Why writers need Index for their stories?

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Aug 10, 2015

Why writers need Index for their stories? (By Nanak) (Thanked: 4 times)

Hello dear MeDian friends and writers. This post is to say about the needs to have an Index in MeD.

This post is for Writers and future writers of MeD

This post answers of the questions,

* Why do we need Index for our stories in MeD?

* What is Master Index of MeD for?

* How to make an Index of my own?

* How to add my Index in Master Index?

* How to make my Index popular?

So here it is. I will answer them all. But I would like to have a word with you guys regarding Index. 

Almost everyone one what an Index is, in some books/files Index is named as Contents. Whatever things which are inside in a book or file is given at the front of the page of book or file which we describe as Index.

Consider yourself and your story as a book, don't you guys think you guys need an Index for you or your stories? Thats why we need Index. I will explain as I answer for the questions above.

Why do we need Index for our stories in MeD?

Simple, An Index is something which represents our works/creations. So we need Index to represent our stories and also that your readers can also get to your stories more faster rather than searching through pages.

It also gives you a reality check that you have wrote these many stories :)

What is Master Index of MeD for?

Master Index of MeD is the great Index comprised of the Index of writers' of MeD.

It is used by readers to reach their favorite writers' stories more quickly.

How to make an Index of my own?

All you have to do is

- Collect links of your stories

- Create a new "My View" 

- Give a unique name to your Index

Eg: The Magical Land of My Imaginations - My Index

- Make a banner for your Index.

- Arrange your story in order like Fan Fiction (FF), Short Stories (SS), One Shots (OS) and TS

- After writing your story name, put the link of the story.

- Add banner of each story between the name which is up and the story link which is down.

- To make your Index more lively, add your introduction part there as well as about the copy right issues.

That it is, your Index will be done.

How to add my Index in Master Index?

Another simple task, all you have to do is to mail Head Admin of MeD or another way you guys can use the "Report Page" http://hinditvadda.in/Entertainment/TvSerials/?revid=121490¬†which is opened for the members to report to Admin. And then your Index will be added to Master Index.

How to make my Index popular?

To make your Index popular, you can share the link of your Index in,

* Facebook - Among your friends and yeah In Myeduniya page and Myeduniya group in Facebook

* Twitter - You can tweet and share with Myeduniya in Twitter

More ways like sharing your creations' Index in IF or sharing your stories' Index in blogs of your own.

I guess this helps. I really really want the writers to take their time a little and create an Index of their own. Index is really something an Author needs to represent their story to their readers, so i really request you guys to create an Index for yourself and add to Master Index, Thank You.

~ Nanak ~

Aug 15, 2015

Two Types of Index (By Nanak) (Thanked: 1 times)

Hi dear MeDian friends, Nanak here.

Glad that this post helped you guys. I'm very happy that "Farakhan" had created an Index for her, Congo for it Farakhan :) 


Come on writers, it is your turn now. We have to make our Master Index grow more right? Lets add up our creativity as a present for our dear MeD.

I am giving you guys an example of two type of Index.

First type is - You separate your Fan Fiction (FF) at one post, add Short Stories (SS) in the same page but in another post, then add Shots or One Shots (OS) then.

For example: Check this awesome Index of Yelhsa

Whispering Monologues


Second type - Add all FF, SS, OS and Shots in same post. If you have to add "Coming Soon" stories, you can add it in the same page with different view.

For example: Check Nanak's Index

Fragrance of Love


I hope you guys understood the concept of the two types of Index I have mentioned above. If you guys have any doubt, kindly contact me through "Contact Me" option. Non-diary holders can just send me their mail id, i will mail you guys, Thank You.

~ Nanak ~

Aug 23, 2015

Kindly make an index of your own (By Nanak) (Thanked: 1 times)

Dear MeD writers, I hope the above information helps you and I wish that every writer has an Index of their own.

It will take you guys just half an hour. I know even a half an hour is too precious in our life but our stories are something in which we spend time typing. It will be great if we spend some time to represent our stories too.

If you guys have prepared your Index, kindly mail Head admin of MeD at "myeduniya.med@gmail.com" and your Index will be added in the master index, Thank You.

~ Nanak ~

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AK, Ash, Linaya, Nandhu