Saya didu...

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Aug 10, 2015

Saya didu... (By Arshi_Shreya)

So Di how was your exam??? Hope it went well... Coming to our collab, what do you think... Should we start the story based on a new plot or should we write the story starting from any random scene of ipkknd like kidnapping track, forceful marriage, Sheetal's track etc..etc...etc... Let me know once you r here... Add your view here...

Aug 11, 2015

Hi dear...... (By Saya_Arshi) (Thanked: 1 times)

Hi dear.....

My exam was great.....

Coming to the plot shall we start from diwali night??? What if arnav leaves behind his ego to get his lady love....

What if he confesses his love to kushi???? Now I'm waiting for ur view dear...

Aug 11, 2015

Great!!! (By Arshi_Shreya) (Thanked: 1 times)

Diwali might would be great fit the start... But from where... From the diya part or their almost kiss or when Arnav goes to drop Khushi & on the way he purposes her... What would be the title of the story so at least, I can make a banner... Then He is also gonna believe Khushi rather than Shyam... I'm sure of it... & How about Khushi asking him to change his behavior & try to trust middle class girls??? What do you think?? Is that necessary or we must just leave it... & yeah I'm not at all angry... So chill... Just let me know everything here...

Aug 12, 2015

Some clarifications.... (By Saya_Arshi) (Thanked: 1 times)

Ok dear.....

The ideas are good.... Let's infuse that too....

And coming to the plot 

I guess....

Let's start from the point where arnav insults kushi for that dress....

So after that incident anjali forces him to drop kushi....she denies first but without any option left agrees later when he goes there he accidentally sees shyam coming out from GH.....but he leaves without uttering anything...

He stops cars in a distance and calls shyam asking him about his whereabouts... He lies that he is in office.... So there he plants the seeds of doubts....asr being asr digs it down and finds the truth......

Now I have two options here....

He comes back home and is frustrated thinking about his di and kushi....he screams kushi's name telling that he can't see her getting hurt...lavanya over hears it and rest will be like the show but he confesses it to kushi on diwali day because of la's insistence....... And she leaves happily 


He marries kushi all of a sudden to save his di's and his lady love's life....kushi first thinks that he hates her and is about to take revenge by marrying her....but later he makes her realize his love for her....

We have to alter some scenes I guess dear....ciz this dress incident will come after diwali in the show....

Now let me know ur ideas ,corrections and suggestion dear...

Aug 18, 2015

Saya didu... (By Arshi_Shreya)

This story starts from the Diwali night after when Lavanya asks Arnav to help Khushi out of the diya "Chakravyu".

Khushi, lost in Arnav's thoughts, was sitting down on the pool side looking down at the lost Khushi in the still water.

" Khushi...." She heard her name being taken huskily and she knew it was HIM. But taken-a-back by sudden interruption, she stood up hastily only to end up twisting her right ankle.

"Ahh..." She whimpered in pain & in a blink Arnav was beside her supporting her & preventing her from falling into the pool.

Khushi tried to walk but the pain she felt in get ankle made it impossible for her to even balance herself.

Much to Khushi's shock & surprise, Arnav, without a word, lifted Khushi up in his arms & walked towards the arm-chair & made her comfortable making sure he doesn't hurt her in anyway possible. Khushi closed her eyes feeling Arnav's warm hands on her ankle.

"It would hurt a bit Khushi... " Arnav said calmly trying to convey his unsaid support to her.

He kept her foot on his left knee while Khushi sat motionless under the magic of his touch.

" Ahh.." Arnav heard Khushi hissing as he tried setting correct her ankle. He looked up at her & found a thin layer of unshed tears covering her beautiful hazel eyes. He felt being stabbed by a sharp knife.

Arnav placed his right palm on her left cheek making her look wide-eyed at him. She didn't expect this soft move from Arnav.

"The pain would go soon Khushi... Just a bit more... Please..." Arnav said soothingly & it did work as a soothing balm for Khushi & she lost herself in those warm chocolate brown eyes.

Then it was easy for Arnav to set back her foot as they both were lost in each other. Khushi was the first one to break the eye-contact. Arnav too came back to his senses & there was an atmosphere of awkwardness, uneasiness & embarrassment. Khushi was about to take back her foot when she felt a barrier.

She looked down to see Arnav holding her foot & conveying through his eyes to wait. She was confused for a while but the next moment, it was ask clear when Arnav brought out her Payal(anklet) from his blazer's pocket.

Arnav just looked into her eyes intently while tying the Payal around her ankle. But Alas!!! The magic disk has to be broken.

"Aapko yeh kahaan mili?"" [Where did you find this? "] Khushi asked trying to lighten the atmosphere. Arnav, who knew what she was trying to do, gave in.

" It had fallen here when you last visited here... "Khushi forced a smile on her face

Arnav stood up & then he again saw a lost Khushi. He was confused by her sudden change of behavior. He got concerned seeing her so lost but then thought to ask her later as he knew he would end up making the situation more awkward.

" Hey DM... What is happening to me? Why do I forget everything when Arnavji is near me, as if... As if no one but only we exist? I know i have some unknown feeling for him that I have never felt for anyone, but that's not right... DM don't test me like this. Lavanyaji is so happy that finally Nani has accepted her. I don't want to create any more problem... Please show me the correct path DM... Do something which makes everyone happy... I don't want to hurt anyone.. " Khushi was deep in her thoughts when she saw Arnav still standing & staring at her with folded arms.

" Did you have any work of mine? " Khushi asked with scrutinized eyes amusing Arnav more...

Instead of replying her, he started taking dominative steps towards her, wine on reflex, she went back finally to hit the wall...

Didu... Hope you like this one... If you like it so tell me. I have something interesting in this.. Shall we continue this?

Aug 22, 2015

Next part...... (By Saya_Arshi) (Thanked: 1 times)

Kushi was stunned by his actions....his chocolate brown eyes were mesmerizing her....

He started moving forward looking into her deep eyes....kushi felt her cheeks reddening.....maybe his effect on her... Kushi looked into his eyes forgetting herself.

"Yes"said the great Asr in a whisper. But his eyes spoke volumes.

"Haan??" voiced kushi unable to understand the fire of passion his eyes lit in her.

He took a step forward,closing the distance between them.kushi stood rooted as the wall stood blocking her way.she had no way to escape from her laadgovernor today.

Her thoughts were disturbed again by a hot whisper"I want you to do something for me kushi"His looked straight into her's,waiting for her reply.

But kushi felt numb.His hot breath touched her face.kushi felt her legs wobbling due to the intimacy they shared.

The moment was disturbed by a phone ring. They realized their positions.The air was surrounded by a sudden awkwardness.

Kushi tried to move aside but a determined hand blocked her way.she looked back into the chocolaty eyes again.

He looked back"you didn't answer me yet.will u do what I say???"

Kushi stammered"voh....voh..your phone is ringing"

Arnav was stubborn"I know".kushi looked down avoiding his gaze.

She really wanted to run away from the place"I want to go arnavji"kushi made an excuse.

"You can go" said arnav before kushi could breathe a sign of relief,the devil continued"once you answer my questions"

He leaned more towards her.... to capture her pinkish lips,which was tempting him to feel it's taste.kushi closed her eyes tight unable to bear the closeness.

"Kushiji" came a voice from behind forcing them to move apart.kushi almost pushed arnav off before someone notices them.

Arnav looked at her astonished as she ran towards the pool side door.

"Kushiji careful!!!!!"anjali caught  kushi who came running from poolside.

"Kya hua??? Are you ok???"anjali asked in a worried tone......

"Haan...haan di" kushi stammered..."its just that I came running as you called me"

"'s nothing were missing since long time so I came searching for you" said a consoled anjali.

"I was here the diyas"said kushi looking at the floor....

"Oh ok kushiji.The guest has arrived... Come let's go"...

Kushi and anjali stepped forward only to be stopped by lavanya.

"Di voh i want to talk to u"said lavanya."haan tell me lavanyaji" answered anjali.

"Alone di" lavanya said throwing an angry glare at kushi.

Kushi moved towards living room respecting lavanya's words.

"Kya hua lavanyaji??? You seem to be angry" asked anjali.

"Di voh Asr and....." She finished leaving anjali shocked..

"You mean kushiji and chotey....." gasped anjali...

Dear how's it??? If u have any corrections or if u r disappointing with anything. Please let me know...

Aug 22, 2015

Disclaimer... (By Arshi_Shreya) (Thanked: 1 times)

Disclaimer: The characters Arnav, Khushi, Payal, Aakash, Shyam, Anjali, etc. doesn't belong to us. They are imaginations & creations of FOUR LION PRODUCTIONS. But the plot & story solely belong to us (Saya & Shreya) and no one else.

Aug 25, 2015

Chapter~3 (By Arshi_Shreya)

Anjali was shocked as she heard, with utmost attention, the words Lavanya spoke. She didn't know what to say... She was confused as to what her expressions & emotions must be.

On the other side, Khushi just ran down to the party not wanting to stay near the pool side where just a few minutes back, she shared an almost intimate moment with her Laad-Governor. She didn't feel hurt at what Lavanya told her instead she mentally thanked her for saving her from such a situation.

She just prayed that the whole night she didn't come across Arnav or else she would again let down her guards & by that she didn't want to hurt anyone.

Soon she started talking to people while she felt someone's constant gaze on her. She turned her head left & right but saw no one & then she felt a gush of wind blowing her hair & increasing her heart beat. She instantly knew that it was HIM somewhere near her. She looked up to see her Laad-Governor standing at the top stair looking at her with a smirk adorning his face. His hands folded to his chest & teasing in his eyes.

She thought not to look at him was the last & the best option. So ignoring his gaze on her, she continued to talk to people in the party.

After almost an hour, which was a few minutes for our couple, the party ended & people left leaving behind the Raizadas & Khushi. Anjali came forward & asked Khushi to stay there for a night but Khushi was adamant on her decision.

"Aaj raat yehi run jayiye na Khushi betiya... Anjali betiya ki baat maan jaiyiye bahot raat ho gayi hai.." [Stay here tonight Khushi Betiya... Listen to Anjali Betiya it's already too late in night...] Nani tried to make her understand.

"HHBB!!! Phati Sareezzz stayz herewa... Kaun jaane if u getz opportunities like this in fhuturewa..." [HHBB!!! Phati Saree stay here... Who knows whether you again get such an opportunity in future...] Mami taunted her for her class which made not only Arnav but everyone to go red in anger. Khushi had tears forming in her eyes.

"Chup rakho Mano. Jab dekho soche bina bolti rahat ho..." [Stay quite Mano... You always speak without thinking twice...] Mama chided her for her behavior.

"Nahi nani hum chale jayenge. Jiji khamakha pareshaan hogi aur phir babuji ko kab kaunsi dawaaiya Deni hai voh bhi Hume pata hain... Aap chinta mat kariye... Hum chale jaayenge.. [No nani I would go. Jiji would get tensed without any reason & also I'm the one who knows dad's medicines... You don't worry... I would go..] Khushi tried to make the Raizadas understand.

" Theek hai... Agar aapko jaana hai toh Chotte aapko chhod be aayenge... " [Fine... If you so wish to go home, then Chotte would drop you there...] Anjali announced

"What the!!!" Arnav's famous line caught everyone's attention. "Di why me? Even Aakash can go..."

"Chotte Anjali betiya sahi kehat hai. Aap hi jao. Aur waise bhi aap jao ya Aakash bitwa, kya farak padat hai!!!" [Chotte, Anjali Betiya is right. You only go. & also you go or Aakash, it's one & the same thing!!!] Nani tried making her stubborn grandson understand.

"Theek hai Chotte agar aapko nahi jaana toh koi nahi. Aap humare saath mandir ka kuch kaam hai uske liye chaliye... Khushiji KO Aakash **** aayenge..." [OK Chotte if you don't wanna go, then don't. You come along me for some Mandir c****... Aakash would drop Khushi..] Anjali spoke.

"I'll drop Khushi. Aakash would help you with it.." Came the instant reply of Arnav.

Anjali knew well how to trick his brother. Just a work related to God & he would do anything in his power to be away from it. She knew he had lost faith in god & that did the work. She mentally smirked & patted herself for her efficiency to trick her brother. [She meant that in a good way]

"Come fast Khushi. I'm waiting in the car." Arnav ordered her & left from the place.

"Hey DM! Hum yaahan pe Arnavji se dur rehne ki koshish kar rahe hai aur aap hain ki Hume unke kareeb laaye jaa rahi hai. Aakhir aap chahti kya hai. Hume to bataiye.." She was brought out from her reverie when she heard the car horn & she rushed out giving a quick farewell to the Raizadas.

Sep 9, 2015

Next part.... (By Saya_Arshi) (Thanked: 1 times)

"Arnavji...if u didn't stop the car now I'll jump off"threatened kushi...she was about to unlock the door when arnav forced the brakes to a sudden halt...."why were you silent kushi???" asked arnav in a desperate tone.

"Where are you taking me??? This is not the way to my home"kushi backfired....Arnav spoke back"answer me first kushi!!!"

"What if I didn't talk??? What bothers you???"kushi argued back....

He released his seatbelt and rushed out. Arnav came to her side,opening the door he unlocked her seatbelt and dragged her out of the car.

"what are you doing Mr.Raizada??"asked a vigorous kushi coming out of the car.....

"We need to talk kushi"spoke arnav in a ever soft tone..

That voice of his had an impact on kushi...she felt her legs going weak with the thought that he has to talk to her...

"I.....I...I have to go to my home"stammered kushi..."I'll drop you once we sort out everything"arnav countered back....

"What is there to sort out Mr.Raizada????"asked kushi in a confused tone...

Arnav tried to lighten the atmosphere...he was not about to fight as he usually does but he realized the conversation turning into argument...

"There is many things to sort out Miss.Kushi kumari Gupta"said arnav in a teasing tone.

Kushi too calmed down a bit.....

"We are standing in the middle of road arnavji!!!!" "Why did u stop the car here???"asked kushi.

"Kushi I was just kidding... I hate your silence.. So just to make u talk.."  "Why??" asked a curious kushi cutting in...

"Kushi!!!!!"he whispered taking a step close towards kushi which made her back off...

"Why??"repeated kushi stepping back...Arnav held her arms stopping her from moving further...

"Because it kills me alive" said arnav in a low tone.

"Haan???"kushi looked at him unable to understand his words

"Kushi you are making me pagal....just like you"arnav added confusing kushi more...

"When are not around me...when I see you in trouble and when you stay silent sitting right in front of my eyes I feel restless" continued arnav in asr...

"What do you mean???" asked kushi blankly

He took a step forward making her lean on the car....he leaned more towards her ear and whispered"I love you...marry me"

After this shyam buaji convo kushi's fear and he drops her back... Right??

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