ArShi One Shot "Securing Her Trust!!!"

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Jul 28, 2015

ArShi One Shot "Securing Her Trust!!!" (By Sviji) (Thanked: 199 times)

                                                    Securing Her Trust!!!!




‘Titaliya!!! Ro kyun rahi ho….arey batao toh sahi (Titaliya!!!! Why are you crying? Arey tell na)’ Buaji coaxed her niece sharing an apprehensive glance with her sister in law, Garima. They were surprised with the sudden visit of Khushi as the girl had walked inside the room and had locked herself for hour. It was with lot of pleading she had opened the door.

Khushi ‘he does not love me……he does not love me, buaji’ sniffing some more.

Garima ‘Khushi what are you saying? Betiya you are misunderstanding. You know Damaad ji loves you so much’

Khushi ‘Nahiin, I know he does not love me anymore…..does not want me anymore. So I came back. I’ll not go there. I left the house’

Garima gasped, she tried to say something, but Buaji shaking her head at her, cupped Khushi’s face, looking at her tenderly ‘Will you not tell us what happened? Why did you think so he does not love you anymore?’

Pouting her lips, her tears escaping some more, she cried saying ‘He comes home late…so late. His phone is always busy. And I heard him calling some Karishma. I know now Karishma has become his fantasy. I’m no one in his life. He doesn’t want me anymore.’

Buaji ‘Karishma?’ her voice doubtful.

Khushi ‘Yes, yesterday night I heard him talking, he was saying Karishma means lot to him. He is so worried about this Karishma.’

Garima ‘Betiya did you tried to talk with Damaad ji, you must be misunderstanding the whole thing. Don’t come to any conclusion yet. Arnav bitwa loves you so much Khushi.’

Khushi ‘I know…..I know no one will believe me. Leave me alone. I don’t want to hear anything. You are on your Arnav bitwa’s side but I mean nothing to you all. I hate you. Go away….leave me alone’ she pushed both the woman out of her room and locked herself inside.

Hearing her crying so badly ached both the women’s heart. Garima ‘Jiji…..’ she quivered in worry. Buaji ‘let me speak to bitwa. He will talk to her.’ nodding her head she sighed. Nothing is like before…..everything changed due to one incident.

Buaji muttered angrily ‘Bitwa ka phone lag nahiin raha hai’

Garima ‘Jiji…….’

Buaji ‘Garima shaant ho javo….he must be busy in work. We will try again later.’

Garima ‘I’m so worried jiji…..what is happening with our daughter? They were so happy but now….how could this have happened to them?’

Buaji ‘we cannot change the fate Garima. Don’t worry, Arnav bitwa will manage everything. He loves our titaliya so much’ Garima agreed to her, Arnav’s love for Khushi is like clear water no one can doubt that except her insecure daughter.






Raizada Mansion,

Shrugging his coat off, follows the waist coat, working on his tie he looked around. Where is she? Today he had come home early. For the past few days it was hell hectic at work and could not be back before midnight. And when he has got time today to be home early then his wife is nowhere.

Coming out of the room he called her name…Khushi!!!!….Khushi!!!.......Khushi!!!......there was no answer. Tired from calling her he called HP. Arnav ‘Where is Khushi? And no one seems to be here’

HP ‘bhabi….Khushi bhabi went out in the afternoon. I think she went to meet her family. Nani and Maa ji has went to satsang and will come late. Anjali madam is out with her friends for a movie.’ Looking at the silent Arnav ‘Can I go bhaiya?’

Nodding his head at HP, he walked back to his room, getting his phone dialing Khushi’s number. He frowned hearing the long ring and unanswered……calling back again….he met with same result.

Only then he looked at the several missed calls from Gupta house. Feeling worried he called them back……one Khushi is not answering his phone…..second there were so many missed calls from Gupta house.

Buaji attended the call ‘Hello!!!’

Arnav ‘Buaji’

Buaji ‘Babua you come here as soon as possible’

Hearing the worry in her voice ‘Buaji kya huwa? Where is Khushi? I tried calling her number but she is not answering my call’

Buaji ‘Khushi came today by afternoon and had from the moment closed herself in her room. You please come here’

Garima took the phone from her hand ‘Arnav bitwa….she is crying so much….we can hear it outside. We are so worried bitwa. She is refusing to open the door. We don’t know what to do. Aur yeh (her husband, Shashi) bhi ghar par nahiin hain, he is out of the city on a work’

Arnav swallowing the dread feeling, he managed to utter ‘I’ll be right there aunty. I’m coming….you don’t worry.’ rushing down to his car, he waved aside the driver and took the seat behind the steering wheel himself. Running his car breaking the rules he managed to reach Gupta house in fifteen minutes.


Walking inside the house, he met with the two ladies sitting worried in small living room. Garima rushed to him, her eyes teary ‘She has locked herself in her room. I don’t know what to do. We tried to convince her to open the door but we could not. Bitwa….please see na….I’m scared for her’ bua ji nodding with her in agreement.

He walked further into the house, toward the portion where the rooms where situated. Stopping before her room he knocked calling out to her gently ‘Khushi…open the door’

There was no reply from the other end, only the sound of her sniffing reaching his ears making his heart clench. Arnav ‘Khushi, you are going to open the door right now or I’m going to break it. Now!!!’

She did not pay any heed to him….nodding to himself ‘Okay then….you asked for it’ he started hitting the door. Few seconds later the door opened by the other end making him to stumble forward. Khushi looked at him with teary eyes and walked back to her bed.

Arnav turned to look at Garima and Buaji, assuring them he will take care, closing the door he walked to Khushi. Khushi looked away from his as he sat beside her. Arnav ‘Khushi kya huwa….baby look at me’ he tried to turn her around, but she freed herself scooting away from his reach.

Arnav ‘Love, you are making me worried. Now tell me what happened?’ she did not answer just sobbed. He pulled her to himself, cupping her face, wiping her tears ‘You are going to make yourself sick. What is the matter?’



Khushi ‘You don’t love me anymore… don’t care for me anymore…..I know you don’t need me. So I came to my house. And I’ll not come back. You go….go away from here’

He held her, bring her close in his arms, she struggled a little then went still being already tired from her crying spree. Arnav ‘What made you think that?’

Khushi ‘You…….’ She looked at him at loss….he waited for her to continue….looking at his calm face she burst out crying ‘I know….I know you don’t love me……I know there is someone else in your life. Coming late at night….not attending phone calls during the day….and if you did answered then so busy to say a word. I know it all. You don’t love me anymore…….’

He tipped up her chin to look at him ‘Someone else in my life?’ she gave a nod to him sniffing.

Arnav ‘and what is her name? Let me know……’

Getting angry at his cool demeanor she snapped irritably ‘Karishma…..I always hear this name from your mouth now days.’

Shaking his head….he fought to control his smile….caressing her cheek ‘Karishma? Hmmm do you know who Karishma is? Or better to say what Karishma is?’ she did not meet his eyes, but he knew her attention is on him. Sighing ‘From past few days I was late because of the coming fashion show of AR new clothing line. And do you know what the name is? Karishma. The new designs were going to be released in the name of Karishma. There was lot of work….and it needs whole lot of attention….there cannot be a tiny mistake if the show to be success. So it also is the reason for me not able to attend your call like I wished to do.’

He went silent letting her brain to sink his words. She looked at him ‘Karishma is the name of the new designs. *seeing him nod* and I took all of it wrongly’ he left another sigh. Her eyes filled with tears again she again doubted him. Arnav ‘hush….shhh….Jaan….everything is okay. You just had to speak to me. I’m there for you. I’ll not let us fall apart. I love you munchkin. Let us go to our home, okay’


Khushi sniffed ‘I’m…Sorry!!!’

Dropping a kiss on her forehead ‘It is okay!!! *wiping her tears* Come let us go down. Aunty and Buaji are so worried. And we need to get back to our home too.’ Nodding her head she got up with him.

The two ladies looked up apprehensively as they both came down. Garima hugged Khushi in relief seeing her appearing calm and sorted. Buaji ‘Titaliya, now everything is okay’ she assured her in soft voice, Khushi hugged her feeling bad for worrying them, both the women asked them to leave after dinner. Agreeing to them, Arnav informed his family, his visit to Gupta house and them (Arnav and Khushi) will be arriving late.









Few days later,

She watched as they came inside, her heart aching at the site, eyes filling with tears and despair. Arnav’s eyes met her from across the hall to see Khushi standing at the top of the stairs.

He left the girl in his arm to stand on her feet. Looking in her eyes his heart thudded, her hurt eyes choking him, leaving the girl near him abruptly he rushed after Khushi. He managed to get himself inside the room before the door closed on his face.

Khushi ‘Why are you here now? Go….go to her.’

Arnav tried to near her ‘Khushi suno…….’

Khushi stepping back ‘don’t come near me……I said don’t come near me……I hate you…..’ even the word said in the anger pierced his heart like thousand poisoned needles.

Seeing him coming towards her, she started throwing things at him, pillows, blanket, hair brush, cosmetics bottles, anything she got her hands……Arnav ducking most of them, getting few of the hit reached her, trapping her hands in his.

Arnav ‘suno meri baat……Khushi…suno…’

Khushi shaking her head ‘Humein kuch nahiin sunna…..Go…go leave me alone….I don’t want to see you…..’

Hugging her wriggling body in his, enclosing her in his protective arms ‘Dekho you will hurt yourself…..don’t…..Khushi….listen to me…..please listen to me baby……Khushi it is not what you are thinking.’

Khushi not listening to a word ‘****o mujhe…..****o….’

Arnav, his one hand wrapped around her, her flush glued to his, other hand cupping her cheek, tipping her up to look in his eyes ‘Khushi…..Khushi….the girl got hurt in her feet…..she could not walk so Anjali asked me to help her….’

She looked at him, her eyes filled with angry tears ‘So you picked her in your arms……but I don’t see she was having a problem in standing…..*pushing him away* you liar………..why don’t you let me go if you don’t want me in your life *she all but shouted*…….I hate you for doing this to me……I hate you…..Leave me……please leave me…..I cannot stand anymore……I cannot…..It hurts……..Let me go from here… can do whatever you want….I don’t want to be here…..suna aapne……*messing some more things around she shouted* I don’t want to be here…….I want to go…..let me go…..leave me alone….go away…..please go away……hate you…..hate you for doing this to me…..suna aapne…..I hate you….’ Breathing heavily she looked around like fish out of water…..the air choking her…..she wanted to do something….scream…..hit……do anything but not to be there……as Arnav watched in horror, she swayed on her feet. Before she hit the floor, he held her in his arms, laying her gently on their bed. He cupped her cheek ‘Khushi…..Khushi…..’ not getting any response, opening the door to his room, he shouted for HP……hearing the panicking voice everyone in his family, his Nani, Maami, Anjali (his younger sister), and her friend (Lolitha) came running.

They gasped at the sight of the room, as it was sound proof room, they had not heard what happened inside but now seeing the state the room is in, they could understand to an extent what would have transpired. Looking at Arnav’s distressed state they felt bad and sad. Oh why did it would have had to happen this way? Why to them? There were so happy.

Doctor was called and is now checking Khushi.

Minutes later, the doctor came out; his eyes fell on the frantic with worried husband. Arnav asked the doctor urgently ‘How is she?’

Doctor holding his one shoulder, patting him ‘She is fine now. Will be sleeping for a while. But in her condition she should not stress herself.’

Ratna (Arnav’s mother) ‘Condition?  You said she is fine’

Doctor, the old man smiled at her softly, being a family doctor to Raizadas, he has friendly relationship with them more like a family. Smilingly waving away their worry he said ‘Khushi is pregnant. And I don’t need to tell how much it means for the pregnant woman to be happy and taken well care off’

Arnav’s breathe stuck hearing his words. Ratna and Nani gasped screaming in joy. Anjali shared a broad smile with her friend, screaming in joy to the other. Doctor to Arnav ‘Come to clinic tomorrow with Khushi. We should get her checkups done. No, no need to worry. It is normal check up.’ The doctor left giving the good news. Ratna and Nani smiled, hugging him, dropping a kiss on his forehead. They followed him inside the room, Khushi is still unconscious. He sat beside her on the bed, holding her hands.

Ratna caressing Khushi’s hair ‘I’ll call Krishna to clean the room. Carry her to guest room till the time the room is cleaned up.’

Nani ‘yes, and come let’s go make sweet. This is the occasion to share the news with something sweet. I’m so happy today’ caressing Khushi’s cheek, kissing on her forehead first her and then Ratna lovingly, they left the room giving Arnav a smile.

Arnav caressed her cheek, his eyes teary, smiling slightly, his one hand went towards her stomach where their child is staying, and his/her home for nine months. Dropping a kiss on her forehead and on her stomach above the kurthi he lifted her up in his arms gently, taking care not to disturb her.  Theirs was arranged marriage, but with days nearing to marriage love too came knocking their hearts. With lot of dreams, happiness, wishes they got married. And were happy too for the following few months after their marriage..…..but the one incident changed everything……his loving bubbly wife changed to someone who always has this fear of losing him but he will not let her fear to lose them…he will not. 






Texas, Few months before, 

Arnav looked at the woman before him surprised, at the blatant behavior of hers. He had come down to strike the deal with K & K Fashion Style for the upcoming project. The meeting went well. K & K Fashion Style is new in Fashion field but they are doing well and slowly climbing the ladder to one of best Fashion Company. A partnership project will not be so bad with them, there is no loss for AR FH though, but they have big strike if they got the deal of partnership with AR which can create a milestone in their career.

Arnav had been invited over to stay with his friend for the week since he is a staying in Texas. Ralph Edison (27) his college friend. Ralph is working as CEO of some Marketing company. With constant insistent he had to agree to stay in Ralph’s residence. 

Only when he reached Ralph residence did he get to know Ralph is not the only person living but his friend Rachel Facey too living with him? The woman in question was in her early thirties and she is divorce. And he came to know after divorce Rachel moved in with Ralph.  He had shrugged it off; it is nothing wrong in their culture. It is their life and they can live however they wish.

But what put him off was Rachel’s behavior? The way she is talking with him, he can swear she is hitting on him.

Rachel ‘Honey, see the weather outside is bad, today. It is going to snow.’

Ralph ‘Yes, it seems definitely that’

The dinner was over, they moved to saloon. One part of the saloon had bar with all sort of drinks. Ralph ‘Wine? Or….’

Arnav ‘No, wine is fine’

Rachel chuckled ‘make me tequila shot Ralph’ it took Arnav another hour before he could retire to his room.

Hours later, he was lying awake when he heard someone’s foot step in the corridor; it was clear when the noise neared his door. And then it stopped. He looked at the clock to see it striking 1 a.m. The door to the knob was turning…..What The!!!.....who the hell is trying to come inside my room? He got up from the bed…..something is wrong…..very wrong.

He is not scared but felt inside his head something wrong is going on. Thinning his lips, he shut himself inside the closet leaving a little crack opened for letting him to see who has come. Waiting with bated breath nearly for a minute, then he was shocked to see the person in his room. Looking at empty bed…..and then around. He made sure she did not get to know he is inside the closet. What does the woman want and why the hell she is here in middle of night?

She strode towards the bathroom and tried to hear any sound coming from inside but then opened slowly, it was dark. Switching on the light she scanned the bathroom. With glint…..glint like predator. Not seeing him anywhere her face turned to anger…..he knew she must be thinking where did he go? He kept quite waiting till she left the room by the same way she came in.

Without waiting a second, he grabbed his thick coat and walked out of the room.  

The area was full of snow……it must have been heavily poured some time back. He did not know where to go……not that he could not but there is no one around. He definitely has to find himself a room in hotel. 

He looked around hoping to get a taxi. There was nothing around. Due to heavy snow, the roads are blocked. All he could see below on the ground was white clouds.

 His hands freezing like ice with no gloves to protect them, his hood in the coat barely managed to cover his face from the cold wind.

Walking few minutes down the road, he saw a small church. Sighing in relief he walked inside the church. He sat on one of the bench. Something is better than nothing. He spends the next few hours inside the church. Around 6 a. m. he walked back towards his friend’s house. Only one or two servants awake and scrubbing the floor. Not paying any attention to them he walked inside the given room to him, getting his trolley, packing away whatever things he had taken out of the bag. He was out in another few minutes with the message given to one of the servants to inform his master he is leaving.




‘Aman, I want you to bring Khushi safely here.’


‘See if you get immediate flight or arrange for a private jet’


‘Be careful!!!!’

He is missing her so much. He wants her here, with him.

He sighed as he cut the call; he had left the house of his friend and lodged himself in the hotel. The manager knew him well enough as he had frequently stayed in this very same hotel whenever he comes to Texas.

As soon as he got his suite he had ordered the manager to send him a doctor, he could feel the fever catching up him, already his throat felt sore. Along with instructed strictly to not allow any visitor nor connect any calls to his room except Aman and Khushi’s.

  He doesn’t want anyone disturbing him. Nor does he is in mood to meet anyone. The way Rachel behaved last night coming into his room in mid night had shaked him pretty badly. His friend can go to hell. He does not care anymore.

Punching on the speed dial to his wife, he waited patiently for her to pick the call.

The sweet voice came from the other end ‘Hello, Arnav ji’

Arnav ‘Khushi!!!! Love…………..’

‘Arnav ji… are sounding low.’

‘I’m okay….just a little cold’

‘Khushi….Love, I want you to be with me. I’ve asked Aman to bring you here. He will book the tickets for you both, if not available he will arrange a private jet and then will inform you. Be ready to fly any time love. There is no need to worry for your wardrobe. I’ll arrange everything. Just carry light and here it is very cold with snow falling every now and then. Please keep warm clothes so you could put on as soon as you land here’

 ‘Kya huwa Arnav ji…… everything alright. I feel something wrong’

‘Everything is alright now. In few hours you will be with me and I’ll be okay’

‘Apna kyal raghiyega.’

‘I’ll…..take care Khushi. I’ll see you soon with me’ cutting the call he breathed in relief, his Khushi will be here with him.




Reception Area of the Hotel,

‘Sorry Maam, but it is strict orders to not disturb him.’

Rachel looked frustrated with the receptionist reply. She is trying to get ASR’s room number from the past few minutes and the lady before her is not budging.

With the way ASR had left the house, she knew….knew he knew she has come to his room in night. First he rejects her then now knowing well enough they will try to contact him he has made sure no one meets him.

Punching on the number ‘Ralph, he is not meeting anyone and the staffs are refusing to give his detail.’


‘I tried Ralph, but they are not bulging’


‘I’m coming back’ releasing an angry curse she marched away from there. She surely never thought ASR would refuse her. No one… one had refused her…..ignored her…….she always had her way. Ralph and she were friends………friends with benefits. She had met Ralph when he had come to one of the lavish party her ex-husband thrown for his business partners. And she had known from the day Ralph is attracted to her. It was not hard to get Ralph in her control. And after the bad divorce from her husband she had moved in with Ralph. Not as a girl friend but just a friend…..a friend when he can use her as bedmate whenever he likes…..whenever she wishes…..with no commitments……they are free to do as they please. A friend……friend with benefits……she helps him in deals too…..mostly using her seducing skills… is fun play for her.....but ASR was different. When she came to know Ralph is inviting ASR…..the eye candy man….she had wanted him. No one escaped her charm……but ASR has proved different which only made her want him more.  

Swallowing the insult she received from him she marched away from there. Not so easily………………..





Few hours later,

Khushi ‘Arnav ji *caressing his forehead* you are having fever.’ She exclaimed in shock. His body was burning. Arnav ‘I’m fine….doctor has attended to me. Will be fine with rest’

She hugged him ‘I missed you’ cupping his face dropping a tender kiss on his forehead. Arnav ‘Me too......I could not help but call you here’

He pressed her hands holding to his chest.

Khushi ‘It is good you have called me and made arrangements for me to come here.’ he smiled at her. Khushi caressing his hair ‘So jayiye Arnav ji. I’m here’





Arnav ‘Khushi Love, listen to me. If I had been enjoying with her then do you think I would call you here. How do you think I became sick? I bloody roamed the street on the cold night…..the night she was claiming to be in her house’ He entertained her with detail of the night. He had been fool to take Khushi to his friend’s house when he invited them. Fool he is…..he should have known….known his so called friend is part to the play. He knew it too well what Rachel does behinds is back. Heck he is sure now; they both are together into this, the odd kind of setting to get their ends. The woman being insulted in the worst way as her ego hurt due to his ignoring…..rejecting her offer leaving the place…..had made sure she filled Khushi’s ear with different version. Only if……only if they had not run into each other in the party they attended on the mutual business acquaintance. Nor he would have been forced to attend the invitation of his friend without letting Khushi doubt nor would this have happened.

Arnav ‘Baby….trust me…..she is lying.’

Her face revealed nothing…..her thoughts somewhere else……who can she blame? Her husband may don’t look at any woman than her but how can he stop any woman wanting him. What if one day if not today he fell to any of the charm of those beautiful women……what will happen to her? Her inferiority complex, planting the first seed of distrust and insecurity in her. Oh if that happens how will she be able to cope with……the fear of losing him in future fearing her…….what if the beautiful women around him in work gets success in ensnarling him in their captive. Beauty…….Beauty is a curse to oneself……and to the other. It can harm you…….or may harm other’s…….depending on the situation of the event.

The first seed of insecurity seeping through her mind and it had only to raise its ugly head at many occasion in coming future.





Sometime later,

Anjali came inside the room ‘Bhai!!!!’

He stood up leaving Khushi’s hand, she is still sleeping, their room was getting ready and they are now in guest room till they could use their room, that is, when Khushi will wake up. His eyes hard looked at his sisters who fidgeted on her place guiltily.

Arnav ‘Leave Anjali….I don’t want to talk now’

She came forward ‘But…..’

Arnav ‘I said Anjali leave now. I’ll talk later but not now. I don’t want any disturbance for Khushi. She is resting if you forgot’

She looked down shamefaced, her brother talking to her harshly is hurting her but she deserves it. And now when her bet with her friend came out in open before her brother she could do nothing. What was she thinking before pulling the play on his brother and his wife? She really did wrong knowing the condition of her bhabi is today. She tried another attempt ‘I’m sorry bhai’

Arnav ‘You should be before pulling that stunt. *he hissed in low voice* what were you thinking when playing that game. Lied to me about your friend got hurt on her feet and not able to walk. Lied to me to help her. It is all because of you, Anjali. How can you be so childish? You are not a kid but grown up lady of 21 year old. Act like your age and don’t play with emotions.’ He is angry on her for playing with his life.

She sobbed, gritting his teeth ‘You know how Khushi is? You know after what happened in past she is fragile but you… did not even think of her feelings before trying to tease her.....making a bet with your friend just to show how jealous and possessive my wife could be? Did this make you happy Anjali?’

Anjali held on to his hand ‘I’m sorry bhai….so sorry….I never thought Bhabi will get so hurt. It was…..’

Arnav ‘Oh shut up….you should know it well enough before playing a prank on us. It is not joke. This is my life….see there *pointing a finger to Khushi* the woman lying there vulnerable is my life. How can you play with my life? What if something more dangerous would have happened due to your trick? It would have costed me dearly. And I don’t take easy when it come to my life whoever the person is. You did wrong and don’t think I would forgive you easily for this. For you, this may be silly prank but not for me. A prank which can cost me to lose my life can never be small thing for me. Now leave.’ he could not forget how Khushi reacted few hours before.  The hurtful words she hurled at him…..what if she had really tried to leave him if she had not fainted. She would have mostly because she is too stubborn. And hearing the prank played on him by his sister made it all worse. Because of the silly prank to make Khushi jealous would have costed more than anyone could have imagined.


Ratna And Nani looked at Anjali disappointed as she came back with long face. Anjali went to her mother’s side crying ‘Bhai is so angry Maa’

Nani ‘what do you expect him to do? Do you how it would have affected him?’

Ratna ‘Yes, you did not do right. Playing with other’s emotion is not right. And you know well Khushi’s condition even then.’

Anjali ‘But Maa, I did not knew Bhabi would get so much hyper’

Nani sternly ‘She would not have if she is not forced to react. After the incident happened with her no one can expect her to not get insecure if it comes to her husband….her family’ Anjali looked down crying, wiping her tears.

Ratna ‘give him some time, he will cool down.’ Consoling her, she sighed looking at Nan, worried for their children.

At the same time, inside the guest room, Khushi opened her eyes and looked at Arnav, he was facing other side. She had been awake for few minutes now, and had heard the conversation between her husband and Anjali.

Her eyes filled with tears, Why?….Why she always ends up hurting him?

Why she lets her insecurity wins over her trust on her husband? She is hurting them both. Why?

He turned around to face her only to get shocked to see her crying. Bending to her face…….cupping her cheek ‘Khushi!!!!’ wiping her tears.  She sat up straight as he helped her with care. Arnav ‘Tum teek ho!!!’

Khushi ‘Ji!!!’

He got up, filling a glass of water from the jug kept on the table he walked to her ‘here!!!’ caressing her hair, she sipped water slowly.

Smiling at her softly ‘Let me ask someone to bring you something to eat. You need to have medicine too’ rushing near the door he called out to HP with all the time Khushi looking at him with unshed tears. 

He fed her silently, wiping her tears occasionally. Giving her medicine, he got beside her, shoulder to shoulder, with the support of head post of the bed…..letting her head to lay on his shoulder, while he took her in his arm.

Taking deep breathe, he said softly to her ‘Khushi… you know how much I love you?’

She raised her eyes to meet his, tucking soft tendrils behind her ear ‘Love for me is like Breathing. Do you understand what it means? Loving you is breathing you.’

He continued in soft voice ‘I get hurt when you say you hate me’ her eyes filled again…..throat choking. Shaking his head ‘No, don’t cry… hurts me more’

She looked down feeling guilty and ashamed of hurting him ‘I’m sorry…..I’m so sorry……I got scared…..I fear…..’

Kissing her hair ‘Fear of losing me…..but you will never lose me Khushi’

Khushi felt tired…..tired of her fear ‘I get……get’s this insecurity… are always surrounded by beautiful women…..what if one day someone catches your eyes’

Arnav ‘You are the most beautiful woman in my life….and always will be.’

Shaking her head ‘you don’t understand…..the scars…..the burn scars on my upper body…..they look ugly….repulsive…..’

Arnav making her look him in the eye ‘No don’t say that……they are beautiful reward…..reward which makes me proud my wife is fighter…..a beautiful woman who fought with death for me. Do you know if that day you had not made it…..if you had not fought with the death I would have died….without you there is no life. You are beautiful Khushi. Look from my eyes. Everything about you is beautiful. How can you think like that? Did you think if I would feel repulsive with you then we would never have created the new life.’ placing her hand on her stomach. She looked at him wide eye. Nodding his head ‘we are going to be parents…..our child is growing inside you, Khushi. A beautiful life….a life which is the symbol of our love.’

Khushi ‘What if one day you regret….feel disgust of me….’

Arnav ‘That will never happen. Khushi trust on our love…..remember it always and fight with the insecurity….the fear…….have the faith…..that your Arnav would never stop loving you. The day he will stop loving you will be the end of his life. Even if my life ends, my soul will never stop loving you. Because you are the one…..the true soul mate of me’

Looking in her beautiful hazel eyes….cupping her face ‘You are my mirror Khushi……my shadow….my soul is entwined with yours in one. And we are lucky….do you hear me Khushi? We are lucky to have found each other. Not everyone is so lucky but I knew….not in this life…but in every life we will find each other. Because you are the other part of my soul without whom I’ll cease to exist. Arnav is nothing without his Khushi.’

She hugged him crying…..he caressed her is not easy….not easy to subdue….to win over the fear when you have faced a traumatic experience. A year before in a fire accident (few months prior to Texas incident) her friend’s wedding and being the victim herself along with the number of people present there had shaken her. The inferiority of her beauty being marred like the moon has daag on it…..he can understand…..understand even if he gets tired. Definitely he is not going to let her fear win over their love. He is there….there to assure her….assure her of his love…..assure her she is the most beautiful woman and the only woman for him…..they will pass through it….they will because he is not going to accept defeat. He will secure her trust….secure their relationship from tumbling away……strength to face the storm even it is tiny or big….they will get through everything together. He will make sure of it.

Arnav ‘hush….Jaan… should not stress yourself.  Don’t forget you have a life inside you….who wants you to look after it. Our child needs you Khushi. We need you. Jaan!!!!’

She looked up at him, like lost child ‘I love you….love you so much’

Arnav ‘I know…..I love you too Khushi….more than my life.’






22 Years Later,

‘Is is true Mom?’

Khushi smiled at her daughter ‘Yes, it is. I was so insecure.  Those few months prior to the accident and the incident made me so depressed and insecure. I ended up hurting your father and myself’

Arnav held her close, hugging her sideways ‘But we made it though.’

Khushi ‘Only because you were always there with me’

Sonal squealed ‘How lovely.  Mama you are so lucky. I’m really jealous of you’

Khushi laughed at her daughter ‘Don’t forget Eklavya loves you’

Chuckling at his daughter blushing nature whenever Eklavya names props up ‘And you should get ready Sonu…..he will be here any minute. I and your mother will go and see the arrangements to welcome our son in law.’

Sonal getting up from her place, hugging her parents ‘Chill Dad….there is no need for over flowery reception for him. Remember he is like you. Does not like so much hype. Anyways you people don’t need to do anything to impress him; he is already very much floored by you guys’

Khushi patting her arm ‘Pagal….it is not to impress him but we like to pamper him.’

Arnav ‘Aur nahiin toh kya….he will be tolerating you and we should definitely give him all the pampering and credits’

Sonal whined ‘This is not fair. I’ve just gone to my sasural married a day before and today my parents seems to love their damaad more than me’

Khushi pushing her playfully little ‘now shoo….see if you have packed everything…..Check if all the gifts are kept inside and nothing is left out. Be ready, he will be any time here… have already wasted time hearing the same stories again and again.’

Sonal ‘Awe Mom, for me that is the best part of your life and I love to hear it again and again.’ Shaking her head at her still being childish daughter she left the room to look at the feast prepared for their son in law. Sonal, their beautiful daughter got married a day before and today she is here on her phag phere rasam. Life is good. Very good…..getting understanding, loving, caring, supportive, and protective husband is God’s gift. And today, she is happy with her husband, living a wonderful love filled life with their daughter married to a good man.

Arnav smiled at her daughter ‘Come down soon. I’ll see what your mom is doing.’

Sonal ‘can’t live without her a minute, huh?’ knocking on her head lightly ‘Pagal ho tum’ she laughed watching her father following suite of her mother. She sighed wishing….wishing her married life too to be like her parent’s filled with love and care.

Her mother is lucky to get her father, who is so wonderful man. And she is lucky to get them as her parents.


Few minutes later, Sonal came down. Looking around for her parents she reached the kitchen stopping by the door as she saw her mother feeding her father one of the sugar free jalebi she prepared. Love…..the shinning love in their eyes held her captive. Turning the camera ON in her mobile she clicked their picture securing one of the beautiful moments she could never have enough. Her favorite hobby capturing the beautiful moments in a picture which later will be in her s**** book along with other photos of her parents.  She so loves to make a s**** book on them and she had numerous s**** books on her parents. For her, they are perfect definition of LOVE.



                                                              The End!!!

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