would she deal with this now? She doesn’t even have a job, how would she take care of herself and the baby?

“Khushi are you okay?”

“I need some time alone please if you can leave me alone… I just need time” She cried

“I wish I could but you have to eat first, you haven’t eaten anything Khushi… wait, I’ll be back” Aarush said as he walked away.

Khushi broke down completely as she hugged her pillow and cried her heart out.

Wasn’t all that happened enough that she had to go through this too? What was she going to do?

Aarush walked back with a plate of food and found her crying badly, he placed it aside and rushed towards her.

“Hey relax… its fine okay? There are many single mothers Khushi, don’t worry I am sure you’ll be able to take care of yourself and your baby too…”

“What will I tell mom? She won’t ever forgive me for this” she cried

“Then don’t right now… tell her some other time when you think you are ready to tell her, now please stop crying and eat this”

“I don’t feel like eating”

“Please do, for the little one inside your womb”

She unwillingly took the plate from him and ate and after she was done Aarush walked away telling her to call him if she needed anything.

Khushi sat there feeling completely helpless.. She dint know what to do, neither did she have the strength to deal with this…

She dint know how she would carry the child in her womb for nine months without the support of anyone, how she would deal with her own mood swings and vomiting and every single thing that was related to pregnancy.

“I hate you Khushi… wouldn’t you wait until you got married? Damn it what was the hurry for?” She cursed herself as she cried more and more.

She stared at her phone wondering whether she should call her parents and let them know or not…

If she did and they got angry? How would she explain things to them? And if they got to know about this they would call her back to Delhi where she doesn’t want to go.

Arnav might get to know about it and then God knows what would happen.

She took a deep sigh and decided she wasn’t going to inform her parents about this, although it wasn’t the right step to take, it was the only way she was left with.

She placed her hand on her stomach and shut her eyes as if feeling the baby…

“I am not going to be a good mom, but I won’t be a bad one either…”She said as she hugged the pillow and cried again.


“Yes Aman” Arnav said as he received the call.

“I couldn’t find out where he is heading to Arnav because I think he is going with a private car so I guess I’ll have to execute plan number two, I’ll have to stop him from going wherever he is going to”

“So why are you telling me that Aman, get it done”

“Yes sir”

“Damn you Khushi where are you? I wish I could at least have the idea” he punched the wall angrily.

There was a knock at the door and after a few seconds Anjali walked in looking dull.

“Do you need anything Di?” he asked

“Yes Arnav, I need something from you”

“Tell me please”

Anjali settled herself on the bed while Arnav sat next to her and looked at her waiting for her to tell him what she wanted.

“I want my brother’s happiness back” she said as tears escaped her eyes.

“What the… Di look I am fine, I am happy… do I look like am not happy from any angle?” he asked

“I know you aren’t… you changed back to the old arrogant Arnav who dint know how to smile, I need the Arnav whom Khushiji taught how to smile…”

“What do you want me to do Di?”

“Ask for forgiveness from Khushi, bring her back, get married to her please”

Arnav stood up angrily as he turned away from her.

“You know that’s not possible Di, I can’t do that”

“Why can’t you Arnav? It’s not only your mother who died mine did too… she wasn’t only your mother she was mine too… yes I do feel hurt that Garima aunty was the reason behind all what happened to mom but tell me one thing, what was Khushi’s fault in this? Why are you punishing her?

Arnav is it that you don’t have an idea on how much she loves you or you don’t have the idea on how much you love her? All I know is that, without Khushi, not only you, but the whole of Raizada mansion would be dead…

I know in between there were some misunderstandings regarding Shyamji but they all got cleared and I don’t have any ill feelings towards her… I know she is the only girl who can make my brother laugh and cry too… I know she is the only girl who can make you happy and I want her to come here and love you and keep you happy”

“Di all that you are saying is right but I don’t have the strength to do that… I don’t have the strength of marrying Khushi and bringing her in this house because every time I’ll look at her she’ll remind me why my mother committed suicide and I’ll hate her more that I’ll love her, maybe she is at no fault but for me I can’t see anything else apart from mom…

I am sorry but today for the first time ever in my life, I can’t do what you are telling me to do because I don’t find it right and I know if mom could be alive today, she wouldn’t want me to get married to the daughter of that woman who snatched her husband from her”

“If you are forgetting let me remind you, Khushi was an orphan… Garima and Shashi adopted her so she isn’t even Garima’s own daughter”

“Di please, just end this topic here”

Anjali stared at him wondering if things would ever get better.


Khushi woke up with a phone call… she dint even realize when she ended up sleeping last night while crying on her fate.

“Yes Renu aunty”

“Khushi your interview is today at ten in Fashion designs company, it’s a huge company you can tell any taxi driver about it and he’d drop you there…

Be there on time and don’t be late okay? All the best, as far as I know I am sure you’ll get the job but still try your best”

“Thank you aunty, I’ll surely try” she said as she woke up and headed to take shower.

She then headed to the kitchen to cook but then there were no vegetables she could find.

“Maybe Aarush must have taken them to put them in the fridge, I’ll take them from him” she said as she opened the door to go to his apartment but she found a tiffin outside there with her name written on a letter that was placed on top of it.

She picked it and headed to the kitchen placing the tiffin there, she opened the letter to read.

“Sorry I dint have you number or I could have texted you, I had taken your vegetables last night and I knew you’d wake up hungry, I leave for work early so decided I’d cook for you when I cook my food too… I am not a good chef but I hope you’ll like the food… see you in the evening and please cheer up, a blessing is coming to your life in form of the baby”

She smiled at the letter and opened the tiffin which had some delicious food.

She quickly had her breakfast then got ready and left for the interview.

The taxi driver dropped her at the office of Fashion designs, she walked in and talked to the receptionist… she was told to wait for a while so she sat down in one place and decided to call Garima and inform her that everything was okay with her.

Aug 28, 2015

Broken Promises... Chapter 6 - Beautiful or Painful Past (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 81 times)

“Congratulations Khushi, you are going to be the assistant to our head designer I hope you’d get well alone with him and give us some good designs” The interviewer said as he shook his hand with Khushi after the interview.

“Thank you sir, I am glad I got a job in this big company, I’ll work my best” She smiled

“I’ll introduce you to your head and then you can join us from tomorrow if that’s okay with you”

“Sure sir”

He dialed some numbers and within no time the door of his cabin opened as Aarush walked it.

“Khushi meet Aarush Sehgal, he’s your head”

“Hi Khushi… you dint tell me you were going to work with me” He smiled

“Neither did I have the idea that I was going to work with you” She smiled back

“Do you both know each other?” the boss, Mr. Singhania asked

“Yes sir, we are neighbors” Aarush replied

“Oh that’s good, so I am late for a meeting, I’ll see you tomorrow Khushi..” He smiled and walked away leaving Aarush and Khushi behind.

“Thank you for the breakfast it was delicious”

“Welcome, so I’ll see you in the evening, I have lots of pending work… Thank God now you’ll be here to assist me” he sighed

Khushi walked away after bidding him a good bye and took a taxi that dropped her directly home.

She walked in and sat on her bed thanking Devi Maiyya for helping her.

“Thanks a lot Devi Maiyya, I know nothing in this world happens without your wish so thank you very much for making it easy for me to get a job here… even Aarushji is here to help me and I am glad to have such a good neighbor…

Although I don’t know him much he doesn’t seem to be bad… and I know Devi Maiyya that you are angry on me for whatever I did, I am sorry I dint know things would change like this, I had believed Arnavji would never break his promises so I allowed him close to me and he…” She broke down into tears.

She brushed off the thoughts and decided to clean the house so that she can keep herself busy and not think about Arnav.

She hanged her clothes in the wardrobe, mopped the whole house, cleaned up the kitchen and then decided to take some rest.


She woke up in the evening feeling hungry but there was nothing to eat, all her vegetables were at Aarush’s place and so she couldn’t even cook anything.

She walked around the empty apartment feeling bored and there was nothing she could do about it.

She sat back on her bed and got lost into some beautiful memories…


Bachelor’s party night…

Arnav and Khushi were lying down starring at the stars, he had his hands around her and they both were having there beautiful talks.

“You know Arnavji, I have always believed that after someone passes away, they become the stars and so when I feel like I miss mom and dad a lot, I just stare at the stars and feel close to them”

“So my parents must also have become stars right?” he asked

She nodded with a smile and he tightened his hold on her.

“Just like the stars, you make my life beautiful Khushi… you have changed me in a good way, I remember I never used to laugh, you taught me how to… you’ve done a lot for me for which a thank you can never be enough…

I really want to do something, to give you something so that I can make you feel that I really appreciate you”

“Then give me a promise”

“What promise?”

“You’ll always be by my side, you’ll never leave me”

He held her hands into his and looked into her eyes

“I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine forever Khushi… I promise I’ll never leave you”

He kissed her hands as Khushi shut her eyes… he ran his hands on her back and turned her to face him.

“Look into my eyes Khushi”

Khushi blinked her eyes open and looked into his eyes and they got lost into staring at each other for a while.

“I promise I’ll always hold your hands like this… and I’ll always love you this much”

He kissed on her cheeks as she blushed deep red.

He ran his hands to the string attached to her blouse and pulled it open.

“Arnavji” Khushi said

“Khushi do you trust me?”

“More than anything else and you know that Arnavji”

“Then trust me and believe it when I say I’ll marry only you”

Khushi nodded positively as she shut her eyes again while Arnav ran his hands to her sari that was pinned to the blouse and pulled it off.

Khushi hugged him tight covering herself… her heartbeats were running a race and she dint just know what to do… to stop him from loving her because it wasn’t right before marriage or to allow him because they were incompletely married and he was surely going to marry her…

He slowly by slowly pulled off the entire sari from her and put it aside as he started kissing her from her cheeks to her neck and downwards.

He started opening the hooks of her blouse when Khushi got hold of his hands to stop him.

“Don’t stop me tonight please… I have yearned for you for so long, let me make love to you today Khushi, let me mark you as mine forever” he said

Khushi took some deep heavy breaths and slowly slid her hands away letting him do whatever he wanted to.

He pulled her closer to him and locked his lips with hers as he opened the hooks of her blouse with one hand and continued kissing her passionately.

She could feel his hands on her chest as she continued kissing him so that she could escape the ticklish feeling in her heart.

He pulled of her blouse and broke the kiss to stare at how beautiful his would be wife looked.

Khushi blushed and hugged him again hiding herself into him and for a while he just held her tight into his arms… he broke apart and pulled his shirt over his head and leant towards her as he started kissing her randomly all over her body.

Flashback Ends

Aarush’s words were enough to bring her out of the world she was in, the world of Arnav which dint exist anymore.

“Khushi why are you crying?” he asked worriedly.

She dint realize she was crying… she dint realize how much pain even this beautiful moments were giving her because she knew those were the moments that she was regretting on now…

Those were the moments that brought this little one in her womb and maybe she wasn’t even sure if she’d be able to take care of it all alone.

“Are you okay?” Aarush asked as he held her hand

She nodded positively and wiped her tears away.

“I’m glad I’ll join work from tomorrow because sitting idle here does nothing than torture to me… I don’t want to remember anything related to the life I had before I came here because nothing hurts bad than broken promises”

“I don’t know what you had gone through Khushi and maybe I don’t even understand the pain you might be going through but all I’ll say is that you are strong, because not everyone stands up strongly after being broken…

I don’t know what happened, and why you are going to be a single mother but I know you would do it, I know you would take care of the baby all alone because you don’t need a man to help you do that okay?

You are stronger than you think so relax you don’t have to be scared of anything, you aren’t wrong by being a mother before marriage okay?”

Khushi nodded with a smile, Aarush’s words had encouraged her so much and she was sure that she would keep this baby and she would give birth to it and bring it up.


“What the hell Aman, how irresponsible can you be? How could you not stop him? And where the hell was your brain? You should have followed him to wherever he was going to” Arnav shouted over the phone

“I am sorry ASR”

“I need to find out where Khushi is do you get that, forget about Shyam I need to know where Khushi is in the next twelve hours or you’ll be fired” Arnav said angrily

He threw the phone on his bed and punched the walk angrily. He knew all his family members knew where Khushi was but his ego wouldn’t allow him to ask and so he had to use this weird ways of tracking her down.

Shyam was sited in the bus heading to Goa eagerly waiting when he would arrive there and finally meet Khushi because he knew what advantage he had to take of her broken marriage.

“You’ll never be able to track me down Arnav” Shyam said as he smirked.

Aug 29, 2015

Broken Promises... Chapter 7 - A clue? (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 97 times)

Khushi walked in her apartment after the tiring day at work… Aarush stayed at the office late as he had something to finish up so Khushi decided she’d get back home and cook something for herself and Aarush too.

She placed her bag in her room, freshened up then headed to the kitchen where the biggest shock of her life awaited her.

“Hello Khushiji” Shyam said with a smile

“Shyamji what are you doing here?” she asked feeling a bit scared

“I thought I’d give you a visit and see how your life has been moving on after the marriage broke…”

“Get out of my house” Khushi said angrily

“This is not how you treat guests Khushiji”

“Shyamji just get out before I forget my limits”

“Khushiji look I am really sorry for what happened in the past, I told you before too but you never wanted to listen to me, Arnav wasn’t the one for you… you see he left you but I am not here to leave…

Khushiji I love you a lot, and I won’t leave you like Arnav did, why don’t you just get married to me?”

“Would you take a slap or a no for the answer?”

“So much attitude yet even after Arnav left you”

“He’s history and you are history for me too now you better get out of my house before I shout and call everyone”

“You’ll regret this Khushi”

“There’s nothing more left for me to regret” Khushi said as she pushed Shyam out of the house and shut the door on his face.

Shyam stood there as he pulled out some papers from his pocket and smiled wickedly.

“Your destiny is in my hands Khushiji… when I say you’ll be mine and no one else’s I’ll make sure that happens… Be happy for a few years and then you’ll face the storm” Shyam said as he walked away.

Khushi sat on the sofa wondering what to do, her life was such a mess and moreover she was surprised that Shyam left so easily because he wasn’t one of those people who would leave… She was sure he had something else in his mind only if she could understand what he was up to now.


Arnav was sited in his room wondering why hadn’t Aman called him yet to give him the information, all he hoped was that Khushi was safe that’s it.

While he was lost in thoughts, his phone rang and he picked it up at the first ring.

“Yes Aman”

“ASR we couldn’t find out about Khushi but I told my men to follow Shyam and he went to some small town near Goa and they said he met some of his clients who had a case with their land”

“After that?”

“They said after that he got into the bus to get back to Delhi, that’s it”

“Okay” Arnav said as he disconnected the call.

“How is this possible… did he really go to meet the client or there’s something I don’t know… maybe something I am missing out on…”

He stood up and walked here and there as he tried hard to think but his mind seemed not to be working and on top of it Aman was giving him negative answers about everything, he couldn’t even find out where Khushi was like what the hell!!

For now whatever it was he had to stop worrying about Khushi and think about how he’d throw Shyam out of the mansion.

He picked up his phone and dialed Aman’s number again.

“Aman, I need details about Shyam, and this time I won’t take any negative answers so you better get that in your head… I need proof to show to Di so we can throw him out and do that as soon as possible got that?”

“Yes ASR”

“Don’t miss out on anything, I need every small detail”

“I’ll get that done” Aman said

Arnav disconnected the call and headed downstairs where everyone was busy having dinner, he pulled out a chair and sat there with them.

He stared at everyone, they all were busy eating and discussing nothing… everything seemed to have changed after his wedding day.

“Why is everyone silent? I thought I’d have to shut you all up so you can finish dinner” Arnav asked

“There’s no topic left to discuss about” Anjali replied plainly.

Payal stood up and walked away angrily as Arnav looked at Aakash in confusion

“What’s wrong with her?”

“Sorry bro, forgive her for the rude behavior I don’t know why…”

“It’s okay Aakash, I understand… anyway what happened about the contract we were to finish by the end of this week?”

“There was delay in supply of some materials so we’ll have to push it to next week, I have talked to the clients and they understood our problem, everything is in place don’t worry”

“That’s good”

Slowly by slowly everyone finished eating and they walked away leaving Arnav alone… not only the routine but even the people had changed… he dint understand what was so much with Khushi that no one wanted to be happy without her.

He stood up angrily and headed towards his car, which was maybe the only way he could deal with his own anger…

He drove at the highest speed as lots of things kept on running on his mind and he couldn’t just deal with any, mostly the things connected to Khushi.


“So how was your first day at work?” Aarush asked

“Not bad, it’s good and better than staying at home… with time I’d learn new things and get used to it”

“Good” he smiled

“Thank you Aarush”

“For what Khushi?”

“For helping me so much when I am a stranger to you… you took me to the market helped me in shopping and also allowed me to leave my vegetables in your fridge… so thank you for everything you did for me”

“We aren’t strangers anymore and that reminds me, I’ll give you duplicate keys to my house, you can get your vegetables any time or else someday you might sleep hungry if I don’t come home”

“You shouldn’t trust me so soon”

“Too bad, I already do” He smiled.

“Are you married? Or do you have a girlfriend or fiancé? She might not like this so in case you have one you should tell her”

“The funny thing is I have been keeping so busy with work that I never had the time to go out and socialize so that I can finally meet a girl who I might fall for but now that you are here you’d assist me in work and I might get lucky and meet someone soon”

“You will… or I can help you find one you know like going around and telling any pretty girl I meet that I have a good neighbors who’s single so if she wishes to she can get married to him”

“Training to be a mother form right now huh not bad… so that’s what you are going to do when the little one grows up” Aarush giggled

Khushi just stared at him blankly as some thoughts got into her mind.

“I am sorry I dint mean…”

“We are talking about finding a partner for the little one but I don’t even know if I’d be able to bring it up… I have no one here, I can’t even tell mom about this and worse of it all, I don’t know how I’d manage in my last days… who would be there to keep eyes on me twenty four hours incase anything happens they take me to the hospital…

I know we don’t know each other for so long and I am telling you all this but Aarush I feel really weak, I feel like this is the end of my life, I never would want to kill this child but I am not sure if I’ll be able to be a good mom”

“Trust me Khushi, I told you that you are strong and I am here for you always, I’ll make sure you are fine, I will always support you and before you take it all wrongly let me make it clear I’ll do all this for you as a friend and neighbor okay?”

“I don’t want to be a problem for you”

“You never would be, now come on finish eating then rest, tomorrow I have lots of working for you in the office” he smiled as he picked his plate and headed to the kitchen to wash it.


Arnav stopped his a car a few feet away from a building where he spotted Shyam with an old man.

He had no idea who the man was but he knew if he gets to know what’s going on here, he might be able to find some proof against him to show to Anjali.

He stepped out of the car and hid himself behind a tree making sure he wasn’t seen.

Shyam handed a bundle of notes to the man and said something to him.

“Make sure she doesn’t open her mouth and the story ends here” he said

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it”

“We won’t meet after this got that, you don’t know me neither do I know you” he said as he walked away.

Arnav waited until he disappeared then he ran towards a building and started looking for the man he had been talking to.

He walked here and there but couldn’t find him anywhere so he decided to peep inside the house from the window where he finally spotted the man.

He was sited next to a young girl, she seemed to be his daughter who was holding a baby in her arms.

“What does Shyam have with this two that he doesn’t want to come out?” Arnav thought to himself

He decided to talk to the man because he knew that was the only way he could find answers to his questions.

He walked towards the door and knocked at it when the old man walked out and opened it to him and they both stood there looking at each other.

Sep 1, 2015

Broken Promises... Chapter 8 - One Step Closer (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 94 times)

Arnav drove back to Raizada mansion after talking to the old man and getting to know his side of story which was enough to make Anjali throw Shyam out of the house but still he knew it wasn’t enough… he needed something liable and something big and all he hoped for was that Aman could at least give him a positive answer this time.

He sat on his bed remembering every moment with Anjali… how he got to know about Shyam and Khushi, how he misunderstood Khushi and couldn’t tell Anjali about Shyam betraying her because she was pregnant…

He had to marry Khushi forcefully and punish her for a mistake she never had committed and the man is still here betraying his own sister and he doesn’t have any proof to make her believe that he isn’t a good man.

He had tried to bring out the truth after Anjali’s miscarriage but the results were in front of him, Anjali still dint believe him because he had no proof.

What was he going to do in such a time? His head was messing up and his anger was rising, he couldn’t tolerate Shyam anymore, not after what he got to know about him today.


Both Khushi and Aarush headed to work together and Aarush taught Khushi some work and left her to finish with it as he did some other work.

Khushi was busy concentrating on her work when her phone rang…

She stared at it and an unknown number flashed… she continued staring at it thinking whether to receive it or not until it disconnected.

It rang the second time and she decided to receive it.

“Hello” she said

There was no reply from the other side, just silence…

“Hello, who’s this?” She asked

No reply again… she got angry and disconnected the call thinking it might be Arnav… maybe he must have realized his mistake and he wanted to be sorry but was she ready for it now?

Was she ready to forgive him again? After hurting her like he always did? Did she really want to be just a game for him again?

Her phone rang again and this time she just switched it off angrily.


“Aman were you able to track her location?” Arnav asked

“No ASR, she dint talk for long, and when we called her again she switched off her phone”

“What the hell, Khushi damn it why are you doing this… on one side this idiot Shyam and on the other side you… Aman get her tracked anyhow, I need to know where she is”

He disconnected the call and sat on his bed angrily… why the hell was he tracking her now?

Wasn’t he the one who told his family members not to talk about her anymore and that he dint even want to listen to her name anymore?

Then why did he want to know where she was and if she was fine or not? Why did he care?

Maybe Anjali was right, he loved her and nothing could erase those feelings from his heart so easily but then the other point was he still couldn’t just be with her because of his mother.


After the tiring day at work, both Khushi and Aarush headed back home, they cooked together and had their dinner then headed off to bed.

Khushi had her hands on her stomach as she shut her eyes thinking about how her future was going to be… yes she did have a job and a house but she was still cared of how she would bring up the baby…

Every girl does get scared at such times, you know how painful giving birth would be, and then on top of that the next few days you need someone to do everything for you because you get to weak to do anything…

There are many things related to pregnancy and she dint even know who would advise her if she dint don’t about some of the things… She knew this was going to be a hard time for her but she also knew that she had to be strong and she had to hide this from her parents…

Maybe she could tell Garima but she knew the moment she gets to know about this, she’ll be angry on her and then call her back to Delhi and if Arnav gets to know about this, he might try to snatch her child away from him or Garima would finally try and convince her to get married to someone else for the sake of her image in the society…

No… she wasn’t going to tell her family about this at any cost… but what if someone decides to visit her someday? For how longs would she be able to hide the fact from them?

She kept on changing her sides on the bed not being sure of what to do and she just concluded she would go as per time and fate, because nothing would change by worrying over it.


Arnav walked to the dinner table and as usual there was no one there.

“HP where are the family members?” he asked

“They haven’t come for the dinner yet Arnav sir” he replied

“Go call them and tell them that I said they all should be here in the next five minutes, I am fed up of their dramas” he said angrily

HP walked away and went to inform everyone about what Arnav had said and within no time everyone was at the dinner table but they all ignored Arnav and just concentrated on their food.

“What the hell is wrong with everyone? Why are you all behaving like kids? I dint commit a murder so you all better stop behaving like this and get back to normal”

“Arnav… this isn’t the way to talk to…”

“Oh please Di let it be, I am tired of all this drama okay, if you all have a problem with me know this I don’t care, I live my life based on my mind and not my heart so doing all this won’t change my decision so you all better just get back to normal as soon as possible”

“We will get back to normal like we did after you and Khushi got married without us having an idea of it” Nani replied

Arnav just glared at them angrily as he finished his dinner and headed to his room.

“Nani don’t mind his behavior you know how he is” Anjali said

“Anjali he always makes mistake and you try to cover it up for him but this time I can’t forgive him for what he did to Khushi… why is he forgetting that his mother was my daughter and when I don’t have a problem with Khushi who is he to punish her for a mistake she dint do?”

“I know Arnav is wrong this time but trust me, with time he will realize his mistake and he will bring Khushi back.”

“I hope he realizes soon”


“I hope you’ve called to give me some good news Aman” Arnav said as he received his call.

“Yes ASR, I have been keeping an eye on Shyam and I surely think there is something fishy about everything he does, you told me you needed a big thing and proof against him I think I can do that but I’ll need time for that, maybe some months because I’ll have to track down all his past deeds and something related to his job right now…

I’ll have to meet people he deals with and get to know things, and follow him to a few places so I can get to know what his actual motive is, only to betray your sister or something else and through that I might get some proof which Anjali might believe”

“Okay fine, take your time but I need a proof that’s it”

“Okay thanks, I’ll make sure it happens fast” Aman said

Sep 3, 2015

Broken Promises... Chapter 9 - The Bitter Truth (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 100 times)

Three months later…

Arnav was busy with his laptop working on something when he received a call from Aman.

“Yes Aman”

“We are almost there ASR… I think I have been able to gather enough proof against that Shyam and now you can easily throw him out of your house”

“Great then, let me finish up with my work then I’ll meet you and we discuss about this” Arnav said as he disconnected the call.

He smirked happily that finally he won, he would have thrown Shyam out of the house three months back after her talked to that old man but he knew that wouldn’t be enough for Anjali to hate him so he needed something stronger.

He quickly finished up with his work and then left to meet Aman.


A few minutes after Arnav left, Shyam walked into his room and started checking his cupboards and everything as if he was looking for something.

He checked the laptop but it was locked with a password and there was nothing he could access…

“Damn you Arnav, where have you hidden it” he stamped his feet angrily.

He searched the whole room again and again but there was nothing he could find.

He sat on the bed to take some rest just when Anjali walked to Arnav’s room looking for him and spotted Shyam there.

“What are you doing here?” She asked surprised

“I wanted to discuss something with Arnav but I dint find him so I thought to wait for him in the room”

“Oh, he must have left for a meeting then, let’s go to our room, I’ll tell HP to inform you when Arnav arrives back”

“As you say Rani Saheba” Shyam stood up and walked away with Anjali.


Khushi and Aarush were busy working on a project they had to complete by the end of the week and Khushi was not feeling really well.

Maybe it was because of the pregnancy and she couldn’t just concentrate on anything.

“Khushi finish with the designs and then we take lunch together okay? Meanwhile I’ll talk to boss about the order and confirm when we have to dispatch it”

“Okay” Khushi said as she got engrossed in her work and Aarush walked away.

A few moments later her phone rang and she smiled seeing Garima’ name flashing on it.

“Yes mom” she said as she received the call

“Khushi… how are you?” she asked

“I am completely fine mom, no need to worry about me… I have been working well and I get my salary on time, I pay my rent and also manage food for myself and I am also able to save some.” She smiled

“That’s very good, I am really proud of you”

“Thank you mom”

“Khushi I had to… umm.. Actually…”

“What is it mom? Is there anything wrong? Is Dad okay?”

“Yeah your dad is completely fine, his health is also improving… I was just asking if you were ready to move on… actually I got a proposal for you yesterday, they guy is good and he belongs to a good family too, so I thought I should talk to you about it”

“Sorry mom, I am not ready for this… and you know I am never going to be ready for this”

“Khushi life doesn’t stop at one point, you have to move on”

“And I am moving on mom… I am not sited at home yet crying on my fate but I can’t get married to anyone else… Mom I know what Arnav did was wrong and I wouldn’t ever forgive him for it but I can’t forget the fact that I love him… my heart beats for him yet and in such a situation if I get married to someone else I’ll spoil his life…

I don’t want to be a wife who can’t give her husband the rights he deserves and for heaven sake mom, I don’t need a husband… I can take care of myself”

“Okay relax Khushi, I won’t talk about it again… anyway I need to go, I’ll call you later… I was even thinking of visiting you there for some days”


“You don’t want me to visit you?”

“No… I mean it’s not that, actually boss is sending me away for some work for a few days so I’ll not be around”

“Oh okay its fine…”

Khushi disconnected the call sadly and then turned to look down at her tummy as she placed her hand on it.

“You know Devi Maiyya, I don’t like lying to mom but I have no other option, I can’t let her know about this, not so soon” she sighed.


Arnav walked back to Raizada mansion after meeting Aman and he was hell sure he would throw Shyam out of Raizada mansion today as he had gathered enough proof against him.

He sent HP to call everyone so that he could talk to them about this and end the matter today itself

Within no time, all the family members gathered in the hall while Arnav kept on staring at Shyam with a smirk on his face.

“What is it chotte? Why have you called all of us here?” Anjali asked

“Di I have something important to tell all of you so please be relaxed and sit down”

They all settled themselves on the sofa while Shyam kept on starring at Arnav smelling something fishy.

HP came with a projector and started setting it up as Arnav helped him.

“Hello hi bye bye… are we going to watch a film?” Mami asked

“I hope it’s an English film the action one Nannav” NK asked

“Arnav it’s not my age to watch a film, I am going to the room” Nani said as she stood up to walk away when Arnav stopped her

“Nani wait, I am not going to show you any film, just wait and watch what I show you okay?”

“Arnav what is it?” Anjali asked

“It’s a surprise Di relax”

After he was done with the setup, he stood aside and played some clip which started showing pictures on the wall that left everyone in a shock.

There were some pictures of Shyam which showed that he was getting married to a girl who was unknown to all the Raizada’s

The next ones were pictures of some buildings which no one understood about…

Some were pictures of Shyam with huge business men having a meeting…

“What’s all this?” Shyam asked angrily as he stood up.

“The proof of your deeds… Di do you see this girl in the picture? He got married to her, spent a night with her and then left her and when the girl’s father threatened him that he would file a complaint against him he knew we might get to know about it so he shut their mouth with money…

He had been giving them money from your account every month and thank God the last time he was giving the man money, I spotted him, I talked to the man and he is the one who gave me this photographs…

And you know what the big thing is? That girl has a baby now who belongs to Shyam and this man dint care at all about her… he just told them he would give them some amount of money and after that they should never disturb them again.”

“That’s a total lie… I don’t understand why you are making stories against me” Shyam said angrily.

“Chotte are you playing some pranks on us?” Nani asked

“No Nani I am not, even last time when Khushi and I tried to prove it to you no one was ready to believe us and we brought him back to this house… I did that only for Di, to see her happy but I can’t see this man betraying my sister every time”

“And what is it about the meeting and building pictures?”

“Oh all those building pictures I showed to you are owned by Shyam… Shocked right? I was also shocked when I came to know when he got into construction business, I have been following him for the past five months and trust me Di, I had been wondering where all the money I kept in your account disappeared so soon…and those meetings… he is dealing with all those contractors and he’s been constructing all those buildings then naming them for himself with our hard earned money” Arnav grinned his teeth angrily.

“But Arnav, since when did you start having problems with him using my money?”

“I never had but I have a problem now because he was the one who said he was happy in his earned money so why does he have to use our money and not let us know? That’s like stealing isn’t it? Why does he pretend to be good?”

“Enough of all this ****… Rani saheba, if you want to believe this few photos then do, I can’t handle this anymore, I am leaving”

“No they aren’t photographs only. I have some documents with me that show this buildings are owned by Shyam and if he dint use your money then where the hell did he get all that money from?

And what about all those meetings with the contractors, what do you have to do with them if it’s not about buildings?”

“Rani saheba trust me, those wedding photographs aren’t mine, someone is just trying to trap me, this are all edited. You cannot doubt on me on the basis of this photographs” Shyam said in defense

“Okay fine if it’s that, let’s go and meet the man and his daughter, listen to them and that’s when you’ll get to know the truth” Arnav said

“I trust my husband Arnav and I know he can’t do this…”

“Di meet them once and everything will be cleared”

“Okay then let’s go” Anjali said

Shyam expressions changed to scared ones knowing that this might be the end while Arnav smirked knowing this was his last day in the mansion.

Sep 9, 2015

Broken Promises... Chapter 10 - The Challenge (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 90 times)

Sorry for the late update guys... my net had some issues so really sorry

All the Raizada’s arrived at the place where the old man and his daughter lived.

“Hello hi bye bye, Arnav which kind of place is this” Manorama said as she looked around

Nani glared at her and angrily and she just turned away from her.

“Di, the man lives in that house, let’s go and talk to him we will get to know the truth right now” Arnav said

“Okay” Anjali replied plainly.

Shyam walked with them towards the house while fear was all over his face.

Arnav knocked at the door and waited for someone to open the door but no one came up. He knocked for the second time and waited again but no one came.

“What the… why isn’t anyone opening the door?” he said angrily.

“Because no one is here, you see Rani Saheba, hadn’t I told you that I can’t do that to you, I don’t know why Arnav doesn’t trust me”

“Arnav what is this?” Anjali asked

“Trust me Di, the old man and his daughter lived here, I met them, I had talked to them… I don’t know where they are… maybe they have gone out, we’ll ask the neighbor, just wait I am sure they must have gone out”

He walked to the neighbor’s house and asked them but no one had any idea…

They all just stared at him clueless while Shyam smirked at himself.

“Are you done Arnav? I came here with you to get a proof but I don’t see any proof here, I don’t understand why you are doing all this… don’t you like seeing me happy or what is it?” Anjali asked sadly.

“It’s not that Di… I am sure he must have done something” Arnav grinned his teeth angrily

“What would I do?” Shyam asked innocently

“Enough! I don’t need any proof or anything else, next time you better don’t come up with such stories anymore Arnav or I promise I’ll leave Raizada mansion forever”

“Di why don’t you trust me”

Anjali walked towards the car and headed inside as Arnav stood there feeling like hell… he couldn’t understand anything going on in his life…

There was a time when everything used to get done just on one order and right now he can’t even find out where the hell on earth Khushi is when it had been three months.

He can’t even gather enough proof against Shyam so that he could secure Anjali’s future which he knew was in danger but only if Anjali could trust him.

He wanted to keep both the ladies he loved safe and away from Shyam but he was unable to do that…


“Khushi are you okay?” Aarush asked when he noticed she wasn’t feeling well.

“I don’t know, I feel some kind of pain in my stomach, it’s hurting a lot Aarush”

“What?” Aarush stood up in shock

Khushi continued crying in pain while Aarush stood there wondering what to do.

“You need to go to the hospital Khushi” he said as he rushed to help her

He held her hands and they both headed towards the parking, got into Aarush’s car and then drove to the hospital.


All the Raizada’s arrived back home tensed, Anjali locked herself in the room and decided not to talk to anyone, the rest of the members decided to skip their meals and headed to their rooms.

Arnav headed to his room angrily and wondered how all this happened.

He dialed Aman’s number angrily ready to shower his anger on him.

“Yes ASR”

“What the hell Aman… what’s wrong with you? Why are you working like such a lame person? You haven’t yet found out about Khushi… you give me stupid proof against Shyam which I can’t prove to be true… what the hell is going on?”

“ASR I am trying… no one knows where Khushi is apart from her family members and your family members, I tried to track her phone but she doesn’t receive calls, about Shyam I gave all I found and I think you can talk to the people he is dealing with, they’ll surely tell you the truth”

“Oh My God, yes why dint I think of that?” Arnav said as he disconnected the call.

“We couldn’t meet the old man and his daughter but I can’t meet the guys he is dealing with and when they accept that he is working with them Di would surely believe me because he had no enough money to start a business so he would obviously have been using Di’s money… and yes her bank statement might help too” Arnav smirked

He sat on his bed for a while thinking how he would get Anjali’s bank statement because if he requested for it they wouldn’t give to him as it was Anjali’s account and after this Shyam might get more careful and he might also warn he partners against this.

Maybe he needed to work calmly like before and think on what he had to do instead of coming up at random decisions and then getting nothing out of it.


After the checkup, both Khushi and Aarush sat with the doctor in her cabin and waited for her to give the reports.

“Khushi this is surprising… actually there is nothing I can see… I mean everything is normal I don’t know why you are feeling that pain but now that you are pregnant we can’t also ignore this because it’s a question about two lives…

I’ll subscribe some medicines for you, take them and let’s see if you feel better… and one more thing don’t ever ignore any single kind of pain because it might lead to complications now and in future while giving birth.

“Complications?” Khushi asked in shock

“I am not saying that you will have complications but this sudden reaction in your body might lead to one… you need to take good care, have meals on the right time and just do everything right then you’ll be fine okay” She smiled

“Okay” Khushi said as she stood up and headed out of the cabin

They drove to home directly while Khushi sat quietly in the car all the while.

“Are you okay?” Aarush asked

“What if I have complications? What would I do Aarush, I can’t even tell mom I am pregnant or she would be with me to encourage me… I don’t know if I am doing the right thing by hiding this from her but I don’t want to let her know that I broke her trust and I crossed the line before marriage”

“It’s okay relax Khushi, it’s just three months and you can’t know about complications right now… let time come and if the doctor says anything of such sort, we’d call your mom and she’s handle everything fine?”

“Mom won’t forgive me for this”

“No mother stays angry on her child for long, she might get angry but she will eventually forgive you so you just need to relax that’s it”

“I’ll try”


Arnav sat calmly as he thought deep on what he had to do… he couldn’t fail, not when it was the question about his sister’s future… he had to do something and throw Shyam out of the Raizada mansion and he wanted to do that at the moment.

“Stop giving pain to your brain, you’ll never be successful in proving me wrong in front of Anjali… I am always a step ahead of you” Shyam said as he walked in

Arnav stood up angrily and got hold of his collar almost punching him but he calmed himself down… it wasn’t time to fight, it was time to plan.

“I’ll make sure I throw you out at any cost” He said angrily

“With the help of that old man? Seriously Arnav? You thought you’d follow me and convince that old man to say things against me to Anjali and I’d sit quietly and watch? I told you, I am always a step ahead of you”

“I knew it, I knew you must have done something to them… how ruthless you are”

Shyam smirked as he got lost into some thoughts…


After Shyam left, Arnav rushed to meet the old man…

Shyam who had noticed Arnav earlier pretended to have gone as he hid himself somewhere and kept an eye on Arnav.

After talking to the old man, Arnav left happily knowing he would now throw Shyam out only if he knew that Shyam was keeping an eye on him.

He walked to the old man’s house where the man was obviously shocked to see him back.

“So I paid you to support that Arnav? Listen you, don’t force me to do something I don’t want to do, I’d kill that daughter of yours and her baby and you’ll never be able to prove me wrong…”

“I am really sorry, I promise I won’t do that again, please don’t do anything to my daughter” the old man begged

“If you want to be safe, leave this place immediately and go to some place where Arnav won’t ever find you again… if I see you or your daughter around you know what would happen” Shyam warned

“I will leave today” the old man said as he rushed inside

Shyam smirked happily and walked away knowing he was successful to fail Arnav’s plan against him

Flashback Ends.

“How low can you stoop? I promise I’d throw you out of this mansion before the end of this day and if I don’t do that, I Arnav Singh Raizada will change my name” Arnav said angrily

“Well find yourself a new name then” Shyam said as he walked out of his room.

Arnav punched his fist angrily on the wall not knowing what to do but he was sure as hell that he wanted to throw him out before the day ends and put an end to this story, but how was he going to do that?

He sat on his bed and thought for a while when something clicked his mind.

He opened his laptop and typed something, then got a print out of it and stared at it with a smirk.

“This sheet of paper will do the necessary” he said as he walked out of his room.

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